Chapter 60-61: Post-negotiation

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Like this, the turmoil that was being being controlled by the Water God Coacervate from the shadows had its curtains fall.
After the battle, it was a given that the whole Hydra Ville was filled with excitement.
A giant monster that attacks the city, the heroes that valiantly stand before this monster in order to protect the city, moreover, there’s three of them.
It is common knowledge that the Churches are fighting each other for authority and don’t get along, so seeing the heroes fight together was a lot more moving.
Karen-san, Mirack, and Celestis became the center of a festival, and are already to the point that they might even have their names edged in history.
The journalists, that were originally here for the interview of Celestis’ live performance, were all unanimously making this matter into an article, and with that, it will most likely fly out from Hydra Ville and spread around the whole world.
The three are not only heroes, they are already to the point that can be considered saviors.
On my end, I knew I would have to handle matters regarding the disappearance of the surface world body of Coacervate, and I had my hands filled with it.
His body was that of a monster mimicking the appearance of a human, so I didn’t have to face the burden of becoming a murderer. With all the piled up grudge I had towards him, I ended up kicking his ass.
Even so, that guy took the form of a human, blended into human society, and had a decent amount of status and position, so killing him doesn’t mean that’s all that’s needed to be done.
While I was checking on what that guy had been doing as the manager of the idol Celestis, I also learned about several of his other crimes.
Coacervate had a hold of the Water Church from the shadows, and it was completely under his control.
He grasped the weaknesses of the current Founder of the Water Church and the management, and even has taken some of their families as hostages in order to have them obey.
On top of that, he also tailored the hero into an idol, has made fixed fights with monsters, and has used the Church’s believers to play around like crazy.
But now that I have erased the body of Coacervate in the surface world, those people will be released from him.
The higher-ups from the Water Church were truly relieved that the demon that had been controlling them from the shadows had vanished, and were happy to lend a hand in concealing his death.
After that, I used the connections that Coacervate left behind to make negotiations with the Water Church’s higher-ups and resolved the friction that the idol activities of the idol Celestis was causing to the other churches.
To be more specific, remove all the many benefits that the Celestis fan club obtains from entering the Water Church officially, and don’t do any open proselytizing towards the fans.
With this, the Water Church believers and the Celestis fans were divided in a sense, and became separate existences.
Of course, I don’t think this will solve the root of the problem, but the rest can be decided by the higher-ups of the churches.
The Water Church was surprisingly positive about this kind of reformation, and now that the influence of Coacervate is gone, they took the initiative to accept my proposal.
They must have considered it a risk to use the singing and dancing of the hero to increase their believers since it might make the image of the Church be perceived as superficial.
That’s why I prolonged the negotiation for a bit more because I had to bring it to a point where they assured me that Celestis will still be able to continue her idol activities.
The time required for this was several days of discussion.
In that time, Karen-san, Mirack, and Celestis participated in the extra live performances as scheduled, and it seems they passed a meaningful time.
And so…
*   *   *
“Aaah, that was tough. The fight with the Great Sea Dragon was really tough you know~.”
“That’s right. Ouch ouch ouch!”
My spine was creaking from the pain of the camel clutch.
To explain what’s happening, Mirack was straddling on my back while I was lying down, and just like that, she is pulling my jaw and forcefully turning it.
The so called Camel Clutch.
It seems this is also a killer technique passed down by the Ignis Militant corps.
It is an incredibly dangerous technique that inflicts damage to the spine, that’s why I was going ‘ouch ouch’ when suffering from it.
And more than that, the sensation of Mirack’s crotch at my back.
