Chapter 281: A fight to wrap up the fight

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Why did this happen?

By interfering with the cognition of the body and mind of everyone, the fight was being directed little by little to an advantageous one, and we removed the one that’s the main reason for this battle.

The [Fifth Hamlet Mist] of Tomoe that can realize the desires the person wants to see, and the black thread of Mio that can connect the magic power and senses of others.

We casted such large scale magic with us three, applied a stealth effect on it, and continued maintaining its activation.

The impression I have after trying it is that…it is surprisingly tiring.

I distributed magic power to Tomoe and Mio and strengthened them, and in exchange for them controlling the magic, I am the one that’s fueling most of the magic power it requires.

How do I explain it so it is easier to understand.

For example; it is like bringing things to another person’s house and trying to stealthily set those things inside it. Moreover, that house has quite the amount of security cameras, and has a mechanism that reacts when moving bodies are perceived.

…Was it that difficult to accomplish?

Yeah, it was as difficult as the example given.

In the end, all three of us participated in battle.

I fought against Hitsuna-san and the Marikosans.

The Marikosans are seriously dangerous. An attack that puts you inside a wall? That’s way too deadly.

Being caught in a spell that the usual me would have been able to deflect if it were outside this dungeon, I had fallen into panic.

Hitsuna-san was using strong spells that clearly surpassed her own magic power and was smashing them against me. Moreover, not only was it powerful, her sense and ability was top notch.

That talisman magic felt like, in exchange of a short aria, it costs quite a lot of magic power.

The fighting style of utilizing talisman magic in important points or utilize it simultaneously was clearly superior to that of the other mage that utilizes talisman magic as well, Mokuren. <the demon general>

The talisman magic at the demon territory was the mass produced type.

The ones Hitsuna-san utilized were not activated with talismans but pages, and the power, cost, magic power, and effects were different in a lot of different ways.

In other words, an original.

I see, I gotta say, I really did portray their monstrousness properly.

There’s no way the magic of hers and her skills were inherited just as they are, on the contrary, the talisman magic that remains in Lorel has been made to be more practical.

I glance to the side and I see Tomoe looking at me.

Her opponents were Haku Mokuren-san and Ginebia-san.

These two were probably thinking about stalling Tomoe by themselves, but in the end, they received a weakened version of the [Fifth Hamlet Mist] and are now inside their dreams.

They fought a long battle with Tomoe, moreover, managed to damage Tomoe a number of times.

There’s no one in Asora who can achieve that…with only two people.

Aside from Mio, Shiki, Tamaki, and I, the only ones who have been able to achieve a proper hit on Tomoe have been the transcendent team combination of three counting Serwhale; the four Arkes fighting together; or a team that has five people or more.

Tomoe also learns in those instances, so, lately, she has been starting to manage the group of three people where Serwhale-san is part of.

In that sense, the team of Arkes is the one who shows the highest evaluation average.

Within my followers, Tomoe and Tamaki are the ones who the closer you manage to get them serious, the more they stress in evasion. Tomoe with magic, and Tamaki with super-fast physical evasion.

In Mio’s case, her attacks get steadily vicious; she begins to add traps into her attacks. The irregular attack type.

With Shiki, it depends on his rings, but instead of his mobility getting higher, he is more the fortress type that smashes the opponent with consistent barriers and attacks. He can be called an all-rounder type that can deal against close combatants and mages, but he is currently more of a jack of all trades and master of none.

At any rate, to be able to deal damage to this Tomoe, who ‘attacks don’t hit’ while coping with her illusion magic, for several tens of minutes is something worthy of admiration.

Let’s have Tomoe show me her fight later for future reference.

At the side of Tomoe there’s Mio who has the eyes of someone that had crawl from the depths of hell and, with those eyes, she was looking at the still paralyzed Rokuya-san.

It was a scary truth, but Rokuya-san seriously managed to shut out Mio.

