WR – Chapter 319-321: Water Sisters

Hello there, it is the Light hero, Kourin Karen.

After finishing the harsh battle at Hydra Ville, we were actually still at the Water capital.

The people that were turned into a strange liquid called Undiluted Lifeforce were actually the whole of Hydra Ville, moreover, since Hydra Ville is a sightseeing city, the tourists there also fell victim to it. In other words, a lot of people were turned.

Helping those people out and returning them to their places will take quite a lot of effort, so Mirack-chan and I happily accepted to help out.

When in trouble, we help each other out. That’s how the relationship between the five Churches is now.

And with that, time continued flowing.

In this way, we finished the rescue activities to a certain extent and, in the time when it was the calmest…


“Hnfufu~ Onee-sama~!” (Celestis)

“Yes yes.” (Sarasa)

“Onee-sama, Onee-sama~~!!” (Celestis)

“Yes yes… Wait, what in the world is going on?!” (Sarasa)

Being hugged by Celestis-chan, Sarasa-san was the very definition of confused.

Well, that’s a given though.

Within the current and previous heroes, Celestis-chan and Sarasa-san are the ones that have the least respect for each other.

Compared to Mirack-chan and Kyouka-san, who were disciples under the same master; Sasae-chan and Yoneko-san, who are cousins; and there’s also Hyue-chan and Juo-san who are bitter enemies with Shiva-sama in between.

These two have an unusual senior and junior relationship that doesn’t share a connection.

Celestis-chan herself had not showed any sort of interest towards her senior Sarasa-san until now, and yet…

“Onee-sama, I love you~. Fufufufufu…” (Celestis)

Being suddenly called Onee-sama and her over-familiar act of burying her face into the boobs of Sarasa-san, for the people that know these two, they would go ‘What in the hell happened?!’ no doubt.

But I know the reason…

“Uhm…Sarasa-san, didn’t you do quite a lot in the battle with Gabriel?” (Karen)

I tried to explain the situation.

“Did quite a lot? That’s not true. My best technique did not work at all after all.” (Sarasa)

That’s right. In the time when Celestis-chan was absent, Sarasa-san was the one who protected the Water capital. While she was away, the Demon Lord Gabriel appeared and, even when the difference in strength was overwhelming, Sarasa-san stepped ground until Celestis-chan arrived.

This gained the respect of her junior Celestis-chan. On top of that, the technique that she showed at the end was sealed at the heroes match she had with Celestis-chan because it was too powerful, which also resonated within Celestis-chan.

Sarasa-san was turned into undiluted lifeforce after and has safely returned, but Celestis-chan has been sticking to her since then.

“I see Sarasa-oneesama in a new light!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan had her eyes sparkling.

“That strength of heart of not giving up in an incredibly disadvantageous situation! The amazingness of the last attack! Sarasa-oneesama is cool, I admire you!!” (Celestis)

And so, in this way, Celestis-chan was respecting her like crazy.

“Well…I am happy that you respect me, but I am your senior here, so I would be glad if you had that respect from the very beginning though!” (Sarasa)

Completely true.

“Well, Celestis-chan can’t hate the people that do good for the Water nation after all…” (Karen)

She also has the trait that unless she doesn’t find anything of value, she doesn’t even try to act as if she respects you though.

“And when she judges you as someone good, she doesn’t show any restrain in her show of affection. Truly someone that doesn’t have openings!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan, who was by my side, was half in admiration and half tired by this.

Celestis-chan then once again buries deeper into Sarasa-san’s bossom and says with a low but clear voice.

“Really, thank you, Sarasa-oneesama. For protecting my beloved city. The people that I love. If you hadn’t been there, if you hadn’t done your all to protect them until I arrived, by now, they would have all been…” (Celestis)

“Celestis-san…” (Sarasa)

“Ah! I thought of something nice! When I graduate from being a hero, can I join Sarasa-sama’s family?!” (Celestis)


“In that way, I can truly become Sarasa-oneesama’s sister after all!” (Celestis)

An outrageous proposal fitting of Celestis-chan.

“Gyaaa!! Don’t! Don’t! If you were to join my family, after retiring from your title as hero, you will have the position of being the daughter of the current Founder. I will be the one who will be losing my position in the family!!” (Sarasa)

For Sarasa-san, the current Celestis-chan was actually even more of a threat than the past one.

