Chapter 236: Results of Kuzunoha company

Ah, right.

Koran is a port town, so it is obviously close to the sea.

No well, it is an obvious thing, but it is now that I know the meaning of it.

“And so, Koran -with the consensus of the town- wanted to have a permanent collaboration with Tsige -no, with the Kuzunoha company. Speaking more accurately, it would be with our shipbuilding group and the Neptunes.” (Tomoe)

After safely resolving the matter of who will be going to Lorel with me, the meeting with the followers gathered at Asora had begun.

First, it was the report of Tomoe regarding the cooperative attitude of Koran towards Tsige, to the point of being eerie. The reason why has been revealed.

“It is true that the scale of the shipbuilding work of that town has been steadily increasing. It is not at the level of Tsige, but every time I go there, the scenery always changes. They have already absorbed a number of neighboring fishing villages and have gained plenty enough strength on their own, so they will probably grow even more.” (Shiki)

“They properly understand that it was all thanks to us. They are a smart bunch-desu wa ne. They are a more understandable bunch compared to the major powers.” (Mio)

Shiki and Mio are the ones who have been coming and going to Koran the most within the people here, so they are knowledgeable about the personality of that town.

The two of them seem to be convinced about the report of Tomoe.

“With the technique of the Eldwas, the shipbuilding techniques also get better, and it provides an overwhelming advantage against the other neighbouring towns. As of now, there’s no port town that can compete with them and the favorable wind continues. Also…the cooperation of the Neptunes must be playing a big part as well. It seems like they haven’t shown themselves, but the fishing boats that are from Koran are clearly getting more catch and have a safer travel compared to others.” (Tamaki)

It seems like Tamaki has grasped the current state of Koran, which she has never gone to before, by reading the documents and hearing the report of Tomoe.

Just as she has pointed out, Koran and the towns that are related to it have not faced any accidents in their sea route since a certain time.

That time was when Shiki had spoken about Koran to Serwhale-san.

The Neptunes had a faction conflict at the sea in the past, so they have only been to the neighboring areas of Koran where they know it is safe, but it seems like the other sea races are quite far into the sea. That’s why, along with the information gathering of the Neptunes, they also help out with the sailing of the ships in Koran.

It seems like the Neptunes don’t want to meet with the Neptune force related to the brother of Serwhale-san after all.

Well, they abandoned that side and decided to follow his little brother Serwhale-san, so that’s natural though.

“I certainly do remember agreeing with the sea residents about their request to protect the fellows of Asora that are in Koran, but…I didn’t know that they were doing this much. Doesn’t seem like Mio and Shiki knew either.” (Tomoe)

“Right. So that’s the reason why there were no attacks.” (Shiki)

“Well, there’s no real problem with that-desu wa. Isn’t that rather something praiseworthy?” (Mio)

Yeah, I also heard about that.

There are around 10 people from Asora in Koran.

And so, since it is a beach and the attacks of marine demonic beasts on land are not that big of a deal, they said they would be looking after the sea to a certain extent. This is something that the people from the sea told me not that long ago.

I think it was at the time when the talk about increasing the number of Eldwas for shipbuilding had come out.

It seems like the fruits of their efforts had changed Koran’s view of Tsige in a terrifying manner.

The ships that Koran is using are mostly made by our craftsmen, or ships that they have had a hand in the work.

And it seems like with the craftsmanship of the Eldwas, they have made the ships so that they can be recognized even when looking at them from under the sea.

So when they are spotted, they help the ship out in their cruising, defeat the marine beasts that might be a threat, and at land, our employees would be provided information about fishing grounds, the environment of the sea, and things like that.

Well, it is natural that the races that live in the sea have more information than the hyumans that use ships to travel through the sea. And it seems like the fishermen and sailors are already seeing us as a priceless treasure.

When Tomoe introduced herself as being on the same standing as Mio and Shiki, they gave her a warm welcome as if she were the representative of Tsige.

