Chapter 211: Invitation and Response

“How’s Limia?”

“It is a big country. Isn’t it a major power that is fighting over the first and second place?” (Makoto)

A vague question from Senpai.

Leaving aside that I might have answered differently If she had made a more concrete question, I gave my impressions of Limia.

I have a few bad impressions of the rampant nobles, but…if I had to give a good part of it, it would be that, honestly, I don’t have much of an impression.

“Fufufu, a major power huh. That’s true. But you see, in truth, the major power that you and I imagine are quite different. It is also a half-hearted country.” (Hibiki)

“Half-hearted?” (Makoto)

I don’t think a major power can be half-hearted.

It is a major power because many people live there, right?

In that case, it wouldn’t be able to function as a country without a superior system supporting it.

“For example, the population, Makoto-kun, how much do you think is the population of Limia?” (Hibiki)


This is a topic I have not cared at all for since coming to this world.

“…The territory of Limia is wide, so maybe around the ten millions or hundred millions?” (Makoto)

Looking at its territory only, I don’t think it would be strange for them to have at least this much.

“The correct answer is: I don’t know.” (Hibiki)


What’s with that?

Isn’t that cheating?

“In this world, there’s practically no country –including Limia– that has a clear grasp of their population. From what I know, the only one that has a grasp on it is Tsige. Moreover, the ones in possession of the information were not government officials of the country, but a single company.” (Hibiki)


One company?

…I feel like there’s only one who fits the bill.

I wonder if he has a grasp on the population even in the current sudden increases it is having, Rembrandt-san.

“It is most likely difficult…probably.” (Makoto)

A grasp on the number of people…inhabitant’s ballot, no, a census huh.

Wait, it should have existed in Japan since quite a long time ago though…

In other words, it shouldn’t be difficult?

Unless it is quite the chaotic era.

This world is currently in war, but thinking about the time in which it began in my previous world, it wouldn’t be strange for them to be able to do it.

If we are talking about a chaos that made the document burn in fire and had the minds of people agitated to the point of being unable to keep things like that in mind, it would be…the revolution at the Ounin era, maybe?

In the past, even when I investigated in my free time about that era, I couldn’t understand it well.

The enemies became allies, and even when the Heads of both powers were affiliated to the same camp, the battle continued, and by the time I noticed, it was already the Sengoku period.

I don’t think this world is in the same state.

“They don’t have the will to do so, they don’t find any reason to do it; it is just because of that. They just report about an approximate of the harvest, and from that report, they decide the tax. With a system like that, there’s little point in keeping the population number in check.” (Hibiki)

“I-I see.” (Makoto)

They decide the tax by the land huh.

It is certainly true that by doing that, they are able to leave the rest to the nobles.

I feel like they are just pushing all the responsibility away though, but if the income is properly coming in, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

“But if a country is thinking about obtaining power, it is a topic that can’t be ignored. And in truth, I would say that Limia’s population is around 50 million to 70 million, but the tax yields are only around half of that number. So it is like they can avoid tax as much as they want.” (Hibiki)

“Half… The remaining would be embezzlement huh.” (Makoto)

Limia is practically a despotism of nobles after all.

“Yeah. I am sorry about asking for a consent after the fact, but we are currently utilizing your help in order to improve this part.” (Hibiki)

“Me?” (Makoto)

Did I do something?

“It was a real help. Thanks.” (Hibiki)

“No well, I don’t have much awareness of this, but if I was of help…that’s great. Or more like, Senpai, you are even doing things like improvements?” (Makoto)

I feel like this has to do with the very foundations of the country.

“Improvement is a special skill from Japan after all. There’s no way I wouldn’t use it just because I am in a parallel world, right? I brought out the topic of population as an example, but there’s a lot of things that can be changed in this world for the better.” (Hibiki)

Isn’t that saying too much?

Improvement isn’t something only Japan does, it is done in the whole planet Earth.

