WR – Chapter 317-318: Earth God Hero

  • 317: Earth God Hero

“Now then, training resumes-dasu! Yoneko-neechan, in order to take the crown of strongest, please give me the chance to fight ya!!” (Sasae)

“Can’t be helped~. Now that it has come to this, I will have ya become the strongest as soon as possible, so we can defeat the Demon Lord and have my next child~.” (Yoneko)

The sharp noises of metal clashing once again reverberate in this battle of current and previous earth heroes.

But Sasae-chan couldn’t endure the fierce attacks of Yoneko-san even once.

All the fights ended in around fifty exchanges.

“Gyeeee! Dasu!!”

“Gyaaaaa!! Dasu!!”

“Once more! …Ata! Dasu!”

That was simply her bullying herself. I don’t think this will grant her any progress.

But charging forward mindlessly might be the essence of the Earth people— their stubborness.

“Hoeeeh, she is really doing her best, isn’t she!”

From the pocket of my clothes, a stretched out voice resounded.

That’s right. You might already know with the flow of things but, the one who spoke was Mantle who we saved at the Nameless Desert.

In the first place, she is indispensable for my objective here, so thinking of her going out of control at any moment, I would need to have her in my sight at all times.

And yet, since coming to Ishtar Blaze, I thought that Mantle was not making her presence known at all, but now…

“Hngh, I can’t see. Entropy-san, can I bring my face out a little more?” (Mantle)

“Make sure not to be caught. Also, call me Haine now.” (Haine)

Mantle was currently inside my pocket.

She has a small body; small enough to enter the pocket of a human.

Her outer appearance of being a naked beauty shining light pink still doesn’t change, but her size has changed from the giant woman you would have to lift your head to see, into a palm-sized one.

This is a trait of the temporary bodies Mantle uses in the surface world.

Different from Yorishiro, Shiva, and I who incarnated to humans, and also from Nova and Coacervate in monster bodies.

Mantle’s body is not that of a human or a monster. With her authority as an Earth Goddess, she can cut off a part of the lifeforce of the plants that are close to her ruling area and change it into a temporary body; that’s a fairy.

Mantle once created a fairy from Grandma Wood. But now that Grandma Wood is gone, it was apparently hard to maintain that fairy for long. And so, she has created a new fairy which is her current body.

“…That body, if I remember correctly, it is proportionate to the plant that you use, right?” (Haine)

Mantle’s new fairy was made from a completely normal tree.

The reason why Mantle’s body was abnormally big in the past was because the source it came from was also the abnormally big Grandma Wood. When a normal tree is used as the source, it ends up as a cute little girl —a pocket-sized one.

Well, a fairy is a unique kind of body, so it helps since this is easy to hide from the people.

“My hero-san is truly a hardworking one, isn’t she!” (Mantle)

Mantle says in a pleased tone.

“Ah, there’s also the previous hero-san! Uuuh, I am scared of that person and am slightly no good with her! The current one is small and cute. She is great!” (Mantle)

A hero that scares the God…

“More importantly, the objective we came here for, please fulfill it properly.” (Haine)

I whisper to her in a voice that can’t be picked up by the surroundings.

With this, the several days we spend will finally bear fruit.

“Totally understood! This time for sure I will make the human-sans happy!!” (Mantle)

You don’t have to get so hyped up.

“Also, I like that little hero-san. She is small, cute, and on top of that, hard-working; not entering the eye of anyone aside from the ones watching directly. I feel like her and I share a lot of things! I sympathize!” (Mantle)

Really, tone it down a little please.

“I should just give that girl power, right?! That way, she can become a God Hero, right?! …I can tell. That girl has received the teachings of Inflation-san and the preparations to receive a God have already been done! Then, there’s only the need to create a link from there! Easy-peasy!” (Mantle)

The fairy of Mantle jumps out from my pocket and flies directly towards Sasae-chan.

I decide on watching on this process of God Hero transformation with my own eyes.

Sasae-chan was concentrating in her training, so it was impossible for her to notice the fairy that was closing in on her from behind.

“Here we go, FUUUUSION!!” (Mantle)


At that moment, an overwhelming torrent of divine power was created with Sasae-chan in the middle.

“W-What be going on-sa ne?!” (Oba-san)

“Sasae-chan, what be the matter~?!” (Yoneko)


“Nee-chan be evolving?!”

The relatives in the surroundings obviously noticed this abnormality and were flustered.

I also covered my face reflexively from the pressure of the divine power dispersing in every direction resembling a wind blast, but it calmed down in time and, when we look at what’s basically the point of explosion, I was shocked.

At that place, there was a peerless beauty standing there.

Her age was probably around 20 years. Her glossy long hair was fluttering in the air. Her breasts might even be bigger than those of Yoneko-san, and her waist was shaped like a well-shaped gourd. The muscles in her butt were firm and, even when her other parts were bountiful, it was slender; a beauty filled with contradictions.

That beauty that you would even feel suspicious about was standing at the place where Sasae-chan was before!

“No wait! Could that possibly be…!” (Haine)


No way! Sasae-chan is only a 12 years old lovely little girl who only had her potential standing tall!

And yet, why is a girl around her twenties -no matter how you see it- standing there?!

But the big scythe in her hands is without doubt the Earth Scythe Sita that is of exclusive use for Sasae-chan.

Then, is it that? The only thing I can think of that could prompt such change right now would only be one.

Because Mantle had connected with Sasae-chan and became a God Hero?!

The Earth God Hero, Sasae-chan!

An appearance that surpasses imagination by leaps and bounds has descended here?!

  • 318: Ideal Statue

After becoming a God Hero, Sasae-chan became an adult?

