[Patch Notes 1.1]

Greetings readers, Reigokai here with a new update!

In this patch notes, we will be revising the faulty system that our noob translator has made.
With the quality feedback obtained from our users, I (Reigokai 2.0) have devised a new system that will likely be a lot better than my inexperienced predecesor.

  1. The 3 days schedule.
    This schedule might have been pushing it a bit. With the sudden increase in words, my stamina was shaved off heavily. Thus, the decision of increasing it by 1 day has been reached.

    -3 day schedule.                              –New: 4 day schedule.

  2. Price too OP.
    The first price placed on the sponsored chapters was 45$. I will be taking the suggestion of a user and increasing the price slightly in this one. But don’t worry, the stacked chapters will still be there and I will continue working on them.

    -45$ sponsored chapter.                –New: 65$ sponsored chapter. Previous                                                                                     Stacks will remain.

  3. Divided Chapters? NO NO.
    As I have seen in many, there’s a dislike in having chapters divided (which applies to me as well). So I will refrain from doing so. In exchange, I will be announcing in anticipation if such a chapter comes at the end of the chapters and will try to make an ETA. Take into account that this is an ETA and might suffer changes.

    -Chapters whole                            –Add: Extension depending in length.

  4. Mystery patch.

This patch will take effect next week. So next sponsored chapter will still come on sunday.

Okay, with this, I might survive the onslaught that the author has presented me! I hope you bear with this foolish system of this novice translator.

As always, I am open to any new suggestions and changes are always welcome!

69 thoughts on “[Patch Notes 1.1]

  1. I have no sense of time passing, so even if you only released one chapter a week, I’d still be appreciative, though… And I’d like you to have some time to work on DEH as well. I want to know what happens next! 😆

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  2. You are just amazing…how I respect you Reigokai-sama… I just hate one thing though…I hate how my phone’s keyboard always auto correct your name from ‘Reigokai’ to ‘Regional’…


  3. [Debugging]
    … Next chapter: sunday
    … Check against calender
    … Tmr == sunday
    … Append new comment= “you are the god!! Reigo… ”
    [End session]

    Joke aside, don’t need to push yourself too much if u r planning to release a chapter tme.
    Do take carw


  4. Thanks for the update. What s the GitHub of this I will add some new methods. 😝
    Take it easy man no one will blame u.
    And no one of us will be next to you if you fail sick.
    By the why have you considered adding a small tag for ads so any one can click it and help u.

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  5. hmmm.. this must be the official patch Reigo 2 v1.1
    was looking for this..
    and next week Reigo 2 v1.2.0
    ooooh I super like this program

    hope there are no bugs… (oops there is one.. and its a goddess… ehem.. I mean female bug.. hopefully that gets fixed soon enough..)


    1. I think the reason the patch is unaffected is because those donors gave money with the impression that it would be worth X amount of chapters, effectively buying them. It wouldn’t be fair to change the price of the product after someone has bought it.

      Although somehow I don’t think the actual donors would feel that way. This community is cool like that.

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  6. “As always, I am open to any new suggestions and changes are always welcome!”

    hmm.. how about hiring another translator or make a translation team (suddenly remembers what happened to the KnW translators)

    …..Yeah i love this patch, this way better ^ω^
    that mystery patch i wonder what is it, can we get a little hint ^.^


  7. Brilliant!!
    Presenting your points as if its a game patch notes.

    Do your best Reigokai. I don’t want you to get burnt out anyway.

    Previously we get roughly 2 chapters/week, but now its 3.5 every 2 weeks… aww man, at least its more than just 1/week. And there’s also the sponsored chapters.

    I can accept this patch.


  8. Reigokai 2.0? I liked the old model better 😦

    Oh well, gotta change with the times. And note, the Sponsor price increase doesn’t bother me. I was too poor to pay for them before, so there’s no way I’m doing it now 😛


  9. a chapter every 4 days is still fast considering the length of every chapter
    I’m glad you don’t resort to divided chapters
    if the chapter really is longer than expected just count that as two sponsored chapter
    and days extensions are better than dividing them
    I’m just a leecher so thanks as always!


  10. Thank u always for ur great work…

    –New: 4 day schedule.
    Welp still faster than my estimation n why not?

    –New: 65$ sponsored chapter.
    Sorry Reigokai-san, still can’t donate yet…

    Mystery patch.
    I like this patch…
    Where we still get chapter, Reigokai-san still have motivation to do his translation n can maintain his RL too…
    Thank u very much…


  11. Tbh I was a bit spooked when I saw you were making donation chapters, I’ve seen it kill translations as the translators run themselves dry out of obligation. Don’t push yourself! I don’t think even the people who paid money for these want translating to become a painful thing for you.


  12. I think that it is better to just ETA the non-sponsored chapters so it won’t be monotonous? Real life will kill you in the most unexpected of places just like truck-sama so just do it at your most comfortable time frame… Also good luck for the queued sponsered chapters!


  13. I woke up, only to see :
    _There is a new chapter
    _There is a problem, we’ll divide chapters
    _Problem is resolved, no divided chapter


    Well, concerning the new schedule, I’ve got no problem with it.
    Actually, even a chapter everyday would still be too long, so 3 or 4 days to wait… I see no difference !
    It’s better to take care of yourself. Gambaree~ !


  14. So regiokai translation power now scale the length of the chapter with attack dollar ratio?

    Good works tho, i agree with a longer cooldown(4 days) but a complete chapter, even if its gonna be 5 days, its an ok too from me..

    がんばって ください!


  15. I don’t normally comment on stuff but I Thought it was important to do so for this.
    I personally think you should set the pace at what you can handle. I (and others) like to read your translations and would hate to see you get burned out. So even if you have to set a longer delay between chapters as long as you keep people informed when new releases will be coming we will continue to read them and support you.
    Best wishes from a faithful reader.


  16. I was thinking you may have been pushing yourself a bit with how long the chapters have been lately. Didn’t you say the next chapter is 4 times the length of a normal chapter and you still plan on having it out by sunday?! If it’s that much longer i’m sure nobody would mind waiting awhile longer for it. I mean, we can’t expect you to spend all your free time on translating.

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  17. Is great that you are doing your best to please the community, but I believe that is necessary for the continuum of said community to do the translations in a way that doesn’t takes your life force and reduce the quality of the work that ALL of us, sponsors or not are enjoying with every update in this site.
    All to keep the enjoyment of the novel and making the work sustainable for the Head of the community.
    And all the other references to give motivation that doesn’t come to my mind right now. Have a nice weekend.


  18. Seems like a good compromise.
    Make sure you don’t over work yoursel . We’re always greedy for more of this excellent tale, but getting it at a steady pace is best.
    Thanks again for your excellent translations 😊


  19. i’m suggesting you’re doing a recruitment for an editor because well i know that translating,proofreading,Editing it’s taking a toll (Cuz i already done translating and Editing in the past)especially when you just said this is your first time translating a WN so i’m recommending you’re recruiting 1 Editor to ease up the exhaustion


  20. Probably a lot more people have said it already above, but every vote counts ofc.

    4 days,5 days , 6 days , a week and etc. is always better than no chapter at all, the worst thing is the translator to burn out and just drop the project/story. Make sure to have time to yourself,for rest,for entertainment and keep being awesome.


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