He couldn’t provide assistance on the other battlefields as he first planned, but…he accomplished that against that Mio…alone.

No seriously, that’s unbelievable.

No matter what tricks he pulled, if he was able to accurately pinpoint the weakness of Mio and the compatibility in this short amount of time we met, that in itself is impressive.

If we were to compare purely on attack and defense, he shouldn’t be able to pin down Mio.

This is not about being a Wise or whatever, I think that Rokuya-san himself is impressive. Yeah.

That gear restraining barrier is something I have never seen before and it is certainly strong, but Mio should be able to break something of that level.

It was a gamble huh… against that Mio.

Well, that’s how it is. Our own plan wasn’t proceeding as smoothly either.

Even so, when their trump card, Aznoval-san, arrived to the battlefield, our number one most important plan had succeeded.

“…That’s why I said. There won’t always be a convenient method to calm things down perfectly. I would say creating one is the hardest part.” (Aznoval)

Aznoval-san, who is standing at my front with great sword in hand, says this with a wry smile as if admonishing me.

At our surroundings, there’s us the Kuzunoha Company, Picnic Rosegarden, and the Adventurers of Origin; all assembled in one place.

Aznoval-san and I are the only ones right in the middle.

But even if that sword looks exactly like Masamune, that size makes me question if it can even be categorized as a weapon.  

In terms of weapon, this one looks like the joke kind.

Can you really fight with that?

“Wouldn’t you normally think that once something is done about the hatred of Pione-san, things would go better?” (Makoto)

Because this is the biggest wall between us.

The hatred this girl, that is a part of the mercenary group, is directing at me, Raidou.

It is certainly a difficult matter.

But if we manage to remove this part, we would be able to somehow talk it out and proceed with the negotiations.

I myself had the resolve to accept the title of Wise if necessary.

And yet…

“The way you did it was bad. Not being able to extend your hand in the times when your comrades are suffering is painful. Also the fact that, even in this overwhelmingly advantageous scenario, we couldn’t defeat a single one on your side and one-sidedly suffered.” (Aznoval)

“…No matter the case, I don’t want to lose any of my comrades either. Please don’t ask for the impossible.” (Makoto)

“…And you don’t want them to get hurt either.” (Aznoval)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

“That’s respectable. If you think that way, it might not be too late yet.” (Aznoval)

For a moment, I saw pity in the eyes directed at me by the knight.


“What did you do…to Pione? In the battlefield where her comrades were fighting, she suddenly collapsed, and declared the end of the battle. She also apologized to you guys. Yeah, really suddenly.” (Aznoval)


“Tears from her eyes and mucus from her nose; from her mouth, there were remains of vomit. Her clothes were lightly wiped, but it was still quite dirtied. It was definitely not the state of someone fighting.” (Aznoval)

Speaking all of this plainly, there was silent anger added into every word he said.

“I did explain it though.” (Makoto)

“You showed her an illusion via magic, was it?” (Aznoval)

“Yeah, I showed her the death of her comrades and of herself in the scenario where the battle continues because of her hatred. We transcribed our fighting force and battle techniques into the head of Pione-san, and with that information as the basis, it will compare that with the information she has of her own comrades and show her an illusion of the foreseeable annihilation.” (Makoto)

“…And repeats it…infinitely.” (Aznoval)

“Until the moment she wishes the end of this battle from the bottom of her heart. It is not infinitely.” (Makoto)

It seems like Pione-san truly hates me for killing her friends in that unfortunate twist of fate.

That’s why, I wanted her to learn that if she continued holding that killing intent and hatred, this will only end up spreading even more and lead to the death of those precious people of hers.

The other precious people she has.

Our power level compared to their power level.

With the premise of us actually killing each other, everyone aside from the immortal Adventurers of Origin would die.

Of course, we wouldn’t do that for real. We wouldn’t be able to gain their cooperation if we did that.

That’s why we only did it inside that illusion, only in the head of Pione-san, and showed it in a way that’s no different from reality and repeated it.

