Chapter 280: The moment we have been waiting for

Two women were breathing heavily.

They are still alive.

How impressive.

Waka is in essence a hyuman but in terms of side, he is more of a human-ja.

Watching Waka all the time by his side, I learned of the strength of this living beings called humans…or at least that’s what I thought.

Tenacious body, massive magic power, unique tactics that stem from their special powers, and most of all…their will to never give up.

It might also be attributed to the fact that these guys have lived for far more time than a normal human but, they don’t show signs of breaking.

So this is a human huh.

Even when their opponent possesses far more power than them, they never give up on winning and struggling.

The moment I shed blood I wasn’t intending on shedding, I stopped holding back because it might make Waka worry.

It goes without saying but, this is the enemy base; The moment Mio, Waka, and I entered this floor, they activated a large scale spell.

We are in no way fighting with them in even grounds, and can’t say that we are showing our full strength.

But, in the first place, a battlefield is not a place where you can wish for ideal conditions.

Complaining about that would make you lower than a greenhorn-ja.

Because this also counts as strength and luck.

And so, I have seriously acknowledged them as enemies, and fought.

Even so, I am still unable to finish them.

“Illusion, illusion, illusion. Moreover, she overwhelms us in close combat as well. What’s with that?”

“I’m totally with you. Just lowering your guard for a little bit will result in being swallowed by illusions and the match would be decided. She isn’t giving a single bit of leisure in our movements. What a terrible opponent.”

Only seeing my advances as annoying, I am the one who wants to cry.

In our first encounter, even Waka was engulfed by the illusion mist, on top of that, I learned illusion magic from Shiki.

I also utilized normal elemental magic attacks.

Of course, my body has learned swordsmanship too.

I have thrown all of that against them, and yet, they resist it, cancel it, and create distance.

These two continue to stand before me.

That’s what’s been happening all this time.

“To think that the priest there would be able to use a bow as well. You really got me good there.” (Tomoe)

That’s right.

I permitted even more opposition and got injured.

I thought that the woman called Ginebia was someone specialized in only close combat and support. But the second my attention strayed from her, her partner Haku kicks her the bow she let go in an instant, and with a stance that looked exactly like that of Waka, Ginebia shot me.

The power was also plenty enough.

I don’t know if she aimed for it, but the arrow pierced the same place that her partner had shot me last time at.

That first battering at the beginning, the joint lock that followed after; I have been caught in their unpredictable attacks all this time-ja.

Well, everything has been healed, and -obviously- I have not been receiving them all without hitting back.

I have been paying them back little by little.

And so, the fruition of this is shown in the painful figure of those two.

“If that’s the case, I would like you to show a little bit of a pained expression to visualize the damage.”  

“I see, it does sound reasonable. Next time, I will show you an illusion that fits your request.” (Tomoe)


The patterns in the opposition of these two, and the magic power expenditure that these requires.

The former I have been observing it, and at times, when I receive damage, I had them pay by analyzing those attacks.

I have mostly grasped them all-ja.

Well, even if I say that, we are talking about these two here, so there might be some sort of trap set up somewhere. I can’t lower my guard.

The latter one, the longer the fight goes on, the more magic power it is expended.

It is at the point where the end is finally at sight.

It was a pain to the extreme, but the magic power of these two is on the level of the heroes.

Their ability to manage their magic power and the way they use it is unbelievably good-ja na.

That’s why, for a temporary amount of time, I even misinterpreted that both of them had the same amount of magic power as Shiki or even more than that.

“Sometimes, silence can be an easy to understand answer. Right, it’s like you’re telling me your falling point is close.” (Tomoe)

“…Says the dragon. Also, if you are a superior dragon, go for the more rough and easy to understand attacks or it will be troublesome for us.”  (Haku)

As usual, the tone of Haku sounded as if she still had leeway.

No matter how cornered she is, no matter how much damage she receives, the attitude of this girl doesn’t change.

So humans can grow to have such tenacious strength of mind as well-ja na.

“Fukuku, if I did that, I would have already fallen beneath your feet. You two would be able to hunt Superior Dragons with just the two of you, no joke.” (Tomoe)

…If Waka wanted to, he would be able to do that while humming though.

Seeing that these two are compensating for their lack in strength with technique and experience shows me that these two clearly have something that surpasses Waka.

Specially their teamwork, it is already polished to the point that it can be called art.

“Doma-kun told us that too.” (Ginebia)

Ginebia showed her tiredness in her eyes, but she doesn’t lose her composure.

Those two have been analyzing my illusions and observing them, and even at this time, they are still trying to come up with a plan to reverse the situation.

Their healing and support is also fast and calm; their sense is top tier.

If I show an opening, I will get a taste of her fists -no, I have to take into account her bow as well huh.

On top of that, her attacks synergize and bring out the full potential of the straightforward and highly accurate attacks of Haku.

They are truly strong.

“Even if that NEET dragon tells us that, it doesn’t make us happy at all, but it also doesn’t make me happy hearing that from you. Even though this is a compliment that’s on the level of only being directed at heroes, and yet, I wonder why…” (Haku)

“Sleep for a while. Everything will end with that.” (Tomoe)

“…It is finally the time where we have no choice but to use all the strength we have left.” (Ginebia)

“[Dancing Bow, Septen—?!” (Haku)

“Septentrion, right?” (Tomoe)

Aiming for a surprise attack, the hand of Haku shone and her whip shoots seven light arrows.

Right now, I can’t use my ability of changing reality to illusion.

But, if it’s the opposite…to bestow temporary reality to illusions, it is possible.

What appears are seven arrows.