“Well it is not like it shouldn’t be used but…it seems like you are putting a lot of zeal into this country.” (Makoto)

“…This is the country I have been summoned in.” (Hibiki)

“I know that.” (Makoto)

“It is the country where I know the most people, and the country where the most people know of me. It is the country that has placed their expectations on me. Isn’t it a matter of course that I think deeply of it?” (Hibiki)

“Sorry.” (Makoto)

I felt like I was being criticized, so I ended up apologizing.

Well, I also think deeply of Asora, so it should be about the same.

If it’s that, I feel like I can understand.

Different from Asora, Limia is connected by land with other countries and if there’s enemies, they can get attacked though.

“…I want you to like this country as well. Is it…difficult to desire that?” (Hibiki)

The eyes of Senpai were dyed in seriousness.

“Makoto-kun, this world and the Goddess, it is certainly true that it is very different from the common sense of our original world. There’s definitely things that you can’t just accept and things that are unreasonable.” (Hibiki)


“I know that you don’t hold positive feelings towards the Goddess. At this occasion, I won’t tell you to throw those away. Just that, for the sake of finishing this long war… can’t you please lend us your strength? Of course, I won’t be telling you to learn of war either. It is fine to supply us with goods at a suitable price.” (Hibiki)


So she is telling me to supply the goods of Limia huh.

If it’s to lend strength to Senpai only, it would be a different case, but if I were to cooperate in supplying the goods in order to finish the war, it would mean that I have taken the side of hyumans.

Meaning that, even if it’s indirectly, I am participating in the war.

Yeah, can’t do.

There’s no choice but to refuse.

“…How about it?” (Hibiki)

“Sorry, I can’t. If it’s just selling things to Senpai personally, I wouldn’t mind though.” (Makoto)

“I see. So you won’t be cooperating ‘for the sake of putting an end to the war’ huh.” (Hibiki)


Even I could tell that Senpai emphasized the words at the latter half.

So they are already suspecting that I have a connection with the demon race huh.

They don’t have any positive proof of it, so they can’t ask about this crime though.

“I’m thinking on opening the doors of Kuzunoha Company to all that need it. Please let me cooperate in the sense of neutrality.” (Makoto)

“You see, Makoto-kun…I don’t think that all the actions of the Goddess are correct.” (Hibiki)



No wait, isn’t that something a hero shouldn’t say?!

“She is not the ‘God’ that we think of. She has a personality, and individuality. I have not heard of the existence of other Gods in this world aside from her, so it shouldn’t be wrong to say that she is the only God though.” (Hibiki)


That’s right. There’s no way I would accept something like that as a God.

The God that Senpai is talking about is probably the almighty one.

That kind of God, I have not met one either.

But…I do think that there’s no way it is okay to leave that Goddess do as she pleases.

“The existence that manages and watches over this world. The Gods that exist are probably people that do these kind of jobs. Honestly, even now, I still think that she is a woman with problems in her personality.” (Hibiki)

“Senpai…” (Makoto)

“But Makoto-kun, no matter the existence she is, she lives in a different place from us, in other words, an existence that has nothing to do with us, you know? Even for us, the day we met that night was the last. Until then, I didn’t believe in the existence of God. In other words, isn’t she only an existence that we met in a mere instant of our short lives?” (Hibiki)


“What will you do by maintaining that feeling of defeat inside of you? It is like having complains about the laws and phenomenons that naturally exist in the world. Isn’t it pointless?” (Hibiki)

“Why did Senpai…?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Hibiki)

“Why did Senpai come to this world? Even though you had a life of success secured over there.” (Makoto)

I don’t understand at all.

“You want to know the reason why I came to this world?” (Hibiki)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

“You are interested in the reason of why someone like me, who shouldn’t have any relation to this world to begin with, would come to this world?” (Hibiki)


Does Senpai know?

The fact that the two being summoned was the fault of me and my parents.

“…Because I thought it was interesting.” (Hibiki)

“That’s the main reason?” (Makoto)

“Well, it is not like I don’t hold any feelings of wanting to return to my life in Japan. However, at that time, at that instant, I certainly did feel that being in a parallel world was appealing. That’s why I am here. In the end, the whole reason I am here is because of the feelings of that instant. From then, I created connections in this world more and more, and I can no longer separate from it so easily.” (Hibiki)

“Feelings of that instant.” (Makoto)

So Senpai currently doesn’t have intentions of going back then.

