Chapter 211: Invitation and Response

“How’s Limia?”

“It is a big country. Isn’t it a major power that is fighting over the first and second place?” (Makoto)

A vague question from Senpai.

Leaving aside that I might have answered differently If she had made a more concrete question, I gave my impressions of Limia.

I have a few bad impressions of the rampant nobles, but…if I had to give a good part of it, it would be that, honestly, I don’t have much of an impression.

“Fufufu, a major power huh. That’s true. But you see, in truth, the major power that you and I imagine are quite different. It is also a half-hearted country.” (Hibiki)

“Half-hearted?” (Makoto)

I don’t think a major power can be half-hearted.

It is a major power because many people live there, right?

In that case, it wouldn’t be able to function as a country without a superior system supporting it.

“For example, the population, Makoto-kun, how much do you think is the population of Limia?” (Hibiki)


This is a topic I have not cared at all for since coming to this world.

“…The territory of Limia is wide, so maybe around the ten millions or hundred millions?” (Makoto)

Looking at its territory only, I don’t think it would be strange for them to have at least this much.

“The correct answer is: I don’t know.” (Hibiki)


What’s with that?

Isn’t that cheating?

“In this world, there’s practically no country –including Limia– that has a clear grasp of their population. From what I know, the only one that has a grasp on it is Tsige. Moreover, the ones in possession of the information were not government officials of the country, but a single company.” (Hibiki)


One company?

…I feel like there’s only one who fits the bill.

I wonder if he has a grasp on the population even in the current sudden increases it is having, Rembrandt-san.

“It is most likely difficult…probably.” (Makoto)

A grasp on the number of people…inhabitant’s ballot, no, a census huh.

Wait, it should have existed in Japan since quite a long time ago though…

In other words, it shouldn’t be difficult?

Unless it is quite the chaotic era.

This world is currently in war, but thinking about the time in which it began in my previous world, it wouldn’t be strange for them to be able to do it.

If we are talking about a chaos that made the document burn in fire and had the minds of people agitated to the point of being unable to keep things like that in mind, it would be…the revolution at the Ounin era, maybe?

In the past, even when I investigated in my free time about that era, I couldn’t understand it well.

The enemies became allies, and even when the Heads of both powers were affiliated to the same camp, the battle continued, and by the time I noticed, it was already the Sengoku period.

I don’t think this world is in the same state.

“They don’t have the will to do so, they don’t find any reason to do it; it is just because of that. They just report about an approximate of the harvest, and from that report, they decide the tax. With a system like that, there’s little point in keeping the population number in check.” (Hibiki)

“I-I see.” (Makoto)

They decide the tax by the land huh.

It is certainly true that by doing that, they are able to leave the rest to the nobles.

I feel like they are just pushing all the responsibility away though, but if the income is properly coming in, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

“But if a country is thinking about obtaining power, it is a topic that can’t be ignored. And in truth, I would say that Limia’s population is around 50 million to 70 million, but the tax yields are only around half of that number. So it is like they can avoid tax as much as they want.” (Hibiki)

“Half… The remaining would be embezzlement huh.” (Makoto)

Limia is practically a despotism of nobles after all.

“Yeah. I am sorry about asking for a consent after the fact, but we are currently utilizing your help in order to improve this part.” (Hibiki)

“Me?” (Makoto)

Did I do something?

“It was a real help. Thanks.” (Hibiki)

“No well, I don’t have much awareness of this, but if I was of help…that’s great. Or more like, Senpai, you are even doing things like improvements?” (Makoto)

I feel like this has to do with the very foundations of the country.

“Improvement is a special skill from Japan after all. There’s no way I wouldn’t use it just because I am in a parallel world, right? I brought out the topic of population as an example, but there’s a lot of things that can be changed in this world for the better.” (Hibiki)

Isn’t that saying too much?

Improvement isn’t something only Japan does, it is done in the whole planet Earth.

“Well it is not like it shouldn’t be used but…it seems like you are putting a lot of zeal into this country.” (Makoto)

“…This is the country I have been summoned in.” (Hibiki)

“I know that.” (Makoto)

“It is the country where I know the most people, and the country where the most people know of me. It is the country that has placed their expectations on me. Isn’t it a matter of course that I think deeply of it?” (Hibiki)

“Sorry.” (Makoto)

I felt like I was being criticized, so I ended up apologizing.

Well, I also think deeply of Asora, so it should be about the same.

If it’s that, I feel like I can understand.

Different from Asora, Limia is connected by land with other countries and if there’s enemies, they can get attacked though.

“…I want you to like this country as well. Is it…difficult to desire that?” (Hibiki)

The eyes of Senpai were dyed in seriousness.

“Makoto-kun, this world and the Goddess, it is certainly true that it is very different from the common sense of our original world. There’s definitely things that you can’t just accept and things that are unreasonable.” (Hibiki)


“I know that you don’t hold positive feelings towards the Goddess. At this occasion, I won’t tell you to throw those away. Just that, for the sake of finishing this long war… can’t you please lend us your strength? Of course, I won’t be telling you to learn of war either. It is fine to supply us with goods at a suitable price.” (Hibiki)


So she is telling me to supply the goods of Limia huh.

If it’s to lend strength to Senpai only, it would be a different case, but if I were to cooperate in supplying the goods in order to finish the war, it would mean that I have taken the side of hyumans.

Meaning that, even if it’s indirectly, I am participating in the war.

Yeah, can’t do.

There’s no choice but to refuse.

“…How about it?” (Hibiki)

“Sorry, I can’t. If it’s just selling things to Senpai personally, I wouldn’t mind though.” (Makoto)

“I see. So you won’t be cooperating ‘for the sake of putting an end to the war’ huh.” (Hibiki)


Even I could tell that Senpai emphasized the words at the latter half.

So they are already suspecting that I have a connection with the demon race huh.

They don’t have any positive proof of it, so they can’t ask about this crime though.

“I’m thinking on opening the doors of Kuzunoha Company to all that need it. Please let me cooperate in the sense of neutrality.” (Makoto)

“You see, Makoto-kun…I don’t think that all the actions of the Goddess are correct.” (Hibiki)



No wait, isn’t that something a hero shouldn’t say?!

“She is not the ‘God’ that we think of. She has a personality, and individuality. I have not heard of the existence of other Gods in this world aside from her, so it shouldn’t be wrong to say that she is the only God though.” (Hibiki)


That’s right. There’s no way I would accept something like that as a God.

The God that Senpai is talking about is probably the almighty one.

That kind of God, I have not met one either.

But…I do think that there’s no way it is okay to leave that Goddess do as she pleases.

“The existence that manages and watches over this world. The Gods that exist are probably people that do these kind of jobs. Honestly, even now, I still think that she is a woman with problems in her personality.” (Hibiki)

“Senpai…” (Makoto)

“But Makoto-kun, no matter the existence she is, she lives in a different place from us, in other words, an existence that has nothing to do with us, you know? Even for us, the day we met that night was the last. Until then, I didn’t believe in the existence of God. In other words, isn’t she only an existence that we met in a mere instant of our short lives?” (Hibiki)


“What will you do by maintaining that feeling of defeat inside of you? It is like having complains about the laws and phenomenons that naturally exist in the world. Isn’t it pointless?” (Hibiki)

“Why did Senpai…?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Hibiki)

“Why did Senpai come to this world? Even though you had a life of success secured over there.” (Makoto)

I don’t understand at all.

“You want to know the reason why I came to this world?” (Hibiki)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

“You are interested in the reason of why someone like me, who shouldn’t have any relation to this world to begin with, would come to this world?” (Hibiki)


Does Senpai know?

The fact that the two being summoned was the fault of me and my parents.

“…Because I thought it was interesting.” (Hibiki)

“That’s the main reason?” (Makoto)

“Well, it is not like I don’t hold any feelings of wanting to return to my life in Japan. However, at that time, at that instant, I certainly did feel that being in a parallel world was appealing. That’s why I am here. In the end, the whole reason I am here is because of the feelings of that instant. From then, I created connections in this world more and more, and I can no longer separate from it so easily.” (Hibiki)

“Feelings of that instant.” (Makoto)

So Senpai currently doesn’t have intentions of going back then.

I can sense that from her.

Even though she said she wanted to return a bit, I couldn’t feel a single trace of homesickness from Senpai’s words.

“The Empire’s Tomoki must be the same. Well, if the Goddess had asked him the previous day or the day after, his answer might have differed. There’s plenty possibility that different heroes would be summoned, and he and I would currently be living a peaceful life in Japan.” (Hibiki)



At that day, in just that instant, the two decided to become heroes.

A decision is a decision.

But if we were to call it a thoroughly thought decision, as expected, that wouldn’t be the case.

“It is not like I am blaming Makoto-kun. Don’t make that face. Let me advance the topic. In this world, the interference of God is not something definite or anything like that. This world will most likely change more and more. If we can finish the war soon and calm down the quarrel between hyumans and demons, we would be able to use that much time in changing the world.” (Hibiki)

“Change…the world?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. It can’t be done easily, but I think it is possible to create a society where hyumans and demi-humans don’t discriminate each other.” (Hibiki)

Reforming the very thinking of hyumans then?

But as long as the foundation of that thinking lies in the teachings of the goddess, I think it is impossible.

Even in the teachings of the Spirits, they are told that demi-humans are existences below hyumans, you know?

“Even if you are a hero, isn’t that way too idealistic? This is a world where a big number of hyumans follow a religion that goes against that very ideal of yours.” (Makoto)

“Isn’t Makoto-kun showing that possibility yourself? In Rotsgard and Tsige. It is possible to wake up the hyuman society as a whole with those actions, right? I don’t think the Goddess would be able to forcefully amend the people that want to change themselves. I have investigated decades of activities from her, but she herself is docile and simply has a deep affection for beautiful hyumans, and she doesn’t punish hyumans that hold a different way of thinking from what she wills. At least in public it is known in that way.” (Hibiki)

So Senpai is trying to change the Goddess’ world from the inside?

But if that’s the case, her thinking should be close to mine, and yet, why is it that I feel like Senpai is so far away?

“In that case, Senpai, even if the Goddess doesn’t exist anymore in this world, for example; even if a different God were to take her place, you wouldn’t mind, right?” (Makoto)

Well, even if I say a different God, I don’t have a specific God in mind though.

I am just saying and see how she reacts.

But if Senpai does think that way, I thought that maybe it would be possible to form a cooperative relationship with her.

If she thinks that a society where demi-humans don’t face discrimination is better, it would be possible to speak with the demons as well.

“…Even if the Goddess is gone?” (Hibiki)

“F-Figuratively speaking.” (Makoto)

In the case that I actually fight her, win, and punish her, I don’t know if the Goddess will continue managing this world as always.

In that case, I thought that since a God is gone, there would be a different God coming to fill her place.

“If it doesn’t have any effect on the world at all, I wouldn’t mind. Just that…” (Hibiki)

“Just that…?” (Makoto)

“If the Goddess is gone, the Spirits that work as her servants will be gone, and then she -the manager of this world- would be gone. Who knows what kind of effect would bring to the magic power that serves as the nucleus of this world. On top of that, the blessings and divine protection will disappear and the status of the Church will fall. There’s also the fear that the very teachings of the Goddess will be thrown away as well.” (Hibiki)


I didn’t think that far ahead.

Because I didn’t care at all about what would happen to this world after the Goddess lost her power or at worst, died.

It is fine to just bring the people that want refuge into Asora first, and in the first place, it is a world that existed even when the Goddess wasn’t there.

It seems like people like Root where there at that time, so I think that it won’t go to the point of being impossible to live in.

That’s why I didn’t think further than that.

But it seems like Senpai had thought about the things that would happen if the Goddess were to fall.

“Even if, for argument’s sake, it turns peaceful at that time, the world will instantly fall into great chaos, and there’s an incredibly high chance that hell will break loose. Especially the hyumans that had received the affection of the Goddess, there’s the chance that the other races will view them as enemies.” (Hibiki)

“It is certainly true that there’s the chance.” (Makoto)

Or more like, it will definitely turn out that way.

The blessing will be gone, so leaving aside the people that have true strength, most of the hyumans will be facing a hard time.

Also, if the common language disappears, it might turn into a mess, like the Tower of Babel.

They wouldn’t be able to create a big country like now, so the hegemony of the world will probably be changed to another race.

“If you are saying you have a method that will not show a single effect like that to the world, I don’t mind.” (Hibiki)

“Then if there’s an effect like what Senpai has stated?” (Makoto)

“Even if it costs me my life, I will go against it.” (Hibiki)

“…Even if it costs you your life?” (Makoto)

“If there’s someone planning something like that, it would be the same as the demon race; a world-class terrorist. Ruthlessly cornering the people that are living in peace and taking away their lives. It is enough to call it pure evil. The ones facing the most damage would be the hyumans, but the demi-humans will also be involved with no exception.” (Hibiki)

“Terrorist. The demons are a different race, they possess a country, and are opponents that you are fighting in war. Even though you are doing war with them, you call them in that way. Aren’t you a bit too prejudiced?” (Makoto)

Terrorist is a word I didn’t expect.

To call the war with the demons terrorism…

“Yeah. It is like a war brought by the minority that knew that no matter what they tried, they wouldn’t be able to reign supreme against the majority. That’s probably why the Goddess got impatient and called the heroes.” (Hibiki)

“The demon race is the minority?” (Makoto)

I imagine the conflicts and invasions of places like Russia and China.

I remember the words of Zef.

If I remember correctly, he said that the demon race population is at most 1 million or 1.5 million.

If Limia has several millions just like Senpai said, the hyuman population is most likely more than 4 times that.

They are called the four major powers, so I was expecting that though.

So if it’s 50 million, then 200 million?

Two hundred million against a few millions.

If the other demi-humans are added to the equation, would it turn into the ten millions?

The demon race units are originally composed by mixed races.

No, even with that, it would still be an incredibly low number compared to hyumans.

Whichever the case, this is not on the level of war.

Just like Senpai said, this is on the level of a small insurrection.

Even if we take into account that this world counts more the quality than the quantity, it is honestly incredible that the demon race is putting up a good fight.

“If the demon race request of it, it would bring the denial of the Goddess and her retribution…Well, it wouldn’t go so far, but they should at least be able to seek a better treatment. What they are doing is denying the very social system of this world they have been living in.” (Hibiki)

“They could have gone into extinction if they hadn’t done that.” (Makoto)

“You really take the side of demons here.” (Hibiki)

“I have seen something that made me realize just how severe the Goddess’ discrimination was, after all. Then, the actions of the demon race were brought by the need of surviving.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, their raising of an army in this occasion was probably something unavoidable.” (Hibiki)

“Then—!” (Makoto)

“That means it is already too late. They had to do something before it turned out that way. To better that scorned environment they had even if for a bit, they should have tried to make the hyumans accept them. With a method aside from taking arms, that is.” (Hibiki)

No way, that’s asking for too much.

Regarding the demon race, it was practically as if the Goddess made the first move telling them to go away and cornered them.  

“Isn’t that just asking for too much?” (Makoto)

“I have taken a look at the history of demons and hyumans. Of course, this was from the historical records of hyumans, so there’s most likely bias there though. Just that, there haven’t been much events where the demons have acted in a positive way towards hyumans. And within those small number of people, there’s not a single one that has continued for long.” (Hibiki)

“History. The history between hyumans and demons.” (Makoto)

I only know rough details of it.

“For the demons, hyumans are an overwhelming majority, moreover, it is collected in a single religion, it is also an opponent that has better individual battle power, you know? From the beginning, the choice of fighting was not something sane.” (Hibiki)

“…Right.” (Makoto)

Because of the blessing of the Goddess, the demon race was also being overpowered by hyumans in the magic power side as well, so there was no good part in it.

The more I think about it, the more impressed I am by the demons being able to put up a good fight against the hyumans.

Well, it is not like they have been doing war forever. They were mostly enduring the discrimination and oppression.

“But the demons fought with the hyumans several times, lost, and still, they haven’t changed their way of dealing with things.” (Hibiki)


“They should have had several opportunities to. The chance to enter within hyumans just like the demi-humans.” (Hibiki)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“If it were me, that’s what I would do. If it’s a big opponent and I am unable to do anything about it with our power, I would join them and change them from the inside. I would create an opportunity to enter, and then, manage something from there. Isn’t that one of the few choices that the minority has in order to survive?” (Hibiki)

“Are you saying that they should live amidst hyumans as slaves?” (Makoto)

“…Even if it’s a starting line from a slave position, it is possible to crawl their way up. But they took arms to the very end. I don’t have the intention of wiping them all out, but if we don’t corner them to that very limit to show an example, no one would be able to accept it. At the very least, we would have to eliminate the people that are managing their country, their army, and the ones cooperating with them; every one of them.” (Hibiki)

“Accept it, you say. Isn’t that also because of the warped teachings of the Goddess?” (Makoto)

If only she hadn’t tainted this world with her stupid teachings, this wouldn’t have turned out this way.

The existence of that Goddess is the main reason for this problem, so they probably have to confront her at some point in time.

In that case, even if it will somewhat trouble the people that are currently living, isn’t it a lot better to just eliminate that Goddess that has spread this strange way of thinking?

“The warped teachings of the Goddess huh. But that is the religion that all the world follows, you know. Isn’t that the same as having an overwhelming minority taking arms?” (Hibiki)

“Then you are saying that they should resign to their fate? That the teachings of the Goddess can’t be helped, and it also can’t be helped that the demon race is rendered impossible to stand back up? That because they didn’t conform with those conditions quickly and become slaves for the sake of surviving, it can’t be helped that they are receiving a worse treatment than that? Is that what you think, Senpai?” (Makoto)

I am kind of pissed here.

No matter who, if they are being oppressed, they would want to make a complain or two.

To expect those kind of people to calmly look at the situation, think of the future, and find a good way for the race to survive, something like that…who would be able to blame them for being unable to do that?

