Chapter 275: The fight progresses with Tomoe's excitement

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“Against only three intruders…!!”
“Why are we being restrained to this level?!”
“Or more like, what is the healing party doing?! Isn’t their job to do continuous healing?! High Heal, Mana Heal, Cure, and Circle Heal! At any rate, I am counting on you guys until you completely run out of stock!”
“We are already doing our very best here! Or more like, you guys, don’t go dull even when we are healing you! Your stamina should be plenty and we should have dealt with all your abnormal status effects!!”
“Our defense skills and enhancements should have been perfect as well, and yet, what unbelievable attack power they have!!”
Picnic Rose Garden is being stirred up.
The defensive battle that they are the most specialized in, and moreover, in their home that’s their number one base. On top of that, the opponent’s forces have already been split up and they are supposed to be dealing with only three people; those were supposed to be exceptional victory conditions, and yet…
Hmmm, looks like things are going well.
Beren, Hokuto, and Shii are managing things smoothly.

It has been a while since I have tasted such nostalgic coffee, and there’s the scent of peach tea that I can smell slightly from where I am.
There’s coffee in this world as well, but how to say it, this is nostalgic.
That’s right, it is like the black canned coffee.
The instant type?
While I was thinking of such pointless things, I was confirming the current state of the battle that I was being shown, and I could tell that a smile surfaced in my face.
“Noma and Ryoma-san, you two are getting way too agitated… Sivaf, you are stepping way too forward; Clemyu, what are you doing?! Your healing is not making it in time! Aniki-kun is as always too… Geez!”
And Hitsuna who was opposite of me was shouting pointlessly while looking, not at me, but at the picture that is being shot from above the battle.
What was being projected in mid-air, where there’s nothing, was a big picture the size of a 58 inches tv.
The first thing that girl did when she sipped her tea once and said ‘now then’, was this projection.
Since she was going to do something, I matched her magic activation with my own [Brid], but for some reason, it didn’t work.
I have tried to stealthily activate it a few times already, but it looks like my magic is not activating.
My Magic Armor is active though…
There are many powers of the Wise that I simply don’t understand.
Are the names like Noma and Ryoma part of the members of Picnic Rose Garden?
I don’t know who she is retorting to and for what, but if I were to understand what she was retorting to, it might be unexpectedly amusing.
I did try to confirm with [Sakai] just in case, and it seems this is without doubt a live feed.
In this current state where I can’t attack Hitsuna-san, I am simply spectating the projection together with her.
By the way, this is not projected here but, Tomoe and Mio are also fighting at different places.
Tomoe is fighting Hakumokuren-san and Ginebia-san; Mio is fighting Rokuya-san.
It is a bit different from planned, but our preparations are properly working.
With how things are going, Beren and the others should have no problems for now.
Then, buying time is the number one job for me.
“!! He was able to take a direct hit of the Asura Fist of Ageha-chan?! Is that big Arke man only a ninja in appearance?!” (Hitsuna)
“No, even if he looks like that, he can properly do tricky moves, you know? See there?” (Makoto)
In a remarkably short amount of time, a terrifying amount of power was condensed in one fist; this deadly attack that was fitting to be called a finisher move was aiming at Shii.
Even as a Forest Oni, contrary to her small physique, she is a power-fighter, but I do think it would have been bad if she were to take a direct hit from that attack.
But Shii jumped and avoided the fist, and in substitute, the one who got the brunt of the attack was the Arke, Hokuto, who had slipped in between those two.
The attack was already not going to reach Shii, but Hokuto probably thought of doing this in case there was a follow-up attack from the other party.
Using his elbow that was heavily protected by armor, he took on the attack of the female physical combatant that’s apparently called Ageha.
Thinking about it normally, this should have hurt quite a lot, but she didn’t show any signs of faltering, and was showering Hokuto with a barrage of attacks as she rotates.
What scary strength of mind.
Of course, her physical strength is also unbelievable.
Hitsuna reacts to my words and looks at me.
Hokuto receives the barrage of Ageha, deflects them, avoids them, and controls the moves of Shii who had ‘escaped’ into the air.
With the visage of saving Shii while in the middle of the air, Hokuto had attached a strong string on her.
