Chapter 220: The summoned one

“It is not a recalling one, but a summoning one?” (Makoto)


“No doubt about it.”

Shiki and Tomoe nod at my question.

What’s going on?

After I had gotten heavily dizzy in the giant bath-house -I mean, at the demonic mountain’s hot-spring village, everyone had shouted *cheers of joy as they enjoyed the completed* hot springs, and we returned to Asora.

Ah, it became a play of words.

Leaving that aside, I received an explanation from Tomoe and the others, and I understood it in my own way, and on top of that, thought about it.

“That book said that it was a ritual to return a summoned one to their original world though…” (Makoto)

It is one of the books that I was shown a few days ago in the dwelling of the Superior Dragon, Waterfall, living in the Meiris Lake.

Within it, there was information of a ritual that had pretty important details for me.

The requirements were surprisingly severe, and it seemed to be a technique that seemed to only work on me and no one else, so I decided not to use it and show it to Tomoe and the others.

And the report I received from them was something I didn’t understand well.

It seems like it is not a recalling spell but a summoning one.

Truly, what the hell is going on?

“There’s no mistake in that description. We have confirmed it as well. Just that, the description was strangely ornated, and the result after investigating about this ritual and aria that felt like it was disguised, we learned that it was a summoning spell for a different realm.” (Tomoe)

“Moreover, it was a formula that didn’t require the aria, the necessary tools, catalysts, and the sacrifices. It was a spell formation that was quite different from its description, so we thought we should report it to Waka-sama.” (Shiki)

I see.

The first possibility I can think of is a misprint, but it seems like it is not the case this time.

It was in the library of a Superior Dragon after all.

In the first place, Waterfall seemed to be the diligent type, and she did give off the feeling like she was trying to avoid me, but I don’t think there’s merits for her in deceiving me.

If this were Root, he would pop a cracker and say: ‘you got it right!’ and bring out a second problem.

The other possibility I can think of is…

“…So it means…that this is a summoning to call someone that can return the summoner to their world?” (Makoto)

Why is it that I don’t feel that good about this?

“I think it is appropriate to conclude that.” (Tomoe)

“That’s how we think as well.” (Shiki)

So this is the right answer huh.

It is also something expected.

Of course, I did suspect that there was the chance the explanation of the ritual was a lie.

We don’t have a precedent that has tried out this, so it can’t be helped.

Is the ritual itself a lie, or is something coming out from it?

At the very least, there’s the chance that something could come out, so Tomoe and Shiki are on guard about that.

If it is something that these two can handle themselves, they would have already summoned it and continued with their investigation after all.

“And so, there’s the chance that something bad might come out, so you decided to report it to me first, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s right.” (Tomoe)

“Yes.” (Shiki)

By the way, the only ones here are Tomoe, Shiki, and I.

It seems like Mio went to prepare savory egg custards for me since I supposedly muttered about that in my sleep.

She seemed to be pretty hyped about it.

I just muttered it, so I don’t think she would become like that just because of it. I probably did something else aside from that.

I like savory egg custards, so if she is going to prepare them, I am happy though.

“Yeah. Let me say this first but, if we are to do it, I think something incredibly troublesome will be coming.” (Makoto)

“Right.” (Tomoe)

“It is Waka-sama after all.” (Shiki)

What an instant answer.

“…No wait, at that part, shouldn’t you at least make it less straight?” (Makoto)

“Waka has been picking up trouble as if you have been aiming at them from the beginning after all.” (Tomoe)

“There are times when you even surpass the expected worst case scenario. If that was the luck of the world, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter.” (Shiki)

“C-Calling it the epitome of worst is not a laughing matter either though.” (Makoto)

“Fortunately, Waka possesses toughness that can narrowly brush away those problems laughing.” (Tomoe)

They are truly saying whatever they want.

Even so, I have a strange luck to draw out the lowest of rates.

I feels like these rates are biased.

There’s definitely going to be a moment when something good happens, so I am not hung up on those things every time it happens.

