Chapter 237: A place that’s nowhere

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It has been a while since the shrines (and Tamaki) have appeared in Asora.

I have done shrine visits once a day.

The change in atmosphere after passing through the shrine archway, the refreshing grounds; that silence that is detached from the sounds of life…is something special even in this world and Asora.

Also, the scent of the trees and the incense make me remember Japan and it makes me nostalgic, which is one of the reasons of my daily visits as well.

But it is not like I stay that long there, so I don’t know about the state of it at the other hours.

For the people that live in Asora, just how has the existence of a shrine taken form in them? I have been slightly interested in it.

That’s why I have been looking forward to seeing if Tamaki’s report has something regarding that.

“First of all, about the administration of the shrine: thanks to the direct request of Makoto-sama, all of the races have been helping out frequently. Most people would show there at least once, and now, even children come to play.” (Tamaki)

“Heh~.” (Makoto)

“The cherry blossom viewing event probably worked as a saving for the image of the shrine in Asora. That’s most likely the reason why they can go there with ease.” (Tamaki)

“As expected, it didn’t become a place where people gather because of faith huh. Sorry, Tamaki.” (Makoto)

It is a place where it has a Shinto shrine, a Buddhist temple, and a Parthenon temple, moreover, there’s a shrine maiden as well. And yet, it is being treated as a big public park, which makes me feel bad.

Tsukuyomi-sama, Daikokuten-sama, Susanoo-sama, Athena-sama; these place was created because of our connection with them after all.

But it is not like they are the Gods of Asora, and aside from me, there’s no one that has any familiarity with those names.

Well, it can’t be helped that it isn’t treated as a place to give prayers religiously.

If that’s the case, the divine vessel might starve for worship, so well, at that point, it should endure with my visits.

Does it even have a will? I don’t know if it gets hungry either though.

The divine vessel literally looks like a simple ball after all.

“Please don’t mind that. This is a place where races that didn’t even pray to the Goddess are gathered. Just because a place connected to Gods -they don’t even know about- appears, it would be strange if they immediately take it as a religious place.” (Tamaki)

“If it’s been taken as a resting place at the very least, does that mean it is doing well?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Also…Makoto-sama visits it everyday. Thanks to that, there have been a number of people that come to offer their prayers. The residents here are mostly people that naturally accept things and share their thoughts. Their compatibility with shrines is definitely not bad.” (Tamaki)

“I see. It is good that there have been people going to give their prayers.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Temples and shrines don’t discriminate races, and the temple one has been expanded, so it is mostly being visited by the sea people. But…” (Tamaki)

“…Is there a problem?” (Makoto)

Honestly, I don’t want to hear about any problems regarding the shrine.

It would be one thing if they were not interested or they are treating it as air, but I wouldn’t be happy to hear that they are against it. This is just my personal opinion though.

“There’s no problem but…the target of their prayers is…uhm…” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, ‘the target is’…?” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama.” (Tamaki)

“…Hah?” (Makoto)

Why did it turn out that way?

The ones that are enshrined there are different Gods (well, to be precise, Tamaki says that there’s only a mysterious divine vessel and there’s nothing like the divine protection of the Gods or their will in them though), and in the first place, I am not a God.

And I am no overlord either.

This is so unexpected that it just doesn’t make sense.

“…Kukukuku.” (Tomoe)

“Ara, that’s wonderful.” (Mio)

“I see. That’s how it turned out.” (Shiki)

Tomoe, Mio, and Shiki, muttered this with joy.

But it doesn’t seem like they find it strange.


In the first place, even if I am not always in Asora, I do come here often and they can totally talk to me and touch me as well. I’m totally a feudal lord.

“It probably means that for Asora, Makoto-sama is a living God, or something proportionate to that. It has been a while since this Tamaki here has seen a person that is a ruler, and yet, treated as a God. Moreover, the ruler himself doesn’t see himself in that way, but the people still treat him as a God.” (Tamaki)


“I have explained the manners and attitude they should take, but…in terms of the divine vessel I spoke about, just by giving their prayers is enough. Currently, it is a trifle matter, but if I had to say one concern of mine, this would be it.” (Tamaki)

“This is not trifle, it is incredibly concerning!” (Makoto)

“Ara~” (Tamaki)

“Can you please explain it well to them? Like seriously, please.” (Makoto)

“If it’s the order of Makoto-sama, I of course will handle it carefully.” (Tamaki)

“I am sure you will be able to explain it properly, so I am counting on you.” (Makoto)

This is no joke.

I am not such a splendid person to be prayed by at shrines.

Those kind of things are probably more fit for people that leave their mark in history.

…Ah, but well, in modern times, there have been people who have done great achievements like flood control which have been revered.

If I remember correctly, they were treated as living deities.

Both cases are way too disconnected from me.

It feels as if something incredibly heavy has fallen on my shoulders.

Sorry, please spare me.

