Chapter 212: Drowsiness of the Victor

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“I understand… Makoto-kun pushed away my serious emotions of the several millions of lives that I have been entrusted with. From what I was shown, I felt like he was a lot more scary than that Goddess.” (Hibiki)

After Makoto left from the passage, Hibiki was left alone.

A self-depreciating mutter came from her mouth.

“I am seriously the type that stumbles when it counts the most.” (Hibiki)

The fight with Io.

Remembering the invitations she did to Mio and Lime, Hibiki makes a wry smile.

She felt as if the important things were slipping from her hands, an irritating feeling.

The wind passes in between the fingers of her opened hand.

She felt as if it was a feeling similar to this.

Her self-depreciation continued.

“If we lose to the demon race, that’s the end; if we lose in the war against Tomoki, it will be the end as well; and if Makoto-kun goes haywire, it will be the end too huh. What an incredible situation. The last one has a narrow chance of hope though. A world without the Goddess huh… Thinking about the current state, it will most definitely become a warring era with the flood of the small countries, so it wouldn’t change the fact that it will be despairing.” (Hibiki)

A disastrous image appears in the mind of Hibiki, and disappears.

Winning against the demon race, shutting the Empire, and on top of that, restrain Makoto with something aside from power.

After doing all that would Hibiki finally be able to begin with her objective.

Just like what she said about it being an incredible situation, it is practically close to impossible.

Even so, Hibiki can’t just withdraw.

“Even so, I have to do my best till the end. Believing in me, many have died. For the sake of my objective, I have killed many. There’s also people like Naval that have sacrificed themselves. I can’t give up. I have to struggle.” (Hibiki)

As an awakened one from the world transfers, she has obtained the ability to change the conception of others into power.

Because of that point as well, she is aware of the innumerable cord-like feelings that have been placed on her.

The lives that have been entrusted to her, and the lives she has taken away; while having those in mind, Hibiki fights.

Hibiki felt that she has the obligation to do her best until the last moment of her life.

That’s why she can’t just push them aside.

Even if the other party is someone with power that can easily cut apart those feelings.

“Seriously…being a hero is quite the worthwhile position.” (Hibiki)

For Hibiki, the Goddess is the person that has provided her with this environment.

That’s why Hibiki feels a set amount of gratitude towards her.

But that’s all there’s  to it.

Hibiki’s impresion of her was like that of the first person that had found her.

Sadly to say, she is a type that is hard to respect as a superior, and there’s several problems with her as well.

But as a numerical value, she provides benefits, so it is someone that can’t be cut off and there’s no choice but to just accept it.

It is something like that.

Thinking until there, Hibiki sighs.

“Hah…If I could change the religion I am shouldering, I think it would be easier to have Makoto-kun instead of the Goddess. Even if he were to be treated as a God, by using the front of worshipping, it can be hidden in many ways. But even when he said such outrageous things, the only strong reactions I got from him were with the Goddess, and…his discrimination towards hyumans. He doesn’t have a purpose. That boy doesn’t even have the intention of founding a nation. If he at least had something like that…” (Hibiki)

Hibiki could tell that the options for the future would increase a lot.

If Makoto were to become a king, if he were to announce that he would be founding a nation, the hyumans and demons wouldn’t be able to ignore it.

Because it would be a big problem that would force them to even stagnate this hatred-filled war in order to deal with it.

Anyone that has seen his power would be able to tell.

Because it would mean that a country that surpasses all the currently existing countries in military power will be born all of a sudden.

At the very least, in the time that Makoto and his close aides are alive, they wouldn’t be able to enter a full-out war without that country, is what Hibiki thought.

“He doesn’t have the intentions to become a king or a God either. Because of that, his inability for authority is unconsciously showing, and thinks that the Goddess is an enemy of equal ground. I seriously don’t understand him…” (Hibiki)

Hibiki’s waist falls to the ground.

Hibiki sits in the cold corridor.

“My legs gave out…but that’s a given, right? If I made a mistake, I might have ended up dead cold right now at this place. Not only my spirit, even my body was enduring the fear huh.” (Hibiki)

An absolute strength.

Currently for Hibiki, that’s exactly what Misumi Makoto is.

The moment those straining feelings loosened, Hibiki’s body reminded her that.

What she wanted to ask, her invitation, and also, the confrontation she feared.

For Hibiki, the conversation just now was something she challenged with the feelings of standing on thin ice.

(He is already not in a dimension where I can think of him in human standards. Earthquake, tsunami, eruption, tornado…he is close to those. Fighting against him is not that realistic, but…as long as it is someone that moves with a will, I can’t ignore it. Seriously, he has become quite the monster.) (Hibiki)

Hibiki then notices.

That within herself, two things began to bother her.

The first one is something that she had already expected.

They were her own emotions after all.

(Then why I don’t obey him? If it’s just in military power, he surpasses that of a country; a monster in the skin of a human. No matter what Limia tries to do, they probably wouldn’t be able to beat him. Then there should be no other choice but to curry his favor, and yet…) (Hibiki)

The lights of the land near the castle she was looking at were few, and as she saw them grow sparse, Hibiki sunk into silence.

(…I see. It is hatred. I can’t forgive the demon race. They have burned many villages, killed many hyumans, and also my comrade…Naval as well. Ah, maybe that’s why.) (Hibiki)

Hibiki nodded a few times.

Facing your own emotions and controlling them.

It is something important, but difficult to do.

When those emotions turn so natural that they seemer deep into yourself, it becomes even harder to do.

Overcoming the death of a comrade is also a different matter.

Hibiki finally understood why she didn’t choose to completely curry favor on Makoto.

(Of course, I have killed many of them as well. Within them, there should have been people with comrades, family, and lovers. Even so, I hate the demon race. I see…so this is how it feels to be a concerned party. Is the hatred of war something so troublesome?) (Hibiki)

Hibiki was surprised that within her deepest self, hatred towards the demon race had piled up.

It is true that the demon race is the enemy, and there’s no doubt that they are a hateful enemy, but she didn’t know that it was binding her this much.

Since she thought she had it somewhat under control, this was shocking.

(To curry the favor of Makoto-kun, I would have to affirm his ideals even if it is only on the outside. In other words, it would become hard to continue the war. That’s why I…) (Hibiki)

In other words, she wished for the continuation of the war.

With her hand covering her mouth, Hibiki’s pair of eyes opened wide.

(That’s why I can’t. I want to bring down my enemy. That’s right. Until I kill Io, I…) (Hibiki)

Thinking about the reason why she wanted the war to continue, she reached an answer.

In the end, it was an incredibly personal reason, and Hibiki was amazed of herself.

Even though it was not funny at all, she felt a laugh coming out from within her throat.

After a while, the laughing stopped, but Hibiki didn’t stand up and was sitting just like that.

She was thinking about the other thing that was bothering her.

(I…what did I feel a sense of discomfort in? The moment I thought of Makoto-kun as a monster, I certainly felt it… Right, ‘refuge’! He said that when the world goes into chaos and turns into an End of the Century era, they could just go take refuge for a while. Why is there a need to take refuge? There’s no doubt that the world will fall into great chaos if the Goddess is defeated. But it is not a situation where individuals with power or organizations would take refuge. If it’s the Kuzunoha Company, it is realistically possible to even be able to become the number one company. But he said that he would be taking refuge.) (Hibiki)

That word coming from someone strong made Hibiki feel a sense of discomfort.

(Just that, when it comes from the mouth of Makoto, it doesn’t feel that strange. Refuge huh. A safe place. In other words, he has a place where no matter if the world has fallen into chaos, he is able to secure safety. That wouldn’t be his store. In the variant incident at Rotsgard, the Kuzunoha Company’s store was destroyed. Also, Rotsgard and Tsige won’t be spared from the chaos.) (Hibiki)

Hibiki lists out the places where Makoto has connections with.

Because she wanted to grasp even if a little bit more information of Makoto and his tendencies.

(! There is. The place that he arrived in when he came to this world. The border of the world. If he has a base in the deepest parts of that wasteland, it would signify that it is safe. They would be able to cut themselves away and live peacefully for years. For him who doesn’t think about calming the chaos himself, it is plenty possible.) (Hibiki)

She digs out the memory she had of Tsige where she went to train temporarily in.

She tries to remember as many stories of bases in the wasteland as possible.

And then, she arrives at one answer.

In the first place, those kind of talks are rare, and by elimination process, it was plenty possible to arrive at ‘that’ place.

“…The Mirage Town. I don’t want to think it is possible, but could it be, that’s the base of Makoto-kun -of the Kuzunoha Company?” (Hibiki)

A Mirage Town that a few number in Tsige have heard of.

In the end, Hibiki returned to Limia without going to that town.

But the more she thought about it, the closer she felt the relation between Kuzunoha Company and that Mirage Town.

“A mirage town located somewhere in the wasteland. If that’s his base, his first store being in Tsige begins to look like a splendid decoy. The wasteland is his base and has set up a store at Tsige. That’s right, if he already had a base by the time he left the wasteland and entered Tsige…” (Hibiki)

Hibiki noticed one other scary thing.

Her words stop unconsciously.

(For a base, the wasteland is just far. WAY too far! A base needs to be in a place where one can return in a short amount of time. His Majesty and prince Joshua said this when they returned from Rotsgard, that they have broken the long distance teleportation that the Kuzunoha Company was relying on… That’s a lie. It hasn’t been broken. They don’t use the merchant transportation method to ‘return’, they have in their hands a stable long-distance teleportation. Because they are able to take refuge after all.) (Hibiki)

Hibiki doesn’t know of Asora.

She does know that there’s a mirage town somewhere in the vast border of the world.

It would be impossible for her to be able to predict a parallel space, so even if it’s not a perfect correct answer, it was a guess that was close to what Makoto’s base is.

(If he is able to do business in this world while ignoring distance completely, it would be logical how he is able to have a store and has allowance to do peddling around the whole world. Yeah. Kuzunoha Company is like the Goddess, if I were to consider them an existence living on a different plane altogether… They declared that they didn’t have interest in the war, so there’s many ways to deal with this.) (Hibiki)

Hibiki thinks about how she will be interacting with the Kuzunoha Company.

At the same time, she was estimating the way to progress in the war with the demon race.

(It is slightly different from the request of Waterfall, but if I have Makoto-kun compromise that he won’t be destroying the world, it is still salvageable. If we are able to bring the advantages of Kuzunoha Company and him to the hyumans…next, as long as the demon race does a big move in the time that the Goddess is still okay, there’s the chance that it will turn advantageous for us. But well, the demon race is also hostile to the Goddess, so there’s not much for me to worry about in this part huh.)

Hibiki stands up.

She walks towards the opposite direction of the passage that Makoto walked away in.

Even when she knew Kuzunoha Company’s power to a certain degree, her eyes didn’t show the light of giving up, it reflected strength.

Makoto and Hibiki’s conversation, and Hibiki’s monologue. That one act had ended.

At one of the castle’s spires pretty far away from the passage, one shadow was sitting there.

It is the roof portion of the spire that shouldn’t have people to begin with.

The girl that was eavesdropping at the whole conversation of Makoto and Hibiki, first smiled with her mouth, and it spread all the way to her eyes.

“Ufufufu, a breakdown. That’s a given-desu. Waka-sama and Hibiki’s way of thinking about the current state was simply coincidentally similar after all. It has gone well.”

Makoto’s follower, Mio.

