WR – Chapter 307-308: Water Saint

  • 307: Water Saint

<TLN: For easier understanding, Distilled Coacervate will get the Makotwo treatment.>

Like this, the polluted Coacervate was cut off from the body of Gabriel.

That existence returned to being a small lizard monster and was completely powerless.

(T-Take your hands off me! Get them off!) (Coacervate)

Even with that, it tried to escape which can be considered praiseworthy.

The small body of the lizard was tightly caught in my hands and was struggling around, but I won’t let you escape no matter what.

Just that…

“Ueee~. I am touching a lizard~! It feels so disgusting~!!” (Karen)

It is slimy, it is wiggling around, and its stomach is bright red.

Even if it was on the spur of the moment, why did I grab on a lizard?! …Ah right, it is a newt.

“Hih, it is so disgusting I might cry… Celestis-chan, trade places with me~!” (Karen)

“Gyaaa! Yuck yuck! Don’t bring it here!! But don’t let it go by any means. The bastard would escape after all!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan is a tyrant.

And on the other hand, there were also people who were serious.

Michael; now that the polluted Coacervate has been cut off and Gabriel is supposed to have been released, he silently carried her up.

“Michael…” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan approaches from behind anxiously.


Michael simply looked at Gabriel without saying anything.

If what the polluted Coacervate said was correct, the conscious of Gabriel has been crushed and won’t be able to awaken again.

The ones without soul can’t regain a conscious that has died out.

That’s why Gabriel won’t wake up ever again…

“Michael!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan calls Michael again worried.

Michael’s shoulders trembled slightly.

“So it is true. Does this mean we really are fake lifeforms with no soul?! Being born as tools of the Gods, do we have no way of living other than fulfilling our destiny?! Gabriel, if you had been a human, you would have easily woken up, and yet, in your current self, are you unable to wake up?!” (Michael)

Michael’s monologue was painful.

We could also tell that.

“…Hngh, what? So noisy.”


Is what I thought, but Gabriel woke up.

As if she had woken up from her sleep, her body trembled as she stretched.

“…Eh? Why did I lost consciousness? …Ah, right! That little lizard, making a fool out of this Demon Lord!! I will make sure to make him pay—! Wait, Michael? Why are you here?” (Gabriel)

Gabriel was more energetic than we expected, and Michael looked at this absentminded. But he soon pushed that fist strongly to the sky.

“Ooooooh!!” (Michael)

And releases a roar directed at the heavens.

“Did you see that, Gods?! The monsters! The monsters are not pseudo-lifeforms! We have a soul and a heart!!” (Michael)

Gabriel waking up must mean that.

“We are not bound by destiny anymore!! We decide our lives on our own and we will grow far and high! Watch as we do that! You Gods that reside in the heavens!!” (Michael)

(The God is here…he is over here!) (Nova)

Phalaris-san approaches around Michael’s legs.

“Michael!” (Mirack)

“Mirack!” (Michael)


Mirack-chan and Michael hugged each other?!

“I have thought this before but…why are those two getting along so well?” (Celestis)

“It must be that… It is probably the Fire Church’s trademark ‘after a one on one, we are friends’…” (Karen)

We could only watch over this abnormal scene.

(It is not exclusive for Gods and humans; the demons are also stepping into a new era.) (Coacervatwo)

“Ah, the good Coacervate-sama.” (Karen)

The God that formed the silhouette of a human said this.

(No, as long as the humans, Gods, and demons are living in the same world, they are all heading towards a new era huh. It might be nonsensical to divide them in humans and monsters.) (Coacervatwo)

Coacervate-sama was looking at this world in a positive manner.

Oh my, so Godlike.

(My hero, Celestis. The one who paved this was you.) (Coacervate)

“C-Come again?!” (Celestis)

(You joined hands with the heroes of the other churches and stepped across old boundaries. That’s why the old walls around the world are beginning to crumble. This Water God Coacervate is also a part of this change of old to new.) (Coacervatwo)

“No no no! That’s too much of an honor. Also, the one who proposed the Hero Alliance was that light hero over there that only thinks with her womb.” (Celestis)   

Who is thinking with her womb?!

Celestis-chan, your way of speaking is leaping over boundaries too!

(Celestis, please continue being the singing and dancing hero of the Water Church that heals people all over the world. I love your singing.) (Coacervate)

(He is so clean it is shocking.) (Nova)

Phalaris-san, who was looking at this from the side, said this mixed with a shudder.

(…Well then, it is about time to put an end to this.) (Coacervatwo)

“Yes! We are returning the undiluted lifeforce to their previous human selfs, right?” (Celestis)

Distilled Coacervate-sama and Celestis-chan; they both face towards the reserve pond that’s filled with purplish red liquid.

By the way, the watergate has already been closed once again and Doraha-chan is splattered on the floor over there.

(…Before that, it is beginning to get tough to affect the surface world with this body. I will also take form like the others.) (Coacervatwo)

The distilled Coacervate-sama raises his steam hands and something surfaced from the undiluted lifeforce.

“That is…a monster?!” (Karen)

A monster that has a size and shape quite close to that of a human appeared. But it doesn’t move an inch, as if it were sleeping.

(T-That’s…!!) (Coacervate)

The small lizard inside my hand began to struggle again and it was disgusting!

(In preparation for the time when, by some stroke of luck, Entropy was gone for good, I created that Mephistopheles MkII! You bastard, what are you doing without my permission?!) (Coacervate)

(But in the time when you were planning to take over the body of Gabriel, you decided that it was not needed anymore and threw it away, right? In that case, I will pick it up.) (Coacervatwo)

Distilled Coacervate-sama lost form, became shapeless mist, and entered the monster.

The eyes of the monster, that looked like a doll without soul, gained light.

