Chapter 250: Makoto and titles

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At the time Makoto’s group was riding a carriage heading to the city Kannaoi that’s at the vicinity of Lorel’s grand labyrinth, in a far away place, at Academy Town Rotsgard, a certain pervert and genius dragon was groaning.

He -who is also a she- is the guild master, Root.

This is  the deepest part of the Adventurer Guild headquarters.

A room that rather than calling it a fantasy-like alchemist workshop, it is more like a research room of a scientist.

In content, the organization called the Adventurer Guild is a place that gives numerous benefits to the people that are considered ‘adventurers’.

In other words, it is a place with highly classified information.

The Adventurer Guild system that Root has constructed, right now, he himself is giving maintenance to it.

“As I thought, everything is working normally huh.”

There’s no problems at all.

Even though that kind of result is something to be happy about, Root’s expression was not that of cheer.

“The system error that appeared when registering Makoto-kun has not affected the system as a whole…but Makoto-kun’s level being 1, no matter how I think about it, this is where the problem should be…”

That’s what’s bothering Root.

The system error that occurred when Misumi Makoto registered as an adventurer, and the unbelievable level that came out -that is, level 1.

In the first place, the level that Root had established for the adventurers: the lowest is 1 and the strongest is 65535.

The highest value that is 65535, Root himself had set it to the same highest level as a certain old 16 bit TV game, so that’s why it is like this, and there was no other meaning in it aside from his own taste.

And since the time the Adventurer Guild was established, there hasn’t been a single person who has reached this level. It is also that kind of number.

In a sense, seeing a person reaching this number or surpassing it one day has become a big objective of Root.

By the way, even if a person surpasses level 65535, the level of that adventurer will display OVER.

It doesn’t return to 1 as an error.

Root had changed it that way not too long ago.

That time was the time when Root learned of Makoto, and he had doubted that maybe the level 1 was because of an error caused by surpassing the highest level.

And in reality, the power of Misumi Makoto is definitely not that of a level 1.

This guess of Root is certainly not without basis.

“Level 1 is a level that even children can surpass easily. As long as you have a bit of fighting capability, it should increase. Then why is Makoto-kun…”

There’s a problem, no doubt about that.

Root has been coming to this place every now and then, and repeating trial and error as he tried to solve this mystery.

Even so, the answer has not appeared yet.

“The skills he owns are appearing as normal. He is hiding his power value, so I can’t tell that part though.”

Every time Root moves his gaze and moves his fingers in the air, the board shaped thing that is floating around him and letting off a faint light was changing at a bewildering speed.

Like when continuously closing the window of a PC, opening them, and changing their size.

Numerous plates were moving busily with Root at its centre.

“His titles are also increasing well.”

The card of the adventurer guild has several functions in it that can be considered overtechnology, those functions surpass even the boundaries of the modern era.

As they increase in level and rank, these functions are unlocked one after the other, and the assistance of the guild is also proportional to the level and rank.

At first, the eyes of Makoto also sparkled when he heard of these functions, but to his regret, his level is unmovable.

Even if he wanted to increase his rank, the high-ranked requests have other conditions other than achievements, like a level condition, so he is unable to increase it.

Root immediately took this part away for the sake of Makoto, and changed the condition of strength into another one, but by the time Root had told Makoto this, he had already lost interest in things like level and rank.

With the current system, Makoto would be able to reach the highest rank while still being level 1.

Being the highest rank at level 1 would certainly stand out in a bad way.

Makoto most likely didn’t do this exactly because of that.

These titles that Root spoke are set in a way so that the adventurer receives it depending on a specific achievement and can be browsed in the card, and depending on the titles, there are also benefits.

From rookie to veteran, there are titles that are easy to obtain but takes years, special genres that require the person to repeat an action several times, and there are also some that can be obtained by defeating specific races.   

Of course, there’s few benefits that can be obtained easily, and the harder it is to obtain the better the benefits.

