Chapter 57-59: Trinity

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“A tsunami is going to occur?! Moreover, a super big one?!”
On the other side, at the faraway sea, they also caught onto the pressing situation. I could tell their agitation via the Black Giant.
The first one to notice this was, as expected, the local here, Celestis.
“That giant sea serpent is drawing the water like crazy! Once it gathers it to its limit, it plans on turning it into a big wave and slam it onto the land!” (Celestis)
“Seriously?!  That sea serpent stopped moving suddenly, but to think it was in order to do such a vicious thing!” (Mirack)
“This is not the time to be surprised! If that’s the case, we have to defeat it before it finishes charging at all costs! Mirack-chan, we are using lightning!!” (Karen)
“Okay, let’s do it!” (Mirack)
“Divine F—”
“Wait!!” (Celestis)
The two were about to shoot the lightning, but Celestis stopped them.
“Wait a moment. Even if you defeat it now, it might still be pretty bad.” (Celestis)
“Eh? Why?” (Karen)
“That guy has already gathered quite the amount of water. Even if we defeat it, it is not as if that water will just disappear somewhere.If the divine power that is drawing it disappears, it will simply return to the place it was before, and with a fitting momentum!” (Celestis)
“So it is the same as a prepped arrow. Once it is already pulled, it will fly with the momentum once the pulling force is gone. That guy has already gathered quite the amount of water from its surroundings. With this, it would just be…” (Mirack)
“Then that means, even if we defeat it, the tsunami will still occur?!” (Karen)
The question that was basically a scream from Karen-san made Celestis bite her lips.
“Of course, if we were to defeat it before it finishes gathering the water, we will be able to make the damage equally small. But that water amount is already on the level to destroy the whole coastal area!” (Celestis)
“No way!” (Karen)
The surroundings of the Hydra Serpent had water rising to a level that it was defying gravity and it was in standby practically saying it was already too late.
The Hydra Serpent itself was floating at the top of it as if looking down at the people from high-up.
“At any rate, we have to attack it! If we take even more time, it will increase the damage!!” (Mirack)
“Wait, Mirack-chan! Isn’t there some sort of way…in order to completely entrap that tsunami!” (Karen)
The heroes were also in chaos.
As heroes, it was natural that they want to save everyone. However, the situation is not allowing this. If they continue looking for a better solution and waste away the time, the worst scenario will occur.
There’s no decision as difficult as this one.
But it is exactly in this kind of situations that you are there for!
“What’s up, Karen?!” (Mirack)
“The Black…no, the Dark Giant is…!” (Karen)
This is the sole dark element monster that was created directly from this Dark God’s hands. Pitch Black Giant, save them once again. Become the bridge that will lead them to complete victory.
[Dark Matter, Set]
Pitch black particles were released from both hands of the Black Giant, moreover, they spread out heavily to the sides.
“This is…the same as Haine-san?!” (Karen)
A large dark matter weir was created at the front of the Hydra Serpent, and its shape was semi-circular as if encircling the target.
Even if a tsunami occurs, we can mitigate part the damage with this.
“It is now! Let’s do it, Mirack-chan, Celestis-san!” (Karen)
“Seriously, I don’t understand even more now, but I have no choice but to ride it! On this big wave!” (Celestis)
“We can stop this big wave?!” (Mirack)
Celestis dishevels her outfit.
“No, we are going to create a wave! [Water Fury]!” (Celestis)
Reacting to the divine power of Celestis, water also begins to gather at the surroundings of Celestis. The quantity is far smaller compared to the Hydra Serpent, but it was plenty enough to make a small wave.
“Grab on, you two! With this, we will be rushing towards that giant eel!!” (Celestis)
“Seriously?! We are seriously going to ride a wave?!” (Mirack)
“Celestis-san, incredible!” (Karen)
Mirack and Karen-san quickly grab the waist and the shoulders to cling onto her and…
“Let’s go!” (Celestis)
The three ride the wave promptly and hurry on.
