Chapter 206: A transient peace

<“To think that Raidou-dono was someone that had come from another world, I wouldn’t have expected it. A hero would be one thing, but for a merchant to be summoned is something I wouldn’t have been able to imagine.”
A talk with prince Joshua.
In this place where no other noble is present, I was here alone with her.
What was reflected in my eyes when I was given permission to enter the room, was the figure of prince Joshua in a simple dress.
After finishing our remembrance talk about Rotsgard, prince Joshua suddenly brought out such a conversation.
“I heard it from Hibiki. You are a resident from the same world of Hibiki, and also an acquaintance of hers. Of course, this is only known by me and his Majesty. We haven’t even told the Hopelace household that was together with us in Rotsgard.” (Joshua)
Information from Hibiki-senpai huh.
Then it wouldn’t be strange for Joshua to know.
But for her to talk about such information as well, it seems like there’s proper trust between her and the Limia royal family.
Because the nobles go to the frontlines frequently, and there’s also the background that the power of the nobles is strong, I had some strange thoughts of it, but it seems like it ended with just being thoughts.
It was the type that would be better if it ended in needless anxiety, so I am relieved.
“From Senpai, I see. Ah it is certainly true that Senpai and I were from the same world. I don’t know how to explain it, so it is a personal history that I haven’t spoke of much though.” (Makoto)
“…Must be. Special cases like Hibiki and the personage in the Empire have their background assured by our God, but Raidou-dono was a sudden happening huh. When I heard the story from Hibiki, I was surprised, and at the same time, I felt respect towards you who became a merchant even after that.” (Joshua)
“It is not as much as you say.” (Makoto)
It was just that my misfortune turned into fortune.
The truth is that there’s not much I have achieved myself.
After saying a relative amount of details that Senpai told her of me, I could tell that prince Joshua doesn’t know much.
If I were to speak with Hibiki in detail, it would be necessary to explain that the root reason of coming here was because of me and the Misumi household.
Be it Senpai or Tomoki, they originally shouldn’t have had a trigger to be related to this world.
And yet, because of me, they were forcefully selected by the Goddess.
Even if it’s the result from a selection, those two are totally victims.
In the first place, a decision like abandoning your world isn’t something that can be decided in a short amount of time.
I decided to do so because of my own circumstances, and yet, I am regretting it even now.
That’s why it is not a certainty if those two would have changed their answers now.
I do think that one day I have to properly apologize to Senpai and Tomoki, but how am I going to break it? The time where I am just brooding over it continues.
Because of the matter of Tomoe, it is even harder to talk with Tomoki about it after all.
It is still easier to tell Senpai, but…hah…
There’s that matter and I know it is difficult, but if possible, I don’t want to oppose them.
It is something that Tsukuyomi-sama asked of me, even if it was only moderately.
How vexing.
“At the same time, it allowed me to comprehend that power of yours. When Hibiki came to this world, she had the ability to fight with the leader of the knight division. She said she studied in Nakatsuhara and had learned about a variety of subjects; her knowledge and wisdom was quite the thing as well. In that case, you who have studied in the same place as her, beginning a business when coming to this world isn’t such a strange thing.” (Joshua)
I feel like she is having an incredible misunderstanding.
It is beginning to sound as if high school is an incredible place.
Also, it would be very troublesome to talk with Senpai as the standard.
I am one year younger than her, and if asked if I can become like Senpai, I would have to say I can’t.
Even if I were to try for my whole life, I think it would be impossible.
In the first place, for a high schooler to begin a business is something obvious? Just what’s Senpai?
“Hibiki-senpai was a special and exemplary person even within the people in our world. I am way inferior compared to her. And when talking about the business, it would be one thing to finish the test of the guild, but in practice, I am being hindered by my own inexperience, and there are a lot of things that don’t go well for me, that’s why, I don’t have the ability that Joshua-sama thinks I have.” (Makoto)
“Hibiki evaluated you pretty high, you know? She even said that there’s no one as reliable to have at one’s side than you, and that surprised his Majesty. I have heard that there’s the need to study a long time before being able to do the Merchant Guild test. And yet, you were able to call the test ‘one thing’, that must mean that even if Raidou-dono himself doesn’t notice, you are an exemplary person.” (Joshua)
…I think that the gaze of Hibiki was directed at Mio and Beren when she said that.
I don’t think she has noticed that it was us in Limia, and she doesn’t know that I was the one who defeated the purple cloud either, so I can’t think of a reason as to why she would evaluate me so highly.
Even if it’s Senpai, she shouldn’t have the foundations to evaluate me that high.
I am aware that I am incredibly blessed in talented people after all.
