Chapter 233: Tsige’s move

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“That’s fast. Even though we send someone to look for you just a second ago.”

When I was led to the room, those were the first words directed at me.

Inside the place, there were several people gathered there with maps and graphs.

The owner of the voice is Rembrandt-san.

He must be facing deadly busy days, and yet, for some reason, his face felt as if its gloss had gotten better.

I remember he once said: ‘When it gets incredibly busy, it reminds me of the past and that really makes me feel young’. Was he not joking but actually serious?

“I thought about checking out the Guild. There doesn’t to be any big changes in the situation of the battle though… Is there any urgent business?” (Makoto)

There’s one big round table inside the room.

Currently, this room in the Adventurer Guild is used to decided the tactics of Tsige and the government of it, as well as deciding the direction of the town.

The reason is because this place has higher security compared to any company (aside ours).

Depending on the location, there’s places inside the Adventurer Guild that have become secretive spots thanks to the mischievousness of a certain Superior Dragon.

They can repel most magic, and it is physically impossible to peek or hear the inside.

It is the most suitable place to talk about confidential stuff.

If that’s the case, the other countries would also curry for the cooperation of the Guild and have them lend them that place, but that’s the problem.

The inside of the Adventurer Guild that is the subtenant of several countries but is not controlled by any country.

It seems like the bigger the country is, the less they are able to do confidential talks there.

That’s what Root said as he laughed.

If it is requested for, the place would be lend, and the Adventurer Guild doesn’t have any intentions of leaking the information to the outside, but…only to the outside, that is. He said that if the information served as an advantage for the Guild, he would use that information as much as he wanted.

It is fine for him to move himself, and it is also fine to have the adventurers move.

He probably meant that there’s no need to leak it to other countries, there’s still a lot of ways to utilize that information.

So that’s why, no matter how much the information of the country doesn’t leak out, there’s practically no occasions where the adventurer guild is used.

But in Tsige’s case, no matter what it is heard, there’s no hostility towards the adventurer guild. On top of that, they are already in a situation where they have to rely on adventurers for their military force.

If it were a meeting that established the objectives of every company, it would be one thing, but if it’s a meeting that decides the objective of the town, there’s no problem with whatever it is heard.

Actually, as long as they pay attention to the members that attend the meeting, there’s no need to fear about being eavesdropped, which is a big merit.

That’s why they asked the adventurer guild to lend them this one room.

It was easily decided that they wouldn’t be using the building they have been using for their meetings. It seems like there were various points that brought uneasiness regarding the utilization of that place, mainly in the point of security.

By the way, regarding this room, the adventurer guild in Tsige seems to be pretty strict about protecting the information connected to the wasteland.  

Root’s style of cutting off the ears and eyes of the walls.

It seems like if someone tries to eavesdrop, they will experience something terrible.

Terrible enough to pray for the spies -or better called as victims.

“I see. First of all, we have received a letter from Koran requesting an alliance -or rather, a request for protection. I wanted to hear your opinion regarding this.” (Rembrandt)

“My opinion, is it.” (Makoto)

News that are pretty recent.

It is information that I heard just a few moments ago after all.

Rembrandt-san nods and continues his talk.

“You see, since we wouldn’t be able to continue treating them the same as the other towns because of this, our opinions of how we should deal with this has been divided.” (Rembrandt)

Is that so.

We would be required to protect them after all.

It is not simply a talk about allying with them.

In other words, Koran is requesting Tsige to let them stand at their back.

That means, if Tsige were to agree with this, Tsige would have to deal with the people that have complains with Koran and the ones that try to put their hands on them.

Ah, this is indeed complicated.

I can understand why there’s divided opinions.

If we were to hurry, it would take one day, if they were to mobilize normally, it would take around two or three days to arrive; even so, it is still a different town.

The burden will increase quite a lot.

“It is certainly true that if we were to take Koran under us, we would create an opening. I feel like it is natural for everyone to have divided opinions.” (Makoto)

“Umu. We are literally divided in a group of yes and no. There’s even people that think this is a method of the enemy to destroy us from the inside. Even so, taking too much time considering this, is evidently a bad move. I was wondering what we should do.” (Rembrandt)

“Ah, so that’s why Tsige sent envoys to Koran, right? In order to learn their true intentions.” (Makoto)

“That’s right. Koran is the neighboring town, moreover, a port town. If they are already enemies of ours, it would be as if the blade of our enemies had already approached our throats. We can’t lower our guards.” (Rembrandt)

Meaning that, Rembrandt-san is prioritizing the dangers that creating a relationship with Koran will bring forth.

