Chapter 251: Great heights of a myriad year chinese restaurant

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“Are we really going to stay the night here?” (Iroha)

Iroha-chan is shocked.

No well, I am of the same sentiment though.

Even within this place where inns are located, this one is clearly on a whole different level.

Just like in Zenno at the borders, there’s a really unsuitable inn for adventurers right in front of us.

If we are talking specifically how different it is from the others, it is as if this area was organized with this inn as its core.

It is not like the inn is truly at the center, but it is more like, the first one to be here was this one, and later, the surroundings developed with it.

I have seen towns developing quite a lot in Asora, so I have been able to somewhat tell this kind of things.

In other words, it is a well-established place.

Its aura is also incredible.

It is an appearance that one can’t enter alone.

I heard that they had already gotten an inn, but whether it is Beren, Hokuto, or Shii, I am pretty impressed that they were able to decide on staying in this place.

I only have vague memories of it, but this outward appearance is like that of a certain main building of a famous hot spring establishment that got even bigger, and created many other buildings at its surroundings.

It is completely made of wood, and that part does feel nostalgic.

But to think they would be able to remodel it so much. Honestly speaking, it feels like that one movie where you are spirited away and Gods go there to take hot spring breaks. <Reference of Spirited Away.>

“Hoh~, Shii has an eye for inns-ja na.” (Tomoe)

“Looks like a place we can relax more than in Mizuha-desu wa.” (Mio)


Even though I am just beginning to think  a single-sized business hotel room would not be bad. I am still on the mentality that if there’s a big bath in their basement or their highest floor, I would consider it a treasure.

And yet, why is it that these inhuman two and the Forest Oni are more used to high-class inns?

In my case, at that carriage we used in our journey, I would have been able to rest comfortably with a single pillow there.

“Senjin Banrai Hanten. It is without doubt the number one inn in Kannaoi. I have never stayed in this place…” (Iroha)

If I’m not mistaken, the sign says *Chihiro Manrai Hanten*. <Great heights of a myriad year chinese restaurant.>

Restaurant? Wait, this is a chinese restaurant?

Isn’t that where inn or ryokan is supposed to be written?

I also thought of something pointless like, why isn’t it ‘myriad customers’ instead.

“The rooms, baths, food, service that responds to what the customer wants; of course, the price comes with it as well. Anyone in Kannaoi acknowledges this as the best inn-desu.” (Iroha)

“T-That much?” (Makoto)

They have a service that responds to what the customers want? What’s that, that’s scary.

Do they have concierges as well?

Maybe they have exclusive officials in the guest room?

I want to be left alone though.

But Iroha-chan nods with a serious face.

I have not spoken to Shougetsu-san about what we should do from here on, but this girl, is it okay not to bring her back home?

For some reason, her voice is shaking, and yet, her eyes are sparkling.

She is already fully decided to stay.

Well, we do have the money.

There’s no problem even if we add one kid.

If I look at the price, I will most likely have a stroke, so I won’t look at it and I won’t ask. I will leave the paying to someone else.

I am still not used to paying such large sums of money.

I just can’t get used to that sensation.

“It is the oldest and highest class ryokan in Kannaoi that possesses several legends-na no desu. There’s one legend that says a certain wealthy man wanted to see the vegetable garden that is at the 3rd underground floor of the labyrinth, and in the next day, an adventurer party escorted the wealthy man’s family all the way there unscathed.” (Iroha)

That’s on a whole different level from exclusive officials in the guest room.

Well…it is obviously something that the inn arranged after the unreasonable words of the idiotic rich man, but a service that brings you all the way to the labyrinth?

Could it be, is it that?

The kind of business that doesn’t say no to the customers? Do they have some sort of policy that smells 100% of unreasonableness?

The character of Lorel Union…I have to recognize it.

It smells of the Wise.

It is a way of thinking that stinks of Japanese.

The feeling as if they are putting their lives on the line for this service.

There’s also the matter with Root’s husband, the legendary swordsman, Iori-san, was it?

It wouldn’t be any strange that Japanese people are involved in this.

But, why chinese restaurant?

What a mystery.

