Chapter 278: Origin of talisman magic

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I managed to aim.
I solved the mystery of Hitsuna’s Safety Zone and destroyed it.
To explain it in more detail, the space that was supposed to actually last 1 hour, received attacks from the outside and had its time reduced to the point that it disappeared.
Right after, I adjusted the sight at the powerful magician in front of me.
I managed to aim at her.
“You really are merciless!” (Hitsuna)
The time I used to confirm this reality and the time I used to make the attack was practically nothing.
In no time at all, I shot 2 Bridds.
And then, right in the middle of the first and second shot, as if sewing the two of them, an arrow I fired with Azusa slips in.
Seeing this, contrary to her quiet look, Hitsuna quickly took out not a staff but a magic book with unbelievable speed and opened it, but my attack hit both of Hitsuna-san’s hands and book.
As I thought, the power was low.
It looks like my precision with [Sakai] has recovered and the prohibition of attacks is gone, but this whole floor is retraining the power of all intruders in this floor, in other words, us.
It is apparently the ability of someone called Takane.
I honestly don’t know how to undo that one.
First of all, I will suppress Hitsuna-san, reconvene with Mio and Tomoe, and then, go to where Beren’s group is.
And so, onto the first part.
“Protector of Paradise, [Guardian]; Blade of Determination, [Stiletto]; Conviction, [White Card].” (Makoto)
“You are using ritual magic class spells without any arias?! Ah geez! Origin page spell formation, [Note Spell]!!” (Hitsuna)
I reapply the support spells on everyone since they had slightly weakened.
Hitsuna-san opens her eyes wide when she sees my spells, and then, she does the same movements as just a moment ago and opens her magic book.
Wait, she healed already?
The ‘preparation’ that Tomoe, Mio, and I went through the trouble of coming up with…is not working at all on her.
Was it done unconsciously?
Or maybe she has crazy natural magic resistance?
But, when she was watching the projection, she didn’t show any signs of noticing.
It would be better to not think too deeply about it huh.
I will have her sleep for a while.
“Oh ho. Now there, it seems you are also shooting quite the magic without the need of arias.” (Makoto)
I kick the floor and jump to the side.
The space I was in just a moment ago was ‘gouged out’ greatly.
Not only that.
The eyes of Hitsuna-san were still locked onto me with precision.
“[Crimson Ice].” (Hitsuna)
The air in the surrounding changes.
This is…
Countless numbers of ice flakes, that create a relatively low cold wave, were forming a swirl with unbelievable speed and created a storm.
I remember this.
This is what the Demon General, Mokuren, used…right, talisman magic.
It is a special art that doesn’t require the step of chanting an aria in order to activate.
This is pretty similar to that.
Hitsuna-san’s method seems to utilize pages in order to activate though.
Maybe it is the opposite?
In the first place, she is the first generation of the Priestesses of Lorel. Isn’t there a high chance that the talisman magic itself was created by copying Hitsuna-san’s spell formations?
Thinking about the standing of the Priestess in this country, it wouldn’t be strange.
“The power is stronger than that person. It looks like an interesting method, and it would be nice to gaze at it like I usually do, but today, I want to reconvene with everyone so, I’m sorry!” (Makoto)
I find the core of this ice storm, that is dealing continuous damage to my Magic Armor, and shoot through it with an arrow.
The spell disappeared and my field of vision recovered.
Next is…
Hitsuna-san who I caught with my eyes once again had the magic book in her hands, and around her, there were close to ten shining pages floating.
…So that just now was to take away my vision in order to prepare for her next move huh.
“[Full Chain Release], [Round Ardbeg], [Peerless Bad Fortune], Basic attack formation [Bridd]!!” (Hitsuna)
Because I heard such an unexpected and familiar name in the spells and perceived magic power that resembled it, my decision of shooting through all the floating pages at once was slowed by a beat.
A precise and peerless shot of fire element pierced through the Magic Armor.
And in that time, water, earth, and wind of the same spell did the same.
The four elements were surrounding me and were successively shooting me from all directions.
The Magic Armor was slowly gouged.
It was continuously getting gouged.
This is…strong.
It is simple and doesn’t stop.
An ultra rapid-fire of several elements of Bridd.
A barrage where I can’t find any openings from.
An opening to fight back…for now, I can’t find it
It is a perfect plan to buy time.
Moreover, if I make any poor moves, it might even inflict quite the damage.
She really got me there.
I can’t make any poor moves.
“Base attack formation, [Laser Pit]; [Fake Page, Silk Giant]; [Fake Page, Soul Slaughterer]!” (Hitsuna)
The Magic Armor was shot by a relatively thick and strong mass of light.
About one third of the Magic Armor was shaved off, and on top of that, it didn’t disappear and continued its attack, and I could tell that it was even trying to reach me.
It is that, that thing called Gerobi. <A gundam game reference>
For a moment, the nostalgic game screen of the Robot fighting game popped up in my mind.
An audacious and long lasting beam attack or laser; it is truly a dream-like attack.
Now that I think about it, maybe she did something to the Magic Armor itself, the strength of the Magic Armor as a whole is greatly weakened.
Because of that, the destruction of the Magic Armor by Bridd and Gerobi is proceeding smoothly.
And finally…
“Blade Wave?!” (Makoto)
As if saying this is the finishing move, the blade wave attack reached around my chest.
I unconsciously shouted it out loud, but this is definitely a blade wave.
I was cut.
Receiving this attack that surpassed the limits, the Magic Armor was scattered away, and the attack must have been higher than what the clothes the dwarves made could resist, I ended up getting cut.
Leaving that aside, I prepare myself for the four elemental Bridd attacks that still continue as I reflexively reconstruct the Magic Armor.
This attack possesses power that I would prefer not receiving with my flesh.
From the place where I was cut by the Blade Wave, I could feel that it was devouring my magic power and eating away my spirit, but this didn’t affect me at all anyways, so I ignore it.
I calmly search for Hitsuna-san with [Sakai].
It looks like she intends to shoot several more spells.
Seriously, who is the one that’s merciless here.
It is surprising to see a person that’s able to utilize Bridd with the same amount of power as I.
You really can’t judge a book by its cover.
I still can’t find a way to stop this ultra rapid-fire of Bridds. But, from what I see, this is not aiming at me, but instead, aiming at a specified location.
In that case…let’s try putting into practice the super basic way of dealing with a magician.
In other words, close combat.
If I can’t shoot at her properly because the barrage is being an hindrance, I will try to punch her by passing through this barrage.
It wouldn’t be good to continue receiving these spells after all.
Let’s go with that.
I want to hurry to where everyone is.
I change my clothes to red and reconfirm the location of Hitsuna-san with [Sakai].
I finish the recomposition of the Magic Armor briefly, and without caring about it being shaved off once again, I spring towards the place where Hitsuna-san is.
I managed to pass through it.
There she is.
“Could it be that even with that much magic power, you are the same as Bia, a are-you-even-a-magician kind of magician?!” (Hitsuna)
There’s no pursuing attack of the Bridd barrage.
I can do it.
I accumulate magic power into my fist.
Utilizing the already build up momentum, I take one more step and strike her.
“[Safety Zone]!” (Hitsuna)
I was stopped on a paper-thin difference by a wall, and my fist along with my whole body was heavily bounced back.
“I-I can’t tag along with that type of physical aria of yours.” (Hitsuna)
Safety…is it that?!
…I see.
So this is the original use of it huh.
An emergency type of ability for the moments when the enemy approaches her. So she can freely control the size when activating it, just like my [Sakai].
She is tough.
She had a face as if she had no confidence and, even if slight, she also showed actual fear for battle in her expression.
But she doesn’t run, she doesn’t break.
No matter how it looks, she is properly facing the duty she has to perform.
I ended up feeling respect towards her.
But I know that this zone of hers has a cooldown.
I won’t let her block the next one.
Several shining pages became dust and disappeared, and several new pages appeared as if protecting her.
…I see, the progenitor of talisman magic.
It is probably not a wrong guess.
It was discourteous of me to think I would be able to quickly suppress her.
She is also one of the adventurers that was sung in legends.
“To think you would use Bridd, that was a surprise.” (Makoto)
“Stole the words right out of my mouth.” (Hitsuna)
“Well then, let’s continue.” (Makoto)
“Uwa, so readily. Takane-kun~, a few minutes might be my limit. You are watching, right? You are listening, right? Do something!” (Hitsuna)
She began weeping for help, and yet, her magic book was still shining powerfully.
This is the first time I deal with a type like her but…I don’t hate it.
“Priestess-san, sorry for the wait!”

