Chapter 67-69: The reason of their encounter

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And that’s how the alliance between the Light Church’s Founder and the light hero was formed.
I don’t even know if it’s fine anymore to call these two holy women.
“So she says! Haine-san!” (Karen)
Is what the hero that had been convinced by the Founder just a few moments ago said as she suddenly approached me.
“With this, everyone can be happy! Yorishiro-sama and I don’t have to get rejected by Haine-san! There’s nothing as great as this!” (Karen)
Ah, right.
Karen-san has the trait of not being concerned about the rules of society, and is more about wishing for the happiness of everyone, that’s why she became a hero -to protect the people.
Her basic stance as a hero is that when she is given a choice like: ‘sacrifice someone to save the world’, she would go: ‘I will save both!’.
This time also falls into that case…probably.
“Karen-san, I am looking forward to working with you-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)
“Yes! Let’s pair our strengths to protect the Church and the people!” (Karen)
Founder and Hero; the leader of the Church and the face of it. In other words, it is like the position of a captain and the ace, which means both of them are connected by a strong bond, but…of all things, the catalyst of it had to be…!
“Well then, Karen-san, do you want to join in on our date?” (Yorishiro)
“Eh? Is that okay? Even though you finally have the chance to be alone with Haine-san?” (Karen)
“As women that love Haine-san, trying to get ahead would be foul play. No matter the time and place, in sickness and in health, let’s have Haine-san love us together.” (Yorishiro)
“You have my respect, Yorishiro-sama! Ah, but I have some business to do…” (Karen)
“If it is okay, let us accompany you in that. It is okay to do that as a date, right?” (Yorishiro)
“You are kindness itself, Yorishiro-sama! It would help me a lot. To tell you the truth, I had something to consult with Yorishiro-sama and Haine-san!” (Karen)
The two women, that are completely in sync, had left me behind and were advancing at their own pace.
I was left there.
It felt as if a tornado had just passed. Noisy and boisterous.
Even though this is a library, even though this is the perfect spot for silence, we ended up making quite the noise.
When I look at the surroundings, just as I thought, the gazes of the people here and the librarian-san were directed at me.
Having their attention but still maintaining silence is painful in itself.
“…Uhm, I am truly sorry for the noise.” (Haine)
I apologize and lower my head.
But even without saying anything, the atmosphere in this place was clearly returning to me in words:
‘Guilty or Not Guilty?’
“I am truly sorry for the disturbance!” (Haine)
‘That’s not the thing you should be apologizing for.’
Is what the atmosphere was telling me.
And so, I chased after the two as if running away and join up with them.
It looks like Karen-san really did have something to do.
“You don’t mind right, Haine-san?” (Yorishiro)
“Well, I don’t…” (Haine)
I gave my answer, but in this situation, I had no other choice for an answer anyways.
Well, even if we continued the date as it is, we have gone through all the date spots that Frost recommended, and even with that, it is still too soon to return, so we were about to run out of things to do anyways.
Let’s think of it as ‘just in time’.
“Karen-san, you came to the library because you had business there?” (Yorishiro)
“Of course. I have been going there lately, you know. There’s something I wanted to investigate after all. Ah, but uhm…!” (Karen)
Laying down the conversation, Karen-san begins to fidget.
“…..Don’t ignore what happened before, okay?” (Karen)
“‘What happened before’?” (Haine)
“The talk about me…loving Haine-san! I don’t mind you giving me an answer later, but leaving the confession itself as if it never happened would be incredibly troubling for me. I thoroughly used the female courage I normally don’t use after all!” (Karen)
She pinned it down!
It is true that it was pushed by the alliance between these two and the confession was washed away, but it was incredibly important for her.
But there’s a place for those kind of things, Karen-san.
In this incredibly public space that is the library, there’s quite the amount of onlookers.
If it wasn’t for that, I would have lost to the passion of Karen-san and would have hugged her right then and there, but with Yorishiro there as well, more the reason why I couldn’t.
Karen-san completely missed the concept of time and place, but she was still able to manage a confession in those circumstances.
I don’t know if this is the courage she has as a hero, or the thing she called the female courage.
“At any rate, until I hear an answer from Haine-san, I will be telling you ‘I love you’ everyday.” (Karen)
“That’s great. I will do that too.” (Yorishiro)
Even Yorishiro jumped on the wagon.
Please spare me.
“Well, returning to the topic, my objective in coming to the library. I wanted to hear the opinion of Yorishiro-sama and Haine-san, so this is truly good timing.” (Karen)
Yorishiro and I?
Just what does Karen-san want to ask?
“I was currently investigating about the Dark God Entropy.” (Karen)