The arrows that appeared from the illusion mist and had obtained substance followed the same trajectory as the seven arrows of Haku and offsetted each other.

It is a skill that I have shot several times in my mind, moreover, it is a skill that I have seen in reality once already.

Reproducing it is easy.

“Skill copy?! What a copycat!” (Haku)

“A high-power skill that destroys seven magic pressure points of the target. Even if if doesn’t manage to defeat the opponent with all attacks hitting, it would still seal their magic. It is incredibly handy-ja na. I can understand why you rely on it.” (Tomoe)

“…I see, memories. So that’s how it is huh. We have an unbelievable opponent.” (Haku)

Haku Mokuren.

Her insight that’s mixed with instinct is also polished to an extreme.

“It means that I have as much methods to throw off your teamwork-ja. And…methods to cut it off completely as well.” (Tomoe)

“?!! Illusion?!” (Ginebia)

I appear right in front of Ginebia.

That’s right, just like she saw through in that one second, it is an illusion-ja.

But, from that illusion, only the blade of the sword has substance.

If it’s with this, no matter how excelling that person is, this should be enough. Well, even if they manage to deal with this, I won’t be surprised though.

“Ah, this is cheating!” (Ginebia)

She probably noticed the possibility that it has substance, she instantaneously prepares her arm and was intending on dealing with the katana.

Splendid reaction speed-ja na.

By the time she noticed the sword slipping through her arm without making contact with it, it was already too late.

The katana made a big cut on her shoulder.

“[Blessing of the Eccentric God, Almaty]!” (Ginebia)

…And with almost no space in between, she healed herself.

She did it in the instant she was cut-ja.

Seriously, the fact that they don’t even show an opening for a second really doesn’t let me take this with leisure.

In that second where Ginebia was concentrating to heal, I arrive right in between the two of them even faster than the time it took for the illusion just now to appear.

These fast legs I have been concealing from them until now.

I am truly glad I continued training diligently.

Seriously thinking this in that instant, I place a finger on Haku and Ginebia’s nape.

Now that I am directly touching them, have caught them off guard, and, on top of that, have shaved off this much magic power from them, it should be possible.

“[Fifth Hamlet, Mist Gorim]” (Tomoe)

It has degraded quite a bit, but it is still one of my special moves-ja.

This is something that I had warmed up to use against an army, but these girls have a lot more backbone than your regular army.

I don’t mind. They are fitting targets for it.

Glancing at the two that slowly fell into deep sleep, I heaved a big sigh.

They were with no doubt tough opponents.

Even if I was holding back, even if I was swelling in anger, I can’t say it is a win.

…Wise huh.

I have learned a lot.


“Rokuya-san has been restrained, Haku-san and Ginebia-san lost, Hitsuna-san fainted in the middle of buying time?! And the side we expected to win first and provide reinforcements for the others, Picnic Rosegarden, is in a stalemate… Are you serious?”

This lineup that was practically assured victory is, for some reason, displaying a different result.

It is to the point that it can be called despairing.

In this place where many numbers are being continuously displayed in the various monitors, there’s one man covered in cold sweat as he analyzes it all.  

“If they had waited until Pione calmed down and waited until the messed situation aboveground was put in order, this fight wouldn’t have occurred to begin with!”

It seems like he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, it was overflowing from his mouth already as the man, Makado Takane, slams the desk.

It was a stainless glass type of desk that’s rare to see in this world.

This and the cheap-looking chair are the favorites of Takane.

Thanks to this, his room created a strange atmosphere that felt like that of modern Japan.

“In the first place, what is that person doing?! According to the information of the Marikosans, they should have already used the teleport formation a long time ago!” (Takane)

“That’s something I want to know too. Really, for some reason, I couldn’t take the instant teleport formation.”

“There’s no way that’s possible! I have unlocked it so that all the members can utilize it the safest and fastest as possible!” (Takane)

“And I’m telling you I couldn’t use it. Thanks to that, I had to use my ability ‘White Crow’ to somehow fly all the way here.”

“Now here—!! Eh?” (Takane)

“Yo, Takane-kun, long time no see. I suddenly received an emergency call, so I hurried back. It looks like the state at Kannaoi is fishy, but for now, I prioritized on returning.”

“A-Azu-san?!” (Takane)

“Yeah. And so, are they guests? Moreover, it looks like it has turned into a fight.” (Aznoval)

“T-That’s right! That’s why we called you. It looks like Rokuya-san and the others won’t be able to deal with it without you.” (Takane)

“…Fumu. Looks like they are invading with quite the small amount of people. Moreover, they are opponents that can set up a giant magic barrier in this whole floor without having you notice huh.” (Aznoval)

“That’s right, they are unbelievable opponents—eh? Barrier…magic?” (Takane)

Takane got surprised by the man that was suddenly inside the room, and then, he once again got surprised by what the man said.

“Umu. I couldn’t make a complete analysis of it, but it is placed in such a way that it won’t be noticed. The effects are: obstructing the trespassing to this floor, and probably some sort of illusion type of magic. But from what I see, I don’t know for what it is at all. I can’t read their intentions.” (Aznoval)

“No way. To think they would be able to form a magic in this floor of Yaso-Magatsuhi, the Prison Palace, without me noticing!” (Takane)

“That means they have quite the gathering of powerful ones. To the level that they have the chance of bringing down this place even when confronting us right from the front. I see why my strength is needed.” (Aznoval)

The fully armored man goes ‘umu umu’ as he nods.

He is calm.

On the other hand, Takane was busily typing on the keyboard at hand.

In front of him, there’s a device that resembles that of a PC.