What suddenly appeared in the middle of Hitsuna-san and I was…a Marikosan.
They really always appear so suddenly.
“It is obvious that you would be attacking but, it was towards me?!” (Makoto)
“Target confirmed, pulverize!!”
Pointing at me and making a bold smile, Marikosan shouts in a loud voice.
With that as the signal, I sense a great number of attacks from the front.
This time it is a barrage from the Marikosans?!
Like hell I have the time for this!
I am going to bring all of them down.
Their numbers are high, but Hitsuna-san is not the only one who can set up an automatic battery.
I grasp the number of light spears, and then, target them.
Transcribing the information to my magic composition…this time, let’s show them MY Bridd battery.
“You are doing something outrageous again! [Recast]!” (Hitsuna)
You kidding right?
The magic in that magic book is just unfair!!
The four elemental Bridds that were pointlessly continuing their barrage at the back…..were now aiming here.
Even though it is a spell that was already activated once, you can still adjust or correct it before it disappears?
I feel as if I am being pointed a machine gun!
It is not like I have been pointed with one though!!
Anyways, let’s deal with the attacks of the Marikosans first.
“Woooot?!” (Makoto)
The Marikosan lunges at me with what appears to be a thin sword that looks like a rapier.
Even when they have shot a barrage at this place, you still rush straight towards me, are you serious?!
The tip of the sword hits the Magic Armor.
As expected, there was no such miracle like destroying the Magic Armor in one hit.
“I can read you!” (Hitsuna)
This time was Hitsuna-san.
But I have already finished preparing my attack. No matter what she read of me, she has no method of obstructing my activation.
“[Demonic Axe of Thurisaz]!” (Hitsuna)
The fourth page strengthens in its shine and disappears, and what appeared were two big axes that were composed of darkness.
Ah, so that’s how it is huh.
This woman can change gears in such a fast manner.
It is certainly the number one thing I don’t want occurring.
Leaving aside if she can actually do it or not.
But…the words of Hitsuna saying ‘I have read you!’….
Crap, she got me.
Now I understand the fearless smile of the Marikosan close to me that’s getting even thicker than before.
Her charge isn’t in order to support the barrage of her comrades, it is in order to have Hitsuna-san activate this spell of hers.
The big jet black axes chop the Bridd batteries that had just activated.
She is good.
It is vexing, but I end up praising her.
She didn’t use brute force, she cut it by predicting the magic composition and element.
If I had to compare that technique to someone close to me, it would be Shiki.
A light *pon* sound was made and the Marikosan in front of me disappears.
Ooh, so she properly prepared a route to survive huh.
From behind me, there’s the four element Bridd of Hitsuna-san; at my front, the light spears that are probably from the Marikosans.
Both of them have crazy numbers.
I have no choice but to turtle here.
My vision was sealed with light, and my hearing was sealed with a thunderous sound.
Only a few minutes left huh.
Can I escape from this in time?

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