Chapter 232: Everyday life and the town’s state

TLN: We now enter the Arc 5, titled: Lorel Labyrinth Arc.

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The street that denotes the metropolis of Aion kingdom and the name of that very metropolis, Bozuda.

In that city which I had vague recollections of its name until recently, there was a military force uprising that occurred around 1 month ago, demanding the change of the throne.

It was already known that there would be a revolution occurring, and the preparations had gone smoothly. Just that…from the possibilities that Rembrandt-san spoke of, the use of a military force uprising was the one which had the lowest chance to begin the revolution in the capital.

Putting it more accurately, the chances of it occurring was the lowest and it is the one which had the lowest possibility of succeeding, but it was the choice that had the highest effect.

In outline, the result was a failure.

They couldn’t kill the king, and they couldn’t seize the capital either.

But the people that launched the beacon of revolution managed to withdraw.

The royal family was driven to a corner, but somehow pushed the revolution back and escaped from the predicament.

Tomoe checked out the situation, but when she arrived, the coup d’etat side was already taking flight. From the information gathered, we learned that around 80% of the districts and castle surroundings had been seized, but for some reason, the situation of the battle changed and the kingdom’s army pushed them back all at once.

Moreover, in a prompt and strong manner that made it feel like the battle until then had been a lie.

What a mysterious thing.

Maybe strong reinforcements arrived, or they used some sort of national treasure-level magic tool.

Tsige has judged that’s the reason.

And Rembrandt-san had confirmed that the military force of the people plotting the revolution was bigger than he estimated.

It seems like it was completely unexpected that they were thinking about bringing down the castle at once, and that they possessed the power to manage this in the blink of an eye.   

If that really did happen, within all that chaos and civil war occurring, the play of Tsige’s independence wouldn’t be able to come true.

They would have to change their methods to propping up from the chaos, and at that time, it would only turn into a fight of a town against a nation, so our demands wouldn’t be able to get through at all.

Well, we learned that the kingdom has some sort of trump card which is information that can be useful, and this trump card was only used when they were cornered and almost lost.

Whether it was outside interference or a magic tool, it shouldn’t be something they can count on so easily.

It was a surprising beginning, but from the first match, there was a lot of information to gain.

“I was tense thinking that it would end from the very beginning, but…it seems like it was just as Tsige predicted, a stalemate. And now it is turning into a muddy situation. Aion has already fallen into a complete state of civil war.” (Tomoe)

I was at Tsige, in my private room at the Kuzunoha company.

Lately, my time here had grown longer.

There, Tomoe was summarizing things as if having fun.

It has been one month since the revolution had begun.

The civil wars still continue.

Tsige declared independence towards Aion kingdom.

Of course, the Aion kingdom didn’t forgive this.

After that, the revolution force also declared independence from Aion kingdom.

No matter where Aion tries to solve first, Tsige had shown their will to manage it themselves.

Of course, the people that caused the revolution didn’t accept this declaration either.

In other words, Tsige was in a situation where the kingdom and the revolution army were saying: ‘your place is mine, so don’t go doing whatever you want’.

“What was their reaction in regards to Tsige?” (Makoto)

“There’s been differences showing slowly. From the kingdom, they revoked the declaration of independence and gave out an executive order. They ordered a feudal lord -that’s all name only- to make Tsige accept the government, and there have been entreaties send constantly.” (Tomoe)

“The feudal lord is already weeping, but the kingdom’s attitude didn’t change much huh.” (Makoto)

“And regarding the people that caused the uprising…they said something about green-prairies and so on and so forth…” (Tomoe)

“‘So on and so forth’? Tomoe, you weren’t interested at all?” (Makoto)

“None at all. Their sword skills, government ability, and magic, are all on the level of an ordinary person, and they don’t have the ability to attract people like the heroes do. The leader of this revolution is a person that doesn’t fulfill a single one of the requirements in his position. He is literally a decoration. Even if those guys were to obtain the country, the country’s name will continue being Aion kingdom, and I don’t really care whatever happens.” (Tomoe)

“I-I see. And so, what was their reaction?” (Makoto)

“They said that they didn’t mind a certain amount of autonomy, so come to their side, is the kind of attitude they changed into.” (Tomoe)

What a soft change.