I can sense that from her.

Even though she said she wanted to return a bit, I couldn’t feel a single trace of homesickness from Senpai’s words.

“The Empire’s Tomoki must be the same. Well, if the Goddess had asked him the previous day or the day after, his answer might have differed. There’s plenty possibility that different heroes would be summoned, and he and I would currently be living a peaceful life in Japan.” (Hibiki)



At that day, in just that instant, the two decided to become heroes.

A decision is a decision.

But if we were to call it a thoroughly thought decision, as expected, that wouldn’t be the case.

“It is not like I am blaming Makoto-kun. Don’t make that face. Let me advance the topic. In this world, the interference of God is not something definite or anything like that. This world will most likely change more and more. If we can finish the war soon and calm down the quarrel between hyumans and demons, we would be able to use that much time in changing the world.” (Hibiki)

“Change…the world?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. It can’t be done easily, but I think it is possible to create a society where hyumans and demi-humans don’t discriminate each other.” (Hibiki)

Reforming the very thinking of hyumans then?

But as long as the foundation of that thinking lies in the teachings of the goddess, I think it is impossible.

Even in the teachings of the Spirits, they are told that demi-humans are existences below hyumans, you know?

“Even if you are a hero, isn’t that way too idealistic? This is a world where a big number of hyumans follow a religion that goes against that very ideal of yours.” (Makoto)

“Isn’t Makoto-kun showing that possibility yourself? In Rotsgard and Tsige. It is possible to wake up the hyuman society as a whole with those actions, right? I don’t think the Goddess would be able to forcefully amend the people that want to change themselves. I have investigated decades of activities from her, but she herself is docile and simply has a deep affection for beautiful hyumans, and she doesn’t punish hyumans that hold a different way of thinking from what she wills. At least in public it is known in that way.” (Hibiki)

So Senpai is trying to change the Goddess’ world from the inside?

But if that’s the case, her thinking should be close to mine, and yet, why is it that I feel like Senpai is so far away?

“In that case, Senpai, even if the Goddess doesn’t exist anymore in this world, for example; even if a different God were to take her place, you wouldn’t mind, right?” (Makoto)

Well, even if I say a different God, I don’t have a specific God in mind though.

I am just saying and see how she reacts.

But if Senpai does think that way, I thought that maybe it would be possible to form a cooperative relationship with her.

If she thinks that a society where demi-humans don’t face discrimination is better, it would be possible to speak with the demons as well.

“…Even if the Goddess is gone?” (Hibiki)

“F-Figuratively speaking.” (Makoto)

In the case that I actually fight her, win, and punish her, I don’t know if the Goddess will continue managing this world as always.

In that case, I thought that since a God is gone, there would be a different God coming to fill her place.

“If it doesn’t have any effect on the world at all, I wouldn’t mind. Just that…” (Hibiki)

“Just that…?” (Makoto)

“If the Goddess is gone, the Spirits that work as her servants will be gone, and then she -the manager of this world- would be gone. Who knows what kind of effect would bring to the magic power that serves as the nucleus of this world. On top of that, the blessings and divine protection will disappear and the status of the Church will fall. There’s also the fear that the very teachings of the Goddess will be thrown away as well.” (Hibiki)


I didn’t think that far ahead.

Because I didn’t care at all about what would happen to this world after the Goddess lost her power or at worst, died.

It is fine to just bring the people that want refuge into Asora first, and in the first place, it is a world that existed even when the Goddess wasn’t there.

It seems like people like Root where there at that time, so I think that it won’t go to the point of being impossible to live in.

That’s why I didn’t think further than that.

But it seems like Senpai had thought about the things that would happen if the Goddess were to fall.