To be able to act composedly no matter when, that’s not something that anyone could do.

Thinking that way, I unconsciously spoke to Senpai in a harsh tone.

“That’s right.” (Hibiki)


It is not like I thought Senpai would make a troubled expression…but I thought she would at least show hesitation.

The instant answer of Senpai blocked my words.

“I said this just a few moments ago but, the demon race and the hyumans are already in a situation where it is already too late. Without a closure for this war, neither of the races will be able to advance. That’s how much hatred is gathered between both sides. Of course, I who has been fighting alongside Limia, am no exception. The Goddess’ teachings, their dependence to her, the discrimination towards demi-humans; all these problems are problems that can only be dealt with after this war is over. This one point is impossible to move or change anymore. No one is able to.” (Hibiki)

“No one…” (Makoto)

Is that true?

If it is the Kuzunoha Company that has a connection with both, wouldn’t it be able to work out somehow?


Before that, wouldn’t things change a lot if I just had that Bug reflect?

“No one. Even for Makoto, that’s impossible. The hyumans that had their family taken away by demons had their hatred grow inside of themselves, and that hatred becomes the fangs that point towards them. It is the same for the demons that had their family taken away by hyumans. This chain of losses….can’t be erased.” (Hibiki)

Senpai made a pained expression for an instant.

The current Senpai is as cold as ice, and she is speaking with an indifferent expression, so that one instant remained in my mind.

Memories can’t be erased huh.

Rotsgard has become a lot easier to live in, but it is certainly true that it would be hard to erase that memory.

The more there are, the higher the amount of deaths there will be after all.

“Hatred and sadness. It is not something that easily disappears. I…can understand that.” (Makoto)

As I thought, I should do something quick about that Goddess.

Senpai seems to be worried about the later, but in the end, if the Goddess remains, the current state of things won’t change.

I will have to revise my attitude towards Bug.

“The demons who are the minority, are going against the overwhelming majority which are the hyumans, and the Goddess. This revolution that terrorists have raised which the majority of the people in this world didn’t wish for, this madness of a war, I will end it as soon as possible. Makoto-kun, I will say it again. Lend us your power, please.” (Hibiki)

Senpai lowers her head deeply.

But my thoughts won’t change.

Actually, I think that Senpai is over-thinking this in a way too realistic of a manner.

In this world that the Goddess does whatever she wants, I don’t feel like they would be able to change their sense of worth even if they took their time trying.

“…Senpai, I will say it again as well. I refuse.” (Makoto)

“Let me say this frankly, the stance that you Kuzunoha Company are taking can bring advantage to the demon race. The act of providing goods to both sides in a war, is an act of a merchant asking for a death sentence, you know? Is the Kuzunoha Company wishing for war and looking to gain profit from it?” (Hibiki)

“No. I also think that it would be better if the war didn’t exist. Just that, I think that the whole reason for this is that Goddess, and if only we could make her change her way of thinking, there would be as many methods born from it.” (Makoto)

“What do you mean? Even if the Goddess is the cause, what does Makoto-kun plan on doing?” (Hibiki)

“It is not wrong that the policy of the Kuzunoha Company is to welcome anyone that needs it, but…I personally think it would be better to drag down that Goddess once.” (Makoto)

“Drag down the Goddess…” (Hibiki)

Senpai makes a short mutter and turned speechless.

“It is certainly true that the world will fall into a temporal chaos, and it might put a limit to the magic that magicians can use. It might turn into an End of the Century situation between hyumans and demi-humans, but even with that, I think that the best plan is to kick that woman out from the God position she has been lying on.” (Makoto)

“…How?” (Hibiki)

“Well, by force.” (Makoto)

“By force, you say. The opponent is a God you know? Even if, for argument’s sake, you were to overpower her, would you be able to substitute for her?!” (Hibiki)

“Overpower? I don’t know about that, but I don’t intend to become the replacement of her.” (Makoto)

“Then you will simply eliminate a God?” (Hibiki)

Senpai held her head and shook it aimlessly.

No no no, I don’t plan on eliminating her.

I was thinking that it would be fine to just leave her a bit further from half-dead.

I am still alive after all, and the reason why I met with Tomoe and the others was in part because of that Bug.

“No well, she is not the only God out there, so as we do our stuff, a substitute will come, probably.” (Makoto)

“…You speak as if you have met other Gods. Well, I have been brought to a strange place with a shady individual though.” (Hibiki)

“How to say it, I have met with a God-sama that seems to be an acquaintance of that Goddess.” (Makoto)

“…That’s why you are saying that you will be changing that Goddess’ way of thinking by force? Without thinking at all about the repercussions that it can cause.” (Hibiki)

“If something happens, we can just take refuge until things settle down.” (Makoto)

“You are really indifferent at the crisis of hyumans. You don’t discriminate demi-humans, but you discriminate hyumans huh.” (Hibiki)


No no!

I am not discriminating hyumans.

“I am not discriminating demi-humans or hyumans.” (Makoto)

“…You are seriously saying that. Then this is serious.” (Hibiki)

“What do you mean?” (Makoto)

“From Makoto-kun’s speech and conduct, you are flickering your thoughts that it can’t be helped since the hyumans have done whatever they wanted along with the Goddess.” (Hibiki)

“Well, it is true that the hyumans have done whatever they wanted for so long, right?” (Makoto)

That’s not discrimination, it is the truth.

“Yeah, but to give a cold reception because of that, isn’t that considered discrimination?” (Hibiki)

“Hyumans are the strong ones that overwhelm this world with their numbers. Why would the word discrimination apply for them?” (Makoto)

Isn’t discrimination something done by society’s strong ones over the weak ones?

“And so what?” (Hibiki)


“Are you saying that even if someone were to discriminate rulers, it wouldn’t be considered discrimination? The gazes that the hyumans direct towards demi-humans is peculiar, but have you noticed? Makoto-kun, at times, you have directed those kind of gazes towards hyumans. Even here, and at Rotsgard as well.” (Hibiki)

“Ugh…” (Makoto)

If she brings out gazes, I can’t say I am conscious of it.

But if I am asked if it is okay to show discriminating actions towards the strong, I would say it is not.

“Hey Makoto-kun, in the structure of this world, you and I are considered outsiders, right? In that case, not taking into account the past history and coming in contact with the hyumans and demi-humans in equal grounds, isn’t that how a person that doesn’t discriminate would act? If there’s a person that’s troubled in front of you, shouldn’t you be stretching out your hand no matter the way that person has been living until now and their social standing? For hyumans, they have done whatever they have wanted, so they should suck it up; for demi-humans, they are pitiful, so help them. Isn’t that what you would call discrimination towards hyumans?” (Hibiki)

“But the hyumans have been utilizing the demi-humans as their servants, and they have been living shouldering this. In the first place, there’s no way I would be able to look at them with eyes like those of a Saint.” (Makoto)

“That’s why. You end up thinking that way because you are thinking with our common sense. This is not Japan, this is a parallel world. In the common sense of this world, hyumans and demi-humans are this way. In the first place, the demon race has picked a fight against that common sense and have brought about a war, you know?” (Hibiki)

“…That’s a mistaken common sense.” (Makoto)

“As a Japanese, that is. Your basis for your cold reception towards hyumans is something that’s natural common sense, and most people would not understand being criticized for it. Even in hyumans, when in situations between other hyumans, where you take out the attitude towards demi-humans and their attachment to beauty, they are people that properly hate discrimination.” (Hibiki)

“Even if you take out things that shouldn’t be taken out, it won’t make me accept it.” (Makoto)

“To change their root cognition, there’s the need for time, which would have to be after the war is over. But if there’s Makoto-kun who wants to do that by force against the Goddess, it would all end up crumbling.” (Hibiki)

“Not really. I might lose, and it is okay for Senpai to just continue doing war. I will be moving with my own thoughts. Even if it’s Senpai, I won’t be affirming everything you say and obeying it.” (Makoto)

“If you were to lose, that would be…” (Hibiki)

Senpai places both arms on the handrail and bends her body.

“…There’s plenty chance for it to happen. Even if she is like that, she is still a God after all.” (Makoto)

Words leaked out from Senpai who had her face hidden, a mutter of expectation for me to lose.

From the conversation until now, I could tell that it would be a pleasant development for her.

I am slightly shocked, but it can’t be helped.

Senpai seems to be entirely against the idea of me fighting the Goddess after all.

Even so, I am practically not thinking about the effects that will bring forth to the world like Senpai said.

I refuse managing a world like this, and I don’t want to become a God either.

Instead of arranging such pointless things, it is much more important to find a method to return to my original world with Tomoe and the others while being able to go back and forth to Asora.

“I can’t imagine you losing.” (Hibiki)

As if resenting me, Senpai turned a sulking face towards me.

“W-Well, thanks.” (Makoto)

“Things like being too far away, the scale being too much, or the numbers being way too many; I know that I can’t do anything about those, but this is the first time I have felt that no matter what I do, I won’t be able to surpass an individual. Even if I went at full power in my current self.” (Hibiki)

The full power of the current Senpai huh.

As I thought, maybe she has obtained some power like that of Sakai.

Even if that’s not the case, there’s definitely something.

“No well, Senpai was also strong, you know. It was like ‘as expected of a hero’.” (Makoto)

“Even though you were not serious at all. Heh~, then, between me and the Demon Lord, who is stronger?” (Hibiki)

“…If I were to fight the Demon Lord, I would be able to answer you.” (Makoto)

“Then, what about Io, White One?” (Hibiki)

“…With that strong attack power, maybe you can win against Io?” (Makoto)

To fight with that person, it would depend on how well you can surpass that regeneration power of his after all.

But if you were to try and go until he is unable to regenerate, it would turn into an incredible endurance battle.

I think there would be the need to finish the fight in one go.

Senpai has faced painful experiences with him, right?

If I remember correctly, she has close to a terrible affinity against him.

But if it’s the current Senpai, she might be able to defeat him.

Thinking about it that way, she is a dangerous one.

Because that means she is stronger than that scary-looking giant.

“Receiving the input of the White One, I feel my confidence strengthening. That guy…is someone I have to win against no matter what, after all.” (Hibiki)

“I see.” (Makoto)

After meeting several times in the battlefield, something like destiny is born, maybe.

I don’t have much of those.

Aside from that Goddess.


Senpai releases the handrail, and stretches her body upright.

Maybe because of her experience in kendo, Senpai’s posture is good.

“So that means Kuzunoha Company and Raidou are the allies of everyone in trouble, right? Okay, I got it.” (Hibiki)

“Hah?” (Makoto)

I-Is that okay?

That helps me out though.

No matter how much she asks me to cooperate with Limia, I won’t be nodding after all.

“On top of that, I have learned that you are a troublesome person that is fully antagonistic towards the Goddess. Well, about that, I will keep it a secret for you though.” (Hibiki)

“…Thanks.” (Makoto)

“The Goddess probably hasn’t heard of it either after all. With the capital having been raided, leaving aside the blessing and divine protection, there has been practically no reaction from her. What she is thinking is a mystery.” (Hibiki)

No reaction?

In other words, she hasn’t answered the calls of the Church or the heroes?

The attack to the capital…I see, it is around the time when that Goddess met with those Gods.

Did they make some sort of agreement that’s making her unable to move?

I have not been told the details of it, so…

“We have done a strange talk as well, but yeah. Tentatively speaking, I would like to eliminate the influence and distortion of the Goddess, and having you know that is plenty enough for today.” (Hibiki)

“It sounds like you feel it will be in a pretty far future though.” (Makoto)

A long time after we die, that is.

Maybe that’s why I felt Senpai so distant.

The objectives that Senpai shoulders are not things that she always tries to resolve herself.

She resolves them bit by bit, and if it isn’t possible with her, she places that job to the future generation.

“We are a race that can transfer their feelings, you know. By doing that, we are able to turn time into our allies as well. Trying to do everything by yourself in your own era can bring about pointless pain and can distort your objective.” (Hibiki)

“What you have decided to do yourself should be accomplished by oneself. I think that’s something splendid. Time can fade memories, and there’s no assurance that the next generation will hold the same feelings as you after all.” (Makoto)

“So you won’t think about moving as a whole…you won’t believe in this world’s society as you act huh.” (Hibiki)

“Just like how Senpai taught me, in my foundation, there’s most likely some discriminating feelings towards hyumans. I think that’s what it means to understand the words, but being unable to accept it. Even if Senpai tells me to believe in their change, I just can’t. Sorry.” (Makoto)

“…It isn’t something that can be immediately eliminated right after understanding it. It isn’t something you need to apologize for either. From now on, I will be counting on you as a customer of yours, Makoto-kun.” (Hibiki)

“Yes…here as well.” (Makoto)

We look close, but Senpai and I are distant.

I didn’t want to know of it, but I ended up knowing it.

This is different from the disgust I felt towards Tomoki, like a disparity of not wanting something like this to happen.

Senpai accepts the current world of that Goddess.

On top of that, she is trying to tell the world about this sense of discomfort and trying to change it slowly.

She is aware that it will take an enormous amount of time.

Without caring about those kind of things, I am thinking that it is natural for me to want to have the Goddess reflect as soon as possible and have the hyumans and demi-humans enter an equal relationship.

Without caring about how much or how many consequences it might bring.

From this world and this Goddess’ perspective…I probably do look like a fiendish terrorist…

Even so, if I can simply find a method to return to my world in a desirable way, I think I would act.

For the sake of fighting once with the Goddess.

I wonder, if that time comes, will I end up fighting Senpai?

I don’t think a fight against that person and me will come to a conclusion, but if possible, I would want to avoid having Senpai point a sword at me.

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    She dare to preach makoto for being discriminating when she had not practice any act of non-discriminating.
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      Hibiki on the other hand, sees the Goddess as something like an element of nature. That’s why she can lay down such high level victim blaming, to her mind the Demons are basically fighting gravity or sunshine. She thinks they should have just adapted, and this war is a minority throwing a fit instead of a species on the brink of annihilation.

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        That is worse imo…

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        In short words, Hibiki is a pampered princess who doesn’t understand the feelings of the weak and cornered.

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      3. Actually it is not that hard… Hibiki only read from one side, but history will always has two sides, the winner and the loser, two antagonizing sides will have two differents perspective. So when she just read one side and thinking that she knows everything, that the point that must be critized..

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      4. People are probably getting tired of me saying this already, but this could kinda be averted if Makoto arranged a meeting with Zef for her.

        I doubt anything will ultimately change at this point, but I don’t think it would be an event without merit. Hibiki is smart, if biased and arrogant, so she should be able to digest information from the new perspective okay. It would also do a little more to humanize the demons for her, because she’s currently not really considering them people on an emotional level.

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      5. I am responding to this message as I was unable to respond to the reply you left me. I am doing this to further clarify my position. I would like a response as I am interested in your opinions, but I expect this to remain unseen and lost to the internet. I am also making this post before reading Chapter 212, as this may influence my, or your, position.

        The first point I want to address is your statement of my views of hyumans as “ignorant fictional caricatures.” I do not view them that way, as evidenced by the fact that I am arguing about this at all. The first major assumption I am making in my argument is that hyumans are faithful replications of humans, down to their very nature. Otherwise, I would not be making an argument at all because it is pointless to apply human morals and laws to non-human beings. I.e. applying human morals and laws to Vulcans from the Star Trek series or an amoeba. I believe this and the disrespectful tone you take towards me are the only things that are truly wrong about your argument.

        The second point is I do not think saying “the hyumans will never give their consensus to elevating the demi-humans” is necessarily wrong. While it is a logical fallacy to apply the word “never,” history has not disproved me. The reason I say this is due to the fact that, while slavery is mostly abolished in the world, human exploitation has not. I would argue that slavery could still be present in China, Africa, North Korea, and Central/South America. However, human exploitation (human exploitation as used here is when workers are given wages that are so low, they cannot improve their situation in life, even when working more than 40 hours a week) is still rampant in most places around the world. For example, the documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” shows how depressing the conditions for Chinese workers are. Even in more “developed” and “cultured” countries, the rich and upper-class exploit the poor and lower-class. Based on my awareness of human history and applying that knowledge to the hyumans, they will “never” give up their exploitation of demi-humans.

        Third, I do not think that Makoto is as active in influencing his environment as you assume. I believe that he is actually rather passive, choosing to intervene in small situations in his immediate vicinity rather than affecting an entire country, people, or the world. An argument could be made against this as he recently “established” his country to the demon lord. I believe that was also a rather passive move since he did it to protect the home of his parents more than wanted to rule it as a king.

        The second to last point I disagree with is your interpretations of Hibiki’s intentions. I firmly believe that she actually holds a bias against the demi-humans (demons) and this is affecting her actions. She wants the betterment of hyumans, but not necessarily the betterment of all sentient life in the new world. This can be seen in the fact that she wants to establish unity under the guidance and ruling of the Goddess. Since the Goddess borderline hates the demi-humans, she is passively agreeing with the discrimination and repression of the demi-humans.

        The last point is the Goddess has, in my opinion, been extremely active in her participation in the war and even her world. I am assuming that gods and goddesses are not allowed to directly intervene in the world they govern. Beyond this, she tries her very best to help hyumans as best as she can. She provides divine blessings and protection to the hyumans. She provided 2 human heroes to the hyumans. She made a pact with Makoto so that he would intervene on the hyumans’ behalf. She provided spirits that generally favor hyumans, and spread her message of exalting hyumans. In short, she has done everything in her power to help the hyumans, besides personally wiping the demi-humans (demons) out.

        While I do not agree with most of your statements, I believe that they were made in good faith. I may have been overly negative or harsh in my assessment of the situation, I believe that yours was overly positive.

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    3. both of them are correct.
      Hibiki wants to change the system bit by bit.
      Makoto wants to make a new one.
      the only way to judge them is with their own ideals.
      It is not fine for makoto to discriminate but it is ok for hibiki.
      Makoto = equality
      hibiki = better system of “slavery?”


