Chapter 279: VS Hitsuna-san and Marikosans

“Wah…but, even if you defeat me, the fight won’t end. However, I will praise you. To think that they would be able to destroy a section of the Marikosans. Well done…..Fuhahahahaha!”
“With one attack? To think they would have the power to defeat Yellow-san with one attack. Captain!! Captain Red!! Your orders please!”
“How admirable. Truly admirable. Yellow was the weakest one among us, but her box cut <a beard style, apparently> was one you had to keep an eye on. But no need to fret. We can still do it. Don’t go on the defensive by any means. We will attack, and attack, and continue attacking! At the frontlines, we have our vice-captain, Black—”
“Captain! The attack that defeated Yellow-san penetrated all the way onto Black-san as well! Black-san has been KIA!!”
Damn it.
My power is quite weakened.
Even when I defeat these mysterious fairies that exist as a group, they revive immediately.
It seems the individuals that live long actually do grow as well but they don’t revive immediately like the rest… well, they still have that quirk of having beards though.
But those special individuals mix with the normal Marikosans and move together like an army to attack.
In other words, I have to defeat these leader type Marikosans that can’t revive immediately and make them a grouping without any chain of command.
…Group body.
Eh, could it be…
No no no.
They are simply fighting in a style that fits their race. Yeah.
From my perspective, they are a race that everything looks like a joke, but they leave as many questions as well.
Now then, the bullet hell that was attacking me from the front had me reconstruct my Magic Armor around three times, but… for now, I decided on taking the offensive in silencing the reinforcement of Marikosans.
Not only am I in a situation where all of my magic and specs are attenuated and obstructed, if I take my time doing my aria to strengthen the attack, Hitsuna-san will come attacking me with no mercy.
If I am surrounded by several close combat Marikosans, it would be troublesome.
How to say it, even if I do short arias, there’s some sort of problematic jamming that is eating out parts of the aria by force.
Most of the long aria ones, I can’t bring them to activation because of that jamming and Hitsuna-san.
Even if I manage to activate it properly, the power is heavily decreased.
Inevitably, the only spells I can use are the ones that are arialess and their magic power is incredibly low.
How stressing!
For now, I have dealt with almost all the close combat ones and 2 of the ones that look like leaders.
Three of them had lined up pretty well, so when I tried shooting them with one attack, I managed to defeat two of them. Too bad the spell lost most of its power and was unable to get the third one.
In perspective, I totally look like the bad guy here. I created several tentacles with the Magic Armor and controlled them to pierce through several of the close combat Marikosans that were left.
“Even when Takane-kun is reducing his power this much, he is still…… you magic power gorilla!” (Hitsuna)
So rude!
The jeer that was practically a scream from Hitsuna-san pierced through my heart.
Magic power gorilla she says.
“That’s my only strong point you see! I will be passing through!” (Makoto)
There’s already no Marikosans around me.
If it’s now, I might be able to crush the aria jamming and the quite strong magic book spells of Hitsuna-san with my gorilla magic power.
You see, gorillas are kind at heart you know! Apparently! <Gorilla-sensei made Gintama, hence, gorillas are the superior race>
“Is that person not returning yet?!” (Hitsuna)
“Probably in around three minutes!”
“3 minutes?! Make it 30 seconds!” (Hitsuna)
“?!! Understood Priestess-san. Then, I am leaving it to you for 30 seconds.”
“Eh? Ah, could it be the Queen?” (Hitsuna)
“That’s right! If we have 30 seconds, we will have a way to defeat that guy!”
“Understood! Then, with all I’ve got, I will do everything I can without thinking about the consequences!” (Hitsuna)
Hitsuna-san and the Marikosans are shouting at each other while in the middle of this bombardment of magic
Right after that, Hitsuna-san steps forward from the line of Marikosans at the back.
And then, the pages floating around Hitsuna-san increase by more than twice the number.
You yourself are a magic power gorilla!
This is clearly weird!
In the first place, just how much dense magic barrages has she been shooting from the very start?!
She would surpass Shiki, no jokes.
Moreover, she sometimes throws me skills that are not like those of a magician.
With someone like her as an exclusive rear guard, you would have quite a lot of peace of mind.
She is like a babysitter that has a lot of steam power.
“Let’s give it our all!”
“I can’t use Safety Zone for one minute more though. Can’t slacken my hand here!” (Hitsuna)
“We can’t either. Our long lives are not just for show. We do have a good number of tricks up our sleeves. Don’t look down on grandmas!”
“[Guardian of the Beautiful Country]! [Cat tribe claws]! [Songstress, Queen Teresa]….!”
With a glance, I look at the Marikosans that were at the back of Hitsuna-san.