“Even if, for argument’s sake, it turns peaceful at that time, the world will instantly fall into great chaos, and there’s an incredibly high chance that hell will break loose. Especially the hyumans that had received the affection of the Goddess, there’s the chance that the other races will view them as enemies.” (Hibiki)

“It is certainly true that there’s the chance.” (Makoto)

Or more like, it will definitely turn out that way.

The blessing will be gone, so leaving aside the people that have true strength, most of the hyumans will be facing a hard time.

Also, if the common language disappears, it might turn into a mess, like the Tower of Babel.

They wouldn’t be able to create a big country like now, so the hegemony of the world will probably be changed to another race.

“If you are saying you have a method that will not show a single effect like that to the world, I don’t mind.” (Hibiki)

“Then if there’s an effect like what Senpai has stated?” (Makoto)

“Even if it costs me my life, I will go against it.” (Hibiki)

“…Even if it costs you your life?” (Makoto)

“If there’s someone planning something like that, it would be the same as the demon race; a world-class terrorist. Ruthlessly cornering the people that are living in peace and taking away their lives. It is enough to call it pure evil. The ones facing the most damage would be the hyumans, but the demi-humans will also be involved with no exception.” (Hibiki)

“Terrorist. The demons are a different race, they possess a country, and are opponents that you are fighting in war. Even though you are doing war with them, you call them in that way. Aren’t you a bit too prejudiced?” (Makoto)

Terrorist is a word I didn’t expect.

To call the war with the demons terrorism…

“Yeah. It is like a war brought by the minority that knew that no matter what they tried, they wouldn’t be able to reign supreme against the majority. That’s probably why the Goddess got impatient and called the heroes.” (Hibiki)

“The demon race is the minority?” (Makoto)

I imagine the conflicts and invasions of places like Russia and China.

I remember the words of Zef.

If I remember correctly, he said that the demon race population is at most 1 million or 1.5 million.

If Limia has several millions just like Senpai said, the hyuman population is most likely more than 4 times that.

They are called the four major powers, so I was expecting that though.

So if it’s 50 million, then 200 million?

Two hundred million against a few millions.

If the other demi-humans are added to the equation, would it turn into the ten millions?

The demon race units are originally composed by mixed races.

No, even with that, it would still be an incredibly low number compared to hyumans.

Whichever the case, this is not on the level of war.

Just like Senpai said, this is on the level of a small insurrection.

Even if we take into account that this world counts more the quality than the quantity, it is honestly incredible that the demon race is putting up a good fight.

“If the demon race request of it, it would bring the denial of the Goddess and her retribution…Well, it wouldn’t go so far, but they should at least be able to seek a better treatment. What they are doing is denying the very social system of this world they have been living in.” (Hibiki)

“They could have gone into extinction if they hadn’t done that.” (Makoto)

“You really take the side of demons here.” (Hibiki)

“I have seen something that made me realize just how severe the Goddess’ discrimination was, after all. Then, the actions of the demon race were brought by the need of surviving.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, their raising of an army in this occasion was probably something unavoidable.” (Hibiki)

“Then—!” (Makoto)

“That means it is already too late. They had to do something before it turned out that way. To better that scorned environment they had even if for a bit, they should have tried to make the hyumans accept them. With a method aside from taking arms, that is.” (Hibiki)

No way, that’s asking for too much.

Regarding the demon race, it was practically as if the Goddess made the first move telling them to go away and cornered them.  

“Isn’t that just asking for too much?” (Makoto)

“I have taken a look at the history of demons and hyumans. Of course, this was from the historical records of hyumans, so there’s most likely bias there though. Just that, there haven’t been much events where the demons have acted in a positive way towards hyumans. And within those small number of people, there’s not a single one that has continued for long.” (Hibiki)

“History. The history between hyumans and demons.” (Makoto)

I only know rough details of it.

“For the demons, hyumans are an overwhelming majority, moreover, it is collected in a single religion, it is also an opponent that has better individual battle power, you know? From the beginning, the choice of fighting was not something sane.” (Hibiki)

“…Right.” (Makoto)

Because of the blessing of the Goddess, the demon race was also being overpowered by hyumans in the magic power side as well, so there was no good part in it.