    4. Here is my view of the argument: (TL;DR) Makoto is not discriminating at all; Hibiki is not technically not biased; she is wrong about the demi-human slavery issue; her naive optimism on that issue more-or-less proves the fact that she may be biased.

      I believe this is the case because he is trying to rebalance a scale and zero out both sides. Since the hyuman’s side is heavier, (received more rights, etc.) you have to lighten that side and since the demi-human’s side is lighter, you have to burden it.

      I believe that he still would have done this had the positions of the hyumans and demi-humans were switched.

      I also believe that Hibiki is not technically biased because she is following the “house rules” of the world. However, I believe she would be if the situation of had been reversed.

      In terms of the slavery issue she spoke of, she is completely incorrect. In all of human history, slaves have never been able to elevate their standing in a society without their slavers’ cooperation. (With the exception of migrating and establishing themselves elsewhere.) The hyumans will never give their consensus to elevating the demi-humans, as the sole god of the sole world religion openly refuses to accept the demi-humans.

      Her naively optimistic view of the demi-humans being able to reverse their societal status may be a result of her bias. Contrary to the hyumans’ historical mistreatment of the demi-humans (excluding the demons) she still believes that slavery is a better route for the demi-humans (demons). This shows her incorrectly assessing the situation, which would not happen unless she was already favoring the hyumans over all the other races.

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      1. “Hyumans will never”, huh? That’s an awful discriminatory thing to say. Hibiki believes that hyumans can change their way of thinking, and has faith in them. You do not, because you don’t see hyumans as human, but rather ignorant fictional caricatures. The fact is in human history slavery has been slowly, and messily overcome, and if we as a species can get this far then why do you balk at the idea of hyumans being able to as well? The goddess is legitimately an issue, especially from our perspective, but not from Hibiki’s. She is a problem, as she admits, but she is also passive, has not made any move during this war beyond throwing Makoto around, and she’s been completely absent for 23 years. Hibiki is justified in her beliefs as to the possibility of a changing culture war, and unfortunately far too weak to even be able to consider dealing with the goddess should she intervene, but she can at least do what she can.

        Hibiki does not support slavery, but the world was already established to support it when she arrived. If you as an outsider try to suddenly and divisively change a people’s way of life then you will be met with violent resistance equal to your own attack, as seen with many civil wars, including particularly the US civil war given slavery’s role in that. So as to avoid violent upheaval Hibiki seeks to slowly change perceptions for a civil rights resolution rather than a civil war confrontation, and this thinking by itself is not wrong. In the end it may prove to be too idealistic, but hind sight and is 20/20.


      2. @legotechnick…

        I can see some of what you are saying, however.

        Your argument has a couple holes in it.

        Hibiki has already started trying to modify the “monarchy” to be less centralized, and using her ideals. She is refusing to let the MC here do the same his own way.

        IMO, it’d be better for him to throw support behind his new country, let it be known all are welcome and provide a just rule with his power and strength.

        “We the people of Kalenoen, hold these truths to be self evident. Whether it be hyuman, Demi-hyuman or demon each are equal…. etc etc…”

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      3. For me she dont undertand the world , that world or our world . Because its horrible the sistem of slave (I dont like capitalism but have chance in the other way nop ) . For me she is a bitch , no naive , because she going to kill people only for defence . Only problem have is to bad its she a girl , because If was a boy ji ji I put a collar in his neck and become my slave . Them if he bother I say its like that the sistem he can to obey or rebel ^^ But if rebel she is the same to demon XD I think that bitch need need some spank to back to reality.


    5. The disparity of their way of thinking is caused from their experience from earth.

      As we know of Hibiki has been a “winner” since birth. Good parents, rich, full of talents, beautiful, smart or even genius. She would know how the oppressed feel. She know it’s wrong to oppress others but she just look at it from the perspective of the one from the top.

      Then we have Makoto, weak since birth, ugly, not blessed with richness, only have 1 talent. He know the feeling of the one being oppressed or the “loser” one. Heck he even got thrown out to the end of the world by the Goddess.

      So can’t blame them for not symphatyzing or symphatying the demon race.

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      1. No, you’re right. As far as we know, Makoto is genetically 100% hyuman. That makes his appearance slightly suspicious, but all we have are speculation and theories about it for now.

        The thing is, Makoto has no attachment to this world. He was raised human, and as such has the mentality of one (except his bizzare ability to turn his emotions off), so he feels no obligation to protect this world that’s already rejected him many times over.


      2. Makoto is 99% hyuman.
        Reason that he ain’t handsome is because the moment his second sister was born and he’s next, the Goddess blessing on his parents which also to his siblings vanished before he was born.
        The blessing from that bug acts like protection and necessity to the moments Makoto’s parents where transfer to Earth, Origin and adapt the world environment including gravity. They should be fine to the moment it wears off as their body adapted in the new world including their children but it was unexpected that it happen when Makoto was in the womb of his mother.
        Because of that created a series of ailment and weakness to the little boy’s body with also his face ain’t taken the bug’s design of her Hyumans as being beautiful to her likeness. He was nearing his death till a mysterious healer healed him and overcome his fated end.


    6. This is really late, but finally came back to read this novel. Stopped earlier because of Hibiki. The problem I have is her solution to the problem. A majority, oppressed a minority, under religious guidance, until that minority stood up in rebellion, for a better future for their race. Thus the war she gets thrown into. She knows it is wrong, but her solution is, genocide them all. Or, enslave them all. Because it can’t be helped that the world is this way. After we kill them all or enslave them all we can take our time fixing the system. Wow. Just, wow.

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    7. You aren’t wrong at all. It was grating to read all of that, Hibiki spouting fallacious reasoning and sophistry while Makoto just mumbles a response, doesn’t challenge her on anything.

      She has the balls to make the argument that the (literal definition of oppressed) demons don’t even have the right to defend themselves from extinction and should have chosen enslavement instead, on the flimsy grounds that “they are the minority”. Then she hypocritically demands that he not ruin the ‘good thing’ the hyumans have going, even though by her own logic he now has the power to oppress all of humanity, perhaps not by majority in numbers but definitely by majority in strength, so should hyumanity therefore capitulate to his desires and enslave themselves? She’s preaching literal ‘might is right’ philosophy and then getting upset with him for not caring enough about the weaklings who might get hurt in his crusade.

      She brings up nonsensical moral relativism (“by japanese standards its wrong but this world has its own rules”).

      She considers it “discrimination” against the hyumans if he treats them the same as everyone else (ie fights the goddess and doesn’t really care about the fallout), because his equally destructive actions would not safeguard the supremacy of hyumans currently.

      Pretty much everything she said is not only wrong but disgusting, her way of combatting the supremacy/oppression of hyumans/demons is to genocide the demons off and then slowly try to change the hyumans’ opinions later, and failing to go along with her evil plan is “discrimination”.

      Nothing angers me more than when a character in a story is spouting pure garbage nonsense and while i’m shouting at my monitor the other characters / world / plot pretend like it was legitimate.


    8. I completely agree. Hibiki completely infuriates me. She is someone who has never experienced discrimination and yet thinks she has the right to preach.

      She is like a corrupt politician. The type who doesn’t take the time to get to know people’s actual problems and just takes the loudest message from the majority and uses it to justify a system that keep herself in a position of power.

      Peace means that her position as hero wouldn’t be that important. As someone who has always been in a position of privilege she can’t conceive of a logic that might mean she doesn’t deserve her privilege.

      Hibiki doesn’t really want peace or an end to discrimination. Maybe she wants the discrimination to be less harsh, but not to a degree that she would ever see an end to discrimination in her lifetime. In fact all of her plans are on the level of, “actually making progressive change is not my responsibility”.

      She wants to massacre the demons to secure adoration and rule Limia as president, and she will make up any bullsh*t logic she needs to justify it. (The fact that she needs to justify it makes me think even she knows it’s wrong.)

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    9. After reading through many chapters, I finally knew why Hibiki’s argument seems to be really annoying IMO. It’s not the fact that she thinks she’s right, or the fact that she’s condemning the MC’s argument without any basis (though that did help). It is the fact that she’s pushing what she thinks is right not just to other people, but to the future ones as well, without even considering if they agree with them. Tha facts is that what you may think is right now doesn’t mean it will be in the future. Thus, forcing your will to the future people, like what the senpai is planning to, feels worse than what is currently happening.


  3. These situations almost like how to remove disease that caused by tumor near vital organ. The first said it need to be operated despite the risk on how it affect the patient body while the other one propose to just gave treatment with medications therapy without removing the tumor since the risk it affect the organ would be fatal and even if not it would need extra miracle for recovery.

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  4. Lets break this down
    Hibiki’s plan’s advantages
    i) Don’t need to fight a god(dess) because she knows she will lose.
    ii) Fewer hyumans killed
    iii) Very easy to execute at the start (exterminating the minority dissenters -> demons and whoever)

    Hibiki’s plan’s disadvantages
    i) Killing off one minority species (possibly more if demihumans are purged) for the dominant one.
    ii) Very difficult to execute after the first step of exterminating the minorities
    ii) No contingency, presumes being able to change mindsets in one generation, so if she cannot change anything by the time she gets old, she gets to shrug and die

    Makoto’s plan’s advantages
    i) Prevents annihilation of one (or more) species
    ii) Simple plan with definite first step
    iii) Contingency of using Asora for safe harbor or forcing all leaders from all factions to meet on neutral ground (assuming the leaders know who defeated the goddess)

    Makoto’s plan’s disadvantages
    i) No 100% sure win for the first step
    ii) Follow up steps is complex
    iii) Chaos rampant for a period

    Hibiki’s has a very unlikely to happen outcome (changing the minsets of millions of people) especially since the pressure of the external force (demons) have been removed and the main reason for the mindset (goddess) is still around.

    Makoto will likely be forced to apply pressure on every leader to sign a peace treaty. However for administrative concerns he is already building up many resources, especially Ema and the demon girl (and allies like rembrandt) so his personal attention is not required. He just needs to show up and sit there.

    To make it more interesting, consider the same situation with real life humanity in the role of demons and aliens in the role of hyumans. You spend the rest of your lives mining rock 16 hours a day with 2 meals. You may not have children unless allowed and if an alien decides you or your family should be hurt or die, you have no lawful redress. Humanity decides to rebel and go to war with the aliens

    Consider if Hibiki’s plan is good in that scenerio.

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    1. You forgot to add the biggest con in Hibiki’s plan, let’s say her is already halfway executed and Bug talks to the church “Demi-hyumans and demons are slaves, exterminate them”.Her plan fails.

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    2. You say Makoto’s will save other races, but how exactly does it do that when there is no after care? Magic and the spirits are directly tied to the goddess, and the world itself depends on them. What happens when the resources of the world shrivel and deplete? Will he step in with Asora and help on a world-scale? He has no intention of doing so beyond a case by case basis and is content to just assume that another god will step in and take over after he is done, therefore just letting people die to his results. Obviously that means a colossally large number of hyumans due to the population discrepancy, but it also means demihumans and demons as well.

      Let’s say you don’t like the political establishment of a country. Do you choose to work within the system to change it, or do you try to grab a gun and kill the government? If you were to disagree with president Trump on a fundamental level, do you attempt to live with his influence and hope for change among people’s thoughts over the next four years, or do you plan for violent revolution? Hibiki is in a position of influence, so she is more or less in the position of a senator empowered by the very system she seeks to change. Makoto however is in the position of China. While there are strong ties between the two powers, it has the influence and resources to possibly tear everything down, and while the outcome and aftermath would be entirely uncertain they have the option of pursuing it regardless of the massive cost in lives that it would pertain an option that someone in the position of Hibiki is still far away from being able to consider alone.


      1. As i already noted, it prevents the annihilation (aka genocide) of one species. That alone is “saving species”

        Save the species does not mean saving everyone.

        That brings up a peeve. When did solutions ever become “save everyone, everyone happy”. All solutions have pros and cons, a price and gains.

        Existance of spirits and magic is hardly necessary. Is Asora in the same fantasy system style as the world? Does Asora have spirits? Are they farming fine?

        Does it mean life will suck as they have to do things manually? Of course. Can they adapt? They will, unless they want to die. Will it get better? Of course, once they get used to living without magic and inventing more efficient and effective practises.

        As for your entire spiel about american politics, well, i guess the early americans really should not have fought the british and did as they were told, joined parliment and tried to chage from the inside. After all, they were in a far better position than the demons in the story.

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      2. First of all that view on the modern states politics is different from what is happening in this world. The proper situation would be the native Americans or if you want to stretch it a little the African Americans. The native Americans are basically the demons in this situation except in the end they are literally brought to close to extinction and now they barely exist they are the minority’s of minority’s in the states. There is only about 5.2 million base on 2010 census.

        That is literally what Hibiki is trying to do just because they are the minority which does not sit well in the natural sense of modern earth. This near the level of trumps action. As much as I disagree with trump and his policies, he have not done anything so outright wrong as to massacre an entire ethnicity. If he did there will be a violent revolution, especially if he was backed by the republicans in doing so.

        Hibiki plans basically condones slavery and hopes that possibly like earth history will erase that problem. That is wrong. The problem lies with the teaching of the goddess. The bug teaches things on the superficial level. Having looks, money, power (emphasis on looks) equates to being the top. The bug is the constant propaganda enabling everyone to continue as they are.

        If you remember the past chapters she is only suppose to look after this world not change it or play favorite. Makoto plan is not perfect either rather he sees it as one with high population while the other is not. They are going to survive even if they are damage but the other one will absolutely not if nothing is done to the bug.


      3. Is magic really tied to the goddess? I was under the impression that magic existed in that world before the goddess arrived since the magic wield superior dragons existed before her arrival.

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      4. @Cesar C It does not or so I think I remember. She only enables people to have more magic power base on blessing.


      5. “Magic and the spirits are directly tied to the goddess, and the world itself depends on them. What happens when the resources of the world shrivel and deplete? ”
        This can’t be more wrong… the spirits are but magic isn’t, and even in the spirits case, we have seen that there are spirits that don’t follow the bug’s will, also they would probably have to do for themselves, with luck a better god will take over the charge of that world.

        “Will he step in with Asora and help on a world-scale? He has no intention of doing so beyond a case by case basis and is content to just assume that another god will step in and take over after he is done”
        Would you gladly accept murderers and rapists in a world you own, a world pure and without trash like that? from his point of view a load of hyumans fit in that description and he won’t take them in

        “Let’s say you don’t like the political establishment of a country. Do you choose to work within the system to change it, or do you try to grab a gun and kill the government?”
        If I was at a superman level or something while also having my own world and I am facing a dictatorship that is oppressing a minority, I would destroy the country’s inner core with raw power, hiding my identity of course… then claim it’s an act of god because the system was wrong and that if such an inequality was to appear again death would come to those in power, and then somewhat establish democracy, and leave some artifacts to ensure there’s no way to cheat in the vote…

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      6. The magic will be just fine. Races, like the dragons, lived there just fine before the goddess came by and fu(ked everything up.

        Your comparison to real life is erroneous. It’s not one bad politician or even one bad political system, it’s a world war where both sides have taken the genocidal nazi approach.

        Makoto is offering a third option. It might be just as bloody, but it will have an infinitely better conclusion.


  5. Calling someone that he is discriminating when she herself is much more discriminating. Such Logic. Much Wow.

    Also, I’ve always wondered. Why are these heroes and summoned individuals Japanese? Out of all the races of Earth they all had to be Japanese?

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    1. It’s not that every summoned person is a Japanese in a logical sense but as an appeal to the main audience of the novel.

      The text is originally in Japanese so it would feel extremely uncomfortable if there was say a Greek person speaking fluent Japanese.
      (Not to offend any Greeks here 😦 )

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    2. It’s a Japanese story, what did you expect?
      A Connecticut Yankee in King’s Arthur’s Court has an American. The Landover series has an American buying an otherworld kingdom. The Narnia series has British kids.

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    3. because the author is a Japanese, right? most LN and WN is that way, but some are different.

      for example, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari have 4 heroes from 4 alternative Japans, and I think some summoned otherworlder in Tensei Shittara Slime no Datta Ken are not japanese.


    4. I can’t blame the authors. Most of these stories are written by Japanese, and it would be really difficult to write from the perspective of another nationality.

      People have always complained about Makoto being passive, but if he were some other race without such a culture, chances are it would bother us even more.

      My personal headcanon is that there actually are a lot of Isekai MCs from all over the world, and we’re only seeing the Japanese ones.

      Somewhere, in some world, Stanley from Paris is casting Siege Magic on a dragon and in the world next to his, the Demon Lord is negotiating a peace treaty with Jack from Philadelphia.


      1. I have a similar headcanon, when someone is summon over, there location corresponds to there location on Earth. So if two people are summon but live in different continents, then they’ll be on different continents on the other side or at least different nations.


    5. In a comic like Capitan Planet when chose race 5 races of five country diferents in this moment say discriminating too . I was happy when chose sudamerica people (not from my country ) and the power was sucks but at lest rember ous XD
      Form why chinese or japanese only chose form his country because driscriminating


  6. neither is wrong yet none of them is completely right, these kind of stories is usually replete with tragedy and can be painful to read.

    Between Makoto and Hibiki, I think I’ll side with Makoto because he is completely right in one point: The goddess is the root of the problem and as long as she is the ‘ruler’ of the world any change will either be ineffectual at best or completely fail at worst. That said I agree with Hibiki that he needs to think about the consequences of his action more.

    Now I realized what made me annoyed with Hibiki, she reminds me too much of Goddamned Suzaku ‘spin-kick’ Kururugi. I mean I can understand wanting to fight in your own way but to condemn other way of fighting for themselves from your won twisted sense of morals and daring to be angry at others killing people when you yourself has killed for the sake of your so called ‘Ideal’ is seriously arrogant and hypocritical.

