Chapter 208: A long long day in Limia (bottom)

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“I was expecting a cave-looking place, but it seems it was completely different.”
“Right. But since it is a water dragon, this might be more fitting actually. It is incredibly interesting.”
Makoto and Hibiki were at the island that is floating at the center of Meiris Lake, in that place, there’s a giant temple.
It looked like an ancient greece temple, with stone tiles and stairs, and the material quality of every article that made this place was high.
It made the two feel that this is not a place where people live.
(…The damage is terrible. It would be another case if it were ruins, but this is a dwelling. There’s a lot of recent damage made by magic and swords. It seems like the ‘a lot of things happening’, are pretty violent stuff.) (Hibiki)
The outward appearance and its interior was terribly damage to be called a dwelling.
Just as Hibiki noticed, there was quite a lot of recent damage.
She was certain that there had been a large scale battle in this place.
“Water has been used as a mirror since time immemorial. The special traits of water are a lot more varied than hyumans can think of.” (Waterfall)
Waterfall stepped forward first.
She was sitting on top of the Gel type mamono, and turned her head to answer the guests that she had invited.
The Superior Dragon Waterfall’s dwelling is at an island at the center of Meiris Lake.
But in the Meiris Lake that Makoto and Hibiki were just a few moments ago didn’t have an island at its center.
Right now, they are at a space of Meiris Lake that Waterfall had created.
Its utilization is quite different from Tomoe’s, but Waterfall was a dragon that possessed a space as well.
(Mirror huh. Is it like the world at the other side of the mirror? The scene at the water’s surface can be broken by the waves and gives an unstable image, but even though this is small for a space, it feels like it is stable. It resembles Tomoe’s Asora, but…could it be that water is the closest to the element of space creation?) (Makoto)
Makoto was comparing the inherent ability of Tomoe –Asora– with the current space that was probably created by Waterfall.
“Waterfall, let me go right to the point. If I were to put it the water element to practical use, can I compose a separate space even if temporary, and retain it?” (Hibiki)
Hibiki was thinking if she could put the water element into practical use to create a separate space she can use as a storage.
If they can make use of it, it would be extremely useful in armies.
They have to rival the demon race in techniques and strategy as much as possible, or the hyumans will continue suffering hard fights.
It is because she understands this that she made this question.
“Well, I wouldn’t say there’s no chance, but this temple holds the special characteristic of my water, and it was combined with the power of the Meiris Lake; a result born by chance. It is also the one of the reasons why I live here. In magic, water is indeed one of the elements closest to creating a space, but in terms of the utilization you are thinking of, the one with the highest chance of knowing would be a certain someone that specializes in illusions.” (Waterfall)
“Someone that specializes in illusions… It is true that something of this level can’t be done easily.” (Hibiki)
(I feel like she is talking directly about Tomoe. Just how do the memories of Superior Dragons work? She is talking of Tomoe as if she knew of her. Anyways, this place is really different to Asora. Her space is only as big as a lake after all. Also, there’s a problem in it.) (Makoto)
Makoto didn’t react to the words of Waterfall and was thinking.
He was using Sakai and trying to understand this space.
From the information that was gathered, he learned that this place is simply connected to the real Meiris Lake, and it was different from Asora which can be used for complete isolation if they wanted to.
“Now then, please come in. Fortunately, I am currently in this size. We will be able to talk comfortably here.” (Waterfall)
Following the invitation of Waterfall, the place that we arrived at was a courtyard.
A soft bright light was shining, and there’s a lake at one’s field of vision.
A table and sits were prepared, and there were even cups and a pot.
Makoto and Hibiki took their seats, and Waterfall takes a seat that was raised for herself.
The Gel skillfully grabs the pot and serves what seems to be tea to Makoto and Hibiki. It turns to Waterfall and trembles once before trailing its way out of the courtyard.
“That guy is quite handy.” (Makoto)
“He is the one that takes care of my everyday necessities. Because of that incident, they have decreased a lot in numbers though.” (Waterfall)
“Is it your familiar? Or maybe a devotee?” (Makoto)
“It is the same relationship as that of ‘her’ and the Mist Lizards, Raidou.” (Waterfall)
“Ah, I see.” (Makoto)
Makoto was impressed by the dedication of the Gel.
With an answer that only Makoto would understand, she expressed the relationship between both.
“…Waterfall, is it really okay for me to be here as well?” (Hibiki)
Making a conversation that she didn’t understand as soon as it begins, Hibiki asked in consideration.
She was already given the permission to be there, but it was to confirm just in case.