The more I think about it, the more impressed I am by the demons being able to put up a good fight against the hyumans.

Well, it is not like they have been doing war forever. They were mostly enduring the discrimination and oppression.

“But the demons fought with the hyumans several times, lost, and still, they haven’t changed their way of dealing with things.” (Hibiki)


“They should have had several opportunities to. The chance to enter within hyumans just like the demi-humans.” (Hibiki)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“If it were me, that’s what I would do. If it’s a big opponent and I am unable to do anything about it with our power, I would join them and change them from the inside. I would create an opportunity to enter, and then, manage something from there. Isn’t that one of the few choices that the minority has in order to survive?” (Hibiki)

“Are you saying that they should live amidst hyumans as slaves?” (Makoto)

“…Even if it’s a starting line from a slave position, it is possible to crawl their way up. But they took arms to the very end. I don’t have the intention of wiping them all out, but if we don’t corner them to that very limit to show an example, no one would be able to accept it. At the very least, we would have to eliminate the people that are managing their country, their army, and the ones cooperating with them; every one of them.” (Hibiki)

“Accept it, you say. Isn’t that also because of the warped teachings of the Goddess?” (Makoto)

If only she hadn’t tainted this world with her stupid teachings, this wouldn’t have turned out this way.

The existence of that Goddess is the main reason for this problem, so they probably have to confront her at some point in time.

In that case, even if it will somewhat trouble the people that are currently living, isn’t it a lot better to just eliminate that Goddess that has spread this strange way of thinking?

“The warped teachings of the Goddess huh. But that is the religion that all the world follows, you know. Isn’t that the same as having an overwhelming minority taking arms?” (Hibiki)

“Then you are saying that they should resign to their fate? That the teachings of the Goddess can’t be helped, and it also can’t be helped that the demon race is rendered impossible to stand back up? That because they didn’t conform with those conditions quickly and become slaves for the sake of surviving, it can’t be helped that they are receiving a worse treatment than that? Is that what you think, Senpai?” (Makoto)

I am kind of pissed here.

No matter who, if they are being oppressed, they would want to make a complain or two.

To expect those kind of people to calmly look at the situation, think of the future, and find a good way for the race to survive, something like that…who would be able to blame them for being unable to do that?

To be able to act composedly no matter when, that’s not something that anyone could do.

Thinking that way, I unconsciously spoke to Senpai in a harsh tone.

“That’s right.” (Hibiki)


It is not like I thought Senpai would make a troubled expression…but I thought she would at least show hesitation.

The instant answer of Senpai blocked my words.

“I said this just a few moments ago but, the demon race and the hyumans are already in a situation where it is already too late. Without a closure for this war, neither of the races will be able to advance. That’s how much hatred is gathered between both sides. Of course, I who has been fighting alongside Limia, am no exception. The Goddess’ teachings, their dependence to her, the discrimination towards demi-humans; all these problems are problems that can only be dealt with after this war is over. This one point is impossible to move or change anymore. No one is able to.” (Hibiki)

“No one…” (Makoto)

Is that true?

If it is the Kuzunoha Company that has a connection with both, wouldn’t it be able to work out somehow?


Before that, wouldn’t things change a lot if I just had that Bug reflect?

“No one. Even for Makoto, that’s impossible. The hyumans that had their family taken away by demons had their hatred grow inside of themselves, and that hatred becomes the fangs that point towards them. It is the same for the demons that had their family taken away by hyumans. This chain of losses….can’t be erased.” (Hibiki)

Senpai made a pained expression for an instant.

The current Senpai is as cold as ice, and she is speaking with an indifferent expression, so that one instant remained in my mind.

Memories can’t be erased huh.

Rotsgard has become a lot easier to live in, but it is certainly true that it would be hard to erase that memory.

The more there are, the higher the amount of deaths there will be after all.

“Hatred and sadness. It is not something that easily disappears. I…can understand that.” (Makoto)

As I thought, I should do something quick about that Goddess.

Senpai seems to be worried about the later, but in the end, if the Goddess remains, the current state of things won’t change.

