Chapter 213: Today Kuzunoha leaves, and Limia must be having it hard

“What did you say just now, Joshua-sama?”

“I have come to suggest retirement, is what I said, Lord Algurio.” (Joshua)

The words of the guest that Algurio brought in were so unexpected that he asked again.

But the words that were returned weren’t that different from before.

The day that Raidou and the Kuzunoha Company left Limia, there was one guest at the Hopelace’s residence in the southern part of the kingdom.

The current Head of the Hopelace household, Algurio Hopelace, had returned to his territory in the time that Raidou’s group was in the capital, in order to prepare for the welcoming of the guest.

Then he should have finished that business when they were in the capital, is the illogical action Raidou would most likely suggest.

Just that, when a noble takes an appointment, there’s a specially troublesome custom of one side visiting and the other receiving.

Joshua feels like that’s troublesome too, and Hibiki who has accompanied him also feels the same inside.

But right now is not the time to aggravate the situation. They have departed from the capital with Raidou’s group, and so, have arrived at the Hopelace territory to see them off.

“…It seems like it is no joke. But Joshua-sama, it is still too soon for me to retire. My son has gone out temporarily, but I am thinking about having him succeed the household when the time comes.” (Algurio)

“‘As a policy of the royal family, we have prohibited evil intended actions towards Raidou and the Kuzunoha Company’, is what I believe I told you before. You have gone against it. Well, your failures in Rotsgard were also pretty pathetic though. Even so, this is troubling. It seems like you have thrown around quite a lot of money, but you must have already noticed that this is not a problem that can be solved with money.” (Joshua)

It seemed like Joshua himself didn’t intend to take back his words.

In this place, there’s only Joshua and Algurio.

Hibiki who’s here on the pretext of being the bodyguard of Joshua, and the knight that works for the Hopelace household, were in standby outside the room.

“I have not gone against it. Since then, I have not put a single finger on Raidou, and when they were on their journey to Limia, the family provided them a lodging. Joshua-sama spoke of throwing around money, but that was our contribution for the reconstruction of Rotsgard and the capital. I am sorry for the rudeness but, I can only call this an unjust suspicion from Joshua-sama. I don’t have any intentions of escaping responsibility or anything.” (Algurio)

“…It has already been exposed that you were conspiring with a number of nobles in this matter. If there’s the need for proof, I will bring that at a later time. Lord Algurio, when the Kuzunoha Company’s group lodged in this place, you clearly send assassins in order to murder them, right?” (Joshua)


Those were words filled with confidence.

Algurio maintains silence

In this occasion, his silence affirmed what Joshua has pointed out.

He immediately knew that the amount of information and basis of Joshua were not a bluff.

That’s why he decided not to respond by reflex and just wait and see what the other party has to play.

The silence also signified this.

“It ended with the tables being turned, but obviously, it is a big issue. The assassins that you brought to your territory were all people that secretly acted in the country. Not only did you ignore a recent order from the royal family, you even utilized criminals to realize your lynching. It is in no way how a noble of high class should act.” (Joshua)

“Joshua-sama, there’s the public position that one should think of in all actions. I judged that I had obtained your tacit consent and proceeded to act. The consent of Joshua-sama who is the counsellor of the king means that your consent is the consent of the king. Don’t tell me that you are going to deny the reality of the discussion we had before? There were several others there aside from me, you know?” (Algurio)

“Well now, I don’t remember telling you to kill the Kuzunoha Company, and don’t remember accepting such a foolish idea. And I also don’t remember promising that I didn’t see anything. My consent? If you are saying that I would be ignoring that stupid ‘joke’ you guys did there at that time, you are seriously wrong.” (Joshua)

“You are going to feign ignorance till the end? Isn’t that quite the poor treatment there.” (Algurio)

“Doing crafty actions towards the guests that the royal family had invited to express their gratitude, isn’t that quite the deed? If it’s you who has good intuition, there should be no need for more words than these, right? Please retire. Have your eldest son succeed your household, and disappear from the front stage of politics. It is quite the peaceful way of stepping back from top seat of the family.” (Joshua)

Joshua pushes Algurio into retirement with a smile.

