Chapter 234: That shield is deep underground

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“Picnic Rose Garden?”

What an incredibly fun-sounding name.

And it is also such an unfitting name, I unconsciously said it again.

“Yes. That’s the name of the group. The problem is that they are in Lorel, but are a force that doesn’t have intentions of being attached to a specific country.” (Sairitz)

Sairitz-san welcomed me happily when I entered the room, and after guiding me to my seat, she immediately said that name.

It seems like it is a mercenary group that has high ability and excels at defense.

Even so, they are not participating in the war.

What’s with that?

Be it their name or their attitude, they are quite the shady group.

In the first place, is a mercenary group able to get a decent amount of money if they don’t participate in the war?

“And you are saying they will ally with Tsige as it currently is?” (Makoto)

“It is at a stage where there’s the possibility.” (Sairitz)

Sairitz-san shakes her head to the sides in regret.

“I heard that you had Rembrandt-san call me specifically. Why is that?” (Makoto)

For now, I don’t see much reason as to why this should be related to me.

In the first place, the mercenary group is staying at Lorel, so I don’t have much understanding.

Rather than me, I think that these are circumstances where Sairitz-san would have it easier than me.

“They are a slightly special existence in Lorel Union. They possess an ancestry with the Wise.” (Sairitz)

“Wise…” (Makoto)

She means Japanese people.

Accurately speaking, she refers to the people that come from the same world as me, but after investigating, I can only think Wise are japanese. If that’s not the case, they were people that possessed a lot of asian characteristics.

Thinking about the special culture that has taken root in Lorel, it is practically settled that they were japanese.

“Sairitz-sama, I have told you this before but…I am…” (Makoto)

“You are not a Wise, right? Yes, I understand. But in my eyes, Raidou-sama has enough traits to mistake you for a Wise-sama. The aforementioned mercenary group has strong faith towards the Wise because of their Wise ancestry, you see. If Raidou-sama were to go meet them, I think the conversation will go well. I -Sairitz- am sure of this.” (Sairitz)

Wise huh.

I have heard this word many times already, but there’s no doubt that’s a word denoting japanese people.

It seems like Lorel Union has been politely inviting the people that have slipped into this world to their country (not sure if that’s really the case though).

And by doing that, it affected the country’s culture as well.

For the people of Lorel Union, the Wise are special existences.

Yeah, how to say it…

“That’s why it is me? Moreover, right now?” (Makoto)


Sairitz-san responds immediately with a smile.

The Aion revolution is currently in a lull state, and from what I know, the matter of Koran is not a big problem.

Tsige currently wants military force that can serve for their defense.

If it were a small matter like going to the Academy to teach lessons, there would be no need for hesitation, but to go all the way to Lorel and negotiate with the mercenary group, and then bringing them here. That’s a big job.

But…it is true that if we are to move, it has to be now.

Even if I can come and go from there to Tsige, I would still have to stay at Lorel for several days.

Sairitz-san, who still has that saint-like smile on her face, didn’t avert her eyes from me.

It is a face I can’t handle well.

For me who has been locked on by her since the time at the Academy festival and told to go to her country.

Honestly speaking, I feel like it will be very troublesome.

If only these insecurities weren’t in the way, it is true that I would like to go to Lorel.

“Uhm, Sairitz-sama, I do think as well that it would be beneficial to negotiate with that mercenary group. Thinking about the situation of Tsige, I can’t leave for so long, and I think it will be difficult to have a prolonged leave from the country.” (Makoto)

“Of course, I am not thinking about doing any formal event. Our priestess Chiya-sama is currently not in the country, and a person that serves as a replacement has not been elected either. It is disheartening that we are unable to entertain you adequately. You visiting our country is also one of our objectives, so in this time around, I was thinking about asking you to travel incognito. It may not be much in return, but I will do the best I can to accommodate the movements of the people of Kuzunoha company.” (Sairitz)

I was going to tell her to please spare me any stiffening events like the time when I went to Limia, but a joyful proposal was made.


In that case, I would be able to go quickly and return quickly, probably.

I really do have a slight interest in Lorel, but with the situation of Tsige, there’s no time for that.

If it’s a negotiation with a mercenary group, it will probably be done in a few days.

Information of Kuzunoha company is relayed to me in real time, so in case anything happens, I can return immediately.