“Oi! By the way, how are we going to pass that black wall the Black Giant made?!” (Mirack)
“Don’t worry!” (Celestis)
Understanding the intentions of Celestis, I use remote controlling to slant the Black Giant’s posture a little forward, as if it were a hill road.
“Okay, let’s goooo!!” (Celestis)
Celestis and the others get onto the Black Giant’s leg together with the wave, slide till the back, and jump from the head.
As if it were a ramp.
The speed was higher than expected, easily jumped over the dark matter weir, and go even higher than the Hydra Serpent that was at the top of the water mountain.
The only thing left was for it to fall and arrive right on top of the enemy.
“What are we going to do now?! No matter how you think about it, defeating that giant thing is next to impossible!” (Mirack)
“I already know where to aim! The connecting point of that sea monster’s eight heads, the core of it all!” (Celestis)
“I see, it certainly does look like a weak point! And so, how do we attack it?! If it’s in destructive power, it should be mine and Karen’s ‘lightning’ or the ‘steam’ of Celestis?!” (Mirack)
“Everything.” (Karen)
While falling, Karen-san said.
“In order to defeat that giant monster, we have to join all of our forces or it won’t work. Light, fire, water; everything!” (Karen)
“Combining three elements?! Karen-chan, you are a lot more metal than I thought!! I like it! When this battle is over, let’s do a collaboration! At that sea stage!” (Celestis)
“Don’t drag Karen into a weird path! But I agree with the plan! Now then, all that’s left is challenging it!!” (Mirack)
The three girls that were clinging together were falling, and in the moment they came in contact with the target, a light enveloped everything.

The Hydra Serpent was enveloped by that flash… and was vanished.
I don’t know in detail what happened there, but from what I could see with the vision of the Black Giant was the figure of Karen-san thrusting her holy sword Saint-George with the combined divine power of the other two towards the Hydra Serpent.
And then, after that instant, that flash enveloped everything.
The flash that expanded like an explosion had swallowed the Hydra Serpent, and the water divine power that its body was composed of was evaporated without a single trace.
Is that a combined element from light, fire, and water?
My questions had no end, but without giving me time to think of it, the next disaster was released.
The parting present of the Hydra Serpent. The seawater that this guy had gathered was already close to its critical point, and even if it was stopped in the middle of it, it was already clear that it would still be quite the big tsunami.
If that were to arrive at the land just like that, half of Hydra Ville will be swallowed.
That’s why, from here on out, this is my job. Mine and this guy’s.
Isn’t that right, my child, Darkness Giant?
The dark matter weir that was build up largely on both sides was originally not the way dark matter is supposed to be used, but there was no other way around it so it couldn’t be helped.
Believe in the power of darkness!
The water and darkness clash.
The dreadful volume of water that was surging forth, and the abnormal pressure that it was creating, was passed onto the body of the giant and even reached to me.
But, like hell I will lose!
Not only Hydra Ville, I won’t let it swallow the sea stage either. Everyone will be doing their live performance here tomorrow after all.
Darkness Giant, wring out everything you have!
It doesn’t matter if you are a monster, right now, you are this city’s guardian!
 *    *    *
The wave calmed down.
After releasing all of its gathered up fury, it regained its calmness, and the water surface returned to its silently undulating state.
“…Ppuha!” (Karen)
“I thought I would die!!” (Mirack)
“Ooi, are you alive?” (Celestis)
When the sea level calmed down, Karen-san, Mirack, and Celestis showed their faces.
That’s great, they were okay.
I was able to confirm the situation with the eyes of the Black Giant.
“When I was swallowed by the wave, I seriously thought I was a goner though.” (Mirack)
“It is great that the [Water Embrace] made it in time. With the water divine power, it allows you to breathe underwater. It also protects you from the water pressure to a certain degree.” (Celestis)
“At any rate, we were able to defeat it… What about the city?!” (Mirack)
There was no way for the girls, who were being jostled by the raging currents, to confirm the safety of the city in that state.
“If it’s the city, it is okay.” (Karen)
Karen-san’s gaze was directed at me.
Accurately speaking, to the Black Giant that I was borrowing its senses from.
