Chapter 221: The small details don’t matter

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The gate opened.

A richly colored marbled pattern that was not kind to the eyes and a strange space was in sight.

And so what?

Without caring about it, I held up my left hand.

I create arrows with magic power in a manner that it surrounds the gate, and shoot them.

The target is big, so there’s no need to aim.

Obviously, the arrows hit both the strange space and the gate.

“Not only are you big, you can’t move either? For someone that was talking all high-and-mighty, you are—Otto.” (Makoto)

My arrows were returned.

The ones that hit the marble pattern huh.

Hmph~, so it has that kind of power.

A number of the arrows that hit that strange space had their trajectory deviated.

It is a gate, so it has specialties that even I expected.

It is probably not an individual that can fight much himself.

While brushing away the arrows that were deflected towards me, I observe its form.

I don’t need to worry about Tomoe and Shiki.

The two shouldn’t have problems in their self-defence.

And at this moment, those kind of things are of no matter.

“You are quite the sturdy gate.” (Makoto)

“This makes me question your sanity, Misumi Makoto. You, do you really intend to fight me?” (Samal)

The gate didn’t have a single wound.

“Fight? No way.” (Makoto)

“Then what was that preemptive strike just now.” (Samal)

“Ah, that wasn’t what I meant. It will probably not even be counted as a fight. That’s how I thought.” (Makoto)

My thoughts sinking into deeper cold was pleasant.

The confusion I felt in the past fight with Io was not present here and was all disappearing in this occasion.

I look at my enemy, do my next action, and then defeat it.

“Insolence, arrogance; you are the very representation of that. Truly foolish.” (Samal)


Something came out from Samal.

A mamono?

“You can’t even fight yourself? Who’s the foolish one here?” (Makoto)

Strange-looking things came out in succession from the gate.

But…every single one was weak.

It is on the level of the weakest top in the wasteland.

If it’s a number of them, Toa’s party would be able to deal with them without any problems.

Well, there’s already tens of them coming out from the gate, so a normal town would be destroyed.

But this is Asora, and the ones here are not adventurers but us.

We are not in a normal town at all, so this supposition is totally pointless.

I will shoot them all to death.

For some mysterious reason, I knew where to shoot them in order to kill them.

When I thought this was easy game…

“…Shiki huh.” (Makoto)

“I do think I have stepped in unnecessarily.” (Shiki)

“…No.” (Makoto)

I was planning on headshotting every one of them, but those guys suddenly began falling on their own.

I soon understood the reason why.

Shiki’s ring.

The activation of Niflheim that can be used in a wide scale.

If used while holding back, it can be restrained to only weakening, but if there’s no holding back, it can dry up life itself.

There’s differences between individuals, but the mamonos that were trying to attack us were being wiped out without exception.

“So you at least possess the power to summon me huh.” (Samal)

There was still composure in the words of Samal.

Well, they are coming out without any signs of stopping, so he is probably trying to push through with numbers.

From within the group, there were humanoid shaped ones, Elf and Dwarf-looking people, and armed human-like ones too.

Humans are a pretty rare race to begin with, so I think it is something resembling them, but that doesn’t matter either way.

If they are coming at us, they can just die within Shiki’s mist -Niflheim.

If they pass the boundaries of Niflheim, I can just shoot them with arrows.

It is truly a simple method with no need to worry about anything.

That’s nice.

Well then, let’s aim well this time.

“Bow? What an unfitting thing to use from the many choices you had for a weapon.” (Samal)

“…You are really good at irritating me. Almost like the Goddess.” (Makoto)

Taking my stance with Azusa, I heard the words of Samal.

Seriously, I feel like I am doing a rehearsal for the time when I actually fight the Goddess.

Thinking about silencing him a bit, I aim at the masked part and concentrate.

And just like that, I shot.


My arrows, that have become progressively faster since coming to this world, hit his mask and pierced through it.

It is not as if the strength was proportional to the speed, but it is not a problem even if it is fast.

It is actually welcoming.

A big hole was made right in the center of the mask and broke.

“Like I said, be a bit more quiet.” (Makoto)

I speak to the mask that was regenerating at high speed as if trying to cover up the damage.

While at it, I shoot several shots at the frames.

Every single one was able to gouge out Samal, but all were healed.

Does he have better stats in other points to compensate for not being able to move?

Then I have to find the vital points.