Mio had created a flow where it would lead to Makoto and Hibiki’s conversation, and induced it.

But she didn’t manipulate the result, and didn’t interfere in it either.

Mio was able to read to a certain degree what was going to happen if they were to clash their opinions.

“When I heard Tomoe-san’s assessment of Hibiki, it came to me. That it would be fine; that Waka-sama and her are not compatible. It is Hibiki who doesn’t know of what’s beneath, and Waka-sama who, in a sense, only looks from beneath. It was an obvious result-desu.” (Mio)

The assessment Mio heard from Tomoe.

It is something that even now Hibiki isn’t aware of, a subconscious part.

From what Tomoe said: Hibiki doesn’t know of the standing of the weak.

What Tomoe said of Hibiki was that: ‘She doesn’t understand the standing of the absolute weak. Because that girl believes that if they do their best, they will be able to bring about results-ja. No matter how they struggle it will be for naught, she doesn’t know that there are people that can only be weak. Well, she herself can do anything she tries to do, so since she is young, thinking that way can’t be helped~’.

And in truth, that’s what Hibiki thinks.

If you try till death, people will be able to bring about some results.

Of course, there’s many people in reality that can bring about ‘some’ results, but in society, there’s also a part that can’t do anything no matter what they try.

Not only the environment and the talent, there’s also cases where there’s external pressure they can’t go against.

But Hibiki, who clearly has not been a concerned party of these cases and even in Earth was born in a blessed household in Japan and with high talent, speaking about how much she understands of the current state, just like how Tomoe said, it is a part that can’t be helped.

On the other hand, Makoto doesn’t hold the point of view of a strong one.

Even in the parts of position and responsibility, he doesn’t understand in what stage he should be standing in.

Without any jokes and exaggeration, a responsibility that fits the strength of Makoto would be to act while thinking about the whole world in itself.

“It is because the more she learns, the more she doesn’t understand. That’s why, Hibiki is cautious towards Waka-sama. And so, because she is unable to bring him in, what they are trying to do is to exclude Waka-sama as much as possible from the war. But Waka-sama won’t consent.” (Mio)

Mio was laughing in a truly gleeful manner.

The figure of Mio laughing simple-mindedly below the moonlight felt like it had madness drifting about, and a dangerous beauty.

“That’s because Waka-sama doesn’t care if it’s hyuman of demi-human after all. He would help out the demi-humans that are troubled, but that’s all. What’s important for that personage is his own circle. And from the hyumans that I have seen, there was an abundance of idiots, so his preference turned into demi-humans, that’s all. It is so simple, and yet…everyone can’t understand it. That’s just strange-desu wa.” (Mio)

Mio looks at the true character of Makoto in that way.

That’s correct.

That’s why Makoto is still involving himself with hyumans, and at the same time, he has turned into a point where he can’t hold a wider field of vision no matter how much time passes.

“It is impossible to not get involved in the war. If there’s people troubled coming from it, Waka-sama will act. There’s no way he would think about what would happen in the future or the troublesome things that might come. There’s no need to match the pace of Hibiki who only thinks about big things like the future, the world. In the first place, that’s all empty dreams. Waka-sama most likely noticed it with this. To begin with, future things should be thought by the people of the future-desu wa. No matter what Waka-sama who lives in the present does, no matter what happens to the world because of it, it is simply an unavoidable destiny for the people that will be born later.” (Mio)

She once again voices out an unreasonable logic.

But Mio originally doesn’t care for anyone other than Makoto.

That’s why, for her. what makes Makoto happy is the correct thing to do.

If the noise is getting unbearable and her master is troubled, she wants to remove the seed of that distress.

The actions of Mio this time, were simply because of that.

Just that, Makoto takes in mind his surroundings way too much, to the point of overdoing it.

That’s why Mio moved slightly indirectly.

“The hyumans, the demons, and that one above, are really annoying. Waka-sama is saying that he doesn’t have any interest, so you should just go kill among yourselves as much as you want in a place that Waka-sama’s eyes don’t reach-desu. Seriously.” (Mio)

Mio disappearing from the spire, and those words, were done at almost the same time.


“Eh? Isn’t that Priestess-san -ah no, Priestess-sama?”


Before arriving at my room, I encountered an unexpected person.

One member of Senpai’s party, the priestess of Lorel. If I remember correctly…her name was Chiya.

She looks like she is the same age as Rinon, so she is probably 12-13.

Even though it is already pretty late in the night, she was standing there as if lying in wait for me.

Her attire is also probably not the one she uses when going to sleep.

“Ehm…do you have business with me?” (Makoto)

She maintained her silence, but I ask her who has been staring at me all this time.

“I am the priestess of Lorel, my name is Chiya. First of all, I want to apologize for my impoliteness. I am very sorry.” (Chiya)

She lowers her head deeply.

The 90° type, the one that bends the body a lot.

“You suddenly collapsed, so please don’t mind it too much. I have heard a bit of the circumstances after all. Uhm, I would be happy if you were to tell me what you can about what you saw though.” (Makoto)

“It is not only for the matter of me collapsing. In the time of the dinner, I was unable to take part in it, not even once.” (Chiya)

“Your physical condition was not good, so it didn’t affect my mood. It is something that can’t be helped.” (Makoto)

It is true that in the dinners, I was together with Senpai and prince Joshua a lot, but I haven’t been together with the priestess once.

In one instance, there was clearly a seat prepared for her and even the meal was prepared, and yet, she didn’t come.

At that time, it was a probably a ‘maybe’ case, but if her condition is not good, there should be no responsibility taken in not being able to attend to a dinner. Even when she is this young, she is quite the level-headed girl.

“Thank you very much. My impoliteness can be taken as the impoliteness of Lorel, so it is great that you say that.” (Chiya)

But she is so stiff.

It is not an atmosphere fitting her age.

This is not something that requires an apology, but it is certainly true that what she saw interests me.

About what she saw that could make a girl like this lose herself and faint.


That’s why I stay silent and wait for her next words.

“I rudely tried to peek into the true nature of you and your Kuzunoha Company’s entourage. Even if it’s my power as a priestess, it is an action that wouldn’t be helped if you were to scorn me. If you so wish to, it might be my duty to give you the answer of that result.” (Chiya)

“No well, I don’t really scorn you or anything…” (Makoto)

In the first place, it is something that Senpai made you do.

Also, if a girl of her age were to get the power to see inside others, I don’t think it would be strange to want to use it.

Well, the Priestess-san doesn’t fit that much into the kids of her age though.

“What I saw in Lime was a gentle large tree. Lush leaves wet in rain were glittering, and…maybe it was making it its dwelling? The young figure of a dragon was visible. I don’t know if it’s a hint to something, but I felt like he was a likeable person. That’s how I viewed it.” (Chiya)

A gentle large tree.

And a young dragon huh.

I see.

So it is true that she can see things only she can.

But it comprises many truths. There’s a high chance that it truly touches their essence.

“Mio-san was…a big black spider. The Calamity Spider. Around its neck there was a big choker, and that spider looked like it was lovingly caring for that choker that had a chain attached to it.” (Chiya)

So it saw through Mio’s true identity perfectly huh.

But a choker…

That’s probably hinting at the pact.

In that case…this girl saw that chain connected to me?

“Yeah. There’s a lot regarding Mio. As you can see, she is no longer the rampaging monster with no sense of sanity. In most cases, she is safer than in the past so…” (Makoto)

“…No matter if I make a racket about it, I have already reached the conclusion that the situation won’t change for the better anyways. Please don’t mind it.” (Chiya)

“I see…that’s great.” (Makoto)

“And, you were…a pure white hyuman-shaped form with no features.” (Chiya)

Something like a white doll?

No, I don’t think that’s all there’s to it.

It is not something to collapse for.

“A white hyuman shape with no facial features huh. Once again, I don’t know what it means.” (Makoto)

“Sorry. I have awakened this power just recently, so I still can’t accurately grasp the meaning of the things that I see.” (Chiya)

“No, I wasn’t blaming you.” (Makoto)

“Just that, that white hyuman shape had a crack. A small crack.” (Chiya)

“A crack?” (Makoto)

“At that part…… Sorry. At that part, in my eyes, it looked like…there was something incredibly repulsive dwelling there.” (Chiya)

Repulsive is quite the word.

Leaving aside my outward appearance, is this the route where it is telling me that even my true nature is ugly?

Something like this really depresses me.

“Was it something so repulsive that it made you collapse?” (Makoto)

“I don’t know. I didn’t looking straight at it for long after all.” (Chiya)

“I see…” (Makoto)



“Please! There’s probably nothing I can do, but…! Please…don’t bring that ‘thing’ outside! If you call yourself a merchant, please!!” (Chiya)

“Uo, ehm, please calm down a bit.” (Makoto)

When I thought there was a short silence, the Priestess-san draws closer as if she had lost it.

Moreover, what she asked me to do is something I have no way of doing anything about.

In the first place, what is ‘that’?

Something that not even I know myself, there’s no way I would be able to control if it comes out or not, you know?

While trying to somehow calm the Priestess-san, I was troubled by the request that I was unable to nod at.

The Priestess-san that had returned to herself, was heaving with her shoulders going up and down while having a tension-filled face. Because of the same reason, her whole body was still stiff.

“I-I am very sorry.” (Chiya)

“Uhm, I don’t understand it well, but I will do my best, so it would be better if you didn’t pay much mind to it. You might have seen something dangerous, but it seems like it isn’t showing you the future or anything like that.” (Makoto)

“I heard this from Onee— I mean, Hibiki-sama, but she said that you don’t hold a religious belief towards the Goddess? Ah, it is not like I am condemning you. For the sake of future reference, can I hear about what you rely on, whether it be in the Spirit-samas or in the studies, and the teachings and thoughts you hold?” (Chiya)

“Hah? The teachings and thoughts?” (Makoto)

“Yes. The teachings of the Goddess, the teachings of the four elemental Spirits that are born from those, and the truth that a number of scholars have arrived at in their studies. Those kind of things.” (Chiya)

“…I don’t have those. I don’t have much interest in religion, even so, if told that science is everything, I also think that’s not the case. What I rely on huh. Hmm….” (Makoto)


The Priestess-san looks at me and was dumbfounded.

Maybe she thought she would get some sort of thoughts of mine immediately.

That’s just unreasonable.

“Well, I do have experience in an art called archery that has created some rules inside myself. Are you fine with that?” (Makoto)

“Please let me hear them.” (Chiya)

“It is not something complicated or anything like that. It is to do what you have decided to do with your own power. It is something that you have decided to do, so don’t rely on someone else, and adhere to it with your own discipline. It is quite vague in many points, but it is something like that. But in truth, there’s only one thing that I have decided myself to do though.” (Makoto)

“What would that be?” (Chiya)

Maybe she is used to listening to the talk of others, it feels like this Priestess-san is easy to speak with.

…One of the reasons might be because she is a kid though.

“To continue with the bow. In the future, no matter what path I take, no matter what employment I have, no matter what place I end up living in, I have decided to continue with the bow for the rest of my life. That’s all there is.” (Makoto)

“…I see. To continue doing something, no matter what it is, it will require strong will. It may be difficult, but I think it is a splendid thought.” (Chiya)

“Thanks. I feel like I am being comforted though.” (Makoto)

When you decide you will do it, you will definitely do it…” (Chiya)

“Priestess-sama? By the way, how are you feeling? If you are still not feeling well, I can provide you with medicine just in case.” (Makoto)

“Wah? ah…I-It’s okay.” (Chiya)

“I see. In that case, it is already late, so how about returning to your room? If you need to, I can accompany you partway.” (Makoto)

“I will return by myself. I am grateful for your consideration. Sorry for intruding so late in the night. Have a good night.” (Chiya)

“Good night.” (Makoto)

How old was the girl I was talking to?