    And them mentioning god almighty from Christianity make me think and compared this whole situation to the bible old testament or as my friend put it : ‘the era god try his hands on micromanaging the world’ only kind of more grayish and twisted. This make wonders if the world would be better off if Makoto can convince the Goddess to take a more hands off approach rather than dethrone her completely.

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    1. Same… like compared to the MC who accepted that his senpai would have her own plan, and decided not to condemn her, the senpai who inexplicably decided that the MC’s plan is wrong and stuff is far more annoying.


  7. Thx for the chapter o/
    man, this is easily one of the best chapters ever, great chapter and discussions~~
    i though came to me while reading the comments, this whole thing could be summarized in a “classroom” situation: The Bug is the teacher who endorses the majority to bully the minority diversed, in especial that one “demon” kid who tried to fight back the discrimination, while the heroes are basically their class presidents who she asked to deal with the problems that occurred when the bullied kids tried to fight back. And Makoto is basically that son of a Yakuza boss who brings a gun to class and no one can realy mess with…

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    1. That Yakuza son thing is a bit wrong since he borrows daddies power and is a bigger bully than any other in the classroom. Makoto is more like the undercover child soldier i.e. Sagara Kyousuke (Full Metal Panic) complete with social awkwardness/cluelessness, well-trained combat proficiency that he hillariously tries to hide, and is part of a powerful Shadow organisation.


      1. or another example :
        Let just assume that Makoto is equivalent to Shiba Tatsuya from Mahouka, and his follower and Asora as Miyuki, he can take the harrasment but once the thing he held most as family (his follower and Asoran) getting hurt, he will blast you to smitherin (but in this case, Makoto doesnt have the high intelligent of Tatsuya only the destructive power and his calm demeanor, i think. Since he only mostly retaliate if its a must situation)


  8. Hibiki’s problem is that she is an uppercrust from day one, and continue to think like an upper crust. She hasnt tasted the life of any other aspect. Born beautiful, living a life of adoration that span across universe. She doesnt know how an ugly person who hasnt got attention, or with inferiority complex live, or think.

    So she will unconsciously protect the way of life of the beautifuls, and the upper crust of the world. If you are weaker, uglier, less talent, less numerous, wouldnt it be natural for you to bow down at my shadow, breathe lightly, and swallow whatever scraps I throw your way? And if you rise against that kind of life, why? I will kindly crush you bugs but I will never honestly understand why you revolt.

    That way of thinking.

    Misumi Makoto is different. Born with a natural Japanese flat face and continuously compared himself with his very beautiful parents and sisters, He know what it is to feel uglier than others. Though more talent than his club members in bow shooting, since he’s continously trained by that old fashioned sensei, he doesnt have the leisure to feel superior in talent, either. And the club’s Prez and his kouhai set up pretty effective defense to prevent unwanted competitors, he doesnt get more admirers. Transfer to this other world he continue to get that kind of life 😆

    No wonder he cant converse more with Hibiki. Their difference is too big, and should be resolved only through heated conflicts.

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    1. yeah, and she didn’t even consider that tomoki had been bullied, or that bullying even exists lol

      “The Empire’s Tomoki must be the same. Well, if the Goddess had asked him the previous day or the day after, his answer might have differed. There’s plenty possibility that different heroes would be summoned, and he and I would currently be living a peaceful life in Japan.”

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    2. And yet Makoto is the one without a single shred of empathy. Life is a struggle. You worry about providing for yourself, for your loved ones, about getting a solid job, about protecting your properties, about dealing with things beyond your control like the weather….but not Makoto. He has his own perfect fantasy world to flee to, and he’s strong enough that the only opponent he’s actually worried about is an actual deity. He doesn’t remember what it’s like to be human because he’s so far removed from what it means to be such, and in this world where resources are locked behind a dangerous wall known as “monsters” his response is to feel pity that they’re so weak and that they should just get stronger. You know, like him. Because he totally worked for his strength, right?

      But you are correct, Makoto and Hibiki are speaking from two entirely different viewpoints. Makoto has enough power to rival the gods and his own pocket world to return to at any time with all the amenities he needs, safe from whatever is going on in the other world and filled with friendly people who loyally follow him like a God, whereas Hibiki has only the security that she can actually manage to procure in a world similar to ours but with a different fundamental structure that she must learn to live with.


      1. People keep trhowing around how broken Makoto is, how sociopath he acts, I don’t seriously see any of that, he doesn’t have hyumans in high regard, so what hyumans haven’t acted that good toward him, as he stated when he talked to Sari, he is loyal to the ones that are loyal to him, if you recognize him as your enemy he will respond in kind. He is not seeking the chaos or missfortune that can befall if the Goddes is eliminated, beacuse he knows of the existence of other Gods and those same Gods practically gave him his blessing to face the goddess if the situation arrises there never was any demerital consequences for his action in his head. He hasn’t been completely welcomed to that world so far so he feels no need to form any form of deep conection to it either.

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      2. Makoto has empathy, but for the other side. He has been discriminated against (in a similar manner to how non-hyumans are discriminated against) almost immediately simply due to his face. So og course he would emphasize with the others who are discriminated against.

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      3. “And yet Makoto is the one without a single shred of empathy. Life is a struggle. You worry about providing for yourself, for your loved ones, about getting a solid job, about protecting your properties, about dealing with things beyond your control like the weather….but not Makoto.”

        SPOILERS AHEAD!(sort of)

        After reading through the extras, I can’t agree with parts of this statement. Life is a struggle and Makoto knows that better then anyone. Growing up, being in sun for a short period of time would result in burns. He once broke a arm cause he fell while sitting in a seiza position. Any activate that require the use of the muscular system would result in severe soreness. There were times when his family didn’t know if he was laughing or crying from the pain. He was fragile and just trying live was suffering for him.
        He does worry about dealing with things beyond his control like being teleported by a buggess to some random battlefield. The counter-measures they develop for this were a result of him worrying about it.

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      4. However rough his childhood was as a Hyuman growing up on a earth without the goddess’s protection, he has outgrown those considerations. They don’t apply him now, and likely influence his attitude. He dealt with it and grow stronger as a child, so everyone else should be able to as well, yes? Often people use themselves as the measure for others, but Makoto is so unique that that’s actually kind of scary.

        People wonder if he’s a sociopath, but it’s rather that he just has no ties to Hyuman society because he leads his own. He’s only sociopathic from Hyuman society’s perspective, but then both Hibiki and Tomoki are the same. Honestly wouldn’t you have to be in order to be a summoned war hero?

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      5. He’s the one who worked the hardest in order to get that strength…otherwise, what would you call someone who rejected his talent and decided to search for another one, even if that means he had to smash through many walls in order to succeed? Also, if you read the parts regarding his teachers, you could really see that compared to Hibiki, the MC worked harder in order to suceed.


  9. “Even in hyumans, when in situations between other hyumans, where you take out the attitude towards demi-humans and their attachment to beauty, they are people that properly hate discrimination.”

    so if you ignore that they discriminate against others, they hate discrimination huh 🙂

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    1. Hibiki speaks like a person never witness the desperation of three beautiful ladies got a disfiguring diseases. Or the change of heart of the two sisters after the cure.

      There’s a definite discrimination against the uglies among hyumans. Why? Because ugly person can not ask for goddess blessings, a very real advantage in life.

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      1. Hibiki only knows the result but not the reason why it happens and the process to obtain a good result. So for her not knowing how it became to have a favorable result. She blindly decide that what happens there are all positive, but there are some sacrifices to be made in order to get that. She makes an example of rostgard that the humans now accepts the demi humans but she don’t know that it is only temporary and will be forgotten as time passed. Just like what the demi human settlement have said to makoto. Although makoto haven’t that to hibiki. So for hibiki who is making that as an example look like an idiot infornt of makoto.

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  10. Loved this chapter. It’s really nice to see a calm, forthright, rational discussion between two people with opposing viewpoints.

    I think that Makoto is discriminating against humans while Hibiki is discriminating against demons. Hibiki does want to remove the discrimination against demi-humans but demons don’t seem to be included in that.

    It’s also true that while Hibiki doesn’t like how demi-humans are treated, it’s not a massive problem for her even if it’s not fixed. It’s just something that she dislikes on ideological grounds.

    What some other commenters don’t seem to get is that Makoto’s plan of killing the Goddess could result in the suffering and even death of peoples of humans, demi-humans and even demons. Makoto admitted that was true but simply doesn’t care. He’s going to hang out in Asora/Earth anyway.

    I’m actually not even sure that Makoto getting rid of the Goddess will stop the discrimination of demi-humans and demons anyway. In the end, there are a lot more humans than demons/demi-humans and there is a long history of hatred, why would the discrimination stop?

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    1. I agree completely. Hibiki’s plan has issues but Makoto’s plan is that of a sociopath. His cold indifference to the world and the potential suffering of millions is actually scary. “I’m okay because I’m going back to earth at some point.” Really Makoto? You are going leave an entire world of millions if turmoil then run off? That’s selfish, childish and self-serving and arrogant.

      Sorry but I cannot agree with Makoto on this at all and neither can Tomoe or Shiki as said by themselves a few chapters back.

      I’ll paraphrase a line off DS9 “You want to change society, you work to change it. you don’t sneak up behind it with a dagger.”


      1. While this is true, this only work as long as the society is able to change. Otherwise, you remove the part that is an undying being that intervene if the world goes against her will.

        And she does. Hibiki is talking bull that she doesn’t. In every single battle that hyumanity has ever fought she intervene by blessing a side, and thus she shapes the course of their society.

        No one can go against the word of a god that is so active in politics, as it’s unreasonable to demand that a side have to be at least more than 4 times as strong as the status quo and willing to go against the word of a living god at all times. no change in human history has ever had that kind of majority, or that kind of dedication

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    2. You missed an important point.

      Removing the goddess brings natural balance back. Other than the current time of the story, when the goddess is forced to keep quiet, the hyumans don’t have to negotiate or even be threatened that much with the demons because of the goddess blessing, way superior numbers, way superior resources and the presence of super powered heroes.

      The demons are more than capable of fighting compared to the hyuman but lack numbers and resources.

      Removal of the root problem will force the hyumans to meet at the negiotation table. Both will be forced by circumstances to agree to peace (whole each builds up on its weakesses). Over time, both will be balanced simply by having the threat of each other (demons will increase numbers, hyumans will learn tactics) hovering over them.

      This creates two (or more) nations that end up balancing each other aka what happens after a civil war (plenty of historical examples). This does not mean that there will not be factions that are fanatical about killing the other side but those will fade with time as they get killed by their own species or by the opposing side

      I doubt Makoto sees solving the situation for all ETERNITY. He sees it as solving the root cause and letting nature revert. To fault someone for not solving something for all eternity does not make sense even if he does have combat power on a divine level, he does not have omniscience or the ability to be everywhere at once.

      Alternatively, if you want Makoto to solve the problem for all eternity, he could learn charm from Tomoki and apply it to every one in the world, making them slaves. Even if you find such a solution fantastic, it does not work once he dies or leaves as he needs to apply to the children, grand children and so on, to make them slaves as well.

      Your point about losses among all three factions does not work because the alternaitive is the loss of most if not all demons and likely a lot of demi humans. This means that regardless of either plan presented, there will be losses. The only way your point would mean something, is on the basis that hyuman lives are worth more than demons and demi humans.

      Also it does not take into account the fact that the one who killed or smacked down the goddess can simply force the leaders to stop by threatening to join against whichever side that wants to continue the war.

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      1. Many good points. It’s not about solving everything, it’s about removing outside interference and making change possible by restoring a natural order.

        And while the threat of total annihilation is a bad thing (m’kay), there is something to be said about a Sword of damocles hanging over them for a short time.

        Will it heal all the hurt feelings? Ofcourse not. It’s a temporary solution to an unsolvable problem, while drawing hate towards Makoro. Only thing that can heal the hatred is time, and the threat of said sword buys that, and keeps attacks from escalating to full blown war.

        Only real problem is that it if it’s as simple as “I will join the other side of whomever starts to stir shit up” you will have people like Rona coming out of the woodworks to manipulate the other side into starting the fight.


      2. Humans still outnumber demons 100 to 1. I think that the reason that demons can fight with humans equally is that they are going with a “total war” model akin to World War 1 and World War 2, whereas humans are going with a standard army model. If humans really needed to then they could increase their armies by a factor of 10 at least.

        In any case, my point is not that Makoto’s plan is unworkable. It’s just that other commentators are decrying Hibiki being okay with the dead and suffering of demi-humans and demons. Whereas Makoto is worse, he’s okay with the dead and suffering of humans, demi-humans and demons.

        Makoto wants to change the world and doesn’t care how long it will take and how many people will suffer. He’s also not willing to take any responsibility when it comes to helping the world change. He expects that the world will sort it out eventually.

        My point is that Makoto doesn’t have the moral high ground.Of course, he doesn’t think he does either.


      3. What we know:

        1. Hyumans look down on demihumans and demons refuse to subordinate to another race.
        2. 23+ years ago a demon seduced a Hyuman priestess and caused a massive political upheaval.
        3. The resulting decision of hyumans asking her to leave the world, thus abandoning her, depressed the goddess so much that she locked herself away for 23 years and sulked/slept.
        4. During that time, approximately 13 yeas later, the demons started the current war while she slept and wasn’t paying attention or interfering.
        5. Hyumanity suffered continuous losses for 10 years until the goddess woke up, saw the situation, and then decided to pull in heroes because hyumanity was actually approaching its last legs. The first was as part of the payment for the bargain made with Makoto’s parents, the other two because she’s a shallow fool.

        Also note that removing the goddess removes the spirits as well, and likely much of the world’s natural management. Though she copied humanity, the goddess really is responsible for creating the life and systems in that world. Her problem is that she has both a personality and a clear favorite when people seem to assume a God should be silent and callously objective with their things, sort of like we see things here.


      4. “Also note that removing the goddess removes the spirits as well, and likely much of the world’s natural management.”

        Which has zero effect.

        “Though she copied humanity, the goddess really is responsible for creating the life and systems in that world.”

        No she isn’t.

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      1. Exactly. He wants to beat her a bit. He doesn’t really say that he wants her replaced though,
        [……so as we do our stuff, a substitute will come, probably.” (Makoto)]
        Makoto’s plan is literally just to fight her so she learns a lesson. Some people won’t put up with her selfishness. He has no intention to kill her, but knows better than to go at her with the kid gloves. He doesn’t want to take her world away from her, but knows Daikoku & Co already have her on thin ice.

        No cataslyms or genocides intended, no corporate takeover or power-grab plotted, just an old fashioned spanking.

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    3. it probably wouldn’t stop the discrimination. but unless the Bugges is stopped, reformed, banned or in some other way removed from influence, no change is POSSIBLE.

      so sure, Hibiki way might work. but only if Makoto first kills a god.

      So it’s a bit of a revolutionary thinking “sure, this will cause massive amount of bloodshed. But unless we do this the kurds/jews/blacks/hispanic/freemasons/demons will keep being tortured and raised as fuckdolls (demihumans where overrepresented at the bordellos) and for the occasional spare parts (sure, that last part would probably only apply to demons. Unless organ banks (evil tm) would start being a thing).


    4. The thing is, Makoto is now a ruler, whether he think so or not. His primary responsibility is to his people, to Asora.
      As long as the Bug is in charge, she will reinforce her discrimination against those she finds not beautiful (most of his people). With her gone, changes can be made. Sure, like most revolution it would be bloody. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Or are you saying the American revolution is not worth the price they paid in blood, that the various independence war of oppressed and conquered people are not worth it?
      The Bug is the biggest threat to his people, even if the rest of the world has to burn, he as a ruler can only do his best to neutralize her. It doesn’t make him right, but he’s not wrong either. Sure the discrimination wouldn’t completely stop, but it’s a first step.
      Makoto’s obligation is to Asora, to his people, just as Hibiki’s obligation as Limia’s hero is to Limia.


      1. Yeah sometimes revolution needs to happen but he plans are starting it and then leaving thats messed up, plus the amount of potential damage his fight could cause did not even phase him thats alittle scary.


      2. Even his followers noticed that he doesn’t really care that much about the world outside Asora. Shiki was trying to make him at least care about his hyuman students.
        Looking back, he wasn’t like this before those adventurers killed Komoe’s predecessor. Maybe he was traumatized by that and this is his coping mechanism.


    5. There is a saying in spanish that go like this ” Arbol que nace torcido nunca enderesa” the world for world translation would be something lie this ” A tree that grows disorted can never go straigh” so in Makoto eyes the tree is growing disorted from the base (Goddess) so the best solution would be to cut him up from the base and planting again in the proper way.

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    6. I thought that he didn’t plan to kill the goddess. The term he used is beat up, and he even say that he wishes for the goddess to bow down and apologize to him, which considering what the bug did, was acceptable. Also, he said that he wishes to drag her down and let her see the world as it is, which probably the only way to change someone who sits prettily on a throne.


  11. thanks for the chapter!
    Damn! awesome chapter! hundreds time better than the fan-service of tomoki’s beating.

    Hibiki show how radical and authoritarian she is (obvious when she used ‘terrorist’ rather than ‘rebel’), she think the will of numbers is absolute, people would never agree with being slave only because the majority want them to be…
    And at the same time, she condemn demon that took weapon to gain freedom rather than becoming slave because violence is bad, but seem fine with the use of violence for hyumans to suppress people threatening their freedoms (with her “is an act of a merchant asking for a death sentence”).

    and makoto “Isn’t discrimination something done by society’s strong ones over the weak ones?” SJW confirmed with his logic of ‘only white can be racist’…

    too many thing to say, need to read the coms first

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    1. It’s true SJW act that way but there’s something different, hyumans are discriminating against other races because Bug(Government) supported them and Makoto wants to crush Bug.If hyumans still want to dominate other races after Bug is gone they will have to do it with their own strength, it will be close to impossible because they are the lowest race in the world.

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      1. I know that Makoto doesn’t care about the consequences when he defeats the bug, but without him noticing it, Makoto has already discovered solutions to a few problems.