For example, the grand labyrinth that Makoto’s group is heading to, if one has a title specialized in dungeons, depending on the title, they can show several times more efficiency than in normal circumstances.

Titles can be obtained no matter the level, so Makoto’s actions have allowed him to obtain titles as well.

But well, the person himself isn’t aware of it though.

“Aside from this one, all the others are outrageous. The first titles he obtained were [Friend of the Moon God] and [Religious disaffiliation] after all. [Miniature Archer], [Pact (Superior Dragon)], [Pact (Calamity)]…Eh?”

After that, there’s [Pact (Undead King)], [Pact ()] and Root’s eyes stopped at those parts.

“Undead king? It was only Undead before… Must be talking about Shiki-kun though. Hm? And there’s also a blank space? I haven’t heard anything about him having a pact with a new follower. Just what in the world…”

It seems like Root was bothered by a part of the title changing and that there was a new title of a newly added pact and that it is blank.

“Uwa, but the effects of both of them are incredible. It makes the [Dragon Hunter] and the [Super Wealthy] titles look weak. If an adventurer or a merchant were to obtain those high-ranked titles, they would jump in joy though.”

A wry smile appeared in Root.

There’s plenty of titles Makoto has that are outrageous.

Of course, their effects are extraordinary.

There’s not a single one that wouldn’t stand out if shown to the public, but thinking about the merits, there’s a lot of them that people would set without caring about standing out.

“Well, it is Makoto-kun after all. In the first place, he even has a title like [Friend of Moon God] which I have never set up. It was probably picked up by the system when the God from that side brought Makoto-kun here. It must be a Moon God, but it really got me there. Well, Makoto-kun himself hasn’t noticed this title either which makes him out of the ordinary though.”

For some reason, the effect is plain, but the ascending degree is as expected of a title involving a God.

It isn’t flashy, but it is definitely strong.

The unseen parts like the increase in power and favorability of chances was incredible. That’s the kind of title it is.

It is not an imaginable situation, but if Makoto were to face a tough fight without knowing of the existence of this title, Root thought that maybe he would tell him of this and gain his gratitude.

“And the one that makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it is [Owner of unconventional luck (BAD)].”

It not that he is blessed with unfortunate encounters; he is blessed with unfortunate BAD encounters.

It is specifically denoting that part, so that must be the case.

Root once again remembers Makoto.

He made a ‘kukuku’ laugh from the bottom of his throat, but for some reason, he suddenly stopped it.

“…Lorel. The palace of Yaso-Magatsuhi huh. Doma has not finished his reincarnation, and he has no dependents. Makoto-kun’s objective is the mercenary group that was created by a gamer cripple but it is merely a shadow of its former self now, so their destination is most likely at the 20th floor underground. Yeah, even if there’s the chance, I don’t think that will happen. That’s how it is supposed to be, but…the owner of bad unconventional luck huh. We are talking about Makoto-kun after all. But I can’t go there…”

Not that long ago, Makoto had surpassed the impossible and encountered Root.

Because it was definitely impossible, Root hadn’t thought of a countermeasure.

It was like a possibility inside a possibility.

If a variety of situations are taken into consideration, the chances would easily surpass the hundred millions, or even the billions, so it was a chance that was impossible to arrive with one chance.

And the owner of such a super rare title like unconventional luck, managed to draw out the card Root had set up himself. So easily.

There’s no title that shows its effects just by possessing it.

But if the person possessed the [Owner of Unconventional Luck] to begin with, there’s most likely strange occurrences happening around that person’s surroundings no matter the title.

The fact that he has obtained a title for it, means that everything is already too late.

A thrill-filled life is assured.

This is awful.

The Yaso-Katsui grand labyrinth, Root, who certainly called it the shrine of Yaso-Magatsuhi, silently closed his eyes.

“I don’t think it is possible that you will meet the phantom of Futsu…impossible, just what am I thinking? There’s no way that can happen. Now then, I gotta do something about Makoto-kun’s level 1, that’s why I am here after all.”