I lower Azusa for now and activate [Sakai], at the same time, I concentrate and observe Samal.

“…Oh. You have one interesting hidden card.” (Makoto)

“Perish.” (Samal)

While I was doing that, I felt honest surprise at what came out from the opened gate.

This is kind of…interesting.

“Well, you move from world to world, so it is a given that you will pick up a lot of things from various places huh. You seem to be specialized in that after all.” (Makoto)

The mamonos and the other random things that are coming out don’t seem to have uniformity.

I strangely don’t feel scared.

That’s because I could tell it wasn’t a threat for me.

I think it is a missile.

I don’t know the specific warhead though.

For some reason, I was sure of it: this isn’t something that can kill me.

At the same time as Samal spoke, a gigantic and blue something that can only be called a weapon came out at a close range of several tens of metres and was directed at me.

Of course, I already had a number of methods to stop it.

“…This time it is Tomoe huh.” (Makoto)

“It may be of no concern, but this isn’t something that I can just spectate. Sorry for intruding.” (Tomoe)

“It is fine.” (Makoto)

Noticing the tactic of Tomoe and confirming it, she readily admitted about intruding.

The several missiles, that were heading directly at us, passed through us, and after advancing for a while, they disappeared like mist.

I was thinking about stopping it with an arm of the Magic Armor though.

“You rascals…Could you be divinities?” (Samal)

Samal was spitting out mamonos continuously, but he has finally noticed the stupidly big mountain of corpses.

Even when they tried to climb over it, they died, and even if they were able to get pass it, they fell and died.

Well, it has become a pseudo-mountain now.

“Divinity? I don’t know about that.” (Makoto)

Shiki’s Niflheim and Tomoe’s Pure Illusory Reality.


So this is all it takes?

I don’t know about this divinity he is talking about, but honestly, I don’t have any interest aside from crushing him.

“Fuh…there’s no way. They are all interesting techniques, but if it is just one talent, there’s plenty of people that have gained a technique that has reached the level of divinity.” (Samal)

“…Waka, there’s an interference in the surrounding space.” (Tomoe)

Before the notification of Tomoe, I had already noticed it.

It wasn’t only from the gate; it seems like he is able to put some tricks in his summonings as well.

So he does have a main method of attack huh.

It wouldn’t do much if the opponent were to notice before the activation though.

“Well done noticing. It is normally hard to even see it; the notorious frenzied dance of weapons. But it is too late even if you notice it now.” (Samal)

“I see. The missiles were a lot better than this. So this time it is just an imitation of Sofia?” (Makoto)

With one of them appearing behind me as the onset, western and orient weapons of ancient and modern times were appearing in succession at the surroundings.

This spectacle was pretty similar to what the Dragon Slayer Sofia, who had a contract with the Blade Dragon Lancer, showed me once.

The power behind it might be different.

Actually, it might be a different spell altogether.

But there’s no way for me to know the details of it.

“Even if you rascals can erase missiles, you won’t be able to deal with these swords that have the understanding of experts—?!” (Samal)

“A weapon that doesn’t have a user; no matter how many there are, there’s no point in it. I don’t know about this ‘understanding’ you talk about, but an expert that exists is a lot more scary than this. No matter how much performance, no matter what legend these masterpieces come from…their real worth doesn’t come out unless it comes in a set with their masters.” (Makoto)

And if it’s a rehash, that’s more the case.

There’s 108 -no, 112 huh.

So it wasn’t the same number as the worldly desires huh.

So close.

The numbers are not many. I locked them all in my sniping image.

I lift Azusa and take a stance.

The swarm of weapons that are moving simultaneously…

“Disappear.” (Makoto)


I could tell that Tomoe and Shiki gulped their breath. This is something that happened after I destroyed the hundred or so weapons.

I shot only once.

With my aim on the targets, the light streaks that branched from my hand had pierced them all.

The end.

“…I am a God, you know.” (Samal)

“That’s a bluff, right? I know a number of others that are not Gods and are still stronger than you.” (Makoto)

“I wouldn’t tell lies.” (Samal)

“Then, there are also weak Gods huh.” (Makoto)

I found several candidates for vital spots.

I tried shooting through one of them, located at the lower part.


Haha, the regeneration is clearly slower.

So it really is one huh.

Then, the next one.

“I have lived for long, obtained volition, and obtained the status of God. Just a bit more, and I would have been able to reach further beyond…” (Samal)

Outside frame, from my location, at the left shoulder, 7 centimeters and 2 millimeters in the inner part.

