WR – Chapter 312-313: Return of Mother Earth

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  • 312: Return of Mother Earth

“This girl…she hasn’t been speaking for a while now.” (Coacervate)

(I was about to forget she was even here.) (Nova)

“This is her we are talking about. She was probably going to say ‘I think so as well!’ after we have arrived at a decision.” (Yorishiro)

“Truly an easily pressured woman!” (Shiva)

The one they were speaking about in whatever way they pleased was Mother Earth Mantle, one of the four Base Element Gods.

In the first place, the very reason why we are in the middle of the desert is because of this person.

We went through a lot of trouble bringing her back from the Black Hole.

This might have been the most trouble I have had since incarnating as Kuromiya Haine. Leaving aside the irony that the most trouble I have had was to undo my own ability.

At any rate, it seems like Mantle was really caught in the Schwarzschild radius.

I am glad.

She was released at the same time as the Black Hole was destroyed.

‘Welcome back, Mantle’, is it okay for me to say that?

In the first place, I was the one who threw her into the Black Hole. If I were to welcome her with a smile, just how would she feel?

Now that she has returned, will we get a repeat of what happened before?

“Oi, what’s the matter Haine? Get to business quickly.” (Shiva)

Shiva hurried me, but my legs were heavy.

“When actually facing her, I remembered a lot of things of the past. So I was wondering what I should say to her first…” (Haine)

(What are you pulling out after so late in the game?! Every single one of us here are filled with past grudges!) (Nova)

“It is truly a state where we would want to have the head of the other.” (Shiva)

“If it is okay, I can talk things out with Mantle-san.” (Coacervate)

“““Not now.”””

If Coacervate, the very definition of radical change, were to be the first to speak, it would simply confuse Mantle who had just returned to this world.

We should be a bit more careful here and check for her reaction!

Deciding this, I resolve myself when…


Yorishiro silently approached Mantle.

Of course, her past with Mantle is not shallow either.

Mantle is currently in the temporary body of a Fairy, and she was facing Yorishiro with that body withholding the silence.

“…Ah, could you be Inflation?” (Mantle)

As expected of a God, Mantle noticed the identity of the God soul that was deep inside Yorishiro.

As if answering this, Yorishiro stretches out her hand and…slaps Mantle.


Even us as spectators were letting out big screams.

Moreover, Yorishiro didn’t stop at one time, she went for two, three, and more as she hits the head of Mantle’s fairy.

“[Holy Light Slap] [Holy Light Slap] [Holy Light Slap] [Holy Light Slap]!” (Yorishiro)

“Hyaaa~, it hurts. Please stop it, Inflation-san!” (Mantle)


What are you doing?! What are you doing, Yorishiro-san?!

Even going as far as putting light divine power on your palms, isn’t that to certainly provide damage to Mantle?!

I hurriedly hold Yorishiro to stop her.

Shiva grabs the hand that was about to be brought down, Coacervate goes in between the both of them to cover for Mantle, and Nova was flustered and moving around aimlessly in his cow body.

“What are you doing?! What are you doing, Yorishiro-san?! Mantle finally returned, and we were thinking about getting along from now on, and yet, this treatment is way too much!” (Haine)

“It is the contrary, Haine-san. This is the proper education for Mantle.” (Yorishiro)


“You should know as well. This Mantle may look like a light woman that gets pressured easily, but deep down, she is extremely dangerous.” (Yorishiro)

“Easily pressured Mantle. Yes-woman Mantle. Yes-woMantle!” (Coacervate)

(You, shut up for a moment.) (Nova)

We ignore Coacervate who had a radical change in character.

The danger deep inside of Mantle huh.

It is true. Leaving aside Coacervate and Nova who had clear animosity towards humans, the reason why it reached a catastrophe like having only Mantle be erased by the Black Hole was because of this.

Within the four Base Elements, she was one that thought decently of humans.

For the sake of humans, for the sake of their happiness; aiming for these, the conclusion she reached was to capture the humans in trees and turn them practically into plants, estranged from any distress or pain.

This was not something done out of malice, but from pure good will.

I couldn’t reach a compromise with Mantle, and in the end, could only erase her into the Black Hole.

That has connected to the pretty precipitous situation of now.

“It looks like everyone is misunderstanding here. From within the four Base Elements, Mantle is the scariest one. It is not on the realm of power, specialty, or anything like that. It is her very way of thinking.” (Yorishiro)

Yes, that’s exactly right.

“That’s why I was the most cautious about her from all the four Base Elements. I observed whether she would pull something, and if she were to, I would hit her. Because that’s the best way to stop her from going wild after all!” (Yorishiro)

“Fueeee?! I am sorryyyy!” (Mantle)

Due to Yorishiro’s thrashing, Mantle was completely meek now.

Could it be…the reason why Mantle is easily pressured is because Inflation had disciplined her in this way?

Because if Mantle were to move on her own will, it would definitely surpass boundaries and cause trouble, so the Light Goddess disciplined her and made it so that she would only act on the will of others?

“I took 1,600 years keeping Mantle in check, and yet, with Haine-san getting involved once, that lid was taken off and that big calamity occurred. You spoil her too much!” (Yorishiro)

“S-Sorryyyyy!!” (Haine)

(What’s with this scene as if a couple were fighting over the education of their child?) (Nova)

The others didn’t participate and were simply watching over this.

If they were to join in thoughtlessly, sparks might fly their way after all.

“At any rate, if you are going to be involved with this girl, you will need to tread with utmost care. If you are to mess up even for a bit, keep in mind that I will be sending you to the other side of the frontier.” (Yorishiro)

Lower your guard a bit and it will cost you your life?!

Maybe it would have been better not to bring her back?!