For the sake of her choosing to have a talk instead of fighting.

“It is not only that. You made it so not only Picnic Rosegarden, even Takane-kun wouldn’t be able to notice that abnormality in her.” (Aznoval)

“Of course. If you had noticed it, you would have dispelled it before she understands after all.” (Makoto)

“That was also illusion magic huh. Also, shared senses and perception, was it?” (Aznoval)

“That’s right. The instant we entered this floor, we changed a part of the senses of sight, touch, and perception from all the people here. Putting it in detail, it was to have them see it as if Pione-san continued providing support from the backlines and was fighting alongside them even if she were to suddenly faint in place. Also, this would be a fight where we are outnumbered, so we had their body perceive the healing magic and support magic they receive as if it was only showing ⅓ of its efficiency. Well, there were some other small things we did as well, but the big ones are those.” (Makoto)

“There was also one that obstructed the people that tried to enter this floor.” (Aznoval)

“Ah, yeah. That was mostly to avoid having other people accidentally coming here and end up dragged in it.” (Makoto)

That’s right.

In the end, it seems this proved useful as well, delaying the arrival of Aznoval-san by a lot.

Pione-san persisted quite a lot. Even when she was continuously shown the death of her comrades, she didn’t throw away her hatred, and the fight was prolonged more than expected.

Thanks to that, Shii was forced to use her Forest Oni drug in order to endure, and Hokuto had to use the yarn that he only uses when he is serious.

Beren told me that he also used a number of Blast Spears that had my rings embedded in them.

That’s way too far.

Even with that, Shii was inflicted with a status ailment from an assassin team called Ryuma or Ryoma and was feeling lightheaded.

The healing made it in time and she has already calmed down though.

“…And so, this leads to the ceasefire of Pione and her apology. Raidou-kun, it is true that with this, the hatred Pione-san has towards you guys is gone. But in exchange, it looks like not only will this affect her activity in the mercenary group, it will even affect her daily life.” (Aznoval)

“Of course, if you wish for it, we can provide her nursing.” (Makoto)

“What’s clear right now is that Picnic Rosegarden had the heart of one of their comrades turn into pieces right in front of their eyes.” (Aznoval)


But we didn’t kill anyone, and even if it won’t show effects immediately, we can properly nurse her back.

That’s what I have been telling them.

“On top of that, even with the help of the Adventurers of Origin, they were unable to defeat a single one of the enemies that did this. It is true that there were no lives taken, but you guys achieved your objective and broke Pione. In other words, our 0 to your 100. We totally couldn’t vent anything out.” (Aznoval)

Well, even if you tell me you couldn’t vent anything out…

If this were a contest, there’s the option of a rematch, but this was a serious fight, so even if it was a regrettable defeat or a total defeat, shouldn’t you accept it?

…No, it is exactly because it was a serious fight that it leaves grudges which is troublesome.

That means…even when we have entered negotiations, they won’t be having a proper negotiation with me even if I accept the title of Wise?

T-That would trouble me.

We went through the pain of coming to Lorel, went all the way to this underground labyrinth, tired ourselves, and used our heads; but even with that, it wasn’t enough, you say?

…Give me a break already.

In terms of fighting force, they are perfectly fit for Tsige.

Even for people on the level of Toa-san’s group, there’s plenty enough things they can learn from this mercenary group.

They are truly the perfect fit without doubt, in other words, it is a jackpot!

I would really like to dispatch them.

With this Pione-san girl as the centre, the other members of the mercenary group had their spears pointed at us and they are currently directed at me, creating emotions that are incredibly unwelcomed for us.

“And so, Aznoval-san, why are you pointing your sword at me?” (Makoto)

“If I had to put it bluntly, to vent.” (Aznoval)

“Vent…” (Makoto)

How great.