“Of course. I hold a personal interest in you. Please accompany us here. My conversation with Raidou won’t be long, and after, there’s also something I want to talk with you about.” (Waterfall)
“…Understood.” (Hibiki)
“Now then, Raidou. It seems ‘that person’ has caused you a lot of trouble huh. Even though the problem has been resolved, it is easy to imagine that the situation would have gotten even worse without your help. With that in consideration as well, I give you my gratitude.” (Waterfall)
“It is not something you have to turn so courteous when saying. Also, the one that was troubled the most was probably Grount-san. I think that it would be better to thank that person instead of me.” (Makoto)
“Grount huh. You went through the White Desert by feet, right? It is certainly true that since I am in this kind of state, I most likely caused a lot of burden to her.” (Waterfall)
“Yeah.” (Makoto)
“Anyways, I think that, as a Superior Dragon, I have to reward you. You probably won’t be happy about money and goods, so I have prepared a magic book for you.” (Waterfall)
(A magic book. At times, I feel strong magic power from Makoto-kun, and at times I don’t feel anything at all, which I don’t understand well. With that attack that dispersed the purple cloud, I should think that he possesses a giant amount of magic power. In that case, a magic book from a dragon could increase his power even more. But I currently have no way of stopping it. How vexing.) (Hibiki)
Hearing the word magic book, Hibiki instantly strengthens her caution.
A strong magician will be obtaining strong spells.
Hibiki understands just how much of a danger that is.
“A magic book. Thank you very much.” (Makoto)
“I think you will be needing it. Please use it for the sake of leading the world to a good path. Of course, I don’t mind if you take a number of them. I will guide you there, so how about checking them out?” (Waterfall)
“Is that okay?” (Makoto)
Makoto made a honest reaction to the words ‘he is going to need it’.
Waterfall who seemed to understand the situation, told Makoto that she had prepared magic books that he would need.
Obviously he would have an interest.
“Of course. You have accepted my gratitude, and if you will be taking the recompense for it as well, it would only make me happy. At the other side of the courtyard, I have a guide waiting at the pathway along the lake. With this, let’s put a finish to the stiff talk, and I will be speaking with Hibiki for a while.” (Waterfall)
“Sorry for the trouble, and thanks.” (Makoto)
(She feels the most sober out of all the Superior Dragons I have met. Honestly, it derails my pace.) (Makoto)
Makoto stands up from his seat, and advances through the corridor that Waterfall had pointed, and disappeared from the field of vision of Waterfall and Hibiki who were left.
Seeing the back of Makoto going away, a silent time between Waterfall and Hibiki began.
“…I understand that you had Makoto-kun leave and wanted to speak with me about something. Just that, I think that your position is higher than mine and Makoto-kun. Can I ask your reason for this?” (Hibiki)
Hibiki who has been silent until now, looks straight at Waterfall and speaks.
“You are sharp. I am relieved that you are just as I expected you to be, Hibiki. The reason why I wanted to be alone with you, is because I have something to request of you.” (Waterfall)
“A request? A Superior Dragon like you…to me?” (Hibiki)
“It isn’t something strange. Even a Goddess is requesting of a hero after all.” (Waterfall)
“Just as you can see, I am currently not in a body that can exert much power. In truth, I would have prefered to make contact with you before I turned this way, but an unexpected situation occurred and it couldn’t be fulfilled.” (Waterfall)
“A lot happened?” (Hibiki)
“Of course, I will be requesting of you, so I will be telling you later. Hibiki.” (Waterfall)
“What is it?” (Hibiki)
“Please seal Raidou.” (Waterfall)
Hearing the unexpected words of Waterfall, Hibiki’s breath stops.
Leaving her surprised eyes, she simply waited for the words of Waterfall that should have a continuation.
“Even if I am saying seal, I am not telling you to do anything dangerous. Accurately speaking, I want you to prevent him from growing more than he is now. I want you to be the overseer of this.” (Waterfall)
“What do you mean by that?” (Hibiki)
“I think you have already noticed, but that person is incredibly dangerous. It could be said that he is already a danger to all the existences that live in this world.” (Waterfall)
“…That much?” (Hibiki)
“We –Superior Dragons– normally don’t intervene in the dispute between hyumans and demi-humans, and we don’t have an interest in it either. Frankly speaking, we don’t care who they glorify in this world. That’s why, leaving aside the Spirits, the Superior Dragons don’t actively take part in the war between hyumans and demons.” (Waterfall)
While being well-known as an existence of high power, the Superior Dragons practically didn’t intervene in the war that’s currently happening.
Grount who is giving divine protection to one of the knights of the Empire, is a dragon that provides power to the people no matter if there’s a war or not.
The exception was Lancer, but it is not like he was cooperating with the hyumans or cooperating with the demons.
Because of the contract with Sofia, both were merely moving for their own objectives.
“But thinking about the hyumans, demi-humans, and the many races out there in this world, there’s one hyuman that becomes an unprecedented threat to them. That’s Raidou. Misumi Makoto. Depending on his actions, I might have to move myself.” (Waterfall)
“…An unprecedented threat.” (Hibiki)
Waterfall had a thinking that was incredibly close to what Hibiki thought.