“Well, since you guys say it is a summoning spell, wanna try calling it to see? We could ask about how to return and stuff like that.” (Makoto)

“What should we do about the cost?” (Tomoe)

“The cost huh. Hm… It would be hard to gather one thousand people unless we pick some in a battlefield somewhere.” (Makoto)

The easiest way would be to kidnap people from a place where they are killing each other.

The sacrifices will be dying, so buying slaves for that would not leave a good taste.

Different from soldiers and mercenaries, there are a lot of slaves that don’t have the resolve to throw away their lives.

“If it is someone that words can get through, there might not be the need to prepare the sacrifices, but it is practically as if the person itself is requesting it beforehand, so it is possible that we would be angering that person if we don’t.” (Shiki)

That’s true.

It is written that there’s the need to prepare it in this way in order to return to your former world, so if there’s plans on doing the ritual, there’s the need to prepare for it.

“Also, the place to do the ritual is also a problem. Should we do it in Asora, or would it be better to do it outside?” (Shiki)

Ah, there’s also that.

Since we are doing something big, it might catch the eye of the Goddess.

She has been strangely docile lately, but that doesn’t mean she is harmless.

She has a danger level and pain level of a first-class noxious bug.

Just that, it all depends on the indulgence of the other side and if the sacrifices have to be taken, so it would be better to do it in a suitable place.

Or more like, I can’t do something like this in Asora.

“If we want to avoid the eyes of third parties, it would be Asora. This place hasn’t been found by the Goddess yet. But the sacrifices are the problem.” (Shiki)

“Right. But why the need of sacrifices? I want to confirm if other things can be used, so it is the truth that it would give more peace of mind if it is in Asora rather than the outside where there’s the chance of someone seeing it.” (Makoto)

Because if the matter is related to magic power, I have plenty to throw.

If there’s no need for them to be people, then…I can just go to the wasteland and Kaleneon to mass capture mamonos.

If what’s clear is that the aria is a simple summoning spell, we can call it and confirm if it is actually a requirement in order to call it to this world.

“…It is not possible to call an existence higher than the Goddess, so if Waka prepares himself, the safest bet would be to try in Asora.” (Tomoe)


Tomoe said something important as if nothing.

My resolve of trying in Asora hardened in an instant.

“An existence higher than the Goddess won’t come?” (Makoto)

Repeating her words, I confirm it with Tomoe once more.

I was internally scared that something like that trio of Gods might come out from this.

“The aria itself completes the process of the ritual composition. If someone in this world were to call an existence that surpasses the Goddess, there will definitely be a mechanism in the aria where it would ask for the permission of the Goddess first.” (Tomoe)

…I see.

In that case, there’s no need to worry about it so much huh.

Since the upper limit is something that’s lower than the Goddess.

“Then let’s do it in Asora. Just in case, at a place far from the town. We can have Tomoe and Mio protect the two towns.” (Makoto)

The two of them possess abilities fit for defense, so they are suitable for the job.

“We can have Serwhale protect the sea. Mio can protect the first town, and I would be able to accompany you.” (Tomoe)

That’s unexpected.

Does that mean she is worried about me?

Serwhale and the other sea races have pretty high defensive ability when they have the sea as their backing.

Even if their defensive power is not on the level of Mio, it is certainly true that they can be trusted.

If we were to classify Tomoe in defensive or offensive, it would be more of the defensive type though.

“That’s unexpected. Is it because you have investigated it, so you want to witness it until the end?” (Makoto)

“…Something like that.” (Tomoe)

“Understood. It seems like my help will be needed if anything happens, so you being there will make things easier.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, leave it to me.” (Tomoe)

“Shiki, how much can you prepare?” (Makoto)

“We have already done the necessary preparations, so the only thing that’s left is to do the aria. We have done the preparations in a place far away from the town, so it will take us time to move there though.” (Shiki)

“As expected of you guys. There wasn’t the need of me asking.” (Makoto)

They have already done the preparations.

With how things went, they probably prepared one outside as well just in case.