“Damn it, damn it!! Where is it, where is it, where is it?! Just what did they set up?!” (Takane)

“Good grief. In that case, I should first regroup with Rokuya. An opponent that is trying to finish this fight without killing and under these conditions huh. I am scared of the sermon of Rokuya but…I wonder, what will be happening.” (Aznoval)

A white crow that came from who-knows-where perched on the shoulder of the knight.

Aznoval whispers: ‘what is it?’ with his head turned to it.

Right after, his figure disappeared from the room.

“Oh, these are the ‘Grim Tale Gears’ of Rokuya. But, for some reason, he is not here?”

“How dare he do this to me…inflicting pain and shame in such a way…no, that’s not all there’s to it, he dared to do this to me, a follower of Waka-sama… that man, Rokuya……”

What Aznoval saw right in his front as he finished his teleportation was a black haired girl restrained with a familiar power.

She seemed to be slightly crazy in the head –no well, seemed to be acting strange.

A japanese clothed beauty with long glossy hair wearing a kimono.

“…That Rokuya, to think he would be thought of this much by a woman that can stay so composed while caught in this…” (Aznoval)

The stiffened Aznoval lets out a strained laugh with a complicated expression.


“Oh, what is it, young lady?” (Aznoval)

“If you destroy these gears…I will kill you.” (Mio)

Even without acting, the gaze of Mio itself felt like it was enough to kill a person, and this very gaze was being poured directly at the knight.

“Yeah, I understood that from the very instant I saw it. You are unbelievably strong but…it seems you have complex circumstances.” (Aznoval)

“…Yeah. That’s why, just leave me be. Honestly speaking, if I get released from this restraint in an undesirable manner…I don’t have the confidence that I will be able to hold myself back at all.” (Mio)

“Then, I will not destroy it under a condition. It looks like you know the man called Rokuya but, where is he now?” (Aznoval)

“He is running around somewhere……no, he was. Fufufufu. From all the people, he ended up encountering Waka-sama. That ultra duper idiot.” (Mio)

“! Looks like I have to hurry.” (Aznoval)

The figure of Aznoval disappears once again.

“So that’s the trump card they were waiting for? He probably is. Because he entered from the outside after all.” (Mio)

Mio, who had slightly regained her sanity, pondered this.

“Then, he also noticed the spell that Waka-sama setup? Well, even if that’s the case, the trump card in our side is also about ready, so it doesn’t matter. Aaah…can’t these gears disappear quickly?” (Mio)

But that last part she said once again changed the tone of her voice into darkness.

“But I wonder how long Rokuya will be able to last against Waka-sama. If he can endure two hits, I will consider being a bit more gentle in the punishment. Let’s see, let’s spare him from the pocky at least.” (Mio)

With an innocent tone, Mio predicts the scene that will be reaching its conclusion in time.

“Since when did you change your job to mole, Makoto-kun?!”

“Hey there. It’s a long story. I was literally send to ‘be in a wall’, you see.” (Makoto)

“…No no no, there’s limits to things, you know.”

The head of a person suddenly broke through the ground and appeared.


Seeing the identity of it, Rokuya inadvertently shouted.

Probably with the feelings of ‘why in the hell is he okay’.

And then, the person in question said something absurd as he makes a wry smile.

He smoothly comes out from the earth and makes a big stretch.

giphy (1)

“Leaving aside the many talks for later, the fact that you are moving around safely must mean that Mio is in a bad situation.” (Makoto)


“I will have you go down.” (Makoto)

The ringleader and also intruder, Makoto, instantly changed the atmosphere around him and declared  this.

“Tch, we chose the proper opponent for you though!” (Rokuya)

Is he going to fight, or flee?

Measuring his own strength and the strength of Makoto, Rokuya instantly arrived to an answer.


Especially because his compatibility against him is way too bad.

In a situation where they are already facing each other, he has practically nothing he can do against Makoto.

Even if he were to have a party to fight against him.

In this current 1 vs 1 situation, the conclusion that Rokuya arrived at was 0% chance.

In that case, even if it’s reckless, the best choice he has is to escape from him and head to the other battles to provide reinforcement.

“[Sky Wal—” (Rokuya)

With incredible initial velocity, Rokuya took distance and was about to use his forte, presence erasure -but at that instant…

His face stiffened at the fierce numbness that was running from his stomach to all over his body.

In the instant Rokuya took to create distance from him, Makoto already had bow in hand and even locked him on.

The prayer of the assassin for his skill to activate was not heed.

His abdomen had been pierced with an arrow.


“Damn…it…As expected, it was no use.” (Rokuya)

“Just in case, I used a paralyzing arrow for capture. Please take a rest. This battle is already over after all.” (Makoto)

“I wonder…about that. It seems…our trump card…appeared first.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya, who was shot in mid-air, fell just like that and made a dull sound once he dropped.

He twitched several times, but it seems his body can’t move as he wants.

But after that, he must have caught the presence of someone, he made a small sigh, and then, showed opposition towards Makoto.

Hearing that, Makoto also searched for the presence, and then, turns his eyes towards the one that appeared.

“So the star arrives huh.” (Makoto)

“”Well, you may say that, but it seems like I was slightly late. I am Aznoval, and you? Are you an acquaintance of that black haired beauty?” (Aznoval)

“Yeah. I am the representative of the Kuzunoha Company, Raidou. It might be easier to understand for you guys if I were to introduce myself as Misumi Makoto though.” (Makoto)

“Kuzunoha…Raidou… I see, so you are the one. Looks like fateful encounters do exist. This is just my personal feelings here but, if possible, I would have wanted to meet you in different circumstances.” (Aznoval)

“I also don’t have any grudge against the Adventurers of Origin. Once the matters are solved, it will definitely go well. I still think that.” (Makoto)

“Well, all that said, you are currently an enemy that hurt my comrades and attacked the members of this base. So…” (Aznoval)

Aznoval points the strangely-shaped big sword with one hand at Makoto.