“Oh well, it is good that they get along with each other…” (Mirack)

And seeing this, Mirack-chan immediately gave up on thinking anymore.

I also did the same.

“But isn’t this the very view of culture?!”


There was one other person watching the bantering of the water heroes along with Mirack-chan and I. That person is…uhm, the Demon Lord.

“I have learned one other thing about culture. With this battle, I have learned that the source of culture is, in other words, love!” (Gabriel)

“I see…” (Karen)

“Loving others and holding the will of making others love you; in order to express this, you bring out a variety of knowledge and put it into action. That itself is culture! In order to get culture into my hands, I should learn about love first and master it!!” (Gabriel)

…Is what the Water Demon Lord is saying.

Even though the battle is already over, this Demon Lord still hasn’t left.

“Oh! You said some nice things there, Demon Lord!! In that case, to learn about love, you have to act first!!” (Celestis)

And Celestis-chan speaks to the Demon Lord as if nothing had happened.

It was as if she had already let it be water under the bridge. In a sense, you could call that the respect Celestis-chan had for words of the Water God she loves.

“Right, there’s the need to act or nothing can be obtained! In order to obtain love, what should you do?!” (Gabriel)

“Of course, to declare your love to the one you love! That act is the most simple of cultures! You try shouting it as well, Sarasa-oneesama, I love you!” (Celestis)

“Sarasa-oneesama, I love you!!” (Gabriel)

“Eeeeeeh?!” (Sarasa)

Sarasa-san herself was the most shocked one.

My condolences.

“Next is a hug! It is fine. Sarasa-oneesama is benevolent, so she will even accept a Demon Lord!!” (Celestis)

“Sarasa-oneesama, I love you~!” (Gabriel)

Gabriel approaches with both arms open and, obviously, Sarasa-san’s red alert was sounding.

At this point, I can’t tell if Celestis-chan is being serious here or this is just plain bullying.

“Wa-Wait! Wait for a bit! …No, if I run away here, it would be a disgrace! Let it be my junior or a Demon Lord, I will accept them both! Come at meeeee!!” (Sarasa)

Ah, she accepted it.

In this case, I think that Sarasa-san’s benevolence like that of the mother ocean has only worsened the situation.

…Well, it is good that they are getting along.

Let’s give up thinking.

  • 320: Fire’s sworn friend

“Gugagagaga! Wait, as I thought, the Demon Lord’s strength is totally different from humans. The bones in my whole body will break! Can you please hold back a little?! My insides will come out!!” (Sarasa)

Let’s leave aside Sarasa-san who is supposed to be in cloud nine for being hugged by her little sisters.

My attention switched to the other one, the giant that towered on us.

“Michael…” (Karen)

The four Demon Lords that…are supposed to threaten this world. The one that stands as their leader.

Michael was standing there with arms crossed and showing a complicated expression. He had both eyes closed as if in silent prayer.

It was as if he were sleeping, but at the same time, it looked like he was a philosopher contemplating.

“…You are not returning either?” (Mirack)

The one who brought the topic was Mirack-chan who exchanged fists with Michael before.

The Fire Demon Lord slowly opens his eyes.

“With Gabriel in that state… She said she won’t be returning until she obtains the human’s culture…” (Michael)

At the other side, there’s Gabriel and Celestis-chan hugging the passed out Sarasa-san.

“I as well, even if it was in order to save a comrade, I ended up joining forces with the humans that I am originally meant to eradicate. Thinking about what Uriel and Raphael will say to that, it makes it harder to return.” (Gabriel)

“There’s also things the Demon Lords can get awkward about?” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan said it as if she was joking, but Michael is always super serious.

“That can be considered to be the heart in a way. What we monsters have recently obtained. But….it is not as if we have truly obtained it yet.” (Michael)

Michael flaps his fire wings slightly.

One of the ashes that fell visibly turned bigger and changes into a wolf with fire fur.

The most orthodox of the fire monsters, Hell Hound.

Three fire wolves appeared at once and it caught the eye of us who were right at the vicinity.

They were growling ‘Grrrr!’ and, with those instincts pushing them, it felt as if they would attack us at any moment.

But when Michael raised his hand to gesture them to stop, the fire wolves obey like obedient dogs.