Shii, who had escaped into the air, was evading the follow-up attacks that were raining down upon her with unbelievable movements, and brandished her metal rod.
It made a sudden acceleration as it was swung down, and this attack filled with brute force was smashed at an area where people were gathered.
Hokuto and Shii; a combination attack that was done with great coordination.
While taking out new equipment one after the other, Beren was parrying the light-armored warriors specialized in speed and crushes them; that figure of his was also splendid.
…No, instead of calling those guys light-armored warriors, they are more like assassins that possess high-dexterity and fire power.
The word raiders really does fit them well.
The support from the backline is also superb.
Right now, Beren us utilizing the treasured weapons of the Eldwas without any frugality and, not only arrows, even throwing weapons are mostly ineffective, and the opponents that are fighting him head on are most likely more inclined into evasion than defense, they are continuously receiving attacks from the blunt weapon of Beren that has a crazy accuracy endowed in it.
It is a development that is incredibly compatible with Beren.
Utilizing his weapons to its maximum capability, he is turning the battle into his favor.
This is a development that was most likely brought by specially because he is a dwarf.
Even so, nullifying the long ranged attacks and his accuracy rate; both of those things are fields that the Elder Dwarfs put their efforts in after seeing me.
In other words, Beren still has more of those kind of equipment in his ring.
I began pitying the enemies in a variety of meanings, but in a sense, this also means I can be at ease.
“Haaah… they are strong. But even so, this is strange. No matter how you see it, the healing is too slow. Could it be that you guys did something? But doing something as dangerous as inhibiting healing magic which would hinder you guys as well would just be too unbelievable…” (Hitsuna)
Yeah, if they still think in that way, it is still okay.
Instead of asking me directly, she is giving the atmosphere of a spectator that’s muttering her own impressions to herself as she watches the battle.
If healing magic is completely unusable, depending on how the fight goes, the chances of deaths appearing would be incredibly high.
If we did that, we would putting the cart before the horse. It goes against our objective.
Or more like, my current situation is weird too.
I have never had my magic sealed before.
Now that I think about it, in my parallel world life, I have never been afflicted with abnormal status effects.
But it is certain that I can’t release magic against the woman that’s in front of me. My spell is not activating.
I can manipulate my Magic Armor like normal, and I can use my [Sakai] too though.
It kind of feels…unpleasant.
What to do here.
Tomoe and Mio are still in the middle of battle.
I can’t tell if they are playing around, or if the enemy is actually strong; even this, I should have been able to tell, and yet, my thought transmission is not working either.
It might even be possible that Tomoe and Mio are in a state where they can’t sense me.
We are the ones that want to buy time, and we are currently able to smoothly do exactly that, but…as expected, this is unpleasant.
“Uhm, Hitsuna-san, may I have a word with you?” (Makoto)
Even if it doesn’t work, I still try to throw a straight ball.
“What is it, Makoto-kun?” (Hitsuna)
“For a while now, I haven’t been able to activate magic. Are you doing something?” (Makoto)
At the very least, something that’s not magic.
It is probably something that is the same as my [Sakai], a special skill that only people that came from Japan can utilize.
But at this rate, the only option I have is to bring this into a physical battle.
That might actually be the right option though.
I have been relying on [Sakai] for a lot until now, but seriously, abilities that can’t be detected are really useful.
…That’s why, now that I am experiencing it myself, I can tell how tough it is.
“That’s right. Takane-kun told me that pinning down your casting is one of the things I should do. You are right now in a safety zone I created. Fighting against you in magic would be way too much for me after all.” (Hitsuna)
Takane huh.
The owner of that voice just now.
Must be the administrator of this labyrinth.
“Safety zone huh.” (Makoto)
“That’s right. Whether it is magic or physical, this domain won’t allow any kind of attacks to others. That’s my special ability.” (Hitsuna)
“…I feel like that’s an incredibly unfair ability though.” (Makoto)
An invincible space.
The kind that forcefully turns a fight into a draw?
How fiendish.
“At a glance, yeah. The limitations are quite a lot, so it is hard to utilize. It was by chance that this time I was able to properly set it up. That’s how it is, so let’s spectate together and take it easy. Oh?! Bia and Haku are going for it!” (Hitsuna)

Bia and Haku…
Tomoe’s place!
No, wait, that place looks like it is going plenty well.