        The Goddess’ Blessing – Makoto has already showed the hyumans a way to become stronger with their own strength, without depending on the blessing of the goddess or the level system Root created. This was shown through the strength of his students. Now a lot of other students want the same training.

        The Common Language – He also created a method for communicating when he was unable to speak the common language. Through written communication with magic. This can be used until the hyumans learn to speak without the goddess’ blessing.

        When Chaos occur after he defeats the goddess – He already mentioned this, but he can just send people into Asora to take refuge there until everything cools down. Asora is also a perfect example of how different races can co-exist with each other, so Hyumans might learn a thing or two from that place.

        If Makoto ever decides to think of a way to deal with the consequences after the goddess’ defeat, Kuzunoha company is the perfect organisation to bring relief to the people and order to the chaos.

        Also, the superior dragons should be able to help with managing the world.

        Apart from Root who is actively managing the world I’m his own way, everyone else just seem “useless”. I seriously question their existence because it doesn’t seem like they do anything other than hide away and giving their blessings to those who they take a liking to. Even Tomoe was being lazy until she met Makoto.

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      2. The dragons aren’t supposed to manage the world, and Root is only going at his own pace and having fun in his idleness. The adventurer guild was a project of an otherworlder she loved way back after all, and just something to remember him by.

        Asora only works because he literally picks and chooses the races. Those with animosity towards hyumans and others aren’t allowed, and he balks at any who seem the least bit threatening, which is why he won’t extend a hand to the current demon race and why it took months to allow the forest onis and fairy race in. Additionally fleeing the world for Asora is just supplanting the goddess for a new god in the form of Makoto, and while he doesn’t see himself in the position of a God that’s really just his own denseness.


      3. About the dragons. They still have the capapibility to help manage the world when the goddes isn’t around anymore. They are already a race that is feared by most and they also habe the knowledge and ability to give blessings to those they take a liking to. So yeah, if Makoto ever do become the substitute god, which I strongly believe, the dragons can fill in the role that he can’t do. They already live in places where they can monitor all the countries in the world. If the spirits are gone, they can fill in that role.

        I know all that about Asora, but Makoto already said that he’ll give refuge to the people when chaos occur. I’m talking about temporary refuge, not immigration and that world is already big enough to do just that and with the 4th follower Asora is going to expand again.

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      1. I think of it as fan service because I feel like it was out of character for makoto to act that way that quickly.
        just feel like the author wanted for makoto to beat tomoki because the reader would be mad if nothing happened with him in gritonia, and at the same time he didn’t want to bother pass too much time with makoto/tomoki’s meeting, so he just trow it like that.


    2. I disagree with your first point. The chapter where Tomoki was beaten up felt really good after everything that he’s said and done to others… while it may not make sense in plot, or delve deeper into the reader’s minds, the sheer joy of having a no-nonsense someone beat up Tomoki nearly outdoes it.


  12. well there is more easier way.
    he can transfer all demons and demi humans to asora and then let hyumans do what the F they want to do.
    but then hibiki and hyumans will say you cant take our goods just like slavers before slavery ended when lincoln declared it.Thats right they just think of other peoples as livestock.

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    1. He won’t accept the current demons because their mindset is that other races must subordinate to them or be completely destroyed down to the last, and it’s uncertain whether as a collective race they can embrace a different idealology at this time. That’s their culture, and much like the forest onis they would have to be excessively “reforged” on a fundamental level to gain acceptance in his utopia.


      1. Based on strength for survival, but an extension of that is to defeat hyumans. Specifically the goddess worshiping ones. Even Zara who is king of his demon nation, wants what is best for his people but has to continue go to war due to the blood feud of his people and demihumans who join his country. They took over a hyuman country for resources and are defending it. But as a result, people specifically demons and demihumans die when hyumans invade, resulting in the blood feud that came afterwards


  13. Had enought of this shit already. Makoto is a freaking pussy who doesnt want to do anything because he thinks that he is totally unreleated to this current world, but the thing is he is releated and pretty much. And only reason that is holding him back from unleashing his own potential is that hibiki and his naive way of thinking.


    1. What are you talking about? He’s got a plan to get rid of the Goddess, which he believes will solve the root problem.

      Other things he could do is support the humans and kill 1-2 million demons, or support the demons and kill 200 million humans.


      1. There is another option. Makoto taking possession of land between the Demon and Hyuman nations, cleaving the continent in two, with his land in between them acting as a figurative wall.

        By depriving the Hyumans and Demons of any direct land route between them and acting as a buffer, the only way they could attack each other is through sea, and that’s not exactly easy, even before both sides would focus on building coastal fortifications. Especially if he somehow affected the weather in the area, making travel by ship very dangerous, unless you take a very long detour.

        He could then establish a few cities for the sole purpose of facilitating commerce between Hyumans and Demons, where they could meet under watchful gazes of Makoto’s people. After a while, many would lose the will to fight the other side and just go along with the new world order.

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      2. Really, all Makoto has to do is continue providing resources while stalling the war on both sides long enough for them to just give up on it.

        They REALLY hate each other, but I don’t think anyone would really pick a fight with him at this point. Let time dull their grudges and give them both time to grow some more.

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      3. Good one Kortodo. Makoto installing himself as an unopposable 3rd superpower between the two sides can work. Show the two sides his ‘portal’ capabilities that’ll aid the other side should one side disregard a ceasefire agreement e.g. Rona tries to send more spies, or Hyumans send in a marauders. I’d go further and ‘invite’ some pernament important ‘guests’ from both sides to live in ‘neutral’ Makoto affiliated territories (embassies) on the other side of the war.
        Problem is if Makoto has the drive to do it.

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      4. Well, he could to it the same way he got Kaleneon. Just leave it to his followers and people of Asora.

        He himself would only be there as a power source for spells, like barriers / fog / etc (stuff to make it virtually impossible to cross the land outside a few designated areas).

        Maybe even do some terrain remodeling (like turning the entire “border” into a huge canyon with a few protruding “islands” for the cities), since it would be faster if he did that himself.


  14. No, no, just no. I usually hate to comment but I just can’t let this one go, what the hell is this bit## saying?! OMG I don’t even know where to start, I’m just going with order of the bullshit she said.
    “That’s right. It can’t be done easily, but I think it is possible to create a society where hyumans and demi-humans don’t discriminate each other.” how crazy are you? As someonewho “read” about the history of the world you should know more then anyone how the demi-humans where treated. In fact if the humans win it will get worse because then they would believe that they have a right to do what they want as the winners and you won’t have the power to anything since you will no longer be needed by the same nobles you are helping.
    “docile and simply has a deep affection for beautiful hyumans” she cornered a race to the frozen parts of the world and doomed another to slavery. How the fuck is that docile? And if someone tells me will at least she didn’t erase them, I would remaind you that she can’t interfer that much or the other gods would step in, otherwise way the hell would she need to summon hero?
    “If there’s someone planning something like that, it would be the same as the demon race; a world-class terrorist. Ruthlessly cornering the people that are living in peace and taking away their lives. It is enough to call it pure evil. The ones facing the most damage would be the hyumans, but the demi-humans will also be involved with no exception.” you what it’s called when the demos corner the hyumans? Its called karma bit#$/ and the demi-humans? They are already considered slaves they have a better chance with demons who know what it’s like to be corned and not having rights
    “Yeah. It is like a war brought by the minority that knew that no matter what they tried, they wouldn’t be able to reign supreme against the majority. That’s probably why the Goddess got impatient and called the heroes.” you know this and still think you are right? As a human being who lived on earth how the hell are you saying this like its normal and obvious like cake?
    “If the demon race request of it, it would bring the denial of the Goddess and her retribution…Well, it wouldn’t go so far, but they should at least be able to seek a better treatment. What they are doing is denying the very social system of this world they have been living in.” I’m 99% sure that the demi-humans did that, I wander how it worked out for them? Oh wait never mind.
    “I have taken a look at the history of demons and hyumans. Of course, this was from the historical records of hyumans, so there’s most likely bias there though. Just that, there haven’t been much events where the demons have acted in a positive way towards hyumans. And within those small number of people, there’s not a single one that has continued for long.” Hallo history is written by the winners, the hyumans could have attacked the demons first because you know there asswholes with a god backing them and history would still say the demons starteded.
    “Even if it’s a starting line from a slave position, it is possible to crawl their way up” okay i thought Japan had a good educational system or they don’t teach world history? You know like that time where slavery was okay? I wonder how that changed? Must have been SUPER peaceful they probably made the change over a cup of coffee. I wonder what happend to president of that time.
    “I don’t have the intention of wiping them all out, but if we don’t corner them to that very limit to show an example, no one would be able to accept it. At the very least, we would have to eliminate the people that are managing their country, their army, and the ones cooperating with them; every one of them.” how dump is this girl? THEY ARE ALREADY AR FUCKING LIMIT IT WAY THIS SHITARA STARTED.
    There is sooo much more I want to point out but I’m tired and I’m not sure if the comment can holed any more of my ranting. I just hope that the bi#$ dies or better gets betrayed. I don’t usually like that kind of thing but I’m making this a special case, I won’t accept anything else. No my hart won’t accept anything else.

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    1. @uvallrelator She blind by her own self-righteousness she is like all the others hero out that think what think is good and everybody else is wrong. She suppose to be a genius but still doesn’t now the basic. Like how history is write after a war or how slavery go after war. If go you lose war you every right you have and the demons did’t have any in begin so shit will get worst for them. And want them crawl down be slave of the hyumas!!?? Is she STUPID OR WHAT? Even in earth did slavery go wrong without the help of a God and blessing and other thing they have there. AAAhGG that whole plan is stupid.

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    1. My friend, you have no idea how it is later. This story is nothing more than a person’s view of the world, its history, and where we are going, all but wrapped up in a little cute present called a light novel.

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  15. So first of all thanks for the translation.
    And next an Idea came to my mind after reading this chapter and I would like to hear what you think about it.
    Since Makoto wants to give the Bug a good beating and in the older chapters one of the gods mentioned that Makoto will make another contract with a person. How about that 4th person being the Bug?
    Im not quite sure if i remember wrong but i believe somebody said that with the 4th contract and that it will get interesting and also that the Goddess is misunderstood/a Tsundere.


    1. There is a side story on Light Novel Bastion that shows the moment Makoto’s parents left for earth, and the goddess in it is very interesting, largely because it’s the only character development she has ever gotten beyond the main story’s brief confrontations.

      The 4th contract will not be the goddess because his contracts are ruling ones, meaning he has to be 80% more powerful than them, and the goddess can’t ever conceivably be on the level of Tomoe or Mio because that would put her below Root in strength. While it would interesting to see an equal contract, Makoto doesn’t want to share in the duties of being a God and anything else would wind up subordinating either him to her or her as at best a child/parent relationship.

      The 4th contract is interesting, and isn’t someone you would ever expect at this point in the story.


      1. But since he gets stronger with his bowtraining dont you think he has already way more power then when he did the contract with Mio or Tomoe? And since the Gods said he should train daily he has gotten way stronger and if he continues this for some mor eitme i think it should be possible or did i get omething wrong?

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    2. A contract has two willing sides, the goddess will never agree to become Makoto’s subordinate. She has no reason to and being the bit** she is won’t want to. Although Makoto is growing stronger, and there are rarely anything strong enough to join, the world is wide, especially when there is a multiverse with gods going inbetween them all the time. Mio is a great example. Despite not being a great dragon that existed before the goddess became administrator of this world, she is a match to Tomoe, a great dragon that has been around for a looong time, possibly since before the beginning.

      Also the goddess is not misunderstood/ or a tsundere. She is a Bit**, as proof, she kidnapped 2 bystanders. This is more significant than most people give credit for. At the beginning of the novel, the significance is told through Tsukiyomi, another God, a even more powerful God. She broke some serious rules here , it’s the reason why she is at God detention and can’t do anything in the world or to Makoto for a while. The tsudere comment was made by Makoto’s parents, hyumans, the species that she FAVORS. There is a significant amount of bias and circumstances to these words. She is a tsundere to Hyumans, HYUMANS. She is not going to act cold while being loving to demons or any other species she created. ONLY to HYUMANS. (Makoto excluded because he is ugly.) (probably has something. To do with being sickly on earth due to having no divine protection or not adapting to the environment in time)

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      1. does?

        I don’t remember blood being part of the equation. Sari’s contract needed DNA, but it was done to bind the dominant to the slave, not the other way around.


      2. Hum…Wasn’t that Spider already around before that Bug came ? (and maybe before the Samurai Snake) Like that Pervert Snake.

        Nope, to bind the slave to the dominant. MC-chan could have ignored her but she, is forced to obey him.


      3. Not sure if it was clear, but my point was that there’s no way to make Bug an unwilling slave, because the slave was the one that did the binding. Consent is needed from the slave side no matter what.


      4. No, well Sari too. The point I was making was that whether it’s the one Sari made or the one Makoto made with his followers, the weaker side(hypothetically Bug) needs to consent to it.

        Makoto probably couldn’t take Sari’s hair and force her into a slave contract(big assumption here, but if that was possible, I’d assume Sari would’ve made Makoto the slave instead).


  16. Found a mistake: Probably should alter it to temporary chaos, not temporal.

    It’s not like time itself will fall to chaos after the buggess dies, most likely.

    now for normal comments:

    “The Goddess probably hasn’t heard of it either after all. With the capital having been raided, leaving aside the blessing and divine protection, there has been practically no reaction from her. What she is thinking is a mystery.” (Hibiki)

    No reaction?

    What about summoning the devil and it’s servant to protect you in your time of greatest need?

    that said, this whole chapter makes for a kick ass Hero-Villain speech:

    Hero: “Won’t you believe in hymanity! it has neverending potential for change and at it’s heart, hymanity is good.”

    The Devil: “I refuse. Hymanity has had it’s chance, and no true change can come as long as the goddess rules over these lands, making slaves of free men. I shall tear down the source of oppression of the world, and only those that are downtrodden and are suffering shall be protected. And after i have cast goddess from her throne in heaven, a new order shall rise from the ashes of the old, a new world, where everyone can be truly equal”

    Hero “A new order!? And who will rule this world, you!”

    The Devil ” I seek not to rule, merely to move as my conscience tells me. Nothing more, and nothing less. I shall leave ruling this world to the other gods to decide.

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      1. you may ad to that that he earlier essentially stated

        The devil: “I shall crush all who oppose me without mercy. the moment they chose to take up arms and stand on the battlefield was the moment they chose to kill or be killed. I am merely honoring their choice”

        sure, i paraphrase their words slightly, but you can’t argue against that i have kept their original meanings and intents.

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    1. You forget the part where revealing that there are other governing gods available as replacement is some sort of huge revelation to the ‘hero’.


  17. so my conclusion after reading several times…
    Hibiki’s reformist arguments are only valid and possible if the Goddess is out of the picture. Makoto concluded so.
    Hibiki’s argument of makoto’s discrimination against hyumans doesn’t really fit here. Prejudice probably due to how they were welcomed in that world, and it’s unavoidable. If you are are treated well, you respond favorably. It’s just the natural order of things.

    The most important thing that Hibiki gave Makoto is it somehow calmed his rage against the goddess and reduced it to “just a bit over half dead”. It made him consider reforming the goddess. The goddess who is the root of all problems. So instead of reform the hyumans and demons, the first step is to reform the goddess, one way or another

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    1. eh, Makoto is discriminating against hymans though. soo it fits, since they are talking about world order and racial relations.

      And yes, reform is only possible as long as no living god acting openly upon the earth is present to actively oppose it.


      1. Makoto’s behavior is more of a logical response instead of discrimination. If you know the people you are facing are indoctrinated people that have values different from yours, wouldn’t you normally take precautions? He treats his hyuman connections fine.


      2. Makoto isn’t discriminating against hyumans… he is being perfectly neutral, not helping either side and just aiming for the root of the problem while hoping that after it’s removed it’ll eventually sort itself afterwards

        So what if doing so would cause chaos for a while? So what if loads of hyumans and demihumans die? You can’t change the world without sacrifices, if not take a look at history, civil wars, rebellions, all of that lead to this somewhat decent world, you can still find idiots every now and then but what if? so long the idiots are the minority and aren’t the ones in power, is there any issue? Also discrimination could be reduced if the tale of a foolish goddess who promoted it was destroyed for doing so is told, no?


    2. Now that you mention it, is this considered discrimination? Treating a given race with assumption based on past experiences isn’t discrimination so much as learned behavior, isn’t it?

      I guess it is since Makoto is letting it affect his judgement of the entire race.


      1. no, that’s not justified.
        it’s as if saying treating blacks differently than whites because with only 13% of black they commit 50% of murder(US statistics), and thus the all blacks worth less


      2. That wasn’t exactly what I meant-or at least I don’t think so based on what you said. Statistics are too big-picture.

        A closer comparison would be if 90% of the blacks someone(who has no prior knowlege or experience interacting with them) ran into happened to be murderers. Because that was the past experience, they act based on a learned response when they encounter blacks in the future, which ends up becoming a bias towards the race.

        My point is that Makoto’s attitude isn’t a product of bigotry, but of a drawback of pattern recognition. It’s still discrimination since Makoto is pre-judging the worth of people before he even knows them, but there was really no other way things could have gone given his past experiences.

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      3. I don’t think it’s discrimination.
        Makoto is helping one side out more than the othwr because that side needs more help, it’s like saying that you are discriminating against rich people when you give homeless people money instead of rich people.

        Also if you look at the definition of discrimination….

        “The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, sex.”

        Prejudicial treatment?

        “Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience”

        Now you have to ask yourself if makoto’s treatment of others is based on reason and actual experience.


  18. This Hibiki. normally I’m not care about her self righteous.
    She is a kind of people that I don’t want to get involved.
    But after read this chapter I have an urge to kiss her, with a chair that is.