That this dragon is perceiving Makoto with the same level of threat she does.
“People change as easy as water, they possess a flexible vessel, and are living beings that can show change in trickery. Normally, I would oversee all this, and even if there were a revolutionist appearing, it would only be considered as the natural flow. But Raidou is not even that. He will simply destroy. Nothing will be born from him. In the past, present, and future, he will simply destroy. He is the kind of existence that has a strong possibility to do this.” (Waterfall)
(It is practically the same thinking. Makoto-kun won’t hesitate in fighting against existences that he has deemed as enemies. And he thinks of life –and most likely his own as well– in an incredibly dry manner. For the sake of resolving the problem, he wouldn’t care about eliminating the obstacle. He is a boy that would naturally accept this flow of events. And without thinking back on it, he steps forward.) (Hibiki)
Waterfall had been defeated by Sofia, and was absorbed temporarily into herself.
For Waterfall who has been thinking about making contact with Hibiki, this was a big blunder.
But thanks to that, Waterfall was able to witness the two battles of Raidou against Sofia, and within the egg, she was able to learn a lot through Root’s analysis.
On top of that, what Waterfall thought first was to jeer at certain existences that were right beside that person.
‘Just how far are you going to go in order to fulfill your own enjoyment?! Just what do you think of the world, you idiotic bunch?!’
80% was directed at Root, and 20% was directed at Tomoe.
Afterwards, she let out her anger that couldn’t turn into words, and was throwing jeers that she had no choice but to not say.
It’s been a long time since Waterfall had fallen into a complete state of rage.
That’s why Waterfall was grateful for the unexpected chance that Hibiki came to Meiris Lake as well.
And so, she decided to throw away her restrains.
“His past self wasn’t like that, he was a normal young man. He probably didn’t have that abnormal nature there’s no way of hiding.” (Hibiki)
“The possible reason is this world. Being separated from his family and the world that was filled with peaceful common sense, he has slowly shedded off the way of thinking of ‘that other world’. Even so, right now it is only on the level of shedding off the thin skin of the egg. His morals and ethics are still alive, so that’s probably the remains of the Raidou that Hibiki previously knew of.” (Waterfall)
“An abnormal nature that would have been buried if he hadn’t come to this world… In other words, he is a person that would have been better if he hadn’t come?” (Hibiki)
“Exactly. Thinking about the fact that he should have originally been summoned alone into this world, it could be considered that this situation is a miracle in itself.” (Waterfall)
“…What do you mean by that?” (Hibiki)
“The head of the Superior Dragons has a connection with the Goddess. Since it is the information of that person, it should be credible, but originally, the only one that had a connection to this world, was Raidou.” (Waterfall)
“In other words, the irregulars are not Makoto-kun, but us who were called here as heroes?” (Hibiki)
“Yes, and from what I guess, that’s has probably become some sort of debt inside of Raidou.” (Waterfall)
“Debt? Why?” (Hibiki)
Hibiki asks for the basis of that guess.
Hibiki and Tomoki had consented to coming to this world after hearing the situation from the Goddess.
It is certainly true that if given more time, the answer might have changed, but it was a decision they made themselves.
That’s why, even if they are irregulars, the fact that they have become heroes isn’t something that Makoto should feel indebted for.
“This is only a guess. Finding a suitable time, please confirm it with your own ears. And if it’s actually true…” (Waterfall)
“…You are telling to keep silent about my feelings that: ’I don’t think anything about it, and that’s just misplaced debt’?” (Hibiki)
“…It is great that you are quick on the uptake.” (Waterfall)
If the person feels debt by himself, it shouldn’t be corrected and utilized instead.
In that sense, the two of them were in sync.
“Honestly, Makoto-kun’s threat level is something that I felt as well. Today it turned into certainty though. I don’t know if I will be able to answer your expectations, but I do think that I must associate with him in a prudent manner.” (Hibiki)
“That’s fine. Don’t let him get used to the battlefield, and make him be as far as possible from the war. If the person himself is satisfied with being a merchant, please help him do it. In present, that’s the best direction.” (Waterfall)
“You don’t have a plan that can solve the root problem?” (Hibiki)
“I have one, but leaving aside him, the people around him most likely won’t consent to it. If possible, that would be the best solution, and it is also what he has gone to check at this moment.” (Waterfall)
“…And that is?” (Hibiki)
“It is simple. The technique for a recalling ritual. For me, that would be the best solution, but…thinking about the current situation, it would be impossible to realize.” (Waterfall)
“*Summon? No, a recall?!* In other words, a method to return to Japan!! In that case!!” (Hibiki)
Hearing the solution of Waterfall, Hibiki’s eyes glittered in an instant.
