Chapter 207: A long long day in Limia (top)

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The Meiris Lake and the surrounding land is a special area that is managed by the Limia Kingdom.
In the public, there’s a number of fronts, but in essence, it is the same as Gritonia Empire; a place that they have formed a contract with a dragon and the royal family is protecting.
Different from the Empire, the contract is something of the long past and has already begun fading from the memories of many people in Limia, and now only the royal family and nobles with authority know of the details.
Currently, the common knowledge of the Meiris Lake is not that it is the territory of a Superior Dragon, but that it is the training place of Limia with the highest danger level.
Misumi Makoto and Otonashi Hibiki were riding their horses and entered through the closest eastern gate, and they walk through the surface of earth that was made from the steps of others.
By the way, the guards of the eastern gate were suddenly notified that the hero would be going and were at their peak in nervousness. After desperately doing the explanation of Meiris Lake and safely finishing their introductions, they kneeled down.
“In Japan, horse riding is considered a special skill, but here, you just naturally learn it.” (Hibiki)
“Right, I was like that as well.” (Makoto)
“How many times did you experience having your horse run at full speed?” (Hibiki)
“Hm, it was a short distance, but around three times. Senpai seems to be quite used to riding. Do you ride them normally? Or did you have experience when you were in Japan?” (Makoto)
“Yeah, I had normal experience in Japan. But because I only knew the basics, it actually made it harder since I had to get used to riding on the horse and to the change of viewpoints. Even when it is the same form, the techniques required were different.” (Hibiki)
At the Meiris Lake, there’s a forest, a prairie, and a number of hills; and all of those together, make it as if it is one big national park.
Defeating mamonos or ending up as their meal are all your own responsibility.
The two were in a forest not far away from the capital that’s thick enough to be called a sea of trees. They were doing a conversation that didn’t fit the place as they walk through it.
They encountered mamonos a few times, but Hibiki cut them with the end of her sword.
Makoto was only following her from behind.
“By the way, Makoto-kun, this is the first time I have heard of people living in this place. What is it you are delivering?” (Hibiki)
“Sorry, it is supposed to be a secret, so I can’t answer. If the other party doesn’t mind it, I will show you at that time.” (Makoto)
“Too bad. The reason was plain curiosity, but I might as well try asking the other party.” (Hibiki)
Hibiki was really interested in the object that Makoto was delivering, but she easily drew back.
If she were to forcefully try to take a look at it or learn of it, it would be obvious that it would make the atmosphere heavy, and there was no benefit in that.
“Even so…Senpai has gotten strong. It seems like there’s no need for me to do anything. If I remember correctly, when you were in Japan, you were a national level swordswoman.” (Makoto)
Makoto remembers that Hibiki was an exemplar kendo user and nods.
There was one time when Makoto had seen a match of hers since the archery club match was over and it was close.
At that time, the eyes of Makoto saw in the sword of Hibiki, not only kendo, but also an old sword style mixed in it as well. He didn’t touch on that point though.
“My role is to protect you after all. If I weren’t able to protect you on my own, I would have called my companions as well. It is a place where I am plenty enough, that’s why it is only the two of us, that’s all there’s to it. I don’t know if you actually need a bodyguard since you are able to make people like Tomoe-san and Mio-san obey you though.” (Hibiki)
And in truth, Hibiki was not actually acting as a bodyguard.
Hibiki’s objective was to have a connection with Makoto, and keeping him in check.
“No, it was a great help that Senpai was in Limia. Because with just Mio and Lime, I don’t think the people of the country would be able to trust us. Even if we have power…it doesn’t mean they will trust us.” (Makoto)
Makoto honestly answers.
If only power was necessary, Makoto would be more trusted by others.
And in truth, Makoto -the Kuzunoha Company’s Raidou- is being seen as a shady existence mostly because of his way of acting, but in a sense, Makoto felt the ‘limit of only having power’.
To reach that conclusion you need to be quite the special case, and even if he feels it, the experience he should be gaining is a different problem.
At the very least, the current Makoto still doesn’t have a clear grasp of the worth of his power.
“…Power is…the basis of everything. When you have enough of it, trust will take form in some way and follow you.” (Hibiki)
“Is that how it works?” (Makoto)
Hibiki has been compensating for her weakness of long ranged attacks with magic and sword technique.
The fire spear that was released from her had pierced through the beast that came lunging at us, and was now carbonized.
The first sign of the attack was when the branches shook from the jump.
With a short aria, she was able to form a relatively powerful magic. This point made me feel the power of a hero.
If the people in Rotsgard Academy were able to do this, they would be able to gain a pretty big advantage.
It is not anything unique, but her foundation has been carefully polished by talent and hard work.
Her ability to defeat the enemy without them being able to do anything was something that made the people looking understand how incredible it was.
Hibiki opened a bit of time and gave an opinion to Makoto’s words, and glances at him.
The fire spear that was shot in front of Makoto’s eyes, the sword technique of Hibiki; Makoto gave words of admiration instead of surprise to all of those as he followed her.
“As an individual, an organization, or in an even bigger society; in the end, people are practically doing a competition in how much of that ‘power’ they can obtain. It’s as if they are placing that basis as their everything.” (Hibiki)
(So my power is within his predicted level huh. I have shown my serious side to Lime, so this probably can’t be helped.) (Hibiki)
“Even in physical strength and fighting power? It is certainly true that in this world, the power of an individual can overwhelm an army though.” (Makoto)
‘That’s something that only applies to this parallel world, and in Japan that doesn’t work like that, right?’, is what the eyes of Makoto were saying.
That look of his made a number of conjectures Hibiki had of Makoto disappear, and at the same time, it reinforced some conjectures she had as well.
Without showing it in her expression, she continued speaking.
“Even here is the same as Japan, you know? Even if we call it power, this ‘power’ counts physical strength and wisdom. The integration of what you have obtained yourself, and what you have gathered; this will determine the size of your influence in society.” (Hibiki)
“Mankind are animals that show their best performance when they flock together. For example: friends, companions, and commanders; if those kind of people increase in numbers, they will be able to add their power to others. Even if it’s you alone or a group of people, power is power.” (Hibiki)
“…I feel like… what Senpai is saying and what I am saying are not coinciding at all.” (Makoto)
“No, it is exactly the same. Just that our allies are different. I think that no matter what power it is, it can be turned into a numerical value. You don’t think that way. I think that’s all there’s to it.” (Hibiki)
“Numerical value huh. It is certainly true that I haven’t thought much in that way. In the first place, I feel like it would be pointless to turn physical strength and wisdom into numbers.” (Makoto)
A judgemental opinion was given by Makoto.
But his expression didn’t show antagonism, it seemed as if he had a lot of questions popping in his head, Hibiki was able to notice it and nods.
Hibiki was having Makoto hear a deep opinion of hers with an intention in mind.
‘Even if you have power, you can’t obtain trust’, using those words of Makoto, she began this argument.
Well, the person himself doesn’t seem to have noticed it much, but even so, Hibiki didn’t mind and continued the conversation.
For the sake of doing what she wants to do with Makoto in this time they are alone.
“Depending on the situation, it will double or be halved, but there’s plenty enough meaning in it. For example, Tomoki-kun and I are normally being compared, but between us heroes, there’s already differences. Strong points and weak points can’t be helped. That’s why, gathering people with aggregate amounts is important, but gathering people with different types of abilities is equally important.” (Hibiki)
“Senpai and Tomoki huh.” (Makoto)
“That’s right. In your analysis, Makoto-kun…hmph, just what do you think?” (Hibiki)
In the middle of her words, she brushed away something resembling a dart, and just like that, she shortened the distance and cut several mamonos with her blade.
When she returned, she continued her question.
He could tell that Hibiki didn’t feel any pressure after entering the east gate that has the highest danger level.
“Tomoki is the offensive type. He is strengthened with his equipment, and by using powerful bursting abilities, he is able to defeat his enemies without them being able to do anything. His number one specialty is probably that. He also has his Charm, but it doesn’t have much point against people that are not affected by it anyways.” (Makoto)
“But in a sense, that Charm of his is the strongest weapon. Thanks to that, his actions within the Empire have gone practically unobstructed. It may be simple but his strategy is to trample down his opponents with high firepower, and with his Charm, he is able to easily turn opposing parties into supporters. Having these two, he is most likely able to do a lot.” (Hibiki)
“Ah, in other words, those points should be added as Tomoki’s power? It is a convenient power that can crush opposition before it occurs after all.” (Makoto)
“Yeah, I do want to hear more about him, but right now, I am more interested in what Makoto-kun sees in me. Can I hear about me?” (Hibiki)
“Senpai is… Ah, I see. So that’s why I thought like that. As expected, how impressive…” (Makoto)
“Makoto-kun?” (Hibiki)
Hibiki thought that she would be hearing an evaluation of herself, but seeing Makoto beginning to understand something by himself, she makes a puzzled expression.
“Ah, sorry. Hibiki-senpai is able to do both physical and magical fights without any problems, and even if your magic is a slight weak point of yours, it is the all-purpose type. If  there’s a hole in your formation, you can fill for the long ranged attack and lack of firepower, and with that reaction speed, I think there’s practically no problem in that.” (Makoto)
“Compared to Tomoki, your firepower is lower, but I think you win in all other aspects. Also, I feel like Senpai’s specialty is not battling.” (Makoto)
“Heh~.” (Hibiki)
“This is something I thought when I was in Japan too, but Senpai actively looks to obtain connections with people that can do what you can’t. I think that’s incredible. Even though there should be opposition and a lot of other things that make it hard for both parties to connect, you are good at getting along with them, like doing discussions that I wouldn’t be able to imagine we are the same age, and it felt like you were used to speeches.” (Makoto)
“It is not like I can do anything by myself after all. I have other people help me in the things I lack of, isn’t that kind of thinking natural?” (Hibiki)
“Even though you are a person that can do a lot by yourself, you are still able to think in that way. That’s not something natural. And I thought this after hearing what Senpai said just now, that maybe Senpai’s number one power is that.” (Makoto)
“I feel like you are praising me, and at the same time, I feel like you aren’t. Those are vague words.” (Hibiki)
“I am praising you. That no matter what area that person excels in, Senpai is able to look at them without clouded eyes, and see that person’s power. And especially those normal persons that don’t have a big talent or power, you understand that they are able to do something big as long as they gather and help each other. That point of view, or more like, that way of thinking is what I think is Senpai’s number one power.” (Makoto)
Each person has their own plan.
Even so, people gather around the surroundings of Hibiki, cooperate with her, and on top of that, they live for their own objective.
In the eyes of Makoto that is looking at this from far away, that’s how he saw Hibiki and her surroundings.
She is able to accomplish anything, and she is kind to people too.
That’s why Makoto evaluated Hibiki as a perfect superhuman, a genius.
Hearing Hibiki’s way of thinking, his thoughts changed a bit, but the impression of Makoto towards Hibiki didn’t turn bad.
If he were at Hibiki’s side, he would probably be able to find ugly selfish parts of hers, but Makoto and Hibiki didn’t have that much interaction to reach that point.
Making the best out of people.
That’s exactly the talent of Hibiki, is what Makoto thought as he felt true admiration.
“Thanks, I am happy.” (Hibiki)
(…As I thought, he is not an idiot. Even though it is limited, he is able to evaluate people, and he is probably the type that keeps some inside of himself. I have heard about a few poor conducts of him, but…could it be…he still hasn’t learned of a way of acting that fits the stage he is standing in? Kuzunoha Company is a company that has suddenly gathered attention and is growing, it is a possible case. That he is having a radical increase in attention and is growing continuously means that the person himself has high potential, but if his ability and the ability of his company are not proportional… In the time he was at Japan, from what I remember, he was the type that specialized in one talent. He had average grades and physical ability, only in his club did he show extraordinary abilities, is what I think. It is a faint memory that I was somehow able to remember though.) (Hibiki)
“Ahaha, well, I heard from Lime that you had a slightly hard fight at Lorel, but that was probably because there weren’t the necessary people gathered around Senpai at that moment. If it’s Senpai, you probably already have countermeasures for that.” (Makoto)
Being given a honest thanks, Makoto gets embarrassed.
If it were in Japan, this is a situation that would never occur.
“A perfected long ranged firepower huh. It is sad to say, but that countermeasure is still lacking. The reconstruction of the capital is a pressing matter after all. We have been trying a few things with my comrades, but I think that it still isn’t at the passing mark.” (Hibiki)
(But it is clear that he has touched several fields when he arrived at this world. His company’s business conditions and his classification was an anything-goes store. Medicine that doesn’t let anyone follow in effectivity and cost performance. Even though it should be difficult to transport goods in the wasteland, they have a stable supply of ingredients and goods. With their abnormal speed in circulation of goods, I can only think that they have surpassed the modern day Japan. They have a stable management of dwarf equipment that hyumans have a hard time to get their hands on. Tomoe-san, Mio-san, and Lime are employees that have overwhelming power enough to make mercenaries run away. None of those are things that can be obtained by being specialized in archery. In the first place, his actions up until now have been that of a rising merchant, which makes it even harder to believe… In that case…) (Hibiki)
“When talking about long ranged attacks, in this world, as expected, magic is the one that shines. If it’s only a single attack, ritual magic is best, but the preparation is troublesome, and it is easy to make countermeasures for it.” (Makoto)
“Also, it should be a slightly adaptable power. With the firepower of ritual magic, it would be passable, but in adaptability, it is weak. Effectivity, range, accuracy. The reconstruction makes me feel bitter, but my own incompetence too. Even though Rotsgard that was destroyed at the same time has advanced that fast in it, I am here, and that makes me feel that maybe I could have done more.” (Hibiki)
(And most of all, his thick Japanese smell is bothering me. It is already been two years since coming to this world. Even Tomoki who has created a harem, has changed quite a lot compared to his time in Japan, and even I am remembering my past and trying to bring out that old self. And yet, his natural state smells like that of a Japanese, at least on the outside. What’s going on? He is way too involved in this world to be evading reality. Just what kind of lifestyle did he live in order to turn out like this?) (Hibiki)