“Too bad then.” (Makoto)

I could feel that Samal was in pain.

There’s definitely damage.

The regeneration is clearly slower than in all the other parts.

The appearance rate of the mamonos and other things has grown slower too.

We have been intercepting them with Shiki’s Niflheim and my sniping, so even if it hadn’t grown slower, there wouldn’t have been any problems at all.

From my point of view, I can’t see the full picture of Samal with all the wreckage and corpses, but there’s no meaning in it.

As long as I know he is there, that’s fine.

“…Something’s strange—?!!” (Samal)

The protuberance at the upper part’s right side of the mask.

That place as well huh.

Maybe all the candidates I found are all correct?

So they are not the type that bring instant death huh. It is a pain that he seems to still be fine.

I shot when he was in the middle of talking, so his words were cut off.

‘Something’s strange?’

Nothing’s strange.

Just what is this guy saying?

“Not really. There’s nothing strange. You are simply unsightly. I wondered about what you would do -being huge and all- but the only thing you did was bring stuff out like the gate you are. Moreover, they were all weak.” (Makoto)

Left gate door, top metal fixtures of the handle.

Right gate door, two points at the frame.

I continued piercing them.

“?!!!! Then!! Why are you smiling faintly?! In the middle of a fight!!” (Samal)

“So you were still misunderstanding something? Didn’t I say it in the beginning? This is not a fight; this is just trampling.” (Makoto)

So I was smiling huh.

There wasn’t anything amusing though.

“…Tomoe, Shiki. Was I smiling?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. This is the first time I saw you like this though.” (Tomoe)

“This is also…the first time I see Waka-sama have a faint smile while preparing your bow.” (Shiki)

“I see. I wasn’t amused but angry though. I will be careful.” (Makoto)

Being conscious of my mouth and my eyes, I bear in mind to keep it emotionless.

If it was unconsciously, it was probably a habit of mine, but it is a strange habit.

Let’s be careful.

This might have been the reason that made Tomoe and Shiki draw back.

“You are saying I am unsightly and weak? I was born as an excelling magic tool! After several hundreds of years, I gained will! Collected souls as an existence that connects worlds! And I was finally able to obtain the status of God! And you are calling someone like me unsightly and weak?!” (Samal)

The status of God.



So that’s what he meant by ‘divinities’ huh.

I don’t know what’s the difference between that and a God, but well, that’s fine.

In that case, this guy is in short…

“…Heh. Even if you say you are a God, you are just an object that gained will?” (Makoto)

“What was that laugh for? You rascal are a simple mortal yourself.” (Samal)

“And you are about to lose to that mortal. Sorry but, in my perspective, you are not a God, but more of a *Youkai*. If I had to choose, I would classify you as a mamono.” (Makoto)

“What insolence.” (Samal)

Because you know, when you talk about an object that gained a will, wouldn’t that be a Youkai?

In my perspective, he doesn’t feel that much of a God.

However, I like the basic idea of a tool obtaining a will after being treasured for a long time or being treated roughly.

That’s why I treat my tools with care.

This guy called Samal might have been born from the result of one of those.

I wouldn’t think about treasuring this guy at all though.

I would rather break it.

“You are demanding a thousand lives, so classifying you as a monster is plenty enough. You know, after being called a monster a lot of times, you actually get used to it. It isn’t as suffocating as being called a God, and in the first place, it suits you.” (Makoto)

“Unforgivable. I definitely won’t forgive you.” (Samal)

“Hahaha, what a coincidence. I feel the same way.” (Makoto)

From below the mask, 3 millimeters at the contours of the chin region.

“…Fool.” (Samal)

Even though he has been shot to the point of being unable to properly speak, he is still energetic enough to continue his impudent talk.

He is already broken here and there, and he still has the nerves.

“…Could it be…there’s no way.” (Tomoe)

“What’s wrong, Tomoe?” (Makoto)

I heard words of surprise from an unexpected direction.

“This is the space of Waka and I. Even though neither of us has given the permission…there’s no way he would be able to retreat. Is that a special characteristic of this guy?” (Tomoe)

“So you intend to run away. So that wasn’t impudent talk but retreating words.” (Makoto)

To have him stay here, Tomoe and I had prohibited the exit and entrance of anything.

And yet, from what Tomoe said, it seems like this guy intends to run away.