The simple thought of it was stupid, so Root stopped thinking about it.

Even so…surrounded by information of Makoto, Root’s expression was still clouded with no signs of clearing up.


“Oooh, the other side of the outer wall is on the level of Tsige. Part of it is because there are times when the mamonos of the labyrinth attack them, but this sight is pretty nostalgic.” (Tomoe)

“As expected of a big city-desu wa ne.” (Mio)

When we looked at the distance from a slightly elevated hill, a big city spread in our vision.

Just like how Mio described it, it is big.

As expected of a prominent land in a major power.

Tsige can’t compare.

Tsige is limited in their terrain, so comparing wouldn’t be fair though.

But it really is big, you know.

The capital of Limia and Gritonia, the old metropolis of the demon race, no matter where I compare with, it isn’t as much as this one.

It might also be because it is in an open field, but it is incredible.

A magnificent view.

In my eyes, the outer walls look normal, but the inner walls are pretty tall and tough.

There’s also a number of agricultural lands on the way to the city.

I can also tell from here that the water from the rivers is being drawn into the inside of the city in a systematic manner.  

Ah, I see.

The Wise’s knowledge in Kannaoi is most likely being utilized in those kind of parts.

It was probably because it was easier to implement compared to Mizuha because of the topography.

In Mizuha, it gave the feeling of being a parallel world city with a Japanese-like atmosphere; Kannaoi gives more of a feeling like the Japanese have placed their ideas in it, their livelihood.

Well, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a mix of Japanese and Western features in a fantasy world though.

“Hoh~, I can see a lot of ideas in a variety of places that most likely stemmed from playing around and from a flexible perspective. As a whole, the affectation in Tsige as a town is still lacking, but in this town, I can feel grace in it.” (Tomoe)

Grace, huh.

I see.

I am used to seeing those kind of places, so places like this feel nostalgic.

There’s a tall and sturdy inner wall, but from the impression that the city gives as a whole, I can’t feel any sort of enclosement.

Hah…this is a pleasant surprise.

The style of this city, or more like, the systemization of this land can serve as good reference for Tsige.

After finishing settling down with the independence, we can have Rembrandt-san and the others observe the place. It might create a pretty good reaction.

The wasteland and the labyrinth; the sensation of distance between them. There’s a bit of a difference between both places regarding that, but there’s no doubt that the development of both places were brought by the wasteland and the labyrinth respectively.

I changed my mind.

I won’t be concentrating only on the labyrinth, I will also properly check out the city itself.

“Kannaoi looks good.” (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Mio)

“Right.” (Tomoe)

Mio and Tomoe nodded.

It seems like the two have taken a liking to the city with their first look.

For now, there hasn’t been any interference of Tomoki, and he hasn’t attacked us either.

This is going really smoothly.

“…Even though we are looking at it from afar, why is it that you can understand it with such detail? That’s so mysterious-na no desu. I’m dumbfounded-na no desu.” (Iroha)

Iroha-chan, who has been silent until now, muttered this.

Oops, we were talking with our eyesight as the standard.

Since coming here, not only were my glasses unnecessary, my eyesight is better than that of the Maasai people and can see far away clearly, so it had turned into something natural for me.

Just as she said, Kannaoi is still far.

It is definitely not a distance where we would just go down and arrive at the city.

If we walk for a while, a lot of agricultural lands will be here and there, so there will be a lot of people on the road as well, but it seems like it was a bit too fast to talk fervently about the city.

I can smell food that has a scent similar to that of miso, and I am also interested in it, but…it would be better to pretend I don’t notice until I am actually close to the food huh.

“I can also smell miso-desu wa. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of way they make it, right Waka-sama?” (Mio)

Mio instantly notices and is all smiles.

“…Kannaoi is certainly in possession of miso, but I can say for sure that right now the only scent here is that of trees-desu. There’s no way that’s possible.” (Iroha)

“Well, it is Mio after all. Don’t get so bothered by it, Iroha-chan. Now then, just a bit more to go, let’s go.” (Makoto)

I urge Iroha-chan, who is making a complicated expression and an uneasy expression at the same time, to depart.