Those girls respond to that gaze with a grin.
Sword, axe, and spear; their weapons that were mainly throwing weapons have been changed into close combat ones?
Just what in the world…
“[Fake Page, Mad Sublimation]!”
A golden aura covers the Marikosans.
These aura was being breathed into them…and then, it once again gushes out from them.
Their hair had turned blond…<Super Saiyan Marikosan!>
Ah~, I want to retort, but this looks like it packs serious power.
A powerful barrier spell that blocks my Bridds; an attack spell which magic power is shaped as cats were flying at me like bullets. The power of their claws and fangs were abnormally sharp, and in the end, they explode and gouge out the Magic Armor; I don’t know if it’s random or there’s some sort of condition, but there’s a songstress summon that seems to be the curse type negating my attack magic.
Honestly, each one of them might rival one ring spell of Shiki.
And yet, there’s still a lot of magic power remaining in the body of Hitsuna-san.
I don’t know what kind of trick she is using, but it looks like this is their last spurt huh.
I can somewhat imagine who ‘that person’ they are referring to.
In the end, I was unable to grasp the place and power of this person they call Takane.
It was a tougher battle than expected, but once the end is at sight, your mood changes as well.
* * *
“[Sticky Quagmire]”
I brought down the Marikosans called Red and Blue.
The bombardment from the rear guard had weakened by quite a lot.
Hitsuna-san had finally fallen on her knees and the last three pages floating around her had disappeared.
The air in the surroundings turned heavy like a bog and coiled around me.
But that only lasted for a few seconds.
The Magic Armor resisted against those restraints and breaks it into pieces.
“Ahaha, as expected, I can’t use anymore magic power huh. Has it been 200 years since something like that has happened? Ah…now record~~.” (Hitsuna)
Just like that, Hitsuna-san tilts forward and collapses.
She is sweating bullets, and her face is completely pale.
Hm, for our side, this is the ideal way of defeating her.
This girl that self-destructed herself by running out of mana. I don’t think they lasted for 30 seconds.
“[Green Maze, Crusher]!”
Ah, a leader-type Marikosan.
So there still was one left.
The Marikosan that jumped at me had a hammer that was bigger than me and swung it.
“Sorry but, I don’t have the time to keep you guys company anymore.” (Makoto)
I place both hands of the Magic Armor together and direct them at her.
Then, I fire them.
“Taste the finishing move of the number one Marikosan that possesses herculean strength in these mutton chops—–asfasd?!!”
After a thunderous sound…Green became a star.
I did think she would penetrate the ceiling and a part of her would get stuck in it, but it is certainly true that her attack had quite the power.
It almost offsetted my magic power knuckle.
But what’s with these box cut and mutton chops. Even when I know that those are the names of their beards, I honestly still feel like that’s an unknown world for me.
“Okay, I am done. From here, it would be better to go for Mio. She is in a situation where she can’t move… I can’t even imagine a situation like that but, I will go and see.” (Makoto)
“I can’t let you do that.”
I couldn’t feel its presence at all.
But I certainly heard a voice.
There’s someone directly at my right.
“To think there would be such a strong person that would be able to defeat most of the Marikosans including the elites with only one attack. It was surprising. But you still haven’t seen the true essence of the one that governs over this dungeon.”
A tone that possesses dignity; a noble presence.
Even when it sounds like a big shot, I don’t have the time to hear what it has to say.
But I…was unable to eliminate it immediately.
Teleportation huh.
Several Bridds cut through the air.
“It is true that the time to exchange words has long been over. Then, receive this with that body of yours. The strongest trump card of the Marikosans; the strongest finishing move of I, the Marikosan Queen!”
In this place, even if it ends with just resisting, it is easy to get affected by it.
It is better to stay as natural as possible and prepare for as many situations as you can.
“[Bina Wall]” <ビーンナウォール>
My sight turned pitch black in an instant.
My ears have been blocked too?!
There’s no sound.
No, not only that, I can’t even move.
Then…a restraining magic?
Hey hey, wait.
I can’t even breath!
I can’t see anything, can’t hear anything, can’t move my body, can’t breath; just what in the hell is this? What is this? What the hell is this, what the hell is this, what the hell is this?!
My spirit that was heading in a straight line towards panic…stops after a few seconds.
The trigger was a sound.
I could hear it.
The sound of my heart.
That’s when I noticed. That’s right, I am still alive.
I don’t feel the presence of the Magic Armor, but I am still alive.
The name of the last spell I heard was Bina All –no, was it Bina Wall?
And those girls were strangely like Japanese people.
Then that Wall she is talking about…
Dungeon… Wall… this situation where I can’t see, hear, move, breath…

