WR – Chapter 314-316: Disappearance of blessing

Right before we separated at the Nameless Desert, there was a meaningful conversation.

“There’s something I would like to entrust you with.” (Yorishiro)

“Huh?” (Haine)

Yorishiro who was riding on the back of Phalaris and was about to fly away seems to have remembered something and returned to where we were.

“Coacervate told me an unexpected problem regarding God Heroes. It may be improvised, but I thought of a plan to better it.” (Yorishiro)

Is what she said as she presents me something from her palm.

It was a sparkling gem.

“Wow, it looks as if it would sell highly!” (Haine)

“I wonder if it is okay for a God to have an evaluation like that when looking at gems at a glance though… It is a diamond. When you have the chance to meet with Karen-san, can you please give it to her?” (Yorishiro)

Saying this, she gives me the transparent shining gem.

(I will also be giving it to you, a ruby.) (Nova)

“And from me, an aquamarine.” (Coacervate)

I receive them from Nova and Coacervate as well, and then, they left.

Yorishiro flew away on Phalaris’ back. Mephistopheles probably has that kind of ability too, by the time I noticed, he had already disappeared.

The ones remaining were me and the Fairy of Mantle.

“They really pushed it all to me!” (Haine)

It is true that I am affiliated to the Light Church and I don’t have a concrete post, but to think that this would make me look like I have nothing to do…

Doesn’t that in turn mean that they see me as a convenient guy that would do anything?!

This is a bad turn of events.

When I return to the Light capital, I must find a better post.

But before that…

I have to face the big problem in front of me.

“Yes? What is it?” (Mantle)

The big woman that surpasses me in height by a lot, in other words, Mantle.


Can’t stay spaced out all the time, so I decided on leaving the Nameless Desert as well.

“Now then, where should I go?” (Haine)

It would normally be the Light capital, but I currently have a problematic companion —Mother Earth, Mantle.

Thinking about the reason we brought her back, it would probably be better to go directly there in order to fulfill it.

Ishtar Blaze.

In order to make the earth hero, Gonbee Sasae-chan, there into an Earth God Hero.


And so, I have arrived at the Earth capital, Ishtar Blaze.

Since it was quite close to the Nameless Desert, we could easily come here. This is my second time here.

When I came here before and now, it had quite the different impression.

The biggest reason is because the giant tree at the center of the city, Grandma Wood, is gone now.

The giant trunk that felt as if it were supporting the heavens and the branches that covered the sky are now gone, and this made the sky look bigger than normal.

“We still haven’t gotten used to it and are still confused, you know.”

A member affiliated to the Earth Church met me at the outside of Ishtar Blaze and was guiding me.

Due to my achievements at the previous incident, I have already become a known face and my treatment is good.

“After the hero-samas defeated Great Pillar-sama, the stump was left for a while. But that suddenly disappeared one day, you see. So we all thought this: ‘Great Pillar-sama is completely gone now huh’.”

Great Pillar-sama refers to the Earth Mother Monster, Grandma Wood.

It gave birth to the earth element monsters, Golems, from its giant body, and were unusual monsters that followed the orders of humans.

Golems surpassed humans by a lot in frame and power, so they were priceless treasures in manual labour. In the past, a world where monsters and humans coexisted was made a reality in Ishtar Blaze.

No, that still continues on even today.

Grandma Wood is gone now, but the Golems that have already been born still have several remaining.

Since the source has been cut off now, they are destined to slowly wittle in numbers and fade away, but even so, the remaining Golems are still working for a variety of things under the orders of the humans.

I was able to look at all this while the staff member-san guided me by my side.

This picture that will someday disappear, it felt as if it was more fulfilling than the times when Grandma Wood still existed.

“…So, what happened after Grandm— I mean, Great Pillar-sama disappeared?” (Haine)

“A big hole was left. Great Pillar-sama was big, so the roots holding it together were also gigantic. We were worrying that this might cause a ground sinking, but nothing happened.”

When Grandma Wood disappeared, the Earth Demon Lord was probably born.

In a sense, isn’t that incredibly good luck?

The Demon Lord that is supposed to eradicate all humans had been born in the middle of a big city, and yet, it left without doing any destruction.

Uriel is a lot more whimsical than the other Demon Lords, so who knows what he was thinking when he didn’t put a hand on the humans though.