“In the Kuzunoha Company there are a number of people specialized in long ranged attacks, but as expected, I just can’t lend you my important employees all the time. Sorry.” (Makoto)
“…Is the person that shot that incredible attack in Lorel…one of them as well? That attack was shot from a crazy distance, and had destructive power on the level of a bomb. It was like a cutting-edge weapon in terms of accuracy.” (Hibiki)
(This is something that I have thought after arranging the information I have of me and Tomoki, and checking the common points of us heroes. Could it be that part of those things also apply on him as well? The outward appearance is probably not a requirement when being summoned. It is most likely necessary to have an above-average talent and a special trait, but then, this boy has a number of common points with me? No. The common points of Makoto-kun, Tomoki, and me huh. Maybe I should verify the points that are not the general type from the common points Tomoki and I share. The number one would be his attachment to his original world but…I feel like he is different in that aspect from us.) (Hibiki)
“Ah, that huh. Was it that weird?” (Makoto)
“It wasn’t strange. It was incredible. If someone were to get into a fight with the Kuzunoha Company, it might not be at the level of a capital, but it would be able to wipe out most towns in one attack. Just thinking that, my back shivers.” (Hibiki)
(The Goddess said we can’t return anymore. Tomoki and I accepted this and wished for it, so our attachment isn’t that big. Well, it is true that I sometimes miss the food of Japan and the peaceful life which I feel a different sense of value in. But that’s all there is. The things this world has given me are bigger. It should be the same for Tomoki. Actually, that guy has made a harem that he can do anything with, and even with that, if there’s a time when he says he wants to return to Japan, I feel like as a woman, I would have to eliminate him first before the Demon Lord. There’s also unconfirmed information that some Empire noble has given birth to the child of Tomoki. And in truth, there’s a number of girls that are currently pregnant.) (Hibiki)
“Ahahaha…” (Makoto)
“The person that did that was someone I know? Tomoe-san, or maybe Mio-san?” (Hibiki)
(Well, leaving that aside, the next thing that bothers me is this. Thinking about the natural traits of a hero, I would be able to understand, but I am slightly wondering if those two ‘are the same’ as well.) (Hibiki) <She is most likely referring to an ability like Charm and Charisma. She thinks those two probably have been ‘charmed’ by Makoto.>
“Actually, the elder dwarfs made an incredible weapon, and with that weapon, I uhm… I did it. Uhm, I wouldn’t pointlessly destroy a town, so I hope you understand we wouldn’t use it to make negotiations in Kuzunoha Company.” (Makoto)
After emphasizing that it was a dwarf weapon, Makoto confessed.
(Wait, WHAT DID HE SAY?!) (Hibiki)
“I didn’t expect for it to be so powerful~, ahahaha.” (Makoto)
In Makoto’s case, he thought an attack of that level wasn’t something surprising, but he took the words of Hibiki as how the general populace would interpret it.
“Makoto-kun…shot an attack of that level?!” (Hibiki)
“Well, yeah.” (Makoto)
“…You did it alone, right?” (Hibiki)
“…Yes.” (Makoto)
Hibiki was confirming and Makoto nods.
“Senpai?” (Makoto)
“I see, so Makoto-kun is a long-range attack expert huh. I was surprised.” (Hibiki)
(My plans on how to deal with him…more than half of them have been trashed. This is bad. In that case, the more I need to ask him that before it becomes unpredictable.) (Hibiki)
“In the first place, my specialty was the bow. Even in this world, I am relying on it.” (Makoto)
“By the way, Makoto-kun, I don’t think it is possible to obtain power of that level by ordinary means but, can I ask you something?” (Hibiki)
It is not like Makoto has faced hardships in his training since coming to this world.
Actually, the time he faced hardships was in his childhood when his body still didn’t have the physical strength of a normal person, and that’s a story of when he was in Japan.
“If it’s something I can answer.” (Makoto)
Makoto answers the question of Hibiki with the convenient phrase he has settled of in saying since becoming a merchant.
“Makoto-kun, have you killed hyumans, demi-humans, or demons?” (Hibiki)
“I don’t know why you mentioned demi-humans and demons separately but, I have. It may be a bit, but I have also experienced the battlefield.” (Makoto)
Makoto easily affirms this.
“So Makoto-kun thinks of the demons as demi-humans. But I see, you have.” (Hibiki)
“Receiving a terrible treatment, being directed murdering intent, being attacked; this world is seriously dangerous for one’s life.” (Makoto)
(Demons and demi-humans are only one race huh. In the hyuman force, it is something that’s rarely heard. Even I unconsciously thought that the demons and the demi-humans were separate races until recently. In that case, in his eyes, he might be seeing the current war with the demons as a revolution from the oppressed class. That’s troublesome. Also, he easily admitted murder. If he learned of morals in Japan, no, if it’s a person that has learned in an advanced country, they should have strong opposition in taking the lives of others. That’s not something you do half-heartedly. There’s a large number of soldiers that choose to forsake their own lives because they are unable to kill others in the battlefield; this is something I read in the documents once. Being able to kill others, in a sense, being able to cross that line can be considered a special trait in itself. When I investigated, I learned that in the past the army had done trainings to numb that avoidance of them. And yet, me, Tomoki and him; all three of us were able to conquer that and have survived until now. Was it a coincidence?) (Hibiki)
“That’s true. I have killed a lot of demons in the battlefield, demi-humans that have pointed their blades at me, and…have killed a number of hyumans as well.” (Hibiki)
“In my case, acquaintances of mine were killed by hyumans and that turned into my motive.” (Makoto)
(A while after losing Naval, I was truly cornered mentally. Even if the other party is an enemy, the action of taking a life is definitely stressful. Especially when your heart is weakened. Right now I am already used to it, but how does Makoto-kun feel about it? From how Tomoki said it, I could feel that Tomoki was just acting tough. But at that rate, I think he has already turned deviant again. It seems like he obtained that power in the weird space before me after all.) (Hibiki)
“…No, at first I thought that this made me a murderer, and I was indeed troubled by it. It is certainly true that I took away the lives of many after that as well, but it was in a place where the other party was prepared for that to happen. And the other is in places like the wasteland where the survival of the fittest prospers.” (Makoto)
Thinking about the savanna-like wasteland, Makoto makes a bitter smile.
But Hibiki opened her eyes wide at the words he said before that.
“What’s that about being prepared?” (Hibiki)
Her expression had returned to normal, but her voice was slightly shaky.
(What’s this…? There’s an incredible chill running through my back…) (Hibiki)
“If you are armed and fighting in the battlefield, that means they are prepared to take lives away and prepared for their lives to be taken, right? Moreover, even if it isn’t a battlefield, if they have experience in killing someone, they shouldn’t complain about being killed themselves. That’s the same for me and Senpai, and there’s no way in telling where hatred will be born. I know that my brain wouldn’t be able to estimate it anyways, so I have given up on that.” (Makoto)
“…T-Then, the people that have resolved themselves to fight and have ended up killing someone, is Makoto-kun saying that you…wouldn’t hesitate in killing someone like that?” (Hibiki)
“That’s only if it’s necessary. People don’t kill just because they want to, you know?” (Makoto)
“..If that were the case, that person would end up as a simple murderer that repeatedly kills just for pleasure after all.” (Hibiki)
(Makoto-kun…he is really answering indifferently as if it’s nothing. It is a calm attitude that’s unthinkable for it to be acting. This is bad…bad, bad, bad! He is within the people I think is dangerous, no, an existence even more dangerous than that. I don’t know why, but he still maintains his Japanese feel subconsciously, so there’s probably still room to deal with him. For this boy…just how light does he view a life?) (Hibiki)
“Something like a serial killer, that’s no joke.” (Makoto)
“Lives are important, right? Because it is something that people only have once, it is an important and irreplaceable thing.” (Hibiki)
“Yeah, everyone has only one in their possession. They only have one, and yet, why are there people that take it away or utilize it to fatten themselves? The people that become soldiers probably do it for things like protecting the things that are important for them, but even so, they live every single moment of their lives in full.” (Makoto)
The sight of a serene and beautiful lake steadily began showing its appearance from within the gaps of the trees, and it would not be wrong to call it a picturesque scenery.
But within the head of Hibiki, she didn’t have any surplus to enjoy that.
Inside, she was wondering what she should do with Makoto, and wondering if he is a good person to talk about the topic she had planned.
Those were the things that were spiralling in her head.
Makoto noticed that the lake was beginning to show itself, and pointed at it as he tells Hibiki. Her response showed no spirit compared to the ones until now.
(Something that everyone naturally has, using it to fatten themselves? It is as if he is saying ‘you have only one, so you have to use it with care’, but it feels like he weighs it as much as a casino coin. How light. He views lives way too lightly. Even if Makoto-kun were to take away the lives of thousands or millions, if that’s a battlefield, he would think that the other party has given consent for their death. No, not only that. If my worst guess is right, this boy that’s talking to me right now has already committed mass murder. There’s the possibility that he has said this with this kind of mindset.
I don’t know why there’s so much difference in battle power between him and me, but right now, what’s more important is to place some sort of brake in him or it will be way too dangerous. What to do… What should I do? As I thought, the schedule of us coming here was way too soon. If I had heard what Chiya-chan saw of him, I might have been able to prepare a more detailed counter-plan. But in that case, Mio-san and Lime would move in the shadows, and he would have been able to come here alone. There’s a high chance that this opportunity of being alone with him would have been gone completely.
Right, the reason why Mio-san was strangely cooperative was because…she wanted me to notice his power and how dangerous he is. And to make me understand what would happen if we were to get in the way of Makoto-kun and Kuzunoha Company, no matter if it’s a major power.
In basis, they would be able to utilize that long ranged attack to destroy towns one after the other, and supported with that supply line, they would crush the army with the monsters that are a match of thousands. With only the war potential that I have a grasp on, they are probably able to bring down even Limia. What an ambush I got…) (Hibiki)
“Looking at it, I can expect much of Meiris Lake. When the errand is over, can I get some time even if it’s only for a bit? I want to take my time checking it out.” (Makoto)
“…Yeah.” (Hibiki)
“Now that I think about it, that Lorel priestess, Chiya-san, was it? That girl, is she alright? I heard that she is down from a shock, and I have been bothered by it.” (Makoto)
“…Is that….because she looked at you and fell?” (Hibiki)
“Uh, as I thought, it was really because of that? What was the reason for it? Honestly, I couldn’t tell why.” (Makoto)
“That was…my doing. Didn’t you get a report from Lime about the power of the priestess? You seemed to know about the matter with the purple cloud after all.” (Hibiki)
“The power of the priestess?” (Makoto)
Makoto tilts his head at the words of Hibiki.
About the eyes of the priestess, Lime had reported it to Tomoe, and Tomoe thought of several countermeasures with Shiki and Mio.
Just that it didn’t take actual shape, and in the end, Mio didn’t use any countermeasure at all when she faced the priestess.
Makoto doesn’t know anything about that.
Makoto did tell his followers to only report him things that are necessary, but they didn’t tell him all the information.
Because even if he were to be told that, he wouldn’t be able to process everything.
Just by listening and reading the reports, the day already passes.
Regarding the priestess’ eyes, they planned on telling him before going to Limia, but in the end, it slipped by.
They concluded that they would be leaving it to the countermeasure of the super confident Mio.
“Chiya-chan is able to look at that person’s essence, or more like, real nature. In other words, she obtained a demonic eye that can see through the self that the person himself doesn’t notice.” (Hibiki)
“Is it like the mind’s eye?” (Makoto)
“Probably. And in truth, only she can use it, and she has finally grown capable of utilizing it on her own will, that’s why we returned to Limia. The other day, I told her to look at Mio and Makoto-kun with that eye of hers.” (Hibiki)
“…That means, she saw something in Mio and got a shock, and when she saw something in me, she collapsed?” (Makoto)
“That would be the case. I still don’t know what she saw. I have done something bad to Chiya.” (Hibiki)
(Even the chills and bad feeling I am getting are intense, so the thing that Chiya-chan saw might have been outrageous. But when she saw me, it seems like she saw my self shining. This ominousness I am feeling from Makoto-kun, just how was it reflected to Chiya-chan? That girl has amassed a good amount of experience, and she wouldn’t fall unconscious for most of anything.) (Hibiki)
“That’s information that makes me pretty depressed.” (Makoto)
(Mind’s eye huh. I can’t say that it would bring real harm to me, so maybe that’s why Tomoe and the others didn’t notify me of it? And in truth, it was the other side that collapsed anyways.) (Makoto)
Without being agitated that much about not being told of the priestess’ eyes, Makoto just accepts it.
‘Things like true character and essence, wouldn’t getting those checked actually be something to be grateful about?’, is what he was thinking at most.
“When she wakes up, I will ask her about the image she saw of you, so if you want to know, I will tell you. You can probably learn something of yourself that you didn’t know of, you know?” (Hibiki)
“Is it okay to hear it? I actually have interest in it.” (Makoto)
“It will depend on Chiya to see if you will be allowed to be present at that moment though. It would be troublesome if she were to collapse again after all.” (Hibiki)
(Hiding or deceiving would be a bad move. It is not completely impossible, but he is not someone that I can have as my enemy. Even so, I can’t help being scared of having the current Makoto-kun as an ally. The best plan would be isolation. To create an environment that no one would be able to use him…) (Hibiki)
“…She went ‘kyaaa’ after all.” (Makoto)
“In my eyes, you look like a normal young man though. Well, I do sympathize since that appearance is probably giving you a hard time in this word.” (Hibiki)
(First, the most indispensable thing is to have him at arm’s reach, in a distance that the eye can catch. And then, I have to learn of what he treasures, what he wants to protect; I have to grasp that inclination of his. The war with the demon race is still in progress, and even if it reaches the point of post-war period, it is easy to see that the Empire’s Tomoki is going to go wild. Right now we have our hands full with the reconstruction of Limia’s capital, and cleaning the festers created, and yet, an unbelievable thing has come in front of me. He is practically a world destroying bomb like the ones that appear in low-budget SF movies. To overcome all this, I have to move now. Seriously, this world is really worth being in. Could it be, that Goddess is the God of trials or something?) (Hibiki)
“Hard time…I really did have a lot of those.” (Makoto)
“About that, I would like to take some time and listen to it after we finish your errand here.” (Hibiki)
At the field of vision that was cleared in a moment, the big lake that was visible reflected the sunlight, and it was simply beautiful.
In the path that Hibiki and Makoto passed through, there were a lot of corpses, but a spectacle that seemed like it was washing away that brutal reality was spread before their vision.
As Hibiki spoke with Makoto, her impression and evaluation of him had changed drastically.
When she arrived at the lake, what she was thinking was about the time when priestess Chiya would be waking up, a thinking that was really set foot into reality.