The assassins that attacked Raidou were people send by Algurio and his group, and the proof is already in the hands of Joshua.

This deed would normally merit heavy punishments like cutting off part of their territory, or a demotion of their status.

If it can be solved by just changing the head of the family, it is not a bad trade for the Hopelace household.


As long as the Kuzunoha Company is involved, Algurio can’t easily nod.

Even if it was indirectly, there’s no way he would find it pleasant, because it would mean that the power of their household has been chipped off again by them.

“I see. You are really intending to get rid of me huh. But is that okay, Joshua-sama?” (Algurio)

That’s why Algurio decided to use his hidden card.

He knew that the other nobles have already been persuaded or incapacitated. He understood that all the groundwork has already been done, but even with that, he still struggled.

“What is it?” (Joshua)

“I know what you have been desperately trying to hide.” (Algurio)

“…Ah, I forgot to tell you. Your elder son suffered a big injury a few days ago. We are currently doing our best in his treatment.” (Joshua)


“His physique has deteriorated quite a bit, but I hope he gets better.” (Joshua)

“Impossible! I have not received a single notice of that! Besides, I was in the capital just a few days ago!” (Algurio)

“Yeah, I am truly sorry. It seems like the report ran late because of the matter with the Kuzunoha Company. I think that the notification will come tomorrow or the day after.” (Joshua)

“His life…his life can be saved, right?!” (Algurio)

Without minding about his words, Algurio presses unto Joshua.

After losing Illumgand, the only one left who can succeed him is the eldest son.

It couldn’t be helped that he would lose himself.

“Of course. If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be bringing out a conversation like changing Heads. Ah right, you said something about a secret of mine, right? What was it?” (Joshua)


Algurio was shocked and revised his knowledge of Joshua.

The Joshua he knows of is a loyal counsellor of the king.

On top of abandoning the succession of the throne, he has a favorable relationship with his little brother Bredda; he is an exceedingly gentle person.

He has never heard of Joshua taking on dirty work.

Even so, the one in front of Algurio is clearly Joshua and not someone else.

Seeing a side of the prince he has never seen before, Algurio felt like he was being cornered.

But he already said that he knew the secret of the prince. Even if he goes without saying it, it won’t bring any benefits.

It would actually invite disadvantage, is what he thinks.

Now that it has come to this, he has decided that there’s no choice but to drag out the information.

He was being played by Joshua splendidly.

It normally wouldn’t be so easy to control the Head of the Hopelace household whose rank comes after that of the royalty.

Joshua was going strong because he knew he would be able to bring out a variety of cards from him.

“If you don’t have anything to say, then I want to hear your answer. You are going to wait for the recovery of your eldest son and retire right, Lord Algurio? (Joshua)

“There is.”

“…Hoh. Go ahead.” (Joshua)

“Then prince Joshua –no, princess.” (Algurio)


“The child that his Majesty had with a woman from the streets, had -at some point in time- become the brother of Bredda-sama. It would be another matter if it were a noble’s concubine; a lady that has the vulgar blood of someone that’s not a noble.” (Algurio)


“If this were to be known in the country, it would be clear that it would become an unwelcoming situation for Joshua-sama. A princess that has their same blood, moreover, someone that has been calling herself as a prince and deceiving the whole country; the masses would never accept this.” (Algurio)


“How’s that? How about we act in a manner that benefits us both? I don’t have any plans on retiring in the near future, but when the time comes, I promise that I will peacefully yield the household to my son. He is already the only one who can succeed it after all. If Joshua-sama accepts this, and promise not to do any unnecessary intervention after my retirement as well, I will take the secret of prince to my grave.” (Algurio)

“Fufufufu.” (Joshua)

“Joshua-sama?” (Algurio)

“Ufufu, ahahaha!! Take my secret to your grave? You will? Are you telling me to believe that? I don’t mind. If you think you are able to, try doing it.” (Joshua)

Joshua laughs away the proposal of Algurio about feigning ignorance.

Being sure that she would be able to finish this while maintaining several cards, Joshua pushed aside the threat.