Certainly, if it’s that method, Raidou who is not that attached to this world, would not only give his consent, but that way, it will also work as the perfect isolation.
She thought that it was the best method where no one would be unhappy.
But at the same time, it bothered her that Waterfall said it was impossible in a regrettable manner.
“…To accomplish the ritual there’s the need for around a thousand lives, and on top of that, it can only recall. Moreover, it is not a forced one, but a ritual where the person has to consent to in order to actually work.” (Waterfall)
“A thousand…” (Hibiki)
Hibiki thought that it was a small amount of sacrifices compared to the danger he might cause in the future.
“Raidou has a special companion relationship between many, and the people that have a strong connection with him in this world are not few. It is not a realistic solution.” (Waterfall)
“Are you referring to Tomoe-san and Mio-san?” (Hibiki)
“…Yeah. It is troublesome. About Mio, your companion Chiya probably knows of it already. When you return, you can hear it from her. What I can say for sure is that, whether it is Tomoe or Mio, it will be impossible to obtain consent for the recall. Because even if the residents of this world consent to the recalling ritual, they won’t be able to go to the same world as Raidou.” (Waterfall)
“Hibiki, listen well. Change him not with battle, but with a different method, and find some way to seal him within peace. Raidou’s vessel for power itself is completely different from you and the Empire’s hero. It can take form suddenly, and trying to oppose it would be a foolish. No matter how big of a vessel hyumans possess, they won’t be able to take in the whole sea. It goes beyond comparison.” (Waterfall)
“Vessel of power…” (Hibiki)
“Even if we were to put all the power in this world into one, I don’t think we would be able to realize a battle.” (Waterfall)
“Then, don’t tell me that even the Goddess…” (Hibiki)
“…If it turns into a situation where the Goddess herself comes down to this world and fights…” (Waterfall)
“This world will most likely be destroyed by its root.” (Waterfall)
“No way.” (Hibiki)
“I am sure of this.” (Waterfall)
Waterfall is saying this.
That Makoto already has the power to outdo the Goddess.
As expected, Hibiki was unable to easily accept this level of opinion.
She decided to just listen to it as one opinion Waterfall has of Raidou.
“You have learned of both sides of the Goddess’ world, and even with that, you were still able to think about changing it from the inside. That approach of yours struck my heart. Because of my powerless body, I am unable to provide you divine protection or form a pact with you, but I –the Superior Dragon Waterfall– promise to cooperate with hero Hibiki. I will leave this world in Hibiki’s hands.” (Waterfall)
“…I said it before but, why did Waterfall end up in that body?” (Hibiki)
“Ah, I still haven’t explained it, right. Actually, I was killed by the Dragon Slayer Sofia not that long ago.” (Waterfall)
“…Eh?” (Hibiki)
“And then, aside from me, there was also Crimson Red and Darkness Clad. Sofia who had killed us and obtained our power, was half killed by Raidou who didn’t suffer a single injury.” (Waterfall)
“…Eh?!” (Hibiki)
“And then, Sofia was finished by our Head. Being released, we were looked after by the Superior Dragon’s Head, and Raidou is currently delivering them to the several locations.” (Waterfall)
“He has connections with the demon race as well, so I think Hibiki will definitely have it hard. If you were a man, your hair would definitely fall mercilessly. But I believe that if it’s you, you will be able to gather all the circumstances, and lead it to the best result.” (Waterfall)
“Wa, wait!!” (Hibiki)
Being told truths she didn’t know of one after the other, Hibiki had turned into a reaction doll.
With its round eyes, Waterfall was looking straight at Hibiki with a pressure that didn’t suit her small body as she cornered her more and more.
“Fuh~, after saying it out, I now feel a bit lighter. It’s like something has come off from my shoulder.” (Waterfall)
“D-Don’t just put it down!! What was that about the demon race?! No matter what I do, we would end up confronting anyways then!!” (Hibiki)
“…Please do your best, Hibiki.” (Waterfall)
“You are supposed to be cooperating with me, right? Didn’t you say that just now? Isn’t all of this something that shouldn’t be said now, but at a more earlier stage?!!” (Hibiki)
“Sorry. I was dead all this time, and today I was recently born. Even if I could observe, I wasn’t in a state where I could tell you.” (Waterfall)
“What’s with that…? What’s that about being dead, seriously…” (Hibiki)
Hibiki who had stood up from her seat, once again took her seat as if the strength in her legs had given out.
“Even so, Hibiki, you won’t break. Your nature is that of a challenger. And you are a genius. Wring out the power of the people to protect this world and the Goddess as well.” (Waterfall)
“I wonder why…I feel incredibly tired.” (Hibiki)
“When you return, listen to what the priestess has to say. And then, if possible, try having a bout with Raidou. By doing that, you will definitely understand; what I saw and feared.” (Waterfall)
Hibiki didn’t answer Waterfall’s words.