That’s the kind of impression I had remaining even now.

“Ah, Boss. Welcome back. The priestess was here a while ago, you know. Didn’t you meet her on the way?” (Lime)

“Yeah, I did. That girl, she came alone to this room huh.” (Makoto)

“Yeh, she said she wanted to apologize to Boss. I told her that you are not someone who would mind that, and that I would tell you when you come back, so she should return and sleep, but she didn’t listen.” (Lime)

“I see. Well, the talk felt similar to that, Gentle Large Tree-san.” (Makoto)

“Hah?” (Lime)

“The white featureless one will go to sleep now. Good night.” (Makoto)

“Okay…Good night, Boss.” (Lime)

The day of leaving Limia is close.

The home of Hibiki-senpai, the Limia Kingdom.

I did think that it was somewhat comfortable, but…it became a lot more tiresome visit than I expected.

I don’t have the power to think about the future of the country and the world in whole like Senpai does.

I can’t even understand individuals well, so there’s no way I would be able to understand hundreds of wills, and the country that is like the crystallization of the race’s will.

The Demon Lord, Senpai, and the Kings of each nation probably understand those things though.

But I who can’t even grasp the circumstances and tendencies of my company employees, this is just a heavy talk.

I can’t do it, but I should at least make an effort huh.

I should try to pursue what I can do.

When I return to Asora, I should try speaking with Tomoe and Shiki about it. Ah, when I return, I should show myself in Kaleneon.

….After that, a small talk with Zef…

Because I was doing some thinking, or more like, a lot happened and it is already this late of an hour, my thoughts were cut off in the middle.

Drowsiness is the best.

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        Hibiki leads by pragmatic doctrine. She tries to categorize and make logical, rational decisions towards a more ordered, structured world. However in the process she marginalizes subsets and sacrifices the emotional well-being of the minority for the greater good.

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      4. @DB AV

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        So yes, the interpretation is very biased.

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      5. It may also be biased from her personal perspective. China is Hyuman, so Hibiki who fights to safeguard Hyumans at personal cost is something admirable to her, and Lime is someone reliable as he still has a hyuman’s common sense which colors his thoughts throughout his pic chapters. Makoto on the other hand has a very real risk of tearing the world’s current state into pieces due to distaste for the goddess, and this likely is what appears as the repulsive entity within her, as that idea itself is likely completely against everything she as a person and as a priestess stands for.


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      7. I think you all are ignoring that chiya saw mio as spider, if there was charisma interference or biased opinion affecting her eye power she would not be able to see that


      8. DB AV, what she sees isn’t biased, the only room for bias is her interpretation of what she sees. However, it’s not as though there’s no accurate way to interpret those things in order to eliminate or at least minimize bias, all it takes is knowing what the facts behind the things she sees are.

        She just currently lacks the experience/knowledge necessary in order to accurately identify what those facts are. Which is why she asked Makoto about what he relies on, his teachings and thoughts; in order to get some points of reference that could possibly help her identify what the things she saw when she looked at him correlate to in actuality.

        In mio’s case, everything was pretty straightforward, but that’s only because she was already aware of the existence of the Black Calamity Spider, that magic contracts are a thing that exists. The rest, like her affection for the contract, is also rather straightforward and plain to see in the person herself with her affection and care for her master—Makoto.

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      1. I thought he had realized that it’s not what race they are, it was just that there are bad people in both the human race and demon race. I thought he realized that a lot of hatred could be avoided if they could create peace between the two races, so he was supporting the demon lord’s daughter or something like that. I wouldn’t say he hates everyone, in fact he wants peace. I’m also not quite sure that its from LV999 Villager, because I think his father had just been killed by a monster not a demon, but I see what you mean, especially with the lore of that story being that monsters appear because of the demons.

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      1. In fact…… she can ?
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      4. @penguinobeano
        They are same as blessings, during the first fight with io, when he used the ring there 2x buff was cancelled and tomoki’s power was also lost.

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    2. One thing you need to keep in mind about the demon race is that their methods involve things like pushing mind altering drugs towards school children, deep infiltration via murder and identity theft, and forcible drafting of other demihumans races with threat of genocide should they refuse cooperation. While they may have been pushed to the brink, their current hardline stance is more a culture of subjugation rather than a desperate stance for survival.

      It is easy to sympathize with the plight of the demon race, but very, very hard to actually support them.

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      1. There is no good faction here.
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        And then there’s Makoto who is planning a course of action that will likely kill tens of millions as a side effect, and not really giving a fuck about it.

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      2. he had considered it, but during his conversation with Zef he was told that the demon way of life is to subordinate other races and eliminate those that do not follow, an example of which he saw with the orcs. While Zef himself has no issue against coexisting, by his own admissions the demon race as a whole demands this stance from him, so he does his best to honor their wishes.

        As such, Makoto doesn’t believe they’d be a fit for his peaceful Asora. He is not against demons in general as the more peaceable variants the Lorelei were easily accepted, but the demon race is currently too militant for Asora’s lack of cultural hegemony.

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    1. I’m conflicted on Mio. On the one hand she is instinctually clever and good at reading people, but on the other she is singularly obsessed with Makoto and has literally no other interests. She will never have friends, will never show real interest in others, will never have personal goals that don’t concern him. That’s pretty lazy writing for a human character… which is why it’s good that she’s a spider, as her thought processes remain as carefree and indifferent of others as what you would expect of a spider. When I think of it like that, her inhuman aspects make a lot more sense.

      Though I still wonder if she’d have a problem with caffeine.

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      1. Her obsessed behavior is mostly because she never really developed as a personality or character so to speak before the ruling pact. She could be said to be similar to a pet or animal you give shelter to and constantly showers the owner with love in a sense. Imagine Mio as if she was a dog or cat with little less than the thought processes we have and that love their owner to an excessive degree and then was suddenly given the ability to speak alongside a spike to their intelligence. You would probably find the same result. Of course she has taken on a rather extreme yandere aspect but to her, Makoto is her great true benefactor and owner. Also last thing that world needs is a drunken Mio. Drunken Mio might be a raging drunk and shit will hit the fan.

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    1. I think that it would be hilarious, were that to be the case. If that happened, not only would Hibiki have failed to obtain Lime from Makoto, she would have lost Chiya to him as well. That in itself would be a great loss to her, as I think Chiya is fulfilling the white mage role in their party. Even though it would be funny, and interesting to read about Hibiki’s reactions, it has almost no chance of happening because Chiya is definitely no where near the amount of strength to even be his slave in a contract. They had to give Shiki ten filled Draupnir rings to get him to barely fulfill the requirements, and Makoto has only been getting stronger since then, with his practice of his bow expanding his magic capacity. Makoto has essentially broken into the divine realm with his creation of the silver gauntlets, so I believe she won’t be able to make the cut even if she is given magic power. I currently somewhat doubt Tomoe or Mio could still make the same contract with Makoto without the same kind of assistance that they gave to Shiki.

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      1. It’s like Hibiki had a sudden realization that she is fighting only because of her hatred of the enemy, not any just or righteous cause, and then promptly decided that she was fine with that.

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      2. She isn’t a saint. She does not want to forgive the demons, especially Io, due to her personal investments. Makoto would actually be the exact same, you realize? If one of his friends were harmed, he would absolutely hate the perpetrator and seek to punish them. He has even said as much, and likely on the point of Navel at least he would understand. Hibiki is the same, but she was tied up in a war she can’t deal with alone, and thus her situation is already mired in resentment because she is now an invested party.

        If she were perhaps an enlightened sage perhaps she would have the viewpoint of an objective reader, but she is only human, and a high school teenager involved in life and death battles at that. She isn’t going to have our mindset.


      3. I’m just amazed she is so smart yet refused to acknowledge that what she’s doing needs some change in it, revenge is fine. But her rage are misdirected at wrong target. It’s okay if she want to settle score with demon army, but at least spare those innocent civilians.
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      1. I’m just wondering if they got any perks from believers. But yeah. From what has been shown in the story so far, nothing of the kind.

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      2. This is a slight spoiler, but worship does have an effect on the gods. This will be revealed later.

        It’s not Discworld where existence is tied to it, but it allows “benefits”.


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    1. I don’t really see him as anything similar to nyarlathotep… Or any outer god…

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    2. When you out it that way, it would be a hilarious scenario where Nyarlathotep tried to mess with Makoto in the past, but ended up sucked into the massive void of potential inside him.

      It would be much like Tsukuyomi filling him to the brim with power, only the god itself got trapped. …it would also explain Makoto’s crap luck.

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    1. Yeah, the fact that one of the participants in this little moralistic slap fight is an enthusiastic participant in genocide it really kills the author’s moral relativity screed. When one side is literally a proponent of wholesale slaughter of an oppressed minority it’s really hard to take them at all seriously on any moral issue.

      It isn’t like she had no choice but to go on the offensive. Strategic containment, defensive warfare, militaristic diplomacy, there are plenty of options short of “kill them all and let god(dess) sort them out”.


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        Neither would be all that interesting as protagonists, but as sidecharacters, and occasional antagonists, they can add color and depth to the story.


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      1. 1) She had absolutely no obligations to fight, but she decided to do it coz it looked interesting.
        3) You didn’t get it. What I meant:
        suicidal tendencies was allegory => Naval had hate to demon race which could bring her into a war and lead her to a death, but it was only a possibility.
        4) World? She is just a bitch hungry for political power who don’t give a shit about a hyumans or demihumans:
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        b) she could easily reduce discrimination by becoming a pet enthusiast, but she decided not to do it, coz there was a slight possibility of slight reputation reduction and no profit for her.
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      2. Her talk about achieving peace and equality was just something she made up on the spot in order to make Makoto join their side and help them end the war.

        That’s how Hibiki is, she changes her colors depending on the person she deals with.

        Since Makoto is in a neutral position and helping all the races without discrimination, she thought that he might sympathise with her if she sought world peace, but somewhere during their discussion some of her true feelings surfaced (hate for demons).


      3. To be fair to Hibiki, I don’t think she was specifically lying when she tried to convince Makoto.

        So far, Hibiki hasn’t been shown doing deception to the level of manipulation yet.
        So far, and including her initial meeting with Makoto as his senpai, she tends to pick and choose the information that’s most likely to produce results-the “changing colors” so to speak-but the information has never been proven false.

        I’m not particularly a fan of hers, but until she’s explicitly lied, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she means what she says. The revelation of her own discrimination here seems to be news to her as well, so I’ll chalk that up to her being a kid that doesn’t know how they really feel.


      1. the bothersome part isn’t the logic and rationality behind it.
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  15. Well, this cleared up a lot of questions that was bugging me about Makoto. -> Makoto doesn’t hold the point of view of a strong one, which is why he is just mucking around this world. (Complete opposite of Hifumi from Yobidasa)


      1. damn no edit…

        he just killed the demon race out of sense of duty for tomoki’s saving him and in lily’s name. once he ended, he started a fight with tomoki and nuke country into desert to pick a fight with the goddess

        my point is I don’t think he would have minded that much the situation. since he said he would help, he would kill demons and that’s all.