“As expected of a Demon Lord. You can even control the instincts of monsters to attack humans and have them obey huh.” (Mirack)

“That’s right, monsters attack humans. They attack and try to kill. That is the nature that’s been edged in all monsters. There’s no other way to call it but an instinct.” (Michael)

Michael says this as he looks at the kinfolks he himself created.

“No, it can’t even be called an instinct. It is a function. Monsters don’t attack humans out of hatred or sense of duty, it is not because of the vulgar excitement that comes from destruction either, neither is it because of the survival instincts that kick in when animals attack other animals… Monsters simply have the function of attacking humans.” (Michael)

His explanation felt as if it carried pain.

“You could say we Demon Lords have escaped from that root and have obtained a heart. I won’t let anyone deny that. Like hell I would let anyone…… But all monsters aside from us are still moving under that function that fakes their state as lifeforms.” (Michael)

“Michael…” (Mirack)

“Katack Mirack, what you said in the past about ‘Monsters not having emotions’, I still haven’t been able to turn it around. As long as that isn’t done, monsters not only won’t be able to stand as the summit of all races, we won’t even be able to stand as a lifeform at all.” (Michael)

Michael bends his knees and strokes the head of the fire wolf he had created.

If this were a normal dog, it would be waving his tail and might even return the act by licking the hand of the person.

But the fire wolves didn’t react even when being petted.

“…In the end, Gabriel and I have the same opinion. In order for monsters to obtain their position as a new lifeform, we need to mix with humans, and learn from them. That’s the surest way to reach that goal. By doing that, these guys might one day be able to feel happy at their comrades increasing in numbers.” (Michael)

“That’s…that’s nice!” (Karen)

I unconsciously raised my voice.

Michael and Mirack-chan turned their gaze towards me at the same time.

“If we humans and monsters stop fighting and get along, we can learn the good things about each other and be able to grow together! It is definitely a LOT better than fighting until one side perishes!” (Karen)

“That’s not possible.” (Michael)

Michael immediately denies that possibility.

“We monsters and humans have to fight in order to decide who is the most fitting ruler in this world. Until either side falls.” (Michael)

“That’s not true! Who decided something like that?!” (Karen)

“The Great Demon Lord, Lucifer-sama.” (Michael)

Those words were proclaimed from the mouth of Michael. An impressive-sounding name like that. A name I have heard before.

“The Demon Lord that rules over us Demon Lords, the Demon Lord of Demon Lords; the one who is the ruler of all monsters in the true meaning, the Light Demon Lord.” (Michael)

“The Light…Demon Lord?!” (Karen)

There’s a light element Demon Lord?

And that Demon Lord is the boss of all of them?!

“That Light Demon Lord you speak about, you are saying he is the very culprit scheming the eradication of humans?” (Mirack)

“What. So in the end, the most evil one of them all was the one related to Karen-chi?!” (Celestis)

Being tired of mushing Sarasa-san, Celestis-chan joins in on our conversation.

Or more like, I don’t know about this, you know?! Being the same element doesn’t mean we are related, okay?!

“When we were still inside our mothers, Lucifer-sama spoke to us.” (Gabriel)

Gabriel was carrying the foaming Sarasa-san as she came towards us.

“‘Eradicate the humans, the rulers of the world are us monsters’. Obeying those words, we four Demon Lords gathered and decided on fighting the humans.” (Gabriel)

“Lucifer-sama hasn’t reached perfect shape yet and is currently in sleep. Once Lucifer-sama is born, it will be the true end of humanity.” (Michael)

I felt a chill run down my spine.

Even though we have grown close enough with the Demon Lords to speak with them in this way, you are telling me the direction to destruction has not been averted at all?

“But now, I can’t help but have doubts to Lucifer-sama. I understood for the first time after fighting. Humans are living beings that surpassed my expectations by a lot. It is not solely from strength. The humans definitely hold an unknown power that is hard to even describe in words.” (Michael)

“You must be talking about culture and love!” (Gabriel)

“And those might actually be only a part of what tremendous thing the humans hold. For monsters, even if humans are enemies, they hold something that we require. I have to face Lucifer-sama. I have to ask him something.” (Michael)

Hearing what the Demon Lords had to say, we thought that they were incredible.

They are desperately thinking about their way of living. I even ended up thinking that passing our days carefreely is embarrassing.

“Whichever the case, nothing will begin unless Lucifer-sama wakes up though.” (Gabriel)

Michael nods at the words of Gabriel.