  • 68: The God hidden in the books

“Dark God Entropy…” (Haine)
Hearing that name, I was perplexed.
Because that God is the soul that’s inside of me after all.
“That’s right. Since the time Yorishiro-sama told me about that God, I tried investigating about a lot of things on my own. This library was the best source of information I had.” (Karen)
“There’s no other library as big as this no matter what part in this world you look at after all. If it’s to investigate something, this is certainly a great place to do it.” (Yorishiro)
Yorishiro adds.
In the Radona mountainous district where we had fought the fire cow Phalaris, I revealed for the first time my battle style with Dark Matter, and the questioning that came after was unavoidable.
Yorishiro appeared in good timing and revealed the existence of the sixth God of Creation, the Dark God Entropy.
In this world, aside from the Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Light element, there’s also the dark element that composes this world as well, and there are really rare times when the dark element is thick inside humans.
With that ‘setting’, we were able to convince Karen-san and Mirack about my Dark Matter.
The reality is different though. Since the soul inside of me is the Dark God Entropy himself after all.
“I have been bothered by it all this time. We have been worshipping the Gods of Creation for several centuries, and yet, I was now told that there’s actually not only five but six. Don’t you think this is an incredible revelation, Haine-san?” (Karen)
“Yeah…” (Haine)
It is hard for me to understand how she feels since I knew from the very beginning…
“But if that’s true, why is the Dark God not known like the other Gods? Why is he not being worshipped by anyone? The questions just keep popping up!” (Karen)
“And that’s why you were coming to the library, to investigate?” (Haine)
“Yes, and also…!” (Karen)
Karen-san fidgets for a moment, and then, as if having resolved herself, she says,
“It is the God that’s connected with the person I love, so I got even more interested in it…” (Karen)
Now that Karen-san has confessed once, she continuously keeps attacking without hesitation.
“I understand that feeling, Karen-san. You want to learn all about the person you love after all.” (Yorishiro)
“That’s right, Yorishiro-sama! And so, the information about this Dark God was brought to light by Yorishiro-sama, so I thought that maybe you knew more.” (Karen)
“Sorry.” (Yorishiro)
Yorishiro says this looking truly sorry.
“I don’t know more than what the Light Goddess-sama had enlightened me with her oracle.” (Yorishiro)
And so the Light Goddess herself says…
Yorishiro and I are keeping it a secret that we are the reincarnation of Gods.
It is obvious that we will be seen as megalomaniacs, and even if by some chance they were to believe us, it would only needlessly create disturbance in the world, and there’s absolutely no good points about it.
In the first place, I want to enjoy this world not as a God but as a human. Yorishiro probably thinks the same way.
That’s why, the God part inside of me is a secret that’s okay not being known.
“The oracle of the Light Goddess-sama must have been to let me know about the approach of the special existence that is Haine-san. She didn’t tell me much.” (Yorishiro)
And I am impressed at how easily Yorishiro can lie. It is probably a necessary skill to hide her true nature as a God though.
It is not the type that brings down people, so let’s consider it as white lie.
“The Gods wish for the people to think by themselves. That’s why, no matter what it is, they will only reveal a small part of it. Unveiling everything is the role of the people themselves.” (Yorishiro)