      2. I am not sure about that, he inded killed the demon in that case because of sence of duty. But it was from being saved after wandering alone in the wasteland for quite some time if I remember correctly. Anyone would have a strong attachement to the one who saved them even more if they are the first one you meet in a foreign world.

        The way I view makoto in the case of a sumoning to save limia would be ‘Mee… I didn’t ask for it, leave me be’ he would have been discarded as a failed hero. But well if the godess didn’t throw him off to the wasteland and properly powered him uop he might be more enclined to help.


      3. Makoto was always show with a strong loyalty and respect for order and hierachy, I don’t think once he accepted to be a hero (with tsukuyomi) he would go back on his words.
        and if he ran away there was still the chance that a sister would be summoned to take his place as a hero. making him more likely to follow the hero’s role. he accepted to avoid that case to begin with.

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      4. Everyone’s forgetting “where” Makoto ended up in that dream… Gritonia, meaning…Lily
        In her POV she wished that Makoto was the one that became Gritonia’s hero, instead of Trashmoki and since Makoto was already stronger than Trashmoki even back then, what do you think she would’ve done?

        Her wish was to see the world of the goddess burn, so there is no doubt that she would’ve manipulated and used Makoto just like she had done with Trashmoki. Look how that idiot ended up…

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      5. don’t push every problem into lily, in other time line he still coldly took the genocide road and killed people the same way he did, she didn’t play a big role in makoto’s devellopement.

        and it’s unrelated to the fact that he is loyal.


    1. Indeed I forgot his promise.

      He would comply, but I don’t know… the way he his, I can’t see him having the ‘Hero Aura’. Would he change to a someone shouldering hope of a whole country, race…
      He might just do what he is ask to, I need to reread the first chapter but are the hero asked to kill all demon or just to help hyuman stop the war and win back the land lost ? If it’s the later I don’t see him go on a full blown demon eradication path.

      But well he is kinda like a child, treating well those who treat him well. Being treated well enough by limia might make him constitute a ‘familly’. Losing a companion/familly member like Hibiki did, he might turn into a mindless killer like in the dream where he lose his folowers.

      It is just that the idea of him as a ‘regular’ hero is too foreign to me ^^


  16. I understand… Makoto-kun pushed away my serious emotions of the several millions of lives that I have been entrusted with.
    More like
    I understand… Makoto-kun pushed away my willingness to oppose and enslave a whole race of people simply because they have nothing to do with me.
    Frankly I hate her more than tomoki, at least he doesn’t pretend that he’s selfless and righteous.


      1. That part also make me… huh ? What the hell ? When did he say that, you bitch ? And what about several millions of others that you want to enslave you damn hypocrite bitch…..


    1. and honestly it’s time to put an end to the point “tomoki is better than hibiki because at least he doesn’t pretend that he’s selfless and righteous.” that is totally wrong

      chap 88:
      “Just like how Lily said before, I am a hero. I am fighting for the sake of this world. Defeat the demon lord and after that I will create a peaceful world. Tomoe-san, for that sake, please lend us your power” (Tomoki)

      he is exactly what you reproach to hibiki.

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      1. redcolonel I honestly think that you should reread the whole thing.
        1) for Tomoki comrads is something that you protect with your life and don’t kill even if you don’t like them (dream and fight dragon slayer)
        for Hibiki comrads is something that you discard and backstab when you can get profit from it.
        2) Tomoki was brainwashed by Lily into doing bad things.
        Hibiki wasn’t brainwashed by anybody.
        p.s. your quote is just a commercial, why did you even bringing it here?


      2. I think you are the one who should reread the whole thing

        1) tomoki only see his comrades as toy, proven against sophia when he said he wanted to recruit her (add her to his harem), the other girls objected but he didn’t give a damn about their opinions, he probably doesn’t even know the girls outside of his bed (what they likes, their personality, etc…). they are his fuckable meat bags
        same when he tried to trade tomoe against 3 of his meat bags (AKA Valkyries) saying they would do whatever he want.
        he doesn’t care so much about the girls, but he will cry if someone break his toys.

        2) no, he didn’t ‘fall’. he said it itself (in the dream) the princess is the first one he charmed (as he though).
        the first thing he did was to charm (mind controle) the princess and fuck her.
        It’s just who he is

        PS if tomoki can use the ‘hero and savior statut’ as “commercial”, why is it so bad that hibiki act as a ‘hero and savior’ to gain followers? same thing.

        Tomoki was a lil shit before the summoning and stayed a lil shit after the summoning
        the major difference between Tomoki and hibiki is
        Hibiki is the cool and charismatic person excelling at everything at that people hate because of envy
        Tomoki is a weak willed loner that people find easier to identify to,
        and end up loving him more for that.

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      3. @omfg

        You have quite a high opinion of Tomoki, it seems. The way you phrase it, it’s almost like he has no responsibility for the actions he took.

        No one twisted his arm to make him become a hero. He saw it as a means to satisfy his base desires, nothing more.

        He was offered gifts that spoke to him. Invincibility at night when the moon is out, because he’s afraid of getting hurt (not that there’s anything wrong with that in itself, but it’s not exactly heroic either). And the ability to make others obey his every whim. Absolute obedience through the gift of Charm.

        While the first gift is fine, the second one is not something a real hero would want. To rob someone of their individuality is the same as killing that person. That’s right, “hero” Tomoki has been killing Hyumans left and right with great abandon, just to satisfy his own desires. I don’t know about you, but to me a hero is someone who puts the needs and lives of others before their own.

        And he wasn’t brainwashed. He was seduced. Which are two different things. He knew exactly what he was doing. His upbringing would have taught him that it’s at best a questionable action. His ability to think rationally was not impeded. It’s just that he never stopped to think whether it was the right thing to do. He simply did it because it felt good.

        As for your points:
        1) For Tomoki, his “comrades” are simply his precious possessions. If he truly cared about them, he would want them to care about him because they chose to, not because they were made to. The reason he “cares” so much about their well-being is because he’s possessive. The way people can be possessive about their new car, or their collection of figurines.

        2) Already mentioned it, but no he wasn’t. Unless I remember incorrectly, in which case, please tell me about when in the story it was implied that he is being brainwashed (not necessarily the specific chapters, just the arc will do).

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      4. I hate Tomoki, but he is being slightly manipulated by Lily, after makoto left that country and lily went to see Tomoki, he told her that makoto was strong and hit his face, Lily used that fact to manipulate him into wanting to become strong by doing more dangerous experiments on him at the risk of his life. After that he would take Tomoe away from makoto and make him suffer, she did this so that at the end she would use him to kill the goddess. Also you said that in the dream he thought the charm worked on her… exactly it didnt and he thinks it did, shes been manipluting him this whole time, a very basic method to manipulating someone is to make them think your on their side. Not saying shes in absolute control of him, but he will do as she says at key moments.


      5. you missed the point: he though the charm worked on her, and she was the first slave, that mean he made her his slave BEFORE she manipulate him.
        the fact that it failed is unrelated to the matter.

        without lily, tomoki would still be like that. maybe not as extreme as now, but he wouldn’t be a great guy.

        So, no, don’t try to cleanse him by pushing every fault into lily.

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      6. How is the fact the charm not working on her not related, the fact it didnt work means she can manipluate him, but im sure youll misinterpret what im saying. I honestly thought i didnt have to clarify my self, but I guess I do, I never said Tomoki is not to blame for the things his done, your right in saying that he is who he is, and the fact that he is brainwashing people into doing things against their will pisses me off to no end and I wish he dies a painful death. The only thing I stated was that he is being maniplulate by Lily, that is a fact. When I said “he will do as she says at key moments” I meant in moments similar to during a battle, because he trusts that she has his best interest in mind because he thinks shes brainwashed, and because of this if she told him to kill the goddess he will do it. Not trying to cleanse Tomoki, I have just been trying to say that in one way or another he is being manipluate ever so slightly in the way he thinks.

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      7. okay, I misunderstood what you said.
        since I talked about tomoki’s personality without lily’s influence, I though that by saying she deceived him, you implied it wasn’t he fault.

        how I see him without lily’s influence would be either
        -let himself to his greed and result with more or less the same situation as now (since the first thing he decided was to mind control/enslave people)
        -broke down and without lily’s controle he will just stay in his room like what he did before the summoning


      8. Well I can tell you that in one of the extras we will guet a glimpse of the character of Tomoki from earth outside of the bulling and hikkimori, it will be in a sense interesting.


      9. redcolonel it’s funny how hard you are trying to ignor obvious facts:
        1) lolwhat? You are implying that pick up lines can give us more reliable info on his true nature than deathdoor actions and long time patterns…
        2) first use of his eyes has absolutly same effect as Bichikis brainwashing, it just improves first impresion instead of instantly turning everyone into meat toilets(68 ch)

        No I have no good opinion of Tomoki, he is weak and stupid, but when we put him near Bichiki he looks like a perfect man.
        About brainwashing there was Lily line where she liked result of his “communication” with party members also we know that she was guiding him from the first day, In real world he was bullied by girls, so without her “help” process at least would be slower and it would be quite possible that he ended with one or two girlfriend.
        And it was directly stated that his desire to become an emperor was set up by Lily.


      10. ignore the obvious fact? talk about irony…
        1)reread the whole discussion in the dream with tomoki, all his lines was him justifying his own actions, labeling himself as right and other as wrong.
        example when he support the use of his nuke, but condemn makoto’s spell
        when he justify the murder of the royal familly to access thr throne because it was what people wanted, when the people he talked about was his puppets, and condemn at the same time makoto for ‘murdering his allies’
        hibiki died because Tomoki refused to let makoto help her because she wasn’t from gritonia
        imply that makoto is his lifetime slave because he saved his life once
        talk about bringing peace by declaring war to all country that refuse to fall under his control.
        said he enslaved everybody because he didn’t want people to go against his will.

        “Something like Lily, if you didn’t mind used goods, I wouldn’t have minded giving her to you if you just grovelled.” this sentence say long on tomoki’s personnality.

        when was he at deathdoor? never
        when did he felt close to death? when Io jammed his blessing and immortality, he got shitless scared, run away and broke down.
        when did he put his safety in danger to protect his toys? never
        he showed many time he considered his girls like toys, and never ricked his life for them.

        give me sauce if you say I am wrong

        2) that’s not the point. working or not working is unrelated. a murder if fail is still an tempt of murder and is wrong. the first things he did was to start brainwash (his eyes need an activation for that) the princess, and he would obviously keep doing to anyone.
        that just show that he is greedy and see other people as toys and possessions
        I can’t see with that start how he will redeem. 9 out of 10 he would have either followed the same path as now or just broke down and seclude himself again.

        the flaw you see in hibiki:
        “for Hibiki comrads is something that you discard and backstab when you can get profit from it.”
        -disregard his Valkyries to trad them with tomoe (clearly a back stabbing to the girl that gave everything to him)
        -disregard the opinion of his close party’s member because of his lust
        -brainwash anyone that disagree with him because he is insecure
        -used the ‘life debt’ to bend makoto to his will and use his power
        -murdered emperor candidate for his greed
        – waged war with allied nations for his greed

        what you reproach to hibiki, tomoki has the same flaw plus all the others flaws. I don’t know from there how you can considerate him as better.

        and no, hibiki may have a morallity you disagree with, but tomoki’s morality is “whatever he does, even selfish desires, are right. whatever other does that may in a way or another hinder him are wrong.”.
        Tomoki never admited anything he did as wrong.