“I personally want Picnic Rosegarden to have a good relationship with your Kuzunoha Company. I have a personal debt with you guys after all.” (Aznoval)


“Ah, forget about that. Anyways, Rokuya and the others already know the strength of Tomoe-san, Mio-san, and you. But the mercenary group hasn’t seen the true strength of the main cast here, right?” (Aznoval)

“…Well, yeah.” (Makoto)

“In that case, if we were to show a fight between me, who has been acknowledged here as a person with decent individual ability, and you, the representative of the company, they would be able to digest a variety of things.” (Aznoval)

“Have them accept it by showing them our fight huh.” (Makoto)

I don’t understand it well.

In the first place, even if Beren’s group was weakened, they were still able to fight on even grounds against them, so they should be able to somewhat gauge my strength.

Can’t they acknowledge it unless they see it with their own eyes?

Or is there any other reason why?

Is something like this really going to accomplish anything?

“The fight will end when either side admits defeat. With this kind of fight, we will show our full-power and let it be water-under-the-bridge no matter who wins.” (Aznoval)

“Okay?” (Makoto)

Is this really going to be resolved with such a haphazard method?

Then what was the point of the plan I struggled my best to make…

“The Adventurers of Origin, Makado Takane, and also Picnic Rosegarden, have accepted this. What’s left is…whether the Kuzunoha Company -no, Raidou-kun accepts or not.” (Aznoval)

‘Or more like, they wouldn’t accept it if this were to end without me fighting. I would be blamed by everyone if that were to happen’, is what I heard from Aznoval-san as he muttered this with his eyes turned away.

…He does look as if he is playing dumb, but it is also true that he has shown me an easy to understand method to resolve this.

I don’t know what circumstances Aznoval-san has at all, but I don’t feel any hostility from him.

Maybe he doesn’t have that much deep of a relation with Pione; he looks like the most composed one here.

And yet, I can feel no hesitation from the sword that’s pointed at me.

Rokuya-san told us before that as long as we manage to wrap this battle in a safe manner, he would be our ally in the negotiation.

In that case, it is fine to just fight this person and show the mercenary group my power.

Hitsuna-san already understands it, and the other three Adventurers of Origin seem to have acknowledged it as well.

There’s no problem in having one more fight.


“…Got it. Then, let’s go at it with our full-power.” (Makoto)

“Sorry about that. It is slightly painful that I have to clash blades against you who protected the descendants of the Hiiragi household. Let’s make it flashy and show our best. On a level that would blow away all the troublesome grudges and make us all laugh.” (Aznoval)

Hiiragi household?

It looks like we have some sort of connection that is completely unrelated to the labyrinth or the mercenary group.

A mysterious knight that acts cordially, and yet, also hit me with the most bloodthirst and pressure I have felt today.

His peculiar greatsword and his silver full-body armor.

With his large frame coupled with this equipment, he looks even bigger.

But the incredibly problematic large scale spell that was weakening us is already gone, and my strength has already returned.

I can also utilize my magic power as I please now.

Once I call for Azusa, it was soon in my hand.

It can also be said that I am in perfect condition.

Because I switched [Sakai] to strengthening, the Magic Armor that was covering my body is now visible.

My preparations here are done as well.

“Then, Rokuya…still can’t talk properly huh. Takane-kun, please give the begin signal.” (Aznoval)

Being called, a man wearing a long white robe stood to the front.

Ah, this person is Makado Takane.

The labyrinth’s designer.

“…Raidou-shi, are you ready?” (Takane)

“Ah, yes. Go ahead.” (Makoto)

His peculiar atmosphere reminds me of my high-school friends.

In regards to PCs, those two helped me out a lot.

I remembered the faces of my truly nostalgic friends, but time won’t wait for nostalgia.

“Then…begin!” (Takane)

Takane-kun, who was assigned to signal the beginning of the battle, confirmed if I was prepared, and gave his signal to begin.

As this occurred, I prayed that the thorny gaze being poured at me from the surroundings will lessen by the time this battle ends… and so, I focus straight on Aznoval-san.

