WR – Chapter 309-311: Crossing over myths

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I -Kuromiya Haine- and the group are still in the middle of saving Mother Earth Mantle.

Or more like, it was supposed to be a simple mission where once we manage to do it once, it will be over, but because that once doesn’t happen at all, we are facing a long trek.




Yorishiro and Shiva, who are together with me in this mission, were silent.

This situation where, no matter how many times we try, there’s no progress. Even our hearts were exhausted.

This place is the danger zone that no one steps into, the Nameless Desert.

Inside the black hole that has been placed at the depths of this desert, Mantle is sealed, or so we think. In terms of probability, it could be that even her soul has been crushed by the gravity of the black hole, or maybe she was thrown into a different world from the warped space created there. Those possibilities are present as well.

We are betting on the possibility that Mantle can return to this world.

And so, by using the only element that can go against the dark element, we are trying to shoot through the core of the Black Hole, but…how many times has it been already?

A hundred? A thousand?

Yorishiro was shooting the light divine power and Shiva and I were doing the support to make it so that it hits the target, but it isn’t going well at all.

In the first place, the more compressed the core is, the higher the gravity, is how the Black Hole works. That’s why the size of the core is one hundredth the size of a grain of sand.

Just that one point makes it close to impossible to shoot at it, and yet, because the surroundings of the Black Hole don’t even allow the reflection of light, we don’t know exactly where the core is.

Even with the accuracy of Shiva who has mastered the wind gun technique, we can’t do anything.

“Ah geez, another failure.” (Yorishiro)

After thousands of test fires turning out in fruitless effort, Yorishiro lets out a sigh as if she was already tired of this.

“My whole body is sticky with sweat and sand… Hey, how about we move to the oasis and have a break? I want to dip in water and get refreshed-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

“Again?! Didn’t we have a break just a few moments ago?!” (Shiva)

Due to piling failure after failure, everyone’s heart was in shambles and were irritable.

The normally bad relationship of Shiva and Yorishiro was even worse right now.

“The body of a woman is delicate. We are in such a harsh environment, and that’s exactly why there’s the need to take the proper care! Ah geez! Who was the one that left the Black Hole in such a damn hot desert?!” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro is snapping in a way different from usual?!

This is proof that she is being quite mentally cornered.

“In the first place, Shiva! If you weren’t here, Haine-san and I would be all alone and we would be able to bath in the water and go kyakyafufu! But thanks to you, it has been divided into male and female! You are in the way! Why are you here?!” (Yorishiro)

“You people told me to come together! I as well don’t want to see your naked body anyways! If it is mixed bathing, I would prefer doing it with Juo!!” (Shiva)

No good! Because of the heat, the two are getting irritated?!

We didn’t want to make our time here pointless, so we have endured until now, but we have to put an end to this soon!

The rescue of Mantle is impossible, we should give up.

The problem of the Demon Lords can’t be put aside, so we can’t waste anymore time.

It would be best to return as soon as possible and prepare to go against the Demon Lords.

Was our choice of saving Mantle mistaken from the very beginning?

(Hmph, those are bad faces you got there, you people.)

“Everyone is doing their best in trying to save Mantle, so it can’t be helped that they are tired.”


In this Nameless Desert where there shouldn’t be anyone but us, we heard voices.

We turned around to see what it was, and there, two monsters were lined up.

“Phalaris! And also…!” (Haine)

I think I have seen him before. That humanoid water living being kind of impression this monster gives off…Water Demon, Mephistopheles.

Isn’t that the body Coacervate used in the surface world?!

Then the reason it is here now must mean…!

“Coacervate and Nova huh!” (Haine)

Within the six Gods of Creation, they were the central figures against the humans. Why are they here?!

“…Then, I will be having you see your last moments here.” (Coacervate)

(Gaaah!! Unhand me, unhand meee!!)

Inside the hand of Mephistopheles, there’s a single lizard struggling.

The soul voice coming from that lizard is without doubt that of Coacervate.

There’s two Coacervates?

What is the meaning of this?!

“The polluted me, that abyss that is spreading in front of us is the most fitting as your grave.” (Coacervatwo)

(D-Don’t tell me, you bastard…! Stop it! Why are you doing such a horrible thing?! I am you, you know?!) (Coacervate)

“You who refused your bond with humans are already not a God. And so, you don’t share the same title as Water God. Evil spirits are supposed to be exorcised.” (Coacervatwo)

(STOOOOP!!) (Coacervate)

Without caring about the lizard’s desperate struggle, Mephistopheles positioned in pitching form and threw the lizard…directly at the Black Hole that absorbs everything.