From what I can see, this guy had already utilized every drop of power it had and was in the process of disappearing.
In the first place, it was an impromptu monster that I made in one night, and I even strained it more than expected.
I utilized way too much dark divine power to block the large tsunami, exhausted the divine power that composed its body, and is now unable to maintain its body.
Parts of its body already have holes here and there, and it is a matter of time before it disappears.
Karen-san was gazing at that pitiful figure.
“It protected us until it became this worn-out after all. The city is okay. You did so much for us, so it is impossible it wouldn’t work.” (Karen)[
And so, the limit came.
The great Dark Giant had finished its duty and was returning to nothingness. Its eyes were directed at the heroes that had fought till the very end.
“…Thanks.” (Karen)
Within the fading senses, I clearly heard the voice of Karen-san.
*   *   *
With the vanishing of the Dark Giant, my shared senses with it are gone, and I concentrate on the senses of my own body.
I already have no way of confirming the situation on their side, but it should be fine already.
The danger is already gone. Now we only need to wait for those girls to come back.
And so, I still have one last thing left to do.
“…We won.” (Haine)
I said this to the man that was standing still at my side.
Everyone aside from him and me had already run away because of the tsunami uproar. But the heroes won, and when the people hear that the danger is already gone, everyone will be filled with happiness and return.
That’s why, I will settle this before they return.
“They have won. Those girls have. And that also means… you lost.” (Haine)
Water God, Coacervate; this is the time to settle things.

  • 59: Until no traces are left

“It is your lost, Coacervate; and also, it is the victory of those girls.” (Haine)
I once again said it.
As if edging it deep into his heart.
“You prepared a monster in order to increase the fame of your own hero, and were planning on doing a fixed-game. By killing the other heroes, you were aiming to increase the fame even more, but you failed in doing that -all of them survived.” (Haine)
Karen-san, Mirack, Celestis; the victory of all three.
They jumped out from the palm of your hand.
“Kukuku…” (Coacervate)
“Kukukukukukuku!!” (Coacervate)
Coacervate suddenly began laughing.
His shoulders were shaking, his throat was shivering, and his whole body was letting out the sounds of laughing.
“I lose, you say? What are you even saying? This was all part of my plan, you know?” (Coacervate)
“What?” (Haine)
“Didn’t I tell you from the very beginning? My objective was to have the monster attack the live stage, and have the heroes defeat it. Didn’t that get splendidly achieved?” (Coacervate)
Is what Coacervate said with a loud laugh.
As if being proud of himself.
“Of course, there were slight changes in the scenario, you know? However, as long as the results are good, everything is okay. Better yet, Haine-san, your interference made the fight even more exciting, and have made that victory even more moving. With this, people that had their heart moved will join the Water Church and I will obtain a lot more believers. Really, thank you!” (Coacervate)
“Don’t you get it? You did your best to have a clash of wits with me, but even that became profit for me. That means, you were dancing on the palm of my hand as well, right? Not only the humans, even a God was a simple piece in my game board!” (Coacervate)
“Well, it is true that the achievement will be split to three sides between the light, fire, and water, but even so, it still balanced out in the end, don’t you think? Because Haine-san made it even more exciting after all! Once again, thanks! You might be a business genius, you know?!” (Coacervate)
“I am looking forward to working with you in the future as well, okay? As partner Gods, that is.” (Coacervate)
I didn’t refute the claims of Coacervate.
Because I thought what he said was mostly correct. In the end, the details simply changed, but the result was not that different from what Coacervate was aiming for.
The only loss he received was the Hydra Serpent he made, but he planned on having Celestis defeat it to begin with. It is indeed just as planned.
Coacervate received no damage.
Everything went as this God -that pisses me off on a fundamental level- wanted. Everything.
That’s how it would make you think, but…
“Even so, you lose, Coacervate.” (Haine)
“Hah? That’s not good, Haine-san. It is unsightly not to accept reality, you know? Fuhahahahaha!” (Coacervate)
“It is true that there was absolutely no losses for you in this time’s turmoil. It even brings profit to you. But you still lost.” (Haine)
“You have emotionally accepted your defeat, right?” (Haine)
The stupid laugh of Coacervate stopped completely.