“The fishing amount, as well as the information they possess, overwhelms that of the other towns. And because of that, they have begun taking interest in the ocean and their expertise. For that sake, they want to get along with us even more. And coupled with the information that Kuzunoha company is based in Tsige…it seems like it turned into them thinking that they might as well just get under our wings. The matter with Koran is already settled.” (Tomoe)


So Levi, the mermaids, and the sirens have been doing a lot as well huh.

They have sunk every ship that has been approaching Koran to seize it in this time of revolution, since they are practically pirates.

Well, it is certainly true that ships look like leaves when seeing them from within the sea, and lately, that girl Levi has been saying strange things like: ‘I have been getting good at sniping~’.  

Just by opening a big hole in the ship, you can create a disaster after all.

The sirens and mermaids as well.

They find land and islands, and hunt hostile ships mercilessly.

Even without Levi, they can show them a painful time with their magic.

Once at the sea, hyumans become weak.

I pity them.

“In that case, leaving aside unification, the reason why Koran wants to enter Tsige’s wing is because they already know that by doing that they will be able to enjoy the merits that they can obtain, right?” (Makoto)

“Right. They didn’t look like they would suffer any disadvantages from it.” (Tomoe)

“They possess a good quality sea, and in terms of shipbuilding, they possess techniques that are valuable for the Eldwas. I think that Kuzunoha company will continue their relationship as it has been until now.” (Shiki)

“Yeah. The carapaced types and shellfishes are currently the easiest to prepare and their taste is also good, so they are pretty useful-desu wa. The part that they are lowering their head to Waka-sama is also cute, isn’t it?” (Mio)

“I know about the sea of Asora, but I think it would serve as good reference to have the data of other seas. If this doesn’t bring any danger to Asora’s residents, I think it is okay to maintain the status quo, and it would also be okay to advance that relationship.” (Tamaki)

So everyone is in favor huh.

I also don’t have much reason to go against it.

Or more like, from what I have heard in the reports, I feel like it would be good to go there once.

To show my face there.

“Since they are relying on us that much, maybe I should show my face there at least once?” (Makoto)

“They are also expectantly waiting for that moment. In terms of popularity and amount of transactions, the Rembrandt company and the Kuzunoha company are basically viewed as the representatives of Tsige. They courteously received the envoys.” (Tomoe)

“…Ah.” (Makoto)

“Waka, is there something bothering you?” (Tomoe)

“There’s a merchant that went to Koran, Schirra-san, right? The representative of the company that deals with things like gems and crystals.” (Makoto)

“…Yeah, there’s that one.” (Tomoe)

“How did it go with him? It seemed like he had some sort of incident in the past with Koran though.” (Makoto)

I try asking about the man that I suddenly remember.

“It seems like they did quite an unethical thing, but it wasn’t he himself who did it but their family predecessor anyways. It is still only one day since we arrived at Koran, but it seems like the ban they had has been lifted.” (Tomoe)

“I see. And so, do you think they are scheming something in the future?” (Makoto)

“Doesn’t seem like it. He was simply happy that he would be able to do transactions on the same standing as the other companies. From what I see, he is a man that has reasonable skill.” (Tomoe)

“He did look like a capable person. And so, what did they even do at Koran?” (Makoto)

“…The crystal corals that can only be found at the sea and are treated as a gift of the sea. It seems like they weren’t satisfied with the amount, so they were demanding to let them go to the depths of the sea to take more. To the place where the fishermen of Koran treat as a sacred place.” (Tomoe)

Uwa, that’s low.

“Ah, those crystal corals huh. It is true that they are beautiful, and it was also prohibited to take them. It is not like they only grow in that place, but if we are talking about the place that is the closest and can be entered the easiest it would be that place huh.” (Mio)

“A foolish move that creates animosity towards the locals. Seriously, the very definition of a fool.” (Shiki)

Mio seems to know about that place.

Shiki seems like he also knows about it, but it looks like he also knows how important that place is to the locals.

So they tried to put their hands on a place they shouldn’t have even tried to huh.

