Chapter 209: The two in the next morning

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“You are already fine right, Hibiki?”

“Yeah. I only had an arrow pierced in my shoulder, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Thanks for visiting me.” (Hibiki)


Mio’s words were paused there, and a silence appeared between Hibiki and Mio who were alone in the room.

“Yeah… Was his wound okay?” (Hibiki)

“Something like that, it can be healed at the instant-desu wa. More importantly, Hibiki, it seems like you are doing a lot of moving in the shadows, but after actually acting together with Waka-sama and even having a bout with him last night, you finally understood, right?” (Mio)

“I am not really moving around in the shadows you know, Mio-san. But it is true that I have understood his strength, and that he has strength that even you would follow.” (Hibiki)

Hibiki says these words as if biting them.

Last night, Hibiki had a bout with Makoto.

Of course, it was only a bout for Hibiki, and it was clear that Makoto didn’t have the intention at all.

In the end, it finished with Hibiki being unable to pass a single proper attack and was only able to cause a wound on the level of a scrape, and Makoto hit her in the shoulder with an arrow.

Makoto’s surrender was made a draw by Hibiki, but for Hibiki, it wasn’t a draw nor a win, it was a losing fight.

“That’s no good, Hibiki. Leaving aside the fact that you have understood the power of Waka-sama, you are trying to hide things from me? Even though you were the one that had us stay at the Hopelace territory when we were on our way to the capital.” (Mio)

“No way. A part of the nobles made a strong interference in the invitation we did to your Kuzunoha Company, and the visit to the Hopelace territory is a result of that. In the point that I was unable to stop it, I do hold a part of the responsibility.” (Hibiki)

“…Then, are you saying you don’t know anything about what happened there? That’s what you are trying to say, right?” (Mio)

“…Yes. At least me and the royal family don’t. Did something happen?” (Hibiki)

“Hibiki.” (Mio)

“What is it, Mio-san?” (Hibiki)

“In our eyes, you, the royal family, the local nobles; all of them are the same Limia Kingdom. That’s not going to work as an escape route.” (Mio)


Hibiki’s throat moved delicately.

It was a small movement of gulping.

“Investigate it. Something of that level is of no problem, but this will be a new debt for you.” (Mio)

“…Understood.” (Hibiki)

“And? From what I heard of Waka-sama, you are intelligent, right? I heard you are a genius that can do anything.” (Mio)

“Wait, what is Makoto-kun putting in Mio-san’s head?” (Hibiki)

Hearing the words of Mio, Hibiki was taken by surprise for a second, and the tension fell from her face. At the same time, she muttered a complaint to Makoto.

“Haven’t you understood Waka-sama and the Kuzunoha Company already? Let me hear your point of view.” (Mio)


“Go on. Lately, I have been scattering a lot of hints, you know? If you don’t understand after all this, I can make it even easier to understand. Maybe there’s the need to do something that no matter how much you want to turn away from it, it will be engraved in those eyes of yours.” (Mio)


“Hibiki… What is Waka-sama? With the information you have gotten, what was the answer you arrived at with that nice head of yours. Tell me.” (Mio)

Mio’s words reverberated coldly in the room as if signaling a last warning.

Hibiki was hesitating about something, but as if resigning, she looked straight at Mio.

“Raidou –Misumi Makoto-kun– is…” (Hibiki)


“The Devil. He is the Devil himself. And also the white guy that saved me in Limia.” (Hibiki)

Hibiki’s low but confident words made Mio break a smile.

In her mouth and eyes.

Mio was laughing satisfied.

“Nicely done. That’s right, Waka-sama is the existence called Devil by you guys. And the master of the Kuzunoha Company.” (Mio)

“I had an idea since before. In the time at Meiris Lake it became even deeper, and at the mock battle, I was confident of it.” (Hibiki)

“It was worth having you accompany Waka-sama. And it was also worth giving that suit to the Rembrandt girl.” (Mio)

“The new equipment that the Kuzunoha Company created, right? The SFX hero suit that the girl called Yuno Rembrandt was using. As I thought, it was a deliberate leak of information huh.” (Hibiki)

“Of course. I wanted you to arrive at the thought that Waka-sama is the Devil, and also the person that had saved you after all.” (Mio)

“I was saved by him twice, huh.” (Hibiki)

“That’s right. The first time, he even received grave injuries in his sacred body; the second time was a deal with the Goddess though. But as a result, in both of them, Waka-sama saved you.” (Mio)

“Yeah, that’s true.” (Hibiki)

“Then show an attitude appropriate of your benefactor. Looking at Waka-sama, you should have understood well, right? He doesn’t wish for war. The reason he saved you two was only because you are people from the same world.” (Mio)


“Listen well, I won’t tell you to cooperate. I am only telling you to stop any sort of action that interferes with the Kuzunoha Company. Also, if something happens within the range you can detect, stop it. Waka-sama is simply trying to bring good to the people after all.” (Mio)

What Mio said at the end made Hibiki’s brows narrow.

“I wonder about that.” (Hibiki)

“What did you say?” (Mio)

“As a company, he is really providing good things at a cheap price. But is that all he is trying to achieve in his actions?” (Hibiki)

Hibiki objected.

That’s also something she thought about after seeing a part of Makoto, and if the Kuzunoha Company really only has those intentions, then there’s parts that contradict this from the way the company acts, that’s how she felt.