“That’s right. Right now we simply wait for the right time.” (Michael)

Meaning that peace will continue until that Lucifer-san awakens? Or more like, the true hell will begin once he awakens…

“Uhm…how about we all attack that Lucifer guy while he is still sleeping?” (Celestis)

“You, read the mood a bit.” (Mirack)

It looks like even Celestis-chan didn’t think that was a really decent proposition. She soon closed her mouth when Mirack-chan scolded her.

“Celestis-sama! Also, the heroes from the other churches!”

A member of the Water Church calls us at that moment. This is Hydra Ville after all.

But why did he call us in such a hurried voice?

“There’s a report from the Stream Marine corps. There is an unknown something heading towards the city!”

Unknown something?


“Wait. This Hydra Ville has just overcome a conflict not that long ago, you know? It is troubling to be constantly shot in such a brief period of time, geez!” (Celestis)

“But there’s the need to deal with the thing that is coming. Since we are here,  let’s help out as well. Let’s finish this quickly.” (Mirack)

I was also completely in agreement to Mirack-chan’s words.

Let’s have the knocked out Sarasa-san rest for now, and so…the other one…

“What about Doraha?” (Mirack)

Being asked by Mirack-chan, I silently shook my head to the sides.

Doraha-san fought together with us against Gabriel, and she hasn’t healed completely from the damage she took and is still bedridden.

The wounds themselves have been treated with water techniques though. However, maybe because she used power that surpassed her limits, she is still sleeping like a log.

She is not in a state where she can participate in battle.

“Understood. Whichever the case, she has done plenty work already. Let her rest.” (Mirack)

“If she weren’t there at that time, the Water Church would have been done for after all. We have to at least gift her a good sleep!!” (Celestis)

And so, Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, and I will be dealing with this unknown situation.



On the other hand, the two Demon Lords heard the report and raised their senses as if checking for the presence, and they both turned their head and the same direction at the same time.

“…This divine power…” (Michael)

“Uriel? Why is that guy coming here?” (Gabriel)

  • 321: The fear of the Demon Lord

According to the lookouts of Hydra Ville, an unknown ‘something’ was letting out an overwhelming amount of divine power as it headed straight towards them.

Predicting the course it will take, we wait for the arrival of that ‘something’ at the easiest place to fight off someone; at the plains.

It is pretty faraway from the city, so there’s no worries even if we were to rampage quite a bit.

But what worried me more was…


“…………Uhm…” (Karen)

Michael and Gabriel came along with us as well.

These two, along with Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, and I.

It is an abnormal grouping.

“This is quite the bizarre group of people.” (Celestis)

I understand why Celestis-chan is making a bitter smile.

“If I stay with you people, I can meet more new culture! I -Gabriel- am the type that doesn’t let go of a learning experience!” (Gabriel)

“…The one heading here is probably a guest of ours. Then, it is manners for us to be the ones meeting him.” (Michael)

Gabriel says with half amusement, while Michael seems to have felt something.

What is coming here anyways?

We could confirm that something was making a dust cloud as it headed to where we were. It is on a level where you would think a stampede is heading our way. Moreover, that dust cloud is still quite far away from us, and yet, we could feel a presence even from where we were.

How to say it, it felt as if it were hurried, or desperate?

I could feel that from the something that is making that dust cloud.

“This is obvious but, it is steadily coming here.” (Celestis)

“Looks like we will soon be able to confirm with our eyes. Just who is it that is making that dust cloud?” (Mirack)

When we strain our eyes, we were finally able to pick up who the one making that dust cloud was.


One of the four Demon Lords threatening the world, Earth Demon Lord, Uriel!

That figure of his, that is like a tree taking the form of a human, there’s no way of mistaking it. There’s branches drawing the silhouette of wings spreading from his back which is a trait of that Demon Lord.

Gabriel, Michael, and now there’s Uriel; are you telling me three of the four Demon Lords will be grouping in this Hydra Ville?!

“As expected of my sightseeing city. Even Demon Lords want to check it out at least once.” (Celestis)

“This is no time to be throwing jokes, Celestis-chan!!” (Karen)

Leaving aside the two here, the other Demon Lords are still hostile towards humans.

If Uriel arrives here, at worst, it might become a battle with Hydra Ville’s safety at stake!