Or more like, they have done something like that and yet, just because he was one of the envoys of Tsige, he was forgiven. I have to be careful on that.

Be careful on what I say that can be taken as some sort of approval.

So that it doesn’t happen, I should meet with the influential people of Koran and create a connection promptly.

I don’t want the name of our place falling because of something weird those guys might do.

It was a reputation that the Eldwas, Mio, Shiki, and sea races had build up after all.

“There’s no need to tell this to Waka-sama, but…for the people that live on the blessings of the sea, the places that are established as prohibited for fishing have an important meaning behind it. And if on top of that it is being treated as a sacred precinct, it can be considered miraculous that they didn’t get executed for the simple fact that they are outsiders that tried to enter. For the people, the sea is a place that they can’t control, so things like superstitions and jinx are plenty enough to bet their life on.” (Tamaki)

“…Well, that’s right.” (Makoto)

“And yet, there’s already enough trust build up that just by being in the same group as us, they can forgive this sin. Kuzunoha company is truly trusted. I am moved.” (Tamaki)

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

The words of Tamaki still can’t enter in me as honest.

But it is not like what she is saying is strange or anything.

It is a matter of course to endeavor in not betraying expectations after all.

“I think there’s worth in trying to visit with just Rembrandt company and our Kuzunoha company. And so, in outline, I will be acting for a few days together with the envoy group that are over at Koran, but there’s probably not going to be anything worth reporting. Doesn’t seem like there will be any problems in having Koran under Tsige.” (Tomoe)

“Understood. Thanks, Tomoe.” (Makoto)

“Well, in my opinion, I just want to go to Lorel quickly. Mufufufufu.” (Tomoe)

“I will make it so we can go as fast as possible. Now then, the next one is Mio. You will be telling me the detailed menu that you will be making…ah, this one, right? Next, is the state of the town. Is there anything that has changed or something of interest?” (Makoto)

“Uhm, I have already talked about the bento, so…regarding the state of the town, it isn’t hasty like the time with Rotsgard, and in the sense of tension, this town is able to maintain it at an ordinary level. There’s nothing of interest. If I had to say something…the birthday of Rinon is coming soon. Toa said that she wanted to have the party at our place.” (Mio)

…That’s really just saying whatever comes to mind.

I see. Rinon’s birthday is coming. How old was she?

She isn’t in school, so there’s nothing about student year and that makes it harder to know.

There’s already the income of her sister’s party, and they are also okay with their house expenditures, and Rinon herself is gaining income too.

Just what’s the point of age?

“I see. Ah well, she is an adventurer we are well acquainted with so, isn’t it fine to let her do it?” (Makoto)

“I was intending to do that. Komoe was also excited about it, so I will have her help out in something. Is that okay, Tomoe-san?” (Mio)

“Of course-ja. Go ahead and use her.” (Tomoe)

Shiki and Tamaki were also in favour of the party, and they were lining up suggestions and ideas.

What a peaceful scene.

For some reason, Shiki and Tamaki have a lot of ideas for magic performances.

Why do these magicians know so many recipes for magic tricks when they can do actual magic?

Ah right, Tamaki is a shrine maiden, not a magician.

She is wearing a red and white shrine maiden outfit at this moment and all.

She actually has a black outfit as well. I saw her once wearing a black shrine maiden outfit, but that felt so ominous and uncomfortable. And so, I asked her to please not venture too much with the outfit of a shrine maiden.

And well, while I was thinking about something out of topic, Tamaki had suggested a number of ideas for the bento menu to Mio. Things like sweet-and-sour pork, mapo doufu, and ebi chili were added to the menu.

The topic about onigiri for the adventurers was brought out, and the two of them got strangely heated in the discussion.

I personally like onigiri as well.

The one I like the most is lemon chicken, but I feel like it might turn into another unproductive discussion, so I refrain from saying it out loud.

There was no need to worry about such things. The two of them were discussing about the distribution of salt and the blending of it. They are talking about things like the kind of rice uniformity and are already entering a domain I can’t join.