“If it’s as Mio-san says, why does he increase his fighting power to that degree? If he wants to go on as a simple merchant, isn’t it plenty enough with just Tomoe-san and Mio-san? I don’t think he was so strong from the very beginning. The Empire hero and I were reasonably strong, but thinking about his ability when he was in the previous world, he should have been about the same as us or less. And yet, he clearly has obtained an abnormal power different from ours.” (Hibiki)

“Waka-sama was thrown into the border of the world. It was a result brought by necessity.” (Mio)

“Are you saying that that necessity won’t lead to war?! It is certainly true that I didn’t feel ambition from him, but he does bring doubts that maybe he has some sort of scheme.” (Hibiki)

“You, even when you have spoken with Waka-sama, you are still thinking such stupid things?” (Mio)

“…I did talk with him. However, my anxiety towards him won’t disappear. That strength and way of thinking is just way too different from that of a person that was supposed to have been raised in modern Japan, in a normal family. I want to ask you this Mio-san, is it really okay for Makoto-kun to change like that?” (Hibiki)

“There’s no need for you to mind about something like that. Waka-sama can change as he sees fit, and if he wants to change, he can just do so. I will simply follow him. If I am asked, my answer will obviously be ‘everything is okay’.” (Mio)

“…I still can’t answer you about how I will interact with the Kuzunoha Company and him.” (Hibiki)

“…Hibiki.” (Mio)

“There’s! There’s still time. There’s also still time to learn more of him.” (Hibiki)

“…I see. Right. I will wait for a bit more. If you want to speak with Waka-sama for a bit more, I will accept it. But it will only be talking.” (Mio)

“I understand.” (Hibiki)

“Fuh~. What a pain. By the way, Hibiki, you already know that I am a spider, right? That priestess has woken up, right?” (Mio)

“That’s—!! Yes, I know. I heard that you are the Black Calamity Spider. So it was true.” (Hibiki)

Mio suddenly reveals her identity to Hibiki.

Hibiki who didn’t expect her to announce it in this timing, was slightly agitated, but she admitted it.

“Fufufu, I am interested in what that priestess saw in Waka-sama, but I will leave that enjoyment for later. Well then, taking that premise into consideration, I will give you one piece of info.” (Mio)

“Info?” (Hibiki)

“You said the power of Waka-sama was abnormal, but that personage had encountered me as a spider when he was merely two weeks into this world.” (Mio)


“There will be gaps in power appearing between you and the Empire’s hero. Those gaps may be 10 days worth or maybe one month, but from what I know, Waka-sama came later than you two.” (Mio)

“Then, you are telling me that, with practically no experience, he fought with Mio-san, no, with the Black Calamity Spider?” (Hibiki)

Hibiki thought it was impossible.

After coming to this world, she got used to battle and obtained trusty companions, but even if she fought with the spider that had been in so many battles, the result would be obvious.

“Yeah.” (Mio)

“Ah…I see. Tomoe-san was also there, right?” (Hibiki)

Within the agitation, Hibiki remembers the order in which Makoto met his followers.

In the past, Mio had told Hibiki that she met Makoto after Tomoe.

“Waka-sama fought alone against me.” (Mio)

“No way.” (Hibiki)

“He did receive some injuries, but he defeated me. At that time, the Black Calamity Spider ceased to exist in this world.” (Mio)

“Then, he had that crazy power since the beginning? Without any relation to the Goddess?” (Hibiki)

“Who knows. Just that, Hibiki, I have practically no memories of when I was a spider, but when I investigated a bit to see…” (Mio)


It seems like my encounter with Waka-sama happened a few days after fighting you guys. Since that time on, the gap between Waka-sama and you has simply increased more and more. Think very very thoroughly about this truth.” (Mio)


Hibiki was shoved the difference in power between her past self and Makoto.

“Of course, by the time we are in this country, that is.” (Mio)

Just like how she came in, Mio melts into the darkness and disappears.

Hibiki who was left there, still didn’t move.

‘The gap continued increasing’, those words of Mio were echoing in her head.



“…Is something the matter, Boss?” (Lime)

“You know, Lime.” (Makoto)

“Yes?” (Lime)

“Can you attack me for a bit? It is fine to not hold back.” (Makoto)

“…Yes?” (Lime)

Opening and closing the hand that Mio healed, I was pondering something.

Since Lime had returned to the room just at the right time, I asked him to do something, but well, he did a predictable reaction.

“No you see, last night I did a friendly match with Hibiki-senpai, or more like, a bout or well…anyways, we did that, right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah…” (Lime)

“Honestly, I had already seen what Senpai could do at Meiris Lake, and it was mostly what I had expected, but…” (Makoto)

“But, what?” (Lime)

“How to say it, from time to time, she was unexpectedly strong. In terms of defense, I didn’t do much, so I think Senpai was the one who was probably doing something. Just that, in truth, I don’t have an accurate idea of the current state of my defense.” (Makoto)

“A-Are you saying that you didn’t put much into that defense?” (Lime)

“And well, returning to what I said in the beginning, I was wondering what would happen if it was an attack of Lime. Please, give it one attack.” (Makoto)

“W-We are doing it here?!” (Lime)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

Even if we get slightly injured, we can just wait for Mio to come.

If it’s a light wound, I can just have Lime heal it.

There’s no need to go through the trouble of going outside and gathering attention.

Maybe Lime saw my behaviour and noticed that my will won’t be changing, he was worried for a bit, and then took his katana in hand.

“…I really am going to do it without holding back, okay? Even so, I don’t think it will reach the level of Hibiki though.” (Lime)

“You don’t have to mind that. Also, the weapon you have in hand is better, right? Even if something happens, I will have Mio do something about it, so just concentrate in giving your best attack.” (Makoto)

“You will do a follow-up for Mio-neesan, right?” (Lime)

“Of course. After asking you to do it, I won’t go asking her to save me.” (Makoto)

“Then, excuse me.” (Lime)

Lime unsheathes his katana.

Bending his legs, he lowers his posture, and grasps the katana in his right hand, with the blade facing up.

It is the stance for a thrust.

I was the one who asked for it, but I am grateful for Lime who is listening to it and doing it with his all.

It is because, in my memory, his preparation motions are the same as the stance of the attack with the highest power he has.

Just like that time with Senpai, I activate the Magic Armor.

Lime who didn’t move from his place, was accumulating power steadily.

As a charging technique, the longer it accumulates, the stronger it gets, since he doesn’t have to worry about the charging, it is the best kind of attack.

“Whenever you want.” (Makoto)

Lime didn’t answer.

Instead, magic power leaked from his body, and it looked like it shone lightly.

And then, Lime silently kicked the ground and pushes the power from his legs, waist, and shoulders, into his katana.

The amplified power converged into the katana and tried to pierce through the Magic Armor.