    She should just got some curse diseases, ripped of her power and turn in to demi human.
    after that got sold as sex slave for those hyuman noble.


  19. I would be with him if he had the resolve too stay, you cant just shake up the whole world and then peace out like you have nothing to do with it. And Hibikis plan is dumb what slave race peacefully climbed out of slavery no one no where.

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    1. Shaking things up and leaving without assuming responsibility is how most people roll, so there’s nothing strange in Makoto doing so as well.

      Though I’d argue that in his case it’s the right decision. If he beat down the Bug and took over, it could easily be seen as him simply doing what he did out of personal ambition.

      Instead, beating up a no good “leader”, than letting the rest of the group deal with the aftermath themselves feels more genuine. That he only did it because he was against that leaders decisions, and not because he wanted the power and used the bad leadership as an excuse to validate his actions.

      Besides, Bug is just as guilty of not taking responsibility after making a mess of things. So he’s not doing anything that she hasn’t done herself. I mean, first she makes Hyumans completely dependent on her, makes them antagonize everyone else, then she just leaves to sulk, making Hyumans suffer for her decisions, and not following through in the responsibility department.

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  20. A plus for Hibiki, a rare plus point.
    I must admit I probably read too much modern Japanese fantasy where demon is poor guys I subconsciously root for them.
    The another world is where there is another common sense.
    There probably nonsense to try to uphold “all intelligent beings are equal” there.

    All Hibiki need(probably) is to end the mess called war as fast as possible then start working on better common sense.
    She logically admit that defeating god is impossible and decide to choose this path is very ok to me.

    It’s like playing a SIM game the developer design two different race to be at hostile.
    The conflict will hinder you to create your peaceful dream town so you decide to eliminate one of them. Hibiki is like this.

    Makoto who somehow got the programming skill ,while he suppose to be regular consumer, decide to not just recoding the game but will flying to SIM HQ to tell developers to change the setting is totally insane.

    P.S. Trashmoki just want to create harem after eliminate the demon while Lily is planing to build her tombstone collection.


    1. You kind of miss the point that Hibiki is just another ‘war’ veteren that will cease to be relevant without that role. All she does is enforce the discriminatory mandate set by the ‘Bug’ backed not by Hyumanities own capabilities but from what is basically a power hand-out i.e. promoting divine dependence leading to stagnation as a species.

      As much as Hibiki thinks shes playing the game to win (which she certainly would have alreay lost had not Hacker Makoto intervened) the game essentially plays her by presenting limited choices (save hyumans, screw everyone else). I don’t see this as being a plus.

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    2. i cant agree with you. she is lack of knowledge about other parties and decide on behalf of them, regarding their ‘FATE’.
      next, she is in the side of the winner, and all of those facilities she is given what makes her an ignorant human being. she doesnt want to lose all of it that she think the world should go the way it is. furthermore, she doesnt even realizes that the demons are a very small numbers compared to hyumans. meaning, that once they are defeated, their number would be so low as (probably) non-existence in the future.

      to conclude i may say that she is ignorant, egoist, and unknowledgeable shit.


  21. The idea that demons should accept their fate, live like slaves and work their way up society is an extremely naive one. In our world it would be the equivalent of having an entire minority ethnic tribe eliminated, which has happened in the past of our humans when the “world” was smaller

    The teachings of the goddess practically call for the eradication of the demon race. Why take them in as slaves? Hyumans already have demi-humans and are more of a match to the slave catergory. This is where I feel Hibiki is overlooking this point that how ruthless hyumans can be in their “position of power.” It’s not like our world where multiple belief/religions clash. Trying to change their society over time is is very easily derailed, corruptible and easily suppressed against a unified race such as the hyumans. Hence the only way to make this possible is for a “second god” to come into play with an decent number of followers one that offers equal or similar benefits to the Goddess’s blessing, creating a situation wherethey cannot be suppressed or eradicated but at the same time not large enough to eradicate the hyumans. In this way you force two parties to compromise. If Makoto becomes the god of demi-humans and demons, offer them his “divine protection” to sufficiently compete against the hyumans, only then will such a optimistic view such as assimilation be practical and feasible.

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  22. Why do you guys think Hibiki’s plan for demon race and demihuman would work?

    There’s no basis for that kind of confidence at all.

    Even in the middle of war, with the desperate demands of survival, she can not even get them to change Limia capital to a more advantageous place. What would enable her to change their mind once her usefulness run out (after the war end)? What?

    She would be lucky to live out her days in peace. More than likely she would just get assassinated.

    But her charm? It’s not all powerful. It can not even make those nobles to do that one single project. What make you think it will attract enough protection for her life?

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    1. i don’t believe that her charm nor her plan will work. nor do i believe that her charm is enough to keep her alive.

      that said, her charm in addition to her fairly extreme political savines should be more than enough to keep her alive and in a position of power.

      The plan is domed to fail due to the goddess actually being a god that intervenes in battle, and gives blessings to the people every single day. Meaning, you can’t rationalize with her book or scriptures. she verifiably exist, those books are her words, verified by her, and explained in detail by her. not room for liberal interpretation exists. She also has the ability to make any kingdom that strays to far from it lose by simply blessing the other side in a war, meaning that religious conservatism will always be the ruling option. (she doesn’t have to state that that was the reason, just that the other side was more “shiny”). Not becouse she will die at the end of the war. That is Trashmokis fate


  23. The main problem with hibiki’s plan is that she doesn’t care at all about the demons and demi humans. How can she bring equality between races if the way she thinks, talks and acts screams “fu** anyone that isn’t human”? She even suggested giving an example by oppressing the minority! Does she really think after doing all that she’ll be able to say “now that it’s over let’s all be friends”?

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  24. Those who read the side stories too, remember the fact that makoto’s parents felt terrible pressure and would die without the blessing so if makoto did weaken/killed the bug where the blessing got nullified then without any way for them to prevent the damage from removing the blessing then most living things in the world will die. Well thats assuming bug didmtell the truth and it wasnt her directly giving them the pressure that could kill them


    1. they would die from the pressure of Earth-prime. Stated as one of the harshest planes in the multiverse. And even then, it was more like “don’t do deep sea diving to fast, or the pressure will kill you” than “unless you are in this spacesuit, you will die”

      They did their adventuring career without the blessings, and while hard, they did fine.

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    2. I thought that it was sort of ‘training wheels’ until Makoto’s parents got used to the world (the effects are 10 years I think). Blessings are hard to reach on Earth too (Tsukuyomi said this), I doubt Bugdess is playing favorites with Makoto’s parents and putting most of her energy into continuously providing them her blessing instead of focusing on ruling her world..


      1. That bit** had to give her blessing to Makoto’s parents. There are rules. They made a deal and they kept their end of the bargain and she had to keep her’s. (Although she added a little fine print at the end. ) she wasn’t even serious when she made the deal. She just wanted to scare them into going back to their country by giving them an empty promise and hard trials. She thought they would give up and when they succeeded she had to eat her words and out money where her mouth is.


    3. That is pressure from earth, not the other world. Even without the goddess blessing all species can survive in this other world. Best physical example is the demon side magic rings. That create a field of no goddess blessings. All that happened was Trashmoki running away because he can finally die and the hyumans not being able to just nuke everything just because they decided to wear make up that day. The only real significant happening would be babies having to learn the common language from scrap as there would be no goddess to just insert the knowledge into their heads. As stated the Tower of Babel situation. Which sounds dire but really isn’t, it just means it will take a few years for people to LEARN how to actually teach. Which as Makoto has shown hyumans suck at. (Most lessons were how to wear makeup and to stand still while casting your longest spell). The existence of Half competent adventurers are proof that hyumans can adapt without the goddess. Hibiki’s dead adventurer party member Nabel is proof that although they won’t be beating any demons generals, they can live in the world without the goddess (until they get their asses handed to them by demons army)


  25. So yeah, Hibiki is indeed jealous that Makaoto is the MC.

    Also, notice something here:
    – Makoto is a hyuman, but he believes in values of humans.
    – Hibiki is a human, but she believes in values of hyumans.

    In short Hibiki is an moralless being that doesn’t care about her values and instead takes on the morals of the people around her. Makoto on the other hand is best described in the song of Frank Sinatra:

    For what is a man, what has he got
    If not himself, then he has naught
    To say the things he truly feels
    And not the words of one who kneels
    The record shows I took the blows
    And did it my way

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    1. The main reason of their discord is the reason the both of them are in that world, Hibiki threw away earth and the live in there looking for new excitment, Makoto sacrificed his way of life to take responsability for a promise that wasn’t his own. Is obvious that for Makoto the way of life in earth has more waigth in his personality that it had for Hibiki and Tomoki.

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  26. “It is like having complains about the laws and phenomenons that naturally exist in the world”
    Bitch please. He broke half of them on his first week in this world.

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      1. … she kind of did, didn’t she. called her stupid and ungrateful, and hoped that she would suffer. and said that she gave birth to the ugliest child she had ever seen… damn, soo much of Makotos disrespect for divine law just became explained.

        Although, he was also declared free from the natural and divine laws by divine edict, so there is also that

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    I readied the tread on NU and someone brought up a good point. Hasn’t the situation gotten worse? Before this conversation happen, the only things at risk were factions, specially hyuman factions. But Hibiki prevented the nuking of these factions, in returned the stage for Ragnarok has been set. Isn’t the world at risk now?

    P.S. How do people manage to comment on so many comments, just scrolling down hurts my eyes 😟

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  28. Say, what exactly are the consequences of removing the goddess from the world? I understand that there will be chaos with the leader gone and the whole world system will be flipped on its head, but what exactly does that entail?

    Because as I currently imagine it, it seems like the damage wouldn’t really be more than the cumulative damage Hibiki’s method will do(assuming it even works), even if Makoto doesn’t do much afterwards.


    1. from hints dropped by Root, Mio and Tomoki and others on that powerlevel and age, the world prior to the bugg was a harsh and desolate place. And that was by the standard of dragons. Root hinted to him accepting the bugg since she would make the world more habitable.


      1. So the question is, will her disappearance make the land itself revert to its former state?

        Personally, I don’t think so, since if the land required constant management by the Bug, it would have suffered greatly when she went to sleep. Of course, there is also the possibility that maintaining the world at a certain state is like breathing, in that it just happens without conscious effort on her part.


      2. First thing is the heroes will be powerless, kinda. Their natural superman leaps buildings in a single bound due to less gravity will still exist, meaning they will be stronger than the average hyuman and have bigger magic capacity. But the additional blessings will disappear. Meaning super charisma, charm, moonlight powerup, night time immortality, basically the same thing as when demons use their anti blessing ring. (Note: Sofia used the same on Makoto but to no effect due to all of his powers being his own. He could also still speak dragon tongue gifted/ cursed from the goddess because she inserted knowledge into his head, which is all his).

        Second, the big war advantage of hyumans will disappear. Putting on makeup will not make u able to destroy an army with your pinky. Only abilities u get would be purely genetic( Sofia the top adventurer was half dragon genetically), outside blessings (Grout and the Waterfall dragon both give blessings to those who pass their trial), and of course pure effort and brain power.(Makoto’s students and adventurers living at the world’s edge survive because street smarts and ingenuity. Makoto’s students each gained an ability through effort. Whether it is short casting, defensive swordplay, fake Sekai with only weight adjustment)

        The last big thing is a maybe, hyumans may lose the common tongue. Again I’m skeptical, again with Makoto’s case knowledge(common tongue) was inserted into the brains of children at a temple visit. This is mentioned in this chapter, with the Tower of Babel where the common tongue of man was lost and different languages was born. I’m skeptical here and at most I think it just means there won’t be anyone to magically give 1 year olds the ability to speak. So although there will be temporary chaos when a generation becomes illiterate, when an actual language class is added to the schools of nobles, it will be fine.

        Third less magic and the goddess’s spirits. There was magic in the world before the goddess came, dragons existed, and likely spirits since there are neutral ones that side with the demons. Although hyumans will be hit the hardest because their blessing for being pretty will be gone, it’s not like it will be impossible to cast a spell.


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    She told that removing the goddess would kill a lot of people, but how many would die too if the demons surrender and become slaves? the only difference is that almost no humans would die anymore the count would only be on the demon side, the goddess would not be quiet too if things start to chage too much, she only tolerated it in tsige and rotsgard because she can’t touch makoto and also it is just a small part of hyumans, if hibiki start to change all the hyumans she will move for sure and not only the goddess the church would move too against hibiki those priests seem very greed after all.

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    Makoto he’s just obvious not sure it the the world will fall to chaos after the bug is beat most likely


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    Also, the talk about correcting the goddess’s influence over time is flat out ridiculous. The will of an immortal lasts longer than the will of mortals, even when passed on.

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    1. In theory is possible, the only enemy would be the church as people can be manipulated by Hibiki with relative ease.
      Bug might decide to punish hyumans once she returns,I don’t think she will like her toys being manipulated by anyone else.

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  34. So, Makoto teaches magical combat to hyumans, has a store that sells mostly to hyumans, saved a hyuman city and leaders that were there back then and he dismantled a group that did test drugs on hyumans, back in his way to tsige. Not to mention that he has the utmost respect for Rembrandt and aims to be someone of his caliber, stated by how he talks about Rembrandt. but he’s still discriminating towards hyumans in the eyes of Hibiki and the waterfall dragon? Seriously?

    I’m not one to argue in novels about how someone interprets the world they are thrown in, I prefer to wait and see how each one of them sees the world and interacts with it. Heck, I even took Hibiki’s side some chapters ago, about how she wasn’t mistaken in her actions towards upholding the goddess since she was summoned by her, but seriously, to think a whole race, milions, should accept slavery out of their own will, even if it means many dying, just so that in the course of events those “oh so saint hyumans” will start acting towards them as equals? F*ck this shit!! I’m a white as milk brazilian guy that knows damn well that “our” slaves got their freedom and were thrown to the streets with what they were wearing cause some white despot signed a form because a greater power put pressure. So, what would happen if said greater power is the one inciting slavery and is backed by a religion that says that this group is blessed by a god?

    Of course, it just means that, dear Hibiki, your plan goes down and all you did was naught, only promoving more and more resentment and in a future another hymans-demon war will erupt.

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  35. this chapter left me mixed feelings, but knowing that hibiki has made clear her position makes me happy for makoto, it felt like she would had used him if he didnt know

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    I just want to add that if a shit storm is happening after Makoto killed the godess and magic can’t be used any more. It might not be the worst outcome. Even if magic can’t be use any more doesn’t mean the end for everyone. Many will suffer indeed in both hyuman and demi hyuman side. But, in my mind it’s not as if a nuclear winter happened, closer to having earth going back to middle age. And when you don’t have no more technology/magic to help you in your daily life… both side would habe to take some time to adapt. They would have more urgent to do than being at war and might have a truce going on. The time to figure out if it’s temporary or not and to deal with it. They would have to work hard to live but it would be manageable.

    Moreover by not giving a fuck of the aftermath, Makoto might leave space for politics to take effect and Hibiki might even develop science, farming,… Having both side dealing with a third common enemy (the shit storm) might be the best moment to stop the hatred and start acknoledging each other. (It is also the best time for a blietzkrieg but I think that without magic neither would be able to manage one)
    And that’s in the case where no other god take the job, godess isn’t reabilitated Asora style, or if the spirit really disapear.
    Get ready ragnarok is comming.

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    1. yes. a common enemy is also a good uniting factor. Makoto would be taking the lelouch way if he does that and take on this common enemy role of hyumans and demons

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    2. Magic doesn’t seem to come from the bug…

      I mean the dragons were there from the start and the demons can use magic as well… the only hing they won’t have is the blessings and even those can be defeated by proper training as we’ve seen


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    i can feel makoto’s rage toward her speech.

    yes yes might is right. we all know that and sick of it. But as a smart human from earth, she should know better that it is not the right answer. that the mighty one should be more considerate toward those poor souls rather than doing nothing and telling them to suck it up.

    anyway, thank you Rei-san!
    you are the best xD

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    We didn’t really have a clear picture of what happened in that timeline, except that Ilumgand survived and Makoto was at odds with Hibiki. The implication of Hoplace surviving was that Mio wasn’t around to kill him so…Could it have been a world where he didn’t meet Mio, and thus she never did this whole “just as planned” event that’s currently happening?

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    1. Yes the specifics of the first dream were vague at best. All we know was that Makoto and Hibiki were enemies and Hopelace brat was a mutant knight for Hibiki’s cause. Also that Makoto can use Sekai to microwave people’s insides. We are left to speculate that each dream is missing one of more follower depending on the course of actions. (Without Tomoe or Shin, there would be no Asora or other followers) (without Mio, Hopelace would be alive and fighting for Hibiki) (without Shiki, Makoto may have came to blows with the goddess before he was ready, in a much weaker position he is in now) The last dream is speculated to be all his followers dying and him being left alone as that dream was closest to his reality and only darkness being the only detail. (He felt his pain and hatred instead of being a third party observer)


  39. Ah yes…the words and views of those who’ve always been on top. Those born lucky, talented. Someone who hasn’t lived a life of extreme hardship.

    Walk a mile/lifetime in the shoes of the oppressed. The beaten. The weak. The minority.

    There is much more to see & experience Hibiki…you’re not even close to seeing the “whole picture”.

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    Just to put it simply that same line of thinking has been used by proponents of oppressive policy everywhere. And I mean everywhere. “We can’t knock the house down, but we can make some renovations.” is very reasonable and dangerous way of looking at things because it can be used to explain away everything from tolerance of poor infrastructure to tolerance of human right abuses and genocides.

    She literally mentions why that way of thinking doesn’t work by referencing why Limia and most of the other countries in this world don’t have a proper census system, despite having enough magic and sociological sophistication for it to be managed.

    Change doesn’t happen unless it “has” to happen. All things are governed by physics, society is no different. Thus be it entropy or inertia, unless the “powers that be” and the populace see a reason for things to be done differently they won’t. If life seems fine as is, then even if some small changes are made, they will remain small and they will remain slow.