This sensation of pain and happiness; is she doing it while being aware of this?
“Did you know this, Haine? A big sea monster on the level of Phalaris was defeated by Karen, Celestis, and I, you know? It was a fierce fight.” (Mirack)
“Yes, I heard about it. Ouch ouch ouch!” (Haine)
“In that time, where were you playing around at?” (Mirack)
“Sorry. I am really sorry!” (Haine)
Because I was absent in the Hydra Serpent incident, it ended up being seen as very disgraceful.
There’s no way I could say that Coacervate and I were keeping each other in check.
Mirack also saw my ability agaisnt the fire cow Phalaris, so fooling her won’t work.
And so, I am in the middle of receiving a normal punishment for a truant.
“Why don’t you spare him with that, Mirack-chi?” (Celestis)
And the water hero, Celestis, was in the middle of spectating this punishment.
“I know that Haine-chi is incredibly reliable, but…involving himself in a battle between monsters and heroes would be a bit too much. Moreover, it was a sea battle, and when you miss the chance of receiving the ‘Water Blessing’ once, there’s nothing you can do, right? Are you telling him to swim all the way there?” (Celestis)
“Shut up, Celestis. This guy is a lot more reliable than you think.” (Mirack)  
“I don’t know if you have expectations of him or not… Whichever it is, why don’t you stop that super glued submission technique?” (Celestis)
“No matter how much of your female side you have thrown away, gluing yourself this much to a man is just…erotic.” (Celestis)
“Uhya!” (Mirack)
Looks like she finally noticed her own lack of self-awareness. Mirack jumps away from me.
I’m saved~~. A bit more and I might have split in two.
“Oooh! Mirack-chi’s girly scream, how rare! Thanks, Haine-chi. Thanks to you, I was able to hear something rare.” (Celestis)
“I’m glad to see you are happy.” (Haine)
Though, if the price of that is one spine, the rate is a bit too high there.
By the way, the water hero Celestis announced in the ending of the live performance that she will be taking a temporary rest in her idol activities.
With the disappearance of Coacervate, the Water Church did a coup. There’s no way this wouldn’t affect her as well.
She was directly involved with Coacervate who was posing as her manager, so there was the need to give proper explanations.
‘Because of the confusion in the Water Church, the manager had hurriedly changed posts’, is the excuse that was made, and for now, it seems she consented to it.
In the first place, he was suspicious and wasn’t a manager that was liked, so Celestis probably didn’t have much interest in it.
Until the next manager is assigned, it seems like Celestis will be taking a small vacation.
“By the way, Haine-chi, I will be repeating myself here but, how about becoming my new manager? Or more like, become my manager!” (Celestis)
“As I have been saying, I can’t. I am the assistant of the light hero after all.” (Haine)
Also, why did you correct yourself and made it into an order?
“Tch, what a loyal one. With Haine-chi’s negotiation abilities, I thought he would be able to face those hard-headed people you know~. The Church suddenly told me to restrain in the idol activities, and I just don’t understand at all.” (Celestis)
“It probably just means that’s how shocking the Great Sea Dragon turmoil was. They will most likely have you concentrate on your hero activities and prepare yourself in case of need. Isn’t that normal? Obey.” (Mirack)
“It is because of those dangerous times that idol’s exist. With the singing and dancing of Celes-tan, I will provide hope.” (Celestis)
Looks like she won’t change no matter what happens.
Celestis is a hero that not only fights with divine power, she also fights by giving hope to the people. That’s also a splendid form of hero.
“Well, just leave the scolding to that much. Haine-chi, how about you go to the next one?” (Celestis)
“Next one?” (Haine)
“It seems your direct superior has some words of praise for you. She is waiting for you at her room.” (Celestis)
Did I do something worthy of praise?
Well, at any rate, I can’t just stand here when I have been urged to go. Let’s leave the room for now.
If I stay here doing nothing, I feel like the punishment of Mirack might resume.
I head to the door, and when I passed the side of Mirack, I heard a low voice that barely reached my ears.
“……Thanks.” (Mirack)
I heard Mirack whispering to me and it made me even more confused. Even so, I had no choice so I left the room just like that.
When talking about my direct superior, there’s only that person, right?   