On the other hand, at that time, the priestess had woken up.
Still in her lying position, she only had her eyes opened without saying anything.
She was silently breathing.
(Mio-san is the spider. The Black Calamity Spider. I can’t believe it, but it is the truth. That person looked like the same giant black spider of that time. No, it wasn’t the same. There were two things that were different. The first thing were those eyes, in the past I could only see fiery instinct burning from those eyes, and yet, now they were incredibly calm and quiet. The other one was…a choker.) (Chiya)
Chiya was thinking.
About what she saw from the Kuzunoha Company when they arrived at Limia.
Lime who had come out first, was the same as before.
In a spectacle that looked like a diorama, there’s a large tree.
Looking at it calms her. In the images Chiya has seen, it is still top class.
The next one that appeared was the black haired woman, Mio. The moment Chiyo saw her, she almost unintentionally screamed.
A giant black spider appearing from the carriage.
It didn’t rampage in any way, and was simply smiling at Chiya who was looking at her.
Chiya placed a hand on her mouth, and was somehow able to hold down her voice, trying her best to be as calm as possible.
And then, she noticed.
Those eyes that were different from before, eyes that one could feel intelligence in, and that choker.
That choker had a chain attached to it.
At times, the spider showed loving gestures as she touched the choker and chain.
It didn’t seem to hate it.
And that chain stretched towards the inside of the carriage.
Kuzunoha Company’s representative, Raidou.
Finally, the concerned party had come out from the carriage.  
At first, Chiya was looking at Raidou’s figure without using the mind’s eye.
As a hyuman, it was an ugly appearance that’s normally not seen, but that’s all there was to it.
She was unable to perceive his magic power, so compared to Lime and Mio, one could tell at a glance that he was weaker.
It is said that he is a merchant, and it doesn’t seem like a specially strange person, is how Chiya felt.
And then, she looked at Raidou with her mind’s eye.
(He had a chain in hand. The chain that extended from the spider.) (Chiya)
He had a hyuman shape in complete smooth white like that of an egg.
It had a short build, and it looked like the silhouette of Raidou himself.
Until now, Chiya has seen a number of people looking like this.
There have been people that looked like they were made out of mud, and there were also people with a metallic tinge as well.
It is not a common case, so Chiya guessed that maybe it is an image that people, who are bound by something, share.
And the only thing they have in common is that they are hyuman shaped and traitless.
There were some who had long limbs, but that depended on the person, and Chiya herself still doesn’t understand what it means.
This is something that’s brought by her lack of experience, and it can’t be helped.
In the image of Raidou, there was a big and incredibly beautiful bow in his left hand.
And in his right hand, there were three chains.
One of the chains extended towards the spider, and the remaining two stretched towards the distance.
(The meaning of those chains is probably that of control, or servitude. The bow is the weapon he uses. Just that, it was incredibly beautiful and it looked like he was holding it preciously, so it probably doesn’t amount to only that.) (Chiya)
At first, Chiya was able to observe the image of Raidou with composure.
Things like the chains, the bow, and that white; she was able to think of their meaning.
Until she noticed something, that is.
She remembers that it was somewhere around his neck.
Just trying to search for that memory was making her whole body shiver.
But Chiya closed her eyes once, and opened them as if she had prepared herself. The trembling in her body stopped, and she faced that memory.
She didn’t want to repeat her failure.
(Right, if I remember correctly, it was at his neck. At only that one part, the smooth surface was cracked, and the very center of it was dark. I thought it was a small stain, but it wasn’t. It was hollow.) (Chiya)
At that time, Chiya strained her eyes and tried to look inside that darkness.
And then, she saw it. <Staring back at her.>
(Something was there. Was there? Is there? I don’t know. But those eyes, they were only looking at me, and yet, my head was inundated by several images of death. It was as if I was being killed over and over. This is only my hunch but, I think that’s not a living thing. It is something that shouldn’t have eyes to begin with. And that something is looking at the outside from within him. With great interest, it looks around restlessly.) (Chiya)
Chiya who was facing the eyes that were peeking from the crack of the image, had fear grabbing a tight hold of her body, and just as her emotions told, she screamed.
Even if she screams, he won’t disappear, and it won’t solve anything.
She knew that, but even so, Chiya had no other choice but to scream.
When confusion and fear fill up one’s head, they turn that way, is what Chiya thought as she looks back at her disgraceful behavior.
In all of her life until now, she hasn’t experienced something like this.
Chiya didn’t have the confidence to stay calm if she were to meet Raidou and Mio again.
(A person that has something like that within himself, is able to control that black spider. Sairitz said that he is the same Wise like Onee-chan, so she wanted him to visit Lorel, but that’s not good, that person is a no. I don’t know what those other chains are connected to either.) (Chiya)
The demon race and the Demon Lord are enemies that Chiya can still understand.
The fight against the demi-humans and mamonos that oppose hyumans as well.
Currently, Chiya, for the first time in her life, couldn’t understand the foundation of something, and was being enveloped by a giant uneasiness she doesn’t know what to do about.
The reason was obviously Raidou.
(What is the Kuzunoha Company? It is definitely not a simple store…) (Chiya)
While knowing that she definitely had to report about what she saw, Chiya was still unable to leave her bed.
Just that, her impression of Raidou who she hasn’t exchanged a single word yet, was now the worst.
“Hm…Senpai, over here.” (Makoto)
“Makoto-kun, this is your first time coming here, right?” (Hibiki)
“Yes.” (Makoto)
“Why can you tell it is there? You don’t have a map, right?” (Hibiki)
“That’s because I was told the location of the person that will be guiding us in this lake.” (Makoto)
“Hmph~, I see.” (Hibiki)
Makoto and Hibiki walk through the lake shore.
Makoto was walking without any hesitation and Hibiki asked for the reason of it.
Half of Makoto’s answer was a lie.
It is true that he heard a guide would be waiting around the lake, but Makoto was actually using [Sakai] to pinpoint that person’s location.
Right now he is not using his Magic Armor, and was only using [Sakai] to investigate the surroundings.
(Thinking about the place we will be going now, I think it would be better not to use Materia Prima. But when you abbreviate Materia Prima it turns out as MP, that literally translates to magic points. And it can also be reversed to turn in PM. Maybe Root doesn’t have naming sense. Well, it is not something I can say though.) (Makoto)
Makoto was completely in sightseeing mode.
On the other hand, Hibiki was in quite a tense state.
There’s the fact that she is thinking of a countermeasure for Makoto, but if it were only that, it would still be within her permissible range.
That she is currently losing that surplus she normally leaves was because she was cautious of the encounter between a certain existence in the Meiris Lake with Makoto.
Hibiki has been notified that this place is the territory of the Superior Dragon with the alias ‘Waterfall’.
Hibiki who had previous experience in encountering Lancer, had more knowledge of a Superior Dragon than normal people.
She hasn’t met one directly, but it is a dragon that even has a regional religion.
She understood that it isn’t an existence that can be carelessly touched.
(I have never met the Waterfall dragon, but there’s no doubt that it is that dragon that is maintaining the control of Meiris Lake and its surroundings. The reason that faith is directed at it is more because of the gratitude for the blessings it has given than its power. The mamonos don’t come out from the forest around the lake and they don’t try to increase their turf. It’s no mistake that this unnatural situation is related to the dragon. And in truth, the water that this lake has, has benefited in the expansion of the greenery. Hunters have been coming and going to the outer circumference of this forest, and in the several rivers that this lake has created, towns have prospered. In other words, the Waterfall dragon is a dragon that can coexist with hyumans. In that case, it is better to avoid unnecessary dispute. I can’t have it die by the hands of Makoto-kun.) (Hibiki)
For Hibiki, Makoto had already become an existence that can defeat Superior Dragons.
No, he had already become an existence that surpasses the Waterfall dragon.
This is one of the many possibilities that Hibiki has created in order to grasp the background of Makoto.
Right now, Hibiki saw Makoto as a dangerous being that has a ‘Don’t touch, dangerous’ sign with skulls all over the place.
“Ah, there it is.” (Makoto)
“Eh?” (Hibiki)
Being told that, Hibiki looks at the place that Makoto pointed.
At the faraway waterside, there’s certainly something visible.
“It is that person, the guide. Just in case, I will ask if it’s okay for Senpai to accompany me further.” (Makoto)
“Hey, Makoto-kun. I am sorry for saying something that’s probably obvious but, there’s someone here in this lake that’s like a chief, and it is like a water god of sorts.” (Hibiki)
“A water god huh. Nice way of putting it. It is true that it might fit Orient dragons.” (Makoto)
“…You know that something is in Meiris Lake, right?” (Hibiki)
“That there’s something, you say… Well, yeah. I do know the basic knowledge of the place I am going. This place is the territory of the Waterfall Superior Dragon, right?” (Makoto)
“…That’s something that’s not made public though. It is only being passed as a legend in the villages close to here and the towns that are at the river basins.” (Hibiki)
Hibiki herself had heard this directly from the royal family, so learning that it was being passed down as a legend was something that happened after.
Just that, the way Makoto spoke so confidently that there’s a Superior Dragon called Waterfall in this Meiris Lake was bothering her.
“I heard that from the person that requested this delivery.” (Makoto)
“By the way, can you tell me of that requester? I am a Japanese person and a hero, but it is also true that I am associated with Limia Kingdom. I can’t have you making problems with a Superior Dragon.” (Hibiki)
“…About the requester, please let me ask the person himself in another day. It is a job, so I think it is best to not say anything I don’t know if it’s okay to say. But it isn’t a business that will cause any problems with the Waterfall dragon, so it is safe.” (Makoto)
“Understood. I will trust Makoto-kun.” (Hibiki)
(It seems like he at least has a sense of responsibility in the job he has accepted. Just that, uhm, the one that Makoto-kun pointed out as someone…isn’t it a mamono? In that case, it should be appropriate to think that it is not a request from the Adventurer Guild. Just what is he giving to who?) (Hibiki)
As she guessed, in the place that the two have arrived at, there wasn’t a hyuman, but a mamono.
Hibiki could feel that it was a mamono that was within the strong kinds, and that mamono was approaching them without showing any kind of hostility as it made contact with them.
For a hero that has only been fighting the mamonos, this was a bothering reaction.
“Greetings. You have received word of me, right? I am the one that came with the delivery, name’s Raidou.” (Makoto)
The mamono nods.
(Words are working? Is that an ability of Makoto-kun?) (Hibiki)
In Hibiki’s ears, Makoto’s words were heard as japanese.
But those are not words that work on mamonos.
And yet, it seemed like Makoto’s words got through the mamono, and Hibiki guessed that maybe Makoto used some sort of ability.
“Yes, that’s right. I have it here. Also, if it’s okay, the Limia Kingdom’s hero Hibiki-san seems to want to go as well. Is that okay?” (Makoto)
(He is having a conversation, right? In my eyes, it only looks like a lump of gel, the size of a hyuman, trembling. Thought transmission? But Makoto-kun is speaking normally.) (Hibiki)
“Thank you very much. Eh, here and now? Understood.” (Makoto)
In the time that Hibiki was thinking about a lot of things, the conversation seemed to have reached a conclusion. Makoto gave his thanks and then, it seems like it requested something, he took the bag at his shoulder and opened it.
What appeared was a big egg.
Hibiki thought it was a spherical object, but it was something that surpassed Hibiki’s expectations.
“…Makoto-kun, what’s that? I can tell it is an egg by looking at it though.” (Hibiki)
Hibiki felt that if she asked just like that, she would only get a response that it is an egg, so by taking into account the response he might give, she asks for a deeper explanation.
It was a pretty big egg.
At the very least, it is an egg Hibiki has never seen before.
“It is rare to see one of this, right? It is a dragon egg.” (Makoto)
“DRAGON?!” (Hibiki)
Her words unintentionally came out strong.
The Meiris Lake is the territory of a Superior Dragon.
And at a place like that, they are having a conversation about a dragon egg.
It could become a delicate problem in an instant if not handled properly. Hibiki got agitated.
“Yes, it is the egg of the Waterfall dragon. I am kind of helping it return home.” (Makoto)
“Water-fall?!” (Hibiki)
“Senpai? As expected, you got surprised?” (Makoto)
Hibiki lets out incomprehensible words without caring about the eyes of others, something unusual from her.
Makoto talks with fun as if he had heard a joke.
For Hibiki, it was not the time to be surprised.
If Hibiki was really trying to let loose or make a joke to entertain, she probably would be showing more composure than this.
“Why do you have something like that when you were supposed to be in Rotsgard?” (Hibiki)
Controlling her breathing that was about to turn disordered, Hibiki was somehow able to continue her words.
“That was uhm, there were a lot of things going on.” (Makoto)
“…You said that this is the egg of Waterfall. In that case, it will become the child of Waterfall, right? Could it be, there was an idiot who would steal the egg of a Superior Dragon?!” (Hibiki)
“Eh, ah. When I said it was the egg of Waterfall, I didn’t mean it in that way. This is Waterfall itself. A lot happened a time ago you see.” (Makoto)
“Waterfall itself?! Hey now, Makoto-kun, this isn’t a matter that can be wrapped up by just saying ‘a lot happened’, you know? Waterfall is the dragon that lives in the territory of Limia. I am not totally unrelated to this.” (Hibiki)
“Well, that is…if I don’t ask the people here, I can’t say much either. Eh? Wait?” (Makoto)
Hibiki seeks an explanation.
Makoto was wondering how he would tell her, and looked at the direction of the gel.
In that place, there was the appearance of the gel that had changed a part of itself into a hammer.
It seems to be an action that it was doing after telling Makoto, but it seems like Makoto himself couldn’t understand what it was doing.
And then, the gel swung down that hammer.
The hammer arm of the gel hits the egg as if it was natural.
And obviously, a big crack appeared on the egg.
Actually, it should be surprising that it wasn’t smashed completely.
“Safe. Or more like, it is unexpectedly tough.”
Makoto and Hibiki were looking at it dumbfounded.
The gel didn’t do more than that, and was standing before the egg.
A silence ruled the space, and within that silence, the sound of something hitting could be heard.
Hibiki noticed that the sound came from inside the egg.
“This is a joke, right? Are you telling me that it will be born here and now?” (Hibiki)
“Ah, so that just now was to assist on the hatching huh.” (Makoto)
Because of the situation, the composure of Makoto and Hibiki did a complete reversal.
They watched attentively just like that.
Finally, with the crack as the center, the thick shell was lifted up.
As it was lifted up, the head peeks out like a chick.
The head of the dragon comes out from the egg.
( Just what in the world happened for a Superior Dragon to suddenly hatch. Makoto-kun doesn’t seem to be that agitated. Are you telling me that this unprecedented event is a normal occurrence in his everyday life?) (Hibiki)
(…It is a western style one huh. It is a dragon that has taken a lake as its territory, and is specialized in the water element that is the best at healing, so I was expecting a snake-shaped one though. Is Tomoe the only one that was a snake-shaped dragon? Uwa, even though it hatched just now, the way it is breaking the shell is not cute at all.) (Makoto)