“I have heard that there’s a secret menu only few people know of. That meal made from rice, oil, and egg is a delicacy that would make anyone that has eaten it to come here again.” (Iroha)

What kind of fried rice is that?

Also, isn’t it the one that you can put things like roast pork fillet, lettuce, shrimps, and well, all kinds of things, and season it with salt, pepper, and soy sauce?

It’s been awhile, now I kinda want to make it.

When I was in Japan, we rotated the turns and I sometimes I made it, and yet, for some reason, I have forgotten it until now.

“A delicacy huh. I see, a delicacy…” (Mio)

Mio’s eyes were shining suspiciously.

Her aim is clear with a glance.

“But only that dish is not in the menu, and only the ones who know the name of it have the qualifications to order it, or so it seems-desu. Truly a legendary dish. I also like rice food, so it is something I would like to eat at least once.” (Iroha)

Iroha-chan goes ‘Umu umu’ as she nods widely.

From the corner of her mouth, I could see something shining faintly, or maybe I don’t see it, yeah, I don’t.

But in my mind, the only possibility this legend can be is fried rice.

This place being a chinese restaurant also feels like it is true now.

Lorel’s food feels a bit different, but rice is eaten quite a lot, so a legendary dish being rice is also convincing.

Ah, if I remember correctly, in China, a chinese restaurant can refer to a hotel. <Because hotels normally have restaurants as well. For more detailed info, check feliciax comment.>

Then this can also be considered as a hotel.

“If it’s a rice delicacy, I would like to try it-ja na.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe is also with the intentions of definitely eating it.

If it is her, she can just read the memories of the people at the hotel and order it. There’s no point in a secret menu with a power like that.

At this rate, Mio also won’t care about the methods and will question about the name of that dish.

No doubt about it.

Until now, the rice meals we have eaten have normally been on the low side of stickiness, so fried rice would be a bit more novel.

There’s a mysterious rule that curry, fried rice, and karaage, are, in the end, the number one most delicious food in their households.

And this is all getting so complicated.

Why is it that I am assuming it is fried rice?

No good, no good.

“Well, let’s leave aside the fried—I mean, that dish. Let’s regroup with everyone.” (Makoto)

Standing here all the time thinking about strange things will make me shy when trying to enter.

Just as I thought of this and urged the three, right at our front, Beren and the other two had come out from the entrance.

Oh, so they came to receive us.

Seems like we talked way too much outside.

The three must have been tired waiting.

“Finally came out. Seriously, you guys are late in receiving us.” (Tomoe)

“Looks like you are not paying attention. How shameful.” (Mio)


Tomoe and Mio spit out words as if they were waiting for Beren and the others to receive us.

So the two of them were conversing here to kill time?

I was thinking we would be regrouping in the room.

“Waka-sama, Tomoe-sama, Mio-sama, we have been waiting for you!” (Beren)

Beren approaches us in small trotts.

“Everyone, good work in your jobs. Sorry for having you guys search for the lodging as well.” (Makoto)

“What are you saying! It has been a while since we have gone afar, we are all fired up to tackle these tasks! Please don’t mind it!! Now go ahead, go ahead!” (Beren)

Oh, Beren’s enthusiasm is plenty.

Even the silent Hokuto is visibly excited.

Shii was…I don’t know where she learned it from, but she was doing the police salutation as she has a serious aura with that small body of hers.

Led by the three, we enter the extravagant hotel.


“Welcome. Kuzunoha Company’s Raidou-sama, Tomoe-sama, Mio-sama, we have been waiting for your arrival.”

In b-both sides, there’s employees of the hotel lined up?!

My legs stop in an instant.

This overwhelming welcoming pressure. Somehow able to go against it, I resume my walk that had stopped for a moment and once again move forward.

Words with no hesitation, and a welcoming by lowering their heads.

A sight that I have only seen in TV.

When entering, the first thing I see is the wide lobby, there’s a lot of people, but it isn’t noisy. The atmosphere of the lobby, contrary to its outward appearance, is western styled. Maybe it is the result of having in mind the tourists.

It is a bit more relaxing this way.

It was a lot easier to enter than suddenly having my shoes taken off and all the floor being tatami.