My respects.


There’s an ominous gate right in front of me that I would agree if it were called the Hell’s Gate.

I don’t know about the material it is made of, but it looks bony.

It is a double door, and at the top of the gate, an expressionless face is placed there.

The height is that of a 2 story building.

In other words, it is pretty big.

“In a sense, this is pretty easy to understand. I can see it as a gate to move between worlds.” (Makoto)

“That’s exactly what it looks like.” (Tomoe)

I got the agreement of Tomoe.

But well, it is not like anything will change with that.

There’s no followers of mine that would say this is of good taste, or that this is a fresh look for a gate, so I know that nothing will change much even if I got the response of someone.

We are currently at a wide grass-covered plain no race is living in.

This kind of place can be found in many parts of Asora.

We can even make explosion SFX scenes here.

“But since it has responded to the call, this is most likely a gate with a will. We can’t let our guards down.” (Shiki)

Shiki is serious.

Even without being told, with a gate like this, even I wouldn’t let my guard down.

“…This is the first time I have come to this place. It is a world that’s different from any of the worlds that have spread my spell formation. But…” (???)

Okay. I can clearly understand what he is saying.

Let’s question him.

“Nice to meet you. I am the one that called you here.” (Makoto)

“A mortal huh. Also…an undead, and a dragon. No, it is vaguely different. Mutated ones? Doesn’t seem to be the case. I see, you have received the ruling pact huh.”

As I thought, the face at the top is speaking.

It is slightly tiring on my neck, but well, that’s fine.

It seems like he is thinking, so maybe I should wait for a bit?

Ah, now that I think about it, I haven’t introduced myself.

Raidou -no, it is fine to use my real name.

“My name is Misumi Makoto. The ones here are my followers: Tomoe and Shiki. If it’s okay with you, can I hear your name?” (Makoto)

“…Samal. But in the first place, for us, there’s no point in names. By the way, where are the offerings?” (Samal)

Offerings. The thousand lives huh.

It came immediately huh.

“Samal-san, regarding that, why do you require the lives of a thousand?” (Makoto)

“It should have been written that it is necessary in the spell, right? Since we are here face-to-face, your side should have consented to that.” (Samal)

“We were told that this was a ritual to return a person, that has been summoned, to their original world. But when we investigated it, the ritual composition was a simple summoning spell, and so, for the sake of learning about it in more detail, we decided to call you here.” (Makoto)

He didn’t answer my question, but let’s go in a patient manner here.

At the very least, the presence this fellow gives is less than the one I felt from that Goddess and Athena-sama.

Instead of saying the pressure is weak, it is more like the wave it is giving off is calm. Well, it is something extremely subjective anyways.

“…If I didn’t hear you wrong, it sounded like you said: you called me as a test.” (Salma)

“The outline is correct. I thought that it would be an existence we could talk in this way, so I thought negotiations would be possible.” (Makoto)

“It seems like I have been heavily underestimated here. But, it seems like there’s enough lives here for one thousand. The quality is pretty good too. It can be covered plenty enough huh.” (Samal)

It was able to grasp the numbers of the Asora residents?

If it turns into a fight so soon, I honestly won’t be able to ask him anything.

From what I see, it is probably a special ability.

In that case, it is pointless to ask?

No, it is not like we can’t create a good relationship here.

“I first want to hear if you actually need the sacrifice of a thousand though.” (Makoto)

“Why do I need to tell a rascal like you?” (Samal)

Uh, it is the natural haughtiness that’s pretty popular between God-like existences.

I was thinking about suppressing him if he were to rampage, so I might be considered haughty as well though.

I feel a bad atmosphere from my front.


“What did you…”

Both of my sides were dyed in a turbulent atmosphere as well.

“I was wondering if it can be resolved with magic power or something like that.” (Makoto)

“Magic power? Are you an idiot? What good would come from taking the magic power of others? There’s no way it would serve as a substitute for life, for the souls. A fool that doesn’t understand the machinations of magic power, how was it possible for someone like that to get his hands on the magic formation to call me?” (Samal)



I thought that magic power was almighty or something like that, but it seems like it is not.