“There’s no way I will let myself be defeated by a rascal like you. The day I obtain a position worthy for me, I will celebrate it by slaughtering this world along with you all.” (Samal)

“Waka, this guy will escape. I can’t stop his interference with the space!” (Tomoe)

Is it because he is a God-like existence that’s specialized in space manipulation?

Is there a position higher than that of a God?

It seems like Samal thinks that that position is what’s truly worthy for him, so there’s probably one.

If that’s the case, then maybe there’s some sort of difference between obtaining a spot as a God and actually becoming one?

Just like how he said himself: ‘if it’s only in one talent, there’s already people that can imitate God-class’, so it is not strange for Samal himself to be able to achieve this kind of feats in terms of teleportation.

It would be hard to keep him inside Asora by force or block him from entering.

But hearing Tomoe’s agitated and nervous voice is kind of rare.

She cooled me down a bit.

Unnecessary noise has mixed in my mind.

Emotions are an hindrance for my objective of crushing Samal.


“I have stored this place in my memories. You, your slaves, your world, and your family that lives in the Origin world; one day, I will definitely—” (Samal)

“I definitely won’t let you escape. That’s what I have decided.” (Makoto)


The red colored coat is truly fast and useful as expected.

I was able to cross over the mountain of corpses and arrive at a distance that’s close enough to touch Samal.

There’s no need to hide it, so I activate the Magic Armor in a visible state and give him a punch as a greeting.

There was a normal response from it.

It wasn’t a vital point, so the recovery is fast, but it is not like there’s no damage at all.

“That power…you are calling me a monster, but you are the monster.” (Samal)

“You called yourself a God, you shouldn’t run away from a mere mortal.” (Makoto)

“Don’t speak any further with that unpleasant expression of yours, monster.” (Samal)

“Was I smiling again? It seems like it is indeed a habit. Sorry about that. Hm?” (Makoto)

The feeling of holding Samal was fading quickly.

So he really plans on escaping.

I thought he would be using that weird space to escape, but when I think about it, that would be strange.

He is a gate that’s opened to other places, and for Samal himself to enter those doors would be contrary to its function.

Because Samal himself is the gate after all.

The whole gate was slowly turning transparent.

At the same time, Samal’s presence grows thinner.

“Not only me, you are even planning on putting your hands on my family and comrades; do you think I will let someone like that escape?” (Makoto)

If that’s so, he is an incredible idiot.

I have already taken away the lives of many.

I am prepared for the retribution this might bring to me and my surroundings.

But I definitely am not going to shut my eyes and wait for it to happen.

Of course, this moment enters that category.

“Even if you won’t allow me to leave, there’s nothing you can do. In the space I live where distance and time don’t exist, you think you would be able to catch me? You would need at least deep knowledge in space manipulation. You don’t have what’s required to call me to begin with. Farewell.” (Samal)

Samal, who was practically transparent already, said his parting words.

The Magic Armor can’t hold Samal’s body anymore.

Then I will use Sakai.

Attacks won’t come from Samal anymore.

Or more like, he is practically gone already.

I search for the traces of Samal’s being… and find it.

“I told you…I won’t let you escape.” (Makoto)

I found a space opening in the place where Samal was.

I could see that it was closing in an unshapely manner like when one stitches a wound.

It was returning to its former state, and the space was already mending itself.     

I call the arms that I was thinking about utilizing to transporting the magma.

Just like I imagined, the two arms appeared at both of my sides.

I didn’t really ask anyone to give them maintenance, but they are giving off a dazzling shine with no blemish.

“Waka, he is already…” (Tomoe)

“I don’t think it is too late. That’s why, just stay there and watch.” (Makoto)

Tomoe brings out words notifying that Samal has left Asora already.

But I didn’t think like that at all.

‘It is still fine’, me and my power were thinking that.

I thrust the silver arms into the wound in the space.

The arms that had thrusted into the rift were fighting against the space that was trying to return to its former self, and they tremble as they forcefully try to tear it apart.

“Could it be, you found the traces of where he escaped…” (Tomoe)  

“And you are going to chase after him?” (Shiki)

Tomoe and Shiki predict my next move from the spectacle they are viewing.


I don’t have the intention of chasing him no matter where he goes.

I am simply going to drag him back here -to Asora.

The space opening is slowly tearing up.