“Can you please wait for a bit? With that, the battle will be over.” (Makoto)

“I don’t know what you guys are scheming, but I wonder about that. If you guys who don’t wish to fight are still here putting your lives at stake, it must mean that both parties -or maybe only one side- has a decent reason for it. It is not like there will always be a way to wrap things up nicely, you know?” (Aznoval)

With fighting spirit and pressure still directed at Makoto, his right arm continuously rose in power.

“I learned of the core reason for this battle. That’s why, I created a counter-plan for it. Aznoval-san…” (Makoto)

“And in that plan of yours…” (Aznoval)


“Was the reason for pointing my sword at you also accounted in it? Even if you resolve this ‘core reason’ you speak of, reasons to continue the battle will be born in the middle of the battle. And as proof of this, here I am, pointing my sword at you for hurting my family. Without knowing the basis of all this fighting.” (Aznoval)


“Once again, I introduce myself. I am the Beast Knight, the squire Aznoval. The public calls me by many names, but not properly introducing myself against an opponent I will be facing seriously would be rude after all. The Kuzunoha Company’s Raidou, as an intruder, I will—-” (Aznoval)

“It is here. Finally broken.” (Makoto)

The expression of Makoto suddenly changes to one of joy while he was hearing the knight introducing himself.


“Aznoval-san, it is true that we injured your comrades. But! The ones who attacked us no-questions-asked when we wished for a talk and negotiation were Picnic Rosegarden. Please hear the circumstances first. Our circumstances, and the circumstances of your comrades; both of them!” (Makoto)


“No one has died. We have not killed a single person in this battle. We can still make up. Isn’t that right?!” (Makoto)

“Circumstances huh. I somewhat understand the circumstances of you guys but…it is true that I still don’t know the reason why our side is aiming to kill you guys from the Kuzunoha Company.” (Aznoval)

“Yes.” (Makoto)

“…Understood. It looks like this time buying of yours has already bore fruit anyways, so first, let’s hear what you have to say.” (Aznoval)

Sheathing his sword back, Aznoval faces Makoto with a calm expression and nods.

The short but fierce battle between the Kuzunoha Company and the guardians of the labyrinth was finally reaching its conclusion.

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        I think her being unable to use her techniques is more because of some technique from Apple. I assume that Tomoe’s techniques have actually broadened even more than her pure physical and magical power.

    1. Seinvolf,

      Welcome back from your power outage. Have you joined the discord server cj setup yet?

      (finally a site I comment on without registering)

    1. This chapter marks the end of the long streak of cliffhangers. Well done.

      We get to see Tomoe won against those two Wise, and Mio regaining her sanity. When Makoto was questioned by Aznoval, he just kept quiet. I think he was ignoring all the provocation from Aznoval while trying to undo the seal on Mio….. or he hacked the dungeon admin system.

      1. Do you think the dungeon admin is the blacksmith AoO? From when Azu-san did the release of the blue dagger for Toa it seemed to me like the Blacksmith was just a programmer. Or do you think he is Futsu-san in human form? If he is the 6th and last remaining AoO (Adventurer of Origin) then we will have seen all of them by now. Azu-san, 1st Priestess-san, Haku-san, Ginebia-san, Rokuya-san, and finally Takane-san.

      2. True definitely a possibility… but then why does Takane-san have a last name?

        Well either way, unless the AoO are going to even slightly/occasionally cooperate with Makoto (as opposed to their contract with Root and the Goddess) above ground after this bs with picnic rose garden is wrapped up, I have limited interest in them. I mean, after living as long as they have and not figuring out more of the machinations of this world and parallel worlds I think the plot development they can contribute to Makoto is limited to info about: immortality, the Goddess’ followers, what powers of the Goddess they’ve observed, and being an encyclopedia about random events in this world’s past. Almost all things Kuzunoha was on the track to obtain anyway… :/

        …Though maybe Rokuya can push Makoto towards the idea of blooming a bit? Lol

  4. Yes thanks for the chapter author and translator-san
    Finally someone with ears to hear and be reasoned with cuz all of them are purely deaf choosing a fistfight rather than solving it by talking since they started the mess first and being all self righteous idiots.

    1. to be fair everything resulting from makoto mercilessly killing someone dear friend, as if someone who her friend got their head crushed can think in rational way in front the culprit, well if makoto follow Rokuya and admin guy said about waiting until the girl cooling her head this will not happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. That said, it’s really a no brainer that Makoto would try to talk anyway.

        The so-called “cooling off” period was proposed to be in a few years, which is way too late for the reasons of Makoto’s visit. By the time Pione calmed down from someone getting killed after she brought her here and let her get away, Makoto would have nothing to say to them anymore.

        Between just giving up on the mission and pressing onwards using pure strength for the possibility of still working things out, there’s no way Makoto would have chosen any other option.

        1. oh well it’s not like I can understand where you came, viewing from Makoto group perspective indeed they pressed by time but that not the reason for to disregard what PRG opinion regarding this, from what I remembered they think their member as family and some of friends of theirs ​family just got killed by “strangers” of course they had a reason to be angry about that, set aside the reason their friend to got killed because they out for blood but got killed instead

          in the end I just want to said what think since somehow majority reader seems forgot Makoto actually had his own fault to here and shift the blame to PRG only disregard the main bad guy is Trashmoki :v

          1. Oh yeah, that’s fine.

            I’m just saying that both sides have their own reason to push against each other, which inevitably leads to conflict. That’s why it’s so important that Azunoval is here to take in both sides and mediate now.