More importantly…the limitations are many?
It is hard to utilize?
Just hearing that she can create a domain that doesn’t allow any attacks makes me view it as an incredibly good skill.
But it seems there’s holes in it.
Should I try concentrating with [Sakai] to investigate it?
At any rate! Staying like this is out of the question.
While I act as if I am watching the projected image of Tomoe that had appeared in the room, I began investigating the full details of this so called Safety Zone.
Placing the burden on everyone…is not amusing for me.
I will definitely do something about this, so, just for a bit longer, I am counting on you guys.
“Dancing Bow, Septentrion! Fo-llo-wing! Mirror image, Basilisk Lance!!”
The moment Tomoe showed slight signs of placing strength in her legs to close the distance…Hakumokuren, who carried a large-sized bow on her back, made a graceful dance at the same time as she flickers the whip at her right hand.
In an instant, seven arrows appear in mid-air right in front of her, came in contact with her whip, and were shot in a straight line towards Tomoe.
With her long sword and activation of a barrier, Tomoe cuts the arrows at a terrifying speed and receives them. The arrows of this dancer that she had received, were fast and heavy, and most of all, sharp.
Tomoe had deemed Hakumokuren’s bow skills as the highest level of a true marksman.
Tomoe was honestly underestimating the skills that the adventurers use, but the skills that Hakumokuren utilizes and her ability with the bow she was showing was by no means something to be underestimated. Her power and coordination was visibly high class.
“Tch, the next one you are using your bow huh. Seriously, what a skilfull one you are-ja no!” (Tomoe)
The distance between them stayed as it was, and in the small space of time that was created from Tomoe deflecting those seven continuous attacks, Hakumokuren had already taken a stance with the bow that was at her back and shot with it.
But an arrow didn’t come from her front.
The time it took for Tomoe to open her eyes wide and begin to move probably didn’t even take a second, and yet, it couldn’t be called a fast reaction.
A heavy arrow approaches from her back.
The barrier that was deployed had been pierced, and while clicking her tongue in her mind, Tomoe unsheathes the short sword with her open left hand and cuts down the approaching arrow.
“What?! Ugh!!” (Tomoe)
Those body movements and reaction time used to intercept the attack were on a terrifying level.
Even so, as if the intercepted arrow was some sort of signal, a second arrow with the same trajectory that was surely not there a second ago was approaching Tomoe.
There was already no way to deal with it.
The right arm of Tomoe that had the longsword in hand had an arrow pierce through it.
At the same time, weakening and petrifying effects were assailing her.
With a single breath, Tomoe blew away those two status effects with plain fighting spirit.
“You have done it now… You… ouch!” (Tomoe)
“No matter how strong you are, lowering your guard can cost you your life, you know! [Ultimate Rotation], [Holy Light Dance]!” (Ginebia)
A terrifying amount of magic power was gathered in those fists of the priest that looked as if just touching that light would turn you into dust.
Ginebia had closed the distance between herself and Tomoe on her own, and laughs fearlessly at point blank range.
This was already not even in the range of a katana anymore.
Then, in what range is it? Fists.
It was the space for fists.
Tomoe was completely caught by surprise, and this one moment that was provided to Ginebia allowed her to step into her finishing move.
(This is bad. This sensation is just like Waka’s—!!) (Tomoe)
The moment the woman that was wearing priest garbs stepped forward, chills ran through the spine of Tomoe and made her body shudder.
Nostalgia and fear; the pain she felt in first meeting she had with her master had resurfaced in her mind.
The light fists approach her.
Where should she guard?
With that dazzling light that even made it hard to see where the attack was coming from, her vision was blocked completely.
Tomoe reflexively guards her head, and then…she felt a dull and heavy attack from her abdomen.
“Guuuuh! Damn it!!!” (Tomoe)
“If it were done with just one attack, it wouldn’t be called ultimate rotation!” (Ginebia)
“Nuuu?! Guuuuh!!” (Tomoe)
With the momentum of that attack, a storm of punches that came from left and right coupled with centrifugal force had enveloped Tomoe.
The moment the violent sounds of light explosions and blunt hits had stopped, Tomoe was blown off to the far back, and laid down on the ground face up.
After finishing a deep breath, Ginebia returns to where her partner is.
