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“Let’s continue tomorrow.”


The noise created from writing and papers resounded.

In this room that is around the size of 20 tatami mats <33 m²>, the voice of a girl reverberated.

After a small space of time, several voices return a response.

The place is Asora; a vast world that was created from the meeting between the high schooler Misumi Makoto that came from Earth and the Superior Dragon Shen that was sleeping at the World’s Border.

In this place where it has a pretty similar environment from a part of Makoto’s world, there’s currently a variety of races living there. Within those, the one who announced the end of the work was a female highland orc, one of the first races to migrate to Asora.

“Ema, you are going to stay? Want me to help?”

“It is okay, Kiko. What remains are things that I personally want to hurry about. You can leave with everyone.” (Ema)

“Is it maybe about Waka-sama’s personal lessons? I heard that the amount of spells you can use has increased an incredible deal. I would like a share of that.” (Kiko)

“It would be great if that were the case. I think I will be able to show everyone after a bit more, so wait until then.” (Ema)

“Missed huh. My intuition is dulling~. Ah right, today we have a drinking party together with the Elder Dwarfs and the Arke-samas!” (Kiko)

“A drinking party? What do you do in that?” (Ema)

“It is a light hearted banquet. Hyumans call it that way apparently. Waka-sama said so.” (Kiko)

“I see. Make sure not to drink too much. There’s a mountain of work that has to be sorted tomorrow after all.” (Ema)

“I know. Compared to the people that are out doing investigation or hunting, we who do office work are having it easy. No need to worry, I won’t slack. I heard that, yesterday,  a big wild boar appeared and injured several people. The first time I saw a hunted wild boar, looking at the fangs and fur that seemed like they were weak, I thought that it was an easy hunt, but magic barely affects it and its physical strength is high, so it is actually quite the dangerous hunt. There’s the need for the teamwork of the Mist Lizards to go well. They said that, one of these days, someone might even end up dying and—” (Kiko)

“Kiko, I get it. I will hear the continuation at a later time. You have a drinking party, right? Have fun.” (Ema)

Ema said that she had some business to attend, and yet, her friend began to talk bullets, making her smile bitterly. She felt that there would be no end if this continued, so in order to cut off the conversation, she sends her off.

“Right. That’s right! Then, if there’s anything I can help with, tell me tomorrow, okay? See ya!” (Kiko)

“Yeah.” (Ema)

With her energetic friend leaving, silence falls.

Since the time Ema was invited to Asora, she has been close to Makoto, hears out his plans and gives many an objection to them. Not only that, the requests and opinions of the Lizards, Dwarfs, Arkes, and the other races, she would report them to Makoto and Tomoe.

Unknowingly, many had ended up relying and respecting her.

This popularity didn’t change even when Makoto had arrived at a hyuman base and his time in Asora decreased. Or rather, her popularity increased.

With her high communication skills and information arranging ability, she is passing her days in Asora assaulted by information and paperwork. Thinking about the days when they were living their everyday in the harsh wastelands and she had resolved herself to become a sacrifice, it could be said that her livelihood had made a radical change.

“It is truly a miracle.” (Ema)

The days that didn’t go well no matter what, with her meeting with Makoto -with just that one happening-, everything began to move favorably as if a cog-wheel had been found.

Obtaining the protection of a dragon, they have moved to a place richer than anything they could dream of, and are passing fulfilling days coexisting with other races.

What more is there to wish for?

Ema thought from the depths of her heart, and she is sure she is not the only one that feels this way. That’s because she felt that everyone in Asora was living their lives to the fullest.

Makoto told Ema that he would be leaving the World’s Border. And as a foothold to that, he arrived at a hyuman base and has stayed there.

“Well then, let’s do it today as well.” (Ema)

Ema soughs her throat full with water, and then, takes out something from the drawer of the desk.

It is something that Misumi Makoto entrusted to her.

The line of characters written there were none other than the magic languages that Makoto taught Ema. An old language that the Highland Orcs learned by chance.

The lithograph had several arias carved into it. Being taught how to read them, they obtained powerful magic. It didn’t even reach ten spells, but it served as a weapon for the Highland Orcs in order to live in that wasteland.

There was the need of quite the amount of magic power. No matter how out of norms a hyuman is, there’s no way a hyuman would be able to use those spells. That’s why, to thank him for bodyguarding Ema, they only intended to teach him the aria. But Makoto managed to do it with a single explanation and easily succeeded.

She will never forget the fire at that time.

A big crack appeared in the common sense of Ema.

He says that he lacks ability; grieves that he can’t speak common language; but Ema doesn’t believe that at all.

He can have a conversation with anyone. Just how big of a talent that is. The only ones he can’t speak with are hyumans. Just how small of a wall that is. And in reality, he is currently able to somehow manage common language with written communication.

The bundle of papers before her eyes is the same.