Without any high pitched sound of contact, the katana of Lime stopped at a space slightly apart from me.

As I thought, even Lime’s full power was unable to cut through it.

Is what I was thinking, but at that moment, Lime made an action further than that.

He released his right hand from the handle in an instant, and this time, he uses his left hand’s palm to push the end of the handle.

From his left hand, a massive amount of magic power flowed, and at the same time, it was pushing through.

A second stance to a charging attack!

That’s probably incredibly cool.

But the Magic Armor didn’t break.



Mine and Lime’s voice came out at almost the same time.

The reason is probably the same.

The katana of Lime trembled slightly, and…the blade broke into pieces.


So it was unable to withstand being in between the attack power of Lime and my Magic Armor huh.

“S-Sorry, Lime.” (Makoto)

“…Don’t mind it. Well, fortunately, I don’t think there will be any event where I will have to use this in our time in Limia, so don’t let it bother you.” (Lime)

“In how much time does it restore?” (Makoto)

“If it goes well, around half a day. This time there’s no need to hurry, so I think about a day. If there’s something necessary today, I will just use a spare sword-ssu.” (Lime)

Saying that, Lime shows one of the rings that he is wearing in his hand.

Ah, if I remember correctly, he did say that he has a lot of preparations done.

That ring can turn into a sword, right.

There’s a reason why Lime and I are not in such a grim mood.

As long as the handle remains, the regeneration ability is pretty fast.

It seems like even if it’s done slowly, it can take one day to return to normal.

I didn’t know about how much time exactly, but it is pretty fast.

“More importantly, Senpai was able go through my defense pretty easily with a weaker sword. Lime, do you have an idea why?” (Makoto)

“I don’t. The current training Hibiki has is with the sword waves she utilizes for long-ranged attack, but…when it comes to its power, I can only think of it as being common. Compared to when I was accompanying her, she didn’t seem to be doing anything different either.” (Lime)

“I see… In that case, maybe it is the divine protection she received from the Goddess.” (Makoto)

“It seems like that decorative belt was something that was given by the Goddess-ssu. She said the method of utilization is an original of hers though.” (Lime)

“Utilization? Are you talking about that radical exposure method?” (Makoto)

I have gotten slightly used to it, but…that’s…incredible.

Senpai is incredible for being able to utilize it because her battle power increases, and it is also incredible that it is an ability that actually increases her power.

But as expected, the most incredible part is the looks.


“Against that increased speed, I honestly feel it is hard to find a way to deal with it-ssu. ‘If she doesn’t take a single attack, there’s no need for armor’, is what a part of the adventurers discuss stupidly regarding it, but if they are at that level, they can spew all they want but they wouldn’t be able to actually make it true.” (Lime)

“Hm? In that case, the exposed mode Senpai doesn’t have much defensive power?” (Makoto)

“No. Even when Hibiki has obtained that much speed, she hasn’t forgotten the importance of defense. In that appearance, she has more defense than normal, but it seems like its defense loses against the people that are specialized in attack power, so she currently condenses the defensive field that envelops her whole body and enhances it.” (Lime)

“So instead of receiving the strong attacks, she stops them in a specific point huh. It is totally opposite of me who has abandoned stopping it and has chosen to receive them directly.” (Makoto)

I feel like as a skill, the one of Senpai has a higher difficulty.

She increases the defensive power of one point, but it will be a manual defense.

In other points, her defensive ability is on a godlike level though.

…How picky.

“What are you…doing…Lime?” (Mio)

“Hiiih!!” (Lime)

“Ah, Mio. Welcome back.” (Makoto)

“I am sorry for not being by your side because of some business. And Lime, what were you doing?” (Mio)

“This is…” (Lime)

“I don’t mind if you give me an explanation later. I will be calming down first so…come.” (Mio)

“Y-You are going to calm down, right? In that case, I don’t think I am needed.” (Lime)

“What are you saying? In order to calm down, your presence is necessary or I won’t be able to, right?.” (Mio)

You are the one that’s saying weird stuff, Mio.

Lime is giving out an aura of defeat and is in a state of horror.

Can’t be helped.

“Boss!” (Lime)

“It is okay, Lime. I will properly heal you back to normal.” (Mio)

“Heal?!” (Lime)

Mio who had gotten close to Lime, grabs him with her slender hand.

It looks as if he would be able to break free from it, but in truth, it has quite the strength behind it.

No wait.

I did say I would do a proper follow-up, so I have to keep my promise.

Also, I would prefer if Mio were to attack me with those current rampant feelings of hers.

“Mio, stop. Lime listened to a request of mine, so we were just doing a little testing here. That’s why, it is fine.” (Makoto)

“…A test?” (Mio)

Mio stops moving.

But her hand was still grabbing Lime.

Of course, the face of Lime didn’t show any sign that he felt he had escaped from danger.

Actually, he has a face that says he is in incredible danger.

“Yeah. Mio, help out as well. Just for a bit, I would like you to…right, can you attack me with your prided slicing fan?” (Makoto)

With that folding fan, she shoots an attack.

She really came out with another absurd thing, so I retorted by calling it slicing fan, and it seems she liked it, she decided to call that technique of hers in that way.

“Use Slicing Fan on Waka-sama?” (Mio)

“Something bothered me about the fight with Hibiki-senpai you see. Please.” (Makoto)

“With Hibiki… I understand. If it’s that, I will accept-desu wa.” (Mio)

Lime was finally released.

I thought I would need more convincing, but lately, when Hibiki-senpai’s name comes out, she becomes pretty obedient.

“Well then, here I go.” (Mio)

Just like Lime, without caring that we are indoors, Mio points the closed folding fan at me and swings it.

“Thanks Mio.” (Makoto)

I receive the wave of attacks from Mio that had different degrees of power with my Magic Armor, and after continuing until it was broken, I give my thanks to Mio and finish the test.

“Is it okay already?” (Mio)

“Yeah. I have understood that the sword of Hibiki-senpai is around this level of power after all.” (Makoto)

“…Are you referring to the attack that injured Waka-sama’s hand that time?” (Mio)

“It also has to do with that attack, but in general, Senpai’s attack were strangely strong. And in truth, the last attack Mio did was a pretty serious one, right?” (Makoto)

I ask Mio who I thought did an attack with about the same power.