“Hm, good job, Bia.” (Haku)
“It has been awhile since I have done such a wild dance. Aah, I have shown a sight that shouldn’t be shown as a priest~~.” (Ginebia)
“How about just considering yourself a fist monk? I feel like Bia’s Holy Cross-type skills are different to normal, in a variety of meanings.” (Haku)
“Why?! Increase the power of your holy element with prayers and release an attack that makes the enemy withdraw. Isn’t that exactly what mine is as well?!” (Ginebia)
“The base of it is the only thing that’s barely similar. Well, this must be what’s called ‘the mysteries of words’.” (Haku)
“Just to warn you but, this is totally not over yet, okay?! Don’t lower your guard, got it?” (Ginebia)
With a dissatisfied expression, Ginebia orders Hakumokuren to confirm the situation of the battle.
“I know. If this were a simple Superior Dragon, after that full hit, what would be left to do is gather the corpse, but…the opponent is a Superior Dragon that has made a pact with a japanese person and has changed her original form. As long as it didn’t leave her with no damage, it is good. This is truly tiresome…” (Hakumokuren)
“Yeah.” (Ginebia)
The two of them respectively left a skill and spell in standby, and both continue to warily watch Tomoe who is bend down.
“…Well well, this is a sensation I haven’t felt in a long while-ja yo. Spilling blood I wasn’t planning on spilling. In normal circumstances, that splendid skill and magic combination would warrant a handshake from me. Ah, right-ja. This is…how it felt to fight against an enemy.” (Tomoe)
Tomoe spoke, stood on her knee, brushed off the dust on her clothes, and stood back up.
She picks up the short sword she let go when she fell, slowly sheathes it back, and hits her back with the longsword that she didn’t let go of.
Using her left hand to grab the arrow that pierced her upper arm, it soon turned into mist and disappeared.
At the same time, her wound also closes.
Spitting out the accumulated blood inside her mouth, the body that should have received quite the amount of blows was not showing a single scratch.
And then, in place of that, there was one trait that was clearly different from before; what had appeared in the face of Tomoe -those eyes of hers.
They looked like those of a reptile, but it had something completely different from it; eyes that released overwhelming power.
Eyes that only the monarchs of illusory beasts possess –no, it went further above that, eyes that only a few handful possess; those eyes were releasing absolute nobility and despair to its surroundings.
“Uwa, dragon eyes. Finally entering battle mode huh. This surpasses the usual dragon roar.” (Haku)
Hakumokuren analyzed the effects that those eyes were manifesting.
Her expression was not showing as much leisure as her manner of speaking.
“In other words, it is that? Like when Frieza-sama transformed?” (Ginebia) <*queue frieza theme: only a chilling elegy*>
“…Maybe she has only come down from her pod?” (Haku)
“Then, we should give up on a frontal attack. From now on, it will be the time for deception and gambles. How about that, Haku?” (Ginebia)
“I’m in.” (Haku)
Ginebia and Haku had sweat flowing down their face. Doing frivolous talk that only both of them as japanese would understand, they gulp down.
“I acknowledge it.” (Tomoe)
“Hakumokuren and Ginebia; I acknowledge both of your strengths. I acknowledge you as strong. You didn’t stand before me with foolish confidence, and are actually people that have fitting strength and experience to stand before me.” (Tomoe)
The tone of Tomoe was low and…cold…it had changed into a freezing one.
Her words were praising her opponents, and yet, that voice that was reaching the ears of those two contained an abnormal amount of pressure.
“I have shed the blood that Waka didn’t wish us to shed.” (Tomoe)
Even when she is in a half-body stance, she doesn’t prepare her katana and artlessly held it in her hand.
It was clearly a different stance from the swordsmen that these girls have fought against.
“This silver hair, which was the proof of being given further power, has rubbed onto blood…and has been tainted.” (Tomoe)
When she touched her hair with her free hand, sand falls down.
Right now, Tomoe is in the boosted state where Makoto provided her power.
Her hair color being silver instead of blue was proof of it.
“Fufu, good grief. If I lower my guard for a little bit, a sense of almightyness fills my body. I have to get used to it a bit more or this will continue being something that would be wasted on me-ja no. Getting haughty so easily and ending up like this right off the bat, seriously pathetic.” (Tomoe)
Slight complaints towards her master were mixed in her wry smile, but blowing away those emotions in an instant, those eyes of hers were directed at the girls that were standing at her front without lowering their guards.