“I see… That’s true. The things you wish for have to be grasped with your own hands!” (Karen)
And Karen-san is a honest and good girl.
“And so, I have researched on my own. I dug out as many old books from this library as possible, and read them from beginning to end. And then, when I found information that might be related to Entropy-sama, I would transcribe it, and this is what I got!” (Karen)
*Don!!* is the sound that the notebook makes when it hits the table.
It is incredibly worn out.
“…Uhm, Karen-san, you learned about Entropy pretty recently, right?” (Haine)
Then, her investigation should have begun pretty recently, and yet, did she investigate so much that it ended up with her notebook getting this worn out?
“Well, even if I say that, there hasn’t been a single place that had a clear mention of Entropy-sama though. As expected of a hidden God that its existence has not been known at all until this present day. But…” (Karen)
Karen-san turns the front cover of the notebook.
At the first page, there’s cute writing that’s most likely from Karen-san herself.
“First, there was darkness; in there, Inflation creates light; Quasar filled the sky with air; next, Mantle creates earth; Coacervate filled the earth’s space with water; and at last, Nova melded it all into one with fire; and that’s how the world was created.” (Karen)
“That’s one passage of the Genesis.” (Haine)
“That’s right. But this part about ‘first, there was darkness’, isn’t it strange? There’s light, wind, earth, water, and wind; everything that the Gods made was clearly written there, and yet, darkness was empty right from the beginning. I didn’t find it strange before, but now that I read it, I do feel something’s off.” (Karen)
“…That’s true…” (Haine)
“This passage was probably rewritten, and before it was rewritten, this is what was there: ‘First, Entropy created darkness’.” (Karen)
Well, that’s actually how it is.
“There were also other descriptions that were of interest. In the especially old books of this library, there’s phrases like these appearing. ‘Two poles, four base elements’.” (Karen)
“Must be referring to the six Gods.” (Haine)
“That’s right! As expected of Haine-san!” (Karen)
Oops, should I have waited a bit more to give out that opinion?
“Based on the context throughout the book, these words should certainly be referring to the Gods of Creation, but there’s five Gods of Creation, and yet, it is written ‘two poles, four base elements’, in that case, 2 plus 4 makes 6. The numbers don’t match. But, if we count Entropy-sama in the math, it makes sense.” (Karen)
Karen-san really investigated well.
In the six Gods of Creation, there were clear categories: the light and dark poles; and the earth, fire, water, and wind base elements. These two categories had a strong difference in high and low, but I who was one of the poles was defeated and sealed, so it became hazy.
At any rate, I am impressed that Karen-san was able to investigate this much.
I was sealed at the Genesis of the world, so it is natural that no one knows about me from the very beginning.
That’s why, rather than saying the books have been rewritten, it is more like, it shouldn’t even exist to begin with. There’s no way there would be details of the Dark God written anywhere.
The most that can be achieved is to catch the scent of my possible existence.
“And so, I have one big reveal left for the last part.” (Karen)
“Huh?” (Haine)
“There’s apparently people that worshipped the Dark God Entropy in the past.” (Karen)
There’s no way that’s possible!
“I found a book that points out the place where they might have been living in. And its name is: The Dark Underworld Country.” (Karen)