“To persuade them will certainly be relatively hard though.” (Tamaki)

“Of course, I don’t think it will be solved only with words. Don’t worry.” (Makoto)

“That’s a relief. And so, regarding matters aside from the shrine.” (Tamaki)

“Yeah, how is it?” (Makoto)

“Sari and Ema are capable people, so the land and sea are working together perfectly. Even though the numbers have increased quite a lot, the disatisfaction of the residents in Asora is scarily low to the point of being surprising.” (Tamaki)

“That’s true. Those two are a great help.” (Makoto)

“The people that have been involved with this place from the beginning: Tomoe-san, Mio-san, and Shiki-san, are truly managing it skillfully. I am purely impressed.” (Tamaki)

“Hm? Skillfully?” (Makoto)


I was slightly bothered by how Tamaki said it.

I glanced at the three, but they don’t seem to be saying anything about it.

“They understand well that all the races believe in power supremacy, and as an outlet, they provide the Asora ranking as a place to fight and have amusement. And with that, it dispels the discontent at early stages and also creates a natural hierarchy with Makoto-sama as the summit. There’s also a lot of government techniques done here as well. It is splendid.” (Tamaki)


Why is it that my emotions are stirring slightly?

“That’s just by chance. It was surprising for me that it turned into a good place for amusement.” (Tomoe)

“It is a good place to kill time, right?” (Mio)

“This domain called Asora has Waka-sama at its centre, so there’s not really any problem in him standing at its summit.” (Shiki)

And for some reason, those three seem to be dodging those words…

Leaving aside Mio.

“That’s why there’s not much I can propose to do. Currently, there would be only one thing.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki didn’t delve deeper into it either, and continues with a different topic.

“Regarding the treatment of the animals, I think they should be dealt with urgently.” (Tamaki)

“Animals? Are you talking about the chickens and cows?” (Makoto)

There’s certainly animals that have been raised as livestock in Asora.

There was a period of time when we had trouble with it, but most of it should have been resolved already.

I didn’t only hear the reports, I have also gone there myself a few times, and that’s how I felt.

“No, I am talking about the animals in the wild. The ones like: wolves, bears, and the Roc bird.” (Tamaki)

“What do you mean by dealing with them? There hasn’t been any friction.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama, Asora will surely develop even more in the future. Because here, there’s only powers that are affiliated with Makoto-sama. With how things go, the places where one can live will run out before long. No matter how big the place is, this will definitely happen one day. That’s why we shouldn’t let those animals do whatever they want with such a vast place. Instead, we should eradicate them in the early stages, or take them under your direct control as part of the residents. That way, I think the problems in the future will be lessened.” (Tamaki)


“If it is left as it is, when the time comes, they will bring out the name of Makoto-sama and will use a vague promise as their backing, which will create disputes in the future with the residents. Makoto-sama is the personage that serves as the heart of this nation. At the very least, I think that the present vague promises like giving them a forest and desert should be rechecked into something more proper.” (Tamaki)

“I don’t think they would create problems like that though.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama, pardon me, but problems concerned with the environment and living beings in it, are definitely not matters that turn into good things by their own. In the case of problems with original residents and new ones, it is easiest to just quickly eradicate them and then look back at history and apologize for it. Makoto-sama doesn’t like complicated problems, and it is also one of the most simplest and clear methods of resolving the matter.” (Tamaki)


But I don’t think this is right.

In the first place, I can’t imagine Asora getting so overflowed with people. And to commit genocide because of this foreseeable future, that’s just…no, there’s a part of it that has a point.

It is true that problems should be dealt with before they sprout, but…even so…

I feel like I am being inquired about my stance here.

In that case, I won’t be developing the mountains and sea completely.

“…Then…” (Makoto)


“I will clearly establish somewhere that there should be no fights over territory. I will also arrange things on their side as well. It is true that I don’t know about the future, but if I leave word that I don’t wish for that to happen, there’s a high chance that both sides will respect that. Is that okay?” (Makoto)

Also, this is not a nation of humans or hyumans.

There’s a lot of races with long longevity, and are different in nature.

“…Of course, I don’t mind. This is just my personal opinion but, I think that in the future, it will be necessary for Makoto-sama to show your will clearly. I think it will be good practice to try that even if it’s in small matters in Asora.” (Tamaki)

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

“My honest impression is that Asora is an incredibly ideal land. Yeah…just like an Utopia.” (Tamaki)

“You are exaggerating, Tamaki.” (Makoto)

Tamaki giggles and bows once.

She is done huh.

Ideal land…Utopia huh.

Tamaki should know about the words denoting those kind of places, like: Elysium, Agartha, Eden, Heaven, Shangri-la, Mount Penglai. And yet, why did she choose to call it Utopia?

When she is the one saying it, I feel like there’s some sort of meaning behind it.

In the first place, I myself…don’t like the word Utopia that much.

Because of the name’s origin, and the circumstances of it. <Utopia falls.>

Well, for a Japanese person, the word heaven is probably the better wording for it. To denote an ideal place, that is.

If Asora is thought of as a place similar to heaven, that would make me happy.

Yeah, let’s change gears.

“Asora is calm then huh.” (Makoto)

It is as if heaven is telling me to go to Lorel.

Heaven, not the Goddess.

Okay, my hesitation has disappeared.

I have also resolved myself.

Let’s head to that dark, confined, and unpleasant -no, extremely unpleasant dungeon.


…After this, when I go to the shrine and I see people there, I will properly tell them that it isn’t a place to pray at me. On top of that, I will ask them to visit frequently.

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