Chapter 65-66: Library War

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The light hero, Karen-san, who I work as an assistant for. If we talk of Yorishiro as the peak of the Light Church, then Karen-san is truly the face of the Light Church.
The two holy women that the Church cannot be without, have reunited in this place.
“Karen-san?! Why?!” (Haine)
“I wonder why? This is truly a coincidence. Fufufufu~~!” (Karen)
Karen-san was laughing with her mouth, but her eyes were not laughing.
She was looking at me with those freezing cold eyes of hers.
“I also have my free days as a hero, you know? Is it that bad to be in a facility of my homeland?” (Karen)
“Ah…and so, Karen-san, today you are in casual clothes huh. This is the first time I see you in those, it looks cute.” (Haine)
“Thanks. But Haine-san, you yourself have quite the cute girl accompanying you.” (Karen)
Karen-san’s gaze increases even more in coldness, and I was about to freeze by the decrease in temperature here!
Why is Karen-san so scary when we only met by coincidence in the city?!
“Also, Yorishiro-sama, how do you do?” (Karen)
“Ara, so you knew.” (Yorishiro)
“If it were someone else, it would be a different story, but I have a lot of audiences with Yorishiro-sama almost every day, so even if you take off your veil, I can tell by your voice and presence.” (Karen)
Yorishiro stands up from her seat and glares at Karen-san with an upright posture.
Karen-san was standing upright from the very beginning.
*Bigi bigi bigi bigi!*
The sounds that I shouldn’t be able to hear from the atmosphere were jumping right into my ears!
“Is it okay to ask you one question, Founder-sama?” (Karen)
“Go ahead.” (Yorishiro)
“What are you doing alone with Haine-san? Haine-san is supposed to have work at the knight corps today as well.” (Karen)
“Ara, I am surprised you know, hero.” (Yorishiro)
“Haine-san is my assistant after all. More importantly, answer my question please. What are you two doing here?” (Karen)
“A date.” (Yorishiro)
“?!!” (Karen)
Maybe because she said it so straightforwardly, Karen-san stiffened without being able to say anything more.
“A date. It is the act of a man and a woman playing outside with just the two of them. Of course, it is not as acquaintances or as friends; there’s the need of both parties to view each other as members of the opposite sex or it wouldn’t be considered a date. By the way, I have changed Haine-san’s work today to a paid leave. With my authority.” (Yorishiro)
“Uhm…! T-Then, you two are…!” (Karen)
How can you be so decisive, Yorishiro-san?
It was so assertive that even Karen-san has been dumbfounded by it.
“But please don’t misunderstand.” (Yorishiro)
“Today’s date is more of a reward from Haine-san for me. Haine-san made a debt with me, in order to save you.” (Yorishiro)
“Save me?!” (Karen)
Being told this, Karen-san gets even more confused.
Yorishiro didn’t reveal everything, but it makes me uneasy how much she will be telling.
“In order to return that debt, Haine-san is keeping me company. That’s why, Karen-san, there’s no need to be jealous. You should instead be happy. Haine-san went so far for you.” (Yorishiro)
Even if she says that, so many important parts are hazy, so there’s no way Karen-san would understand it.
‘This will be hard to smooth over later’ is what I thought when…
“But, putting all those things aside, I love Haine-san.” (Yorishiro)
Those few words of Yorishiro blew away everything. Blew away everything complicated.
Karen-san and I shouted at that way too explosive of a statement.
“There’s no lie in this. As a woman, I love the man Haine-san. Even if this is to repay a debt, spending a day with Haine-san makes me incredibly happy. I am thinking about having a relationship with Haine-san on a level where we both love each other. For that sake, I will not hesitate in doing what I can.” (Yorishiro)
What are you saying?! What are you blurting out here, Yorishiro?!
Why in this timing, in this place, and with this person in specific are you spilling out so much?!
How am I going to face Karen-san from tomorrow on! Are you planning on destroying all my human relations?!
Karen-san was probably unable to take on all that intensity, she hides her completely red face.
‘It would probably be better for me to do some kind of follow-up here’, is what I thought as I was going to cut into the conversation, but…
“…Then, I also have something to say to Founder-sama!” (Karen)
“What is it?” (Yorishiro)
“I also love Haine-san!!” (Karen)
And Karen-san went and confessed too?!