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      1. it would more be like
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      2. I think there are few things to change:
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      1. I can’t say I particularly sympathize with her at this point.

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      4. The leader of the mercenaries, is not the one who lost a friend to Makoto, the one to lose the friend is just a member, the leader is the one that completely support her even if the situation is not optimal, as well as the disciple of the assasin from the Original Adventures. Now wish of the two is Pione I don’t remember.

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      5. Vivi is introduced as the leader of PRG in chapter 260 by Rokuya, being his apprentice and Shougetsu’s mentor. Pione is just a member, albeit considered decent by even some Apple member in chap 261.
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    1. @redcolonel

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      1. funny, but wrong since I already said makoto was right to kill the assassin, and PRG were wrong for wanting to kill makoto, as well as I did condemn hibiki a few times already.
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    1. I disagree.

      Trashmoki is Charming pretty much everyone (at least, females – I don’t recall any textev that he’s tried it on any males other than Makoto) around him (and now that there’s the perfume, he’s casting his net wider) for his own personal benefit. Makoto gave *one person* a vision of the potential (probable?) outcome of their course of action (albeit in a loop, because she was initially not listening to anyone) to get her to call off a poorly-chosen battle (that she’d committed everyone to for emotional reasons) and save lives – the lives of people not even on his side. As soon as she called it off, the vision stopped, unlike the (apparently) permanent effects from Trashmoki’s Charm.

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    2. I disagree.
      The adventurers mentality could be compared to Tomoki’s, they are especial and they should be able to do whatever they please but when someone stronger appears and beats them they have to “vent” like children throwing a tantrum, I hoped someone among them would actually be decent but they are about the same level as Tomoki.
      Aznoval looks a bit likeable but I’m not too sure.

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      1. @redcolonel
        I never said that, Makoto has been presented as a gray-zone character a lot of times, like now.
        This conflict could have been resolved in a lot of ways but it’s obvious Makoto who lacks interpersonal relationship skills won’t pick the best choice.I am talking about the adventurers who are acting like children throwing a tantrum because they are not the strongest, Pione can get as angry as she wants but the other adventurers are trying to kill the victim only to cry when that victim defends himself.


      2. Mazen: Makoto’s plan is bad
        DB AV: I disagree. the adventurer are bad.

        the most logical way to me to read this is
        ‘the adventurer are bad therefore makoto’s plan isn’t.’

        but it look like you were talking about something else, my bad.

        btw did they cry?

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  35. 282 WHEN?


    This is not to pressure the translator but to scream at the author for cutting the flow like that.


    1. In one way, it’s still the samepoint thing. Instead of pressuring the translator, you want to pressure the author as well. That won’t do much for the author except becoming sick and whatnot due to stress. And that especially won’t do us well.
      Do us all a favour and forget about anything regarding unreleased chapters, be it from translators or the authors themselves. Unless, of course, you’re willing to sacrifice a part of your free time to release them yourselves.


  36. I started reading this series about 2 weeks ago cause I enjoyed the Manga. And I’ve finally caught up.

    Thank you very much for you hard for 2 years, and what’s to come. I’m going to start reading the other LN you picked up just because you’re translating it. ❤


  37. Thanks for the chapter. Also I have a suggestion for you if you want to translate a novel. It’s called “Using my God skill “Breathing” to level up, I will challenge the dungeons of the gods”. I like it’s prologue but the translator stopped translating it after 1 chapter.


  38. Man Makoto is fucked up but I blame PRG for knowingly attacking the wrong person because of one girl being emotional its like they are a shitty street gang.


  39. Great work at translating as usual makes me feel bad to skip most of it since these last few chapters are total shit and so god damned drawn out worse yet is extremely sadly no one on makoto s side will die so no tension or drama either

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  40. If you’re not taking Makoto’s side despite his lack of remorse, you’re either a contrarian or a kid. I can’t believe people here would take @redcolonel’s naive and contrarian blathering as valid. PRG was wrong, the end.