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      11. i really don’t see how Tomoki can be better that Hibiki, really the guy at must give us pity but I can’t in anyway so far support him or the way he have been going on. He had had a few time when his image could have been improved in the eyes of the readers but he hasn’t, in fact the level of egoism he has showed so far sincerely just show how mutch he lacks. I hope that the author guets to develop him more and at least give him some kind of personal grow, because so far he has been the joke character of the hole series.

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    2. Look at what happened in Rotsgard. Humor me here, but if you found out that another country was directly pushing drugs into a local school that drove people into insane murder machines, and that they were doing this on purpose because they hated you, what response would you have for this country and it’s leadership? Say someone you were friends with was directly involved as ilumgand was. Would you be able to sit back and say “oh, I understand why they did it because the economic and social policies of our country was obviously pushing them to desperation.”

      In the world, meaning reality, impoverished nations are still being pushed to the brink because their leadership takes hardline and excessive policies against the will and interests of the majority of other nations. In response, the majority pushes back by depriving them of goods and trade, further impoverishing the nations. North Korea is a prime example, as are nations in the Middle East. If they fell into line, so to speak, and became team players with the rest of the world their economic level would surely improve, but they deem this to be at the expense of their culture and their inherent rights. They do not want to tow the line, especially since the vast national majority often walks all over the smaller nations for personal self-interests. And so they fight back in whatever ways their local power allows and further distance themselves, but who really is at fault here when both sides are merely trying to protect their own self-interests?

      The biggest mistake you can make in politics is assuming that people are inherently altruistic, ESPECIALLY those who are considered marginalized or victims. If this was a war against the followers of Gandhi then perhaps you would be able to step back and say “hey, let’s no do this, we can work things out with these people”, but you will absolutely not have that situation here, and the state of the war was already well beyond that point when Hibiki was summoned.

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      1. Well granted in our reality and world those impoverished nations do it to themselves really when they take hardline stances such as NK or the Middle east and while their may be some back room things going on, everyone more or less agrees in the west anyway that this stance is rather bad and it would be better to be more open to trade and such.
        The largest problem in this world’s case is that the BS has gone too far and their is an all powerful figure called the goddess pushing this BS agenda on a minority for so long and now they somewhat teeter between a do or die situation for their entire race. Had they not gone to war they would starve out in the extreme wastes or had they submit to the hyumans they would still slowly die out due to the religion in place. This is not simply a matter of culture but rather a matter for survival for the demon race and the Demi Humans that support them. Years of oppression and desperation will drive people towards radical and extreme actions for little mind to morals. I believe someone said before in another comment that while it is easy to sympathize with the demons, it is hard to support their actions in which I agree but considering the demons have been pushed that far to consider now drugging kids to become murder machines just goes to show how bad the Hyuman oppression is and how desperate they have become.


      2. The thing is, it seems to have grown from a war for survival into a war of hatred at this point.

        Even if they had a place to survive, wouldn’t want to stop until the hyumans are all dead.


  17. Thank you Reigokai-san for this great, much awaited chapter.
    Yes, this chapter is pretty much answering chapter for many questions and theory we reader have.
    Finally, Hibiki admits her hatred, she also notices a clue about Asora.
    Finally, Mio admits that she had plan her no plan and just go well as she plan.
    Finally, we got confirmation that Hibiki don’t know the weak and Makoto don’t know to act as the STRONG.
    Finally, Chiya told Makoto about eldritch abomination she had see in him.
    We can expect massive comments in this chapter as well.

    My first thought after finish this chapter is that
    Mio, did you just go through a classic JUST AS PLAN desu wa, perfectly combined with VILLAIN LAUGH on the top of a spire? You even already derived another plan to betray Hibiki, read-hero’s, expectation without moving a finger and LEAVE INTO DARKNESS with whispering word.
    Are you the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEB?


      1. I didn’t mean Mio will betray her. I mean Mio will betray her expectation that Makoto will not involved in war.


      2. well…. Makoto didnt say he wont involved in war, he just state that he will NEUTRAL in the war , and she already kinda ask of makoto to help her to support limia in which is indirectly already involving him in the war


  18. I think it would be cool if makoto became god at the end and would “rule” out of asora with his giant Magic body armor arms that would be befitting of a god


  19. Thanks for the chapter

    It’s ending hibick’s screens time, banzai.
    OMG, she has gratitude towards goddess because of her shit situation. Seriously, I am hoping Io beat her again, without no one to save her.


  20. So much undeserved hatred for Hibiki. Are you guys really reading the same story as I am?

    Hibiki just reflected on her mistakes… Stop being so biased to Makoto’s point of view.
    So far, Tomoki is the only one who deserves that hatred, of all characters involved with that goddess.
    Even the goddess herself doesn’t deserve all the hatred you guys direct at her. You guys have seen her yourselves, the goddess is a naive spoiled brat that just got a dream job but has yet to have people correcting her for her mistakes, She needs a reprieval? yes. But to kill her? To compare her with the Bitcdh goddess from Shield Hero? The one who was evil because she enjoyed making other’s lives miserable and consuming worlds.

    Put yourselves in Hibiki’s position, she’s been living in a country that was almost destroyed 2 times already, she got friends there, and chose that country as her second home. She’s not just a teenager called by the goddess, like other heroes.
    She wants to live the rest of her life there, and contribute to the history of that country, she’s already an inhabitant of that world. That’s why her point of view is somewhat biased, because she’s trying to be a respoinsible person.
    Makoto however, has been trying to stay as a mere visitor, he doesn’t intend to live in that world, so he couldn’t care less about what happens. At the same time, he doesn’t want to get him involved with that world negatively, so he tries to help on the side.

    Are ou really saying that it is wrong for Hibiki to do whatever possible to protect her new home, because “scheming is wrong”?
    Then by all means point your hatred to every chieftain, president, emperor or king in the long history of mankind.

    She’s not an unninvolved person here, she also not just a hero, she wants to change that country for the better an ensure they live in prosperity, in the future. She has finally noticed that somewhere inside her, her motivations were small, petty. That they were similar to things she didn’t like, and wanted to change. She even mocked herself laughing at the whole situation.
    It takes a good person to reflect on their mistakes like she just did. Yes, her views are wrong, but that’s because she has never had an oportunity to see things from another angle.

    However, can you say that you treat rich or strong people fairly? Most of the people can’t, i’m already tired of seeing people bash successful people for their problems, Instead of reflecting about what is the real cause of their unhappiness. It’s the same thing for both the strong and the weak.

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    1. The one I irked about Hibiki is, she KNOWS she is wrong, yet decided to push through, admitting and reflecting are different thing.
      She may admit her mistakes, but she not even a bit reflecting on it, leave aside correcting it.

      And yes, scheming is not wrong, it’s a good thing in fact, but man…… enslaving, is another thing.that may I remind you that enslaving part is already on her agenda, even when it’s inevitable thing, she decided that it was the right course to take, heck even while she don’t have that much power, the voice of hero must means something to people, if she even care about other race and not blinded by rage she will offer a counter proposal to makoto along the lines “I will do everything in my power to prevent the worst to happens”

      But let’s face it, this is the role the author give to Hibiki, she’s a perfect example of knight of templar of the past, blinded by their own beliefs and ignoring everything else.

      Of course she not uninvolved people, she’s a damn Hero, so please act like one. I think the war itself are progressing too fast, Hibiki should turn 18 by now, that’s where our emotions are the most unstable, and given the fact she already tainted in the flames of war, I guess it’s not strange for her to have biased view of how things going.

      I think the author is splendidly putting things into place, two tainted soul from our world and one pure ones, we ended up comparing them.

      And no I don’t really hate Hibiki, if I should say it I kinda pity her, but that’s why I love this LN, I cannot wait to see how things will roll in the future.

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    2. she know her mistake but reflecting to her mistake ? IMHO i dont think so since she doesnt do anything to fix her mistake, most of us mostly bashing about how she just nontchalanly call the Demons as ‘Terrorist’ just because they’re the oppresed in this race war, that she think the demon should just zip-it and die a dog death or become a slave just because they’re the minority.
      She never know how it feel to be the bottom feeder since she always the ‘thoroughbreed’ since birth. When she got rejected by Mio and Lime she feel kinda envious because she cant have the things she wants
      And also makoto not really want to kill the Bug, he mostly only want to drag the Bug down to at least make her know her own mistake to the world in which she discriminate the demons just because they’re not beautiful enough in her standart.
      well that just my honest though and opinion

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    3. More than hatred, I just don’t have compassion for someone who almost died 2 times and still dares to treat it like a game or some kind of challenge. she is a lost case, a fool worth of pity at best.
      Also, she is complete twisted, hoping she does not get along brother bredda (tyrant queen).

      I understand your point, but even it’s difficult to accept because she only values her party member. Other peoples are just numbers, a game, with a twisted value aggregate that even worth her life, she has more than a few screw loose.

      I don’t blame all problems on her, like your analogy. But doesn’t matter who “the end doesn’t justify the means”. it’s not just scheming, killing children, elder, innocent (remember her wish for Makoto death only because of Mio’s power in Rotsgard), bribe, blackmail, there is a lot of bad things. This kind of logic makes even Hitler a good person (technology advanced), well I exaggerate a little.

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    4. Other heroes?
      Firstly, there is only Tomoki… Makoto is not a hero.
      Secondly, what makes you think makoto does not want any connection to this world. He just don’t think that he is capable of shouldering such responsibility and authority since he knew he felt that abit good-of-nothing. We, readers, felt that he shld man up because he has that STRENGTH… But, strength is not what make ppl capable… If any, it must coupled with strong mentality to make one capable n responsible.
      Beside, if makoto wants nothing to do with the world, he can just hole up in asora without going to rostgard, need not learn abt the world and do business with everyone. He just don’t feel he is capable of being responsible to the world if he drag the goddess down.
      In the first place, he grew up without the help of god… So, he will not understand the gravity shld the world lose its only god (neither will i) . This is why, he feels like asking tomoe and shiki opinion more.

      Yes, i agree it is a virtue shld one be aware of her own fault.
      But she is not totally convinced it is a fault…
      Did she intend to stop her DISCRIMINATION against the weak (demon)?
      No, she didnt. She don’t even doubt her stand. She is only aware of her hatred towards demons, based on this chapter.

      She did not have the opportunity? I mean seriously, she is in that world for a year and she had no opportunity? That’s like saying she don’t have captives of demon race, since she killed them all without talking to them. By the way, that is not what a responsible person would do to begin with. A responsible person in that world shld be someone who understand the POV of the people she kills. Yet, she just says, it is their fault to challenge the common sense.

      hibiki is just being spoiled and sly.
      Yes, she want to change the world from the inside. But, it is only for her own sake. Not because it is her home now.
      If u notice, she kip on saying it is worthwhile to be a hero. She may felt hatred towards demon for her fallen comrade. But that repetitive mumbling of hers already suggested that her motivation stem from a different basis: it is a challenge.
      She came to this world because it is a challenge.
      She refuse to accept ppl’s views on the matter because she want to prove her view is the only correct one.
      It is not as pure as to make her HOME prosper or protect it…

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    5. I don’t hate Hibiki, since she’s an important trigger for Makoto’s growth and is just doing her best to get the best end realistically possible.