In a situation where Aion has been divided by north and south, and fighting, Tsige is at the tip of the west.

In terms of military power, the coup d’etat side is stronger.

The fact that this kind of fighting is still continuing is proof that their plans have been moving the way they wanted.

The kingdom’s force at the west side was crushed by the revolution force from the east side.

It seems like there were feudal lords that escaped, and I have created a list of names of those people, so I am thinking about showing that list to the Ansland sisters that are doing their best at the north.

Nobles seldom escape, but there were a good amount that did.

Abandoning their people and land in all this helter-skelter.

Yeah, let’s just think that Aion is right now in their closing years.

“…It still hasn’t reached the point where they accept the independence huh. This part would depend on Rembrandt-san and Tsige’s congress though.” (Makoto)

“The surroundings lands have already accepted the independence of Tsige on the surface. They are requesting for the same relationship they have had, so from now on, it is the time where Tsige should be showing their moves.” (Tomoe)

“From what Mio said, the port town wants to enter the protection of Tsige. Aion kingdom is truly unpopular to the point of being pitiful.” (Makoto)

“I have plans on going to that port town, Koran. As a member of this town’s company, I have to work a little bit after all.” (Tomoe)

“I am counting on you. I will check out the Adventurer Guild and confirm the progress of the battle, and tomorrow, I will head to Academy town. This is a different type of busy than I thought, but not having time for leisure is the same.” (Makoto)

“The fires of war reaching the town of Tsige at this early of a stage means that Rembrandt and Sairitz’ plans were completely mistaken. That in itself is interesting, but I feel like the burden of Waka will increase again…” (Tomoe)

“…Please stop that. That isn’t interesting at all. Be careful, okay?” (Makoto)

“Well then, I will be going. I will be participating in this night’s meeting, so see you later.” (Tomoe)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

Tomoe leaves the room.

I look at the outside.

The sky, the town, the usual street; a blue sky that stretches far and wide, a town that is filled with hustle and bustle.

It really doesn’t look like a town that has declared independence and is in the middle of a war with both the kingdom and the revolution side.

At the very least, I didn’t think it would turn into an everyday life like this.

I did get an outline in the meetings that something like this could happen, but I didn’t expect it would proceed exactly as it was explained.

The towns close to this one, and the neighbouring feudal lord that is aiming for Tsige; they didn’t show any signs of attacking this town.

…That’s not it.

Accurately speaking, it would be that they weren’t allowed to attack.

Just as I told Tomoe, I began moving.

While looking at the state of the store, I go down to the first floor and left to the street.

At the first floor, there’s a part where there’s a stand for food and drinks by Mio’s suggestion, but this one has such high popularity that we are thinking about making a new entrance in order to reduce congestion.

Even though it is still forenoon, there’s already a line of people that were trying to avoid the congestion and came here to buy their lunch in advance… They couldn’t avoid the congestion.

With that amount of customers, at peak time, I would have to make the customers cooperate as well in order to make the serving faster.

In the mornings it gets crowded, so…it is truly great that we don’t offer Sake as well and serve until late night.

My employees will die of exhaustion, seriously.

I pass to the side of the line as I bow my head a few times, and hurry to the Adventurer Guild.

As always, this town is prospering with adventurers that aim for the wasteland and the rare raw materials that they bring with them.

That liveliness had not darkened at all.

This is also just as Rembrandt-san said.

In terms of the number of adventurers, their numbers are actually higher than when the war had begun.

Truly unbelievable.

“Eh? Isn’t that Raidou-san?! How unusual for you to be on your own!”


Suddenly at the crowd of people in front of me, someone had called me.

This voice is…

“Toa-san. Long time no see. You as well, it is rare to see you on your own.” (Makoto)

“Everyone is out you see. We got work from the town, so we are taking a bit of a rest.” (Toa)

“From the town, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Meaning that this town still has no plans on dispatching people yet.” (Toa)

“Thanks for the hard work. Then, are you heading to the Adventurer Guild? Were you planning on returning to your main profession?” (Makoto)

“I will go to the guild, but it is not like I will be returning to my main profession. I probably won’t be able to head to the wasteland until this matter is settled. Right now I don’t have any objective to be so hurried to go to the wasteland anyways.” (Toa)

“…I see. I personally want the adventurers to continue associating with Tsige as adventurers, but since it is an emergency, it just can’t go that way huh.” (Makoto)

“In the end, we are simply swords after all. No matter how efficient we are, we can’t become shields, and we can’t serve as substitutes either. The worry of inferior people.” (Toa)

“Anyways, since we are going to the same place, how about we go together?” (Makoto)

“With pleasure.” (Toa)

Her expression darkens.