“I didn’t even use 80%-desu wa. I wasn’t serious at all!” (Mio)

An over 70% of Mio is plenty strong, most likely.  

Even if I think that way, I won’t say it though.

Because it seems like Mio is also bothered by it.

My Magic Armor was cleanly chopped off, and I ended the test.

Since it would turn out the same as the mock battle, I considered it was plenty enough for the test.

“As I thought, the speed was obviously good, but…there’s something behind the strength of those attacks. I feel like I will have to go a bit stronger when doing a bout with Senpai or I will end up wounded.” (Makoto)

“…When Hibiki was struggling in the wasteland, she didn’t have a unique attack power like that. She was a girl with good instincts and a wide field of vision though. If I remember correctly, Shiki said that in the time that he was with Waka-sama in Limia, she was suddenly able to release a strong attack. How about confirming with Shiki when we return?” (Mio)

“Ah…maybe he is talking about the time when his the barrier he was keeping them in was destroyed? I see…” (Makoto)

Could it be that a new power she received from the Goddess awakened?

That really sounds like a hero-like development.

It didn’t seem like she was using any special spell to buff herself, and there’s also the chance she activated a stealth type skill like my Sakai.  

In that case, I can’t underestimate her too much.

“But that girl, did she really obtain that much attack power? Even with that, she asked for a new weapon…” (Mio)

“Mio? What’s wrong?” (Makoto)

“N-No, nothing! It is nothing-desu wa!!” (Mio)

“Now that I think about it, that business you were talking about…if I remember correctly, the only plans we had were to meet with a number of nobles and merchants and that was all, right? Could it be, you were meeting with Senpai?” (Makoto)

Mio with Hibiki-senpai…

Well, thinking about what happened in Rotsgard, I am indeed uneasy, but in Tsige, they were in a master-disciple relationship temporarily, so I shouldn’t worry about it too much.

“I was only doing some small talk about the time when they were in Tsige. Ah right! Hibiki said that soon we will be able to speak with the priestess.” (Mio)

“With the priestess-san. That’s…great. I did think about paying her a visit at least once before leaving.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I think it will be possible.” (Mio)

Also, that priestess-san saw something in Mio and I.

It would be a lie to say I am not interested in it.

Leaving aside if she will actually tell us, I want to at least try asking.

Well, she is a girl that’s not so far apart in age from Rinon, so I obviously don’t intend to force her.

Now then, it is almost time for an official to come.

It will be the time when I say that I want to leave with the company for now and give a reply at a later date.

I will not be giving a different answer anyways, so it would be good if they just take the hint and give up though.

Hah…I haven’t even checked the town around the castle properly.

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        Because EVEN IF Limia, Lorel, and the Demons all make nice with Makoto, give him massages, and whatnot…. there MIGHT be an idiot (Read: Tomoki/Lily) with enough power to kill Tomoe/Mio/Shiki. And we’ve already seen what Makoto is like when at least two of them get killed.

        Goodbye world.

      5. I can’t reply to you below(since there is no reply button, go figure) so just consider it a reply for your post below.

        If Waterfall knows its impossible to send Makoto back why would she bother telling Hibiki? She tells her the requirements and all sorts of information regarding the problems in it succeeding at the present. Plus the “debt” that they can guilt trip Makoto. These are all keys to be used against him in the right time. If you think the author if gonna spend half a chapter on a build up about this recall method an they would just leave it like that and never come back to it …. you for real 😀 ?

      6. Yes a mexican standoff is a good thing.In that imaginary world and in ours. Its literally the reason we are all alive right now. It boggles my mind that you can even argue about this.

      7. We’re arguing because you’re only focusing on ONE SIDE.

        If only ONE country had nuclear weapons, they might rule the world. They might even nuke one country. They would probably be dictators. They would also have ZERO need to USE the nuclear weapon, because the whole world is under their control. Thus the WORLD is safer (maybe unhappier)

        If having MORE weapons makes everyone safer, why not give every household a nuclear weapon? If everyone is sensible, that’s fine. But it just takes ONE IDIOT to ruin everything.

        Once again, when there was ONLY Bug, the ENTIRE world was safe, even if one race might get wiped out. Now that Makoto is here, there is the possibility the ENTIRE WORLD BLOWS UP if Bug (Read: IDIOT) gets into a fight with him.

        Even if it NEVER happens, the world is in a more dangerous position.

      8. Regarding Waterfall telling Hibiki about the recall method, it is possible that will come into play later.

        That’s fair. But we don’t know how Hibiki will use it. After all, the Recall requires Makoto to agree to it. So even if Hibiki wants to use it, if Makoto says “no,” nothing happens.

        My guess is, maybe Hibiki would work to remind Makoto about life in Japan. Or try to research a way for Makoto to travel back while taking Tomoe and Mio with him. (Possibly also why Waterfall gave books on the subject to Makoto. Let him leave of his own choice.)

        The stupid tactic would be to try and make Makoto dislike Tomoe/Mio, so that he wants to leave. (I say stupid because if it fails, you done poked a bear.)

        We’ll see how it plays out.

        1. Remember, if he returns he’ll get hated by the boys and girls in his school as they’ll know that he refused to not only 1 but 2 archery beauties.. So i think makoto will say.. “no.. “

          1. Is that really a concern?

            Firstly, Makoto is stupid powerful so it’s not like they can really do anything to him.

            Secondly, if there’s one thing Makoto is used to at this point, its

          2. hmm point taken.. but do you think Makoto would use his powers on the boys and girls there? (also.. i think magic isn’t usable on earth)..

            anyway :3

            ahh.. also.. he might not like going back to earth since he now has a family here ._. (and same with what you are saying.. if they can’t come.. then he won’t go back)

          3. (…sigh)

            Secondly, if there’s anything Makoto’s gotten used to in this new world, it’s being judged for shallow and petty reasons by the general populace.

            Thirdly, there’s no way he won’t go back without his followers, so he’ll also have three(four?) more beautiful people completely devoted to him.