      2. not mercilessly killing, he was defending himself against 3 insane assassins.

        if you’re not allowed to do that then wtf are you allowed to do?

        1. I am not said about not defending thought 😅 only said this happened because Makoto kill them, he had Leeway to did other things than killed them after all oh well but since everyone like opposite party to end up killed by MC just end it there imo 😒

        2. You see, this situation is a little complicated in that regard.

          The facts are that this Pione girl let the assassins escape and try to kill a bystander for practically no reason at all. Under these circumstances, she has no right to complain, as you say.

          But the issue is that the other party is the absurdly powerful Makoto. He’s one of the few people in the world to have the leeway to use minimal force against three level 300+ assassins. But he killed them anyway because he didn’t really care enough not to and decided a mercy kill was better on the spot.

          An equivalent would be using the same basis to judge an armed and dangerous mugger getting themselves killed in self-defense by Superman as you would if it were a defenseless elderly woman.

          Should Makoto be held accountable simply because he had the common sense-defying ability to not kill compared to a normal person? I don’t know. He technically shouldn’t be responsible for someone else’s mistakes, but when he could have so easily just subdued them…

          1. Well you are rigth @Psychronia as powerful as he is he had the leeway not to kill, but lets not forguet that even thoug his power level is Godly he is still a hyuman (read human) and as such will have a hyuman reaction in that kind of situation. Thats why my believe is that he did nothing wrong by killing them, and altough is understandable the grief that the mercenary girls is suffering is pretty unreasonable the level that they have brough the hole situation to.

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    Achieving both tactical win and strategic win, the enemies have been completely routed…now we wait for negotiations.

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        1. Wouldn’t that be the end of the pregnancy?

          …………Say, what will the pregnancy look like for them? We have Makoto, who is a hyuman that grew up in a human environment to the point that he could be considered human.

          We have Tomoe, an immortal dragon that not only doesn’t have children because of it, but can’t have children unless it’s with a human.
          We have Mio, the Calamity Spider with insane regenerative power and crazy strong instincts.

          So…how long would the terms be? 9 months like a human? Several years to match the life cycles of dragons? I think spider eggs hatch depending on the season (spring) and not incubation time.

          Will Mio and Tomoe give birth to a child or produce a “clutch”?
          …W-Will Tomoe lay a giant egg that nurtures the fetus Momotarou-style?
          Will the children just sorta…pop out the next day like how Tomoe produces splits of herself?
          For that matter, what are the chances that Makoto just straight up can’t have children with them? That’d break their hearts.

          I-I…So many questions…!!!

          1. TOO many questions in fact… calm down… you don’t have to insert those images into my mind… now the image of Tomoe and Mio gently caressing giant eggs with a gentle smile were burned to my head…

          2. Don’t be silly.

            I’m pretty sure Spider egg sacks are relatively stationary after they’ve been laid, so Mio would be placing her eggs on a bed and protectively snuggling beside it like a mother and her infant.

            Not sure how dragons would take care of their eggs. Is the real life comparison with lizards, snakes, or birds?

          3. I don’t know much about spider but we can take the example from komodo dragon perhaps. Since they are the most similar thing to dragon I’m the world, at least that we know of.

          4. You say that, but the fact that they fly and are super durable feels like other creatures might be comparable.

            Maybe the fact they fly means they should be compared to birds and have nests? Maybe the fact that they’re extremely strong means they should be compared to large beast-types of creatures like Rhinos and they actually give birth? …Well, since they’re reincarnated via eggs, I guess dragons in this narrative use eggs.

            Generalizations like that go out the window too, since Tomoe is a Superior Dragon, which are all unique and one-of-a-kind. Waterfall having a child might be comparable to fish instead, while Grount’s is more about desert-based lifeforms.
            If so, then I imagine Shen’s natural reproduction cycle(which has never happened before in history, mind you), would involve creating a pocket dimension of Asora with ideal conditions for an egg and just leaving it there for a long time.

          5. So to know the exact or closest example of Tomoe’s breeding habit we first have to find an equivqlent example of real life animals huh… I’m going to look more into this later after Ive done all of my chores and assignments. Wait for my findings okay? I got a feeling that this will be interesting.

          6. Sure, sure.

            Well, it’s unrealistic to find anything too similar to Shen in particular, considering that Shen is an Illusory dragon that depends on magic as much as she does her physical power. Maybe something to do with camouflage…

          7. Wow. I’m sorry if I offended you my friend.
            I was stuck ok? I can’t comment on any website at wordpress since morning…
            I’m just excited…..Can’t I be excited?… T-T

          8. Apparently, they’re known as Quetzalcoatlus northropi. Pronounced something like… “Kets-a-koalus”?

            Anyway, they’re named after Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican serpent god.

          9. …those bird loooking thing was named after a SERPENT mesoamerican god? while the ting it self looks like a freaking flying BIRD… what’s the logic in that?

          10. I guess because these things had long necks, could fly, and were big as f*ck?

            I mean, look at the pictures. These things really existed, and they seem like they wouldn’t be out of place in a monster movie. One might even call them real life wyverns.

          11. No I don’t think wyvern is the right species for those… flying lizards? I think they are lizards? or avian perhaps? do they have a real classification given by archeologists?
            I googled it… it falls under Neoazhdarchia.

        1. Okay, a question more departed from Common Sense then. How strong will Makoto’s children be?

          Somehow, I feel like their strength will mostly be inherited from their mother and not daddy.