In Tsige, they are the adventurer party that have brought the highest achievements and are evaluated as having high fighting ability. And they are currently cooperating with this town.

There are parties aside from hers that have taken this as a request from the guild, as well as other direct outside parties that have accepted to cooperate in this fight.

Their role is to attack.

Just as Toa-san said, adventurers are pros that are specialized in offensive.

Frankly speaking, they are not that good at defensive battles.

Even if I say ‘not good’ that doesn’t mean they are not able to, but the problem would be how much percentage of their power they would be able to bring out in a defensive fight.

That’s why Rembrandt-san and the congress of this town are investing in them as a surprise attack unit.

I think that’s the correct choice as well.

If it’s stealth jobs or attacking units that are stationed far away, Shiki or Mio can teleport the adventurers to those places.

Instead of going through front fights, they attack supplies and go for surprise attacks as they annihilate the troops.

In terms of results, just as Toa-san said, it is practically a perfect score.

There hasn’t been a single unit that has been able to arrive at Tsige.

As long as there’s the need to march here, the other side knows that when they reach a certain distance from the town, it will be catastrophic.

“A defensive force huh.” (Makoto)

“Private units from the major companies have been gathered and created something like that, but…honestly speaking, it still makes me anxious.” (Toa)

“Are their skills good?” (Makoto)

“Of course. But in this task, it is indispensable to have people with a lot of experience in defensive battles. We are continuing in a state where we haven’t experienced this kind of battle, so when the time really comes when it is truly necessary…” (Toa)

“If a defensive unit is formed, the amount of people that can be rotated to offensive can increase, and it will gives us a higher advantage in the negotiations when having the others accept the independence. It is certainly true that it is something good though.” (Makoto)

But it won’t be so easy.

People that have a lot of experience in defensive battles, moreover, talented people that are not tied in the military of other places. Even I can tell that this is something quite difficult to find.

“For me who has bought a house in this town and am thinking about living for a long time in it with my sister,  this is a point that bothers me a lot. Raidou-san, don’t you actually have candidates?” (Toa)

“I don’t. What’s that ‘actually’ supposed to mean?” (Makoto)

“I thought that from that coat’s pocket, you would place your hand inside it and say: ‘Ara, there’s a defense unit in a place like this’.” (Toa)

Just what kind of blue futuristic cat do you take me for? <Doraemon ref.>

“If I could do that, I would though. Ah, we arrived at the guild.” (Makoto)

“Right. You have gained popularity so suddenly, so it probably would be troublesome for you if people were to see you together with me. Well then, see you later.” (Toa)

“Please give my thanks to Rinon. Tell her that I thank her for always taking care of Komoe.” (Makoto)

“Understood!” (Toa)

Now then…

I have somewhat understood the situation of the war from the information Toa-san gave me, but…currently, the adventurers are the only military force of Tsige, so I wonder just how long we will we be able to maintain this status quo.



Is today the day to shout my name?

For some reason, my name was suddenly called.

A person from the guild huh.

“We were about to send a person to look for you. Rembrandt-sama and the others are waiting for you upstairs. You have time, right?”

“Ah yeah, I do. Just that, I don’t remember having any sort of appointment today though.” (Makoto)

“It is an emergency situation and they said that they wanted to know your opinion on it.”

“Understood.” (Makoto)

Rembrandt-san is in the Adventurer Guild?

I don’t think he would need my opinion in such a hurry if it were related to a problem in the discussions for the independence, so did something occur that requires the need for the Kuzunoha company?

I have not stood on the front stage that much, but I have decided to move at the side of Tsige in this matter.

No matter the case, I will just have to go and see.

Tsige is in the middle of war as they aim for independence.

Kuzunoha Company and I are living an everyday life that’s pretty busy right now.

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