“Are you telling me to try and expose it? It makes me question your sanity.” (Algurio)

“Revealing a card -that can’t even be considered one- on your own…that’s quite funny.” (Joshua)

“Just like you said, I am a woman. And my mother is a plebeian. Lord Algurio, your information is correct. It is certainly true that if this were to leak outside, it would plunge the capital into great confusion, and it will create a big opening in Limia for foreign countries to exploit.” (Joshua)

“…That’s right. So Joshua-sama, you have no choice but to accept my proposal. Right?” (Algurio)

Joshua didn’t overlook the small opening in the words of Algurio.

“That moment of hesitation there, is telling me everything. The information of me being a woman…if this were to be known, the ones troubled would be the royal family and you nobles.” (Joshua)

“It is a problem of the royal family, but it is not a problem for us.” (Algurio)

“Even though you already know. If it were in an era without war, in a peaceful country, this information would be incredibly valuable and the uses would be many. But in a situation where we are fighting with another race, it can’t even be considered a card. It is simply useless information.” (Joshua)


“If the current Limia were to show an opening, there’s the chance that the demon race will be attacking again. Even if that doesn’t happen, Gritonia, Aion, and Lorel, will do a variety of interventions in our domestic affairs in the pretense of preserving the frontlines. Hyumans are not a monolith after all.” (Joshua)

“No matter the reality, many hyumans still believe that this war with the demon race will finish with the victory of the hyuman race huh…” (Algurio)

Algurio can also see the situation of the war.

He has also stood in the battlefield, and he understands that the war with the demon race is a serious one that has the survival of the race at stake.

That’s why he had Illumgand go to Rotsgard in order to polish his commanding ability and battle power to high levels.

Algurio speaks of an immature ideal; he wanted to have Illumgand work in the battlefield, and in exchange, return his eldest son to begin his education towards succeeding as the Head.

“Yeah. I have done this much, and today, beginning with lord here, I will be swinging a hatchet at many other nobles as well. In the near future, I will be revealing this to a set number of people inside the castle beyond a certain standing, and at the same time, I will be preparing to leave the castle. In other words, it will be a simultaneous strike between everyone and me, right?” (Joshua)

“Are you saying that you will be abandoning the reformation that is merely halfway -no, that has barely started?” (Algurio)  

“To establish a big reformation, I am way too dangerous. Because I am holding a big bomb after all. That’s why I have already requested another person to take the leading role in changing the country. Also…if it is known that I am a woman, Bredda will have no choice but to resolve himself to be the king of the next generation.” (Joshua)

“…The hero Hibiki huh.” (Algurio)

It is a dangerous conversation, moreover, it is an important one, but it is not something big enough to warrant the company of the hero.

And yet Hibiki came as a bodyguard, which Algurio reads into it deeply.

“Who knows. How about confirming it, not from the stage, but from the spectator’s seat?” (Joshua)

From beginning to end, Joshua didn’t panic at all, even her body spoke of her indifference and calm.

With her blood and gender, Joshua understands that she is in a position that would not even allow her to serve at the side of the king.

From her way of speaking, Algurio could tell that plenty enough.

And he could also tell that she had the resolve of making it end with a simultaneous strike no matter what.

“…Fuh~, this is my lost. Well, you got me there. You really had some sharp fangs hidden there. It is my total defeat.” (Algurio)

After a while of silence, Algurio makes a bright expression as if an evil spirit had come off his shoulders, and said these words in a gentle expression like that of Joshua.

“I am glad to hear you have understood, Lord Algurio.” (Joshua)

“Don’t mind it, I am already a geezer. I will just think of it as a good opportunity. If I can receive it happily, there’s no right or wrong. Well, for my retirement’s farewell gift, I wouldn’t have any objections if you accompany me once in a dance. Of course, you will be filling the female role, Joshua-sama.” (Algurio)

“If it’s only that much, I will happily be your partner. Well then, this matter has been wrapped up, so I will be taking my leave. See you at a later time.” (Joshua)

“Yes, later.” (Algurio)

Joshua stands up with a smiling face.

Algurio also stands up with a smile that didn’t lose to hers.


“Good job, Joshua.”