Thinking about providing them protection will come after this point is taken care of first.

I see.

But honestly, I don’t think that town would turn their fangs towards Tsige.

Koran is currently prospering as a neighboring port town, but not that long in the past, it was a small town that was comparable to other port towns.

To the point that calling them a fishing village was fitting.

The reason this place made a complete turn-over was because Mio went to that town, and then, not long after, Shiki and the Eldwas also went as well and brought fortune to the sea.

Even now, our company still buys quite a lot from that town, and there’s a few that are training in shipbuilding at that place too.

In a town like that where I receive reports from so many people inside it, there’s no way there’s the shadow of another country. Not only that, they most likely hold the same amount of autonomy as Tsige.

They are quite good willed. It is certainly true that it is bothering that they want Tsige to provide them protection in their future association, but I don’t think they would be doing something that would set up Tsige.

…No, that’s not it.

Even if that’s the case, Rembrandt-san wants clear evidence which is why he sent an envoy there.

Whatever it is that is bothering him and making him cautious, it would be bad to simply believe in someone like me.

If it’s about the current situation of Koran, Rembrandt-san and the others who are here, probably already know about it anyways.

“It is not like we have won independence already, so I think that going at it cautiously is the correct answer. Koran is pretty good willed on the surface, so when the suspicions are gone and the independence becomes a certainty, there shouldn’t be any problems in taking them under our protection.” (Makoto)

I at least tell them that they look good willed.

It seems like the Neptunes have been going to those parts of the sea as well after all.

I don’t know how the inside of the sea works, but from what Serwhale-san and the others say, the sea of Koran is a good place, kind of like a resort.

“…Hoh~, Koran is good willed huh. Now that I think about it, Kuzunoha company has been going there to buy marine products, right?”

A representative from a different company, who has jewels and crystals adorning his clothes and possesses influence, enters the conversation.

A man in his fifties, short build but has good personal appearance. Because of that, he has a gentle atmosphere at first glance.

But his eyes are scary.

Narrow eyes as if seeing through you.

I heard that he is the third or whatever, but it seems like he is quite the able person.

I received the information of everyone from Tomoe, and I remember I got scared by how accurate the atmosphere of everyone was described.

If I remember correctly, his name was Schirra-san.

“Y-Yeah. This time as well, within the envoys that were sent, there’s one of my employees accompanying them.” (Makoto)

“Her name was Tomoe-dono, right?” (Schirra)


“There’s past records stating that Kuzunoha company has done previous negotiations with Koran without much problems, so I am looking forward…to the results of how they clear away the suspicions towards Koran.” (Schirra)

Hm, in other words, Schirra-san is on the side that approves of letting them under our protection?

That must be it, right? If he were against it, he would have just said to be careful and there would be no talk at all.

“Schirra-dono is in favor of having Koran under our protection?” (Makoto)

I confirm just in case.

“Yeah. The crystal corals that appear in that town at times have a strong resistance against water element and it is not a bad addition to armors. In the past, our place acted slightly violently and have been prohibited to enter Koran. I was thinking about fixing our relationship with this chance.” (Schirra)

Slightly violent.

It is definitely not slightly. Being banned from entering the town, just what did they do?

“We simply thought about buying the crystals from the fishermen that seemed to be troubled with their meals though. But it seems like for some reason, there was a misunderstanding somewhere. Hahaha.” (Schirra)

They probably tried to buy them at 10% of their market price.

It is certainly true that if he contributes to this matter, it can become a good chance to fix their relationship.

At any rate, crystal corals huh.

Our place only goes there to buy food sea products, and we practically don’t buy things like raw materials.

“Is that so. I also feel like if we can just achieve the goal of independence, we can get along with Koran. It would be great if both of our companies were able to create mutual prosperity for both towns, right?” (Makoto)

“…Yeah. It is just as you say. Even if this was something caused by my family predecessor, we have already reflected on our actions. Now then, please send my regards to the people of Koran.” (Schirra)

Schirra-san showed surprise for a second at my words, but he soon showed a smile and spoke out words of agreement.

And then, after a bow, he returned to the round table where the map is spread out.