There is a massive amount of arias written there in a language that’s supposed to only be known by the Highland Orcs.

“The first time I was given this, I seriously questioned what was going on.” (Ema)

He apparently tried to arrange the aria of some spells that she taught him, but he basically gave it to her and asked to confirm if they could even be activated.

When she chanted them, it certainly did show the effect that he had written at the side of the aria.

Before she could think about things like ‘awesome’ or ‘interesting’, her stomach trembled. A laugh came out from her naturally.

From what Ema knows, magic should be something that you have to chant a set aria in order to activate. There’s no room for arrangement. That’s the common sense of high grade magic language.

In the case of a few low rank ones that have arias that you can’t expect much from, there’s some that the meaning of the spell has been analyzed and, just as Makoto said, are possible to be arranged. But the ones Ema taught him were high cost, high effectiveness, and high power magic language. If you put a grade to it, it would definitely be at the tops. Tinkering with the aria should be close to impossible.

“Uhm, there’s thirteen this time huh. He said ‘I am sorry for slackening this time around’, but this is plenty. Write it down, and put them in order; next, check the activation…” (Ema)

Attack, defense, support, healing; he is properly pronouncing them, and yet, for some reason, he can’t use healing and wind element spells at all.

But in the composed arias, there’s wind element and healing as well.

This was also out of norms. Creating arias for elements he can’t even use is something that Ema can’t even imagine. It is as if she was witnessing someone that doesn’t know numbers, and yet, is able to solve difficult equations.

“We orcs being poorly skilled was one of our worries. I thought that having no ability that stood out was linked to our lack of determination. But now…” (Ema)

Ema can tell that things are beginning to change quite a lot.

The kinfolk of Tomoe -the Mist Lizards- have beautiful blue shining scales and specialized in group battles. Presently, the Highland Orcs are training together with them, and the ability of the warriors has increased quite a lot.

The kinfolks of Mio -the Arkes- have high knowledge in medicine manufacturing, and the orcs have managed to absorb a part of that knowledge.

Makoto, who has knowledge that would widen the eyes of many, still tries to learn new things daily and investigates accordingly. This sight serves as a driving force for everyone.

The Elder Dwarfs that Tomoe brought have excelling blacksmithing techniques, and since the time they began living there, the equipment, daily goods, tools -at any rate, a variety of things had increased in quality.

On top of that, the strong spells that were taught by Makoto and Ema is currently putting in order.

Rather than calling the Highland Orcs unskillful, it would be more accurate to describe them as a race that can do anything.

The more they are raised, the harder they are to deal with. And in reality, the other races evaluate the Highland Orcs highly.

Close combat, magic, farming, building, and all sorts of other skills. They are able to do all of those efficiently, and they even know many languages. There’s not a single person in existence who would define them as lacking in skill.

Because their life in the wasteland was long, their village was small, and there weren’t many in numbers, which was somewhat of a problem for them.
Their circumstances are different from the fertile orcs. Maybe because their ability is high, their ability to procreate was not that high. Even so, compared to hyumans, they possess a slightly higher fertility rate. In other words, it can’t be counted as a weakness.

The lack of people in Asora will definitely be resolved as Tomoe continues recruiting more people outside, so Ema didn’t worry about that.

“Yeah. If it is this, it should be possible to announce this in three days time. With this, the efficiency at work should increase, and with these many arias, the mages will most likely lose sleep doing their best learning them. Ah, if that’s the case, it would be better to investigate their aptitudes and make an order of learning…Hmm, I will have the other races try them out and, if there’s any that might prove useful, learn them together with us. Raising together is efficient……. Now then, I will be giving the instructions at first, and so, regarding the appointed day…” (Ema)

Ema looks outside. It was already completely night.

“It will probably be an all-nighter.” (Ema)

Words that suggested the work won’t end. But for some reason, the face of the very person who said this looked as if she was having fun.

Two days passed.

Ema introduced over a hundred arias to everyone. Everyone was busily doing their own job, but just as Ema expected, many other races aside from the orcs showed interest.

Introducing the arias to the aspirants, Ema divided the mages according to their aptitude and their element of specialty, and worked on making it easier to learn.

It helped out that she herself was a great mage. And so, the spells that Makoto had passed to everyone through Ema were properly reverberating in everyone. As a result, the evaluation they had of Ema rose highly, and it also made her role in Asora heavier.

Seeing her active working, many have asked her ‘isn’t it tough?’ ‘are you pushing yourself?’.

“No, I am having fulfilling days. I think there will be even more people living here, so I want to do everything that can be done right now. By doing that, we can think further into the future, right?” (Ema)

Ema responds with a smile that showed no lies.

Just as she expected, there would be many races joining Asora after this, and people would be migrating there as well.

Forest Onis, Winged-kins, Gorgons…

Ema and the Highland Orcs introduced Asora to those new neighbors, guided them, and welcomed them.

The miraculous days continue on.

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