“Yeah, it was tiring, Hibiki. But it has ended as Hopelace also yielding their family headship. With this, the noble clique that is clinging to the old predisposition is as good as gone.” (Joshua)

“Turning over half of the nobles with that inclination into enemies; a sane person wouldn’t be able to do that. Now if we are able to take away the eyes of the outside interference, their strength will naturally dwindle.” (Hibiki)

Joshua answers the welcoming of Hibiki who was in the room.

Normally, Hibiki shows her usual respect towards the prince, but when they are alone, the atmosphere is that of two close friends.

“The young nobles that will be succeeding the households are mostly influenced by Hibiki’s thoughts already. From here on, there will be progress.” (Joshua)

“And, how much did that old man show?” (Hibiki)

“Our side’s cards were not as effective as I thought. That we have proof of them going against our orders and attacked the Kuzunoha Company, the fact that I am a woman, and that the eldest son is currently in the middle of treatment. About that much.” (Joshua)

“…Instead of your secret, wouldn’t it have been better to attack with the dishonest amassing of wealth in this place?” (Hibiki)

“It was a hidden card from their side. He utilized it, so I turned it over. I told him that if he were to expose it, it would chip away the national power of Limia, and he won’t be getting away unscathed from that either.” (Joshua)

“That old man is already old enough to be senile huh. To speak it out without realizing that it wouldn’t even serve as a card.” (Hibiki)

Hibiki sighs as if amazed.

“It probably helped that we crushed most of his surroundings and stole his leeway before tackling the matter regarding the attack to the Kuzunoha Company. It ended with a result that was close to what was planned. He said something admirable like asking me to be lenient towards the nobles that had cooperated in the act.” (Joshua)

“‘Close to’?” (Hibiki)

“…Should I say, as expected of a high noble? At the end, he made a bright smile as he accepted his defeat.” (Joshua)

“Admirable… no, you mean crafty, right?” (Hibiki)

Hibiki rephrases it.

It wasn’t an admirable attitude nor was it a manly one; it meant that Algurio was able to splendidly smooth it over by understanding the situation.

“That’s right. I was expecting him to get exasperated and rage when I cornered him, but after the retirement talk was brought down, leaving aside the matter with his eldest son, he was pretty composed. Looking at that, we can’t lower our guards. It was as if he were announcing that he can still act.” (Joshua)

“How troublesome. So it really was the right choice to reserve that card of the eldest son.” (Hibiki)

Joshua nods at Hibiki’s words.

“If Lord Algurio were to lose the life of his other son as well, we would have literally struck each other down. Limia would have fallen into chaos.” (Joshua)

“For a moment, I also thought about the long term method of having the eldest son die at that time, and wait for the current Head to die from old age though. When thinking about it, a high noble like Hopelace should have seeds spread all over the place, so I thought that successors would be sprouting from here and there, and that’s why I decided it was better to have him feel indebted by saving his eldest son though.” (Hibiki)

“…Hibiki, that’s underestimating Lord Algurio too much. It is certainly true that he has many mistresses, and has as many children with his blood, but…” (Joshua)

“Now there, if I listen to that talk, my evaluation of that old man will only lower. I am actually beginning to feel that I have overestimated him.” (Hibiki)

“But that’s a well-known secret. The children that are accepted as the heirs are only those two. The dead Illumgand, and the eldest son that was in the battlefield. When the mistress had a child, he provided them with plenty enough consolation money and threw them away, after all.” (Joshua)


Joshua talks about the inhyuman actions of Algurio as if they were not a big deal.

On the other hand, Hibiki responds to the talk about him throwing away mistresses one after the other with a complicated expression.