At any rate, I felt relieved after this late about the safety of Ishtar Blaze.

“Now then, we will soon be there.”

The staff member-san said.

“The earth hero, Sasae-sama, is currently in the Earth Church’s training grounds devoting herself to training. When she learns that you have come, she will most likely be quite overjoyed.”

That’s right, the reason I came here was to meet Sasae-chan.

Just as the guide said, as we proceeded in this field, I could see a giant female-shaped Golem that was as big as the towering walls and roof.

There’s no doubt that’s the new technique Sasae-chan used at the heroes match.

That’s the handmade Golem of Sasae-chan that was made solely from the divine power of Sasae-chan.

The Goddess Golem —had been cut down to pieces in an instant.

Even from afar, I could confirm that.

Cut to pieces by the scythe of Iemon Yoneko-san.

  • 315: A Golem and an idiot

“Gyoeeeeee!! Dasu!!”

When I arrived at the training grounds of the Earth Church, Sasae-chan was blown away along with the cut to pieces Golem.

And then, she fell to the ground and bounced twice.

Seeing this, a big sigh was let out somewhere.

“Sasae, if Yoneko hadn’t given up at the Wind capital, ya would have lost.” (Oba-san)

Is what the Earth Founder-san said. She is also the blood-related grandma of Sasae-chan.

With her overseeing the battle of the current and previous heroes, Sasae-chan was in the middle of training with her senior Yoneko-san.

Well, even if I were to call it training, it is totally just real combat though.

“Not yet-dasu! Yoneko-oneechan! I request one more match-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan stabbed her personal divine tool Sita to the ground and pours divine power.

She is trying to make another Goddess Golem but…

“Not only are ye slow, yer full of openings~.” (Yoneko)

Yoneko-san closes in on her prey with the speed of a cat and was immediately at Sasae-chan’s vicinity.


Sasae-chan was unable to stop pouring divine power to the ground and tried to defend with her big scythe, but due to the small size of Yoneko-san’s divine tool being far superior in maneuverability, in the end, after three exchanges, Sasae-chan was unable to cope with her anymore and ended up with her having the scythe of Yoneko-san placed on her neck.

“Sasae-chan, ya really should take a break.” (Yoneko)

Yoneko-san said in a tired tone.

“Ain’t ya head stuffed up because of yer exhaustion? That be why ya do such mess ups like trying ta do a wide open attack like Golem tempering right in front of yer opponent.” (Yoneko)

“It is just as Yoneko says-sa ne. Rest for a bit and cool down yer head. Also, eat lunch.” (Oba-san)

I can’t tell if these elderly are strict or kind.

“I thoroughly refuse-dasu!” (Sasae)

But Sasae-chan was stubborn.

Well, Sasae-chan being stubborn is an usual thing though.

“Quickening the refining speed of Golem creation be one of the tasks ta be done-dasu! If I be prompted by Yoneko-oneechan’s dangerous look, mah sense of danger might increase-dasu! Please, one more round!” (Sasae)

“…Sasae-chan, ya thinking of me as some kind of ogre?” (Yoneko)

Just as Yoneko-san says this…

“…Oya, ain’t that Haine-niichan?” (Oba-san)

It looks like they finally noticed me spectating.

“Ah, true-dasu! Haine-niichan be visiting us-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Ara, he has seen an unsightly part of us~.” (Yoneko)

And it looks like Sasae-chan and Yoneko-san as well.

The divine power running through the divine tools was stopped, and they release their fighting stance.

“It been a while-dasu! Why ya visiting us today-dasu?! A souvenir-dasu ka?!” (Sasae)

Is what Sasae-chan says while she runs to me.

This girl that is the youngest within the heroes, at times like this, she shows the cuteness that fits her age and I can understand how Mirack would show a criminal-like face every now and then because of this.

Well, about my business… I can’t just speak out the truth without applying any filters, so I lie a bit.

“…I missed the big breasts of Yoneko-san?” (Haine)

“Ara, it be the natural course that if you put yer hands on the wife of another, ya will get pummeled by the husband, ya know~?” (Yoneko)

The husband of Yoneko-san is as big as a bear after all.

I am not good at this making up lies on the spot.