      1. If they can’t have children/baby/egg from their union, they can still use magic to make descendents.

        Take little bit of Makoto’s blood, mix it with sugar, spice, and everything nice… and then…

        Ooopss… Chemical X

          1. If you’re talking about ‘this’ Astolfo pervert
            that I found in the Internet, then, no I don’t know him.
            I can’t play Fate/Grand Order in my country anyway… so I’m a bit out of the loop. 🙁

          1. It’s Chemical X we’re talking about here, the explosion will be the type that Megumin would approve.

            And it gives life! Not just one child, Makoto will get a triplet! Each of them with the power similar with Makoto’s servant (except Tamaki. She’s just the nanny)

            Imagine the potential…

          2. First of all, Megumin does not approve of any explosions unless it’s through the same way as hers.

            Secondly, I was going to save this topic for the next batch of World Reform, but I wonder if there’s an official study on the largest sustainable harem size?

            Realistically speaking, a man can only have so many wives-with children-before he’s unable to devote a healthy amount of time and energy needed for a good family relationship, right?

            I vaguely remember my teacher saying that their limit for students they can get to know well one-on-one is about 30. I’m not sure how to convert that to the far more demanding familial relationship though.

          3. To answer that question we might need to look at history. Kings and leaders used to have lots of concubines, maybe their history can shed some light to the question.

          4. Nope. Those don’t work.

            I’m talking about a healthy sustainable relationship. History is littered with wives and concubines who try to kill each other and each other’s children for the harem owner’s attention. If not, then it’s kings that don’t even know the names of all their biological children and children that hardly know enough about him.

            I’m talking about a normal healthy relationship where everyone gets due affection, attention, and interaction.

          5. That sounds about right, I think. Maybe give or take 1, depending on how needy the wives are and how many children they want, but 3 seems like a solid ballpark estimate.

      2. Lmao
        I thought we were waiting for Makoto to reach 100% like Mob and lose it lol That way a lot of cliffhangers will be dealt with all at once… Makoto’s virginity, the goddess being slapped down to earth, Hibiki giving up her scheming, Tomoki’s annihilation, Armageddon, Ragnarok, etc. All those fun things happening in one go. XD

      3. It depends on their gender Psychronia.
        Most girls tends to follow traits of their father. Boys are the opposite.

        If Makoto have sons, they will most probably have the same trait as their mother.

        If Makoto have daughters, they will be tsundere and yanderes.

          1. I can see that he is more of a yandere side. We still don’t know yet.

            Hey… he went to save Mio first !
            Undoubtly, Mio is the best girl !
            Now it’s confirmed.

            Ship sailing away…

          2. It’s because Tomoe ended up handling herself while Mio was restrained though…

            Actually, it’s because he was teleported closer to her by “Binawall”.

          3. Ahahaha… you remind me of that forsaken word!

            O.K, explanation excepted… but in my mind it’s because Makoto wanted to save Mio first. Let me drown in my imagination for a bit.

          4. If anything, you would think that Makoto wanted to get to Tomoe first since he got to Mio’s general location by “chance”, after factoring in his super luck power.

            Does reverse psychology apply to luck? I think there were a few anime that used bad luck to their advantage by deliberately letting an [Makoto-type] choose and subverting said choice.

          1. Wait what? This is the first I’ve heard about it too.

            Firstly, who would be the “Hero” in this setup? Secondly, who’s the Tiger and Wolf? What are the criteria here?

          2. I don’t know? Orca-san is the one that first mentions this Four Deva. Lets ask him that. And as for the HERO… maybe Reigokai-sama? Although it doesn’t quite make sense… Reigokai-sama IS our hero so… I think it fits just fine.

          3. Gek?! I’m Namer, it meant Tiger. That’s how it’s connected. Ma, I don’t mind if no one knows.
            Sory for the late responses, my net wasn’t payed, sooo. Yeah, I’m late~

      1. I have unnecessarily brought up the issue of the Four Devas here. Now I need to explain and clean it up.

        I was thinking of a setting for a story.

        It’s just a made-up coinage really.
        I think I was referring to four people here who talked too much for their own good. Funnily enough, they’re related to animals.

        The Bear – Pikli
        The Tiger – Panthasma
        The Wolf – Seinvolf
        The Whale – Orca

        Together with the (ghost) Pervert Adventurer Satria, they made a ruckus everywherr they go.

        Thrown in their misadventures are the villain, Psychomancer (you know who) and the occasionally appearing stray Cat, Nepu.
        Always bickering and everything, they (kind of) forgot their main goal, that is to find their friend the Bird, Firo.

        1. Wait, the Psychomancer is a villain, yet not a part of the Devas’ side? Is it an “evil is not one big happy family” thing or a “they’re actually the good guys” thing?

          1. The villain should be strong enough to stand on his/her own and make a name for him/herself.

            The good and the bad here are interchangeable.

            If the so called ‘good guys’ creates trouble for others, are they not ‘evil’?
            If the ‘bad guys’ managed to avoid trouble before it happen, are they not a ‘saviour’?

            Then again, the settings I’m going for is a misunderstood villain vs. Good deeds that creates trouble

  7. Yaaay! Azu is here to clean up the mess! Somehow, he’s pretty down-to-earth and a carefree sort of sensible. Combined with being a seemingly really strong trump card, it’s like he’s the Makoto of their side.