    Even if Hibiki were to end up “right” we really shouldn’t expect her to be right for several generations and that’s assume that the bug doesn’t step in to turn things back to a point where this change becomes unnecessary or countermanded, like we know she will.

    What I also see

    Is that while Makoto, doesn’t exactly say he wants to burn the house down and let things start things over, that’s kind of what he intends to do. He might be slightly too half-arsed to say it, and he might not necessarily be intending to go that far, the problem with him is that he will go that far if pushed, which he probably will be. He even knows this, because eventually breaks down and admits that there might be some “temporary” chaos as a result of his actions. But he also says he’s still probably be doing what he’s doing anyway. Which as some have mentioned is kind of sociopathic and irresponsible.

    The thing with burning your own house down is that you end up homeless and its kind of hard to build a new house again when a lot of your tools and resources were in your old house. Not that this is a problem for Makoto, this isn’t his house. This is just the some strange, slightly terrible building that he was kidnapped too.

    Most of the world’s more troublesome national situations are born from this route than from Hibiki’s staying the course. The problem is that too much staying the course eventually leads to someone trying to burn the house down.

    Which is why they’re both wrong. Unfortunately there’s no good way to resolve it. There’s no easy or clean way to fix things. Talking things through will no longer work, as they mentioned the memories aren’t just going to go away. Too many people have died and no matter what happens many more will die.

    Things are already at the tipping point. The bug, has allowed it to come to this point by being unfair, and being half-assed at that as well. If she was going to play favorites, then she probably should have at least tried to do something about the population of un-favorites that was living on half of her planet. If she wasn’t going to go that far than she should have either done her damn job and been fair to everybody or just stayed home and kept out of it.

    All we know is the fate of the world will be fought over, by three teenagers with more power (political and personal) than they should have and a goddess with less sense than your average 1990s era valley girl. Even assuming that Tomoki inevitably gets himself removed from the board by trying to touch Makoto’s bottom line, like we know he will be, this is all going to be very ugly.

    Having said this I agree with Makoto more because A) he’s the one whose shoulder I’m on and B)if people are going to die either way, I’d rather they die for a chance at some kind of sum improvement rather than a return to a rather shitty status quo. Hibiki’s best plan for dealing with the goddess amounts to some weak-sauce apatheism. . Or that at least I’d rather they die fairly, without gods, and overwhelming odds one sidedly crushing them into nothing which is pretty much what Hibiki is adovocating here. I mean I’m pretty sure this whole chapter amounts to is that moment where the bad guy asks the hero if he’ll join them. If Makoto accepts the only outcome is either an erasure or enslavement of the whole demon race.

    And sure we can argue that then our good heroes could then try to stop that, or that Makoto could give the Demons Asora but honestly why shouldn’t the hyumans learn to share? Human history being what it is, it isn’t like the removal of the other species would lead to the end of all war or whatever. We’ve got some fairly clear signals that the only reason Limia and the Empire aren’t currently at war with each other, is because the war with the demons is taking precedence.


  43. ok, first, i love you all for giving me not just a new chapter, but also enough good and interesting comments to double my reading time. ^^ i loved reading everyones thoughts and had to laugh at how the comments mirror this chapters discussion. ill now add my thoughts:

    first of all i will begrudgingly agree that neither are right nor wrong.
    i cant say that having a flawed plan or point of view means its automatically the wrong one, because ‘perfection is in the eye of the beholder’. what would a ‘perfect’ plan look like? it would have to be not just realistic, but (almost) certainly work out with only benefits. and theres the problem, benefits. to whom? does ‘perfect’ mean the benefits go to everyone or only the planers side? its all point of view on whats ‘right’.

    *right’, ‘wrong’, ‘evil’, ‘good’,…. these are the basic key points those two are battling over.

    ..sees this world as a different one, so old logic does not apply in a world with magic and godpower-access. she was sent there by choice and has almost no chance to go back or reach the goddess in any significant way. from her point of view this world has to be changed to a better one with the limited power she has. opposing the ‘all powerful’ goddess is too illogical, like pulling yourself out of water by pulling your own hair or winning a staring contest with the sun.
    having an obvious hyuman superiority and obvious antagonism against the demons from bug with years of hatred generated, theres no way to unite them. especially if the war keeps on going. the demons who are not supported by numbers nor one of ‘the laws of nature’ never had a chance to win in her eyes. genocide is an obvious result and slavery would have been the better choice for the demons (all theorized believes are the characters and not the writers. please ask your doctor if racism is right for you).
    her plan is very long term and as others have stated, is like giving someone medicine to treat the symptoms without stopping the cause of illness.

    ..was forced out of his world. his lingering feelings for the old world and fluctuating hatred of bug help him grow. he has a chance to actually affect the goddess in some way if he keeps training. his actions stem mostly from his multiple forms of strength(his power, his 3 followers and the world of asora).
    with his love of the old world he views the new world as mostly flawed or just too ‘tainted’ by the goddess. he lets those he likes into asora and the only thing in the new world he has connection to, are kaneleon and the very few people he likes but hasnt revealed asora to.
    even if he ‘removed’ the goddess, the following chaos would be manageable in his eyes. with his strengths he can protect kaneleon or bring the people he likes on his ark ‘asora’, where he can save those he wants to. as he has confirmed the existence of other gods and that they oversee each other and restrain the current goddess, he can assume one of them would take over the vacancy. either by itself or with the new god, the symptoms and illness would eventually die down if the cause of it is gone. he does not care about this broken world too much so it does not matter to him if it gets worse.
    my best comparison is — this apartment is managed by a single mom with 4 kids. shes a messy and the whole apartment is a giant garbage pile. cleaning wont do any good as long as the mother does not change or goes away. if the mother is removed, the children will get into even more fighting and chaos and the whole thing gets worse, but you can protect the children that you like and even bring them to your apartment. when the foster parent arrives, he/she can manage the apartment better and the apartment can then be cleaned. —

    if hibiki had makotos power, she might also choose to oppose the goddess, though im not sure how deep her hypocrisy runs. after all, if it is only logical to follow the goddess because she is that powerful and the weak demons should surrender to the obviously stronger hyumans, then when makoto beats the goddess he would be the strongest and nothing she knows of could beat him. he would be the new logic, and hyumans would have to adapt or become terrorist.
    if makoto was weaker he might have already died opposing this world and the goddesses ways, clinging to the old logic. his character has always felt all over the place, mostly being dumb and kind, just following his weak instincts and old logic. hes a kid with godlike powers, wanting naive things like worldpeace, no racism and punching/killing a god. if it were not for his followers and asora, he would be a god of destruction running rampant and changing this world to his will without any plan, only desire. hes just one family death away from becoming kratos (god of war).

    lastly, i would not mind this whole thing getting darker. its sometimes feels like its trying to step out of pg13 but it never goes the whole way. having no obstacles and fears is as rewarding on success as playing minecraft in creative. there can be some but the achievements would have to be as amazing as the powers you got. i got a bunch more thoughts, but this will have to suffice for now. have fun everyone! ^^


  44. guys, I have a big problem. I am not sure to what it mean.
    can someone explain me what “self righteous” mean?
    because all I can find is someone that think he is right and other are wrong, but isn’t it obvious to do things you think are right? how are you supposed to do things you see wrong? isn’t anyone with an ideology classifying as themselves right and opposition wrong?

    honestly, is “self righteous” used to discredit other people’s opinions that disagree with yours by implying they are close minded?
    isn’t it used as an insult by people that can’t understand that other can have a different opinion, making the use of “self righteous” by self righteous people? is it ironic or I don’t understand?


    1. Definition of self–righteous
      : having or showing a strong belief that your own actions, opinions, etc., are right and other people’s are wrong

      It means you refuse to think you might be wrong,when someone’s opinion collides with yours, you will never doubt yourself because you are “justice”.

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      1. I see, the key part is ‘doubt’, but can we tell the difference between someone who has no doubt, and someone we had doubt, weighted the opposing opinion, and still think he is right?


    2. My understanding of the term is that instead of a normal “these are my ideals of right and wrong, so I’ll aspire to them”, it goes in the wrong direction of “I’m doing this, so if you don’t follow it, you’re wrong”.

      It’s essentially taking the moral high ground and looking down on other people without actually having to have the moral high ground.

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      1. I think I have a problem to judge a gradation, because with “these are my ideals of right and wrong, so I’ll aspire to them” aren’t you judging people as “wrong” if they fall in the ‘wrong’ category?


      2. Well, that’s why being self-righteous is only a step away from that way of thinking.

        The way I think about it is that there’s a separation of “Right/Good/Correct” from “What I do and think” for most people. People tend to think they’re right because they try to do what they think is right-the action follows the ideal. If they do something against their own code, they at least have an understanding that it’s wrong.
        Makoto here is a good example. He was completely unaware of his fallacious discrimination, but seemed to realized something was wrong when it was brought to his attention. He thought he was right, but was willing to entertain the idea that he’s wrong.

        The difference is that someone self-righteous has no separation between what they do and what they think is right. …Err…That’s a bit confusing, sorry.
        What I mean is that they make what they do the standard for what’s right or not-the ideal follows the actions. A so-called, “I am the law”. Without stopping to think about whether they’re actually right or wrong, they act as if anyone that doesn’t follow their ideals are “evil”.

        And that’s a problem. ‘x’

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      3. I think Psychronia explanation is correct.If a righteous person goes the wrong way he/she turns into a self-righteous person, Makoto is not self-conceited enough to believe himself absolute, that’s why is not strange he realized his “dislike” intermediately.Hibiki on the other side has shown she “acknowledges her distortions” but has no intention of correcting them because she is “justice”.


  45. Wait a minute, if removal of the goddess results in the degradation of magic and make spirits ,errm, go on strike, then wouldn’t it impact the demons AND hyuman races while leaving the Demi-hyumans mostly unharmed? I mean since demons do get a huge amount of their firepower from magic after all. And since Demi-hyumans don’t really heavily rely on it, if the goddess goes down, they will be poised to rule the world, right? On another note… Won’t the dragons die if magic was removed? Pity to all the mages then…
    Plus, if only you could consider the demons as a minor uprising. Hibiki is using old world terms to quantify this. In terms of actual combat ability and elite of those races’ combat abilities, demons far out strech that of a hyuman, so it’s actually wrong for her to just look at their population and just conclude that. Another advantage for the demons is that since they live in an extremely cold environment, they are used to it while the hyumans aren’t, allowing for the possibility of the demons waging a winter war on the hyumans which can have a devastating impact on the war, just look at Napoleon trying to take Russia back in the old days.


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    I have to say that Hibiki and Makoto working together is pretty much the best solution. I am confident that with a bit of planning and development, Makoto and his team would be able to negate most of the worst consequences of the fall of the Goddess. He could at the same time draw a line and threaten both sides. Zef would be forced to stay his army as he knows that going against a stern Makoto is suicide, whilst Hibiki and the Empire would also back down or fight Makoto, after which they would be forced to not do anything due to the lack of an army. Makoto wouldn’t actually need to do anything – he could delegate the border patrols to a rebuilt Kaleneon, the SpecOps and PsyOps to his executives, and the social reform to a committee (most likely including Hibiki), whilst he chills in Asora, develops ways to travel dimensions and grows his power. This plan involves it all – long term reform, punching the Bug, and preventing massive casualties. All Makoto would need to do is act as insurance.


    1. That means Hibiki wouldn’t at all be working with Makoto, at best she would be just standing down. Also her being on the Social Reforms committee should be revoked immediately. She is by far too biased for the hyumans and goddess. It would be better to hand that off to Rembrandt or the Merchant Boss whatever his name was if we were looking for a representative for the Hyuman side. Those 2 were more neutral in their views I believe and are not connected directly to the goddess but still have considerable influence. If anything Makoto has to be one in charge of cooling the relations down and maintaining a platform for dialogue between the 2 parties which is achievable. If anything I say is that Hibiki bitch and Trashmoki be returned ASAP to Earth. They have no good reason for being there and probably will do more harm than good anyway. Both either are ignoring or supporting the real problems in this world and just excusing themselves either by playing around or saying they are too weak. They have made the situation if anything worse by prolonging the war and supporting the problems rather than fixing them.


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    Since Hibiki came that new world, she has only been interacting with Hyumanos and even almost exclusively with those of the Kingdom of Rimia, therefore since she shared so many moments and so many memories with those people for 2 full years, for her it is impossible to See friendly or if you want to compass the beings who killed so much known and even his friend Narval …

    Because they are their enemies, they are the ones who killed their friends, they are the ones who have raised their swords against her for 2 years …

    Even she considers the empires dangerous and would not hesitate to kill them just to protect her new home and that is why Hiniki has this view so closed, She already fully acclimated to that Kingdom to the point of feeling their home .. .

    Also because of that I miss the smell of Raido’s “Japones”, her sight is so biased she proposes a plan where she defeats her enemy, but creates an excuse where she says that she saves her enemies, but does not leave them to her descendants, Everything to satisfy his vengeance and at the same time his ethics and “Japanese” Morality …

    If Hibiki really were impartial she would seek by all means either alone or in a small group, the cessation of hostilities between the two races …

    PD: In conclusion, the Hibiki plan is also given from the point of view of someone far inferior to Raido in terms of power … because she can not even imagine defeating a divine being or any dismantling the church of that being. .. and Makoto, well, you just have to get the DI **


  48. Sorry for the wall of text, I just thought that I’d share a little bit of a hypothesis with you guys. The hypothesis is this: the goddess wants to turn Makoto into the Devil of her world. This may also include turning him into a god for the demon race and demi-humans.

    I know, it sounds completely ridiculous and I am probably forgetting many things that will make this hypothesis wrong, but hear me out.

    I think that the goddess wants to either completely exterminate the demons or she wants to turn Makoto into a god that will manage the demons and demi-humans alongside her.

    For the first possible objective, we can look at the following factors:
    1) She knew about Makoto’s magical potential. This is shown by how Tsukuyomi knew about it and by the fact that she summoned Makoto twice to bail Hibiki out of trouble.
    2) She threw Makoto into the wasteland with the ability to communicate with everything but hyumans. The wasteland is the one place where he would be highly likely to encounter demons and demi-humans, but not hyumans. If he survives, then he would come out of there with a higher opinion of demons and demi-humans. Also, if he had stayed out of hyuman territory as he was told to do, then he would have had a high chance of siding with the demons.
    3) In Makoto’s parallel world dreams, there was only one where he actually fought with the goddess. That was the one where he became the demon king. She didn’t fight him in the others probably because he had already exterminated the demons.
    4) In chapter 30, Hibiki clearly states that the goddess summoned her to “exterminate the demons”. Sure, Hibiki changed her mind later, but the stated purpose was rather clear.
    5) The goddess only told Makoto to “not side with the demon race” because she was either expecting him to disobey her or she became afraid of how high his power had grown. At that point, she wanted to force a confrontation (before he became to powerful) or she knew that her plan had failed and didn’t want to risk her life.

    For the second possible objective, we can look at the following factors:
    1) Same as 1-3 from the previous objective.
    2) In the side story, that deals with Makoto’s parents, the goddess is seen as a tsundere towards hyumans. Not only that, but she felt betrayed by his parents. While this could be seen as her getting even, there is also the possibility that she wants to keep their “most precious” offspring with her forever. However, she has to be mean to him in order to give him a goal that will lead him to apotheosis.
    3) Even though she told him to stay in the wasteland, she was awfully quick to summon him to Limia to bail Hibiki out of trouble. Also, she didn’t communicate with him at the time and she didn’t provide him any means of returning to the wasteland. This could have been done to cement him as the “Devil” or “Evil God”.
    4) Why did the hyumans come up with the name “Devil” for Makoto? Sure, he created that lake, but why do they even have a concept called “The Devil”? This sounds like a subconscious suggestion from the goddess.

    In conclusion, the actions of the goddess seem to point toward some other goal. Whether it is to give her an excuse to personally eradicate the demons or to keep Makoto by her side remains to be seen.


    1. I can sort of see what you’re trying to say, but personally, I don’t think I can buy her intent.

      It’s possible we’re all underestimating her intelligence, but the general consensus seems to be that the goddess doesn’t have the foresight, knowledge, or maturity needed for a plan like that.

      For your points, the goddess could just as easily have done those things to Makoto without thinking about the consequences. She throws him at a problem because he was originally summoned as a “hero” for her and she felt entitled to using him as she saw fit, without worrying about whether he’d survive or anything like that.

      Makoto was named the Devil because of the sort of charisma his own power had. He had her glowing light about him when he arrived, but he wiped out hyumans and demons alike, so people naturally came to the idea that he was connected to the goddess but had more of a role as a punisher than ally. The goddess didn’t need to do anything for something like that to happen either.


      1. While what you’ve said is certainly true, the underlying question still remains:
        Why do the people of that world even have the concept of the Devil?
        I’m basing my question off of the fact that the world has had only the following:
        1) A single religion
        2) The goddess doesn’t have a single antagonist
        3) The only real enemy of hyumanity would be the demon race
        4) There has been no mention of any religion that the demon’s follow

        I can understand the reasons why Makoto was given a title, but there isn’t any reason to give him that specific title. Based off of the chuuni naming sense of that world, he should have ended up with something like “The Goddess’ Enforcer” or “Herald of the Goddess”. Instead, they ran with “Devil”, which is something that they should have absolutely no concept of. That is why I think that there is something else to it.

        It would have made sense if it were the Lorel Union that gave him the title, but it was Limia who did so.


    2. Remember in Tsukuyomi-sama’s POV:
      “W-What?! Makoto was really in the sky?!
      Aside from sacred treasures I can barely feel the power of the goddess within him!
      I can feel it faintly but… language understanding?
      That not something you give to someone, and moreover it was thrust upon him in an incomplete state.
      But to think he would be thrown away in this border without a single thing!”