    >But Makoto came ready for a battle
    Because he didn’t have any other choice to wait. And PRG was the one who sent out a notice about a fight, Kuzunoha Company didn’t go there to fight.

    >But Makoto used brainwashing, that’s evil because there’s no choice but for submission to happen
    Makoto used it to end a fight. Hibiki and Tomoki are using it to start a fight. Context matters but somehow it’s thrown out the window for this stupid contrarianism.

    >submission is not negotiation
    If you’re native enough to believe all negotiations happen between people of equal power, you need to read up on world history and stop being naive like pre-Zara Makoto.


    1. Firstly, to be contrarian means you’re opposing popular opinion purely because it’s popular opinion. The idea that Makoto didn’t do anything wrong is clearly not popular opinion, and there were reasons-whether you agree with them or not-to not take Makoto’s side. Calling it a contrarian opinion fails the definition on both accounts.

      Point 1: PRG did cause the conflict, but Makoto provoked them before that when he killed the assassins and he certainly escalated the conflict by coming in prepared to fight.
      Thinking that PRG’s leaders wouldn’t want a fight after killing someone close to them is at least as naive as thinking negotiations should be from equal positions.

      Point 2: Context certainly matters, but brainwashing is itself a reprehensible act even if circumstances force your hand. To make an exaggerated example, if some bizarre circumstance forced someone to painfully kill every child in a city for the sake of saving all of humanity, it’s still a horrible thing to do even if there are heroic intentions justifying it.
      I personally agree that the ends justified the means, but you must never forget what those ends and means objectively, are.

      Point 3: Makoto’s negotiation tactic is certainly in line with how this world functions, and it’s true that expecting equality is pure idealism. But it’s an ideal for a reason. Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s not a bad thing.
      Pretending that the problem doesn’t exist is naivete and ignoring a problem that you know exists brings nothing to the table.

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      1. I personally still don’t get why people refer to this as brainwashing. There’s a different between mind-break and mind-control. One doesn’t make the other better, for both are bad, but there are still not the same thing. The mind breaks on its own for the first one, while the mind is directly shaped in a new form for the second one. Plus, since Makoto didn’t add a function to re-shaped the broken mind in a way he want, it doesn’t enter any brainwashing category.
        The mind-break here was quite simple.
        See illusions of failure and death until she gives up on her trying to kill someone who fought back against assassins, and even with that it took her many tries to understand the stupidity of her decisions since it leads to all of her friends involved dying.
        There is not a single brainwashing element here. This is a case of making something learn the hard way that they’re wrong and should stop the bullshit. And the decision to stop is Pione’s own. It wasn’t implanted in her mind.

        Plus, at the of it all, she didn’t fully break either. She was capable of speaking normally, and was instead only very afraid of Makoto and had been reconsidering her decisions. While I still don’t like her, at the very least she wasn’t a complete moron since even if it took her quite a while to understand, she still ended up understanding before reaching a true breaking point. Had she fully broken, she would’ve been a mess and in a mentally broken state with everyone, and that isn’t the case.


      2. I think the idea is carried across with both terms.

        It can be considered brainwashing since it corners her to the point where she’s only allowed to think one way and robs her of choice. It can also be called mindbreaking since it’s actively trying to crush her spirit until she agrees.

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  41. Why does that bitch even need to be avenged or defended?! Her “friends” tried to kill the MC! What was he suppose to do? Just sit there and let them kill him?! I would be like BITCH grow up he DEFENDED himself END OF STORY!


  42. This doesn’t make sense at all… I bought MC would make a cooler method of understanding. He simply extended the trauma. It’s pretty inhumane method.. Like forced shock treatment.

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  43. Anyone gets the same feeling that Aznoval’s attitude is haughty as if he’s the one that brings judgment on others? I hope he gets his *** kicked soon so that he knows his place


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