No, in God Hero form, Sasae-chan turns adult?

Whichever the case, the youngest one within the heroes that had a small petite body is not here anymore. The one there now is a bountiful beauty that felt like a flower had bloomed there.

“How long are ya gonna be stunned there fer-sa ne?!” (Oba-san)

“Ouch!” (Haine)

I got poked in the eyes by the Founder Oba-san.

“My eyes! MY EYES!!” (Haine)

Why were my eyes poked? The reason was none other than the God Hero Sasae-chan. Due to her sudden growth, her clothes were ripped here and there.

In other words, the adult Sasae-chan with big boobs and butt was naked right now.

“Ah, no well…what in the world happened here-dasu ka?” (Sasae)

Is what Sasae-chan mutters.

If we had to put a voice tune to it, I would say it went from a soprano to a mezzo soprano, but her way of speaking was still that of Sasae-chan.

“No, Sasae-chan! That be something I would like to ask mahself~!!” (Yoneko)

“Nee-chan has transformed!”

“Nee-chan has transformed!”

Yoneko-san and her children could only be surprised at the suddenness of this.

In the meantime, I was still wriggling in agony.

“My eyes! MY EYES!!” (Haine)

“At any rate, Sasae-chan, first of all, put on some clothes! A girl walking around naked outside before being married be unsightly~!” (Yoneko)

“That so? I never be told that before-dasu. I was not told anything even when I was swimming butt-naked at the river-dasu yo?” (Sasae)

“Just hide that uselessly ripe body of yers already, ya shameless woman!!” (Oba-san)

Looks like Sasae-chan finally put on some clothes after being reprimanded by the Oba-san —not like I can see anything though!

“Can’t be helped-dasu na.” (Sasae)

Finally healing from the damage of being poked in the eyes, I regained my sight, and what I saw was…the naked adult Sasae-chan. The ground at her feet was slowly rising up. The earth was thinly covering the body of Sasae-chan.

That earth was covering her whole body without leaving a single opening, excluding her head, and on top of that, she had changed its properties.

“[Fiber Alchemy]-dasu!” (Sasae)

As Sasae-chan said this, the earth covering her body changed into proper clothes. Moreover, you could tell at a glance that they were high-quality. It felt like silk or satin.

It hasn’t gone through the normal sewing process and it is not possible to stitch it either, so it was basically a heavenly garment. This adult Sasae-chan that’s wearing such garment looked like the very definition of heaven-descended.

“Oh my, how lovely. It looks like a princess of somewhere~.” (Yoneko)

“Moreover, ta be able ta alchemize something as detailed as cloth… Sasae, what in the world happened ta ya? Too many things have happened, I can’t keep up-sa ne.” (Oba-san)

Yoneko-san and the Oba-san were truly confused by the big abnormality that occurred, but…I feel like they should be a bit more confused and flustered than that…

At any rate, I am the only one who can answer the questions to this abnormality.

While enduring the pain in my eyes that still doesn’t recede, I say in a wrung out voice…

“The Earth…God Hero…!” (Haine)

“““God Hero?””” “-Dasu?”

The Earth hero family reacts in symphony.

“Right-sa ne. They did mention something like that in the wireless communication reports. It be something that be trending in the city apparently.” (Oba-san)

“The one where the God confers power ta the hero?! I thought it be a spook story from the city~.” (Yoneko)

Karen-san, Mirack, and Celestis have become God Heroes, and their names have begun to spread around huh.

“Does that mean…Mother Earth Mantle-sama has…conferred me power-dasu ka?” (Sasae)

The adult-turned Sasae-chan looks down at her body as if to confirm herself —her current self that is overflowing with charm to the point of shocking.

“…For some reason, I feel like I can do anything now-dasu. Now that I think about it…!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan pierces her Earth Scythe to the ground. At the same time as she did this, the Goddess Golem made by Sasae-chan surfaces.

“Incredible! The refining speed can’t be compared ta before~!” (Yoneko)

“The pouring of divine power and the completion of the Golem be practically at the same time?! She must have poured quite the thick concentration of divine power or it wouldn’t have gone that smoothly!” (Oba-san)  

Sasae-chan swings her big scythe with energy.

“Let’s go-dasu yo! My other self!!” (Sasae)

The tempered Goddess Golem runs together with Sasae-chan.

Sasae-chan and the Golem; they were moving as if they were separate beings, but that wasn’t the case. Sasae-chan created it and it will stay as being a part of Sasae-chan.

It is different from the Golems made out of Life Blocks that move semi-automatically.

It won’t move without being given every single instruction from Sasae-chan.

Even if a human were to have four arms, I wonder if they would be able to move them freely in whichever way they want. Even two arms are a lot, and you would have to choose which one is your dominant arm.

It is the same with this. For Sasae-chan who has created a Golem with her own divine power, it is as if she had grown an extra body.

Controlling it together with her own body is practically impossible, that’s why she has been unable to move it properly until now and has lost all this time against Yoneko-san.

But right now it is different.

Now that Sasae-chan has become a God Hero, she can control both her and the Golem, and they were showing movements as if they were having a dance.

“It be as if mah own body ain’t mah own-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Not only her divine power output increased when she became a God Hero, her control, and even her processing ability had received an incredible power-up that can’t be compared to before.

The big scythe that didn’t fit her small size before has now completely fitted her adult body and it doesn’t feel precarious to have it in her hands anymore.

All points were perfect, and Sasae-chan who only shone in her raw talent has suddenly reached the point of perfection!

“Earth God Hero, Sasae! Has descended here-dasu!! With this power, I will cut all ’em Demon Lords to pieces-dasu yo!!!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan shouts enthusiastically.

However, I can only feel uneasiness from this…

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