“He won’t trouble the humans.” (Michael)

Michael says softly but with a clear tone.

“It looks like he has business with me.” (Michael)

“Michael~~!! Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael!!” (Uriel)

The Earth Demon Lord repeatedly calls the name of his comrade Michael.

And then, he arrived here. With the speed he used to create that dust cloud, he charges at Michael.

“Michael~~~~!!” (Uriel)


And then, he clings onto the legs of Michael.

“Michael!! Save me, Michael! Save me, save me, save me, save me, save me, save me!!” (Uriel)

“O-Oi, what’s the matter, Uriel? Why is a Demon Lord like you making such an unsightly scene like this?!” (Michael)

Even Michael was unable to hide his confusion and was looking at his comrade that had fallen into panic.

“Save me, save me, save me! Save m—*cough *cough *cough! At any rate, save me!” (Uriel)

Why is this Demon Lord-san so scared?

When talking about Demon Lords, aren’t their existences the very definition of fearsome?

“If we don’t hurry, that person will come! That person is…!” (Uriel)

“That person?” (Michael)

Uriel’s ominous words made us move our gazes towards the route he came from before, and there was someone there already.

A peerless beauty shouldering a big scythe.

“““Who is that?”””

I…think this is the first time I have seen this person.

Because if I saw her once, I would definitely not forget about her. That’s the kind of beauty level she had.

In terms of age, I would say she is slightly above us, around 18 years old, maybe?

Even so, she had a liveliness similar to that of a child, and was accompanied with the contradictory feeling of composure of that of an adult.

Her boobs are also incredibly big.

Even as a person of the same gender, her beauty made me let out a gasp.

Just who in the world is she?

“Gyaaaaaa!! She is hereeeee!!” (Uriel)

And Uriel let out a scream at that beauty.

“What are you saying about that human woman?! Ah?!” (Michael)

The moment Michael let out that question, the beauty had already closed in on him.

When did she manage to do that?!

That speed of hers, not even I…no, not even we all here were able to catch it.

“You bastard!” (Michael)

“Michael?!” (Gabriel)

Michael and Gabriel barely managed to react to it and attack the mysterious beauty.

Michael with a punch clad in fire, Gabriel with a high pressure water bullet; they are both divine power attacks that surpass the level of humans by a whole lot, but the mysterious beauty didn’t flinch at either.


She deflected the water bullet, and then, the swung big scythe cuts off the right arm of Michael?!

What in the world! She was able to deal with two Demon Lords at once so easily?!

“Are you okay, Michael?!” (Gabriel)

“You bastard!” (Michael)

Michael quickly falls back and sticks his arm back in place.

Being able to bring it back to normal after such a big wound is proof of the fearsomeness of a Demon Lord, but the mystery woman-san is actually scarier right now!

“Hiih! Not even Michael is any good. What in the world should we do?!” (Uriel)

“What is the meaning of this, Uriel?! What in the world is that human?!” (Michael)

Now that it has come to this, there’s no room for doubt. The one who has made Uriel lose all his pride as a Demon Lord was that mysterious beauty.

“Oi, this situation… What should we do?” (Mirack)

“In the first place, who is that beautiful lady?! Human? Monster? I can’t even tell that!” (Celestis)

Mirack-chan and Celestis-chan were flustered completely.

No, that lady is most likely a human, but that strength makes it questionable whether she actually is a human!

“Hah…Hah…! I finally caught up!!”

That voice…Haine-san?!

The third intruder from the route where Uriel and the mysterious beauty came from. It is Haine-san who had been missing these last few days!

“Haine-san! Where were you until now?! Or more like, what’s with this situation?!” (Karen)

Haine-san was most likely desperately chasing after Uriel and the mysterious beauty. His flying machine was overheated and smoke was coming out from it here and there.

“T-T-That’s Sasae-chan…!” (Haine)


“Sasae-chan turned into a God Hero. Mantle…overdid it…!” (Haine)

No no, what are you saying, Haine-san?

The Sasae-chan that should be in Ishtar Blaze, there’s no way she would be here!

In the first place, there’s nothing resembling Sasae-chan with this person here!


…..Could it be…that familiar big scythe that looks as if it would hunt down lives that this beauty is holding…the Earth Scythe, Sita.

“That incredible beauty is the God Hero Sasae-chan?!” (Karen)

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