“Now, Inflation! Quasar! At the place where my polluted self is being crushed, there’s the core of the Black Hole!!” (Coacervatwo)

Ah! I see!!

A Black Hole doesn’t allow light to reflect, but a soul is different. If it is to follow its destination, even we can follow it outside the Black Hole.

The only way to investigate the inside of the Black Hole!

“Shiva! Take position! There’s only one chance!!” (Haine)

“Kugh, what’s with this development!!” (Shiva)

Shiva is confused, but I am as well, you know.

But there’s no way I can let this chance slip by, so we both line up the wind and gravity lenses.

(The polluted Coacervate has divided recently, so he is weakened! He doesn’t have the strength to cling onto the Schwarzschild radius! In other words, his soul will surely be crushed by the center of the Black Hole!) (Nova)

Even Nova gave out advise!

What in the world is happening?!

“Aim for that moment and… [Holy Light Line]!!” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro shoots a light beam.

This passed through the lens of Shiva and I, and with the angling of Shiva, it flies at the place where lizard Coacervate’s soul was crushed.

It entered the Black Hole and…



“Kyaaaaaa!!” (Yorishiro)

“Did we do it?!” (Shiva)

The Black Hole was destroyed.

The core has been erased by the light divine power and all the light caught in the Schwarzschild radius was released all at once, dispersing everywhere.

It was an overwhelming explosion.

If this wasn’t the Nameless Desert where there’s nothing, this could have destroyed a town.

By releasing all our God power, we were able to protect our body, but the gathered air from the gravity expanded heavily and created a big blast of wind.

At that moment…


A big somewhat fluorescent woman came flying together with the blast. Her butt falls grandly onto the sand.

“Isn’t that Mantle’s fairy?!” (Haine)

The temporary body of Mantle that she created to act in the surface world.

She has returned!

“Ouch ouch ouch… Eh? Why is everyone all gathered here?” (Mantle)


Being told this, we noticed once again the six gathered here.

Dark God Entropy, Light Goddess Inflation, Wind God Quasar, Fire God Nova, Water God Coacervate, and the Mother Earth Mantle that came flying just now.

This is something that I didn’t expect at all but, could this be…the first time after 1,600 years that all six Gods of Creation have gathered?!

  • 310: Six Gods reunite

To think something like this would happen.

The six Gods that created this world have reunited at one place.

This is the Nameless Desert. Unless you are feeling suicidal, no one would step into it. That’s why this meeting of Gods had no fear of having interlopers.

“…….First of all, everyone, it has been a while.” (Haine)

Not knowing what to say, I did my best to give an opening greeting.

“You say that, but I have been meeting Haine-san frequently though.” (Yorishiro)

“In the sense that these members are reunited. This is the first time since the Genesis Era.” (Shiva)

(That’s because a goody-two-shoes God has been sealed for 1,600 years!) (Nova)

“But now Entropy-san has come back and the friendship of the six Gods has also been revived. Isn’t that a great thing?” (Coacervate)

“Uhm, about that… Why is everyone gathered?” (Mantle)


Every single one of them were speaking their minds out. I honestly don’t think I will be able to put these people in order.

In the first place, these Gods -including me- were the ones who created this world.

Creating space and time, in order to fill that space, air, water, and earth were created, and with fire, everything was melded together.

The ones who did this were us Gods.

Right after, because of a difference in opinions, we were divided in two sides and fought each other. One side was me Entropy, and all the others were on the other side.

I was defeated in the battle of Gods and the winners sealed me.

And so, after 1,600 years passed, the seal was broken and I incarnated as the human Kuromiya Haine.

Now, we are here.

The other five Gods were apparently doing whatever they pleased in my absence.

Once I returned, as chances came by, I got to know of their deeds from hearsay, and there were times when I would be angry or impressed by them.

But to think that there would be a time when we would all gather.

Even if we had moments were we would see each other, the Gods don’t get along by nature, so I thought it would be completely impossible for everyone to gather when called…

“Uhm…by the way, what did you guys come here to do?” (Haine)

I didn’t know what to talk about, so I move the conversation to the cow and fishman that suddenly appeared.

It would be inconvenient not to have a body when acting in the surface world, so we Gods prepared a body when we descended.

I -Entropy-, Inflation, and Quasar had incarnated as normal humans. We are acting in the world of humans with the standing of humans.

But these other two Gods are different.