“Can I, Raidou-dono?” (Rembrandt)

“Go ahead.” (Makoto)

“Raidou-dono, do you think that there’s no betrayal from Koran?” (Rembrandt)

“I don’t have any conclusive proof, but that’s the impression I get. But even I can tell that it would be dangerous to take upon Koran in this current state where the matter of independence is still left hanging, so I consider that Rembrandt-san’s thoughts of being cautious are sound.” (Makoto)

“I see. There’s been two points that have been bothering me. Why is Koran, who is having a radical growth, going through the trouble of requesting for the protection of Tsige even when they should know how dangerous that move is?” (Rembrandt)


That’s a part that’s been bothering me too.

Normally, that’s the part where they would say: ‘let’s get along from now on, and even if you are to get the independence or not, let’s continue a relationship without any changes’. Saying that, they would be able to create a safe secret agreement for themselves.

Tsige would be okay with that as well.

“And the other point is…this is a bit hard to say, but I thought that the sparks this matter will create, will not only bring damage to Tsige but to others as well.” (Rembrandt)


This is the first time I have heard of this.

“If we brought that place down, it could become a beachhead for Tsige after all. But that town has not received a single damage at all. Even though they shouldn’t have a satisfactory military force either. Their excessive pleading to Tsige, in a situation where they haven’t suffered any damage yet. It would be hard to not suspect that.” (Rembrandt)

“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

“But it seems like Raidou-dono sees something different. Waiting for the envoys, and depending on whether the report makes my worries unnecessary, I might end up stepping into the wrong path. If I were to choose the wrong path at this point, the town will fall to ruin. It is certainly true that our relationship with Koran has been good lately. If Koran is really only thinking about being under our protection, there’s no doubt it would be an option that’s plenty enough to take into consideration.” (Rembrandt)

Maybe Rembrandt-san tried to see through what I ‘am seeing’, his eyes had become sharp like the eyes of Schirra-san.

Stop it please.

I have faced plenty enough of that with Zara-san.

My trauma will resurface.

“W-Well, I really don’t have any conclusive proof though. You see, Koran and Tsige are like the boundaries to the wasteland anyways.” (Makoto)

“Hm, if we are to talk in a broad manner, then yeah, you are right. We both are at the west border of Aion. Even if we are slightly separated from each other, the difference is whether one is up and down; whether we are close to the sea; or how close we are to the wasteland.” (Rembrandt)

“Then why don’t we just make ramparts covering both towns and combine it into one town?” (Makoto)

“Tsige and Koran?!” (Rembrandt)

“Tsige is troubled by the lack of land, and we have already picked a fight with the country. If we were to increase the length of the Golden Highway to Koran, the population will be able to increase by many times more……wait, just what am I saying? Not even in Rotsgard, there’s a town with such a scale.” (Makoto)

If we were to group up the Academy Town with all the surrounding towns, it would be quite vast, but each town is not that big.

Or more like, just what am I saying?

What a stupid thing.

This world is completely different to modern Japan.

There’s no way they would be able to create a town that’s too big.

“Becoming one…till Koran. No, but such a thing is……if only we could solve that problem…but, could it be…” (Rembrandt)

“R-Rembrandt-san? Sorry, I remembered something I had to do…” (Makoto)

“…Wait, my business was an extra to begin with. Sorry but, can you please go to the room that’s two spaces neighboring here? I want you to lend me some more of your time.” (Rembrandt)

“Okay. But…” (Makoto)

Rembrandt-san, who was spacing out, stopped me from leaving.

Even though I said something so embarrassing that I would jump into a hole if there was one!

“Sairitz-dono is waiting at that place. It seems like she has something to talk regarding the matter of Tsige’s ‘shield’. She said to please have Raidou-dono come. Sorry, but please.” (Rembrandt)

He brings his face close to me and whispers.

Rembrandt-san voiced out that name; the name of the empress of Lorel Union who is moving in the shadows of Tsige’s independence.

This is the real reason of calling me.

I can’t just run away because of embarrassment.

This is a concern that the adventurer Toa-san was worried about.

Well, I will be able to escape from Rembrandt-san anyways.

“…Understood. Then, I will be leaving now.” (Makoto)

“Umu. Sorry for troubling you…… A town that you can walk from one end to the other in one day. In this wasteland, not only would we be able to obtain large amounts of land, we would even obtain a sea…… Is this…the time to place our hand in the fire even when knowing the dangers of it?” (Rembrandt)

Leaving Rembrandt-san who was still muttering something, I head to the room where Sairitz-san is supposed to be waiting in.

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