“…Now then, you can do it, right? Crush any kind of attacks; that’s what I envisioned in you when I created you. If you are truly my Creation, you should be able to rip up this closed space.” (Makoto)

As if being influenced by my will, the arms grow much stronger and the space is cracked in an unnatural manner.

The silver arms’ power to open up the wound of the space was stronger than the space’s healing power.

“It opened.” (Shiki)

Shiki dumbfoundedly voices out the reality.

The silver arms steadily increase in power and have overwhelmed the resistance of a different space.

In the place that has been teared up, there was a marble space similar to the one inside of Samal’s gate.

Is the space between worlds something like this?

If the words of Samal are true, the humans that fall in here would be transported to a world somewhere, or die just like that.

I haven’t seen a place like this even when I use the mist as an intermediary to go back and forth between Asora and the Goddess’ world.

“…Waka, will you chase after that fellow, and…return to your homeland? If you make that fellow abide to your will, it is possible.” (Tomoe)

“…Have Samal abide to my will? Hell no. I don’t want to breath the same air as him. Also, if I were to make him abide to my will, that would mean I would have to do a pact like the time with Tomoe and the others, right? Even if I were to put a difference in treatment… Something like that, I refuse.” (Makoto)

“But…you have lingering feelings for your homeland, right?” (Tomoe)

“What’s wrong, Tomoe? It is true that I want to return to Japan. However…I currently have you guys with me. Even if I were able to return to Japan, if I am unable to return to this place, there’s no point in choosing that. It would be irritating to get meddled by Bug, and there’s a mountain of things I want to tell her.” (Makoto)

“Waka…” (Tomoe)

“After I finish all of my business with the Goddess, and all those requirements are fulfilled, I will return to Japan. However, I will be together with you guys, forever. At least as long as you guys wish for my company, I will forever be there. That’s why, even if it’s possible at this moment, I still won’t return.” (Makoto)


Even though I feel like I said something pretty cool there, the two didn’t give me any reactions and that makes me feel a bit embarrassed.

This Tomoe is throwing cold water in my adrenaline; a while ago she did it and now she does it again.

Even though Samal pissed me off, I am unable to return to that pleasant sensation from before.

I am simply pissed off right now.

What a waste.

I will crush, destroy, kill Samal.

Because of these clear objectives, I was able to brush away all the things inside my head. A simple and pleasant state of mind has gone far away now.

This exhilarating mood inside my body that allowed me to move for those objectives, for some reason, is no longer there.

How to say it, I am closer to my normal self.


Or more like, why did I want to crush Samal?


He insulted my mom and dad.

That’s why I was angry.

To think I forgot the reason. What’s wrong with me?

“…Well then, what are you going to do now?” (Shiki)


The first one to recover from this frozen atmosphere was Shiki.

“Simple. I will drag Samal here.” (Makoto)

What I am about to do doesn’t change much from before.

“H-How?!” (Shiki)

I thrust my arm into the marble space that was opened widely.

“W-Waka! What are you doing?!” (Tomoe)

“Putting your arm into the space rift?!” (Shiki)

Is that something to be so surprised about?

It was an opponent that I shot a lot a few moments ago, and I thought that this is the way I should do it though.


“There he is. As I thought, I can really do it, see?” (Makoto)

“‘There’, you say?” (Shiki)

“Waka, what you are plunging your arm into…is totally the domain of your opponent, and an unknown domain to top it off.” (Tomoe)

“When he said he wouldn’t let Samal escape, did he mean…” (Shiki)

Found a response.

A fission.

I only thrusted my right arm, but I thrust my left arm as well and grab the handle of the door with both of them.

And then, since I am going to drag him here, I pulled with all my power.

“Didn’t I tell you?!!!” (Makoto)

A tattered gate was coming out from the marble space, and maybe because I did it with brute force, the moment I let go my hands, he flew into the sky.

“Eh!! A hand suddenly…what is going on? You…Misumi Makoto!!” (Samal)

“Welcome back, Samal.” (Makoto)

The space opening that was no longer needed, closed up in an instant.

In other words, the silver arms are free for use again.

Arms that I can move at will.

Samal is doing a trip in the sky, so me and my Magic Armor can’t reach that far.

But if it’s these arms…it is possible.

“You rascal!!!” (Samal)

The gate of Samal opened completely.

From there, several thick lights that reminded me of the blaze of Root were shot.

Even in his suffering state, he still comes out with an imitation, moreover, even in the end, it is still another inferior version.