  • 69: Metropolis of Darkness

What is the meaning of this?!
There were humans that worshipped me, the Dark God Entropy?!
I didn’t know about any of this. The person himself not knowing that he was being worshipped…is that even possible?
“Karen-san, please speak about this in more detail.” (Yorishiro)
Being urged by Yorishiro, Karen-san continues.
“The Dark Underworld country seems to be the city that the people, who worship the Dark God Entropy, build. It wasn’t mentioned in any of the history or geography textbooks, but there was a poetry anthology of the long past that had mentioned this name.” (Karen)
Karen-san turns the pages of the notebook and a page filled with what’s most definitely the writing of her was shown to us.
Summarizing that poem, the evil people that worshipped the Dark God had been destroyed together with their city.
The poem described it as ‘the victory of justice and the defeat of evil’, and sung it highly, but it could be described as being childishly written. It was on the level that I would understand why it would be buried at the very corners of the library.
“A poem huh. Compared to a book, this has a low level of credibility.” (Haine)
“That’s true. As long as there’s not something backing it, there’s the possibility that this author wrote it based on its own fantasy. Also, I am a bit scared of this poem.” (Karen)
“Scared?” (Haine)
“This poem describes the Dark God as some sort of evil being that taints humans. If Entropy-sama really is such a bad God…I really wouldn’t like it.” (Karen)
Karen-san was making a truly sad face.
It was hard for me to say anything. As the person himself, I can’t say if Entropy is truly good or evil. And I don’t remember I did anything for this Dark land that was mentioned by this author.
There’s no way I would have been able to do anything, since I was sealed in that period of time.
In the text of the poem, the only thing that’s stated clearly is the name of the land, Underworld Country. I can’t see a single part that mentions the name of the Dark God Entropy.
‘Ruler of Darkness’, ‘the Avatar of Wickedness’; those were the only vague mentions there.
As expected, this is the portrayal of the author’s fantasy that matched with me by coincidence. It would be the most natural to accept this as just that, a coincidence…
“Then, let’s go confirm it.”
…Is the conclusion I reached to, but there was one person who said something outrageous.
“Yorishiro?” “Yorishiro-sama?!”
I was wondering why she had been silent, but she actually came and threw in an explosive statement again.
“Confirm it, where?!” (Karen)
“Of course, at the Dark Underworld country. The many questions you have will most likely have an answer when you go there.” (Yorishiro)
“But Yorishiro-sama…!” (Karen)
I stand on Karen-san’s side in this.
“The Underworld country is a mysterious city that we don’t even know if it existed or not! Even if it actually does, it would be just like the poem has written it to be, destroyed and in ruins already. In the first place, we don’t know where it is! Even if we tried to look for it, there’s no clues—” (Karen)
“If it’s about that, there’s no need to worry.” (Yorishiro)
Yorishiro takes out something from her pocket. A small magnetic needle…something like a compass.
“This is one of the secret treasures that have been passed down to the Founders of the Light Church, the ‘Needle of Guidance’.” (Yorishiro)
“‘Needle of Guidance’?!” (Karen)
“This needle is made from the same material as the holy sword Saint-George that was granted to you, Karen-san. If you pour light divine power into it with the image of what you are looking for in your mind, it will point at a certain direction.” (Yorishiro)
“Incredible! Then, if we pour divine power into this needle and imagine the Underworld country…!!” (Karen)
It will point at the direction the Underworld country is.
It sounds like an incredibly convenient item. Way too convenient.
“But, if what you are looking for is way too far, or your image is way too vague, it won’t point well at your destination. In order to search for it better, you would need to pour even more light divine power. To search for a place that you don’t know where in the whole world it is and have never seen before, Karen-san, even if you place all your divine power into it, it still wouldn’t be enough.” (Yorishiro)
Reality isn’t that kind.
The path that had opened was immediately closed, and the face of Karen-san clouds.
“That’s why I will be going as well.” (Yorishiro)
“Yorishiro-sama?!” (Karen)
“If we pair your light divine power with mine, we would have enough to cover the whole world. Karen-san, in exchange of this sacred treasure and my divine power, in your search for the Dark Underworld country, can I also accompany you?” (Yorishiro)
“Of course! Thank you very much! Yorishiro-sama, how kind you are!” (Karen)
“Ufufu, we are already comrades in love, aren’t we. It is a given to help each other.” (Yorishiro)
The self-proclaimed comrades in love are holding hands and swinging them up and down
No, wait. Doesn’t that mean the hero and the Founder would be absent from the Light Church?
“Looks like you are uneasy about something, Haine-san.” (Yorishiro)
“Don’t read my mind.” (Haine)
“It is okay. For the sake of this kind of times, I work hard everyday in order to maintain the remaining work to zero. So, in my absence, I will just have the Cardinal work as if his life is at stake.” (Yorishiro)
“Please don’t sacrifice the life force of someone else!” (Haine)
“Those people don’t usually work anyways, so this serves just fine.” (Yorishiro)
A black Yorishiro came out.
“I am also fine. Just like the time when we went to Hydra Ville, as long as I have the flying machine, I can handle any situation in a timely manner! Okay, with this, things have been decided. Let’s go, Haine-san!” (Karen)
“Eh?” (Haine)
“Eh?” (Karen)
I look at Karen-san with a dumbfounded expression, and Karen-san looks back at me with a puzzled expression.
…….Well, yeah…I knew this would happen.
I have to go together with them. I am the hero’s assistant after all.
Also, as the reincarnation of the Dark God, this matter is suspicious. I don’t remember being worshipped, and yet, there’s supposedly a city of Dark God worshippers. If there really is a place like that, I want to properly confirm its identity.
And more importantly, I can’t leave these two, who have surpassed their ‘Haine-san love parameter’, alone!