“Ahaha, when you say it like that it scares me. Right, speaking of surprise, your Joshua-sama’s attire has surprised me. As expected, when you are indoors, you dress normally huh.” (Makoto)
“…No, even when I am indoors, I normally don’t dress this way. It’s been awhile since I have released myself from crossdressing.” (Joshua)
“Ah, is that so.” (Makoto)
“Right now this room is being paid attention to in a lot of ways, so there’s the point that there’s no worries of the inside being peeked, and the guest that I was receiving is you, which serves as a big reason.” (Joshua)
“Is it because I already know of the circumstances?” (Makoto)
“Yeah. It would have been fine if that was only a hobby of mine, but…” (Joshua)
“As I thought, that’s not the case.” (Makoto)
“Me crossdressing is not something that I do because I like to. For me, it is nothing but a mean. It is something that if necessary, I won’t hesitate in doing, but if there’s no need to, I would prefer not doing it.” (Joshua)
“A mean… It sounds complicated.” (Makoto)
Even so, I don’t want to stick my nose in that, so I decided to just leave a vague response.
Whether the crossdressing is a hobby or a mean, I don’t have much interest in it.
If this will only steer unnecessary trouble, I would prefer to change the topic.
Well, I was trying to avert from the topic of Japan, and in the end, I ended up in a conversation that doesn’t have a good air, so my thinking was the shallow one.
Let’s be careful…at least.
“In terms of feeling at home, this way feels more comfortable. And that’s why a part of me has used you in order to be dressed in this way. Please forgive me.” (Joshua)
“No no, if it is only for this much, you can freely use me. Ehm, the normal gallant prince Joshua is lovely, but I think that the relaxed Joshua-sama is also beautiful.” (Makoto)
I go for a compliment.
In Limia, there’s a lot of moments when compliments are necessary, so I have been taught a few of what they said I should remember, and I have now used some.
In the talk with the nobles, it was a barrage of questions, so I didn’t have much chances to use it.
Prince Joshua in his female appearance won’t be that noisy about it, so it is the perfect person to use them.
“Use those kind of compliments when you are at parties, or nobles that boast their wife. It is necessary for you to first learn how to say it in a more natural manner though. Ehm, in other words, it is out of the question.” (Joshua)
So she has said ‘ehm’ huh.
That’s bad.
“Ah, sorry. I am just not used to say that. Because you are an acquaintance, I ended up trying it.” (Makoto)
“…I am still this country’s prince, you know?” (Joshua)
A slight silence is created with prince Joshua making a complicated expression.
“You are in that appearance, so I thought that maybe it is fine to not mind about social status at this moment.” (Makoto)
Since she is not meeting me as a prince, that means this matter is not about the country after all.
“It doesn’t seem to be enough, but you do have a relative amount of ability to make plans, so what’s needed is to pay attention to the other party’s feelings as well.” (Joshua)
“Ugh, that’s a harsh evaluation.” (Makoto)
It was kinda soft, but I feel like she was basically telling me I was showing my uselessness.
“And it seems like Raidou-dono doesn’t understand completely the reason why I am dressed this way. Hibiki is good at reading this kind of things, so I was unconsciously expecting that of you.” (Joshua)
The reason she is dressed this way?
The security of this room is reliable, and since I already know her circumstances, I thought she just wanted to relax.
Prince Joshua herself said so.
Prince Joshua waited for my words for a while, and after letting out a short troubled sigh, she looked at my eyes.
“Raidou-dono, you have learned of my secret.” (Joshua)
“Y-Yes.” (Makoto)
“And then, I asked you to keep it a secret and returned to my country.” (Joshua)
“Yeah.” (Makoto)
What’s happening?
Confirming the obvious, we once again fell into silence.
It is certainly true that I learned of prince Joshua being a woman, and after being asked to keep it a secret, we have met again like this in Limia, but…
What about it?
“…Hibiki told me that Raidou-dono is not someone that would plan a conspiracy, but I see, she referred to this huh. I now understand why when she was talking about Kuzunoha Company, she corrected herself and spoke of Raidou-dono himself.” (Joshua)
“E-Ehm…” (Makoto)
“At that time, I was unable to give any clear collateral to Raidou-dono, and didn’t even give anything like a deposit; the only thing I did was say some vague things. Then, how do you think I thought of Raidou-dono?” (Joshua)
“That you wanted to quickly present a collateral and be done with it, maybe?” (Makoto)
“No.” (Joshua)
“The capital was made a mess and it was no time for this, maybe?” (Makoto)
“No. That’s something that deviates from the preamble of ‘what I thought of Raidou-dono’.” (Joshua)
That’s true.
But, something that prince Joshua thought of me.
It isn’t a collateral.
Even so, there hasn’t been so many thought transmissions lately.
I thought that maybe it was because the reconstruction was hard work.
When I met with Hibiki-senpai before, she didn’t say anything about it though.
Hm…then what would she think?
If it were me, regarding a faraway person that has learned of something that’s bad to be known and have only done some simple secret keeping….