“…Water Demon, Mephistopheles. No, as a guardian living together with humans, the name water demon would not be fitting…. I will be calling myself the Water Saint Mephistopheles, not out of arrogance, but to separate from my past and to remind me of it!!” (Coacervatwo)


The monster that had a dirty color like that of sludge had become clear and pure?!

Are you saying this is how it looks when the soul of a God enters a monster?!

“Now then, my hero Celestis, this is the moment to show your evolution as the Water God Hero.” (Coacervatwo)

“Yes!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan returns to being God Hero once again and, with her transparent body like that of water, she throws herself into the undiluted lifeforce?!

  • 308: Relation of water and fish

What are you planning on doing, Celestis-chan?!

After turning into God Hero mode, Celestis-chan was mixing with the undiluted lifeforce?!

“Link with the undiluted lifeforce is finished! Wait for a bit, okay? I will make you people remember the place where you should be!” (Celestis)

“Let’s go, Celestis!” (Coacervatwo)

Coacervate-sama, who is now in the body of Mephistopheles, pours divine power into Celestis-chan -a massive amount of it.

“God and human…the two mix like water and fish, and they swim freely around. Water, become my freedom!!” (Celestis)

A massive amount of divine power control from the Water God Hero!

“Water technique [Water Sync]!!” (Celestis)

As if in concert with the shout of Celestis-chan, the undiluted lifeforce filling the reserve pond shone all at once!

Humans began to come out from the water surface as if being pushed out by that light!


…They are coming out!

“Hya?!” “Wa?!” “Wow wow?!” “Mama?!” “What about the Demon Lord?!”

Incredible! The people changed into undiluted lifeforce are steadily returning!

At this pace, it will take only a few hours before the tens of thousands of people return to normal.

Just a few moments ago, Celestis-chan was shocked by the amount of divine power it expended to make this possible, and yet, with the God Hero power, she is managing it so quickly!


In the end, it didn’t take even an hour to return all humans to normal.

“Papa!!” (Celestis)

With her God Hero mode released, Celestis-chan hugs her father, the Water Founder-sama.

The Founder-sama was also one of the people that were saved from the danger of the undiluted lifeforce.

“Ooh! Celestis!! You saved everyone, didn’t you? As expected of the water hero!” (Azul)

The Water Founder-sama hugs his daughter.

The residents of Hydra Ville were turned into liquid, but now that they have returned safely, they were confused by the strange thing that happened to their bodies and were happy at each other’s safety.

“My beloved children…” (Coacervate)

Mephistopheles speaks as he floats in mid-air.

“Wa?! Is that a monster?!” (Azul)

“That’s not it, Papa. It is Coacervate-sama who has descended upon this plane by borrowing the body of a monster.” (Celestis)

“What?!” (Azul)

The gaze of the Water God is directed at the Water Founder-sama.

“The 193th Water Founder, Ru Azul; a person who has reached the peak of spirit, wits, and love, being able to meet you directly is a joy.” (Coacervate)

“That’s too much of an honor! Receiving praise directly from our God, as a follower of Water, there’s no greater joy!” (Azul)

The Water Founder-sama prostrates without hesitation.

“Your daughter has inherited your passion to be loved, and inherited her mother’s intelligence to make others love her; being able to have a hero like her in this era was the luckiest of things.” (Coacervate)

““Thanks for your words of praise!””

The Founder and hero were prostrated at the grateful words of their God. The same as the thousands of Hydra Ville residents.

“And the Water believers living in the Water capital, thank you for your love. The reason why I was able to take off my filth was because of your love. Humans have saved their God. That’s why I, as your God, pledge to save you people as well… The same goes for you, Water Demon Lord, Gabriel.” (Coacervate)

The gaze of the God changed for the last time, and it was directed at the culprit of this incident, the Demon Lord Gabriel.

Due to being beaten up while her body was taken over by Coacervate, her whole body was in tatters.

“W-What is it?!” (Gabriel)

Even with that, it seems like she had her pride as the head of the monsters, her attitude was obstinate.

“A monster that was created by the Gods at first as a tool and has reached the point where you have your own will. You people have surpassed the framework of us Gods. A race that has surpassed the frameworks of Gods is already a splendid lifeform. I bless the evolution of you people.” (Coacervate)


“If possible, I don’t want you to use your evolution in order to wage war, but for coexistence. The ocean is vast and generous. There’s no doubt it will accept two fishes swimming in it.” (Coacervate)

And then, Coacervate-sama gave a closing to it.

“Light hero, please pass the polluted me here.” (Coacervate)

“Ah, y-yes!” (Karen)

Being suddenly called, I present the lizard I had in my hand.

I was finally freed from the wriggling inside my hand, but I don’t think the goosebumps will be disappearing all day!

(Giieee!! What are you going to do?! I am you, you know!!) (Lizard)

The lizard was moved to the hand of Coacervate-sama.

Ignoring the wailing lizard, Coacervate-sama speaks to Cow-san this time.

“Nova, I am thinking about meeting old friends. Want to accompany me?” (Coacervate)

(Ah, okay.) (Nova)

Phalaris-san was probably the one who couldn’t follow the situation the most.

“Celestis, Gabriel, and the Water believers under me, I will be taking my leave for now, but I am always by your side. In difficult situations, please remember me. Remember that your God is always by your side.” (Coacervate)

The Water God inside the body of a monster, the Fire God that is inside a cow; their legs began to separate from the ground.

“O-Oi cow?!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan hurriedly calls out Phalaris-san who was floating.

(I will be accompanying him for a small walk. I will be eating when I return, so don’t you dare clean up the carrots at my hut.) (Nova)

Leaving those words, the Gods left.

This big incident, where Gods have directly stated their presence to us for the first time, has been safely resolved in this way.

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