The place where the front desk is located can easily be guessed by how the employees are lined up.

They are practically saying ‘that’s the way’.


Tomoe and Mio look unfazed and that’s so mortifying.

It seems like Iroha-chan is also already coping with the situation.

…Well, she is a princess after all.

She is the kind of girl that when entering the bath, she will ask you to take off her clothes after all. This place might actually be more in her style than when we were riding the carriage.

Just a few moments ago, she was saying plebeian-like things, so I mistook her for a person in my side, geez.

So I am the only plebeian here huh.

I got it~.

“Welcome, Raidou-sama.”

“I am Raidou of the Kuzunoha Company. We will be in your care for a while. Ehm, is there the need for any sort of procedure?” (Makoto)

It seems like they have already gotten a room for us, so it is probably okay.

But I will confirm just in case.

“Your room has been registered for 10 days. Everything has been arranged already, so there’s no problem. But, the…lady there, we haven’t received any notification of her, so, sorry for the trouble, but I would like to ask a few things…”

A beautiful japanese dressed Onee-san asked for information of Iroha-chan in an incredibly low posture.

But she paused a bit when she saw Iroha-chan.

She probably already knows her name.

She is one of the princesses of a distinguished family in this city, so it is not that strange. But well, her asking me is probably some sort of formality.

It is most likely the case.

Just as asked, we add detailed extra information, and finished filling out some simple documents.

(Waka, regarding the stay time, let’s extend it to 1 month. We also have the matter of Iroha after all.) (Tomoe)

I glance at Tomoe.

Meaning, you want to look around, right?

I think 10 days is plenty enough, but…well, if we can secure more time, it would be okay to do it.

We could use this place as a safe zone to throw Iroha-chan in if anything happens.

“Sorry but, regarding the stay time, our plans might take a bit more time, so I was thinking about extending it. Is it possible?” (Makoto)

I feel like a super popular high-class hotel like this won’t be able to cope with this kind of things.

If that happens, maybe we can bring her to the dungeon?

If possible, I want to avoid that.

It would be best if Shougetsu-san were to take over, but unless we talk about it first, there’s no assurance.

…Even I can tell I am slightly soft with Iroha-chan.

But she is around the same age as Rinon and Komoe-chan, and she is also the fiancee of Izumo.

How to say it, it is like I just end up minding her, or more like, I end up being soft on her.

“Yes, if the Kuzunoha Company-samas are okay with staying in the current room assigned, we can arrange it.”

Oh, how unexpected.

No well, she did say ‘if we are staying in the current room assigned’.

Ah, it is the same as the time in Mizuha huh.

So it is like that.

“Then please change it to a 1 month stay.” (Makoto)

“…A month, is it. Understood. Then, can you please show me the promissory note you have in your possession? This is a regulation, so please cooperate in this.”

It was possible.

Or would it be more accurate to say, I ended up doing it.

Are regulations different from 10 days to 1 month?

Hotels have it rough as well huh.

I show the promissory note with Sairitz-san’s mark on it.

Maybe she already knew of it beforehand, or it might be because she is a professional, the Onee-san didn’t change the color of her face as she writes in what’s most likely the hotel registry form like nothing happened.

“Also, regarding the staying price…”

The Onee-san that lifted her face up touches the topic of the price.

“Tomoe.” (Makoto)

Regarding matters of money, I will leave it to Tomoe.

“Yes. You have my gratitude for accepting the change on our own convenience. We will be paying the money in advance, so I would like to ask you to calculate the price.” (Tomoe)

“The full amount?”

“Of course. Obviously, if there’s any extra expenses, you can calculate them in the day of our departure. We are planning on heading to the labyrinth, so our stay in the hotel won’t be long, but we will be in your care in this time.” (Tomoe)

“In order for everyone to pass a pleasant time, all the employees will do their best.”

The Onee-san that is attending us lowers her head deeply.

At the same time, not only her, but the other Onee-san at the front desk also lower their heads, and the other people that are not attending customers also lower their heads.

“Well then, sorry for the hurry, but is it okay for my master and the others to head to the room? We want to rest the fatigue of our long journey, you see.” (Tomoe)

“Oh, sorry for the lack of tact.”

