Not a Chapter: Patreon thief

Yes, I have been notified about this.

Apparently, there’s a patreon that’s stealing my works and he is doing a really bad job at hiding that they are not mine.
I have a lot of quirks in my translations and I changed a few names to make them easier to the tongue, so there’s a lot of easy ways to find out if they are mine. Not only that, it is clear from the english in his actual posts and announcements that his english is not good at all. The level is just not congruent with the material he is apparently translating.

And it seems I am not the only victim, as that patreon is also taking the chapters of UchiMusume.

I won’t stop you from searching for the site, since hey, it is extremely easy to find in google, but I won’t be posting it here.

In any case, this post was simply to raise the awareness that things like this are actually happening, and it is a complete insult to the people that work so hard in those translations.
If the person stealing that job is reading this, STOP. The translating community is small in web novels to begin with, and what you are doing will not only insult all that hard work, it will destroy that motivation as they see how someone is utilizing their work in such a dirty and unethical manner, not only that, it will make new aspiring translators feel reluctant to take the chance.

Don’t be the one that destroys the chance for this community to grow.

Well, I was already planning on opening a Patreon page myself, so I thought this was a good opportunity.

THIS is my actual patreon site:

Right now there’s not much, since it is a page 100% for support.

If you guys have any suggestions in rewards and goals, feel free to give them. I would love to hear them out.

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0 thoughts on “Not a Chapter: Patreon thief

  1. Thanks for raising the awareness. I just know that this the one stop for my weekly dose of Mio and Tomoe so who cares about the other sites. Thank you for the hard work again, Reigokai-san XD

  2.   ∧_∧
     ( ´ ´∀` )
     ( つ ⊂) Thanks!!
      ) ) )  Nepu!!!
     (__)_) For all the hard work!!
    It’s not only the paetron thief but there are also those aggregator thiefs that is profiting from your translation. And there’s 11 of them and counting.

    1. I don’t personally know any black hat.
      ….. but my tentacles can reach the deep web and I’m sure some are lurking there, willing to do it. With a hefty sum.

      We should react more professionally, my friend. Yes, that guy’s a thief, but attacking him personally like that won’t change anything. It’ll pester him at most, but I’m sure he will find another way to overcome it.

      We have to be more ‘thorough’ when dealing with this kind of criminal.

  3. Hey, it’s not all bad. Thanks to that thief, I now know about Uchimusume! Thank you Reigokai, now I have another source for my sugar-vomit I.V.!

    1. Thanks to it,=> thanks to reigokai post=>thanks to your ref Uchimusume=>’Usagi Drop stuff’ random comments => Onichichi => Hentai => Profit!!!!

  4. Can you report or flagging their Patreon? I don’t know about Patreon policy, but as long as their content is not an original content, this can be a violation of policy in Patreon.

  5. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

  6. people are seriously awful.. why don u pick the new light novel and translated urself…. Senpai. no matter what happen.. I will only support u.. ^^ so keep up the good work.. ~

    1. he doesn’t seem to have his own website, just a patreon page… c’mon don’t attack patreon, it’s like suing emulators for piracy 😛

      1. id rather attack him, by removing some part of the story the reig senpai worked so for it or edit say things like “i like to copy/edit and earn money like poops trolololol!!!”

  7. On the patreon site legal page,

    If you do a find text on page for “reporting suspicious creator pages”, it links you to a google docs page.

    I’m not sure if it’ll actually work, but if a bunch of us submit we can probably get that patreon shut down.

    1. woah, what the hell?! that guy is a freaking thief! poor reikogai-dono. what the hell, how can he claim other’s hard work of translating something as his, and making money at that!
      yea, someone need to kil… i mean hack this guy and erase him… i mean annihil… i mean give judgement him/her.

    1. Yes, it has already been reported by many, but there’s still no response from patreon, which let me to make this post in my page to let you guys know.

  8. Well at least we who have read this since the beginning know you are the true translator.
    As for that prick I hope he trips and fall HARD.

  9. You don’t mess with Latina… I mean, Reigokai-san, and live to tell the tale. Thanks for sharing this, he’s going down for sure with all the reports this community is going to make xD

  10. What goes around, comes around.

    Personally I’m more surprised that people are actually paying the ridiculous sum asked.

  11. patreon is still small enough that they will talk to individual users on their concerns, you should prbably be able to do something about them if you contact them.

  12. Have you ever tried to block the right click and the selector? I’ve saw it in many translators’ websites and seems to work stopping the thieves.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  13. Hi! That is just so shameless…
    Sorry to hear that they are stealing/claiming your work. 🙁
    Is there any way to report him so the Patreon moderators could ban him? If there is then you can just rally us and we will all report him 😀

  14. What da…. That person not only betrayed Makoto-kun but also Latina-chan!? curse you evil fake patreon!!!

  15. I just came back from travel what a suprise! Someone steal ya Hard-ass Translation job? The Nerve With This Guy.. I wish i Could Do Something.. So Sorry Can’t do Anything Beside Complain..

  16. Well I only come to this site so I am oblivious about patron. If it’s the dark arts of tracing…. well if it’s been cleared up at its source than people should just come here.

  17. i like your works, so tks and keep at it.

    to make trouble if the thief tried to get your work, you could make it so it is impossible to copie the work you do.

    see this site as a exemple :

  18. Have you talked to Patreon about this?

    Ten to one they have stuff in their TOS about using their service for illegal things, and stealing someone else’s translation is entirely illegal. If you got his Patreon shut down, he’d definitely feel it.

    Also, it might well be worth throwing a line or two into your translations like ‘Posted on’, so if he just copy/pastes, his audience will have a chance to see the truth.

  19. Dam can’t believe ppl have the audacity to steal someone’s work and try to profit off of it. Thanks for raising my awareness and thanks for all the work you put in.


    … Oh. Sorry, I wanted to say “The patreon of this thief has been deleted.”

    1. Nope. Just changed again.

      Now the person is calling whistle-blowers terrorists and is planning to take patron down by the end of the month for some other way to milk this scam.

  21. you guys doing pointless thing. there plenty of fish in the sea. have fun playing hide and seek. my new site running good. Love from tskga 🙂

    1. You’re only ‘good’ at two thing : Stealing & Running away.
      So I’m not sure you should be proud of this…

  22. thanks for commenting you utter waste of human garbage so we can see even more of you deprived vanity. its easy to play hide and seek and every annoyance and dropped supporter from you because they find out the truth will have made the effort worth it.

      1. It’s just occurred to me that the harder it is for us to find it, the harder it should theoretically be for any would-be scam victims to find it as well.

      2. Bingo, if he doesn’t put it on a site easy to find, then he won’t be getting any new sheep

        anyone searching for the novel will find this place first, if they don’t then WE will find his site first. we don’t have to run, it’s a game only he can lose

  23. there not only one novel out there. you guys so funny. Actually I’ve made lots korean and chinese novels so have fun to find it. And yeah I still using patreon. and Patreon still not shut down my site so try report it more. Welcome all detectives and hunters. Love from tskga 🙂

  24. umm is the one named man mik the one being hunted ..,, coz its like he is so proud that he is sucking out reigokai donos work just to get money

    1. There’s no way to directly confirm their identity, so it might be a troll, but chances are yeah, that’s him bragging about it in the most audacious way possible.

    2. Both the scammer from the patreon and this “man mik” possess similar level of english proficiency.

      So, chance that they are the same guy is high.
      Btw, is he a vietnamese?

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