She had her head hung down and her eyes closed. Maybe she was trying to understand this situation, or it might be that she is simply exhausted.
She continued staying silent.
“…For now, I will try with the talk about the recall and the convincing. And after that, I will try having a bout. If I have no choice but to do it, I understand I will have to carry this burden as I move forward.” (Hibiki)
(*The one to remove the traveller’s clothes wasn’t the wind, but the sun; the one who defeated Watounai wasn’t a tiger but an old lady, was it*. To think that I would have to do something like this when we are still in war… I feel like I am doing war with both the Kuzunoha Company and the demon race at the same time.) (Hibiki)
“I am counting on you. Ah, try to act as you always do with Raidou.” (Waterfall)
“Because I was the one you told the situation to, you believe that I am able to do it, right? I have somewhat understood your personality.” (Hibiki)
“How reliable.” (Waterfall)
Hibiki stands up and heads towards the library that Makoto went to.
Waterfall got on Hibiki’s shoulder and showed her will to accompany her.
“Right, Hibiki. If it’s for a short time, I can make myself bigger, so at the time of your return, I will be taking you outside. It will also provide a plus to your name.” (Waterfall)
“Since the circumstances are like this, I will accept anything that can serve as a plus.” (Hibiki)
Thinking about the meaning of returning by riding a dragon, Hibiki accepts the proposal immediately.
Hearing a vast amount of information, she felt that she wouldn’t be able to sleep for several days, and a small sigh leaked out.
Riding a giant dragon, Hibiki and Makoto return to the capital.
The big frame of Waterfall that came flying in the sunset sky had surprised the people of the capital, but after learning that Hibiki was riding at its back, they were welcomed with big ovations.
(Eh? There’s a lot of rubble outside. The help of Rotsgard shouldn’t have come yet, so… Was Mio the one who did it?) (Makoto)
After finishing the delivery of the egg as per usual, Makoto obtained several useful magic books from Waterfall and was in a good mood.
Teleporting from world to world.
Learning of the existence of magic books that have magic formations that could be used for this purpose, Makoto was dazed.
By the time Hibiki and Waterfall had finished their talk and had come to look for him, Makoto was seriously reading through the magic books.
Coming down from Waterfall who had landed close to the outer walls, she said her thanks to Makoto and Hibiki, and just like that, they parted ways and returned to the castle.
It was close to dinner.
Makoto did a meeting with Mio and Lime; Hibiki did an emergency meeting with the Limia king, prince Joshua, and the close aides of the king.
Within the tense atmosphere, Hibiki explains about Waterfall.
Of course, the talk of Waterfall wasn’t something that could be readily said, and was unable to explain the dangerous sensation she felt at that moment.
Moreover, Joshua spoke about the assistance in the reconstruction from the Kuzunoha Company, and that made her sigh several times.
On the other hand, Makoto praised Mio for helping out in the reconstruction, and thanked Lime.
He spoke about how he already finished delivering the egg and showed Mio the magic books that Waterfall had given him.
In contrast to Limia’s side, this side’s conversation advanced in a cheerful manner.
And then…
“Mio-san is the black spider, Onee-chan.” (Chiya)
“…Please give me a break…” (Hibiki)
“It is the truth. Also, that person Raidou, uhm, he is in control of that black spider, or keeping her.” (Chiya)
“…Hah…” (Hibiki)
“Onee-chan.” (Chiya)
“What is it, Chiya-chan?” (Hibiki)
Hibiki went to see Chiya who had woken up.
At today’s dinner, it will be Kuzunoha Company, the royal family, and the hero party, who will be participating.
Since they didn’t know if Chiya would be able to attend it, it was also a visit to see if she had the will to do it.
She apologized first for having her use the Mind’s Eye, but Chiya got angry saying that it wasn’t necessary to apologize.
Hibiki didn’t want to forcefully ask her about the image she got, but the priestess herself opened the conversation, and Hibiki felt a profound gratitude towards that action, but the contents of it made her face stiffen.