For a moment, the Onee-san sends her gaze to a location where no one of our group is in.

“Please, follow me.”

Soon after, another person speaks with us.

They are going all the way to guide us huh.

Beren and the others are already staying here, so we can just have them bring us to the room though.

Well, returning to the room and being released from this tension is honestly my true feelings.

Let’s just be guided.

We leave Tomoe, and after greeting the guide lightly, we ask her to show us the way.

Soon after we began walking, for some reason, Mio turned towards the direction Tomoe is.

“Tomoe-san.” (Mio)

“I know. I am sorry for requesting things one after the other, I don’t mind if it’s for tomorrow, but I want to ask for at least one meal.” (Tomoe)

“There’s no need to mind, please request of us as much as you want.”

“Umu. To tell you the truth, the Empress, Sairitz-dono, told us that there’s a famous product of this hotel, you see. We would like to try out this ‘fried rice’.” (Tomoe)

So you already read it huh, Tomoe.

At this kind of moments, the eye contact ability of Tomoe and Mio is truly admirable.

And she nonchalantly brought out the name of Sairitz-san.

So Sairitz-san has also eaten here?

And it really was fried rice huh.

If it’s Tomoe who has already read my memories, she should have already seen it before in them.

I can easily imagine her saying ‘Oh, so this is fried rice huh’.

“…I will arrange it so that you will be able to enjoy it by as soon as dinner.”

“You work fast-ja na. That’s pleasant.” (Tomoe)

“Thanks for the grateful words.”

Just like the lodging price, I will try not to think about the price it takes to fill us all with fried rice.

Iroha-chan, who had a prim face from beginning to end, opened her eyes wide for a moment. Her mouth formed a smile…or so it looked, but she is desperately trying to hold it.

Just how excited are you?

Now then, what part of this building is our room?

This time for sure, we leave Tomoe and continue into the building.

This…I would get lost.

The map of the building at the side is practically a labyrinth.

Is this the preliminary match before challenging the grand labyrinth?

Heh~, it even has a courtyard.

…Wait, this place is not already the third floor?

In the first place, if I remember correctly, this building itself should be in a pretty high place…

It is in a location that’s far away from the labyrinth, so we won’t be oppressed by that gargantuan outer wall which makes me happy.

Tsige also has a big wall, so it might be worth seeing in its own way. When there’s time, I am thinking of checking it out thoroughly.

“There’s a section of the hotel that was made on a slope when it was constructed. I am sure that in your stay, the scenery from the bath, and the night view from your room will please you.”

As if reading my mind, I receive an explanation of the courtyard.

We walk in that yard as we are guided.

We have gone outside.

Also, a room we can enjoy the night view huh.

“Seriously?” (Makoto)

“The room is that one. Of course, from this courtyard to the room, there’s strict security, so there’s no need to worry about anyone suspicious. In the past, people like Sairitz-sama and Priestess-sama have been welcomed here, a room this hotel is proud of.”


It seems there’s around 5 people as security here.

If I search with Sakai, I can also tell, but their stealth skills are high enough that if I didn’t use Sakai, I wouldn’t be able to.

“Now then, please go ahead. Do take your time. We will once again explain the detailed information of the room to Tomoe-sama once we see her again.”

She opens the door to the room, silently places herself to the side, and waits until we enter.

She bows once and leaves.

Elegant until the end.

“To think this is the room that Sairitz-sama and the Priestess-sama have stayed in…wafuuu~” (Iroha)

Ah, she didn’t say -desu.

The moment it was only us, Iroha-chan mutters this in a trembling voice and falls at the entrance.

Her legs had lost strength and she leans onto the shoe rack.

“Hmmm, fried rice. I feel like I have heard that before…” (Mio)

…That Mio, I thought she was being strangely silent, but it was because her head was full of fried rice?

At any rate, even though we arrived here when the surroundings were already getting dark, they will prepare the dinner, and even hear out our request.

With only this much, I can tell that it is great service.

We have come to quite the place.

Can we really go to a dungeon while staying in such an incredible hotel?

A dark and confined dungeon.

Ah, only that part is shaving off my motivation.

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