So that’s how it is.
This is probably…no, there’s no doubt about it.
I also remember the words Hitsuna-san said to the Marikosan.
That they have a method to defeat me.
It is for certain that they were referring to this skill.
Dungeon, related to wall, finishing move…
I remember the first time I played a retro game, I felt like throwing the controller at the television.
That’s right.
Right now, I am… inside a wall.
I place all of [Sakai] into strengthening and forcefully create the Magic Armor.
It is probably quite the sturdy bedrock, I only managed to destroy around 1-2 meters of my surroundings.
If this is the very center of a wall, I should be satisfied that I at least managed to do it.
This is probably something my previous weakened state wouldn’t have been able to do.
In that case…
This place would normally spell instant death, but maybe because it is outside of the weakening space of this Takane person, even in a situation where it feels as if my [Sakai] is still hazy, I feel pretty cleared up.
I wonder where’s the 20th floor?
I don’t know for how long I will manage to breath, so I should hurry.
But this Marikosan Queen, she had some outrageous trump card hidden.
I probably let down my guard because of how ideally I broke Hitsuna-san.
As always, I can’t properly pick up the situation there, but…I have found the 20th floor.
If the person they are referring to is just as I think, this knight by the name of Aznoval, even if he were to arrive, the situation wouldn’t change much.
But, it is the truth that I do have a slight ominous feeling.
I want to return by the time that happens.
…Digging huh. It’s been awhile since I have done that.
Since the time I broke through the barrier of the Akua and Eris combi.
Let’s do this.
Dig, dig, dig like crazy, and return.
Wait for me, last round!

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    1. I never really pegged Hibiki as vengeful. Io is more like…a trauma for her that symbolizes her failure she needs to overcome.
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      1. Limia was nearly destroyed twice but saved by the “3rd envoy” (the capital got destroyed though), they are in a winter truce but hibiki really more power right know.
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      In the end, the reason for the fight is still weak. Of you look at it in reverse, would you say that if Makoto and Co. killed any of them, would Makoto be a bad guy, since they were the ones to show hostilities first?

      1. the fort stella was a comparison with people wishing for a member of makoto’s party to die or be heavily wounded so makoto would go berserk, kill them all, and destroy the labyrinth to ‘teach them’.
        So you are okay with the slaughter of the whole clan in the name of justice, even though she could have just listened and not go there?
        as too how hibiki is seen, I dunno. Zef is basically a more mature version of hibiki, but seen far better than hibiki.
        No, makoto doesn’t ‘need’ them. he have his own army if he want to defend tsige.
        “time” doesn’t matter. that’s not because he is urged by time that his action are more right or wrong.
        he doesn’t have time
        he doesn’t want to kill them
        he didn’t said he won’t be angry if they kill a friend
        he haven’t show resentment
        So fucking what? why would they have to comply to makoto’s agenda?
        Makoto was told he can’t negotiate right now
        Makoto was told to wait a few years
        Makoto was told they will attack him if he come
        Makoto was told the whole labyrinth’s force a uniting against him
        Makoto was told he was in disadvantage in the fight
        Makoto was told he didn’t need their strength, he was strong enough to defend tsige.
        But he still walked in knowing it will trigger a war
        At this point it’s like trowing a match on a car dripping wet with gasoline, watch it burn and say “not my fault, it wouldn’t have burned if their wasn’t gasoline, I am innocent”