If I don’t need to worry about any strange entanglement with the country, this proposal of hers is valid.


“…You don’t mind it being incognito?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. I will prepare a promissory note by the time of your departure, so when you show that, you will be able to go anywhere you wish, Raidou-sama. I will also strongly order them to refrain doing any excessive reception. Of course, I will do my best to make it possible for Raidou-sama to make contact with the places and people that you get interested in.” (Sairitz)

“Ah, there’s no need to go that far.” (Makoto)

Being given too many privileges will make me stand out instead.

Just being able to freely walk in a foreign country is already a pretty big deal.

“No. Right now Lorel and I have been unable to give back anything worthy of repayment to Raidou-sama.” (Sairitz)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“You have saved Chiya-sama and I several times… That’s how I feel.” (Sairitz)

“Haha…” (Makoto)

“And now then, about the place where the mercenary group, Picnic Rose Garden, are using as their base.” (Sairitz)

“Ah, yes.” (Makoto)

It is probably in the capital.

I know.

That’s always how it is.

It seems like that group has a lot of freedom, but there’s no doubt that Sairitz-san wants to invite me to the capital, so behind that smile of hers with no openings, she is definitely going to do something.

Lorel’s capital. If I remember correctly, the name’s Naoi.

Sairitz-san spreads out a map of Lorel as I was searching in my memories.


I unconsciously gulped.

What she had spread out, was a pretty detailed map of Lorel Union.

Towns, roads, and even the topography was shown.

The current me understands the worth of this.

…There’s no doubt that this map also shows confidential information of the country.

This may be too late since I have already seen it but, I feel like I have been trapped in her scheme.

It feels as if I am being led to her pace.

“Our Lorel wants to have a good relationship with the Kuzunoha company and Raidou-sama. If possible, we want to have a long lasting equivalent relationship. So for us, disclosing this amount of information is a given. Please don’t mind it.” (Sairitz)

“I also think that would be great. But it seems like your priestess-sama is scared of me, so I don’t know if it is a good idea to show me this.” (Makoto)

“It is certainly true that the words of our country’s Priestess-sama are sacred. Her will translates to the will of the country, and there are many cases where it translates to the will of the people as well. However…I don’t know what Chiya-sama has seen of Raidou-sama, and what she feared of it, but currently, she is in a special standing in our country. In a sense, that is.” (Sairitz)

“What do you mean by ‘In a sense’?” (Makoto)

“I would have to explain various things if I were to delve deeper into it, which would be difficult to do with the limited time we have now. If I had to put it briefly…it means that the words of the priestess are not necessarily always absolute.” (Sairitz)

“Not absolute huh.” (Makoto)

From what I interpreted, the words of the Lorel priestess were practically absolute, but…is that not the case?

Also, Sairitz-san. I think she definitely did it on purpose but, when she said priestess, she didn’t add the ‘-sama’.

There’s probably some sort of meaning behind that.

It is a bit impossible for me to guess what that is though.

“Yeah. For the people of Lorel, animosity towards the Priestess-sama is treated as a definite evil, but Raidou-sama doesn’t see Chiya-sama in that way.” (Sairitz)

“I have no intentions of bringing harm to the Priestess-sama.” (Makoto)

Just what kind of idiot would go through the trouble of being hostile to the person that a foreign country treats as valuable?

In Japan, there’s a great teaching saying that when entering a country, you should treat their people well.

…I slightly forgot that in the Empire though.

“…Thank you very much. And so, regarding the place that Raidou-sama will be going, it is here.” (Sairitz)

Just like I thought, Sairitz-san pointed at the capital of Lorel, Naoi…and from there, she slowly moved her slender finger to the right.


“This is the second city of our country, Kannaoi. There was a time when this place was our capital, and there’s been history of this city fighting with the current capital Naoi.” (Sairitz)




No wait, isn’t that…

“Kannaoi, is it. The mercenary group is there?” (Makoto)

“Raidou-sama, is the name strange?” (Sairitz)

I had my doubts, but I definitely didn’t show it in my face, and yet, she saw through me.

“Ah, yeah. I was just thinking that Lorel really does have some peculiar names for their places.” (Makoto)

I tell her the most plausible excuse I find.