Nova incarnated into the Fire Cow Phalaris; Water God Coacervate into the Water Demon Mephistopheles; both monster bodies.

That’s why their looks are different from the rest and, even if we were to go back to why they incarnated as monsters, their way of thinking is simply too different from mine.

We are in such an antagonistic relationship, and yet…

(What we came here to do, you say?! …Hmph, that goes the same for you people. What are you playing around here for?!) (Nova)

Is what the cow Nova says as he bursts right at the beginning of our discussion.  

(The goody-two-shoes that claimed about protecting the humans were you people in the first place!! And yet, you don’t do as you say, and are spacing out at such a remote place. In the time you weren’t present, do you not know how much distress the cities of the humans faced?!) (Nova)


“Now now, don’t be so angry. Entropy-san and the others were also doing their best.” (Coacervate)

And the fishman tries to calm down the cow.

“No, maybe I should call you Haine-san right now. At any rate, in order to gather the God Heroes to go against the Demon Lords, they were challenging the harsh enterprise of bringing back Mantle-san that had disappeared into the depths of the Black Hole. I, Coacervate, am aware of their hard work.” (Coacervate)

……Or more like…

“…Uhm, Coacervate-san?” (Haine)

“Indeed, it is I Coacervate. I have not met Haine-san since our quarrel at the Water capital.” (Coacervate)

I unintentionally asked in a questioning tone at the end but, is it really Coacervate?

The Coacervate I know is a vacillating and underhanded guy that loves doing things people hate; that kind of terrible guy though?

It has been a while since we have met, and even when his incarnated body is that of a monster, it somehow gives out a divine feeling…

“Uhm…that body, if I remember correctly, that’s the one I destroyed before…” (Haine)

“Yes. This body was destroyed by Haine-san and I remade it, Mephistopheles MkII. But there have been a change of ways, and now, rather than Water Demon, it is Water Saint.” (Coacervate)

“W-Water Saint?!” (Haine)

“No, please don’t misunderstand. It is not as if I am calling myself a saint out of conceit.” (Coacervate)

The fishman began to justify.

“It is actually the contrary. In the past, I called myself a God, and yet, because of the underhanded ways I employed that were far from this title, I have caused trouble to the people. Thinking of redeeming myself and to separate from my past self, I had this body shoulder the title of ‘Saint’. The title of Water Saint has the objective of becoming what’s close to what humans think of as Saint, and to actually become one!!” (Coacervate)

The fishman seems to be getting heated up as he speaks.

I was actually surprised by the honesty I could feel from that speech.

What’s with this Water God? He has changed way too much from the last time I met him. What happened in the time I haven’t seen him?!

“Oi, could this possible be…!” (Shiva)

And Shiva who was watching this seems to have an idea of this.

(Yeah, in the past when we beat this guy up, something similar to this happened.) (Nova)

It looks like Nova also knows something.

Or more like, this guy appeared together with Coacervate, so there’s no doubt he knows the answer itself.

And so, from then on, we were told by the Fire and Water Gods about what happened while we were saving Mantle.

  • 311: God’s Conference – Complete version

“Distillation.” (Haine)

Something like that can happen?

In other words, the Water God, when heated to a certain extent, he evaporates and becomes steam.

By doing this, the many contaminated parts get separated?

“Coacervate is the God that is the most easily affected by the dirt of the humans and world.” (Yorishiro)

Inflation speaks.

“It is because water washes away all filth that the impurities stay inside of it. Those impurities warp the personality and cause tons of pain to their surroundings. When creating the world, quite the amount of impurities were born, and he swallowed them all after all. He had been quite contaminated from the beginning.” (Yorishiro)

That’s why it would have been impossible for me to know of the clean part of him since I was sealed right after the Creation huh.

No matter what it is, everything creates filth when they are born or die.  

“But Coacervate being in an evaporated state is quite rare. Isn’t this the second time this has happened since the 1,600 years after the Genesis era?” (Yorishiro)

What? Only two?

In that case, Coacervate has only been in this state once in the time I was sealed?

(That was something that happened not long after our Churches were made.) (Nova)

And the cow speaks.

In other words, it was at the time when human civilization was beginning.

(At that time, we were stealing away our believers and fighting each other. At that time, my Fire Church and Quasar’s Wind Church were having an all-out battle.) (Nova)

“And in all that, Coacervate had sent an oracle to the Water Church. They made a surprise attack to the Fire and Wind Church while we were in a battle. The surprise attack worked and my Wind army was practically wiped out.” (Shiva)

Quasar grinds his teeth in anguish as he remembered those times.