The carriage had stopped for a bit.

Even so, the sun is still high and we will probably arrive by today.

It would be better to increase the pace a bit more so that we can spend the night at an inn in the city, and that would be more comfortable.

Okay, let’s go with that.

“That’s right. It is the Kuzunoha Company, so this can’t be helped-na no desu. I can agree to that.” (Iroha)

Iroha-chan is desperately trying to agree with what’s happening in front of her.

No, it is not the Kuzunoha Company but Mio…

Well, that’s fine.

Anyways, from what we have checked of Shougetsu-san’s group that went ahead of us, they have been attacked a number of times, but it seems like they haven’t lost a single one.

They are also at a pace that won’t have any problems in arriving at Kannaoi while the sun is still up.

Leaving aside mamonos, our side has been able to arrive here comfortably without being attacked by people.

Everything okay.

The first thing to do once we arrive…


I stop.

My breast pocket was warm like the Cairo.

But I haven’t placed anything that should be warm.

What is it then?

“The adventurer card?” (Makoto)

From the leather case I use to place my business cards, I take out the origin of the heat.

The O-parts high-spec card terminal that I received when I registered in the Adventurer Guild.

My level has not increased at all, so its functions have been sealed all this time.

Now that I think about it, I have not been using it lately.

Did it get lonely?

“It is somewhat warm.” (Makoto)

I can feel a vibration as if something inside of it is revolving.

Ah, it is that. It feels like when an outdated hard-disk is working.

It isn’t as noisy, and the heat isn’t that much of a deal, so there’s no harm in it. It doesn’t turn violent, and it is simply emitting a red phosphorescence.

But this is a first, so I am a bit uneasy.

“It doesn’t seem like it is sending out magic power or transmitting anything.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe promptly analyzes and tells me that there’s nothing dangerous with it.

“It is definitely Root doing something strange again. Seriously, that pervert never does anything good.” (Mio)

Root huh.

Just like Mio said, there’s the possibility.

He said that he wanted to investigate the reason of the level 1 and has been tinkering with it.

The card suddenly made high-pitched sounds like when scratching a blackboard, so I stormed his place yelling and he confessed.

It is plenty possible that this is part of his tinkering.

That guy, he said that he wouldn’t lie to me with a serious face, but he simply doesn’t lie and has a lot of things he hides.

When I complain to him, he nonchalantly tells me that I didn’t ask.

There was a time when he said in a loving manner: ‘Want me to tell you all the things in this world that I know of? Are you letting me do that?’ as if threatening me.

His male self is out of question, but now, even his female side is a no.

“It calmed down. That Root, what did he do?” (Makoto)

“Level…1…” (Iroha)


Iroha-chan saw my level.

It is written pretty big so she saw it huh.

“It is fine, it is fine. If we add Kuzunoha Company + Raidou-sama, it is still understandable. Yes, I am fine-na no desu.” (Iroha)

Yeah, she doesn’t make a ruckus, but Iroha-chan has piled up stress.

‘Fine’ is not an almighty word.

Iroha-chan, you are worn out.

Let’s just pray for her inside my heart.

If we were to tell her that Root is the guild master of the Adventurer Guild, I feel like she will be on the verge of peeing, so this is the boundary where we should be prudent.

She hasn’t asked me anyways.

…Ah, I ended up saying the same excuse as Root.

I see…

I was thinking about going tonight to enquire with that pervert about today, but let’s ask him with a calm heart.

Because I have now understood a little bit the meaning behind that excuse.

“Fumu… Oi, Iroha, I will show you my card as we—” (Tomoe)

“Stop it!” (Makoto)

I stop the pointless messing around of Tomoe before it happens, and the calm and merry journey begins once again.

Almost at the same time as the curtains of the night come down, we managed to arrive at the city of Kannaoi.

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