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    2. I would say either inflation made the cult, or the cult was made around a fake god like we have thousands of them in our world, and coincidentally symbolized darkness like entropy

    1. And if that happen only to found out the the dark god loves human and wouldn’t try thinking something bad unless….

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    1. In ancient egypt it is the opposite white represent evil/death while dark represent good. This is due to desert being white and the fertile soil being dark . Different culture have different idea on what color represent and the reason why black=evil white =good is that the culture that is dominant or have huge influence happen to be the one that associate such.

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        The only thing comes in my mind is some egypt style like obelisk or some sort to stand for the dark god than a church

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      3. Same thing about “Mother Earth” . Early germanic tribes refer to earth as male and the one that became dominant is the greek ones which refer to earth as female.

        1. Liome, that’s actually something that bother me. How a lot of people assume that early ceramic(or other materials) idols are always “mother earth”. For fuck sake, not all cultures had that element in them!

    2. I think that mostly come down to the fact that humans are animal living in day, and sleeping at night.
      we fear the night because nights are dangerous times for us.
      probably a biological trait that shaped into that philosophy.
      more recently, ‘le siècle des lumières’, when a philosophical revolution took place, they fought against the ‘obscurantism’ an anti-knowledge movement called like that because it figuratively blinded people, and the philosophers called themselves the ‘lights’ because they give back to people their ability to see.
      I think dark/night are mostly associated as evil because they incite fear and vulnerability in our mind

      1. Well, biologically speaking, darkness = uncertainty = higher alertness for the sake of survival. You don’t know what might be hiding in the dark, so the darkness effectively represents everything that could ever possibly hide in it-scarier than any single threat in its own way.
        Though it also means that you’re more concealed to threats as well. It’s a matter of perspective, really, but being programmed to err on the side of caution seems like the right move when it comes for survival.

        1. yep,
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        1. Well, Entropy’s always loved humans for their apparent ingenuity.
          Even without (presumably) Inflation’s guidance for the Darkness Church, I’m sure there would’ve been a genius somewhere that figured it out on his or her own. Possibly a person that suffered from elemental imbalance like Karen did.

      1. Well so far the other Hero’s are female there might be a Heroine of Darkness to be a sort of villain to take revenge on the other churches for destroying the country. She probably be sort of like anti-hero of the series.

      2. He assumed the identity of the Dark Hero so it will be easier to hide his identity as Entropy, after all, even though the Gods has reincarnated, they still have their power

        1. Well, technically speaking, Haine IS the the Dark Hero. A Hero in this case isn’t a state of being. It’s a title, and for a title to have worth, it must have conditions and be given or acknowledged by a figure of authority. In this case, the figures of Authority are the heads(or those with the Founder position) of the 5 Churches. Only them can give the official title of a hero to someone. And even if someone else was to be very strong in an element, that person wouldn’t be able to be a hero unless a Church recognized that person as such over the hero they already have.
          The Dark Hero is thus a special case, in which he was recognized by the Founder seat of the Light Church with the official pretext of a gospel from the Light Goddess Inflation. The only way for someone else to be recognized as a Dark Hero would be for someone stronger than Haine in the darkness element to show up. That is impossible.
          As such, even if someone strong in the Dark element was to show up, that person would only be a follower of the Dark God, not a Dark Hero. That person could instead become a powerful Dark Knight, or something like that, but not a Hero.

          1. Well, theoretically, there might have been an appointed Dark Hero now that we know Entropy worshipers were a thing.
            Even so, they’re long dead and Inflation has been busy living as a mortal so there shouldn’t be a newly appointed one since then if any existed at all.

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    I believe that the Light Goddess is the one behind the ruined Underground city of darkness and that she will use it as a tool to reveal that the Dark God is the good one and that the 4 elemental gods are the actual evil ones(or something along these lines). Basically, she would have prepared some artifacts and stuff there beforehand, and that those would contain info about the supposed “evil ones” actually being the ones who wanted to help humanity and let it be free(or something like that) and that the ones who actually taint humanity are the 4 elemental gods.
    This would fit Inflation’s personal agenda pretty well in my opinion(and she’s also probably the one who put the hints of Darkness in the tale of Genesis).

    1. This is very plausible. While Inflation’s motivates when they sealed him are still unknown, it was probably for the sake of Entropy in some way, shape, or form. If she were planning to unseal him all along, then this makes a lot of sense.