      9. No we are arguing , because you are focusing on one side, you are saying that its was all good because there was no Makoto and it goes bad IF Makoto gets angry. Problem with IF’s is you can apply them to anything. What happens IF the Goddess gets angry with the humans and the rest of the world ? What happens IF she gets bored and doesn’t want to do that anymore, another god comes to replace her and he says he wants everything to start from the 0 and starts destroying so he can rebuild it how he wants it. What happens if Tomoki decides “fuck it” and enslaves everyone he can, makes anyone he cant control with his eyes basically fight the rest of the world and they either have to kill all the weaklings and end up with an empty world or the world ends up zombiefied under Tomoki , a zombie world with no real free will. You see having Makoto kind of stops all these IFs, he can stop a god from destroying shit, he can stop Tomoki if needed. And its really funny to blame the big red button for existing and not the people pressing it. You see its hypocritical to blame only one possible side for an apocalypse when others are also capable of causing it.

        And the stupid tactic I see them pulling is in some sort of skirmish they make it seem like Makoto kills off civilians, thus breaking his rule to only kill people who are ready to die with his unreasonable power and Hibiki says something like “There are already heroes in this world, you are only causing pain and suffering with your unreasonable power, just go back to Japan where you can’t hurt anyone! “

      10. I take your point about “if” scenarios, and how they can be applied to anything. But it doesn’t detract from my point: the MORE weapons you have, the more POTENTIAL dangers.

        Let’s take one of your examples, IF the Goddess decides to destroy the world (unlikely, but possible). Makoto existing does not get rid of that possibility. And (if) Waterfall is correct, if Makoto were to fight the Goddess to defend the world, they might destroy the world by ACCIDENT anyway. Same goes for if another god were to step in.

        (And if Makoto’s “dreams” and Shiva’s talks are ANY indication, Makoto ends up on the path of fighting the Goddess A LOT. And then the other Gods have to step in and crush an entire universe.)

        Also, Bug seems to have a track record of not taking any direct actions beyond forcing others to work for her. So she (probably) hasn’t wiped out thousands of soldiers in one shot yet. Whereas Makoto’s track record already did it within his first 2 years in this world. (There are extenuating circumstances, sure.)

        Even if Tomoki goes all zombie-enslavement, the WORLD continues to exist. And if they’re ALL enslaved, then they ALL live. No more wars. The WORLD is safer. (Pointless and crime against individual rights, but SAFER)

        If it really bothers the Goddess, she can (likely) step in and remove Tomoki’s power (she granted the power, after all). Even if Tomoki’s actions have the possibility of ticking off Bug so that she destroys the world, it’s still LESS than if Makoto is there. (Because now there are TWO people who could get ticked off and destroy the world – Bug and Makoto)

        SAFER and HAPPIER (or even more JUST) are not the same thing. (Sometimes, they both happen, but not always)

        I’m not blaming Makoto (the red button for existing). But the fact is that by existing, ONE MORE method of total annihilation exists, which might be triggered by ANY NUMBER of idiots.

      11. As always a lot of IFs.My whole point was that they lead to nothing but you just continue with them. Basically what Hibiki’s reasoning riders on. Not to mention your theory for world destruction also rides on the theory of Waterfall who doesn’t have all the information and is making those assumptions based on what little she has.But whatever.

        I’ll say this on one of those. I find it really surprising that you consider a world where everyone is brainwashed by Tomoki to be a “happy” an “alive” world. So basically you’re ok with surrendering your conscience and free will as long as what used to be your body continues to be alive so it can do the bidding of another. No wonder we don’t get along , you choose the easy and safe blue pill.

      12. @Whut

        Reread my post, since editing is impossible.

        I did NOT say a world where Tomoki enslaves everyone is HAPPIER. I said it was SAFER. (i.e., everything continues to EXIST, minus free will and barring the Goddess getting ticked off)

        I await your admission of being incorrect on THAT point (if nothing else).

      13. @Blue

        >Even if Tomoki goes all zombie-enslavement, the WORLD continues to exist. And if they’re ALL enslaved, then they ALL live. No more wars. The WORLD is safer.

        yea , no

      14. The point was that you prefer an alive zombie world. Thus the point stands. If the world is sad or happy doesn’t really matter to zombies.

        1. I’m pretty sure Blue’s point was that it’s a verifiable fact that Makoto poses a bigger threat to the world than Tomoki.

          In terms of worst case scenarios, we’re comparing a world of zombies vs a completely dead world.

          There wasn’t any claim of “better”, “prefer”, or “happier”. It’s just a statement of fact that when you’re considering worst case scenarios, Makoto is more dangerous than Tomoki, and that this should be taken into consideration when we look at Hibiki’s thought process.

      15. Your “point” aside, I’m still waiting for you to admit you were wrong that I said Tomoki’s zombie world was “happy.”

        But fine.

        Show me where I said I “preferred” a Zombie world. In ANY of my posts, if you like. All I have been saying is that Makoto’s existence makes things more DANGEROUS.

        I like Makoto in the world. It makes things interesting and certainly BETTER for demons and demi-humans. However, what I am arguing for is an OBJECTIVE viewing of the situation. Which I posit is that the WORLD as a WHOLE is in a more dangerous situation.

        It is up to the individual to decide how much Safety they are willing to exchange for Freedom. As Eisenhower put it: “If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom.” (To be fair, he probably didn’t imagine the prisons of today)

        1. Actually, I’m wondering something now that you’ve brought up the idea of a “Tomoki’s zombie world”.

          The thing about Tomoki’s charm power is that it’s like a poison that slowly deprives people of their minds until they’ve basically died as individuals and become puppets that need to be controlled.

          In the scenario where Tomoki “wins” and he somehow conquers the world, what would happen then? Specifically, after Tomoki naturally dies, won’t the entire world basically cease functioning?
          Assuming the worst case scenario where he’s thoroughly using his power on everyone, won’t it basically be the same as a Makoto Bad End with the exception of the planet itself being left behind?

      16. @Psychronia

        I have heard spoilers to that effect, but I don’t know how true it is.