“But even with that! Even if we have given you everything, even the location advantage! No matter if the chance of the victory we are looking for is sliding on thin ice! This disgrace can’t be forgiven!
This anger is probably in part directed at myself!! You don’t mind if I repay you for that, right?!” (Tomoe)
Along with the words that were spilled out one after the other, magic power was released as if striking onto them.
Several types of spells were instantly casted, and for the two adventurers that have lengthy experience, that activation was unknown for them.
Tomoe had voiced out her own disadvantage, but those were also things that could be said about Ginebia and Haku.
For them as adventurers to fight against an opponent that they are facing for the first time, knowing full well that that person was clearly stronger, and being unable to escape from it; that in itself was an impossible task for them akin to telling them to die.
The original job of adventurers is to survive and bring back information of the opponent, so no matter how many advantages they are given, there are existences that they should avoid fighting against.
For example; an unknown existence that far surpasses a Superior Dragon.
“Fuuh…from here on, we will harden our defenses and aim for a counter…” (Haku)
“And then, bring it to a battle of attrition. I know, Haku. Leave the support to me. I am counting on you for the fire power and distraction.” (Ginebia)
“There’s no yes or no in this. When we overcome this, the sake we will drink today will definitely taste exquisite!” (Haku)
Ginebia and Haku took their battle stances with all their resolve in it.
Even when receiving the pressure that surpassed the roar of a dragon, they still managed to take a stance.
This told how much experience these two had as adventurers and their high ability.
“Well then…” (Tomoe)
Tomoe points the tip of her katana, that was clad in a faint blue light, to the two and mutters.
Hakumokuren prepared her whip, Ginebia her glove; both of them exchanging sharp gazes with Tomoe.
Tomoe laughs daringly, and Haku and Ginebia both nod at the same time.
With the spirit of both sides blasting, the signal to resume the battle was shouted, and spells and skills were released in an instant.
The conclusion was close; that’s the kind of feeling that was being keenly transmitted from this spectacle.
The fight between the other follower of Makoto and the assassin was also about to reach its conclusion.

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            The tears that flowed from my regrets I wiped them off with my sleeves.
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            I who had already understood the general situation am now firmly looking at the world around me once again.
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            “Calling out one girl after the other!!” (Makoto)
            A red light revolves and envelops my right hand and forms a spherical shape. It may be my imagination but I felt that the power of this was a lot higher than the last time I used it.
            It’s most likely because of the tension!!
            I stand firm on the surface with my left leg as if trying to bring it down.
            Using the way of shooting a straight I saw in a boxing manga as reference!
            In my hand I carried the fire ball!
            “I am already tired of your shit Ibukiiii!!!” (Makoto)
            To my club friend, to the friend Ibuki that has received how many talents of heaven, along with all of my dissatisfaction, I with all of my strength hit the wall!!”

          9. Sorry it’s actually more shame and self-pity that broke the illusion, tears fooled me into typing sadness. Though he was also sad that he would never see his friends again, so there’s that.

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            The “anger” he used to explode the box(the actual mist prison) was the raw power I meant.
            The power he used to break the box was far greater than what he had previously used against Shen, and that the attack used by the monk adventurer against Tomoe was compared to the punches of Makoto. Also, the adventurers said that such an attack would be enough to kill a normal superior dragon, and that the reason it didn’t work on Tomoe was only because of the pact, but we do already know that as Shen she had already received such an attack and survived.
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          2. I guess I could throw in my two cents bucks into this debate.
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            Firstly is the power of the Holy blessing-augmented series of punches from Ginebia can’t be confirmed to be on the same level as Makoto’s punch in the beginning. Tomoe made that comparison before actually receiving the attack and she only compared it to Makoto’s attack because both were strong enough to trigger her “danger” instincts.
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            Thirdly, experience is also less of a factor than is worth arguing for. Shen is much, much older than the adventurers, but she spent most of her time sleeping, so she already lacks the experience to reflect her true age. The Adventurers of Origin are in much the same boat in that they aren’t just wandering immortals-they’ve regularly laid dormant for many years at a time.
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