“You accepted it inside your heart that you have lost. That nothing had gone as you wanted. Your heart understands this completely, and yet, your head doesn’t want to admit it. That’s why you are lining up excuses from the bits and pieces, and persuading yourself. All you are saying are excuses. You are spitting out lies in order to deceive yourself.” (Haine)
“Emotions! Emotionally, you say?! How stupid! The cornered ones always try to go for the spiritual part! I would like you to show more substantial proof than that, you know! Evidence that’s actually visible!” (Coacervate)
“Evidence huh.” (Haine)
Then, I will say it.
“You…your face is incredibly red, you know?” (Haine)
That’s right. For a while now, the face of Coacervate was completely red like a ripe tomato.
His emotions had swelled so much that it made his blood rise to his head, and that color was visibly shown.
It is not only that.
“For a while now, your eyelids have been twitching, veins are popping from your forehead, you are sweating profusely, and even your nose is dripping. Also, you have been spitting out saliva every time you speak. That’s disgusting.” (Haine)
Right now his body is that of a monster mimicking the appearance of a human.
Even so, it really shows emotions well. It is so well made that it is plain visible that his pride was in shambles.
“You great God had your pride wounded because your own scenario was completely destroyed, and are currently filled with rage. In terms of feeling, you have completely lost. The one who knows this the most is your own heart.” (Haine)
“Shut up, you damn brat… Aaaaah!!!” (Coacervate)
Coacervate broke.
He stopped mimicking a human and his appearance as a monster is revealed. A smelly half-fish human appeared right in front of me.
“I was being kind here and you guys just got so conceited! You damn country bumpkin that was sleeping for 1,600 years! You lost! You lost 1,600 years ago! A loser shouldn’t be talking shit to the winner!!” (Coacervate)
“That’s true. I lost 1,600 years ago. And today, you lost.” (Haine)
“Shut up, you piece of shit! ………………………Understood. I get it already. I admit defeat. A God like me who has eternal life has no need to get a-angry at only o-one defeat! But you see, at the very least, I will be teaching you a lesson for this, Haine-san.” (Coacervate)
*Ja kin* that resounded as both arms of the monster Coacervate had changed into some sort of carapace-kind of scissors.
“I will at least wash this sour stomach by killing you! Because it seems you are quite attached to that human body of yours after all! By destroying it, I will have you taste at least 1/10 of the displeasure I am feeling!” (Coacervate)
“Are you an idiot?” (Haine)
You were too late in admitting your defeat.
At the very least, in the part when Karen-san and the others began utilizing combined elements to turn the tides to their favor, you should have made the Hydra Serpent self-destruct or have it retreat.
But you struggled in vain and even had the Hydra Serpent do something like a tsunami.
As a result, the people had escaped from the stage in fear and the only ones remaining here are now only you and me.
“We were both restraining each other. You, in order to stop me from heading to where Karen-san and the others were; and I, in order to stop you from killing people indiscriminately.” (Haine)
And the people are no longer anywhere in our surroundings. The Hydra Serpent is not here anymore either.
In other words, this means…
There’s not a single factor that stops me from beating the hell out of this guy.
My hand that was clad in dark matter had cut in two the crown of the head of the Water Demon Mephistopheles, the water element monster that has the soul of Coacervate.
Dark matter particles penetrate through this cross-section, and destroy the water divine power that composes his body.
“Weak, way too weak.” (Haine)
If I knew he was this weak, I should have killed him instantly from the very beginning.
I might have been able to bring him down along with the Hydra Serpent, without giving him the chance to bring harm to the people. I was way too cautious.
“You said it before as well, right? The two poles that stand over the four basic elements within the six Gods of Creation. It seems my drowsiness has not disappeared yet after being sealed for 1,600 years. I completely forgot that your existence is nothing to sneeze at.” (Haine)
Like this, the body of the Water Demon Mephistopheles -the Water God, Coacervate- was devoured by the dark matter without leaving a single trace behind.

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