Makoto who was expecting a snake-shaped dragon, saw the head and claws of the dragon, and sees that its silhouette was similar to how the western dragons are depicted, and made a tensionless impression.
The gestures of shaking its head and body to shake the shell off was something that he was expecting, but even though Waterfall was the size of an arm, it was using its claws to break the shell in an incredibly composed manner and coming out from it.
The light in its eyes was not that of innocence or purity, but the eyes that would make one thing are those of an adult.
After Waterfall calmly left from its shell, it begins drawing something in the air with its small legs. In just a few moments after hatching, it was able to exercise magic.
The surrounding egg shells quickly froze, turned into dust, and disappeared.
(So it even does the cleaning itself.) (Makoto)
Makoto was thinking that this dragon kid was seriously not cute.
Waterfall was moving its head to the sides several times as if confirming its state, and it first looks at the mamono.
“You have protected this place well in my absence. It seems like I will have to increase the number of you guys in the future.”
From the mouth of the dragon, fluent common language came out.
(It is even able to talk as soon as it was born. Couldn’t it have just come back here on its own? I didn’t hear anything about them being like this the very moment they are born. That damn Root… Gel-san is happy here, so well, that’s fine.) (Makoto)
Leaving aside the discontent of Makoto, the Gel was trembling more than any moment before, and inside the transparent body of it that doesn’t have that much temperature, a number of bubbles were appearing.
And then, Waterfall faces Makoto and Hibiki.
Makoto who has a good amount of Superior Dragon acquaintances like Root and Tomoe, was the same as always; on the other hand, Hibiki’s body was stiff.
For Hibiki, this is the first time that she has properly met with a Superior Dragon.
At that time with Lancer, it was a fight, and the one who did most of the fighting was actually Shiki.
It could be said that this is the first time that Hibiki can talk to a Superior Dragon.
“…Raidou, I am impressed that you accepted the request of that free-spirited and troublesome person. I give you my gratitude for returning me to Meiris Lake.” (Waterfall)
“No problem.” (Makoto)
“I want to have a good talk with you later so, can I have your accompany for a little bit longer?” (Waterfall)
“As long as I am able to return by today, there’s no problem. Right, Senpai?” (Makoto)
“Ah, yeah, it is okay, Waterfall…-sama.” (Hibiki)
“Fufufu, I don’t mind you not using -sama, you know? Limia’s hero, Hibiki. Leaving aside if it was actually necessary, I give you my gratitude for guarding Raidou all the way here. I also give my gratitude to the Limia royalty that has been abiding to the contract until now. As a show of my gratitude, I will invite you to my dwelling along with Raidou. It’s been awhile since I have invited people though.” (Waterfall)
“Thank you very much.” (Hibiki)
(What a wise dragon it is. It seems like there’s complicated circumstances, but I have nothing to lose in being able to hear the conversation if only for a bit. Also…it seems like Waterfall thinks something of Makoto-kun too. I stuttered though.) (Hibiki)
“Well then, I am counting on you. Raidou, Hibiki, please just keep a tranquil heart as you are.” (Waterfall)
Waterfall sends a gaze to the Gel.
As if answering that gaze, the Gel inflates its body largely, and expands itself.
Its body opens up as if it were opening its mouth, and after wrapping up Waterfall, Makoto and Hibiki, it dives into the lake just like that.
“In the space between the lake and land, there’s an area where I live in. We will be arriving soon, so please enjoy the scenery underwater as we wait.” (Waterfall)
The body of the Gel was muddy, but it turned transparent and was made possible to look outside.
A 360° scenery that felt like one of those aquariums, had spread in their view.
(Not the space between the land and sea, but the space between land and lake, huh. Aah, it is great that I had my Magic Armor off. I would have troubled Gel-san when it was wrapping us after all.) (Makoto)
(Calmly, and maintaining one’s spirit constantly cold, you look at the situation. No matter how harsh it is, if you don’t have this margin in mind as you act, you won’t be able to reach the best result. Having a margin is not leeway, but an insurance line. Don’t get impatient. Even if this can affect the current war and what happens after. Even if I am unable to obtain the best result, I won’t give up on obtaining the better result. That’s my current duty.) (Hibiki)
The day in Meiris Lake continues.
The capital Asuta.
Its reconstruction was not looking good.
The royal family’s riches, the noble’s riches, the hard work of the knights and the residents.
Even when they are using their investments in an adequate manner, they are being hindered by the season, and it wasn’t proceeding as they thought.
If the capital had been destroyed to the point of becoming an empty lot, it would have probably made the reconstruction faster.
However, there’s a great number of rubble and gouged paths, and to begin the actual reconstruction, they have to deal with that first.
Moreover, in this world, there’s the existence of mamonos and it is war time as well, so they had to work in the outer walls first.
Compared to normal towns, it is a pretty fast pace, but in this case with the capital, there was a town that was doing a miracle-like reconstruction at that same period.
Academy Town, Rotsgard.
The scale of Rotsgard Academy and the capital are around the same.
The two were similar in the part that they possessed satellite towns.
But the reconstruction speed of Rotsgard after being destroyed was absurd.
Even though the disaster occurred at the same time, the information of Rotsgard had reached the ears of Asuta as well, and because of their absurd speed in it, the residents and nobles that live in the capital were suspecting that maybe there’s some sort of problem in the reconstruction at the capital’s side.
In the end, the Limia royal family requested a reconstruction cooperation of Rotsgard.
It is well known that the reconstruction of Rotsgard has a high number of students and magicians working in it, and Hibiki who considered that they should take the same method, stood as a messenger and requested for help.
After less than a few months, the plans will probably differ, but the many students and magicians will probably participate in the reconstruction of the capital.
The fact that they have requested for cooperation was at the same time proof that Rotsgard didn’t need that many magicians anymore, and was also showing that it is already returning to its former shape.
In just a few months, a prominent town had climbed up from a disaster, and recovering.
There’s no doubt that the revival of Rotsgard will be spoken of for a long time to come.  
“They are taking their sweet time here.”
“Rotsgard is just way too fast. It is also because our place is helping out, but that place is a treasure trove of magicians. I think it was a miracle result that was brought out by the good combination of people commanding and people executing.”
“Also, they have the chance to remake it, so they should have made the outer walls at a more distant location, and increase the scale of the inside. Are there no people here that can use their head?”
“…Nee-san, an outer wall is the lifeline of a town. Just rebuilding it is already a high priority task. It seems like this time the foundation was fortunately okay, so it was judged that it would be plenty enough to rebuild as it is.” (Lime)
“…Ah, so that’s why they didn’t move it one inch huh. Even though they should know that they are in a location where they will constantly face the meddling of demons.” (Mio)
“It seems like Hibiki and a number of nobles were contemplating on moving it, but in this situation, it is impossible. If they were to force it, by the time they finish the new capital, who knows how many of the inhabitants would be left.” (Lime)
Being guided through Asuta and seeing the slow reconstruction state, Mio gave an honest advice.
Lime gave a follow-up by saying that in a realistic point of view, Asuta is actually doing a good job, but Mio’s expression didn’t seem to show a single shred of consenting to that.
He was also being careful about the second prince who is silently guiding them to the next location.
Because the words of Mio were definitely heard by him.
No matter if they were told there’s no need to worry about formalities, Lime is not the type who would take those words for granted.
While feeling chills that maybe Mio was trying to buy a fight with Joshua, Lime was moving about in confusion between those two.
“Mio-dono and Lime-dono seem to have seen the miracle town Rotsgard, so I think it is a plausible opinion. The current situation of the capital is a problem that is hurting our heads, and it is the truth that we are hurrying because of our feelings that we should finish it as fast as possible. The proposal of Hibiki about moving  the capital was something that has to be considered, but in the current state, regaining the functions of the capital and the towns, as well as the livelihood of the people was of higher priority, so at this time, we couldn’t do it.” (Joshua)
“How leisure. I wonder if you will be able to finish while it is still winter.” (Mio)
Normally, a city wouldn’t be able to recover so fast.
It is something that has to be planned for at least a few years.
“We have to at least arrange the looks, no matter what. Ah, you two, it is here. From here, we can climb up on top of the outer walls. I think you will be able to see a different form of the capital from here compared to the castle.” (Joshua)
Just as Joshua said, a part of the outer walls had something similar to a cabin constructed, and from there, a long flight of stairs stretched up.
The three went to the top of the outer wall, and have an unobstructed view of the capital’s interior and outside.
“This is… The talk was that people will be coming from Rotsgard, but even so, looking like this, I think it will be taking around half a year before it takes proper form.” (Lime)
“As expected of Lime-dono, a splendid diagnosis. The result of our discussion about the assistance of Rotsgard, was that it would take around that time. Hibiki said that there’s still room to make it faster though.” (Joshua)
“By that time, the demon race will be attacking already-desu wa. The logic that the enemy won’t attack because you are in the middle of recovering is not possible.” (Mio)
(Mio-neesan. We should stop this topic soon. This is a problem of Limia, and help from Rotsgard will be coming. Even if we stick our head into this matter, well, I don’t think it will show a good result. Boss didn’t tell us anything either so…) (Lime)
(…Lime, are you looking to be peeled too?) (Mio)
(Peeling?!) (Lime)
(In the first place, just how much do you think Waka-sama has helped in that Rotsgard reconstruction? And in truth, what’s most important is to have them understand that very point. Be silent.) (Mio)
(No well, uhm…) (Lime)
(Be silent, okay? I will properly talk to Waka-sama later. It’s okay to just match what I say.) (Mio)
(…Understood-ssu.) (Lime)
Unable to stay silent, Lime send a thought transmission to Mio.
But he ended up being shut out himself and curling his tail.
In the first place, the standing and power of Lime and Mio are way too different.
Travelling together with Mio was impossible for Lime.
It could be said that the most he could do was change the direction slightly.
“Well then, does the Kuzunoha Company have a good idea?” (Joshua)
Joshua asks for a suggestion from Mio.
Those words were a given.
“Of course. If you want to, I can show you a bit of it right now.” (Mio)
With a smile, she answers prince Joshua as if nothing.
Seeing this, Lime had his usual expression, but internally, he was rolling around in suffering.
(Uaaah! It is happening again! It is that same smile! Boss, please return quick! This is impossible, with only me, this is definitely impossible-ssu!!) (Lime)
Lime didn’t know what she intended to do.
Just that…he was sure that she was going to do something.
It hurt.
Lime’s stomach was hurting.
“Go ahead please.” (Joshua)
With slightly sharp eyes, Joshua said these short words.
“Okay. Ah right, prince Joshua, that section there has a lot of rubble, right? It looks like you haven’t worked on that part yet.” (Mio)
“We haven’t been able to work on that section yet. The part that can be seen at the other side as well, and the part at the left side too. We haven’t been able to clear away the rubble yet.” (Joshua)
“Are there people there?” (Mio)
“The entrance is currently prohibited.” (Joshua)
“Then, is it okay to use magic?” (Mio)
“…Go ahead.” (Joshua)
“Fufufu~.” (Mio)
Mio didn’t say anything.
She took out her folding fan from her bosom, and pointed it towards the place that is still filled in rubble.
Prince Joshua looked carefully at Mio’s appearance and the rubble alternately.
Lime was already looking at some place faraway from the rubble and letting out a dry laugh.
“I will be doing it-desu wa.” (Mio)
The short words of Mio.
At the place where the folding fan was pointing, in an instant, a dark swirl appeared at the ground and everything was gone.
Being swallowed by the dark swirl, the earth and sand, along with the rubble, had disappeared completely.
Prince Joshua places his right hand at his mouth.
One could easily tell that he was showing surprise.
(She did it. She ended up doing it, Boss… Now, they probably know that the Rotsgard reconstruction speed had something to do with us as well. It is true that it is the place that Boss is living in, and we haven’t done much in keeping it a secret, but…I thought that it would have been better to keep it hidden-ssu. Mio-neesan is planning to destroy it, a lot of things.) (Lime)
Lime felt that something else was coming out aside from his long sigh, and the cries of his heart resounded pitifully.
“Also, you said that side over there and the left side was the same, right? Then…” (Mio)
Mio continued onto the other two parts, and erases the rubble.
Even though there were priorities to take care of first, the terrible spectacle that had been left like that for several months, had disappeared in an instant.
“Just what kind of magic can do something like this? Was there a spell like that in the dark element? Also, what’s swallowed there…where does it go?” (Joshua)
While looking at the place that had become a completely empty plot of land, Joshua mutters to no one in particular.
“I will be taking it out after this-desu wa. It is okay to let it out anywhere outside the outer walls, right?” (Mio)
Mio answers the mutters of Joshua that were not directed at anyone.
“Ah, yeah…I want you to avoid doing that where the camps are though.” (Joshua)
Joshua who had lost his courteous way of speaking towards the Kuzunoha Company, had answered Mio as if she were the supervisor of a construction work.
Just that, from the relationship between Joshua and Mio, this way of speaking is no problem at all.
Actually, it could be said that until now, he had been way too courteous.
“So you don’t mind. Then, at that part-desu wa ne.” (Mio)
Mio didn’t show much interest in the change of the prince, and continued speaking.
There’s also the point that she didn’t care about the attitude of the prince as she acted though.
Pointing the folding fan to the outsides of the capital, a dark swirl was created.
In a distant place, rubble, earth, and sand came out one after the other from the dark swirl and as it fell, it made the ground tremble and did a dull sound. It even reached the ears of the three who were at the outer walls.
“What a powerful magic.” (Joshua)
“Powerful? Something of this level, I can do it hundreds of times-desu wa. The rubble and scraps of wood in this place, I would be able to throw it outside in one day if I wanted to. Lime, with this, how much did it shorten the reconstruction time?” (Mio)
“…Right, let’s see-ssu. It probably reduced 2 months of work-ssu.” (Lime)
“Ara ara, how simple.” (Mio)
“Mio-dono, then can you please lend us that power of yours? What you are trying to say is that you will be helping us in the reconstruction of this capital?” (Joshua)
“I will confirm with Waka-sama once he returns, but if it’s just for one day, there’s no problem-desu wa. Waka-sama is not here and I don’t have anything to do anyways.” (Mio)
“‘Just for this one day’, what great words! Of course, I will be giving a proper compensation. I will bring the one in charge right this instant, so please, do lend us your strength!” (Joshua)
“I don’t care about the one in charge, but prince, the condition is that you will be there as well. You will be witnessing what the Kuzunoha Company’s Mio will be doing.” (Mio)
“If my presence is enough, I will engrave it in my eyes.” (Joshua)
The sun was still high up.
It seems like the day of Mio and Lime who were suddenly assisting in the reconstruction work, was still long to be over.