I receive all those lights with my Magic Armor.

Not only did I not receive any injuries, there wasn’t even the need to reform my Magic Armor.

“The power was in its perfect state and it was practically with no aria!! All of these attacks should have been a first for you; they were all techniques and spells from a world that’s no more!!” (Samal)

“I am already used to spells with no arias, and I have already experienced practically all of this before. Not only are you a Youkai, you are even a copycat.” (Makoto)

“Dragging back someone that has already transferred into its space. That’s just…impossible!! Impossible!!” (Samal)

“Now then, just punching you would be pitiful, so… A rush attack with the silver arms -no, I name it: [Silver Rush].” (Makoto)

“Waka’s naming sense is just…” (Tomoe)

“Waka-sama, I think it would be less pitiful if you were to just punch him.” (Shiki)

“Then Silver Rush is the best choice. Go! Punch him! And while at it, gouge him out!” (Makoto)

Even when I try to lift up my spirits, I am still unable to enter the pleasant mood I had before the cooling down of Tomoe.

The arms flew into the air and chased after Samal.

And then, the moment they caught their target, they immediately began to punch.

Without caring much about the vitals, I simply punch him single-mindedly.

With how he is regenerating, the end will probably be very far.

Well, I will make the process a bit faster.

“While at it…here” (Makoto)

“…What is it this time?” (Shiki)

Shiki, who for some reason really drawn back, asked me.

Tomoe looked at the sky with a stiffened expression.

“Eh, it would be lukewarm if I just beat him to death, so I thought about shooting him to death too.” (Makoto)

“…What you have in your hand is a Draupnir, right? The one that was going to be disposed and was given to you by Ema and the Elder.” (Shiki)

“Yeah. You know, a Brid with a ring mixed in it, I actually haven’t seen its power with my own eyes. Isn’t this a good chance?” (Makoto)

“That’s true. He seems to be a sturdy opponent after all.” (Shiki)

“Right. Shiki, go to Ema and bring back more rings that are planned to be disposed.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes.” (Shiki)

For now, I place the ten rings that I had in my possession, on top of my palm.

I deploy the same number of Brids in my surroundings, which have been improved to have their power and precision as their highest priority.

This is a pitiful spell that everyone said is no longer a Brid, but I like it.

At first, they appear in a spherical shape, and as if being pulled from behind, they slowly take the form of arrows.

And when the Brids get sharp enough, they become spiral shaped.


Confirming that they are now in standby state, I correct the aim to Samal as I place one ring inside all of them.

“First, let’s go with the one’s that only have one inside. Ready…Shoot!(lol)” (Makoto)

All Brids were fired.

They impacted on Samal, who was still being punched, and exploded.


The power increases by quite a lot.

Ah, by the way, even when that happened, the arms were still punching him without sparing a single moment.

He still maintains his form, so his sturdiness and recovery power is quite the thing.

“Waka-sama, I have brought them.” (Shiki)

What Shiki carried in his arms was a big and stylish jewel box.

It was completely filled with bright red rings.

“The projectiles are all in place.” (Makoto)

While pouring Samal with a gatling of Brids without any interval to spare him…

“Now then, let’s try mixing two this time.” (Makoto)

I deliberately avoided the vital points, and let him use his regenerative powers to his full extent… as I continue to trample him.


“I have begun thinking from the bottom of my heart that I should keep my teasing of Waka in moderation. Honestly, what happened just now has cooled down my spirits.” (Tomoe)

“It is impressive that you still think about moderately teasing him, Tomoe-dono.” (Shiki)

“Punching him nonstop from above, and shooting him nonstop from below. Well, he said that Azusa would be dirtied, so he didn’t use his bow anymore though.” (Tomoe)

“In the end, Samal wasn’t even allowed to fall at all.” (Shiki)

“There were several moments when he tried to summon something. I don’t know if he was successful or not, but it is certain that it didn’t change the situation one bit-ja. Regarding the altitude, not only was he not falling, I think it was actually increasing.” (Tomoe)

“Leaving aside this trivial talk, I certainly did feel that Samal possessed an enormous power that surpassed the High Spirits and Root-dono, but was that my misunderstanding?” (Shiki)

“I also felt that way. If you and I were to fight him, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to win.” (Tomoe)

“If he can return even when in Asora and in the presence of Tomoe-dono, there’s no way to chase him down. If what he brought out were only at that level, we wouldn’t have lost, is how I thought though.” (Shiki)

Shiki looks back at Makoto’s fight -no, at his trampling.