“Uhm, uhm, in the end, why was I brought here?” (Mantle)

While we were flustered, Mantle herself was unable to keep up with what was going on.

  • 313: The God that protects the world

But it can’t be helped now that she has returned.

We will have Mantle turn Sasae-chan into the Earth God Hero!!

“I see… Demon Lord-sans and God Hero-sans huh.” (Mantle)

We first tell her the many things that happened while she was inside the Black Hole.

The monsters that Mantle and the other four Base Elements created, those monsters have surpassed the will of Gods and have obtained their own will, and have begun to act on their own accord.

Even Mantle would be shocked by this.

“Things have turned problematic, it seems.” (Mantle)

Or not.

Now that I think about it, it even looks like she forgot about the fact that she had fought me due to the matter with Grandma Wood. Are even Demon Lords a trivial matter when you are a God?

“So, in order to defeat those Demon Lord-sans, you want to grant power to the hero-sans, right?” (Mantle)

“That’s right! That’s right! I am glad to see that you understand fast!” (Haine)

Because of previous events, providing information to Mantle feels like treading on thin ice.

If the information is not enough, it won’t get through properly, but if we were to give too much, it might create misunderstandings and she might get out of control again.

Today we have Yorishiro with her eyes shining, so it makes me even more nervous.

“Fight-o! Haine-san!” (Coacervate)

And the cheers of Coacervate are annoying!

When he was polluted he was obviously annoying, but his distilled self is annoying as well!

“Understood! I will cooperate as well!” (Mantle)

Mantle announced loudly.

“Quasar-san, Nova-san, and Coacervate-san are also cooperating, so I will be cooperating as well!!” (Mantle)

This woman bended to group pressure.

“She just went with the flow.” (She went with the flow.) “Indeed she did.”

Everyone’s opinion were the same.

“It is fine this way.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro says calmly.

“When this girl moves on her own will, it definitely brings catastrophe. That’s why her being servile is good enough. It is the best way to reduce the damage.” (Yorishiro)

“No! That’s not true!” (Mantle)

Mantle responds innocently without a moment’s delay.

“This time for sure I will become a God that is of use to the human-sans! I understood! Even I can guide the human-sans to happiness if I try! I understood after being praised by Entropy-san!” (Mantle)


Strategy meeting!

I have Yorishiro look after Mantle and gathered everyone else.

“Oi! I thought she had completely forgotten about the incident before, but she is still dragging it in a strange way!” (Haine)

(Moreover, it is serving as motivation! What do we do?! Excessive motivation will definitely lead to getting out of control!” (Nova)

“There’s already past record of this after all. Expecting different results with the same circumstances and method would be the epitome of stupidity.” (Shiva)

Every single one of them were giving out opinions that brought anxiety.

“Oi, Coacervate! You used Mantle before to keep me under surveillance, right?! Can’t you control her with that experience?!” (Haine)

“That was the act of my past self. Holding the hearts of others and controlling them is an unforgivable act that goes against my standards.” (Coacervate)

(And this guy has turned into a saint in such a convenient timing!) (Nova)

This is not good.

We can’t find any effective methods as uneasiness keeps rising!

“Isn’t that fine?” (Yorishiro)

At that moment, Yorishiro says this as she pats the head of Mantle.

“No matter the form, she is trying to help out someone else in such a spontaneous manner. This is something that hasn’t happened before —from what I know, at least.” (Yorishiro)

“Aw aw~” (Mantle)

The patting on her head soon became stroking.

“It is not only Mantle. Quasar, Nova, and Coacervate; by the time we noticed, their positions have changed quite a lot from the past. I wonder whose influence it was. Was it Haine-san, or maybe the living beings called humans.” (Yorishiro)

(Y-Y-You idiot!!) (Nova)

Nova is the one to react instantly.

(I ain’t taking the influence of no one! The strongest existence that are Gods take influence from no one! Can’t say the same for the all-looks Quasar and the Coacervate that comes with a purification feature though!) (Nova)

Yorishiro was still stroking the head of Mantle.

“Just like how they were, Mantle might have some sort of change showing in her as well. In order to confirm this, Haine-san, I will be asking you to be the overseer of this.” (Yorishiro)

“Huh?!” (Haine)

Why me?!

“Because your words gave this decisiveness to Mantle after all. I will have you take responsibility. No matter the case, there’s no way we can leave a dangerous girl like her going around freely without surveillance.” (Yorishiro)

“Wouldn’t more eyes be better?!” (Haine)

I tried to at least make it so I am not the only one pushed this.

“You do have a point, but we have stayed too long in the Nameless Desert in order to bring her back. I have to return to Apollon City soon. I feel like my work has accumulate quite a bit.” (Yorishiro)

A valid excuse!

“Right. I also have a previous appointment with Juo of checking out the marriage ceremony hall after all.” (Shiva)

(There’s apparently watermelon for tomorrow!) (Nova)

“I have to work as soon as possible in helping for the sake of humanity!” (Coacervate)

You people are enjoying the world to your fullest it seems!

What were we fighting about in the Genesis era?!

“And so, I will be leaving the care of Mantle to Haine-san who seems to be the freest one-desu wa. Please see that this girl will properly make the earth hero-san into a God Hero.” (Yorishiro)

“I can finally return to the Wind capital huh.” (I will return to the Fire capital too.) “I will go around the world and bring smiles to the unfortunate ones!”

Is what they said as they began to leave.

Leaving only me and Mantle’s Fairy.

“Watch me, Entropy-san! This time for sure, I will make all the people happy!” (Mantle)

Meeting them all in one place after 1,600 years, I once again felt it.

As I thought, I hate these guys!!

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