Sacrifices are already on the realm of the occult, so I thought that magic power which is practically on that same line would work in a lot of things though.

Like the magma pond in Kaleneon.

“Then, are the life of mamonos and plants counted as well?” (Makoto)

“…You have no saving. If it is not souls with strong desires, there’s no point. In other words, it has to be *mortals*, or a life that is closely related to mortals. Barely scraping would be until beast races.” (Samal)


In that case, it would be troublesome to gather them.

Even though Waterfall went through the trouble of showing me this knowledge, it might become a fruitless effort.

If there’s the need of sacrifices in order for Samal-san to show his power, I would need a thousand lives in order to go back and fro.

It is not a realistic thing to do.

“From what I see, you are quite the novelty. And it is not the first time I have met this presence.” (Samal)

He is someone I know?

I haven’t had any experiences with speaking gates in my whole life.

I have gotten used to speaking with a lot of things, but if it were in my time in Japan, it would be at a level to leave a trauma.

It is a matter of course since an eerie gate that can speak would come out from who knows where after all.

“No, I think this is our first time meeting.” (Makoto)

“Well then, I am not so free you see. I will overlook the deficiency of sacrifices. I will gather them from the vicinity and end it there. But Misumi Makoto, I won’t be cooperating with you. You didn’t compel with the contract after all. Be grateful that I didn’t punish you at the very least.” (Samal)

“That would trouble me. I can’t overlook that.” (Makoto)

“…You bastard, even after carefreely calling a deity like me, you will obstruct my actions that came from your own inadequacy? Ritual, contract, agreement; get that into your head.” (Samal)

It was a God?

It is my first time hearing the name Samal.

No idea what myth this God is from.

If it is a myth that’s not from Earth, I wouldn’t know in the first place.

“I just thought about negotiating the goods that we would be contributing from both sides.” (Makoto)

“Recall in exchange for sacrifices. Isn’t that pretty clear?” (Samal)

“The information about the recall is practically shrouded in darkness. Then wouldn’t it be obvious that we would want to ask about the thousand sacrifices as well?” (Makoto)

“Then don’t perform the ritual in the first place. ‘Ask and you will be answered’, a naive thinking like that doesn’t even work in the society of mankind either.” (Samal)


Well, I do think it is the responsibility of both sides to read the agreements of the contract.

But a part of the utilization in the goods is completely dark, so it can’t be helped you know.

If it were the export of a top-secret military weapon, it would be one thing. Maybe teleporting between worlds…is a pretty incredible technique?

Even so, having a thousand gulped in a black box is just…


The sound-looking argument of the gate is harsh.

“Waka, doesn’t seem like the other party wants to talk. I think it would be better to have him fix his attitude first.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe, is that something you say while unsheathing your katana?

“Waka-sama, it is unproductive to keep company to something like a speaking gate. Don’t worry, I will show you that we can get the information Waka-sama wants even if he is wreck.” (Shiki)

Shiki, you are talking as if destroying it is already settled.

“So you can’t even discipline your retainers huh. Makoto, truly a foolish…hm? I see, it is you.” (Samal)

The gaze of Samal-san was in Tomoe and Shiki, and then returns to me.

What is it?

“I remember now. It was at the time when I was summoned before. It was a request from a certain Goddess, if I remember correctly, it was…right, a hyuman. She asked me to help out in bringing two failures of humans called ‘hyuman’ to the original world.” (Samal)


Two hyumans?

“You are the child of those two, right? So that’s why you had a presence I found familiar. Hmph, I see. That Goddess really likes playing around with dolls, but…” (Samal)

A despising gaze incomparable to any he gave before was poured down on me.

The child of those two?

Is he referring to my mom and dad?

Hey, does that mean…

“Even the peasant disposition is inherited huh. Trying to bend the vow in a ritual after the deal, that’s truly the thought of a failure.” (Samal)


He knows about the moment when mom and dad transferred worlds.