The chapter was pretty long, so I won’t be able to make it for tomorrow.
 Just consider this chapter as two. Teehee 😛 *sparkle*

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        Third, while she is currently upholding the Goddess’ system, Hibiki is working behind the scenes to gradually undermine it. So Hibiki is still being true to herself. A similar example might be a revolutionary or member of an underground movement. Do you call them hypocrites, or are they gradually/sneakily working to achieve their true goals?
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        Fifth, aside from the excessive emphasis on beauty, I’m pretty sure the people’s ideas for heroic behavior are the same in both Earth and in Bug’s world. Help the weak, save people, be nice, get rid of corruption, prioritize citizen lives over real estate/historical artifacts, kill harmful monsters, do not discriminate based on looks (Illumgand was originally like this), advocate for Nobles to protect their citizens, etc.
        Lastly, Hibiki actually DOES believe in bettering society and helping people. And she’s pretty darn kind and friendly too (not faking it). She actually worries about people’s homes being destroyed by the purple cloud. Which is reasonably heroic. Heroes don’t have to be like Shirou, doing anything just for a smile. Look at the Avengers, heroes’ motivations can vary wildly. Wanting to become more powerful so she can protect more people is reasonably heroic. (Remember, she got the hero-buff SPECIFICALLY to save the residents of the capital. She couldn’t break free from Shiki otherwise)