        What I mean is that if Tomoki’s power really does turn them into the living dead, such that if he dies, they all die too, then that is a significant threat to the world itself. (Which would probably please Lily)

        That being said, I doubt Tomoki has to tell them to eat/clothe/sleep, and if he has to dictate every action, then his slaves are more useless than anything else. I guess what I’m saying is that there may be a minimum level of functioning the slaves can do on their own. And unless his charm can be inherited, it should end within one generation.

      17. @Blue

        Not here to argue, not entirely. The slaves do have a bit of functionality as seen in the battle with Io at Stella fort, the thing is, they only accept him as God and the Absolute Right in their world. This is pretty screwed up in and of itself, as it means his commands will always be heeded first.

        Secondly, at any given point in time, there is more than one generation living. Let us, generously, say that there are three generations living in any point in time, grandparent, parents, childrend of the parents. This then means that any one of them can come under trashmoki’s interference and charm. This can then be called the first generation. sure there is a possibility that the children won’t be affected, however, we also know, thanks to Makoto’s interference, he will take up lily’s offer to strengthen his charm. This can be in a number of ways, such that the power may be remnant. In the effect that goods can be empowered with his charm, it means that in any point in time, his charm may be passed on to more than one generation, which means, technically, as long as those goods are in circulation, he will be considered a god and sex icon. his genes will then spread at a massive rate, and what if (yeah, this is a major if) the heroes leave some of their power behind and his children get his charm ability – this is not so out of the question, given the bug’s like of the heroes and the fact that the demon army is still continuing to expand.

        Yeah, just that. It is a what if, but it is something to consider in your argument – once again, not trying to fan the flames, just want you to remember the possibilities at this point in time. The heroes are outlier in the world, as such, things they do can and will affect the world in it, but it depends on how far they allow it. hibiki’s, given the chance, will take the world on road to modern earth civilization. Trashmoki’s will take it to a world where he is considered a second god, given the absurdity of hyumans, they might even consider him the bug’s husband, etc.

        where was I going again. Ah yeah. the one generation thing of charms’ effect. anyway.

      18. @Garred

        No bear poking occurred.

        I certain agree that the heroes can have significant, lasting impacts on Bug’s world, possibly changing it for the better/worse.

        But regarding Tomoki, I believe Psychronia was advocating the possibility that Tomoki ALSO had the potential to END the world (through less immediate, but sinister means).

        So when I was discussing the possibility and I said that I believed that the effect would end within “one generation,” I wasn’t referring to its effects being limited to one generation (grandparents/parents/children), but rather I was using one-generation as a unit of TIME, i.e., that after Tomoki dies, normal (if indoctrinated) people would be born and the slaves would die out, being replaced with regular people (unless Tomoki’s charm is inheritable, or being a slave is inheritable)

        1. @Blue

          Ah, I agree in that case, however, we just have to hope that the people are still in their right mind. Just imagine what will happen – transmoki is dead, but his charm is still active, and as the children are born, they either inherit the charm status or not, let us think about them not inheriting it, for the sake of argument. They then have three possible roads to travel:

          Road 1: The people are not cured, and as such, they all worship him as a god, the children are baffled, but too young to think for themselves, thus resulting in the birth of a new religion, one which might have trashmoki as bug’s husband, or an entirely different entity. bug may or may not get pissed, leading to another situation.

          Road 2: The people are still not cured, as such, they still worship trashmoki as a god, the children are baffled, and all end up with major daddy and mommy issues, the world is even more screwed, war upon war upon war upon sexual abuse – you know, trashmoki’s influence on the parents.

          Road 3: the people are still not cured, but the children are still not – like in option 1 and two – not affected by the charm, they thus lead normal lives until all the effects wear off. leading to a new happy generation which can once again be corrupted by bug.

          I list the possibilities as: Road 1 60%, Road 2: 39%, Road 3: 1%.

          There are other possibilities, but this is merely based on the assumption that his charm does not wear off with his death – as I highly doubt it, remember Makoto said that those he proposed to trade for Tomoe were so corrupted he won’t be able to fix them (wait, was that said or am I mixing things up here with late information?) Then that his charm curse can indeed be placed on an object, and things end up rather well with them all being used up. If they aren’t, well, things will end up horrifying.

          In any case, I cannot see this story, their world, with a happy ending, unless Makoto becomes a god and decides to right all the wrongs that bug, trashmoki, and bitchiki have caused.

          Your thoughts? (Sorry for the wall of text)

      19. Certainly, I don’t see the world having a good end if Tomoki is the overall victor (?). He’s certainly been portrayed as shallow and self-centered (though the Tomoki in Makotwo’s world seems a little different and more thoughtful. Maybe that happens after the novelty of having any woman he wants wears off)

        That’s more or less a given. Bug….is too self-centered to care about consequences.

        One thing I don’t get is why everyone speaks so badly of Hibiki. I’m a big fan of accurate complaints, if it isn’t already obvious. So for instance, if someone says “I hate Hibiki because she’s a girl,” I may not get it, but I cannot dispute it.

        As far as I can tell, the usual criticism are
        1) She’s a hypocrite (which I will dispute below)
        2) She’s a justice freak (which I kinda agree with, but she’s no Emiya Shirou)
        3) She isn’t kissing the ground Makoto walks on (True, but I don’t think that makes her a BAD person.)
        4) She’s on the hyumans’ side (while we certainly see the bad side of hyumans, we’ve also seen good hyumans too)
        5) She kills demons (she’s in race war, and she picked her side given incredibly biased information.)
        6) She’s not a hero, she’s a lying politician (The most honest politician I’ve ever seen. Anytime she’s asked, she admits to being more practical and less idealistic. She admits to calculating her moves. Sometimes, she admits it without having to be asked. Have you EVER seen a real politician do that?)

        Regarding the hypocrisy, which I think everyone is using incorrectly, here’s how I see it:
        I think generally, people are NOT considered hypocrites as long as they DO what they tell others to DO. As long as they hold themselves to the same standard they hold others to, society considers them fair people.