“…I missed the small breasts of Sasae-chan?” (Haine)

“Hello, this be the Scorched Earth Annihilation corps-dasu ka? There be a criminal here-dasu!” (Sasae)

Not this one either!

In the end, I ended up going with the ‘I came here just to check on the state of things’ which didn’t have any fun in it. Looks like ad-libbing jokes will be a difficult trek for me.

“Checkin’ the state of things huh. Well, we be in this current situation after all. It ain’t bad to keep the communications tight-sa ne.” (Oba-san)

“There’s things that be hard to communicate through wireless communication after all~. I am beginning to crave seeing the face of Kyouka-san, Sarasa-san, and Juo-san directly~.” (Yoneko)

Is what the two elderly said in understanding.

But within those, only Sasae-chan was making a grave expression.

“…From the wireless communications, it be said that there already be the appearance of Demon Lords at the places of Mirack-oneechan and Celestis-,oneechan-dasu. There be no way of telling when our place will be falling into chaos-dasu. The one ta take arms first at that time be me Gonbee Sasae-dasu!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan increased the strength in her arms holding the earth scythe.

“In order ta protect the city, I gotta get stronger than how I be now-dasu! Haine-onii-chan, ya being here might be destiny! Good time ta come, I want Onii-chan to train me as well-dasu!!” (Sasae)

“Huh?” (Haine)

What’s with this overflowing determination of Sasae-chan?

It was the same when she was in the middle of training but isn’t she a bit too pumped up?

“That Sasae, she been like this all the time lately-sa ne. Being all gung-ho even though it ain’t like her.” (Oba-san)

The Founder Oba-san was worried about the state of the grandaughter.

“As I thought, meeting the Demon Lords at the Wind capital must have gotten to her. Their strength was not normal after all. Thinking how we be clashing blades with ‘em one of these days, even I get weak-kneed~.” (Yoneko)


Even Karen-san, right after returning from the heroes match, had been on high-alert for a good while because she faced the pressure of the Demon Lords.

Sasae-chan who is the youngest one of the heroes, moreover, having the self-deprecating view of being lacking behind from the others, must be on even higher stress than them.

“Now then, Haine-oniichan! Let’s quickly begin battle-dasu! I request enough drive that ya would accidentally cut me in two on the spur of the moment-dasu!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan’s breathing is rough.

Can’t be helped.

In order to reduce the stress on her shoulders, I decided on keeping her company.

  • 316: Unskilled task

“[Dark Matter, Set]” (Haine)

Damage +999,999,999,999,999,999,999.

Sasae-chan’s Golem has been destroyed.

“Hogeeeeeh! Dasu?!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan was once again blown away.

This was clearly going overboard.

“Oh my. I heard about it, but Onii-san is truly strong~.” (Yoneko)

“Blowing up Great Pillar-sama be practically Nii-chan’s sole achievement after all. I wouldn’t mind ya dealing with Sasae-chan while doing a handstand-sa.” (Oba-san)

“Wouldn’t mind it~!”

“Nee-chan, weak~~!”

At the sides of the Oba-san and Yoneko-san, the children of Yoneko-san had appeared.

They were using the defeat of Sasae-chan as side-dish while munching on a rice ball.

“Disgrace-dasu! My own weakness be heartbreaking-dasu!!” (Sasae)

She punched the ground with her fist and appeals her regret.

“Do yer best, Nee-chan.”

“If ya give up, that’s when it-be-over Nee-chan.”

The children cheer her up.

From the eyes of Sasae-chan, they are the children of her cousin Yoneko-san, so…what are they called again?

“But if there be a person so strong already, ain’t it okay to just leave him to defeat all the Demon Lords? I also want this situation to calm down and get a fourth child~.” (Yoneko)

“Weakling-dasu!! Yoneko-oneechan!!” (Sasae)

“Guhoo?!” (Yoneko)

Sasae-chan’s elbow attack hit cleanly onto the stomach of Yoneko-san?!

When you do things, you overdo it, Sasae-chan!!

“Why a hero be saying such weakling things like that?! Ain’t ya supposed to protect the world-dasu?! The ones ta protect the Earth Church and the Earth capital be the earth heroes-dasu! I ain’t letting anyone take that job away from me-dasu yo!!” (Sasae)

“So cool, Nee-chan~.”