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      Yeah the author does seem to put Hibiki in the right a lot, but this would be too inconsistent for reasons stated above. I mean she thinks that he’s mass murderer who would take anyone’s life on a whim.
      The only problematic thing about him when it comes to life is he discrimination towards hyumans that Tomoe and Shiki brought up a few chapters ago. But even that’s not on a psychopathic level.

      1. Makoto doesn’t have a “mature” level of understanding killing. It’s almost the same to him as breathing. He doesn’t HAVE to do it, doesn’t feel a NEED to do it, but if he decides to do it, BAM.
        And he didn’t grieve over his first kill. His first kill was the (to him) talking dog Riz. And if you don’t count that, the numerous demons at Shen’s temple.
        Even if those are accidents, think about it: What is the NORMAL reaction to killing by accident, especially for the first time? “OHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWD What do I do? What do I do? I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do it!” People even have trouble killing regular animals, let alone another thinking/speaking being.
        Soldiers don’t have to grieve over every time they kill, that would be ridiculous. But at the same time, they went through careful training to reach that point. And might still require counseling later, after the fighting is over (that’s what their training does. It lets them shelve the feelings for later). Police officers are required to see a psychiatrist after a killing.
        Compare this to Makoto’s case, with (supposedly) zero training: “Whoops. Guess I’m stronger than I thought.”
        Being a psychopath doesn’t mean killing is your first and favorite option. And it doesn’t mean they don’t have people they like. Here’s the wiki description:
        Psychopathy (/saɪˈkɒpəθi/), sometimes used synonymously with sociopathy (/soʊsiˈɒpəθi/), is traditionally defined as a personality disorder[1] characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits.
        Makoto doesn’t hit all of those traits, but he qualifies for impaired empathy, remorse, and boldness. There’s a reason why a disproportionately large number of CEOs of companies are psychopaths. (Waitasecond, CEOs? Makoto did call himself the CEO of Kuzunoha….)
        I think it’s fair to call Makoto a psychopath. The only question is what is the extent (severity) of his psychopathy?

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        2) He is worried about being labeled as a terrorist.
        There’s no consideration for the people who may be killed. Not even a passing thought. Just “Oh noes. I’m in trouble. Time to flee.”
        To quote the relevant parts:
        Even though I was calm, I was filled with anger. If what was gone from Rinon was the tension then for me it was my self-restraint.
        “Fly and reflect on what you have done!!!!” (Makoto)
        With a *bling, the two of them flew away.
        The rumor that I had gone through all the trouble of spreading, they ruined it all!
        What should I do from now on?!
        ‘My clothes a kimono!” is what I probably heard but I ignored it.
        This is no good, at this rate it’s definitely not good! Someday I will become a terrorist! No, I already am! If this gets out I won’t be able to hide it, what should I do?! Aaaaah! My Japanese is weird!

    4. This is all my speculation based on my understanding and knowledge (some of them I may have forgot), so please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong
      The way I understood what Hibiki meant about “killing” is that, whether the enemy is an adult, child, or aged, whether they are prepared, whether they are a single person, a battalion, or the whole populace, or even a whole race, whether they are good or not, whether they are prepared or not (not all people who steps on the battlefield would be prepared for its horrors, especially those who stepped on it the first time), Makoto has no problems eradicating them to dust as long as they ARE STANDING ON THE BATTLEFIELD AGAINST HIM. He might even have no problems killing someone he knows, former friends or acquaintances, and that is why Hibiki fears him.
      And regarding his first TRUE murder, he may have grieved ’cause he killed or he may have grieved ’cause of the damage the idiot hyumans did, it was never made light. However, the FACT is that he deliberately killed her, and it didn’t bother him at all that much and. He may have killed out of revenge, but no NORMAL high school student can kill (be it an accident or deliberately) and not be bothered about it. Even Hibiki said that killing still stresses her, I don’t know about Tomoki now though, but according to Hibiki, it took some time ’till he got used to killing.
      (don’t grammar nazi me pls., I’m not a native english speaker)

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      1. I am thinking exactly the same here.
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        “Well, it is a good inclination. Makoto, hear me out. You can’t let your principles grow and perform a royal road. You also can’t let your emotions grow and advance a path of military rule. Slowly, it is fine to do it slowly, so think about the future, and decide in a way that you think is good. You probably have already noticed yourself, but you are carrying a troublesome thing that would normally make you unable to open your eyes anymore. Without being engulfed by it, slowly advance as a mortal, okay? Don’t just run away from destruction. In that point, your decision regarding that demon girl was good. As a Lord, that decision would have been bad, but as a human being, it wasn’t bad.” (Daikokuten)
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        sorry for the bad English.

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    Curious: Speaks for itself; He’s powerful, he’s bored and he wants to learn about the world. He’s expressed his annoyance at being unable to feel exhausted from physical/magical exertion before, as well. He has no genuine goal beyond finding entertainment – Even Root’s dragon egg quest basically amounts to sight-seeing after all.
    ‘Something that should not be alive’: A common sentiment when describing Makoto from both the Gods and his allies; His way of increasing his magic power for one, and the side-story mention that he ‘cheated’ to acquire the Truehit ability… Or was it surehit? Either way, the Gods of Fate described it as him beating down a strong wall that bound him to his particular ‘talent’ (All humans have 1, apparently) with his bare hands, through which he transcended the wheel of fate or something along those lines.
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        They didn't go into much detail though; Amaterasu, Athena and Shiva stopped by for a chat and bring up Makoto. Supposedly his original 'talent' was something you'd want to turn away from, but had an abnormally strong grip on him until he abandoned it for Archery. Think the words used were "If a normal talent is a red carpet leading the way, in his case it was a path with thick walls on either side. And be broke through those walls with stubbornness." or something along those lines.

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    … So, apparently my friend found my cat, or something that resembles her. He send me a picture of a cat that’s 99%-100% similar to my lost cat (albeit being dirty and soooo malnourished). Thing is, it’s a screenshot of an online auction site.
    Someone in my area is trying to sell her for 159.
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      1. Yeah, I know that, but still feels “wrong” “bad”, I understand with my head but my heart can accept her, even if his info was more she still will scheming, will say good things but his actions and believes will be the contrary, she’s that type of person and that’s why my heart can’t accept her.

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    Yep, this totally sounds like Mio.

    He had a hyuman shape in complete smooth white like that of an egg.

    So, an incomplete or raw form.

    In the image of Raidou, there was a big and incredibly beautiful bow in his left hand.

    This is likely not Azusa.
    Seeing as she’s seeing his ESSENCE, it’s likely that the core of his being is bound to archery.

    (Right, if I remember correctly, it was at his neck. At only that one part, the smooth surface was cracked, and the very center of it was dark. I thought it was a small stain, but it wasn’t. It was hollow.) (Chiya)
    At that time, Chiya strained her eyes and tried to look inside that darkness.
    And then, she saw it.
    (Something was there. Was there? Is there? I don’t know. But those eyes, they were only looking at me, and yet, my head was inundated by several images of death. It was as if I was being killed over and over. This is only my hunch but, I think that’s not a living thing. It is something that shouldn’t have eyes to begin with. And that something is looking at the outside from within him. With great interest, it looks around restlessly.) (Chiya)
    Chiya who was facing the eyes that were peeking from the crack of the image, had fear grabbing a tight hold of her body, and just as her emotions told, she screamed.

    While this sounds totally ominous and makes you think that Makoto is gonna turn evil, for me this is just a reflection of potential.
    At the start, she saw an egg, which is typically a metaphor for something pure and with an infinite potential.
    The crack shows that the true Makoto is already in the process of hatching, however he still didn’t take his full form, so he is immature.
    Scaring her shitless is an attempt to defend himself from someone who he is perceiving as a threat and is unable to defend from(Because the egg is cracked, he is exposed to the outside, and since the mind’s eye is not a passive ability, it means that the activation can be felt(Especially by makoto, who can sense magic. Maybe he can’t sense it consciously, but his subconsciousness sure can, and it perceived it as a threat, so it paid back with the same type of “attack” that it was targeted with.

    1. The last one is a great explanation, so it is like the Abyss skill of Vandalieu huh, returns the attack. I no longer feel sorry for Chiya since she choose to pry, without their permission. as such it was a self defense situation.

      1. Well…
        Maybe not.

        Personally, because Makoto is actually a pretty decently written OPMC, I choose to give the MC the benefit of the doubt and BELIEVE that that’s what actually happened.

        I’m also taking into account the fact that in most litRPGs, true sight type skills have can be blocked, and the party doing the blocking would know that someone attempted to observe them, meaning that true sight is something that the target can perceive as a type of force when used, like a punch or a shove.

        So a creature that is still in its infancy would perceive it as dangerous and would defend itself to the best of its ability.

      2. I think these “eyes” can be his other dimensions personalities he saw in dreams, she did said they are dead but is living or something vague like that, so it can be what I’m thinking (but i think it’s really unlikely). But i really liked that comparison to abyss skill and thought the same xD

      1. Well, an egg hatching is a sign of change, so it’s possible that him killing that bitch was a trigger to start the change(ie make the first crack)

        1. most dangerous heroes talk less affection to go back japan : no affection with Hymans and anyone misumi alone heart filled by dark color [darkness]
          learn about this world to help her and go to back japan : help time to forget knows it well it means misumi death. and unconsistently doesn’t know that one life. -forgert his death and two path follow.
          two way
          path possibilities good or evil way consider it first. dark : needs his death of user magic power life core takes all 100% and 90% death of Hymans -semi-demons-demons[ war] help to wake his king [reborn ] . misumi dies every time reborn again – god gives to near death door sealed inside her – control by misumi to control his power -just like naruto. special ability needs single color . misumu makato : dark and with her self in Hymans shape In the image of Raidou, there was a big and incredibly beautiful bow in his left hand.
          egg is started to awaken his death god or the dark king or dark color
          misumi[with bow ] and Dark dragon[devil or darkness or death god] : The dark king of The parallel world. misumi : king of all mysterious legendary ancient beast not just tamed monster only tamed mysterious legendry ancient beast.[tomoe -mio-shiki[lich undead-dearh ripper].
          goodess tells hibiki to take color – white -red -yellow- special ablity of hero’s . evil power: Dark
          u cn’t take all special ability only one not same ability to others. misumi : all special trails along side with her bows in the left hand. hibiki : none special ability only special traits : charisma and tomoki : special traits : charn special ability : no
          king [ infinite death and reborn by darkness inside by her.] untill it awakes
          chiya mistakes help her to king awaken egg [first crack] a different path along side misumi together – two path – good or evil path together. darkness dispels all type magic absorbing –
          misumi all type of disples magic [darkness absoption ] and along side her white magic[ all magic arrows colors – bow helps to kept manifestation – all 1 magic armor and silver hands [white red] 2.[ yellow blue red dark ]arrows.

          1. Sorry if this sounds rude but why is it that every time I try to read your comments I always have a hard time trying to understand what you’re trying to say lol

          2. ohh my Goddd, Is this translated from Google or something I get what he trying to get but man my braincells just took a toll here from reading this high level magic inscription +_+

    2. She didn’t see an egg. What she saw was a human shape that was as smooth as Egg. Like Hitogami in Mushuku Tensei or Truth from FMA, and there is a black crack on the part of its neck. Both images alone are already giving me the creeps.

    3. I thought the white human shape that looked like an egg reminded me of when he put Mio’s Power Suit on. He said it was Blue the first time he used it, but was White in the battle with Oi. So a full white suit and a white humanoid shape that looked like an egg made me think it was foreshadowing.

    4. I believe its not like that (thlu it is a good theory). I think the white shaped form means the purity of makoto, after all he is a kind hearted honest idiot. He doesn’t see the evil in others (not on first thought) and he always tries to think on the goodness and honesty of the rest, and always tries to think on the well being of those around him.

      Aka the white shape would mean that kind of purity, the purity of his heart. And the dark spot, the growing darkness that is staining that purity, wich can be seen in how in the beggining he never truly tried to kill anyone, he refused to kill whoever got in the middle, and he tried to treat everyone with good intentions and feelings. now instead while he doesn’t go around hurting people, he has no qualms in Killing and hurting whoever tries to harm him or those around him and he thinks the worst of any hyuman he doesn’t personally knows.

      Basically the crack means the destruction of that purity and the darkness the incarnation of that intent to kill and destroy.