        1. No, I’m not okay with her slaughtering the whole clan. You’re implying that I agree with those who want Makoto to go Beserk.
          All I said was that the other party is in the wrong since the reason for their resentment is weak.
          Yes, he does “need” them since Makoto isn’t specialised in defensive wars and he needs Tsige to grow stronger by itself, otherwise they will become too dependent on the Kuzunoha company. Plus, helping Tsige will be like a declaration to the other countries that Makoto isn’t staying neutral anymore.
          You do understand that Makoto needs them now for the upcoming battle. He won’t need them in a few years since the war might be over by then and who is to say that he won’t be able to get them to cooperate if they negotiate.
          Makoto still hasn’t even spoken to Pione yet. She doesn’t know the reason why he did it and if Makoto tells her why he did it and why there wasn’t any other choice but to kill her, she might have a change of heart.
          He know the disadvantages, but he still went, so? He knows that he might get killed or his companions may die. Yet, he’s still risking it
          You’re getting angry at Makoto because people want him to go Beserk, yet Makoto doesn’t show any resentment to the ones who are trying to kill him. So what’s the problem? It’s Makoto’s choice for wanting to negotiate with the other party, even if there is just a slight chance that he’ll win them over.
          You shouldn’t hate a character because of the readers’ bias, especially since their desires doesn’t align with the characters own actions.

          1. so, you are against makoto killing PRG. okay, noted
            he need them only because he doesn’t want to be involved, that’s all. he still want to be neutral, but he is actually helping them right now. not very neutral.
            he isn’t specialized in taking fortress either, but yet…
            he need them now, so what? if the time isn’t good that mean he failed. because he is urged by time doesn’t mean the situation in PRG has changed, it’s completely unrelated to them. it’s not an argument.
            And who know if he won’t need them in a few years?

      2. @ red colonel
        I don’t really see the point of this? Makoto is constrained by time : this whole thing was basically a favor for Rembrandt. I think Makoto himself did not care about Tsige, his priority will always be Asora and he basically helped Tsige beacause he owed Rembrandt. He can’t quite use his own force since he don’t know how the goddess will react he himself know he is not quite ready for that confrontation. So the time limit is not really his, it was Tsige’s and more importantly Rembrandt’s.
        Also the origin reason is kinda thin? It basically boils down to we are helping our friend who is helping their friend who tried to help their friend but because you killed that friend’s friend’s friend we are going to help them trying to kill you, I mean what?
        About Hibiki, your Scenario has a lot of lack of information to judge it objectively. Why is the guy trying to kill Hibiki? how essential is the clan for the war effort? Why is the negotiator has to be hibiki when in Makoto case it was because they might be the only one with enough firepower to be able to meet them in the first place. If you are trying to recruit the clan what is the point of slaughtering them?

        1. ” Makoto is constrained by time”
          time doesn’t mean shit. ‘time’ doesn’t make things more right or wrong.
          he is actually supporting the revolt, tho
          “Why is the guy trying to kill Hibiki?”
          hibiki was right, and the guy was wrong. no need to specify the reason.
          “how essential is the clan for the war effort? ”
          how is it relevant?
          “Why is the negotiator has to be hibiki when in Makoto case it was because they might be the only one with enough firepower to be able to meet them in the first place.”
          same for makoto, why does it have to be him? he isn’t the only one that can go there.
          “If you are trying to recruit the clan what is the point of slaughtering them?”
          that’s precisely what I am asking.

          1. Okay now you are being a contrarian, time means everything, it means Makoto can’t wait anymore and has to force the other party into the negotiation table.
            This is relevant because depending on their war potential, it might be not worth it to negotiate with them pass a certain threshold.
            No need for reason? Wow, I don’t even…
            Yes Makoto is the only one that can go to where the picnic is, that is tied to Tsige rebellion within the time constraint, great I am talking in circle here.
            And I am asking where does this come from? Makoto has NO plan to kill anyone, not the apple not the picnic hell not even the girl that is arguably the instigator for this whole mess.
            Listen I get you are irked by the people who wanted Makoto to go berserk when that is literally the worst case Scenario, but what is the point you are trying to argue really?