Truly a Coacervate-like way of doing things.

“At that time, I had incarnated as the Wind Founder, but since I was taking command of the army, I died along with many of my troops. Being liberated from my flesh, I returned to being Quasar. Pissed off, I challenged Coacervate to battle.” (Quasar)

(I was also pissed off, so I cooperated. With the wind increasing the strength of my flames, we boiled him continuously. He was evaporated, and this guy was came out.) (Nova)

“I am truly in debt for that time.” (Coacervate)

Coacervate lowers his head.

“Now that I think about it, this served as a trigger for a big leap in the human civilization.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro points out.

“The distilled Coacervate did his very best to become a guardian working for the sake of humans and the Water Church developed heavily. The reason why the Water Church has a relatively free way of thinking that is not caught in the doctrine of the Church is most likely because of this.” (Yorishiro)

“But well, after a hundred years, I was contaminated again and absorbed into the polluted Coacervate though.” (Coacervate)

(True.) (Nova)

The Gods were talking about the past with nostalgia.

Hearing this story, I closed my eyes for a moment and decided.

“Let’s burn this guy again after a hundred years!!” (Haine)

No, really.

The Coacervate that plays around with humans is a big problem for the world.

If we can deal with that at a regular basis, there’s no reason not to.

“True. In time, I will once again be contaminated and will cause trouble to my beloved humans and my brethren Gods. If it is in order to avoid this, I am more than willing to burn in the flames of hell. Actually, that’s what I want!!” (Coacervate)

The fresh water God that had been separated from his filth was speaking in an admirable manner and made me surprised.

“No, about that…!” (Shiva)

“It is easier said than done!” (Yorishiro)

Shiva and Yorishiro warn.

I thought it was a great proposal though?

“…Originally, when my body is evaporated, it will normally return to my God core. That’s why, no matter how much I get evaporated, if it returns to a contaminated core, I will simply return to being the polluted Coacervate.” (Coacervate)

“Eh? Then why were you able to split into filth and distilled this time and in the past?” (Haine)

(Because he had a place that could become his new core.) (Nova)

“A place that could become his new core?” (Haine)

(The human prayers.) (Nova)

The cow is dragging the explanation.

(Humans pray to their God. Within those prayers, in order to direct their prayers to a God they have not seen, they create a figure of their own. The figure that is shaped within the hearts of humans, when the steam converges into it, the distilled Coacervate is born.) (Nova)

“That means the prayers towards Gods possesses quite the power if they are able to do a feat like that. Several hundreds of years ago, at the time when the Churches were just being made, the prayers were abundant to the point that it could serve as the core to his body.” (Shiva)

“And this time around, my hero Celestis didn’t lose to the doubts and despair, and continued loving me as her God, so that love had gathered my vaporized self. I am truly fortunate to have a hero like that.” (Coacervate)

Everyone was shocked.

But I see. Simply burning Coacervate and having him evaporate is not enough huh.

It is not only the Gods that affect humans, humans also affect Gods. I feel like this is a good example of that.

“Whether it was a coincidence or an inevitability, I was able to separate from my polluted self and become distilled. Now that I am here, I will fulfill my original duty as a God and will cooperate with everyone to protect the humans and the world.” (Coacervate)

“O-Okay.” (Shiva)

(Ah, yes.) (Nova)

“Well, isn’t it fine?” (Haine)

“It is disgusting-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

Only Yorishiro didn’t hide her opinion.

But the most difficult one to convince, Coacervate, has joined forces with us. This is good news.

…No, we did nothing to contribute to this. Karen-san, Celestis-san, and the others were the ones that did their best in order to create this situation where Coacervate has been reformed.

As I thought, humans are not solely being protected by Gods, they protect themselves and make the world better.

I help those girls out as the Dark God Entropy, and as Kuromiya Haine, I will struggle together with them.

The explanation for why Coacervate ended up this way had become an explanation of what happened outside, and we have now confirmed that Mirack and Celestis have successfully become God Heroes.

With the transformation of the two that we thought would be the hardest to make reality, having all five elemental heroes into God Heroes is looking more possible now!

“Karen-san has already become a God Hero, so there’s only two left.” (Haine)

Leaving aside the Wind that is trustworthy, the only one left would be…

The gaze of the five Gods were directed at the remaining God.

“Hiiih! What is it?!” (Mantle)

Directed at Mantle who was cowering at the side.

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