      I believe its this, considering how the other versions of makoto end up (his future parallel versions)

      1. Yeah I think that’s what root trying to tell it’s like Makoto is a white papper slowly being painted by the darkness of the world and I agree with (Jesùs Alejandro Coles Moguel) in the beginning he probably didn’t has that dark hollow crack on his neck and just a while purity of an idiot, naive and nevel even though of Killing and stuff but the world slowly painting him or the darkness slowly consuming him like that time the idiot Hyumans that killed Tomoe’s fragment and the orc to the point of the forth to the fourth dream which he felt alter self emotions idk if the God who gift him that made him forget those feeling or not, but whatever inside in nothing pleasing to the eyes just like that Hentai Peeper(Chiya) said it shouldn’t exit

    5. There can be two other explanations as well. One is simply the unknown scared her and there should be hints of his ‘extraordinary’ magic power. Another would be the side effects of shiva’s gift. He saw three dreams of alternative paths (Fourth looked a bit special) that didn’t end well. The last dream influenced him too much, as if trying to shove inside him all the negative feelings he had ever felt in that world. So, the possibility that those negative feelings are somewhere inside him exists. Also, there was something strange about MC from the very beginning, especially with how lighthearted he is on the subject ‘feelings’.
      I remember that during the last dream, shiva mentioned that ‘that makoto’ reached him emotional limit that’s why he felt as if he was feeling nothing. Truthfully, I think our MC is on a quite bad situation (he is in the same state as ‘that makoto’, but on a lighter side) and he simply doesn’t unleash all the pent up emotions which caused him to ‘freeze’. I think that Mio and Tomoe are the solutions to his problem (I think it will be incredibly interesting when they become a couple).

      1. I think its Shiva as well, and because the other gods are unknown to everyone but Mokato, 4 gods are literally helping him,

      2. I think that rather than the influence of the dreams on the current version of Makoto, it’s more important to take them as examples of his destructive potential if things went wrong at some point. I don’t think that experiencing those things have a significant effect on his current character, even including that last dream.

        This story is about him living mostly peacefully, but he certainly has characteristics of being very dangerous. If he puts his mind to it (or is brought to that point by external circumstances), he can become the perfect warrior, killing extremely efficiently without remorse. I feel that that is what she sees within that crack and why it makes her afraid.

        He is someone who – if pushed too far – could extinguish all life on that planet. It’s not just that he’s generally powerful enough to do so, but that he would be able to do so from a psychological standpoint, which is far more dangerous than “ordinary” powerful beings like superior dragons who mostly mind their own business.

    6. Wow, your explanation of last one makes a lot of sense. Ty! I was seriously confused about the imagery at first read through but this helps!

  64. goddess : telling special powers like black needs and 90% death of the Hymans-demi-humans -demons. others white [pure silver hand manifestation] light red bow manifestation [red ] arrow [red-white -black -yellow] chocker- connecting to a diiferent path .
    black dragon[or devil] is the ruler of the world. BUT DARKNESS IS OTHER THING HATES THE Goddess.
    darkness infinite way to follow his path – good or evil path is a different way to follow.
    root know about it black dragon – darkness spell
    chains – exchange life’s with tames three – achieved to be reborn – fulfill his power shared by three chains get both tamed mysterious ancient beast and those chains stronger.
    1. tomoe ; tamed by mokoto – then it connected ancient language and Celest rails and ancient dragons.[effect : japan space-time teleportation]
    2 .mio : darkness – connected demi-humans
    3 shiki : reading-research-evil experiment – manifestation – no affection Hymans in this world untill now. – connected to demons.

    1. I’m really sorry but i didint understood even one comment of you whole series and they look like you put some effort in them :/

  65. Well, the whole Chiya situation can be summarized in one quote :
    “When you stare into the Abyss, the Abyss stares back.”
    And that time boy it did lmao

  66. Hibaka is not the normal one, she easily accept to go to war against demon which means she has to kill. What a f*ck*ng hypocrite. Saying makoto took life so easily, aren’t you even more dangerous?? Is what I really want to say to her.

    She really doesn’t deserve to be a hero, go fork yourself hibaka🤬🤬

    1. Her view of life and death is a lot heavier than Makoto’s though. She’s going to war because she deems it necessary and she has emotional sentiments due to her companions and allies being killed in the war. Makoto can kill without being emotional about it, and that is what scares her.

      Notions like “I have to kill them to finish the war and lead the world to peace” or “I will kill them because I hate them for killing my friends” are a lot more natural than “it’s fine to kill them since they’re going to war anyway so who cares”.

      In some regards, Makoto reminds me of Kumoko from Kumo desu ga, nani ka? who looks for excuses to slaughter people on the battlefield but lives peacefully next to ordinary townspeople. His complete lack of empathy towards people on the battlefield would basically qualify him as a psychopath, and recognising that does not make Hibiki a hypocrite.

      1. But makoto doesnt kill for no reason just because of war he only kill when trying harm him or people he carès about, and killing is killing the reason dont matter mutch to the one killed and theyr loved ones, the thought of killing for revenge or for the good of the country can be even more dangerous because are this kinda of thoughts that start war in the first place, and i agree that MC is dangerous but is usually this kinda suspicious and try to take care of this dangerous factours that is a trigger to became dangerous.

      2. The mc doesn’t look for reasons to kill. How you got that from how far along you have read this story, just has me getting a headache. He only kills those that literally attack them. If they don’t and stay away from him, the mc leaves them alone. Everyone that he has killed, first hurt him in some way. Especially the first one, that killed the tomoe clone. Which the mc to this day feels bad about not being able to protect that one. So i don’t get how you could stick up for the female hero. Her and the male ones are trash. They literally brain wash people. One uses artificial charisma and the other uses natural charisma. Which was enhanced by the bug goddess herself. lol Even the mc has stated that he would have liked to get along with the bug goddess, but herself caused that to be impossible.

  67. I do not think how Makoto think is wrong. I follow the think also those that kill should be ready to be killed in return.

    many animes share that message like Lelouch vi Britannia from code geas

    1. she’s actually afraid of Makoto’s power. And thinking his ideologies is dangerous is just her lying to herself and convincing herself that she is the one who’s ideologies are right and correct.

      On the flip side, if shes given power to wipe out demons, she wouldn’t hesitate to accept it, saying things like “Its necessary sacrifice” or “demons are embodiment of evil”

      1. yeah,she killed a lot of people and mamonos without care and she critiqued makoto of taking the life lightly when she leaved a road full of mamono corpses.and makoto only kill when the other person attack,he rarely start attacking.

      2. I don’t think Hibiki has ever viewed demons as the embodiment of evil. Maybe Tomoki thinks that, but Hibiki most certainly doesn’t.

        It’s true that she’d consider utilising power to bring the conflict to a faster resolution. I don’t think she’d go as far as wiping them out either though. She’d try to enslave the non-combatants in order to give them a chance to integrate into the society peacefully in the future (putting aside whether or not that notion is delusional in a world following the goddess’ rules).

        She’s not genocidal.

      3. Yeah i didn’t even know that hibiki killed other hyumans to be honest. And she straight up admits she had. But when the mc admits it, she gets disgusted. lolol What a hypocrite. XD She doesn’t even know the real circumstances at all too. She and the male heroes are a joke.

  68. I knew there was something wrong with Makoto. He’s trying so hard to be the same guy from Japan but the moment he got to the wasteland he ceased to exist. Makes me appreciate Vandeliu a bit more.

    Read Death Mage. Its great.

    1. Its not that he is trying to be the same guy, but that he really is almost the same guy, his life is in asora. Asora is a sense a copy of japan since everyone goes around following Makoto’s principles and wishes and his interaction in that world i like he acting in his work place instead of his home, thats why his way of living has seen so little change, in a sense he never truly integrated himself in hyuman society, thats mostly because of those stupid Adventures he ended up killing

      1. And hibiki and the male hero didn’t. lol Don’t kid yourself with that assessment. lol The female hero and the male hero literally believe everyone should bow down to them. The mc literally doesn’t care if you do or not. As long as you don’t attack him, his friends or his waifus. Then you’re good with him.

  69. I’m honestly getting tired of the whole “When you stare into the Abyss the Abyss stares back at you.” trope. I wonder if Nietzsche foresaw how much his words makes chuunibyos cream their pants.

    1. I like the “Makoto’s subconscious is protecting himself from Chiya’s intrusion” interpretation in the top comment

  70. I was thinking the egg part meant that he was concealing his power, so that’s why it seems as if he was “Young”. While the crack is his true power that’s being concealed. Cause they told us he looked like demon lords to the first humans he met.

    1. No quite. the people who first met give were assaulted with his uncontrollable mana overflowing from him, the demon lord thing was how mio and other described his msna amount.

      The pristess wasn’t seeing his mana amount but the “many truths” that conform makoto, basically is s subjective visual representation of “who is” makoto.

      Now what does that visual representation mean… Its anyone’s guess.

        1. Who knows, maybe maybe not. I would say that its not that,that the black things inside the crack are feelings of self preservation againts external menaces, thats why Chiya had feelings of masacre and destruction.

          1. I think he has a large potential for destruction. The alternate Makotos from the visions serve as examples; he is someone who could microwave people or turn countries into deserts if he is “broken”.

            If he became a god after his death (or ascends to become one during his lifetime and became immortal that way; who knows what will happen), I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an ambivalent god that not only granted shelter and prosperity (i.e. the side corresponding to his charitable peddling and Asora) but could also bring about calamity and destruction. Similar how Shiva / Daikokuten is a god of destruction but also a god of fortune and / or trading or whatever.

            His killing instinct isn’t something so minor as a self-defence mechanism. Self-defence seeks to incapacitate an opponent, not kill them.

          2. Well only talking about potential. Every intelligent being has the potential for destruction, hyumans dwarves, elves, etc.

            And if its only about potential Hibiki and Tomoki have higher potential for destruction since they are actively seeking it. No matter how they wish to justify it, they are planing and bringing destruction to the demons country and the other nations surrounding their own, compared to Makoto who seeks a comfortable peaceful life.

            And yeah those makotos in the parallel worlds were more destructive but that was not because of makotos inherit potential for it. But because the world destroyed the goodwill of those makotos, making them into beings of cruelty and destruction (and not all of them since one Makoto only became like Tomoki and Hibiki).

            And while it might no be impossible I dont see anyway for makoto to become a god.

            And no you are terribly wrong, self defense is self defense, and that means defend your personal safety from a impending danger. Sometimes it means getting away from the danger, sometimes is killing the cause of the danger. So yeah makoto always kills for self defense and sometimes he also defends himself by incapacitating the menace. But sekf defense is never limited to only one way or one yoe of action.

          3. I’m saying that he uses “self-defence” to justify unnnecessary killing, and that might theoretically end up including turning countries into deserts. If you can’t see how that’s more destructive than a regular war of conquest, I can’t help you.

            Normal human beings are inhibited and have a natural limit to their ability to kill and destroy. Part of what enables people to cause great destruction in reality is how far they are removed from it (by using complex weapons, chain of command, etc.). Since his destruction is a direct result of his attacks and spells, that does not apply here.

            Again, he’s not becoming that, but he could have, and most people couldn’t.

          4. That’s because you consider those deaths as unnecessary, but most of the deaths makoto has made were necessary, and he doesn’t use self defense as a justification.
            You think they were unnecessary because you consider that with his powers he could have taken another choice, but that’s not a justification to say they were unnecessary deaths nor negates that all those times were valid use of self defense.

            And no i dont fail to see that make a dessert is a great power of destruction, but i fail to see why you use the alter makotos as an extension of the main Makoto. They are not the same guy with just different spells, they are completely different entities with different developments, abilities, powers, feelings, actitudes, etc. Who only share a common background on earth (and that assuming all alter makotos had the same life while living on earth). Its not valid at all to use them as reference to what are the potentials of the main Makoto related to anything he might do or not.

            And what you mention about the limit of humans to kill is also invalid, mostly because while its true humans are limited by physical capabilities in how much they can destroy, thats it, they are physical limitations, nothing more. While not every human is mentally capable to cause great amounts of destruction, thats correlated to the external influence receive while its development plus their natural predisposition. So that is the why in peaceful countries most people have great aversion to inflicting extreme harm to others, but it vastly differs in places were violence is a common occurrence.

            And Makoto lost those physical limitations that humans have (ignoring his a hyuman and not a human) when he traveled to another world, that’s why he is capable of use direct means to cause great destruction. but in the end he also lacks the natural predisposition to cause it which is why his potential for it is quite low.

            Compared to Tomoki and Hibiki who use multiple means of destruction and chaos to fulfill their objetives have greater potential for destruction in general, their predisposition too it is greater.
            And because that’s natural for them, its the why Hibiki goes around panicking about makotos power, she see things the way she is and judges makoto under her own vision of the world.