“Don’t lose, cool Nee~.”

You are so heated up there, Sasae-chan.

I feel like doing something for the hard-working her.

Since I am having practice matches with her, let’s give her some advices.

“Uhm, watching the fights of Sasae-chan, I have thought this. Could it be that even though you are a Golem user, you are trying to fight yourself as well?” (Haine)

“Dasu?” (Sasae)

Since the heroes match, Sasae-chan’s battle style has changed completely.

Sasae-chan had been taught by that crafty Yorishiro about how to create Golems with her own divine power, and is now able to make Golems without the need of a Life Block.

A normal Golem requires a Life Block that the Earth Mother Monster created, but Sasae-chan who has mastered the earth divine power can create a humanoid lump of earth through alchemy.

In this situation where Grandma Wood is gone and the Life Blocks can’t be replenished, it is still possible to use Golems for battle if you don’t care for their destruction though…

“But that would create quite the burden for Sasae-chan, right?” (Haine)

To create a big Golem, there’s the need for divine power comparable to that of its size. Also, in order to make it move like a human, there’s the need for detailed controlling.

Just with that, the creation and use of Golems in battle should be incredibly exhausting mentally and physically, no doubt about it.

“On top of that, Sasae-chan is not only concentrating on controlling the Golem, but you yourself are also trying to fight.” (Haine)

For example, showing as if the Golem is going to be punching from above but instead it is Sasae-chan charging from below; or Sasae-chan and the Golem doing a pincer attack type of team attack.

“That’s right~!” (Yoneko)

Yoneko-san who was groaning in agony a moment ago from the surprise attack had recovered already.

“The Golem user heroes normally leave all the fighting to the Golems. Even the normal Golems that have Life Blocks required swift detailed instructions in order to use them in battle which needs quite the amount of concentration.” (Yoneko)

Even the Golem-hating Yoneko-san that is specialized in close combat is knowledgeable about the circumstances. As expected of a hero.

“That’s why Sasae-chan should concentrate on controlling the Golem only~. And yet, she tries to fight as well, so it becomes entangled between herself or the Golem, which slows the movement of one side. Because of those openings it creates, she has been losing all the time to me~.” (Yoneko)

The first time I saw it in the heroes match, I thought that a new ultimate technique was born. That means the Goddess Golem is far from being perfected yet huh.

If they were to fight, Yoneko-san with a lot more experience is better than Sasae-chan.

If she hadn’t given up on her own in the heroes match, Sasae-chan’s weaknesses would have been accurately exploited and she would have lost.

…That’s definitely not the wrong evaluation.

“Not bending my believes is mah hero way-dasu!!” (Sasae)

But Sasae-chan was stubborn.

“I pledged this-dasu! That I wouldn’t be using the Golems, I would become a hero that fights together with Golems! I want to become a hero that not only protects the people of the Earth Church, but also the Earth Golems-dasu!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan…so that’s how you thought.

“Also, the Demon Lords that we be fighting now on are abnormal-dasu. If I leave it all to the Golems, I will never be able to defeat ‘em-dasu! For that sake, I and the Golems have to move like seasoned warriors! I have to do the best of what I can do-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan was thinking so far when she was pushing herself in her training…

I thought that she was a stupid girl that didn’t think much, but as expected, Sasae-chan is a hero!!

“She just be stubborn-sa ne.” (Oba-san)

Is what the Founder Oba-san said calmly.

“Being stubborn be like a trait of us Earth people-sa ne. That be because we been clinging onto the earth and been living by depending on what’s born from it. We have ta belief that the seeds we have buried will bear fruit no matter what. We can’t live in any other way.” (Oba-san)

Waiting for several days without any results, the intelligent ones would say ‘give up’, but they would stubbornly cover their ears and would wait for things that they themselves have no way on influencing completely.

They believe completely that it will bear fruit, so they continue to wait.

That’s how the people of Ishtar Blaze have lived for 1,600 years.

“Sasae probably inherited those traits of the Earth deeply into her. That may be why she be most fitting as the earth hero-sa ne.” (Oba-san)

I thought that she was going to say something harsh, but when I listen to the end, I could only hear it as a relative seeing Sasae-chan dearly.

I have been thinking about this for a while now but, isn’t this Oba-san really soft on her grandchild Sasae-chan?

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