Leaving aside Yorishiro, Karen-san as well?!
I could only get surprised now.
“It was love at first sight since the moment I met him…… No, in the time when I scouted Haine-san, it was more like I was charmed by him as a reliable companion and a person I can share my values with. But in the time I spend together with him and fought together with him, I was slowly being pulled in, and a deep affection that surpassed camaraderie and friendship blossomed, and from that moment on, I began to be aware that I am a woman.” (Karen)
“That’s splendid-desu wa, Karen-san.” (Yorishiro)
“That’s why, I will say this clearly. Founder-sama –no, Yorishiro-sama, you having a date with Haine-san is incredibly unpleasant! Even if you tell me that was for my sake, it doesn’t make me happy at all! Haine-san is…the person that will become my boyfriend!!” (Karen)
I honestly can’t keep up with the pace of this situation.
Looks like two women are fiercely competing over one man. And apparently, that man is me.
I can understand that. But there are situations where, even if you understand, you simply don’t want to. For the first time today, I have learned this.
“That was a great confession. As expected of our hero.” (Yorishiro)
“You as well, Yorishiro-sama. Even though you have less chances of being in contact with Haine-san, at some point in time, you were able to get a date. That shrewdness, as expected of our Founder.” (Karen)
Women are scary.
Now then, how should I move in this situation?
If I simply follow my instincts, it would be to leave it as if nothing has happened, and retreat from this place right this instant.
Or more like, I want to do that. Let’s do it.
With my heart set, I tried to retreat without making a sound, but…
“…Yes?” (Haine)
I was easily stopped.
“Since we are here, let’s hear the opinion of Haine-san.” (Yorishiro)
“Right, that’s exactly right. Haine-san, Yorishiro-sama or I…” (Karen)
“”Who do you want as your girlfriend?””

  • 66: The two holy women

Being in this situation I didn’t expect at all, I ended up cornered.
‘Why did it turn out this way?’, is the only thing I can think of this.
At one side, there’s the female Founder that controls one of the most prominent five churches in the world, moreover, she is a Goddess; on the other hand, the female hero that represents that same church.
I have been confessed by both sides.
I don’t know what would be the best way to deal with this.
In the first place, this Kuromiya Haine has not received the love of a woman of the same age since the time I was born.
The village I was born in didn’t have that many people after all. On top of that, there were many occasions where I helped with my father in his job as a hunter, so my chances at interacting with people of my age weren’t that many.
And naturally, there were practically no instances where I spoke with women.
There were occasional times where I would get asked by girls about ‘wanting to pick edible wild plants’ and I accompanied them as a bodyguard since my job was a hunter. As a show of gratitude, they told me ‘I will treat you with a feast of edible plant dishes’, and was called to the girl’s house. And while at it, she also told me ‘it is late so, how about staying the night here?’……… sorry, it seems I really did have times when I was confessed.
But this is the first time I was confessed in such a straight way.
Moreover, by two at the same time.
It is true that I am the reincarnation of the Dark God Entropy and am a God at my core. As a God, I have transcended all emotions and wouldn’t waver over love.
But right now, the vessel I have this God soul in is without doubt human.
As long as I am a human, have a flesh vessel, have a body, I can’t stay estranged from its instincts and desires.
I want to live, I don’t want to die, I am hungry, it is cold, it is hot, I am sleepy, I want to have sex, I want to love, I want to be loved, I want to make the person I love happy, I want a place to be, I want a family, I don’t want to be lonely, I want to love someone, love, love, love!
…Are the kind of emotions that come from my heart, but it also manifests in my body as well.
That’s why, even if it’s not a problem for the Dark God Entropy, it is a big problem for the human Kuromiya Haine.
And at this very moment!!
“Now, Haine-san.” (Karen)
“Who are you going to choose as your girlfriend?” (Yorishiro)
The two beauties were persistently closing in like wild animals going after their prey.
Do I have to choose from one of them right now?
That in itself is incredibly heavy for me, or more like, it would be incredibly painful for the person that wasn’t chosen.