    It’s also really funny imagining Mio yandere the f-ck out with Aznoval standing by wondering what to do. Same with Makoto’s “you see, I was sent to literally ‘be in a wall’, so…eheh…”

    I’m glad that at least he’s civil enough to want to move this conflict back into mediation. He and Makoto probably had one of the smoother conversations in the story just then. I wonder if that’s more on Makoto, the people around him, or the author…

      1. Which, let’s be honest. Any genre savvy person from this community would probably be able to do this.

        Heck, if my experience with (shitty) romcom’s has told me anything, it’s to give the naked guy hovering over my female friend in an uncompromising position a chance to explain himself before dropkicking him.
        Especially if he’s going “it’s a misunderstanding” or “I can explain” and I know him.

        I’d probably give him some pants before the chance to explain though.

          1. As a wise, sociopathically rational man once said, “I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I’m not savage.”

            …Of course, he was discussing the merits of keeping a fork around in case cannibalism becomes necessary, but the context doesn’t take away value from this life lesson.

          2. It was an interesting one about three types of people that were psycho/sociopathically destructive and couldn’t get along with anyone as a result, all played for comedy.

            One was Frank, the stoic, utterly amoral genius who liked to take things to logical extremes.
            The second was Guy, a young woman who thrived on causing others harm in new and creative ways.
            The last is Wayne, a loser who sucks so hard at life and is hated so much by the universe that he feels uncomfortable with showing or receiving positivity.

            It was fun while it lasted. 🙂

          3. I had to go look it up to be sure, since it hasn’t updated at all this year.

            It goes by Two Guys and Guy.

            Are they friends? Are they roommates? Are they neighbors? These things change to suit the joke every strip, so don’t worry about continuity.

      2. Really, Psychronia?
        Now that you say that, you seem like a good guy and not the villain type.

        It it were me, I’d look at the guy before doing anything.

        If pants on, I’d listen to his story first.
        If no pants, dropkick first.

          1. That’s the other reason why you wait for an explanation.

            Well, if you really need to deliver punishment with a friend nearby, then it’s best to rely on quick precision-based strikes. Something like a rush in and a jab.

            Not at the groin though. It’s too obvious at this point and, not to mention, is cheap humor. You’ll want to go for the Adam’s Apple from below, or a feint at the face to disguise a kick at the shins.

          2. I’m not really a fan of punching people. Although I do used to punching walls in my high tension moments… right now I’ll more likely to do a slap when something like that happens, a really long, hard, and consecutive slaps.

          3. That’s fair. I probably wouldn’t use punches in a straight up fight, this is just anti-perversion justice purposes.

            We’re unique as human beings in our development of fine motor skills, both in manipulating our environments and in creating tools to manipulate our environments even more. So why shouldn’t we fight with our few strengths?

          4. well… the code of chivalry might disagree with you. but me? I agree 90%! cuz somewhere deep in my heart… little me still longs for an idealistic world where peace is in the air…

          5. Well, do you want to be chivalrous, or do you want to win, right?

            I’m of the same opinion on peace, but probably in a less…pleasant way.

            Let’s think about it. Even though people are always on about how an MC sent to medieval eras is “soft” because they’re from a peaceful world, what people misunderstand is the idea that we’re in a peaceful world because we’re inherently peaceful.
            No-we actually went through those medieval ages ourselves and currently live in a peaceful world because we got so good at being “un-peaceful” that nobody can afford to truly not be peaceful anymore.

          6. A pretty sound logic you got there. although I’m not entirely disagree with you, I do not entirely agree with you either.

            It’s not like you are wrong or anything, in fact i think you are kinda correct. I only have another opinion about the “nobody can afford to ruly not be peaceful anymore” part. though I can’t or acually don’t want to state my opinion regarding that matter since i don’t want to be accused of starting a new religion again… (hahaha) let’s just say that i take a more idealistic fashion in regarding my thoughts for humanity which I believe 100%.

          7. Pssh. They’re kids.

            Pretending a problem’s not there or seeing a problem and leave it as a mess for someone else to clean up is a child’s response.

        1. Ahaha! Does it seem that way? Because it’s totally not. I’m totally more villainous than good.

          I’m just trying to offer a potential romcom chump the benefit of the doubt because manga has ironically shown me how anything can happen. Reality is stranger than fiction, after all.

          Of course, it’s important not to disregard the girl’s situation either, since ignoring her fear for her own safety would be a recipe for a grim disaster.

          Really, the main point is to objectively lend an ear to all parties before passing judgement. Ah. But serial perverts aren’t entitled to this rule. If it’s an unapologetic pervert type, then the policy will be “Forward + Smash now, questions later”.

  8. Nooooo! No talk please! Do it after piercing his abdomen to the wall…
    Well, thank you for making my day, rei-san.

      1. Ah, the conversation won’t take long.

        Makoto: “If you are the good guys, come and work for me.”
        “My principle is easy; Friends are friends, enemies are enemies. If you do something bad behind my back, you’re enemies.

        The end.

  9. I wish Makoto and his crew come back to the Original World already, where some “real threats” present.

    Just learn the “Basics how to be a god” from Tamaki, beat the shit out of bug and come back to Earth already….

    1. Cringey? How so?

      As a matter of fact, I’ve seen cringe thrown around occasionally, but how would someone actually define it?
      The best I can answer is “how you feel when you’re looking at chunni from the outside.”

      1. This is what i consider cringy

        “If that’s the case, I would like you to show a little bit of a pained expression to visualize the damage.”

        Seriously, they are asking their opponent that? In the middle of battle? *facepalm*
        There are other cringy remarks too other than that but i’m too lazy to skim over the chapter again

        1. …Where’s the cringe in that?

          That’s just a joke because neither side are abiding by common sense. Tomoe complimented their ability, and they just retorted that she didn’t show any signs of taking damage despite what she said, which makes sense to me.