“A number of them have tried to use the blood relation as a weapon to enter the Hopelace household, but the lord took care of them without exceptions. Playing things are playing things, and it displayed that they did not intend to have them involved in the household. If the eldest son were to die, they would have probably chosen a relative to succeed it.” (Joshua)

“It makes me want to say that he shouldn’t do those kind of plays to begin with. Well, I have now understood well that the protection of the Hopelace household is thorough, but…they are really concerned with the linage.” (Hibiki)

“For good and bad, they are nobles after all.  Even when he is like that, he doesn’t do outrageous things towards the obedient populace, and is also considered a kind and tolerant landlord. For the poor lands he would postpone the tax collection, and when the people increase, he would use his own money in order to increase the farming land and jobs.” (Joshua)

“…However, he lies about the tax that the country has, and the own money he uses is in the end, from the tax that he obtained from the people and he uses it to enrich his own clothing.” (Hibiki)

“…That’s why I said, for good and bad. And in reality, the Hopelace territory is famous for being easy to live in, and he is being evaluated as an excelling landlord.” (Joshua)

For Limia, the Hopelace territory is known to be easy to live in and being a wealthy land.

Many people enter it, and there are few who want to leave.

As long as the people are obedient, Algurio shows them a government that recompenses it after all.

Of course, this was simply a difference between obvious exploitation and ingenious exploitation though.

That’s why the reputation of the Kuzunoha Company in the territories influenced by the Hopelace household was so bad.

It was obvious since rumours were flowing around.

From the rumours that have been circulating, the one that is most consolidated is that Kuzunoha is evil and Hopelace is just.

For the people that live without problems and are actually being cared for by their feudal lord, Algurio, there’s no way they would think of him as evil, so this is also an obvious result.

Moreover, the tax profit that he provides to the royal family is more than that of other territories, even when he is reported to do fraudulent practices.

A company that is an enemy of the Hopelace, even if they are guests invited by the royal family, there were many nobles and general residents who didn’t welcome this.

Hibiki and Joshua utilized this.

As a move to destroy the nobles that were too into the old doctrine of noble supremacy.

With the attack of Raidou as the onset, they snuffed out the people that acted on a sense of defeat while Raidou was in his stay at Limia.

Lime Latte worked as a cooperator of the company, so the plan advanced smoothly, and combined with the evidence they had gathered of frauds until now of the many nobles, they were able to put it in motion.

And so, the Kuzunoha Company were used as bait.

By the way, Raidou doesn’t know of this.

Because not all of the interferences reached him after all.

He was simply slightly bothered by the fact that he made the priestess collapse, leisurely gazed at the recovery of Limia, and moderately ignored the talk about business.

Mio had sensed something shady to a certain degree, but she limited herself to simply brushing away the sparks. Because she already had an objective bigger than that, which is to have Raidou learn that Hibiki is a person he can’t be together with.

After being promised by Hibiki that she would be giving retribution to the assassins and the ones involved, Lime was persuaded.

In the depths of Lime’s heart, he felt anger. He was sure that it wouldn’t be disadvantageous for the company, so he decided to cooperate.

“But in that case, even if we were to have the eldest son be slightly indebted, it doesn’t seem like we will be able to cajole the Hopelace household. As I thought, it might be necessary to prepare ourselves for a long term solution.” (Hibiki)

Hibiki recalls the time when she saved the Hopelace’s eldest son in the battlefield.

He is faithful to his father, and even though he is young, Hibiki didn’t feel youth in him.

Even if he were to become the Head, she is sure that he would be heavily influenced by Algurio.

The trouble will most likely continue.

But well, thanks to Kuzunoha Company, the situation has progressed quite a lot, so looking at the whole picture, it is a positive result.

She knew this isn’t the time to be dejected, so she renewed her mood.

“Even if we have the puppet of Lord Algurio take over the household, there’s not much meaning. That’s why…” (Joshua)


Hibiki was about to answer with a ‘right’, but seeing that Joshua’s words still continued, she makes a dubious expression.

“Let’s change him.” (Joshua)

“…How?” (Hibiki)

“The ones changing gentlemen are always women, right?” (Joshua)

“To reach that conclusion, I feel like you have been reading and listening to literary works way too much.” (Hibiki)

“Really? I admit that I am a young woman with a lot of superficial knowledge of sex, but I think that it is actually an effective method, you know? At the very least, I think there’s  plenty enough worth in trying.” (Joshua)

Joshua speaks with a serious face.

“There’s no disadvantages for us in doing it, but…” (Hibiki)

The enunciation of Hibiki’s words was bad.