“I see. Actually, Naoi as well. It isn’t recorded in the official history books, but there was a time when it was called Oonaoi, or something like that.” (Sairitz)

Oonaoi and Kannaoi.

I also think…that’s the case.

If that’s really the case, the ‘real’ names would probably be Oonaobi and Kannaobi.

Then there should be another place with a name similar to the other one.

“Oh, I have derailed from the topic. Raidou-sama, after you have finished your preparations, can you please visit this other place that’s slightly north?” (Sairitz)

Uwa, there it is.

A place that definitely doesn’t look safe.

“Yaso-Katsui Valley. I want to ask you to please head to the labyrinth dungeon that stretches underground this valley.” (Sairitz)



And Yaso-Katsui.

It is probably Yaso-Katsu*hi*.

It is probably based on the 80 calamities God, Yaso-Magatsuhi

Ah~, I have a bad feeling about this.

Placing such a name to a valley.

And it is underground, moreover, a labyrinth.

In the first place, I don’t like confined places much.

I already had an experience not long ago which made me know that I hate participating in things like dungeons or labyrinths.

The 80 calamities God wasn’t necessarily an evil God, and there’s people that worship him as a God that purifies misfortune, but…in this case, I think the name was placed because it brings forth misfortune.

Just what is it hiding there?

The Goddess?

Is it that damn Goddess?

“W-Why the labyrinth?” (Makoto)

“At the 20th floor of that labyrinth, also known as Rose Garden, they live there. I have already told them that we will be going there, so it is fine to go there to have a talk and negotiate.” (Sairitz)

20th floor underground?

What’s with that pleasant depth.

Don’t tell me that labyrinth is connected to hell.

Hm, labyrinth?

Not a cave?


“It seems like there’s been a problem recently, but Yaso-Katsui labyrinth is currently calmed down. Raidou-sama shouldn’t have any problems at all in that labyrinth, right?” (Sairitz)

“By the way, uhm…why is it not a cave but a labyrinth?” (Makoto)

“Oh, sorry for that. I thought that Raidou-sama would already know. What a blunder of mine.” (Sairitz)

Okay. Second bad feeling I am getting here.

Why did Sairitz-san assume that I knew?

“The big labyrinth that extends underground Yaso-Katsui is where the Superior Dragon ‘Night Clad’ lives. A place the Shadow Dragon that governs over darkness -Futz- has created. It isn’t a labyrinth that was created naturally, but a honest-to-word labyrinth.” (Sairitz)

The labyrinth being big was bad news, but learning that the main cause of the place’s name was actually a Superior Dragon is good news.

What. It wasn’t that it was connected to hell or that it had something to do with the Goddess, but just about a Superior Dragon.

Then there’s no need to worry.

I honestly think that it is a pain to go 20 floors down, but if it’s that kind of dungeon, there should be things like shortcuts and those kind of stuff.

It is the country that’s the most related to Japan after all!

“I see. So that’s how it is. Understood. Sairitz-sama, thank you for the information. I will take it into consideration with a positive outlook. And so, I want to meet you before long.” (Makoto)

“I am happy to hear that answer. In around a few days I will be able to give you the promissory note. I will contact you once again via the guild.” (Sairitz)

A mercenary group that seems to be living at the 20th floor of a giant dungeon.

It is certainly good information.

I will talk with Rembrandt-san about this and gather information about them.

And if there’s no problem, I will try meeting them.

If possible, I want them to become the shield that protects this town.


“What is it?” (Sairitz)

“Sorry, I just thought of something. Well then, I will be taking my leave, Sairitz-sama.” (Makoto)

I bow and leave the room.

And then, I turn my thoughts towards the reason why I let out my voice.

Which follower should I bring with me?

It is not a task that has to be done by today, but I feel like there will be an intense battle royal occurring in Asora once again.

Since it is Lorel, Tomoe is going to be persistent.

A Superior Dragon might be appearing in this matter, so I feel like Tomoe is the better choice, but I don’t think we will be able to have leisure time there.

With the matter of the birth of hot springs, Tomoe’s interest in Lorel has dimmed slightly compared to the past.

Now then…I pray that this matter somehow resolves in a calm and peaceful manner.

It will probably be a wish that won’t become true.

For now, I decide to just go to Rembrandt-san’s place to give him the report.

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