      That said, I also do not excuse her shortcomings. Under normal conditions, someone makes a mistake, reflects, tries to make things right, and becomes better as a person. Hibiki though, can’t take any of this back if she succeeds and in a likelihood doesn’t even want to.

      As an ally of Limia, she passes with flying colors. But as a hero? She was teetering for a while and in these past few chapters, she’s completely failed as one.

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      1. What is a hero in these novels other than an assassin? Aren’t they just a warrior sent to kill the head of the opposing faction? How many heroes are actually heroes for all sides in a war? Do the people they fight against consider themselves evil and the hero justified in their actions? Do the demons believe that drugging students and mutating them into monsters is a heroic or an evil endeavor? Do the orcs feel the actions of the demon outrunners that killed them off systematically while pretending to be Shen were heroic efforts on their part?

        A hero is not a saint. They have flaws, they have personal emotions and baggage, and they have their own interpretations of things. Here they carry the hopes and dreams of the people that support them as a strong vanguard in the fight against their enemies, and in this way Hibiki is exemplary to the term. There is a reason Tomoki is a hero, and it is the same reason Beowulf’s epic is heroic despite his going out to kill a grieving mother. Even Makoto is a hero to the people of Asora regardless of what the rest of the world may believe.


    6. Hibiki does not support slavery, but summoned into a world where the idea is apparently deeply ingrained into society. She can’t just snap her face Gershwin and magically change it, so she intends to try to influence people away from discrimination after the wars end. As seen on Rotsgard chapters she has already attempted to lay the groundwork with the Limia king and royal family. However she knows nothing can be done during the demon war, and likely not until after the war with Gritonia that she knows will follow it. As a single person she can only do so much, so she gathers strength to her, but as it is continuously proved to her she is never strong enough. If she were At Makoto’s level then you could expect her to be much more proactive, but as is she can’t even defeat Io nor even protect the capital city of the nation she serves. Let alone fighting a god to forcibly change the people’s mindsets or being able to instantly run away to a separate dimension of complete safety at any time, she has to work with the people of the world instead.

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      1. Actually Hibiki just stated that she totally supports the slavery. Slavery is part of a common sense which she accepted, and ideal solution for a weak(in her twisted mind)
        Also she in a year didn’t even lift a finger to reduce discrimination toward a demihumans, coz there was no profit for her.

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      2. That year has been spent at war. In a situation where humanity must remain united against a great threat, fracturing her support with drastic social and political upheaval is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. She has plans, but they can’t proceed during a time of war.


    7. @Bloody. “Are ou really saying that it is wrong for Hibiki to do whatever possible to protect her new home, because “scheming is wrong”?”

      You still one of those saying that at this point when the general concensus agrees that Hibiki is a master manipulator that say whatever she can to justify her actions and preach moral conduct to others while she herself lacks any moral integrity (hence the self confessed hypocrisy). To advocate against a neutral party because it would potentially get in her way of killing more demons for revenge doesn’t feed into the ‘protect’ narrative.

      “That’s why her point of view is somewhat biased, because she’s trying to be a respoinsible person.”

      Its biased to the point of being unproductive. I don’t see how she is being resposnsible person when Waterfall already warned her against provoking Makoto and the potential fallout.


      1. Hibiki’s concern with Makoto’s neutrality is in regards that his efforts prolong the war, which means more will die on both sides. This is a common military issue. A city under siege will not surrender if independent smugglers keep the populace fed, even if they feed the attacking army equally in the process. To give a more poignant example, Truman authorized the dropping of the atomic bombs because the belief was that a land invasion against Japan would have an astromically high cost in lives on both sides given the dogged fervor of the Japanese military, so by crushing their spirit into surrender they would be “saving” more lives than would be lost. The results are of course still a deeply debated topic, but the reasoning is as pragmatic as it is heartless.

        This is something similar, as while helping those in need is obviously the “right” thing to do, logistically and from a practical standpoint it is just as “wrong”.

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    8. Wew I disagree about goddess….are you forgetting in the place that the one that put the demon on hard place thus starting the war was the goddess? Making obvious discrimination by buffing hyuman 4x and debuffing demon 4x was also the goddess? Sending someone by freefall to the edge of the world just because an ugly face and petty jealously, a goddess? Heck even aqua(konosuba) still cuter by comparison.

      And about hibiki…while I don’t hate her for manipulation or and how she consider that slavery still needed(If someone here watching arslan senki there’s an episode where it was the slave that angry because they are freed…because they have no skill or whatever to live) but saying weak people have to accept being oppressed it’s what we call dictatorship and how ungrateful and slow to learn she is that i think makes her hated so much…even demon king zef know not to stir up makoto while hibiki getting instruction by waterfall,threaten by mio, witnessing the power itself..and still trying to stir up makoto by finding asora? I can’t say she was thinking for limia sake or her own vendetta now.

      The view point of the weak is it now?? let’s just put hibiki into Nazi concentration camp and see if she can still say climbing the ladder to survive


    9. I dint hate hibiki as much as others up till now, but it changed when mako and hibiki were going towards waterfall, she thought he was dangerous becoz he could ezily commit genocide which would be strange for someone raised in japan, yet later she states that to hold the common sense of japan in this world was bad, this contradiction is what i find the most irritating till now.

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  21. Well we can already tell just by what she said that hibiki is on a war path. Especially when she was talking about find the mirage town, following a slightly different path than waterfall said, and making Makito compromise. It is pretty obvious she will target Ausra and attempt to use it as a hostage to control maketo.

    Seriously she’s the worst.

    Just like one of those stereotypical antagonists that threaten to kill the people they care about to control them

    Just use the microwave already!

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    1. well if she manage to find and try to use Asora, she will be held prisoner there since the only people that can open the portal are Makoto and his follower + Komoe (since she created from Tomoe but with a core of Makoto draupnir)

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    2. If she does go that route and actually find Mirage Town, she will be in for a surprise. Mirage Town is a tiny section of Asora made so the Asoran can contain any hostility from outsiders. I bet there’s multiple ways to neutralize hostiles in that town, and even if Hibiki somehow got out of the town into the greater Asora. She would find her self and her party, if she brought them, surrounded by over powered demi humans and animals. A force that could take on a demon army several times their size.

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      1. Not to mention that cool Neptune that can stop a volcano.
        Asora firepower for defensive battle has gone through the roof, they unintentionally gathering more and more LuBu-like firepower each day.
        Anyway I really confused about the like Asora Beast king, They are something that created because Asora right ? How come they did not know who their master is ?


      2. Like the Wolf King?
        I think they just came into existence, either without knowledge on who created them, or they know, but don’t automatically worship him (he have to show them if he’s worthy if their respect).


      3. @Jinsan

        I think they know who, thats why they kept on calling makoto the king in Asora, though Makoto himself doesnt like it


      4. But maybe their concept of thinking is like Makoto that made their own independence like ways and just like what happened to the antonio’s, if someone’s hostile, they’re dead


  22. well if she even did mange to get to Asura that would be a whole other problem considering that the Bug is constantly watching the heroes. she draged Makoto into two battlefields just because Hibaki was in trouble, it would be surprising if she didn’t notice if Hibaki disappeared or discovered Asura through watching her movements.


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        *Looks at zettai karen* here’s a good example of horny girls that keep being ignored because the manga takes 16 volume before she finally reach legal ages to takes off those barrier.


      2. Sigh…. I made a mistake…. curse you no edit comment section
        The manga tittles are not complete I forgot zettai karen can refer to several manga….
        I refer to “Zettai Karen Children”


  23. How to gather accurate information on Makoto:
    1. Think of every absurd rumor that you can remember since the hero summoning
    2. Attribute the cause to Makoto

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      1. It can’t be that hard.   Surely this world has some sort of equivalent to Chuck Norris jokes? If not, then I’m sure Root can get on establishing “Raidou Kuzunoha” jokes instead.  

        “Once, Raidou ran into the hungry Black Spider of Calamity and he decided to eat it.”

        “When Raidou tries to hit a target, it’s hard because he can’t hold back enough to keep from breaking it.”

        “The last time someone cast Ritual magic at him, he thought about playing a game of catch.”  

        “Once, the leader of all Superior Dragons attacked a country Raidou was in. When they saw each other, he went ‘not you again!’ and Myriad begged him not to hurt it.”

        “Raidou once fought an opponent that moved faster than he could see, so he imagined her getting injured and it happened.”


  24. like i stated in past chapters and such Hibiki skill of being a detective is scary for just with “one word” she discover ruffly that a place called “Asora” is out there and can only be reach veva teleportation and that it’s the heart of Makoto’s store.
    tho Hibiki is smart it look’s like she tends to think up stuff and think “this is the truth” witch it may not hold water cace in point -quot- “if some some from the human side gets him to lower how he view humans it will be a disaster!” but for him he just err……”punish” the person and will leave the rest alone unless there working with the person.

    for what im saying is that she is smart but worry about things that have a vary low chants that it will happen.

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    1. Let’s bet whenever she send person to locate mirage city behind Makoto back ?
      I’m pretty sure she will definitely do that, for “just to be safe” reason .


  25. You know I feel that if Mio bothered, she could easily reconcile Hibiki and Makoto by explaining their differences in viewpoints, but her goal is obviously to drive them away from each other so she encourages disagreement. Also it’s true that he’s met a lot of asshats in the Hyuman side and it’s colored his perceptions, but he’s also met a bunch of jerks on the demihumans side… he just isn’t aware of it. He never did discover that Mondo attempted the tree punishment on him, after all.

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    1. Yup asshats are everywhere regardless of race. The problem is tho that for Makoto that the Hyumans are the majority here and because that damn goddess isn’t exactly helping the case with her brainwashed BS religion of hers being the majority religion for them and there are only a few good hyumans he has met compared to the many good demi humans. Also I feel Mio was using Hibiki more as a trigger rather than reconcile their differences in which is a good thing I guess. Keep in mind that Hibiki is probably to biased and compromised at this point to provide a neutral point and actually end this war in a good way. She views the goddess as beneficial when she is really holding back the Hyumans and other races and she even thought of prolonging the war even though she acknowledges her hate and bias. While she could simmer down on trying to fight the demons due to the fact Makoto would insta nuke her ass if they were attempting to establish peace, I would argue she cannot be on the side that tries to reforms the problems even as a representative for the Hyuman side. She has nothing to really show for it sadly and has added to the list of problems rather than fix them.

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    2. why would she do that, Hibick is like a succubus in heat, almost every personage have a good opinion about her no matter the fact. Also, Waterfall was dead and promptly choose Hibick.

      That power itself is extremely disgusting and is one of the fact that convince her to abandon earth, very similar to Tomoki case. Thumb up for Mio here, hoping some romance happens with cute Mio.

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      1. Mio : waka-sama we need to talk…
        Makoto : sure… what with that serious face ?
        Mio : y..yes… this is important for your (descendants) future.
        Makoto : okay then let’s hear it.
        *Mio inhaling aa deep breath, preparing herself to say the word…
        Mio : p…pl.. please…..(blushing intensifies) teach me to polish the sword !
        Makoto : again ? And why that thing important for my future ?

        That’s the only thing I could imagine from Mio…. she’s just too shy when it comes to waka-sama business, that’s what I expect from a pure girl in love anyway.


      2. Really? I feel that if Makoto gave her permission, Mio would actively and unreservedly be climbing into his bed every night.

        Rather, I can see Tomoe being slightly shy in matters of love. It was only a few moments, but she seems to be unconfident with her feminine appeal and was weak to his praise with the dragons.