I will have to revise my attitude towards Bug.

“The demons who are the minority, are going against the overwhelming majority which are the hyumans, and the Goddess. This revolution that terrorists have raised which the majority of the people in this world didn’t wish for, this madness of a war, I will end it as soon as possible. Makoto-kun, I will say it again. Lend us your power, please.” (Hibiki)

Senpai lowers her head deeply.

But my thoughts won’t change.

Actually, I think that Senpai is over-thinking this in a way too realistic of a manner.

In this world that the Goddess does whatever she wants, I don’t feel like they would be able to change their sense of worth even if they took their time trying.

“…Senpai, I will say it again as well. I refuse.” (Makoto)

“Let me say this frankly, the stance that you Kuzunoha Company are taking can bring advantage to the demon race. The act of providing goods to both sides in a war, is an act of a merchant asking for a death sentence, you know? Is the Kuzunoha Company wishing for war and looking to gain profit from it?” (Hibiki)

“No. I also think that it would be better if the war didn’t exist. Just that, I think that the whole reason for this is that Goddess, and if only we could make her change her way of thinking, there would be as many methods born from it.” (Makoto)

“What do you mean? Even if the Goddess is the cause, what does Makoto-kun plan on doing?” (Hibiki)

“It is not wrong that the policy of the Kuzunoha Company is to welcome anyone that needs it, but…I personally think it would be better to drag down that Goddess once.” (Makoto)

“Drag down the Goddess…” (Hibiki)

Senpai makes a short mutter and turned speechless.

“It is certainly true that the world will fall into a temporal chaos, and it might put a limit to the magic that magicians can use. It might turn into an End of the Century situation between hyumans and demi-humans, but even with that, I think that the best plan is to kick that woman out from the God position she has been lying on.” (Makoto)

“…How?” (Hibiki)

“Well, by force.” (Makoto)

“By force, you say. The opponent is a God you know? Even if, for argument’s sake, you were to overpower her, would you be able to substitute for her?!” (Hibiki)

“Overpower? I don’t know about that, but I don’t intend to become the replacement of her.” (Makoto)

“Then you will simply eliminate a God?” (Hibiki)

Senpai held her head and shook it aimlessly.

No no no, I don’t plan on eliminating her.

I was thinking that it would be fine to just leave her a bit further from half-dead.

I am still alive after all, and the reason why I met with Tomoe and the others was in part because of that Bug.

“No well, she is not the only God out there, so as we do our stuff, a substitute will come, probably.” (Makoto)

“…You speak as if you have met other Gods. Well, I have been brought to a strange place with a shady individual though.” (Hibiki)

“How to say it, I have met with a God-sama that seems to be an acquaintance of that Goddess.” (Makoto)

“…That’s why you are saying that you will be changing that Goddess’ way of thinking by force? Without thinking at all about the repercussions that it can cause.” (Hibiki)

“If something happens, we can just take refuge until things settle down.” (Makoto)

“You are really indifferent at the crisis of hyumans. You don’t discriminate demi-humans, but you discriminate hyumans huh.” (Hibiki)


No no!

I am not discriminating hyumans.

“I am not discriminating demi-humans or hyumans.” (Makoto)

“…You are seriously saying that. Then this is serious.” (Hibiki)

“What do you mean?” (Makoto)

“From Makoto-kun’s speech and conduct, you are flickering your thoughts that it can’t be helped since the hyumans have done whatever they wanted along with the Goddess.” (Hibiki)

“Well, it is true that the hyumans have done whatever they wanted for so long, right?” (Makoto)

That’s not discrimination, it is the truth.

“Yeah, but to give a cold reception because of that, isn’t that considered discrimination?” (Hibiki)

“Hyumans are the strong ones that overwhelm this world with their numbers. Why would the word discrimination apply for them?” (Makoto)

Isn’t discrimination something done by society’s strong ones over the weak ones?