“That Raidou person is definitely a no. Fighting him or even getting along with him is a no. I don’t think he as good of a person as he makes it out to be. If possible, don’t get involved with the Kuzunoha Company either.” (Chiya)
“How did that person look to you, Chiya-chan?” (Hibiki)
“…It was a smooth white hyuman shaped image, but inside of him, there was an incredibly disagreeing ‘something’.” (Chiya)
“I have heard about hyuman shaped ones a number of times already, but having something is new.” (Hibiki)
“The white part was slightly cracked. From there, I could see it slightly.” (Chiya)
“Cracked… In other words, the white hyuman shape is the figure he thinks he is…and that has begun to fall apart? But white. Until now, there hasn’t been an image with that color, right?” (Hibiki)
“Yeah, but it was a pure white.” (Chiya)
“Whichever it is, I have understood plenty enough that it is a dangerous image. And that we shouldn’t settle an interpretation of it too soon as well. Thanks, Chiya-chan. You don’t have to look at them with your Mind’s Eye anymore.” (Hibiki)
“…Yeah. But if needed, I will do it again, okay?” (Chiya)
“Even so, Mio is the black spider huh. I did think it was strange that there were no reports of it appearing again after we only encountered it once but…to think that she was an employee in a company, there’s a limit to unexpected. In other words, the opponent that played around with us until the verge of death and left on a whim, saved us in our training and gave us equipment huh. What are we doing, seriously.” (Hibiki)
The self-depreciating mutters of Hibiki at the end had leaked.
Her words had an unusual bitterness in it.
“The person called Raidou is probably stronger than her. And Mio-san didn’t seem to dislike being controlled. Also…” (Chiya)
“Yeah, continue.” (Hibiki)
“That person’s image…had three chains of control. In other words, he has two other people that are similar to Mio-san.” (Chiya)
“Two huh. Okay. I have a slight idea of who.” (Hibiki)
“I see. As expected of Onee-chan.” (Chiya)
“…Hey, Chiya-chan. Today’s dinner will be with the people of Kuzunoha Company. Will you be able to come? If it is too hard for you, you can eat in your room, you know?” (Hibiki)
“I will go. I have done something rude to them after all. I have to apologize.” (Chiya)
“You aren’t scared?” (Hibiki)
“Souring their mood and having them cause trouble to Limia Kingdom and Lorel Union is something I want even less, so I’m fine.” (Chiya)
The priestess that had an expression that didn’t suit her age, said this firmly.
For a second, Hibiki was in mute amazement, but she soon showed a smile that came from deep inside and nodded.
“Also…after finishing the meal, as a sideshow, I was thinking about…fighting him onc–” (Hibiki)
“You can’t!!” (Chiya)
She cut off Hibiki’s words.
“…It is only a bout, you know? We won’t be fighting to death. This is just my guess but, if he is like that, it is safe. Also, even if it turns dangerous…he is someone that we have to probe no matter what. It is also because someone asked me to, but I think it is necessary too.” (Hibiki)
“That person is far more dangerous than Tomoki-san, you know? This is only a possibility, but maybe even more than the Demon Lord.” (Chiya)
“Yeah, I know. I also share the same opinion, Chiya-chan. I think there’s other methods we can use, but to tell you the truth, I wanted to test a bit.” (Hibiki)
“That person? No, Onee-chan herself?” (Chiya)
“Yeah. ‘I won’t move on self-interest anymore’, that’s what I thought of doing, but I still can’t do it. Throwing my all, I want to learn more about him, about myself.” (Hibiki)
“…Then I will also watch. When you get hurt, I will heal you immediately.” (Chiya)
“Please. I am sorry for being an useless hero.” (Hibiki)
“For me, Hibiki Onee-chan is the best hero-sama, so you are not useless!” (Chiya)
“…I see.” (Hibiki)
“I didn’t think you would be accepting this kind of request. Thank you, Raidou-dono.”
“Don’t mind it. It is something that I have been thinking of as well. To be able to have a bout with hero-sama, it is something I can boast about.” (Makoto)
Two hours after finishing dinner without any incidents.
“The less spectators the better, but making it less than this was impossible.” (Hibiki)
Makoto and Hibiki were about to confront at the place where the knights train, located at the back of the castle.   
Just like Hibiki said, there’s few spectators since it is a faraway place.
The hero party, Limia King, prince Joshua, and a number of nobles.
And then, the Kuzunoha Company’s Mio and Lime.
“I don’t mind.” (Makoto)
(After I finish what I want to try, I can just go ahead and lose after all.) (Makoto)
“We will both go seriously and with our all, okay? And when we are finished, let’s have a drink together. You can hold your alcohol, right? It would be a waste not to enjoy this good night, so I will entertain you.” (Hibiki)
“I can hold it a bit. I will happily accompany you.” (Makoto)
(Senpai looks like she can hold her alcohol really well. I don’t think she will force me to drink, so I will just order some tea before anything happens.) (Makoto)
Whether she knows how Makoto feels or not, Hibiki pushes the word that this is a serious match.
On the other hand, Makoto was already worried about the events after the match.
Distance was taken between the two.
Maybe because they took in consideration that Makoto’s weapon is a bow, the two of them had taken quite a lot of distance compared to a fight with swords.
“Then…let’s begin.” (Hibiki)
“Yes.” (Makoto)
A short exchange.
But the tension in the place increased in an instant.
Hibiki summons Horn from her silver belt, and immediately activates her serious equipment.