      1. I think the reason she ‘help’ (we don’t know if she participated actively or simply let it happened) in the sealing could be because she wanted time in order to plot something and have him fall in love with her (otherwise he would have been able to see her plot and this would have been for naught). Because he rejected her pretty straightforwardly after all. ^^
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      From how interpreted it, at least, Entropy created the space of the universe itself-the black void of existence, along with the fuel sources you mentioned in the past. Inflation, taking these fuel sources, added a contrast to the darkness and giving a shape to existence. Essentially, the “Nothing becoming another nothing -> another nothing becoming something” rant we had in the comments section a while ago.
      After that, Quasar added gases into the universe for stars and atmospheres, Mantle added planets to pull matter together into clumps, Coacervate added water as a foundation of life, and Nova acted as the final bonding agent as suited for a transitional element like Fire.
      I wonder if the order has any deeper meaning beyond that?

      1. Yeah, I really was lucky not to spoil myself hard(I personally don’t mind spoilers at all, but in this case I really like theorizing on this series so I prefer to do so without the spoilers in this particular case).
        Also, considering that gravity is the domain of dark matter, and thus of the Dark God Entropy, I’d say that Mantle instead created physical matter(earth) and possibly pulled it together into clumps, but it’s also important to mention(in my opinion) that those those only be held together after that point with the help of gravity.
        Also, I’ve been thinking for quite a while now that Quasar had control over all gases, and since stars and other similar astral bodies are made out of that, I think stars were made by the combined effort of Quasar and Nova.

        1. Hmm. Does that mean that genesis featured the gods actually combining their powers as needed on a divine level?
          Inflation + Entropy = Expansion of the universe/existence of the universe itself
          Entropy + Mantle/Coacervate/Quasar = Basic forms of celestial bodies(just chunks of rock, gases, liquids[Ice?])
          Quasar + Nova = Stars
          Quasar/Coacervate + Mantle = Planets with Atmosphere/Oceans
          Quasar + Coacervate + Mantle + Nova = Planets that can sustain life.
          I’m not too knowledgeable of astrology, but I assume black holes, comets, and the others can be worked out in this way too.

          1. Well, actually since the 4 elemental gods don’t seem to consider elemental combination to be possible, I’d guess that it’s not how it happened(except for Light and Dark for the expansion of the universe).
            As for the times when gravity is needed, Entropy had already made gravity, so they probably just made use of that without fusing powers.
            For Stars, here too the combination/fusing isn’t needed, instead the first part is done by Quasar, and then the second half is done by Nova. That’s how it feels to me.
            For planets, according to the text, I’d say that Quasar made the atmosphere, then Mantle created and clumped earth together within the atmosphere, then Coacervate made water and the first bio-cells(or whatever you want to call them), and then Nova made the whole melt a bit(then it cooled down as one object). After which, due to the temperature changes, and the interaction between heat and cold, magma and water, the bio-cells began to evolve further(or appear if they weren’t there before), or it would be the case if the living beings hadn’t been created by the gods personally. Instead, they here just made the living beings once the planet was completed, thus skipping many stages of gradual evolution.

          2. Hmm. Okay, so maybe “combining” is the wrong word. It’s more like they applied their specialties in order to make some specifically planned creations. It still says something about the elements’ ability to synergize.
            Maybe it’s a bit like Io’s elemental chain punch thing?