          5. Holy smokes finally a comment worthy of reposting when dealing with Hibiki admirers ( or in rare cases simps)

          6. Its a tiny bit future knowledge, but you can see it here already: she fears him, because she can neither control nor kill him. He is dangerous because he has enough free will to not do what she wants, the power that surpasses hers and even is accepting killing people.

            Her panicking here is nothing more than her realizing these points and her condemning him is basically just something that she does because it includes hyumans. Demi-Humans/Demons are not people or deserve it anyway.

          7. I already know that she panicks cause she finds him dangerous because he doesn’t go along with her ideas/plans, and she cant overcome him.

            I dont really understand what you mean on your second paragraph.
            “her condemning him is basically just something that she does because it includes hyumans. Demi-Humans/Demons are not people or deserve it anyway.”

            That part specifically i dont understand what are you talking about. because she includes hyumans? what is it that demi-humans dont deserve?

          8. “And while it might no be impossible I dont see anyway for makoto to become a god.”

            The other gods more or less already confirmed that he will become one himself after his lifetime at the latest.

          9. Thats not the case, they mentioned that they might see him again after his lifetime, in what way and in what form is a complete guess for anybody.

            Since gods exist, thay do might intereact with the souls of those who die, and in what way is also anyones guess.

            But no evidence have been given that makoto might be able to become a god, since he only is powerful and has amounts of mana similar to that of gods, which is not the same as saying he is a god.

            But it is shown he has a great acceptance for death, so he is not someone who would seek out to avoid it, once it finally reaches him.

  71. “None of those are things that can be obtained by being specialized in archery“

    Its does , and Archery somehow double Makoto’s power everytime he self training, and its have no upper limit

  72. Hibiki being Hibaka. Unable to recognize the frailty of life that Makoto perceives, she feels estranged and threatened by her kouhai’s different outlook on life and his power, all the more when she defines power as worth.

    Hibiki would also take advantage of people and abuse of their kindness, under the pretense of justice and equity to further her ambitions. In relatively benign case, a person would reveal classified intel, like Makoto, in worse cases, she would rally people with her Hero title for her convenience disregarding the risk involved, such as Naval, the priestess, Illumgand Hoperaise. Her lack of conscience is clearly shown when she unsuccessfully tries to wrest Mio, Tomoe and Lime away from Kuzunoha Company with empty promises of saving the world.

    Hibiki’s method also rhymes with the relation she established with the Goddess: the latter deceived the former with sweet nothings for free labor. Hibiki being qualified as the best Hero representing the Goddess is very fitting; conniving, manipulative and ambitious little girl who can’t see beyond her nose.

    TLDR: She’s a little B. Git rekt.

  73. (…Lime, are you looking to be peeled too?) (Mio)
    (Peeling?!) (Lime)

    If I remember correctly, Mio said to Shiki he should lose a layer of skin. So he got peeled before the trip?

    That line she dropped on Lime and his reaction had me cracking up until I realized that Shiki probably suffered.

    1. Oh a random facts: before MiO able to cook she went around Teigen restaurants to learn the basic of cooking, before she met with Hibaka she learn a knife technique that skin vegetables like paper and she said what she could do with the technique lol

  74. I’m enjoying Hibiki’s character a lot, honestly. Yes she is extremely calculating, yes she’s very stubborn about her way of doing things, but it’s interesting to see how these traits manifest in someone who’s coming to terms with power and what it means in this world. Her experiences with the Black Spider, the mantis thing, and especially losing Naval to Io, have forced her to grapple with her own lack of power in ways that Makoto just hasn’t (even when confronted with an “impossible” obstacle in the form of the Goddess, his way of thinking is basically “I’m gonna beat her ass eventually”, which is simply unthinkable for anyone else.)

    It highlights how abnormal of an existence Makoto is in this world. Hibiki has to be calculating and a bit disingenuous, she has to take an indirect approach, because having to contend with the reality of this world is the hand she’s been dealt. Even when it comes to the mission she’s been assigned, she has reservations at first, valuing hyumans and demons equally. And of course, she has a lot of distaste for the way the hyuman society is organized. But she pushes her idealism aside for the sake of being able to tangibly achieve, in some form, what she sees as a better world. She has to make compromises (“Even if I am unable to obtain the best result, I won’t give up on obtaining the better result. That’s my current duty.”)

    So for Hibiki, someone who’s been forced to compromise on her ideals & face the consequences of her own powerlessness, there can’t be any existence more alien than Makoto, who is able to downplay the importance of power, even in this ridiculous world. And when, after that, he shows he has physical might surpassing reason, threatening the very foundations of her worldview, well… it doesn’t just astound her, it straight up terrifies her. So she gets to work trying to calculate a solution again, only to be faced with absurdity after absurdity (seemingly all according to Mio’s plan!)

    (TL;DR – I think Hibiki is a great foil for Makoto. This was a very satisfying chapter to read specifically because of how well both of their characters have been built up against each other leading towards this point!)

    1. Yep, that a way of seeing Hibiki’s character. But then sadly for you, Hibiki’s about to make her exit in the story, cause her purpose in it is about to end. Just like Tomoki, their purpose was to be a point of comparison with makoto. Once this travel comes to an end (and surely makoto and her come to any type of conclusion) she will surely stop having chapters as she has been having.

        1. You are exaggerating, it just means that Hibiki will stop appearing in the novel as much as she has been. After all she has had more chapters than many other characters closer too Makoto.

          1. Now that you mentioned it it’s make sense like the plot is moving too fast? Like need some filter episode I guess feeling? I

          2. If the plot is moving too fast or not is up to debate (most LN and WN are quite short if i must say). But Makoto meeting Hibiki was already needed since he had to meet both heroes and make clear their stance with him. First was Tomoki who he had a superficial relationship with him, then Hibiki.

  75. This entity inside makoto was also mentioned by the Gods(athena, susanoo, daikukoten) when they were discussing about makoto. Its abit vague though. Shiva mentioned that there is something troublesome inside makoto, thats why shiva asked makoto to always choose to be “human”. I think the crack was caused by the death of offshoot and highland orc worker.

    Makoto with his personality as just watching and acting when its needed, i think its a neccessary attitude to become a God. Makoto always act as if hes not involved and watching from far or the big picture. This was always emphasized by makoto.

  76. Oooh boy, that’s a lot to digest in a single chapter. But damn it was interesting.
    I’m guessing that darkness inside him is related to his Kyūdō and how it sorta revives him. If not that then probably to how his demeanor changes quite a bit when he’s pissed, like when he first killed that woman in Tsilge.

    Secondly, while I still don’t personally like Hibiki, I can certainly respect and understand her decisions a bit more now. Her acions are super manipulative, but she does have some reason for it at least.

    Lastly, Mio is flexing the company quite a bit I see. I wonder how the royals and the rest of the capital will think after they see that a single woman just achived several months worth of work all on her own in a matter of hours.

  77. Wow hibiki missed the mark completely…. and made wild assumptions as well.

    This is the problem with these kinds of people, making wild jumps in logic without evidence or context.

    “Have you killed humans” if the badits are human and trying to kill me, the answer is yes.

    That doesn’t mean a lack of compassion for life

    Also his talk of soilders, yea if you go expecting to kill your enemies you better expect that they are out to kill you. Thats just logic and the nature of the battlefield. Duh.

    However Hibiki is making into as if he is some manic serial killer.

    And again with every other race, irs obvious point the sword at me and strike better be prepared to die.

    She is tripping on her own values because just like politicians she has a different set of values that she follows and expects other values for other people and judge them on her bias of other people.

    Also her Bias is that Mokato is “evil” as is just justifying it all doing some serious mental gymnastics.

    1. Well her entire thought pattern at the beginning was something like ” can i stab or poison him?” So yeah she deserves a slap

  78. Yeah this just shows how much a hypocrite the female hero is. lol Also she didn’t even think of the circumstances the mc went thru to get to this point in time at all. x. x Also i interrupted the darkness thing slightly different then other people. The assessment that the priestess gave about the mc. How do we know that isn’t the gods and goddesses watching this whole situation. Similar to how root used sofia to watch the battle between her and the mc earlier in the chapters. Just what i was thinking about when i read that part. Because we know they are watching, but how are they watching the mc ? Plus if the gods and goddesses that like the mc, thought he would be an evil and destructive presence to that world. Wouldn’t they not tell him to train and not want him to get stronger. Because he would be an issue ? They did punish the bug goddess after all. lol Also i think they showed the mc those visions of the non existing at universe or alt timelines, because to show him he’s on the right path. In this current/main timeline of this world.

    1. Just to mention a few things, first there are no “gods” and “goddesses” watching, because the only god in that world is the bug goddess. The other gods were just visiting and they don’t have “jurisdiction” ober that world. They punished the goddess because of her actions on earth and towards tsukuyomi. So about now they no longer have eyes on that world.

      But about the bug goddess interfering with the priestess, well yeah sure thats a possibility, that she or one of the high spirits (most probable de water high spirit) might be influencing the vision of her mind eye.

      There is no evidence for that nor any mention os something related to it. But its a valid theory yes.

  79. Thinking about it, compared to Tomoki, Hibiki and Limia should be more intelligent in their information gathering, yet all they’re doing is raising the wrong flags.

    I feel bad for Lily since she seems to have a better grasp on interacting with Makoto vs how Hibiki and Limia wants to (since the royal family is getting info from Hibiki).

  80. This seems like the most boring of all superior dragon’s that has been spoken to, but maybe that’s not all to them. reminds me of Hibiki and her party(being boring).

  81. The white egg shell is the reflection of makotos infinite potential, and the things he experience will affect what is being hatch from that shell.

    The small crack is the representation of the trauma that was caused by the hyuman who killed the high orc and offshoot. From what shiki and tomoe said, that incident left makoto to draw a line with hyuman and he sees them all as possible threat to him and his friends, thus the unborn potential seemed to be hostile towards hyumans who have ulterior motives, and in this case chiya.

    1. Well not quite.

      The shell is overall just to hide his true self nothing about his potential.

      Yeah he isn’t the biggest hyuman fan but overall Tomoe and Shiki don’t understand him all that well and exaggerate a lot.

  82. Well here it is the chapter that began all the heated discussions for years.

    Well Hibiki shows how flawed her mentality is by showing that anything out of her control is automatically evil and should be killed or something.

    Makoto is more ok but overall his logic is a hit twisted cause not 100% of the soldiers are prepared to die that’s for sure.

  83. Hibikis power is to suppress other’s goal while amplifying the good feeling when they priorities on her and wants to stay at her good side, basically becoming simps. Lime kept repeating how he is not being himself and that was the hint.

    For all the numbers this female hero like, its skewered so much she is basically an ingrate.

    For Mio to warn her of how strong Makoto is She has to clear the debt of:
    1 weapon, strongest they have.
    2 saving her party from mantis
    3 training her
    4 connect her to kuzunoha and adventurers

    In return the female hero gives
    1 cooking lesson

    So for a tour, the 4 debts were used for the female hero to get information about Makoto. If we broaden this to what Mio and Makoto traded with Limia Kingdom

    Mio&Makoto Gives for optional permission to travel
    1 weapon, strongest they have.
    2 saving her party from mantis
    3 training her
    4 connect her to kuzunoha and adventurers
    5 keeping promise about prince
    6 Saving the king and prince
    7 Stopping illume rampage to worsen the Hopelance family reputation from getting worse

    Limia kingdom gives
    1 invitation to Hopelance that actively wants kuzunoha to be fked over
    2 assassination attempts
    3 belittle and borderline insults the savior of their royals (from how rudely they were looking and actively glaring at him)
    4 manipulate a better impression for Makoto to female hero because said nobles were actively giving him a hard time
    5 Actively looking into people without their permission (everyone but makoto knows so its still an invasion of privacy)

    Also female hero: Killing Tomoki is justice but Makoto is evil for killing people who are looking to kill.

    Theres a reason why so many other Makotos actively kills her with the last one we saw saying she acts as a saint but utilize the shit out of people.

    The crack the priestess saw was probably the different Makotos from the many parallel worlds that always kills her because she is always with Hibiki as the different Makotos might still have some kind of connection to current Makoto. Thats my guess as to why she keeps seeing herself die in many ways when she peeks

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