Chapter 235: Dinner and reports

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Makoto here.

After explaining the situation, it resulted in two women scattering sparks in Asora.

Shiki and the new addition Tamaki had already stepped back and declared their standing, so that part is fine, but…

No, because of that, it turned into a one-on-one fight.

Both of them should have their own jobs to do, and yet, I can tell that their priority right now has become Lorel.

To the point that I could read it in their eyes.

I thought that today would be okay though.

Before all this happened…

We didn’t have any plans with anyone at dinner, so we ate dinner with everyone at Asora, and well, we were able to have a peaceful dinner with Tomoe and Mio in our last meal of the day.

Ah, today was tofu.

It was delicious.

Cold tofu is a template in those kind of meals, but there was also agedashi tofu and tempura.

That white thing does well even in boiled food.

“Okay, then that’s fine!” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, I don’t have any complains!!” (Mio)

But after the dinner…

I deny the voices from entering into my ears, and while holding my tea in one hand, I endeavour to look at a part of the landscape while some sort of fierce battle began.


Since things had begun breaking, I thought they would already change the stage to the outside but…

“Ah~, and so?” (Makoto)

I ask the two that are approaching to where I am in an excited state.

Shiki, Tamaki, and Ema and the others have already been sent to another room to take refuge. There’s only us three in this hall.

“It has been decided that fighting is unnecessary.” (Tomoe)


That was Tomoe.

“Since the beginning, this wasn’t something to fight for.” (Mio)

“Please notice that before we had to evacuate everyone.” (Makoto)

Mio also said this as she cooled down.

“We noticed that there’s absolutely no problems if we both go.” (Tomoe)

“Bringing us both would be the best option-desu wa!” (Mio)


Because of the matter with Koran, Tomoe is in a situation where she will be on a leave from town for a while, and the part of the store Mio is involved with is prospering.

That store has a lot of things that were made with the concept of Japanese-style food, so it is still at a phase where I still want Mio to look after the store.

Because Mio and I are the ones that know the most about the seasoning and way of making it after all.

The people that are working at that store are still in the stage where they are still following after Mio.

I also thought about just going by myself, but this is about me, going alone to a country gave the feeling that something would definitely happen, so I dismissed that idea.

In the end, it is settled that I will be going to Lorel, but after dinner, I began the talk that I wanted one person to accompany me.

…Ah, now that I think about it, it would have been better to evacuate Ema and the others and leave only the followers beforehand.

Or just nominate Shiki?

Not that long ago, I was told that I favour Shiki too much though…

“…You two, if both of you were to leave, the company and the town will receive quite the burden, you know?” (Makoto)

“Shiki will work hard.” (Tomoe)

You say that pretty easily, Tomoe.

I am sure he will take on the job, but Shiki also has a limit in his 24 hours.

“Yes. If there’s the need to, we can just use Tamaki and Sari, that way, there won’t be any problems for a while, Waka-sama.” (Mio)

“Tamaki is a no. I have something planned for her, and at present, I will only make her do jobs related to Asora. She still has to manage that big shrine, so I don’t want to be lax about it.” (Makoto)

Mio also easily brought out the two people that I have a policy of not letting out of Asora.

“Regarding me, I will be reporting at a later time, but honestly, I have already understood the actual state of affairs of Koran by today, so I think there’s no need to waste time there. If this were a leave of several months, it is certainly true that it would cause several inconveniences, but isn’t this a business trip? With the Winged-kin radar that serves to search for enemies from high altitudes, and the network of Forest Onis that can seek for the cooperation of villages in the areas, there should be no problems.” (Tomoe)

“That’s right. Tsige is not in such a strained state where Tomoe-san and I have to participate regularly in it-desu wa. If something happens, we can return immediately. A dungeon may be unappealing, but looking at the ingredients and cooking of a foreign country will become an irreplaceable experience. Especially Lorel where the vestiges of Waka-sama’s fellow countrymen remain. Just what kind of form has the Japanese food taken in the region and how much it has been raised. I am really interested!” (Mio)

At this rate, before we move to the report meeting, we will end up in an unnecessary fight just like the two said, and then there’s the possibility of everyone getting tired by it.

The persuasion of the two wasn’t a simple ‘I don’t care about the town’, but something more concrete by understanding the situation of it.

Even if an unexpected situation occurs in the dungeon, I can’t imagine a situation where we three are unable to make a recovery in a few days.

The only thing there is a simple Superior Dragon after all.

“Mio, is the store okay? Isn’t it difficult to operate the store with only the girls there?” (Makoto)

“I was planning on doing something next week. For that reason, I trained them quite a bit, so they are currently slightly better than what Waka-sama thinks they are-desu wa~.” (Mio)

That’s the first I have heard of it.

However, that Mio said she trained them ‘quite’ a bit and they got ‘slightly’ better.

She is super spartan.

I hope the amount of cooks in Asora won’t decrease.

I should ask the people that are at the store about the actual circumstances.

Because I don’t think I will be able to hear anything accurate from the manager in front of me.

There has been a previous experience where Mio said that she had a ‘bit’ of an idea and proceeded to seclude herself in the kitchen for two weeks making dashi.