      3. Aaa… I do remember that Mio says she want Makoto to be one that invites her, not otherwise, then Tomoe says it’s gonna be hard because they were closer as family now than as a lover.
        She basically put a big big hurdle over herself, I just hope she find Makoto weak point (fetish) so she can temp him with that.

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    3. Makoto bias comes out from just that one incident, the one that involving komoe and arkes.
      He is merciless when it comes to something he hold dear and he cannot stop blaming himself for what happens, Ema has repeatedly asking Makoto reason why he allowed access to Asora, in hope Makoto realize that there will be no benefit of doing that, since they can perfectly function as autonomous region.
      That’s why his decision to allowing access has weighed him greatly for incident that happens to arkey.


      1. That was a traumatic event but Makoto’s bias come from everywhere.He suffered attacks conspiracies and bigotry from most hyumans he met, even the church tried to bring him out of business to extort his potion recipe.
        I’m surprised Makoto’s bias is so small in comparison to the damage he suffered.

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      2. Well, that’s because Makoto was still dense to a lot of it.

        The instructor’s exam for him was apparently tougher than anyone else’s but he didn’t feel particularly harassed. Up until Ilumgand started trying to poison his students, he didn’t even know the kid was working against him. And most recently, he didn’t notice the assassins sent by Hoplace as Lime and Mio took care of them.


      3. Ah yeah, I forgot about the church.
        Well that just means he is actually a nice guys and not just pretending to be nice ?

        I think I can drop my theory about him being psychopath by now, seeing how much he feelings down just because Chiya says he is “featureless” lol
        And sociopath theory ? I never believed from the start, the chance are so low for current Makoto to go sociopath route.


      4. The sociopath&psychopath theories started appearing around the time Makoto started seeing those dreams.
        Shiva’s objective making Makoto watch those dreams was probably explained with his words in the last dream.


  26. Here is my thought on Makoto’s white festureless hyuman.

    Think of Makoto’s “White featureless hyuman” as somewhat like a butterfly in its cocoon and the crack represents his emergence from that cocoon. Makoto’s power is still growing he is molding that power with his own will. Well, what I’m trying to say is that in the future, we will definately see an “Awoken” Makoto that could go toe-to-toe against the bug.


  27. Thanks for the Chapter.So far you have Raidou at Super Saiyan 4 or better. Every time he uses the bow and fades out, then comes back he’s even stronger and more powerful. If faced with an irresistible power and you know you can’t defeat it; shouldn’t you hightail it out of there? Makoto/Raidou’s power is so far out of Hibiki’s range it’s not funny. If by chance she ends up pissing him off, can you say bye bye?

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  28. I like Hibiki but this chapter and the last made me feel like I might not like her moving forward. I get that discrimination happens when one side is majority and one is minority but for her to call herself a hero and acknowledge that it would be better for the demon race to be come slaves is crazy. She comes from a peaceful Japan but she should know how slavery is bad from history lessons. The inhabitants from that world have less education so shes basically a genius there and not using her brain to make the world better. Arrhh! Im frustrated because I want to like her but can’t!


  29. Say, what do you folks think would happen if Makoto was dropped off in demon country instead of the wastelands?

    Since his “discrimination” is a result of meeting too many stupid hyumans, then could the reverse had happened if he was in a place that was primarily demons? Or perhaps he would end up getting along with them and explicitly join their cause instead?


    1. Interesting.

      – The Demon hierarchy is based on individual power (not necessarily physical).
      – Makoto was already pretty though and strong from the very beginning.
      – He doesn’t have the ridiculous beauty associated with Hyumans.
      – He is capable of communicating with anyone (minus spoken communication with Hyumans).

      There may be a few more points, but all in all, I think he could have been mistaken for a strong demi-hyuman, or something along those lines. If his first encounter with Demons was him stumbling upon a hunting party fighting with some strong mamonoos, and he ended up displaying his strength by helping defeat those, they might have taken him in without much trouble.

      Though it would be a problem if he mentioned he’s a Human., but since they would already be talking at that point, he could probably talk his way out of it… somehow. Or he would have to kill the Demons there, and would have learned his lesson on what not to do for the next time he encounters Demons.

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      1. So a favorable meeting overall. That’s sort of what I thought.

        I was just wondering since demon culture isn’t exactly kind either. Especially his “first” meeting with Rona under those circumstances.

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      2. True. Let’s just hope then that his first encounter won’t be with someone even close to Demon General class. 😀

        Then again, Rona first met him with the assumption that he’s just another Hyuman, so she was biased from the start. 🙂

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  30. Finally this chapter redeems Hibiki to me at least somewhat.

    She now can admit that she isn’t fighting for peace or justice but for simple revenge. I hated that she kept using excuses to justify the war but I like her much better now that she admits why she fights.

    Now she just needs to realise just because a person wants something and tries to work for it doesn’t mean they can achieve it. Then she will see that making demons into slaves is an idiotic idea and I think Makoto is helping her begin to realise that in the last few chapters.

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      1. Ouch, she will learn it in hard way…… in the end of her journey…. I hope.

        And then she will do lv4 maniac laughter, got affected by mental breakdown status and become a disabled woman, losing all her ability and living her day in delusional state when she was still a hero with her ideal party, Chiya will faithfully take care of Hibiki till the end of her life, and in the end Hibiki regained a little bit of her sanity and make honest apology to Chiya. The end.
        That escalated quickly……

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      2. You’re forgetting the part where Chiya decides to discard their pride and pleads to Makoto for help.

        He goes “okay”, and revives Hibiki before leaving without even waiting to get thanked.

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    1. Rather than like, I hate Hibiki a little less. But its more to the fact that she has finally admited her bigotry. Remains to be seen if she’ll do anything about it at all.


  31. That was a good chapter !

    That Bitchiki might become a decent person now that she more or less understood her own position.
    Also I’m quite interested in that future talk with the demon lord.

    Eh~ I wonder what is that Pervert Snake up to, and that Blue skinned Loli too ?

    Well, much to say, too bad I must sleep a bit or else even I will crumble. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH !

    Thanks for your work.


  32. Thanks for the chapter. I makes me think that the crack on Makoto neck is his anger towards hyumans. Now Hibiki is start to realize that if she wins the war against the demons that the empire will invade. She will have to find a way to prevent this from happening. The only I can think to prevent the empire from invading is for the kingdom to join forces with demons to take down the empire.


    1. After reading some side stories, Gods in Japan mentioned that the original power of Makoto was something fearsome and that is much better for him to focus in the skill bow. So what if Makoto is actually burying/sealing his original skill in that vision? So what if the priestess saw its the last remnants?


  33. I really want to see where did you guys get all these Ideas.
    1. She didn’t say she supported slavery, she said slavery would be the best option because that way no one would die unnecessarily. She was naive in saying so, but it doesn’t come from discrimination nor arrogance, but from Ignorance(If you don’t have bread, eat cake. You guys remember this, right?).

    2. The general consensus itself is biased, as biased as your guys theories and predictions. Unless you guys have actually read further chapters or there is some side story or similar material that proves your claims, your arguments simply fall flat.

    I’ve been reading your comments from quite some time, and you’ve always acted against Hibiki even when there was no bad things about her yet(Probably due to the fact that most “Heroes” in other stories are usually either assholes or idiots).

    “She’s a Schemer who controls others with her Charisma, just like Trashmoki uses his charm”.
    You guys have to remember that her charisma is a passive ability, different Tomoki’s charm. Even the world’s smartest schemer wouldn’t be able to rely on this ability as much as you guys use it as an excuse to explain her schemes, because you can’t actually turn it off, and since you can’t turn it off, all your social interactions will end up being changed by this skill, and so it would become “natural”, it’s quite possible that you would even forget you had this ability.
    Her charisma ability also works very differently as it only presents her to others in a more positive light. People look at her and have a good impression, that’s all her charisma does.

    It helps? Yes, but it doesn’t allow her to control people as you guys seem to imply

    Also, she doesn’t just think on her party members. She was the only one who rescued the allied soldiers back in the first big campaign against the demons, remember?

    And she only left to fight in the front lines when most of the solders were saved, she even solo’ed the enemies who were attacking them while they were retreating. Were she really a schemer who treats people as pawns, she wold have acted just like Tomoki, Ignoring everyone and facing Io directly. As a matter of fact when was it that she ever used anyone at all as a pawn?

    If I remember well, her “crimes” were trying to steal Lime from Makoto(Which is not really bad, because she even felt a slight attraction to him, and also, she’s looking for strong people for her group, she never really forced Lime to go with her), having great caution towards Makoto, and being a naive talented rich girl. Aside from this, every single thing she has done follows a political train of thought, she only acts thinking from the mindset of a leader of sorts, exacly how Waterfall Dragon acted, but since she doesn’t have Waterfall’s insight and wisdom, she’s commiting mistakes. I think the Author was very clear in showing us that both her mindset and Makoto’s mindset are wrong, he also whoen that both of them hold promise, but are not used to the position they currently stand at.

    Lastly, yes, Makoto doesn’t care about that world, not caring doesn’t meant that he’ll let the world end on his watch, it’s just that, if it did come this he wouldn’t be actually that sad. I thing you guys should remember that he is more interesting in caring for Asora and returning for his world than he is in anything concerning the future of that world, he didn’t even bat an eyelid as he tought about the possibility of his student going to the empire only to be brainwashed an raped by Trashmoki.

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    1. Yeah, I don’t get why some people would prefer Trashmoki to Hibiki. Then again, it might be because I’m biased towards rapists and want them to die in the most painful and slow death as possible.

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      1. It’s one thing to consider Hibiki the bigger threat due to her amazing ability to function as a human being, but in terms of which one is more morally acceptable…?

        ….Right. I think the issue is that people consider “at least he admits it” a big plus for Tomoki. Now that I think about it though, I don’t actually remember there being any point where Tomoki admits anything.

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      2. @psychronia

        Nope, I don’t remember him admit anything, and he is convinced that everything he is doing (including waging wars and the world conquest) is for a greater good, and he can be the only one ruling over the world.

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      3. Most people make the mistake of thinking Trashmoki of admitting his position when its more like wearing it on his sleeve because there is no criticism of his behaviour happening (either due to threats, information control by Lily, assassination of dissenting opinion or just plain brainwashing from ‘Demon eyes’). He is trapped in his safe-zone bubble (whereas Hibiki is in her own information bubble).
        Makoto was the only one that really challenged his confidence and look how the snowflake reacted.

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    2. The charisma is too powerful, in Lime’s case, he even says there is something wrong with him. waterfall trust her even without knowing nothing about her situation and will. Waterfall only know that Makoto, while disguised, saved Hibick, things worked well, but it’s just a coincidence. The king of Limia is supposed to be the personification of the bad nobles and he promptly respected Hibick from the beginning. I think it’s just impossible to change a “lost case” person so easily.

      She didn’t commit crimes, she plain admitted, she was using Makoto. There is the assassin’s case, where she was suspicious behind the scenes (read again her talk with Mio), too many coincidences. She is capable of slaughtering (demon) without a flinch, assassinate (human), and displayed a lot of dangerous thought.

      About her standing on the battlefield, she keeps saying things like challenge and trial and her companion end up dead. She cared about the humans that time, but she prioritizes her challenge.

      About the slavery, her point of view is too much twisted. Even if she is ignorant, it’s impossible to sympathize with someone that witness the real thing and say “it’s nothing”.