  • 61: The hero that became the reward

“Karen-saaan, did you call?” (Haine)
The place I arrived at is one of the guest rooms of the Water Church.
It is the room that was provided to the light hero, Karen-san. Karen-san has been sleeping here in these several days, so if she is somewhere, it should be here, so I tried entering the room, but…
This is weird. I don’t see her anywhere.
But I do feel the presence of someone.
“Haine-san! So you have come!”
So you really were here, Karen-san.
But where is she? I don’t see her at all.
“Mirack and Celestis told me to come here but, am I intruding you in the middle of something? If that’s the case, I will come back here another time.” (Haine)
I guess that’s the reason why she isn’t showing herself, but it looks like that wasn’t the case.
“No, I was waiting for Haine-san. Please sit wherever you want.” (Karen)
“Okay…if you say so…” (Haine)
“If possible, in front of the closet…” (Karen)
“F-First of all, Haine-san, thank you for that time. You have saved us a lot again.” (Karen)
“I didn’t participate this time around though. I was receiving a punishment for that very same reason not that long ago.” (Haine)
“No, Mirack-chan also understands. That was most definitely her way of hiding her embarrassment.” (Karen)
Her hiding almost cost me a spine though.
From there, the conversation was temporarily cut off, and silence took place. And then, the one who once again resumed the conversation was Karen-san.
“…………….It was Haine-san there, right?” (Karen)
“Hm? What do you mean by that?” (Haine)
“I mean that Black Giant.” (Karen)
She is talking about the Dark element monster I created in order to help Karen-san and the others fight the Hydra Serpent.
Because I had to keep Coacervate in check, this was a desperate measure I thought with incredible pain.
Karen-san knows that I am a dark element user, but creating monsters is the deed of Gods.
I can’t just obediently say yes to this.
In the end, that Black Giant was not only seen by the heroes, but also by many other people, but it only became the seed of much confusion, and with the hard struggle of the heroes, this other point didn’t become the topic of talk.
A monster that protects humans; such an existence that overturns the common sense of humans, even when seeing it with their own eyes, it was still something hard to believe.
That’s why, the mass media also didn’t know how to handle this information and just ignored it, and didn’t even become an article.
“It is okay, you don’t have to answer me. But, when I was fighting together at the sea with the Black Giant, I felt as if I was fighting together with Haine-san. Even though it was such a dangerous situation, I was really at peace.” (Karen)
“Karen-san…” (Haine)
“I think Mirack-chan was the same. That’s why I wanted to express my gratitude. Thanks.” (Karen)
Karen-san still didn’t show herself, but her feelings reached me plenty well.
Gratitude, deep affection, goodwill; those kind of feelings.
“A-And so…!” (Karen)
For some reason, the tone of Karen-san suddenly became unrestful.
“It wouldn’t feel right to always just say thank you, so this time, I want to express my gratitude in a more substantial way!” (Karen)
“Substantial?” (Haine)
No, there’s no need to mind it that much though.
“…Haine-san, you are properly in front of the closet, right?” (Karen)
“Y-Yes?” (Haine)
For a while now, I have been bothered by this but, the voice of Karen-san…I feel like it is coming from this closet…
The closet, in other words, the place where the clothes are kept. Even if it is the guest room, this is the guest room that the Water Church lodges their guests of honor, so it has quite the splendid closet, and big enough to have at least one person inside.
Then, is she actually inside this…
“Haine-san, please watch closely, okay? 3…2…1!!!” (Karen)
Why are you doing a countdown?!
It was clear for anyone that I had to nail my eyes to the closet when the number reached 0.
And then, the closet opened with a ‘bam’ from the inside.
“Haine-san!!” (Karen)
“Karen-san?!!” (Haine)
Karen-san was naked.
No, she was in her underwear, so, accurately speaking, she wasn’t completely naked, but even so, she was showing most of her skin which was practically being naked.
She is normally wearing armor and completely equipped on all her body, so this made this lightly dressed figure of hers even more dazzling. At any rate, her skin is white. I heard before that she had a ‘weak constitution in the past’, and with this, I can believe it.
The color of her underwear is also white. Pure white is the symbol color of the Light Goddess, Inflation.

Haine and Light hero
Not the correct image, but hey, that’s practically negligee in my book

“Okay, over!” (Karen)
“Eh?!” (Haine)
Karen-san quickly closed the closet and locked herself again.
In the end, the dazzling pure white underwear figure of Karen-san only lasted for an instant in my eyes.
“How was it, Haine-san?! Are you happy?!” (Karen)
Karen-san asks me from the wooden closet.
“No well, leaving aside my happiness, is this your way of thanking me?! Is that okay?! This has so many problematic points as a hero!” (Haine)
“It is fine! Because Haine-san…… you also saw the underwear of Celestis-san!!” (Karen)
Right before the attack of the Hydra Serpent at the live performance, I do feel like such an accident did occur when Celestis was changing her stage outfit…
“Does that mean…you were getting competitive with Celestis?” (Haine)
Even so, her shyness made her only endure it for an instant of showing me huh.
I don’t get you, Karen-san. I really don’t get you.
“…And? How was it? Did I win?” (Karen)
“Karen-san is unexpectedly concerned with winning and losing.” (Haine)
And like this, I once again took a peek of a mysterious side of Karen-san.
My last night at Hydra Ville passed by in this way, but as expected, I have to say this before it is over.
“I was happy.” (Haine)

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