        For example, if there is a kid who tells his classmates they should study, and he also studies hard (but really wishes he could play all the time), we call that a good kid. We don’t call that hypocrisy. He does what he tells others to do, regardless of his personal feelings. On the other hand, we might call him a hypocrite if he tells his classmates they should ENJOY studying, while he himself does not.

        So with Hibiki, who tells people they should ACT in a just and fair manner. She also ACTS in a just and fair manner. She’s not telling them they have to love it or believe in it unconditionally or act without calculation, she’s just saying how they should BEHAVE. I can’t consider her a hypocrite until she TELLS people that she does things without consideration for consequences (when she clearly does not). Or if she tells people to not ever hide what they’re really thinking.

        Also, she does seem to hold the morals of someone raised in a peaceful, 1st world country. (i.e., trampling on individual rights are bad, corruption is bad, etc.). It’s just that she’s also aims for gradual social change, rather than an outright revolution.

        Otherwise, she strikes me as just a Makoto who was picked up by Limia. They’re both loyal to first side that treated them nicely.

        1. I don’t really mind Hibiki myself.

          If I had to pick at something about her that I don’t really like, I would say it’s that she’s manipulative. Looking at people like Lime and Makoto(after that initial meeting) as assets to be manipulated, added, subtracted, etc. It’s similar to how a person might treat NPCs in a strategy game(or sandbox for a more extreme example), and there’s a certain disrespect and entitlement to it.
          For all the altruism and social justice she pursues, on an individual level she’s treating people in a way I could consider less than human.

          That said, when I consider her position, experiences, and the very limited information(which is slowly but noticeably being fixed by Mio) she has to work with, I think everything she’s doing is quite reasonable. Whatever the result is, there’s certainly no malicious or particularly selfish intentions that I can feel.

      20. @Psychronia

        Does she though? I don’t recall her treating Makoto as someone to manipulate beyond “hey, what’s been going on in your life.” As for Lime, she seemed to have developed some feelings for him and wanted him by her side. (And we do get some Hibiki POV so we can get a sense of what she’s really feeling.)

        The worst I’ve seen of her is when she hopes the Demons and Kuzunoha eliminate each other (which is in essence, hoping two organizations fight, rather than worrying about the individuals), and when she evaluates that since Makoto could potentially kill many more than 1000 people (and he has), it might be worth considering sending him home. (As opposed to say, poisoning him). Even then, that’s more at the level of wishful thinking. To be manipulative, she would have to be wondering HOW she could manipulate them (i.e., “how can I convince Kuzunoha the Demons are their enemies.”)

        1. First let me star saying that the character of Hibiki has been well done by the author giving her a really high level of authenticity, making her grow and change withou forcing the story to acomodate her. So far she hasn’t really manipulated Makoto more that their first encounter when she extracted information from him but that was more casual that intended. But there has been instance when she has actually been showed trying to come up with plans to actually manipulate Makoto to her prefered path.

    2. Well she have forgotten that she is Japanese and have incorporated herself as a citizen of BUG’s world. So as a dweller of BUG’s world all of her thinking narrows down that of within that world’s standard but not as an otherwolrder. So looking at it she thinking that way and Makoto’s thinking as a Japanese would not coincide. So the result is that Hibiki’s analysis on Makoto becoming dumber to dumbest and could not trust Makoto. While Makoto’s analysis on Hibiki is like wait & see and cautiuos while trusting on Her.

      1. Hibiki is actually being VERY logical in her analysis of Makoto. This is not a question of how nice a person is or is not.

        Makoto is a NICE person. Bruce Banner is a NICE person. If something makes either one angry, BAD THINGS HAPPEN.

    3. It is human nature to fear the unknown and those stronger than them. And many will want to put what their fear under control or eliminate it. Because Makoto isn’t under their control, there will always be people that wants him neutralized.

      1. Oh so thats why, but why would they stick your nose on a bomb if you don’t know how to difuse it. If you can’t handle it just stir clear and she would rather suspect of himplanning something bad,but she herself have her own selfish motives.
        I would assume that Makoto is not a single entity anymore. More like a representative as a whole. Like What Waterfall said if you do some harm to him, maybe Makoto will not fight back, but somebody will.

  3. So, the power hibiki asked in the weird zone in order to break shiki’s barrier was attack power that can break any defense huh.

    1. I don’t think that’s it, maybe power to give a powerup according to numbers of follower / believer. But after that last chapter it’s also possible that she also got a percentage of power from people around her, which is why she could break through Makoto’s armor.

      1. Because if she got a percentage of Makoto’s power of course she could break Makoto’s armor. Overall her power is the one with great possibility, while Makoto’s is the real cheat, he got extra mana / power after shooting arrow while concentrating

    2. Wasn’t it more like a boost to her power based on the belief people have of her. When she’s in need of the power she can call on that faith to strengthen herself for a limited time, at least, that’s how her power appears to me.

    3. Nope. To quote the mysterious guy that Hibiki met…

      “A power that is passively activated. To change the concept that people place on her into power, huh. She is a charismatic girl so, I wonder, just how much will this enlarge her? The price was only to decrease her amount of magic power, so it is something she would soon get back anyways”

      So the power she got when that concept is converted is enough to damage the MP, meaning there are a LOT of people with a Wonderful Impression on her.

      1. Wait a second…. i think your onto something here. Maybe the reason she was able to break through Makoto’s magic armor was because of his concept of how strong she is/amazing person she is. If her power works off the concept people have about her and she’s able to absorb that concepts power Makoto revering her is working against him literally as in her being able to break through his defensive armor.

      2. This idea is likely very true. Reminds me of Bleach, where Kenpachi fought against an enemy who could do anything he could imagine. And eventually, he imagined that he couldn’t win, so he didn’t.

        If Makoto imagines that Hibiki is better than he is, she will be. If he is awed by her abilities, it will surpass his. Now, there is a limit to this, as Waterfall stated; The Vessle for power is different. And, at least to some degree, he knows he’s stronger than she is. As long as he continues to remain confident in his power, she can’t surpass him in an all out fight.

  4. Thanks for the chapter~

    Spoiler-san made reminder: “All of the heroes in this world is insane. They might become obstacle for Raidou in the future”.