      He is her scapegoat .She only used him to get 2 other “Humans” in her world, since she was disappointed on ‘his’ ugliness.
      Tsukuyomi POV: “What a stupid thing have you done!!!

      That goddess reckless actions. With a face of disbelief I look at Makoto that has disappeared from in front of me. I was feeling an indescribable anger I hadn’t felt before.

      While I was wondering why the creation of the transfer gate was taking so long, not only the appointed person but on top of that 2 other pure humans had also been taken away.”


      1. Right, he was her scapegoat to get 2 beautiful heroes.
        However, that still fits within my hypothesis. If she wanted Makoto to become the Devil and lead the demon race, then she would need heroes to oppose him and kill the demon race.
        If she wanted Makoto to ascend to godhood, then she would still need heroes to stop the demon race.

        But, like I said, it is only a hypothesis that has several holes in it. I am just really looking forward to the rest of the story and seeing if the goddess has more character than just being an irritable bi***.


  49. Hibiki feels like a stereotypical hero who is helping the helpless(due to being to pampered) hyumans fight off the ‘evil’ demons. While Makoto is the new trend of summoned that steps back and looks at bigger picture or just does what he wants.


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    Now, about this chapter, I like it how this chapter make us discuss a lot about those two different opinion. They are faced the same problem, but their experiences and abilities creates a very different approach as to how to solve the problem.

    Personally, I prefer Makoto’s plan (if you can call it a plan) better. Even though the cost can be very heavy (e.g. world chaos), it guarantees a change to occur with the root of problem eliminated (or at least the goddess changes her mind). Meanwhile, Hibiki’s plan are more reasonable but it doesn’t guarantee a change or at least it is too slow and by the time the change do occur, the demon race would likely be extinct.

    However, the best answer, in my opinion, is the two of them to cooperate. Makoto would aim and try to teach a lesson to the goddess, while Hibiki would try to soften the blow with her diplomatic skills. A meeting between Hibiki and Demon Lord, with Makoto as mediator must happen for them to cease war. By having a truce and then hyuman realize that their root of hatred is the goddess, then they should direct their fang to the goddess and the world would be united under Makoto’s order to oppose the goddess.

    Anyway, that’s just my delusion. I really enjoy reading this novel every week. So, good work Reigokai-san.

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    I actually like Makoto for sticking to his own thoughts.


    1. I believe that this author has showed us excactely what he want us to see about his characters, all of them are who they are by his design, at some point they must play an important roll in the story.


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  55. In this case hibiki is COMPLETELY wrong. She is literally saying the equivilant of “if 10 say its right then it doesn’t matter the reasoning, the 3 saying its wrong are incorrect”


  56. I believe both of them are right in some aspects but mostly wrong in others. Hibiki is wrong in believing that if the Demon race just accepts their place as the inferiors in the logic of the world and work their standing way up from there is wrong, there is no way, no matter what universe can that happen. She does not see the demon race as equals herself, she believes them inferior to the hyumans, but no race would ever accept themselves as inferior. She only looks from the sight of the strong and not the weak. If they follow what she is suggesting the Demon race must suffer for who knows how long and even then they will never be seen as equals.
    Makoto is right in thinking that the Goddess is the root of all these problems, she elevated the hyumans to make themselves feel superior and discarded everything else, if they were to follow Hibiki’s plans it would never work as long as the Goddess is in control, it would all just happen over again and another war would just occur. So Makoto was right into thinking that they should eliminate the Goddess, but he did not think of the consequences. The Goddess has too much influence on the world from the blessing, to magic, to the spirits, and etc… so eliminating the Goddess would nearly cause the elimination of the hyumans and cause a great imbalance on the energies and spirits of the world. Probably not as much to cause the destruction of the hyumans, but their entire system of how things work will collapse, from Religion, to the power of the kingdoms, to education, etc…
    There is no easy way out of this war, unless the other Gods intervene with the worlds fate after the Goddess is removed.


  57. Hibiki is truly irritating… Unlike Tomoki’s character (who is written in such a way that the only way the reader can think of him is as a lost cause or a disgusting human piece of trash), Hibiki’s actually character is actually capable of contemplation and self-reflection. But even with that her base motivation is almost solely comprised of self-interest and changing things based only on her own perspective. That is to say she is capable of so much more and realizes that fact, but still chooses to try to change the world in a way that suits her vision with minimal deviation. And even when alternate views are pointed out to her she largely dismisses them and carries on with her own agenda and way of thinking like a small child. That immaturity by itself would still be within the line of permissibility given that she is only barely at the age of adulthood, but the fact that she is so stubborn and insistent in thinking that she is in the right, that all of her deductions and manipulations are justified… at her core she acts just as selfishly (even if not as haphazardly) as Tomoki and the Goddess. Well this is just my venting at her imaginary character’s snake-like and two-faced disposition so I suppose it’s me that is childish lol. 😅


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    So far, this is my favorite chapter….
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  59. What I got out of that conversation is that she would rather become the possession of a greater power than fight for freedom, which she is already contradicting by going against MC. Well MC, you know what to do. Immobilize her you your mana and choke her to show the power difference. Then give her the choice of being a possession or dieing. Then ship her to the demon Lord to get that servitude crest and that’ll be that.


  60. One of the reasons about the difference oppinion between the Hibiki and Makoto is the power difference. Even if, for example, Hibiki thinks similar to Makoto, she still doesnt have enough power to face the Goddess. Moreover, she doesnt understand well the Goddess’s discrimination toward the other races than the hyuman (at least not as well as Makoto who has met the Goddess and the demon race himself) so thats why she thinks like that.
    I think Hibiki is too idealistic to think that everything would be fine if demons surrendered and all races lived with each other, while Makoto is just too naive to think that everything will be solved by defeating the Goddess.
    Besides, Hibiki got the point that this is paralleled world, not our modern world, so do not force your idea about this nowaday world to that world guys. To compare with, lets say in our world in, maybe, the Middle Age or some older time when slave system is available, slaves are not the strange ones. No one thought of, or had enough power to change that system, and it was considered normal. Thats the situation we have here.


    1. Yes and as Mio mentioned, Hibiki and makoto have always see things from diferent points of view, while Hibiki and Tomoki were acepted and even coveted by the Goddes, Makoto on the other hand was replled and descarded by the same Goddes. So yeah they can both look at the same scenary but the both of them are seeing from different perspectives.


  61. The basic problem of Hibiki is that she’s quite smart so she can speak any way she want and it still sounds reasonable.

    But you can go through the heart of problem and cut the gordian knot by comparing:

    What has she done about the problem of hyuman discrimination toward other races? Exactly zero.
    How much has she unified the powers of the land she’s in (Limia)? Less than half, I think. Even the King is still hesitating to alienate the groups against her ideals.
    In contrast, let’s compare her with Makoto.
    What has he done about the problem of hyuman discrimination toward other races? 99-100% elimination. By kicking out hyumans from his Asora, and force other races to practice integrations into Asora. The nearly 1% is about the hyuman connections inside the company and outside. In his shops, the hyumans like Lime damn well learn to integrate with other races.
    How much has he unified the powers of the land he’s in (Asora)? 100%. He’s master of what he see in there.

    In the role of a hero and practice hero’s ideal, Hibiki is far from being able to compare with Makoto.

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    1. Not that I think she’s really right or anything, but that’s not really being fair to Hibiki.

      If you consider how stubborn and fragmented hyumans in general are-and how the nobility would be even worse-then it’s rather impressive that she managed to make as much political headway as she did so far. From the sounds of it, she’s also gradually changing the way people around her thing-the youth like Hoplace, mostly.
      The problem is that it’s just that. Gradual.

      Comparing her to Makoto is like comparing a raptor and a dragon. Makoto has such obscene power and some kind of weird charisma to him that this stuff just sorta happens when he’s obliviously being himself. The best example would be how Hibiki has to actively scheme to purge the nobles while Makoto draws them out just by passing through.
      Their scales are just too different.

      This would still be a fair comparison if we were trying to decide which one was best for the job by the logic of “Too bad Hibiki. It’s unfair, but he’s more suitable to it”, but Makoto isn’t really interested in becoming a Hero either, nor is he going to take it upon himself to fix the world.

      When the only other people who are interested in taking charge of where the world is going are Tomoki, Princess Lily, maybe some other petty hyuman politicians who don’t matter, and the genocidal Demon race, Hibiki is probably the best this sorry world has to work with.


      1. Everyone is missing it~ Rembrandt is an excellent example of top ranked person in power (read about his past and his route to power). And Makoto deal with him just fine, see? One method is that he’s so overwhelming powerful to the point Rembrandt dare not try anything against him.
        And if you look back at Hibiki, the equivalent to Rembrandt would be the King, who is top-ranked as well but not in total command of his land. But Hibiki seems to not affect the king much and go for his son and daughter. It’s like Makoto ignore Rembrandt and go for his daughters.
        But that’s not the case, is it? He nearly ignore them up to the school time.
        Rembrandt capitulate too quick, too total, that you dont get to see the whole dark picture of Tsige, but it’s in no way less dark than the capital scene of Limia.


      2. Eh? No, firstly, Hibiki did target the king. The king couldn’t openly support her, but his fundamental way of thinking was gradually changed, as shown during the school tournament.

        The reason Makoto got on so well with Rembrandt is because his absurd luck caused him to stumble across the exact resource Rembrandt needed to save his family. After they established a friendly relationship, his overwhelming power took it from there. And after that, the scale of their charisma was just that different.

        The problem is, while Rembrandt is himself possibly more competent than Limia’s king, he and Makoto both had no interest in social reform. All they did was more or less philanthropic business practices.
        Contrast this with Hibiki and the Limia king, and we can see that their ambition is greater-just unfortunately not their capability.


      3. Excuses are useless. She could not affect the King into openly support her, and Rembrandt was scared into support him openly.
        As for policy, Makoto’s land is Asora, not Tsige, which is just a land for his company’s shops. And he execute his policy in Asora perfectly. At first he tried an accomodating policy to hyumans, but after the incident he just shut down the hyumans there. Meanwhile Hibiki’s land can be considered Limia but she can not control or execute policy as she want.


      4. It’s not excuses. It’s simple cruel facts of reality. It’s as much an excuse as a man being unemployed while his family starves is an excuse.
        The king and Rembrandt have entirely different scales and types of organization.

        Rembrandt either deals with competing companies, allied companies, or employed subordinates that have no real control over his company’s policies.
        The Limia king deals with competing countries, all of his citizens, demons biding their time, and the nobility, who are themselves divided into factions and have a very real threat of selfishly withdrawing their support.

        If Rembrandt makes too many enemies, he deals with loss of business and private violent threats from rivals. Both of which Makoto could easily step in and resolve if Rembrandt doesn’t use his own influence to do that first.
        If the king makes too many enemies, his nobles will rebel, enemy countries invade, and all the people he’s supposed to be taking care of either starve or are killed in a bloody civil war, all. Hibiki could probably fend off all the nobility, but even without the demons taking advantage of the chaos, which they absolutely will, Limia as a country is finished within the decade.

        Regarding Makoto, his influence over Asora is also an unequal comparison, because he’s more like a patron deity to them at this point. If you want to compare his management of his world to Bug’s management of hers, then yeah, Makoto wins, no contest.
        Hibiki doesn’t have that sort of control over Limia. She can’t change the weather with her mere presence, kill everyone with a thought, and she certainly doesn’t have the authority to permanently kick anyone out if they break the rules.


      5. Actually, that’s a fun way to look at things. If you judge things by the objective amount of accomplishments Hibiki and Makoto are doing, the Makoto wins hands down. It’s not really fair to Hibiki because he beats her in wealth, connections, and especially power. Tough luck because life doesn’t have any sort of rule about being fair.

        But what if we count backwards and judge the two by how much good they aren’t doing despite being capable of it? Because Makoto has the power to forcibly stop the war in less than a week just by throwing his weight around. He has the ability to march into Gritona and stop Tomoki’s power trip, probably within the hour.

        If we judge Makoto based on what he’s not doing, even though he can, then he loses to Hibiki in terms of heroics. Is this a fair way to judge him? Not really, since he’s not obligated to do any such thing-not since Bug rejected him as her Hero. But life doesn’t have any sort of rule about being fair.


  62. It kinda pissed me off because I can only see Hibiki as a ‘Hypocrite’
    I mean she accepts to transfer to this parallel world because she is bored in the Earth and now she’s acting as a hero who would save hyumans from the demon.(She’s grateful to the goddess because of this opportunity)
    It kinda bs to me because she only does this for self-satisfaction. Hero thing is just a front to make things interesting in her.

    Makoto is not a hero, he’s gonna save who is important to him or who he wants but he doesn’t have a responsibility for everyone’s lives. People who use a weapon and go to war should be prepared to be killed.

    Makoto, on the other hand, wants to drag Goddess down because she only wants Hyumans to become superior and don’t care about the others.
    He wants an equal footing on all races, He could do it on Asora but I believe only because they got many resources and Asora is kinda infinitely vast.

    Dragging the Goddess down is the first step but doesn’t solve anything. It’s for people who believe in religion, People are a weak being who relied on a foundation called religion. It is so they could lift their problem weight and push it to their God. So if Bug is gone they could probably crumble.

    That being said, everything is just a subjective matters. Makoto already stated that he’s gonna live based on his principles.


  63. Reading conversation on chapter itself (with limited english understanding) it’s already hurting my brain cell, now in comment section we have opinion about nearly one thousand perspective..


  64. Hibiki’ pov is just… absolutely disgusting.
    Basically if she was called as a hero in the Germany on the WWII she would see absolutely no problem in fighting along with nazis, just disgusting.


  65. “But Makoto-kun, no matter the existence she is, she lives in a different place from us, in other words, an existence that has nothing to do with us, you know? Even for us, the day we met that night was the last. Until then, I didn’t believe in the existence of God. In other words, isn’t she only an existence that we met in a mere instant of our short lives?”(Hibiki)

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAAH Wrong (cf chapters 74, 151, and 273)


  66. I only thought this after rereading the series till the end, but it makes me so sad that Makoto didn’t bring up the demon cultists as a rebuttal. It would be disadvantageous in that it would super confirm Makoto’s connection with the demons, but it would have led to such a poignant moment, showing an actual example of what Hibiki called for. When demons devoutly followed the goddess and wanted to be enslaved, they literally brought down an equivalent to a nuke on the capital with the full intentions of taking millions of lives. How would she rationalize that?


  67. The best thing Makoto could have thrown in the face of Hibiki was the fact that the Hyumans and Goddess are not natives of that world. Before the Goddess came the demons and demi-humans were livings a tough life there. The Goddess arrived with some kidnapped Humans which she modified to be more to her liking and dropped into that world. She then blessed them and cursed anything that fought them leading to the Hyumans prospering. The Hyumans would be the ones that would suffer the most without the blessing, most of the rest already get by without her help.

    If she asked how he knows that he could just truthfully tell her that he talked to a being that was around before she arrived. Watch Hibikis mind get blown from that fact.

    Its like she is backing the colonists against the American Indians because there are more colonists when she happened the arrive in a colony town.


  68. “I felt like I was being criticized, so I ended up apologizing.”
    no, why don’t you kill yourself, seriously

    “he said that the demon race population is at most 1 million or 1.5 million.”
    how the hell are they fighting with these numbers, why not take them to Asora and fix the problem lol


    1. most of the impressions on Makoto from outsiders are wrong, simply because they don’t know the existence of Asora, can’t blame them.


  69. I know nobody read a comment from an old chapter, but this chapter ticks me off. I always seen hibiki as a person with common sense, or at least i thought she was on the earlier chapter. and i know it’s just how the author emphasize this mindset of hibiki to get all this reaction, but if i were to look at hibiki took a fact for her own convenient, i cant really say i like it.

    “Improvement is a special skill from Japan after all. There’s no way I wouldn’t use it just because I am in a parallel world, right? I brought out the topic of population as an example, but there’s a lot of things that can be changed in this world for the better.” (Hibiki)

    “That’s why. You end up thinking that way because you are thinking with our common sense. This is not Japan, this is a parallel world. In the common sense of this world, hyumans and demi-humans are this way. In the first place, the demon race has picked a fight against that common sense and have brought about a war, you know?” (Hibiki)
    reading the latter I just did a short nose exhale while saying nonsense. too much self interest and her own mindset pushed to others imo. thats not good.


  70. I can’t like it, tje clash of view of points was good, but I can’t like Hibiki, she say that she is against the discrimination snd want to change it but his actions and words are the completely opposite, a change so deep like that would take centuries and bug itself will go against that, she is a being that act like she want without care for others, even if the other part is a god she still despise them and do as she want, if she can do that then a act of that level in the world she take care is nothing.


    1. She is lying to Makoto. She is just telling him what she knows he wants to hear in an effort to appeal to him and gain his favor.
      She wanna make him feel guilty telling him that he not helping end the war faster would only mean more people dying, but helping them end the war basically means helping them eradicate the demons.

      And about wanting to work in stopping the discrimination between races? Bullshit. We know from previous chapters where we had the opportunity to read her thoughts that she does not mean what she is telling him and that after the war (if they win) she has the intention of continuing with the Bug’s system.


  71. “They should have had several opportunities to. The chance to enter within hyumans just like the demi-humans.” (Hibiki)”
    So you are calling the demons terrorists because they decided to fight for their race instead of kneeling to the hyumans and accepting their discrimination and oppression like other races did???

    Why the fuck is the MC still listening to this nazi?


    1. And that girl not only has heavy nazi tendencies, but is also either bipolar or a fucking hypocrite.

      Just a few chapters ago she thought Makoto was some kind of monster that they had to suppress because he said that people who enters a battlefield with the intention to kill others can’t blame anyone if they die, but now she is saying that the demons should have surrendered and become slaves or that to end this war they must kill enough demons to bring them against a corner from where they can’t recover.

      It’s not even funny that someone this crazy thinks that the dangerous one is the MC.


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