          2. time doesn’t matter in the sense that it’s only related to makoto’s side. if their agenda doesn’t match, it’s too bad but makoto’s failed. If he decide to take risks becasue he is pressured by time, it just mean he take risks, but it doesn’t change anything from PRG’s pov.
            No need for a SPECIFIC reason. The result is: the guy was wrong, hibiki was right. I don’t need to write the whole equation to give you the result (tbw you don’t even)
            makoto isn’t the only one who can reach them. tsige had among the best adventurer in the world, if all member off PRG were able to reach the 20th floor, I think it’s unlikely that tsige doesn’t hold any person able to.
            the point was for people wanting makoto to kill them all.
            I wanted to bring another perspective, that don’t think it was the most “peaceful” and “nice” move to willingly jump in the ambush to fight, and that I disagree with people saying makoto should kill everybody after storming their base.

          3. I don’t think anyone actually thought Makoto move was nice and peaceful? I mean they are are fighting each other right now. Everyone is too stubborn in this mess : Makoto who did not want to return without being able to negotiate face to face at least once, the Apple leader who did not have any good reason to at least meet with the Kuzunoha privately to state their intention instead of relying on third party and the origin who should at least tried to be a mediator instead.
            I am going to end this. Thank you, I get your point now but using the Hibiki analogue is really pointless in my opinion and detract from the point you are trying to make. I also disagree about killing Picnic since it defeat the purpose of them going there in the first place. cheers mate.

      3. Stop arguing guys… Nothing will come out of this. We just have to wait for the author to explain his choice of development.
        There must be a satisfying reason for going so far to get help from Picnic. It was a request from a country leader, remember? Let’s leave it at that and wait for further chapter before jumping the ship.

        1. I think it’s fine to let them argue. I’ve found that, at least for me, the more thought on the story is stimulated, the more quickly we’re able to absorb new information relevant to it every chapter.
          It’s like we’re constantly building a few opposing models of understanding and every chapter either adds to it or chips away assumptions.

          1. Rather than having my friends argue with each other, I feel like putting all data of the novel in the computer and run simulations to find the most likely ending of TsukiMichi. Like what scientists do with all the blackhole data.

      4. Lastly, who is to say that Apple and PRG won’t go after Makoto later if he decided to stay away? If Pione wished for it, they might target Makoto later on.
        I wouldn’t risk that if I were Makoto.
        Makoto also said that he is getting a bad feeling and that he needs to hurry before Aznoval comes back. If they don’t settle things now, the resentment might grow stronger over time.

        1. “who is to say that Apple and PRG won’t go after Makoto later if he decided to stay away?”
          dungeon master said to wait for the situation to calm down.
          and there is no proof that they would attack either.
          Let’s nuke Gritonia, they are too dangerous. I wouldn’t risk that if I were Makoto.
          Limia is the country with the biggest faith for the godess and lead by hibiki. let’s nuke them, I wouldn’t risk that if I were Makoto.
          The demon are incredibly sly, vicious and manipulative. let’s nuke them, I wouldn’t risk that if I were Makoto.
          Aion’s king make retaliate against kuzunoha for supporting the revolt. let’s murder him, I wouldn’t risk that if I were Makoto.
          People keep saying the reason is too weak for PRG to attack, the resentment of something weak wont grow with time

    4. Wow somehow I feel like you @redcolonel are the only one here who is not a hot headed Makoto and Mio fanatic who hates everyone who doesn’t devote himself wholeheartedly to Makoto and maybe dares to have own opinoions and agendas.
      Is seems like you try to look at this situation from both sides with an objective viewpoint and you are doing pretty well but forget to discuss with fanatics they will always be on MC-kuns side no matter what he does or if he is right or wrong.
      I think that you are a bit older than most of them and can understand what I mean.
      For the others.
      Just imagine someone in the same situation as Makoto now invading Asora fully armed after getting warned by Shiki to not come because they want to recruit Kuzonaha and start torturing Makoto and Tomoe to break their will so that they comply to them.
      Would Makoto be the asshole in this situation for not just obeying to their will ?