          3. As for black holes, there are two options here. Both are likely to have happened.
            1- black holes are just made by themselves once stars collapse on themselves(however, this takes time and the only unit of time we know of is that 1600 years have passed since the Genesis of a single planet, the one with human life(with humans being created at the genesis). We don’t know how long of a period of time was between the creation of the universe and this “Genesis” of this planet with humans from the beginning. As such, it is possible that millions or billions of years had passed between the creation of the universe and this so-called Genesis. It is however also possible that this was the first planet they worked on(or one of the first ones, aka them having made the solar system). If it is such a case, then Entropy being sealed might have slowed down the process of expanding the universe, or maybe his energy was still out there and he had already done his part, thus the 4 elemental gods not needing him to create more galaxies, but even then, they focused a bit too much on a single planet instead of on the universe. So my guess is that this universe is relatively small.
            2- Entropy being able to make Black Holes by himself when in his god form. This would be absolutely needed if the planet is within a galaxy(it should be). After all, while solar systems are centered around stars, such small astral bodies(stars) don’t have enough of a gravitational pull to be the center of a galaxy. A supermassive black hole is needed for that. So, here again there are three scenarios.
            Scenario A: They first created astral bodies (after making the universe exist) and they made things gradually, leading with time to the birth of a natural supermassive black hole that itself became the center of a galaxy, and they made a planet with the intent of create human on it within said Galaxy. This scenario however implies that they would have taken a LOT of time to do all that.
            Scenario B: They directly created a galaxy, and Entropy just made the supermassive black hole for that galaxy. This one is more likely than scenario A, not only because it would focus on gods doing the work of evolution instead of it being done without them, but it also makes sense when considering that a Quasar is something that surrounds a supermassive black holes when it’s not a galaxy. This could imply that several supermassive black holes were made.
            Scenario C: They instead made ONLY a solar system and NOTHING ELSE in the entire universe, thus making it so that the solar system isn’t pulled away by the gravitational pull of other large things in the universe, thus also eliminating the need for a black hole. This however feels like it’s REALLY downplaying the work of the gods who created the universe. I don’t like this scenario, but it is still a possibility. A bad possibility writing-wise, but a possibility none-the-less.

          4. Isn’t the problem that the gods actually are all focused on just this single planet? As I mentioned before, if the universe is too big, the gods really don’t have any reason to care about the existence of humans at all.
            If anything, it would make more sense for each god to get their own planet to cultivate followers from.
            I guess a solar system is a bit small though, so…Hmm. I have no idea. In terms of what I proposed earlier, I guess it might be possible to just have Quasar and Nova create a giant star, then Entropy uses his Darkness to directly collapse it and create the black hole.

      2. The battle of you two is amazing that boggles my mind.
        The last part you said in this comment section with ‘sancturillore’ is ummmm….
        Is about the part that the Gods are more focused on a single planet. The answer to that mystery is the point of view to us humans. To understand better the world they lived is the main world of the Universe. Another calling it the central point of all things they embroiled and created and with that sense also immersed their will and desire upon the places they build. From our certain point of view us humans are tangible in belief and knowledge of deities liking to us but we don’t even know that other worlds beyond the stars also have their own possible belief and give attention to them. Stories like this always pointed out the Gods and the World they governed. Everything is always encompasses into one view and that’s lay on their hands.

        1. Well, that’s the thing with worlds like these.
          If gods govern the entire universe, then it stands to reason that there are other intelligent lifeforms that they also have their own unique relationship with.
          The issue is that gods are specifically incarnating into mortal bodies in this story, so it’s clear that this world is where all their attention is on. It’s somewhat hard to reconcile the gods of the four elements simultaneously investing themselves into this world so much while also seeing humans as nothing special.
          The only explanation I can think of is that there’s no other intelligent lifeform in the rest of this universe, which in itself implies that the rest of the universe is either neglected in development or just smaller than expected on a grand scale.

      3. You maybe right about that but even all creation is not always having one sentient life in the Universe that just sad and lonely after all. See in our world in the past once the most widely accepted religion Christianity, disagree the belief of other worlds and life existing beyond ours. If there were blabbering that life and world like ours exist, you know very well how the Church at that time act upon those who don’t follow their or agree their written belief and principle. But now in present time they believed that life and world the same as ours do exist beyond with some cardinals of the Church are astronomers. This change was due to NASA surveying in our galaxy and others that discovered more than thousand planets and even more as recent updates keeps coming. So even that Universe that Gods have made other worlds too exist. It just that the humans are exceptionally unique and strange to be taken interest whether the other 4 base elementals like it or not. Humans are always the most special and unique creation ever made in all worlds apart and from the beginning. That also saying adaptable and incredible growth in just the span of generation.
        Humans in that world are solely made by the gods and that their children to them.

        1. Hmm. Yeah. Something like that. As a side note, the idea of an grey tentacled alien version of Jesus doing the exact same thing hundreds of light years away his pretty hilarious to me.
          I suppose you could argue that humans have some sort of unique “spark” to them. It’s why Entropy wanted to let them develop, and possibly why the other gods wanted them as slaves.
          Whether they’re free of gods or not, they held some sort of weight and value beyond “just like any other creature we created”.

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