“Plan, you say?” (Makoto)

“This is only limited to the early morning and at noon, but I was thinking about making a menu for take out.” (Mio)

“Take out meals… Sounds like a *bento*.” (Makoto) <boxed lunches>

“Yes, it is exactly that. The name is Bento fair.” (Mio)

“I think it is an interesting idea but, why?” (Makoto)

“The congestion at noon is specially terrible, so I thought of it as one of the methods to soften it. We have also gotten the permission from the town to place tables and seats at the front of the store when it is lunch, but as expected, it would be easier to just increase the people that buy and eat somewhere else. That way, I think the situation would get slightly better.” (Mio)

“There’s a limit to how many tables we can place inside the store after all. Also, take out huh. I see.” (Makoto)

“I was thinking about reporting this later, but I have done it now. I will bring the detailed documents later. It seems like we will be able to sample the menu in our journey-desu wa ne. Ufufufu.” (Mio)

It is certainly true that there’s few take out meals that have rice and side dishes present in Tsige.

If we are talking about taking out, it would be mostly fast food after all.

There will be people who will be able to learn about the taste of our store, and I can expect quite a variety of synergizing effects from this proposal.


Thinking about how that publicity-like method might have a good effect, I don’t think the use of bentos will decrease the amount of congestion.

The customers who are aiming to buy bentos will increase, and the customers who think that it was delicious will come to the store again to have meals there.

In terms of result, it will be good for the sales, but regarding the congestions, I think it will turn into a vicious cycle.

No well, I will just keep silent about it.

If there’s the need to, I can ask the neighboring store via the Guild to please move from there -with good conditions, of course- and expand the food store of Mio.

At present, there’s no problem if we simply increase the space of the store at lunch time…probably.

Eating the sample food of the bento made by Mio and her disciples at Lorel huh.

Aside from going to the dungeon, it might actually be unexpectedly fun.

“There’s no need for you to go regularly to Koran, right Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“Of course. I think I will be able to give a good report regarding that town.” (Tomoe)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Currently, Shiki is quite busy with the Academy town and Tsige.

Tamaki has the management of the shrines, and she is getting acquainted with the inside work of Asora alongside the residents. I don’t really want to let her out.

Regarding Sari…well, depending on the situation, I think it is fine to loosen a bit, but for now, she has the work in Asora filling her hands.

Then that’s fine huh.

Tomoe and Mio had finished giving their opinions, and were watching my state.

“Understood. Let’s go to Lorel, both of you. Forest Onis and one Eldwarf…if there’s anyone that you two want to bring as well, can you please choose them?” (Makoto)

“Yes! We are finally able to go to Lorel, right?!” (Tomoe)

“Understood. There’s one Arke that’s soon able to move outside. Also, about the bento…” (Mio)

“Ah~ wait wait. We will be having a report meeting, so let’s group up with Shiki and Tamaki, also Tomoe will give me the details about Koran, and…Mio, tell me the line-up of the bentos and the information of the employees you will be using while we are away. I have lessons tomorrow, so I have to hear all of it today.” (Makoto)

“Right. Understood. Then let’s do the meeting in the room where Shiki and Tamaki are then.” (Tomoe)

“Yes, Waka-sama.” (Mio)

Accompanied by the two who are in a good mood, we move to the room where I had Shiki and Tamaki go to.

I thought they would be doing some complicated talk there, but they were just silently turning documents and checking them.

The two of them have quite a big amount of subordinates, so the number of reports is large as well.

When the talk of Lorel comes out, the burden they will take will most likely increase in a lot of meanings.

I am truly sorry.

“Shiki, Tamaki, sorry for the wait.” (Makoto)

“Don’t worry. It was a lot faster than I thought it would take.” (Shiki)

“Yeah. The both of them didn’t seem like they would be taking it outside. Who gave up first?” (Tamaki)

“Both-ja, Tamaki.” (Tomoe)

“Too bad your expectations didn’t hit the mark huh.” (Mio)

“Ara.” (Tamaki)

“This time, I have decided to bring both of them to Lorel. The work in Asora will be handled by Tamaki, and the work of Shiki in Tsige will increase, but…please adjust to it. I will hear about any suggestions and requests to the best of my abilities.” (Makoto)

“The two, is it. Understood. Waka-sama, what do you intend to do about the lessons in Rotsgard?” (Shiki)

It seems like Shiki already expected this. He easily responded.

“The lessons will continue as scheduled. Even if we are going to be travelling far, we can teleport, so both can stand together. Tsige is currently in a lull state, so if we are able to find the people that can become the core of its defense, it would be advantageous.” (Makoto)

In terms of constancy, employing mercenaries can become a big burden to us, the town, and the mercenary group depending on the circumstances.

If possible, it would be great if they were to teach the ins and outs of defense to Tsige, and after surpassing the big mountain called independence, it would be possible to terminate the contract.

“That’s true. Being busy is the usual for us anyways, so it is to the point that lately there hasn’t been enough work. Hahaha.” (Shiki)

Shiki laughed and agreed.

“Having Kuzunoha company continuously helping out Tsige as a whole will only be disadvantageous if we think about the future. I think it is a good idea. Sari is dependable, and I don’t mind at all that the work in Asora will increase, Makoto-sama.” (Tamaki)

“Thanks. That helps me out a lot.” (Makoto)

“Well then, it has been decided that Tomoe-dono and Mio-dono will be accompanying Waka-sama to Lorel. Waka-sama, there’s no problem if we begin the report meeting now, right?” (Shiki)

“Yeah. Tomoe will tell me about Koran; Mio will tell me about Tsige’s state and your plan with the food store; Shiki about the Academy town and the surroundings of the Merchant Guild; Tamaki about Asora in its entirety.”


My four followers speak out their acknowledgment.

The meeting of Kuzunoha company, we were somehow able to safely begin it.

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