      1. what the fuck are you talking about? how is that analogy anything like whats happening now? who is Makoto torturing? rescuing a company? did some asora residents go crazy and try to kill the people invading?
        you’re not even making a similar argument, you’re just bullshiting.

      2. “how is that analogy anything like whats happening now?”
        >> “Just imagine someone in the same situation as Makoto” There it is, the same situation. Just because the sides turned doesn’t mean it’s a different situation.
        “who is Makoto torturing?”
        >>It was Makotos idea to break their will so that they accept their request. Torturing is a valid way for it like for example Mio torturing a certain guy who is supposed to be ‘rude’.
        But you guys think that it would be way easier to just kill them all and destory the dungeon to win them over for Tsige. This Logic.
        “rescuing a company?”
        >> ?
        “did some asora residents go crazy and try to kill the people invading?”
        >> “Just imagine someone in the same situation as Makoto”
        But I really have to thank you for your hot headed unmature tantrum which just approves my text.
        Please go on.

  34. If Makoto wasn’t too beta and carefree, he could just ramp up his Magic Armor defense and use that time to focus his visualization-realization technique to shoot arrows through all of his enemies’ hearts. Either they’re really immortal and they’ll eventually revive, or they’re not immortal and they’ll die. Either way, he only needs Picnic Garden and not the Adventurers of Origin anyway.

    1. they refuse to ocooperate because makoto killed a friend of a member of picnic rose garden.
      you want makoto to kill people even more important to them to make them cooperate.
      I think there is a very big flaw in your plan.
      if you think you have to be stupid and trigger happy to be ‘alpha’, it’s bad news.

      1. And you think beating every single one of his attackers to the point of near death and then healing them would somehow make them friends? The situation is effed up. There is no easy solution to it since the friend of that dead girl became crazy and is clearly hellbent on revenge. But there is always an easy mode and a hard mode, and no matter how we look at it, Makoto’s just being arrogant by needlessly choosing hard mode. There are much easier ways in which he could’ve resolved all of this — pussyfooting because he’s “strong” is just blind optimism.

        1. Remember that Makoto is a naive but loveable fuck. He is just a seedling unable to think too far ahead (most of the time, and yes he is trying to change). Makoto is constrained by time, that one girl who is hellbent on revenge have a giant ego (based on what we know of that girl) and didn’t even want to listen to Makoto and co, plus with Makoto’s big bad luck title… what do ya expect? Nevertheless I’m still enjoying the story~

        2. not killing them would work way better than killing them though
          but, yeah, he should have backed off long ago, like how he was advised to

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    1. I’m pretty sure Makoto doesn’t mind lava. Didn’t he end up diving into some magma back when he went hot spring digging?
      He and Serwhale brushed it off because they’re insane, but I’m pretty sure that happened.

    2. he’ll just be the ever naive, stupid and retarded MC
      never learning from past mistakes and never preparing for a fight or seeking stronger firepower

  37. pretty sure he wasn’t talking about minecraft when he said a “retro game” that made him want throw his controller at his tv. there’s a console minecraft port i think, but it’s not retro and the dev didn’t plan that as part of the game in minecraft AFAIK. you guys are too young.

  38. Thanks for the chapter.
    These two last chapter have been really disappointing and frustrating. With the way things have been going up til now, them actually managing to do anything against Makoto makes no sense. Unless he is severely liming his power.

  39. Probably its “Bind Word” since its type Magic to bind a Spell users, and I was wondering if Sakai is actually “Sight”, since its give an information toward surrounding.

    1. I have already caught up with the author. The scenario there was a hypothetical one when the author releases several chapters faster than I can translate them (which is highly unlikely).
      So no, there hasn’t been new chapters in that span of time.
      A new chapter was posted recently and I will be publishing it today.
      P.S: Don’t try to assume things, please, research first and don’t go doing baseless accusations.

      1. When I posted this my phone said that there were two new chapters out but it didn’t say when they came out so I had thought that you were not caring anymore which is my bad since my experience with translators tend to just drop stuff without saying anything which is my bad for assuming thing but thanks for keeping up the translation and I’m not trying to. Make up and excuse but my day at work has been crappy as hell so I wanted to rant but had nowhere else to it so I’m sorry for the bad assumption

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