Also, did he say peasant?

It didn’t feel like it was a word directed only at me.

That means…

“If you have inherited the blood of the residents of that distorted world, it is a given that your brain is lacking huh. That Goddess, in the end, she send those two to the most harshest of worlds with the lowest survival rate -the Origin world. I didn’t care about who and where I send them, so I didn’t say anything though. A God is a guest of honor that’s better than souls after all. Umu, those two abandoned the world they were born in, went against God, and were single-mindedly pushing their own way of thinking. Truly hyuman-like.” (Samal)


I could tell that Samal -this gate- is talking trash about my parents.

Of course, it felt like he was also insulting the Goddess as well…but even so, this guy, speaking whatever it wants about mom and dad…

“I see, I see. So you are the one the Goddess said? That matter about taking away something important of them one day. Meaning, you were the pawn that was being raised by those parents in order to throw away?!” (Samal)

“…Shut up.” (Makoto)

My words leaked out.

“That’s funny. A person that is running an errand for that Goddess, in a place like this, has tried to haggle regarding the sacrifices and is trying to cling onto me? After being thrown away by your blood parents, you still want to meet them? How effeminate.” (Samal)

…Shut up.

Shut up Shut upShut up Shut upShut up Shut up!!

Who clung onto you?!

I only had some questions.

Someone like you that insults my mom and dad, I would definitely not rely on someone like that!!

I could tell that my body was being wrapped up by a peculiar sensation I have felt a number of times before, along with an intense anger.

My face was burning, and I could feel my head and body growing rapidly colder.

Ah, I see.

I am someone that can’t take abusive remarks towards my family huh.

My boiling point might have gotten even lower since I haven’t been able to meet them.

But this is already… This guy is just…

“I told you to shut up.” (Makoto)

“Do you wish to be counted in those thousand, you foolish son of mortals?” (Samal)

“You have a big mouth for a fake God that only talks about wanting thousand lives without even saying the reason.” (Makoto)

I have already stopped looking at his face, and spat those words facing the ground.

This guy is unforgivable in a Goddess-class.

I will crush him.

Shiki said that it is okay to wreck him.

“…Fine. Become the first sacrifice along with your retainers. Consider it an honor that you are able to become the stairs of mine.” (Samal)

“Tomoe, barrier.” (Makoto)

“Already done.” (Tomoe)

“No. The one already out is fine. Put enough spirit so that this guy won’t be able to escape. Understood?” (Makoto)

“…Y-Yes.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe stuttered in her words a bit, but she complied.


I definitely won’t let him escape.

“Shiki.” (Makoto)

“Yes?!” (Shiki)

Why are you scared?

“You can go wild as a test for the rings. Try not to get dragged in it as well though.” (Makoto)

He told me before that there are still rings he can’t use properly.

“‘Try not to get dragged’? Don’t you mean ‘try not getting me dragged’?” (Shiki)

“It is exactly as I said.” (Makoto)

“U-Understood!” (Shiki)

I don’t think he will get a turn though.

I will be crushing this Omaru. Or was it Samal?

Who cares whichever it is.

It is a mere gate with an occult design.

It would be one thing if he called me an errand boy of the Goddess, but to go and insult mom and dad.

Don’t go dying until I kill you a thousand times over.

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  48. Omaru(おまる) means Potty. Potty is a place where you shit on it, a human waste. I wonder if he was comparing the sacrifices that the gate receives with a literal shit. Or maybe he comparing the gate with a literal shit. Probably both.

  49. Oh this… Might be good. It gets boring when he is too strong and only lets other people fight, and then he comes and one shots everything. Not funny at all, and I don’t really care about other people fighting in the first place really, so give me a good fight now 😀
    I did like Tomoe vs Waterfall though, but that wasn’t even a fight, also one sided beatdown

  50. It’s just like i figured. There’s more than one evil god. And doesn’t surprise me that the bug goddess would use this fool as help.

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