          Would asking Shiki to bleed when he was cut like a normal person be considered cringe too? Or complaining that Waterfall didn’t die from a beheading?

      2. Psychronia,

        Imagine watching the you from years ago trying to flirt….or your own chunni.

        Or what happens when a 5-15 year old gets “underwear” as a christmas present.

        1. ..Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. None of those can apply to me (or at least, I don’t get the last one’s reference).

          My flirting game is probably just as bad if not worse than it was years ago, and my chunni never went away so much as…matured into structured stories in my head.

      3. I already said it’s what I found cringy in my previous post, not what other people found cringy, and if it’s made my face cringe, that’s cringy enough for me -_-

  10. Thanks for the chap!
    “We can still make over” -> make up, not make over. make over is what you do when you renovate a house. make up is what you do after fighting with a friend, or what you put on to make yourself look pretty.

    1. I mean, a make over is also making yourself look pretty.

      …Is…Is that what they’re doing? Let’s just say that it is. Makoto is inviting them to have a make over with him.

        1. Same here then~ Can’t find the time to Complete my new series… btw i put my old series in the shelf until my english writing improves.

          Good luck with your chool though!

  11. Nuff love for the chapter!!!👍🏽👍🏽

    If there no fight, then we can get focused back on the empire and its plot or if I fight do occur, Motoko wins hands down with his absolute hit ability, speed, power and they should just give up before they learn the horrible (in their view) truth. I mean, did Motoko took of his rings or coat yet? If not, then 😶😶😶🙏🏽

    1. At this point if he did that I think it would be like a chernobyl level event. Magic radiation everywhere warping the fabric of the universe like a kid playing cats cradle. Why does the sky taste funny all of a sudden and is it me or am I smelling the color green.

        1. I’m pretty sure you got it wrong.

          A hentai a day keeps the apple away.
          I’ve seen enough doctors to know where harems is going.
          Well in Isekai as they say, the Yandere’s three sizes grew stories some days.

    1. Well, it all started when a certain hero named Tomoki started abusing his powers and can’t stop fucking around.
      It leads to the death of someone dear to someone. And then and then and then… revenge. The Rose Garden and Kuzunoha is caught up in a war because of that revenge.

      You can blame Tomoki.
      Everything is his fault.

      1. Stop bashing Tomoki-sama he is justice. He is the holy Hero chosen by the goddess of life who fights for humanitys safety and if he wants to have some Geschlechtsverkehr after a heroic fight it’s only reasonable for him to catch some chicks.
        It’s all Makotos fault for being a thug who not only hits woman but even crushes their head in the name of “self-defense” which is as ridiculous as Hibiki being in the same standing as Tomoki.

    2. basically to calm some girl who her friend head got crushed by makoto, oh well more or less venting her anger to the culprit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but can’t be said their side in entire fault either since the trigger to start this is makoto

    3. Some girl is friends with these Adventure of Orgin and because her 2(3?) friends got killed by Makoto.(because they attacked him) Now she wants revenge and so the Adventures are helping her

      1. Plot twist mon
        The Adventure of origin used this opportunity as an excuse to have a glorious battle since some might have bored for century as well test their honed skill except the aznoval guy that has just-ice in his back and pretend to have an emergency so Aznoval would believe and rush to aid after a little refreshing reunion from a lewd dragon

          1. Well I think that because you are a bully, and rather than eating your prey you would prefer to bully them and absorb the resulting energy… or at least that was what I think where you get your nutrients from… since you are a rare breed and all…

          2. Really? That’s a roundabout way of thinking. I don’t believe it ~ 🙂

            You didn’t know that I’m a bully until I show you the pictures, right?
            You all thought I was such a sweet-sweet orca before. Right?

            You think that I love cute things. That O own a cat. That I lost it and felt sad. Boo..hoo…

            Hahaha… You don’t know who I truly am.
            You don’t even know how I torture stray animals.

            HAHAHAHAHA !!! 💀

          3. Well… I don’t know about the others but… first calm your fins Orca-san.

            I personally believe that the way you are talking sometimes hints on your naughty and kinda joker nature (not the batman’s joker, but a joke joker.) which quite resemble the stereotypical bully (moderate). Well for me at least.

          4. Well… sorry to disappoint you.
            I lied. I was never a bully. I did bully my sisters though, like a brother usually does.
            I like animals and the cute ones especially. I feed stray animals.

            I sometimes joke with others but that is just to cover my insecurities. To cover my identity; that I’m just another guy who walked past you on the street. With a face you’ll never remember, a name you’ll never know. I’m just me.

            But here…
            I’m the brave and mighty Truck.
            I’m the forever free and flying Orca.
            You see me as who I am & who I am not.

            And this is my story.

          5. Sounds like the opposite of me. My little sisters loved picking on me because I was a doormat.

            Outwardly, that is. If I had to say whether I was an S or M, I would completely be a S.

          6. This… is deep orca-san… I feel you, although I always try to put my feeling in everything I do… it doesn’t work sometimes you know? A human heart is a fickle thing they work like another separate being from yourself. Just do your best to be yourself orca-san I’m sure it will all be fine. We’re here for you as a fellow reader in this wonderful series! And as a faraway friends!

  12. to be fair everything resulting from makoto mercilessly killing someone dear friend, as if someone who had her friend got their head crushed can think in rational way in front the “culprit”, well if makoto follow Rokuya and admin guy said about waiting until the girl cooling her head this will not happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. The problem is, how long he must wait?
      I forget which chapter, but Rokuya said, it’s take years.
      Thats too long. That time, Tsige already vanished from the map.

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