Horn and the silver belt that were shining strongly, hid in a small area of Hibiki’s body and protected it.
The invisible defensive field that was created by the sacred treasure provided high endurance to Hibiki.
At the same time, her speed is buffed, and the bastard sword she unsheathed stacks even more speed into that equation.
(At any rate, she is a specialist in speed and power huh. Just as I saw in Meiris Lake. The type that if you can’t catch her, you can’t do anything about. Her defensive power is decent, and that exposure rate is for speed sake. How through, or more like, on top of that, she is using body strengthening as well. So a full boosted Senpai will be going with her all from the start huh.) (Makoto)
Makoto took his bow into his hands, activated his Magic Armor, and was checking the movements of Hibiki.
And then, he was sure she was a suitable opponent.
After he achieved Creation at the demon race territory, Makoto slightly noticed something regarding his own image.
To test it, there just…wasn’t a suitable opponent for it.
Makoto was going to try and test it with Hibiki.
He doesn’t intend to take her life.
He doesn’t intend to leave her deeply injured either.
Thinking that, Makoto was able to accept the ‘serious match’ of Hibiki.
(Bows will shoot the arrow straight; leaving aside magic arrows that are created from Brid, if it’s a physical arrow, I had a preconceived notion that it worked this way. I think that maybe in this world, I will be able to do even more incredible things.) (Makoto)
Holding the bastard sword in one hand like that of a japanese katana, Hibiki swung her sword at Makoto.
(…An Iai?! No, a sword wave.) (Makoto)
The sword wave changed colors faintly and launched towards Makoto.
Of course, that was blocked by Makoto’s Magic Armor and disappeared.
However, because of the impact and the dust, Makoto’s field of vision was blocked.
(It was like an Iai. To shoot a sword wave, that’s incredibly hero-like.) (Makoto)
Without getting agitated, Makoto lifted his bow and takes an arrow with his right hand.
With no stance and simply in a standby posture, he waits for the next move of Hibiki.
Attacks struck the Magic Armor of Makoto from the back, left, right, and right again.
(She was able to shorten the distance this much already. She is probably faster than the wolves in Asora.) (Makoto)
He was in a state where his field of vision had not recovered yet, and was exposed to the continuous attacks of Hibiki.
But they were all stopped by the Magic Armor and couldn’t reach Makoto.
There was no agitation felt in the sword of Hibiki, the space between the attacks steadily opened, and it felt as if she was analyzing it.
“Ah, there she is.” (Makoto)
“What an incredible defense!” (Hibiki)
Right in front of Makoto was Hibiki.
With her body slightly bend down, she slashes at Makoto without hesitating.
That attack cuts the invisible Magic Armor.
Being endowed with magic power and counting its speed, it was an attack that Makoto couldn’t follow with his eyes.
“Even though you have no scabbard, how can you do an Iai?” (Makoto)
“I just use the wind as my scabbard. I feel like I can finally do a proper attack—?!!” (Hibiki)
Hibiki’s next attack was crushed before it was activated.
Makoto reformed the arm of the Magic Armor and leaving it to raw power, he struck her to the ground.
Being held down just like that, Hibiki’s movements stop.
Even so, she hasn’t released her sword.
“Wind as a scabbard? What kind of idea is that?!” (Makoto)
“Guh!! Even though I certainly did feel like it worked, and yet, damn it!!” (Hibiki)
The Magic Armor of Makoto broke again.
The arm of the Magic Armor that Makoto can see –the arm that was holding down Hibiki– was pierced by something, and from there, the composition of the arm was destroyed.
(Was it shot down? No, Senpai is not using something like that. She did something with her sword. But she is using her whole body and moving well! Restraining her will be hard.) (Makoto)
While being surprised by the unknown powerful attack Hibiki released, Makoto was finally able to grasp the figure of Hibiki in his eyes.
Placing an arrow, Makoto concentrates on Hibiki who’s there.
(I was somehow able to disperse that restrain by perforating it. Also, what held me down was probably the defense of Makoto-kun. In other words, if I use a stronger piercing attack, there’s the chance that it can reach Makoto-kun. But, is it only at this level?) (Hibiki)
Makoto adjusted his aim at Hibiki.  
At that moment, Hibiki noticed.
(I thought I would be able to evade his arrows, but if I remember correctly, he boasted an abnormal accuracy. And if it’s like my Iai that utilizes wind and his ability has been enhanced in this world…it is fine, even if it hits me, I will just have to strike it down the instant it touches my body.) (Hibiki)
(I will brush away the arrow and cut down his defense with my Iai. Without putting any fronts, I will use my all to pierce it. But he is not moving. If he is not going to make any moves…I will just have to bait him to!) (Hibiki)
Hibiki’s figure disappears.