“Ara, that’s why I don’t like ignorance. Listen well, adventurers are people that obtain their provisions from the actual place as they think of their food supply situation. There’s no need to have their food last for a month! In the first place, with this distribution of salt, the taste will drop radically! The viscosity of the rice will decrease, and the salt will overwhelm the sweetness of it!!” (Mio)

“The taste is a trivial problem compared to starvation! Having food that can serve for emergencies serves for peace of mind, so even if it is slightly salty, they wouldn’t mind!” (Tamaki)

“There’s no idiot who would stuff their bags with onigiris just for that as they go to the wasteland! People like that would be laughable!” (Mio)

“That’s why you increase the amount it can fill up your hunger by increasing the size and adding…” (Tamaki)

“I am thinking about providing onigiris as bentos. I don’t want to feed something strange that’s comparable to a ninja pill.” (Mio) <Ninja pills had many things stuffed in them for their diet.>

What Mio proposed first was an onigiri that was salted so it could last for 1 week.

I don’t think that’s so different from ninja pills though.

In the first place, if the importance is directed at its preservation, wouldn’t it be better to put dried plum in instead of not putting anything?

Let’s try saying it…no, entering this dispute is most likely a bad move.

No matter where it rolls, it won’t turn into a good result.

I can’t imagine onigiri that can last for one month to begin with.

That’s really made out of white rice, right?

I can only see it as some sort of onigiri mutation though.

Well, this is a place to talk about reports, so I will have them tell me their arguments at a later time.

“Mio and Tamaki, STOP! Can you please have that debate at another time with the two of you and the related people? I want to hear the report of Shiki after all.” (Makoto)

“…That’s true. It is not something that can be decided after talking here for a little.” (Mio)

“We have not touched the possibilities of the ingredients after all. It would take more than one night. I am truly sorry.” (Tamaki)

As expected, they were intending to leave the boundaries of onigiri huh.

How scary.

Not only a night, it is practically being treated as a research topic.

I am glad that they at least agreed in stopping.

“On my side, it would be about the report of Rotsgard. The merchant guild that has been reorganized by Zara as the center has already settled down. From the top brass and the representatives that compose the organization, there’s no one who wants to be hostile against us. Waka-sama’s attendance to the meetings has increased compared to the past, and they already know that with Akua, Eris, Lime, or I, the meeting can proceed in a satisfactory manner anyways, so it is incredibly easy to handle.” (Shiki)

“It is true that I have tried to participate more than before. Simply showing your face and drinking tea can create some credence.” (Makoto)

“Yes. Also, before the attack in Rotsgard, Kuzunoha company had shown radical growth and didn’t expose itself much, so the representative was riddled with mystery. Since everyone related to the guild participated in the meetings except for Waka-sama, it created an unnecessary sense of distrust. After becoming the saviour of the town, moreover, provided assistance to the reconstruction of it, the unnecesary filters placed on us have disappeared. I think that played a big part in how easy it is to move now.” (Shiki)

“So the relationship we have with the guild is going well. And so, how’s the town been lately?” (Makoto)

Gotta know about the latest info of the reconstruction.

“This might be considered a great achievement brought by injury. A part of the town that had been destroyed by the variants has been put in order. With this, more effective renovations can be done, more people will gather, and the liveliness will grow. There’s been cases where people that left are now returning, and the population is recovering favorably. Also, regarding the slums where the demi-humans lived in, there has been no requests for demolition, and it is still being used as their dwelling with slight repairs.” (Shiki)


Not a bad report.

The places that have been destroyed are being renovated, but that doesn’t mean there’s no people living there anymore. Rather, there’s more people now.

And yet, the demi-humans that would normally be driven out first, have been admitted to live just as they have been.

That must mean the standing of the demi-humans has increased a bit.