The attacking method of Samal by summoning, in the eyes of Shiki, that was something that had plenty of ways to deal with.

Shiki has begun to master the 13th steps, so he felt like there was plenty room to win.

“The missiles did give me a fright though. If we didn’t erase them and received them directly… Waka estimated that he would be able to take them on, but for you and me, it would be a bit rough.” (Tomoe)

“Missiles. The ones that Tomoe-dono changed to illusions? I could see that Waka-sama was feeling slightly happy when that happened.” (Shiki)

“Because they were similar to the weapons that are in Waka’s world after all. He probably felt familiarity in that shape.” (Tomoe)

“They have enough power to make Tomoe-dono wary?” (Shiki)

“It is a troublesome warhead. Samal didn’t have to hold back against us, so that much is a given though.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe glances at a part of the floor.

At that place, there was a normal house door lying down.

What was once Samal.

“There’s already no former shadow of him.” (Shiki)

“An object that has gained a will. A tool that has been utilized for a long time, gained a will, and transformed huh. It is second-hand knowledge from the legends in Waka’s world though. What a mysterious existence-ja no. I didn’t know about this either.” (Tomoe)

“It is most likely something that doesn’t exist in this world. I have never heard of it either.” (Shiki)

After Makoto’s trampling was over, Samal returned to the ground by the hands of the Silver Arm.

Being escorted to the ground by a pound, Samal had already lost his form as a door.

Tomoe and Shiki who thought that it would be destroyed at that rate, thought it strange that Makoto stopped his attacks and approached Samal.

And then, they saw a part of Makoto that they haven’t seen before.

Makoto told Samal: ‘Killing you would be the end of it, and that would only bring you peace’.

That’s why he stopped.

“‘You have worked hard and gotten this far, isn’t that fine already?’, is what he said huh.” (Shiki)

“Yeah. Obtaining souls by using contracts, he strengthened his own self; to be able to gouge out that power by the root, Waka was skilfull beyond expectations.” (Tomoe)

“In the end, he returned to being a magic tool -no, since he already has a will, the time he regains his consciousness will probably be shorter.” (Shiki)

“Probably, or probably not. Whichever it is, he is a pitiful one-ja. Not being able to bring out your will is practically torture. My condolences.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe faces the door and presses her hands together in prayer.

Maybe she felt the need to give her condolences. Shiki follows her lead.

A short silence fell unto the meadows.

“I will bring it to my research room tomorrow. We will have to clean up the corpses as well.” (Shiki)

The magic tool, Samal, was still capable of thinking, but was unable to voice out, moreover, it has been decided that he will be staying here for a night.

On top of that, from tomorrow on, his days as a guinea pig will start.

He is probably the very definition of: being too pitiful to watch.

“There might be something here that could be useful. There’s an extensive amount of races in this place, so let’s call for assistance.” (Tomoe)

“Yes.” (Shiki)

There’s corpses of people, mamonos, and weapons.

Within the darkness of the night, the eyes of the two that were directed at those corpses lying down, were cold.

“Well then, let’s return as well. The savory egg custard of Mio will cool down.” (Tomoe)

“Right… Tomoe-dono.” (Shiki)

After a span of time, Shiki calls Tomoe from the back.

“What-ja?” (Tomoe)

“Isn’t that great? Waka-sama wants to stay in Asora together with us, till the bitter end.” (Shiki)

“…Umu.” (Tomoe)

“Honestly speaking, depending on the moves of Samal, I thought that Waka-sama might decide to go back to his world, and…” (Shiki)

“‘Never return’?” (Tomoe)

“…Yeah.” (Shiki)

“Idiot.” (Tomoe)

“Sorry.” (Shiki)

Shiki lowers his head slightly.

“Ah~, truly an idiot-ja. Let’s return.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe opens a mist gate.

“But, I am also one-ja…” (Tomoe)

The faint voice of Tomoe reached the ears of Shiki.

By the time he raised his head, his Senpai follower was not there anymore.

Shiki didn’t think of confirming those words of hers.

He simply had a gentle smile on his face as he chases after her.

Tomoe and Shiki return to their residence in relief.

Makoto doesn’t plan on going back to Japan right now.

His smile when angered is dangerous.

The two, who learned something more important than the recall spell formation, felt like this day had big worth.

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