After thinking it thoroughly, I finally prostrated.
“Uhm, sorry. Is it really necessary to bring out an answer right now?” (Haine)
Is what I plead with a tear in my eye.
That figure of mine must have looked pretty shameful. The intensity of those two disappeared.
“Geez, Haine-san, there’s no need to say that with those eyes.” (Karen)
“Looks like we pressed for an answer way too hastily. This is something important. It would be better to take the time to bring out an answer. Is that okay, Karen-san?” (Yorishiro)
“Of course, Yorishiro-sama. Let’s compete fair and square!” (Karen)
Is what she says as the two heroines exchange a firm handshake.
The two are good girls at heart, so this situation that is normally a muddy path has been smoothly sheathed back.
At any rate, can this be considered as…being saved?
“But there’s one thing I want to say to Haine-san.” (Yorishiro)
“Really?!” (Haine)
Is what I thought, but Yorishiro once again pursues.
What is it this time?
“It is valid to choose both.” (Yorishiro)
This shocked both Karen-san and I.
Valid to choose both? What’s the meaning of this?
“In other words, this is what I mean.” (Yorishiro)
Yorishiro joyfully walks to a bookshelf that was at the side.
Ah right, this is a library.
Yorishiro chose one book from the bookshelf and takes it out. The title of that book got the attention of Karen-san.
“…Isn’t that…the scriptures of our Light Church?” (Karen)
“Scriptures?” (Haine)
“It is a book that has the stories of the Light Goddess Inflation that the Light Church worships, history of the early days of the church, precepts that the believers of the Light Church have to abide to, and precepts that the previous Founder-samas preached about. For us, the scriptures of the Light Church are the most sacred of books. In Apollon City, there will always be one book in each family.” (Karen)
“Eh? I don’t have one though?” (Haine)
I just recently entered the church after all.
Ignoring what we were talking about, Yorishiro turns the pages of this so called scripture.
I already knew this, but she really is a person that goes at her own pace.
“…Karen-san, can you recite by memory the precepts of the church?” (Yorishiro)
“Eh?! U-Uhm…” (Karen)
Karen-san was flustered for a while, and in time, she hung her head down.
“Sorry, I can’t!” (Karen)
“It is fine. Remembering all of the scriptures of Light, there’s not a single one in the current higher-ups of the church who can do it….. And so, the important part is here.” (Yorishiro)
“Eh?” “Eh?”
We concentrated on the part of the scriptures Yorishiro pointed at.
It was a page that was written as the precept clauses, and shows the commandments and rules that the Light Church believers have to abide to.
At that place, this is what was written.
[The person that will become the husband of the Founder will be allowed polygamy.]
There’s no way I wouldn’t retort to this.
“…Hey, this passage here, you were the one who included it in the scriptures, right? You were the one who abused your authority, right?” (Haine)
“Oh my, Haine-san. Even if I am the Founder, there’s no way I would be able to readily change the scriptures that can be considered the very roots of the church-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)
“Eh? Then…” (Haine)
When I was in the middle of my confusion, Yorishiro whispered this to me.
(…When the church was established, I ordered them through an oracle to include it.) (Yorishiro)
“So it really was you!!” (Haine)
It wasn’t an abuse of authority as a Founder, but as a God!
What an unbelievable God!
…Hm? Wait. In that case, instead of Yorishiro, it is more like, the Light Goddess Inflation had already predicted something like this would happen from that far back in the past…
“‘I have already predicted what you would do’…… Those words you said to me before, I will throw them right back at you-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)
“Ooow?!” (Haine)
Are you telling me she predicted I would reincarnate as a human after my release since several centuries back and was doing the preparations for it?
In order to enjoy her human live with me as much as she could?
“And so, if we go by this precept, it is possible to love both Karen-san and I at the same time.” (Yorishiro)
“Both…at the same time…” (Karen)
Karen-san repeats those words entranced.
“How about it, Karen-san? Of course, if you want to monopolize Haine-san, I will have no choice but to fight with you fair and square though…” (Yorishiro)
“Yorishiro-sama!” (Karen)
Karen-san tightly held both hands of Yorishiro.
“Our Founder!” (Karen)
Karen-san fell…

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