    1. Thats not a spoiler spoiler san because its already apparent they will become obstacle and mio why did you dont tell him the real him someone who wont do anything if not agiated you don’t convince her enough

    2. Yeah, they have weird judgment. Then again, are’nt all hyumans and their heroes insane?
      I mean, look what they did to Root. He is halfway insane by now.

      1. Not entirely, take it from someone who couldn’t still his curiosity and decided to read some spoilers. To those who have a good impression of root, something horrendous might happen later, not entirely sure, but in the coming future arc. As such be prepared.
        Root is not insane, just unfortunate… and some other things which I would rather keep quiet about.

  5. Thanks for the chapter Reigo-senpai. Hopefully I’ll have my internet back by the time you post another.

    Spoiler-san’s still away, but I do have a teaser. Makoto and Hibiki will have a talk alone before he leaves Limia.

    1. I have a feeling that Makoto will just nonchalantly say that he ‘know’ what happened between her and Lime. You know, the whole seduction thing.

      Or he will just say the same thing he said to the demon princess.

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    …Ahem. Whew…Anyway, somehow Mio spoiling things isn’t a problem compared to Waterfall. Main character bias, I suppose.

    1. You had me at babies. Look at those cute little spiders with Makoto’s face running around.

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      1. …Makoto-faced spiders kinda creep me out. I was thinking more along the lines of normal-looking children with very Japanese appearances. Either have really beautiful faces like Mio or a cutely dopey Mako-face + desuwa mannerisms.

  7. Thanks for the chapter. I think the skill Hibiki acquired was some sort magic cancellation skill. Sort like twin tail girl from the “Negima” manga series.

    1. well that could also be valid since she also ask about the ability to distort/cancel magic from that ‘Thing’ before she ask to be given power that increase with every being giving their support to her, since the ‘Thing’ said that magic cancel can be obtain with learning

      1. At first maybe it might be magic absorption which got from that entity. Well, which ever the case if she does have magic cancellation she can be a threat to the goddess. Of course who to say that there is a difference between regular magic or divine magic. It shows that maybe in the future Hibiki might be helping Makoto to fight against the goddess or it might be a Percy Jackson ending where Makoto does not kill the Goddess but it might be Hibiki. Will see how the author goes about it.

    In that limia fight with lo didn’t Hibiki wish for a “hero” like power? At first most would think “one strike” right? (one punch!!!!) Anyways the author is confusing us now, from laurel her ability was confirmed, so I believe that little wolf is the one that gives her that ability to break defenses. Since if you are going for speed+agility then your strikes have to do some damage since you have so little defence.

      1. Well I wouldn’t say “number” of supporters since the more she convinced lime (time spent) she was gradually getting stronger meaning if Lime switched flags then she would receive the full amount.

    1. I think Makoto’s armor get pierced cause Hibiki’s power is simply enough to break it. And I still think her power is powerup from believer, but I don’t think thats enough to break makoto’s armor, so it’s also possible she steal a percentage of power from enemy OR from her surounding.

      1. If it’s a percentage of power based on the belief of the believers, then she was given quite a bit of belief from Makoto, since he still thinks she’s a genius that can do anything, and Chiya was there too.

      2. Aah stealing it from her surroundings. You mean the image she has painted as a hero? As in those nobles and royalty weren’t just for show since she said she couldn’t “decrease” the amount but to makoto they seemed a lot (the ones watching). Don’t know what to think about that but knowing Makoto he won’t think much about it and to him Hibiki displayed an attack that was an all out of mio and that would have shocked the audience so i’d say it had properties that reached that height but there is something behind it. since if hibiki gains a supporter out of waterfall then she would be able to defeat the demon lord.

      3. rather, Makoto said himself he was not seriously defending. Think of his defense at that time as appropriate for above Hibiki’s level. If Makoto went at it, he wouldn’t be able to “lose” the battle. He said he wanted to test his new acquired skill, and further mentioned that after that he will intentionally surrender.

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        1. Didn’t say he wasn’t amazing. Considering his origins, Gobuta-san may have come the farthest of any of Rimuru-sama’s subordinates. Not only did he make fourth place in Tempest’s ranking tourney, he also survived Milim-sama’s training, that shit can make True Demon Lords frightened. He just has a tendency to self-destruct from time to time.

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      Well, enough ranting. I just wanted to agree with you.

      1. Nyarko? That harem anime where eldritch beings were represented by girls? I hadn’t gotten around to watching that actually, can you give the full name? Or were you talking about that horror manga where the MC got in an accident, and came out with a brain injury that caused him to see everyone as some monstrous abomination, everyone except the actual monster disguising herself as a human? I can’t remember it’s name, which is too bad cause I wanted to read it but I couldn’t find it.

      2. coatl45, Sorry, I couldn’t comment on your comment. It is Haiyore Nyaruko-san. just have a little deeper look into the story, sure it is mainly about love, but just look deeper, look at the emotion, look at the corruption, look at the stunts. you’ll see even the most comedic of anime has a much deeper image to it. if you want a sub site i frequent here:

        hmm. I just saw there is a new season out. Gotta watch that some time… just gotta finish my pre-job training… damn…

        1. Thanks. If you can also remember the name of that manga as well, I’d appreciate it. Pretty sure it’s buried somewhere in Circus Translation’s ToC page for Tensei Slime, but I’m not confident about finding it now. That conversation happened at least a year and a half ago.

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      1. I missed a part in my argument. I often think to fast to type efficienctly.

        …would have too much of an unfair advantage, but looking at the other powers the goddess gave, and gods give, such as trashmoki’s charm and immortality at night, that then begs the question why the populace aren’t giving her enough strength to kill Io in one attack if the power weren’t a fixed amount, as many of them can, and do treat her like a demi-god, second only to the goddess. Thus it leads to the logical conclusion that every belief in her gives her a set amount of strength. This can also be extrapolated to the fact that it only strengthens her if they are in her immediate environment as well, other wise she would have kept more nobles away, and also the cost wouldn’t have been so little in exchange for that power.

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