“He is currently looking at his lost arm and thinning legs in despair. It is said that the best moment to make someone fall is when they are weakened.” (Joshua)

“You are planning on doing it immediately?” (Hibiki)

It was a vulgar talk, but Hibiki didn’t retort to the contents and asked if they were going to be sending someone directly while he is still in the middle of his treatment.

It seems like Hibiki also thinks that it is a good moment to do it.

“I have already begun. The ones nursing him are all experienced children of houses with a somewhat high standing and strong people. The appearance and age are all within the range of his likes that have been determined beforehand. There’s around 6 of them gathered.” (Joshua)


Hibiki is speechless that the plan has already started.

She thought that it was great she didn’t say anything about her going to visit him herself and changing his own thinking.

Because it would turn into getting in the way of Joshua after all.

“The only thing we can’t do anything about is his arm. There will be six people working on his treatment and nursing, so by the time his legs recover and he is able to move, he would have probably placed his hands on one of them.” (Joshua)

“As expected, that arm can’t be helped huh. But Joshua, even if you say that you have something to do with those women and he does place a hand on them, aren’t the chances of them going out or marrying pretty low? To change him, I think there’s the need of at least that much good will though.” (Hibiki)

When Hibiki saved him, his right arm had rotted, and that poison was about to further corrode his body.

Both of his legs were mangled, and from its looks, it seemed to be completely late.

It is safe to say that he was saved mostly because of luck.

At that instant, she cut off his right arm, only did emergency treatment, and just in case, she brought his right arm back as well, but Hibiki thought that that arm was already beyond saving.

And that really was the case.

Actually, just having his legs connected can be considered worthy of praise for the healing magicians.

“If those six make him fall that’s good; even if it ends as just playing around…I still have a certain one prepared just in case.” (Joshua)

“A certain one?” (Hibiki)

“Professed to be a top-grade healing magician, but in truth, she is the number one wife candidate.” (Joshua)

“Chiya-chan is definitely a no.” (Hibiki)

Hearing that she was a top-class healer, Hibiki mentions her comrade Chiya as a joke.

“If I did something like that, not only would it be a diplomatic strife with Lorel, it would instantly turn into war.” (Joshua)

“Then I am relieved. And, is it someone I know?” (Hibiki)

“No. In the eyes of Hopelace, it would be the second daughter of a slightly lower ranked house. ‘Divorced once, and no kids’.” (Joshua)

“Did he have that kind of taste?” (Hibiki)

“Whether she is a housewife or a widow, he doesn’t care. It is just that he seems to have a strange taste for older women.” (Joshua)

“For the Limia nobles, they normally say that past their twenties, the value of the woman falls after all. Even though there’s still much more to develop as a woman. In that point, there are way too many idiots. Then, is that second daughter a leftover? In other words, desperate?” (Hibiki)

“She is already 23 after all. I think that internally, she is quite impatient already. There were no marriage proposals in this one year, and she jumped on my proposal. The other party is a Hopelace, so there weren’t any complains from the parents. It was an immediate answer.” (Joshua)

“That person is your real card? Is it going to be okay?” (Hibiki)

“I will be directing and cooperating, so I think we will be able to expect something though.” (Joshua)

“I see.” (Hibiki)

‘Isn’t it a weak hand?’, is what Hibiki thought.

23 with a history of being divorced, that reduces the worth of a woman in Limia quite a lot.

Leaving aside the man in question, it wouldn’t be easy to convince the parents.

The hurdle is too high and it isn’t something that one can expect much, is what she thought.

“Well, she will be devoutly nursing his loss arm to its original state, so she will probably leave a big impression. Moreover, she matches his own preference and her parentage has no problems, and the girl herself is eager, so in the worst case, she can become a mistress.” (Joshua)

“…Healing his arm, you say? Didn’t you say it was currently impossible?” (Hibiki)

“It is impossible for us. But when I tried to consult about the matter of Hopelace to Raidou, he said that something like that can be easily done.” (Joshua)

“You are saying that he is able to grow an arm out of that shoulder that is still in that dark-purple shade?” (Hibiki)

“He was going to give the job to Mio-dono, saying that if it’s with magic it can be done immediately. But something like that would be noticed by people of Hopelace, so I politely refused. When I asked him if we can do this by treating it with medicine, he said there’s no problem with that either. Of course, because of the process, it increased the price by quite a bit more, but I bought it. After acquiring the information completely, I plan on having the girl that will be doing the treatment to enter.” (Joshua)

The Hopelace house that not only got entangled with the Kuzunoha Company in Rotsgard, they are also the very masterminds that send assassins at them.