“How is Bor and the others doing?” (Makoto)

“They are cooperating with the reconstruction. There’s still a lot of simple manual labor left. Also, a part of the town’s companies have begun copying our part-time job policy. For the demi-humans, this is a chance to show their strength, so they are doing their best in order to obtain employment.” (Shiki)

“What about the area where there’s that variant turned into a giant tree?” (Makoto)

“It has completely become a public park that represents the town. Rotsgard is still not in a finished state yet, but they are already at the phase where they are polishing the finer details. Representative Zara seems to be thinking in the same way. He promptly settled a plan to provide assistance to the surrounding towns and he wanted to request for our cooperation.” (Shiki)

“The satellite towns huh. After Rotsgard, they have to do something about them as well, right.” (Makoto)

“That’s a matter that representative Zara, the merchant guild, and the Academy have to tackle themselves. Zara will request for our cooperation, but I think there’s no need for overcommitment there. Kuzunoha company has already cooperated plenty enough with the reconstruction of Rotsgard. The store is thriving everyday, Waka-sama.” (Shiki)

“I see. That’s great.” (Makoto)

“Yes, thanks for your hard work.With this, we have created an environment where we can concentrate only on the lessons at Rotsgard.” (Shiki)

I didn’t continue by saying: ‘it is fine to take a good rest then’.

Rather, Shiki’s motivation is literally read as serious. I feel like fire is swaying at his back.

“Tomorrow’s lesson huh. If I remember correctly, we are integrating the new students, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s right! It will be the step-up for Jin, Amelia, and the others, and it will also be an important moment to make new students for Waka-sama!” (Shiki)

“Y-Yeah, I understand.” (Makoto)

I am not that passionate like Shiki though.

From the documents that he brought out, excluding Jin and the others, there’s around 30 students.

That’s pretty high.

That Shiki, he isn’t being too passionate and trying to create a Raidou faction within the academy, right?

I don’t want that.

I definitely don’t want to get involved in the power strife inside the academy.

“There’s a lot of new students, but well, this is just to please the people at the office. After doing some classes, there will most likely be only a few remaining.” (Shiki)

“That’s how it will end up.” (Makoto)

“Tomorrow will be their first lesson, so I would like to have Waka-sama move as well. Is that okay?” (Shiki)

“I don’t mind.” (Makoto)

I am the teacher anyways.

There’s not many classes where you just talk and that’s all.

“Thanks. Well, we will have the students understand first that the class of Raidou is not one where we treat the students gently like customers. It may be troublesome but, please do take care of it.” (Shiki)

Ah, there’s a few students in the list who are from pretty famous noble families.

I thought after seeing the tournament, they wouldn’t want to join our class so there was no need to worry, but it seems like I was still underestimating hyumans.  

Jin and the others have vomited their share of blood and pushed their limits in order to stand where they are now.

As long as there’s no people here that have some sort of outstanding talent, there’s no person that can get better by simply being praised.

Rather, it would create misunderstandings and make them full of themselves, and that can cause them to commit a fatal mistake.  

Just as Shiki said, we have to make them understand that first.

Even I don’t know how to easily make people stronger.

The reason behind that evil smile of Shiki is probably because of the part about pleasing the people at the office.

I can understand that too.

Having them telling us to increase the number of students all the time does get in your nerves.

“Understood. Then after the matter with the lessons calms down and Tomoe returns from Koran, Sairitz-san will most likely have the promissory note ready, so we will be going to Lorel then. Wrapping the matters outside with this…Tamaki, I think you have already gotten used to Asora, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. I am deeply moved at how splendid of a place it is.” (Tamaki)

“How is it going with the shrine administration and the familiarity with the races that have been living with you, Tamaki? Is there anything that’s been troubling you?” (Makoto)

“There’s nothing troubling me, but there’s a number of things I would like to report to Makoto-sama, and ask you about.” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, I am listening.” (Makoto)

The Asora reflected in the eyes of Tamaki.

The newest addition in my followers, and also the one I can’t get my grasp on the most.

Now then, just what does she feel?

I hope I can understand her better with this…

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