      She is not a devil, but be no means she is not even near a good person.


    3. Your ideas are even more biased, lol. Aren’t you being contradictory. They are similar to the arguments put by a corrupt noble about war who never even saw the shadow of it.
      If she was really so naive she shouldn’t be planning much , how doesn’t saying it’s the best option equate to not supporting it.
      No like really it being a passive ability makes it different and natural, my head began to hurt reading this bs . Turning on or off , i don’t understand what’s in your head. It helps in exactly the same way just that it’s along term process and harder to break .
      Have you heard of the saying to not bite more than you can chew .She is in that position .She is a challenger , she views it all of this as trials that she will pass to gain pleasure . Everything is a game to her , so yes making strategic plans can’t make you say otherwise.Though she did come to love some and hate some .
      No like how could she really force lime she was obviously trying to get him on her side and he might have agreed . If it was Tomoki who would have captured the priestess would you blabber the same thing.No you would just increase his trashiness level.
      “She doesn’t have Waterfall’s insight and wisdom so she’s commiting mistakes” , dude like hell she could have done something she is just a senile fool. Know what they share . It’s the inability to understand others and push responsibility on others. They think if they can do it , it’s something everyone can if they put in enough effort.
      Who doesn’t care about their own , would you really care about someone else dying . Everyone just thinks it’s a pity and then continue on. Bat an eyelid to her being brainwashed and raped .Those are some strong words.As usual i don’t understand how you got that conclusion. Do you understand what rape is . Aren’t they just being charmed, brainwashed is an exaggeration . They love it even when they die . I think makoto meant more of it as a joke , Moreover you don’t even know what shiki could have done .


  34. Hibiki strike posters here the wrong note because she, in essence, is the type of people who abrase them the most. It’s not the matter of being beautiful, or talent, or high achiever, as there are a lot of people like that who they feel having nothing to do with them. The world is large after all, and if you are jealous of people like that you will have no time to do anything else.

    It’s the unthinking assumption of superiority and the unthinking abandon of the weaks that they hate the most. “Shut up! and just follow whatever design I have for you” will drive them to a tizzy.


  35. Anyone know how contract of control work. Since I feel there are some contradictions such as doing something that betrays the masters will but helps him, if he recognizes it as betrayal does the contract of control terminate the slave?

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    1. I don’t think that’s how it works. My assumption here is that a control contract means that the master has complete authority over the slave’s actions and any commands simply can’t be refused.

      The problem is that we’ll never know because Makoto doesn’t give his followers commands. The one time he did was for Kaleneon and everyone was so hyped about it (in-story, I mean) that it was kinda cute how much they loved Makoto.

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      1. Controlling the slave’s action through commands huh. Well I should have asked this but Tomoe’s training with Makoto, if and just if she went for the killing blow… would she be stopped by the contract of control. Aah abit confusing but what this one meant is that, is the control of control a passive bind that is always in effect that if the actions of the slave brings harm to the master or if they seek to control or plot against their master does is it stop them or just brings them pain. By the way Shiki’s decision when it came to Amelia proved that the slave could in fact control the masters surroundings and even shape their master into their desired master no matter if it’s for selfish or not.


      2. I don’t know. Somehow, I think that if they’re not specifically forbidden to in an order, slaves have nothing stopping them from killing their master.

        Well, except the power gap that made them slaves in the first place, I guess.


    2. Well I’m pretty sure the contract only causes pain if they ever disobeyed an order that and though we haven’t seen it in a while Mio is a masochistic spider & the pain would just turn her on no?


    3. If the contract on Sari have that severe application, I think Makoto contract on Tomoe, Mio and Shiki on whole different level.
      If someday Makoto told them to die, I think they will die instantly.
      But Makoto is…. Makoto, just much like you (momonga) he is a very soft person, he never actually give a direct command to his follower.

      ……. dammit, I read for words in momonga voice again, the inner one.
      Cannot wait for vol 12 of your story.


      1. Done that, so far my favorite part are voll 11 where Jircniv meet Ainz at the arena, and the BD special where it cover the backstory of tomb of nazzarick, that was just pure epicness.


      2. There’s a drama CD of nazarick vs some great tree, which was very interesting. Other than that it would be great to see what the other continents hold but alas the Slane theocracy and other such nuisances are in the way of my peaceful life! Not to mention my subordinates mission for world d… ahem I mean “my” plan for world domination!!


    1. If I have this right, it’s every three or four days (depending on chapter length), with Sundays being guaranteed sponsored chapters.

      We’ve just passed the first 24 hours, so 3 more days, tops.


      1. Shouldn’t we be getting one tomorrow, since we got a regular one on Saturday?

        The sponsor chapter doesn’t affect the regular schedule, unless it’s too close to the regular release and the chapter is too long to ‎translate in time.


  36. Counting all the countries that has gained numerous information about kuzunoha, only two has gained juicy information and that is limia and the demon race, Lorel isnt counted its because Makoto havent visited there yet. But i wonder what information lorel could gain when they visited there next or maybe vice versa. I cant wait for lorel’s, their next destination.


      1. She mentioned it with Mio and Makoto inferred it though. And the information she gets seems to be good.

        Still, she’s not very good at describing what she sees. Needs practice, obvious new hire. Willing to check it out again a few months from now. 6/10

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  37. I forgot to mention this at hibiki:

    Look at the brightside, at least you didnt end up in a microwave like your past other self. So congratulate yourself for that at least LOLZ

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  38. @Anish Kumar, BS? Listen Imagine if you gained the ability to have people look at you and see a fake image, let’s see… Ok, so they look at you and see Johnny Depp. You know this at first, but as soon as you spend years with some people, they’ll start thinking that you’re just a lookalike and stop asking for autographs, But they will still treat you favorably as a side effect, as years pass, you’ll get used to be treated like this. It will happen because NO ONE can be conscious of everything 100% of the time, in time you’ll even forget this ability as long as you don’t meet new people. That’s because everyone around you will also get used to it, and treat you like your own person instead of someone else.

    So you see, this is the kind of thing that, unless you can read that you have it, as soon as you get used to it, it’ll become natural, as you can’t actually turn off the ability, which means that you own’t be able to keep track of it. Just as how, if you move from the countryside to a metropolis, you’ll be bothered by all the noise and have problems to sleep in the first few months, but as keep on living there, you’ll start getting used to the sound and your brain will simply stop registering that noise. You’ll be able to sleep comfortably then.
    Also, have you noticed that all the problems you guys have with her, are the fact that you don’t like the fact that she’s planning a lot of things? You always see that as a bad thing. All her plans are countermeasures for possible bad ends, She’s cautious, it’s in her nature to worry and plan for eventuality, she CAN become evil, but CAN is different from WILL. Her actual plans are not clear(except for those she told Makoto of), we know not what whe’ll do, but you guys are already assuming it’ll be a bad thing, you also interpreted all her actions in a negative light, where there was neither a spec of her true intentions.
    One evidence of her not using about her charisma anymore, is the fact that she tried hard to convince Lime directly, and in the end she felt jealousy towards Makoto for failing to convince Lime. The reason why it happened is because she ackownledges that Lime has chosen to stay loyal of his own will, and she respects his wishes. Had she actually tried to convince him knowing that it would be possible by using her charisma ability, she wouldn’t give up, she would try to convince him using another method, one that wouldn’t make him betray his company, just tag along and help her occasionally. Because she’d know that she can get him if she tries hard enough due to her skill. There’s also the matter with Waterfall, she really felt honored to be asked a favor by Waterfall, someone who’s conscious of the effects of charisma, shouldn’t be surprised about their ability working as intended. There are even more evidences of this.

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    1. If being a hypocrite and preaching without the moral integrity of her own words is a plan that we don’t like then sure we are glad to own that. But I will have you admit Hibiki herself confessed it was a screwup and would have being better to agree to Makoto’s neutrality even if just by lip service. She admits that her defiance against Waterfall’s suggestion to leave Makoto alone because she cannot accept a superior force that could get in the way of her killing demons. She undermines her whole philosophy of reforming the world to allow demons to eventually rise from slavery when she hates them too much to empathise.

      Also don’t argue that her charisma is so passive that she can’t control it but then argue that she didn’t use it to try to recruit Lime (implying an active feature). Lime was already affected by that point. Her talk doesn’t prove the charisma wasn’t in play. Her failing to obtain Lime is not her respecting Lime’s rejection. She lost plain and simple cause her passive charisma can only get her so far.

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  39. we Just have a different opinion, it’s all there is to it.
    As you said “will” and “can” are different, although I think it’s more like “her thoughts maybe become actions”. it would be interresting if things turn good, just that the chances are low( i don’t’ have faith in her).


  40. So… many… comments…
    These chapters are interesting. It’s nice to see the characterizations of everyone and that they do make some degree of sense. Makoto really has been the sort to only excel at particular things, and thus has an immensely different viewpoint from Hibiki. Hibiki excels at everything and really does despise the demons, therefore her plans end up being idealistic for the humans, neglecting the demons, and failing to figure in the huge anomalies like Makoto, especially those she does not even know about yet.

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  41. “The white featureless one will go to sleep now.” – Hahaha 😀
    Damn scrolling to comment took awhile on phone 😛
    Thanks so much for the translations as always!


  42. Its total bullshit that she can figure this out from a mere word. And just going into any damn forest could be considered a refuge for someone as strong as him as well, but no. She connects it all together.
    Still, I admit its nowhere near as bad as many stories where “smart” characters figure things out. But its still taking many leaps of logic that only work if you knew of it before hand


  43. I would like to see Makoto build a nation outside Asora, i mean he practically already has an army at his beck and call, and all of them are powerful.


  44. Hibiki thinks too much on things that doesn’t concern her, not that is particularly something bad but she has either the power or the competence for it to actually have any purpose.


  45. I definitely fall into the category of the weak. I have tried so hard to succeed that my body is now in tatters. I am 100 disabled after military service with nothing to show for it. This confirms that their are some people that no matter how much you struggle, it all comes to naught. I personally dislike Hibiki, I would never be her friend. She would be the person to say keep trying even though I have lost an arm and a lung. Thanks for the chapter. I see that it’s progress has stopped and that makes me sad.


  46. Hmm, I’m starting to think that Chiya got things backwards here. It’s probably not that the mannequin is cracking, risking the horror withing getting out. But rather, the mannequin is being built around the horror, the cracks being the incomplete part.


  47. “If we lose to the demon race, that’s the end; if we lose in the war against Tomoki, it will be the end as well; and if Makoto-kun goes haywire, it will be the end too huh. What an incredible situation. The last one has a narrow chance of hope though. A world without the Goddess huh… Thinking about the current state, it will most definitely become a warring era with the flood of the small countries, so it wouldn’t change the fact that it will be despairing.” (Hibiki)
    So the bitch really thinks that her way (enslaving or exterminating a race because, you know, they are minority and majority rules, so they should shut the fuck up) is the only right way, huh?


    1. “(…I see. It is hatred. I can’t forgive the demon race. They have burned many villages, killed many hyumans, and also my comrade…Naval as well. Ah, maybe that’s why.) (Hibiki)”
      Look at her, the one who was just talking about ending the discrimination and accusing Makoto of discriminating against hyumans. The pot calling the kettle black~~


  48. I really like Mio. While others are trying to be crafty, she just brute force her way. “Yeah I’m that Spider that you can’t beat and my master is much stronger than you so stay out of our way.”


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