Even if it is Raidou, if he were to mention that matter, he could refuse, is what Joshua was also thinking.

But conversely, it could be used as a hand to harass Algurio or the people involved, is how she thought.

And so, while taking utmost care in not having Mio and Lime hold suspicions, she persisted in the conversation with Raidou.

“His arm…with medicine?” (Hibiki)

“It seems it is pills and ointment. There is the need for magic support, but it is an outrageous craft. Well, it helps us quite a lot at this moment though.” (Joshua)

Hibiki mutters with a complicated expression.

Because she was picturing a side to be happy about, and a side that would be troublesome.

“Just like planned, we will have him marry someone within those seven, and if he were to make the others concubines or mistresses, it would make it a lot easier for us. They are all girls that know who prepared the table for them and what they are expected to do after all.” (Joshua)

(My real objective would be getting their gratitude and invite the child of Algurio, Amelia Hopelace…we would be able to not only change the Head, but the whole body of the Hopelace house. If it’s her who doesn’t have any connections, Hibiki and I can easily send retainers that support our notions after all. But that girl is…from the Kuzunoha Company, or more like, the student of him. The variables are so many that I can’t use her. It would be the best if we were to obtain the cooperation of the company, but if by chance, we were to invite displeasure and she ends up in a favorable relationship with a foreign country, all would go down.) (Joshua)

Joshua looks back at one of the ideas she originally had and laughs.

The scholarship student in Rotsgard Academy, Amelia.

It was already investigated that she is the child of Algurio and a mistress.

And so, Joshua knew that Amelia doesn’t think well of the Hopelace house, and she thought that depending on the case, she could ask her to help in their weakening.

Taking into consideration her relationship with Raidou, this idea was not implemented though.

“…I feel like Joshua has plenty possibility to be a ruler. Isn’t it fine to become the queen? If Bredda says something about it, I will persuade him.” (Hibiki)

“Please stop the jokes. I don’t have the capability to become a ruler. A ruler needs to have the strong power of attracting people. The larger the country, the more your individual governmental affairs ability comes into play and you have to work as a symbol of the country, make the people and retainers think of you; that’s what it means to become a ruler. If we talk about people that have experience, by making a careful selection, we would be apply to find as many we want.” (Joshua)

“A symbol that people can hold up high has the ability of a ruler huh. Being a queen has a strong impact, and I think you are plenty qualified though.” (Hibiki)

“That can only be called a curious point. Bredda has the ability to make people help him unconsciously, and support him; that’s the kind of appeal he has. But the one that has a stronger appeal than him, moreover, has practical experience as well is…you, Hibiki.” (Joshua)

“I don’t have the blood of royalty. I am excluded from the very beginning.” (Hibiki)

“It will increase the process by one, but there’s enough ways to do it. For me, that’s the ideal for the future. If the day comes when Limia receives a queen, it shouldn’t be me, but you.” (Joshua)

“Hello? A dependable beautiful friend and collaborator of mine, is encouraging me to marry her little brother. What should I do?” (Hibiki)

“Please accept it. I have opened the path wide, and after that, I plan on watching over from afar as well.” (Joshua)

“…Give me a break.” (Hibiki)

Right now there’s still things to do in Limia kingdom.

The reformation forces centered around Hibiki are gaining power as the capital’s reconstruction advances.

The upheaval that will occur inside Limia, the ones that will work as an explosive agent for that is a small scale company that was invited by them; this truth will not be left in any record.

Just a single person’s memories will that name remain.

The winter that is providing a temporary armistice for sporadic fights.

The Kuzunoha Company and Raidou are existences that will be bringing about a big influence, not only to Limia, but to all the upper stratums of every country. It will become a tacit reality that will be edged in them.

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