Without caring about the presence of the dust, he doesn’t try to follow her trace at all.
The speed of Sofia and the speed of Hibiki are completely different.
Hibiki mixes real moves and feints, and utilizes the eyes of the people and their senses to make the other party perceive it in a faster speed than normal.
Just like how Lime saw it for the first time and lifted his hands in surrender, it could be said that it is an incredibly vicious technique.
Different from the time when he was barely able to follow the moves of Sofia, in this case, Makoto had completely lifted his hands in surrender at the speed of Hibiki too.
(As I thought, I can’t see her at all. Nice. This is fine. It has to be this way.) (Makoto)
Makoto closed his eyes, and the figure of Hibiki before she disappeared, appeared in his head.
And then, he released his arrow at that image of hers.
Makoto who opened his eyes, felt that his Magic Armor had been destroyed.
The attack of Hibiki had increased in sharpness, and Makoto felt like the power was increasing more and more.
It might be some sort of ability, but for the current him, that was a point that was of no importance.
Without his Magic Armor, Makoto used Sakai without any expectations, and tried to grasp the location of Hibiki.
At that place, there’s Hibiki who has an arrow pierced at her right shoulder.
Maybe because she had stopped her movements due of the pain, Makoto was able to grasp her location.
That’s how fast Hibiki was.
And then, she took a surprising action.
“Her left hand?!” (Makoto)
Taking her sword again with her left hand, she forcefully released her trump card sword wave.
The wave of attacks spiralled and advanced in a shape to pierce at Makoto.
Makoto forgot to activate his Magic Armor for a second, and was entranced by it.
(…Doing an Iai with no scabbard, and be able to release a sword wave with that much power… Even though she is already outrageous by being able to do this much against an opponent that she can’t attack properly, she is even able to use her sword waves as bullets… Just what’s going through that head of hers? Oh right, first of all…) (Makoto)
The piercing attack of Hibiki that had already approached to his very eyes, the Magic Armor can’t be completely activated in time.
Only cladding the Armor at his right hand that was free, Makoto decided to take the piercing attack.
Even though it is in an incomplete state, it was an attack of Hibiki that had reached Makoto for the first time.
The right hand that was placed at his front made contact with the sword wave that’s clad in Hibiki’s magic power.
“…This is…strong!!” (Makoto)
At first, Makoto was thinking about crushing it in his hands, but understanding that it would be hard to do, he tried to shift its trajectory forcefully with his hand.
“!! He stopped the wave with his hand?!” (Hibiki)
“Shiaaa!” (Makoto)
The right hand of Makoto deviated the attack, piercing the ground and making a thunderous sound.
“Ouch ouch… Sorry but I don’t think that I can fight anymore. I give up.” (Makoto)
Makoto waves his hand as if in pain.
From that hand, red blood was flowing.
Mio who saw the injury of Makoto, had her brows twitch up, but that’s all she did and didn’t make any move.
“…I also can’t continue it seems. It is a draw huh, Raidou-dono.” (Hibiki)
(I couldn’t tell when it pierced me at all. If it had been in my head, I would have died without knowing what happened. The vessel of power is different huh. For Makoto-kun, I’m not even an opponent that’s worthy of fighting. Being this overwhelming, it even makes my will to compete wane.) (Hibiki)
Hibiki takes out the arrow that was pierced in her shoulder, and a healing light came from the red stain.
Without being able to understand what Makoto did at all.
Makoto practically didn’t move his bow at all and didn’t even turn around, and yet, it ended this way.
The only proper moving he did was when he prepared his arrow, and when he grabbed the sword wave of hers.
Hibiki understood that it was her defeat.
And on top of that, while being irritated by Makoto who looked like he was planning on losing from the very beginning, she declared a draw.
Announcing his defeat after doing something like that and not doing a follow-up attack, even Hibiki didn’t find it pleasant.
While holding bitter feelings inside herself, Hibiki ended the match with Makoto.
(To think that it would even replicate the place it had pierced in the image… I see. The reason why I needed more time in order to increase my concentration was maybe because the difficulty of it was high? Even so, at that time, I was directing it towards the image of Senpai that was at that place, and yet, it hit Senpai who was leaping around the area, just as I pictured. I have finally reached a point that’s not archery, but something really sketchy. I don’t think this will be enough against the Goddess, but I have gotten a bit of confidence.) (Makoto)
“Hm, this is good.” (Makoto)
Makoto mutters lowly.
He was satisfied that what he wanted to do had been realized.
He didn’t really mind that the lost he intended to have had become a draw.
Mio was smiling in a satisfied manner while looking not at Makoto, but Hibiki’s state. It was hidden by her folding fan, so the only one who noticed that smile was Lime.
And to make it as if he didn’t see it, it ended with no one knowing.
And like this, the long day in Limia kingdom has finished.

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