“And so what?” (Hibiki)


“Are you saying that even if someone were to discriminate rulers, it wouldn’t be considered discrimination? The gazes that the hyumans direct towards demi-humans is peculiar, but have you noticed? Makoto-kun, at times, you have directed those kind of gazes towards hyumans. Even here, and at Rotsgard as well.” (Hibiki)

“Ugh…” (Makoto)

If she brings out gazes, I can’t say I am conscious of it.

But if I am asked if it is okay to show discriminating actions towards the strong, I would say it is not.

“Hey Makoto-kun, in the structure of this world, you and I are considered outsiders, right? In that case, not taking into account the past history and coming in contact with the hyumans and demi-humans in equal grounds, isn’t that how a person that doesn’t discriminate would act? If there’s a person that’s troubled in front of you, shouldn’t you be stretching out your hand no matter the way that person has been living until now and their social standing? For hyumans, they have done whatever they have wanted, so they should suck it up; for demi-humans, they are pitiful, so help them. Isn’t that what you would call discrimination towards hyumans?” (Hibiki)

“But the hyumans have been utilizing the demi-humans as their servants, and they have been living shouldering this. In the first place, there’s no way I would be able to look at them with eyes like those of a Saint.” (Makoto)

“That’s why. You end up thinking that way because you are thinking with our common sense. This is not Japan, this is a parallel world. In the common sense of this world, hyumans and demi-humans are this way. In the first place, the demon race has picked a fight against that common sense and have brought about a war, you know?” (Hibiki)

“…That’s a mistaken common sense.” (Makoto)

“As a Japanese, that is. Your basis for your cold reception towards hyumans is something that’s natural common sense, and most people would not understand being criticized for it. Even in hyumans, when in situations between other hyumans, where you take out the attitude towards demi-humans and their attachment to beauty, they are people that properly hate discrimination.” (Hibiki)

“Even if you take out things that shouldn’t be taken out, it won’t make me accept it.” (Makoto)

“To change their root cognition, there’s the need for time, which would have to be after the war is over. But if there’s Makoto-kun who wants to do that by force against the Goddess, it would all end up crumbling.” (Hibiki)

“Not really. I might lose, and it is okay for Senpai to just continue doing war. I will be moving with my own thoughts. Even if it’s Senpai, I won’t be affirming everything you say and obeying it.” (Makoto)

“If you were to lose, that would be…” (Hibiki)

Senpai places both arms on the handrail and bends her body.

“…There’s plenty chance for it to happen. Even if she is like that, she is still a God after all.” (Makoto)

Words leaked out from Senpai who had her face hidden, a mutter of expectation for me to lose.

From the conversation until now, I could tell that it would be a pleasant development for her.

I am slightly shocked, but it can’t be helped.

Senpai seems to be entirely against the idea of me fighting the Goddess after all.

Even so, I am practically not thinking about the effects that will bring forth to the world like Senpai said.

I refuse managing a world like this, and I don’t want to become a God either.

Instead of arranging such pointless things, it is much more important to find a method to return to my original world with Tomoe and the others while being able to go back and forth to Asora.

“I can’t imagine you losing.” (Hibiki)

As if resenting me, Senpai turned a sulking face towards me.

“W-Well, thanks.” (Makoto)

“Things like being too far away, the scale being too much, or the numbers being way too many; I know that I can’t do anything about those, but this is the first time I have felt that no matter what I do, I won’t be able to surpass an individual. Even if I went at full power in my current self.” (Hibiki)

The full power of the current Senpai huh.

As I thought, maybe she has obtained some power like that of Sakai.

Even if that’s not the case, there’s definitely something.

“No well, Senpai was also strong, you know. It was like ‘as expected of a hero’.” (Makoto)

“Even though you were not serious at all. Heh~, then, between me and the Demon Lord, who is stronger?” (Hibiki)

“…If I were to fight the Demon Lord, I would be able to answer you.” (Makoto)

“Then, what about Io, White One?” (Hibiki)

“…With that strong attack power, maybe you can win against Io?” (Makoto)

To fight with that person, it would depend on how well you can surpass that regeneration power of his after all.

But if you were to try and go until he is unable to regenerate, it would turn into an incredible endurance battle.

I think there would be the need to finish the fight in one go.

Senpai has faced painful experiences with him, right?

If I remember correctly, she has close to a terrible affinity against him.

But if it’s the current Senpai, she might be able to defeat him.

Thinking about it that way, she is a dangerous one.

Because that means she is stronger than that scary-looking giant.

“Receiving the input of the White One, I feel my confidence strengthening. That guy…is someone I have to win against no matter what, after all.” (Hibiki)

“I see.” (Makoto)

After meeting several times in the battlefield, something like destiny is born, maybe.

I don’t have much of those.

Aside from that Goddess.


Senpai releases the handrail, and stretches her body upright.

Maybe because of her experience in kendo, Senpai’s posture is good.

“So that means Kuzunoha Company and Raidou are the allies of everyone in trouble, right? Okay, I got it.” (Hibiki)

“Hah?” (Makoto)

I-Is that okay?

That helps me out though.

No matter how much she asks me to cooperate with Limia, I won’t be nodding after all.

“On top of that, I have learned that you are a troublesome person that is fully antagonistic towards the Goddess. Well, about that, I will keep it a secret for you though.” (Hibiki)

“…Thanks.” (Makoto)

“The Goddess probably hasn’t heard of it either after all. With the capital having been raided, leaving aside the blessing and divine protection, there has been practically no reaction from her. What she is thinking is a mystery.” (Hibiki)

No reaction?

In other words, she hasn’t answered the calls of the Church or the heroes?

The attack to the capital…I see, it is around the time when that Goddess met with those Gods.

Did they make some sort of agreement that’s making her unable to move?

I have not been told the details of it, so…

“We have done a strange talk as well, but yeah. Tentatively speaking, I would like to eliminate the influence and distortion of the Goddess, and having you know that is plenty enough for today.” (Hibiki)

“It sounds like you feel it will be in a pretty far future though.” (Makoto)

A long time after we die, that is.

Maybe that’s why I felt Senpai so distant.

The objectives that Senpai shoulders are not things that she always tries to resolve herself.

She resolves them bit by bit, and if it isn’t possible with her, she places that job to the future generation.

“We are a race that can transfer their feelings, you know. By doing that, we are able to turn time into our allies as well. Trying to do everything by yourself in your own era can bring about pointless pain and can distort your objective.” (Hibiki)

“What you have decided to do yourself should be accomplished by oneself. I think that’s something splendid. Time can fade memories, and there’s no assurance that the next generation will hold the same feelings as you after all.” (Makoto)

“So you won’t think about moving as a whole…you won’t believe in this world’s society as you act huh.” (Hibiki)

“Just like how Senpai taught me, in my foundation, there’s most likely some discriminating feelings towards hyumans. I think that’s what it means to understand the words, but being unable to accept it. Even if Senpai tells me to believe in their change, I just can’t. Sorry.” (Makoto)

“…It isn’t something that can be immediately eliminated right after understanding it. It isn’t something you need to apologize for either. From now on, I will be counting on you as a customer of yours, Makoto-kun.” (Hibiki)

“Yes…here as well.” (Makoto)

We look close, but Senpai and I are distant.

I didn’t want to know of it, but I ended up knowing it.

This is different from the disgust I felt towards Tomoki, like a disparity of not wanting something like this to happen.

Senpai accepts the current world of that Goddess.

On top of that, she is trying to tell the world about this sense of discomfort and trying to change it slowly.

She is aware that it will take an enormous amount of time.

Without caring about those kind of things, I am thinking that it is natural for me to want to have the Goddess reflect as soon as possible and have the hyumans and demi-humans enter an equal relationship.

Without caring about how much or how many consequences it might bring.

From this world and this Goddess’ perspective…I probably do look like a fiendish terrorist…

Even so, if I can simply find a method to return to my world in a desirable way, I think I would act.

For the sake of fighting once with the Goddess.

I wonder, if that time comes, will I end up fighting Senpai?

I don’t think a fight against that person and me will come to a conclusion, but if possible, I would want to avoid having Senpai point a sword at me.

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