…I would definitely be uneasy.
Depending on the situation, I probably would want to eliminate that person as fast as possible.
But there wasn’t a single assassin from Limia.
Then, investigate?
To learn if that person has told anyone else about it.
There weren’t reports of that either though.
If it’s not this, I am out of ideas.
“Then, you were uneasy, so you wanted to know of the person’s movements?” (Makoto)
“That’s right. And from what I could tell, you haven’t disclosed my secret. You haven’t used it as a figurative talk either.” (Joshua)
So she was really checking us huh.
What method did she use?
I didn’t hear anything from my guys though.
“Yeah, and in truth, I haven’t told anyone.” (Makoto)
She did tell me not to tell anyone, and something like the secret of the second prince of Limia has no way of use for me.
“That’s why I will trust you from now on. With that meaning in mind, I showed myself in this appearance.” (Joshua)
“Could it be, I was being suspected quite a lot?” (Makoto)
That’s kind of…shocking.
The royal family that has been living a sheltered life even within the hyumans, that’s something…
In the case of this person, it feels like it would be possible, but even so.
“Let me ask you back, why would I be able to trust you? A merchant that I suddenly met in Rotsgard and know nothing of his personal history.” (Joshua)
That’s certainly suspicious.
Even if I don’t have the intentions to, it is natural from the viewpoint of the other party.
“At that time, I even estimated that my ruin would be coming. To the point that I even thought about how to dispose of my body so that it won’t cause problems for his Majesty. But you didn’t seem to have disclosed it, and there were no actions towards me with the knowledge you had.” (Joshua)
Disposing of her body, she means suicide?
That’s scary.
“Like I said, I haven’t told anyone.” (Makoto)
Saying it in a slightly hard manner, I return the same response.
I didn’t even tell the people of Asora, or more like, I forgot about it.
“It is the secret of a second prince. Depending on how it is used, it is a suitable ingredient to increase your position as a merchant to one or two steps higher. To utilize it in some way is natural and logical for a merchant.” (Joshua)
Ah, so that’s why.
They did ask me things like: ‘Do you have any plans in having a business in Limia?’ or ‘Don’t you have anything you wish as an accommodation for what happened before?’.
I remember those thought transmissions I got before coming here.
‘I currently don’t have any plans of opening a store in Limia, so please don’t mind it and concentrate in the reconstruction’, is what I always answered every time it happened.
“Not only did you not utilize this secret, you didn’t even speak to the nobles, and you don’t have plans on opening a store in Limia; this, I have confirmed. Honestly, it is a hard to believe answer.” (Joshua)
“It is also because of the lack of personnel, but there’s a lot of circumstances going on in Kuzunoha Company, so we can’t increase the amount of stores that readily.” (Makoto)
To tell the truth, I have a fe~w of my people doing peddling in Limia, but it is not to the point of making a store.
I was thinking about telling them this in our stay in Limia, but in terms of a store… Ah, right.
In that case, there’s the method of revealing it to prince Joshua and have her convince the nobles so they don’t go clamouring.
“I went further into thinking that you were different from a merchant, for example; a military personnel or a person that has ties with a noble, and that increased my caution even more. But after hearing Hibiki’s story and your own talk, it seems like everything was just my own imagination going wild.” (Joshua)
“About that, there’s something that I was planning on saying in time, so I was thinking about telling Joshua-sama first.” (Makoto)
“…It feels like you just thought of it though, but well, tell me.” (Joshua)
This is something that I have been thinking on who I should tell in the time I am in Limia.
It is just that I didn’t think I would be telling this to prince Joshua at this moment.
The topic itself is not something that I thought of just now.
“In the Kuzunoha Company, there’s something like an out-of-store sales, or more like a peddling unit. There’s the fact that the unit has been doing business in a small part of the settlements in Limia, and in a small scale.” (Makoto)
“Hm… I didn’t get reports of it, but I see.” (Joshua)
“It is probably not in the direct jurisdiction of the royal family, but I have received reports that we have done several transactions specially close to the borders in the territory of nobles.” (Makoto)
“And?” (Joshua)
“I was thinking about obtaining the consent of the royal family and the nobles.” (Makoto)
“Are you asking me to help you convince them?” (Joshua)
“If needed, I will also give you the reports of the sales and pay for the taxes as well, so please.” (Makoto)
The transactions don’t deal with big amounts of gold, so even if we talk about taxes, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Probably.
If necessary, I should investigate about the tax of Limia.
Prince Joshua makes a thinking expression for a while.
The time she was thinking was a lot shorter than the times she showed me a complex expression, and then, she returned her gaze to me.
“…If it’s that much, there’s no problem. It also depends on the amount of money, but I will manage the part of the tax. I promise.” (Joshua)
“That will help a lot.” (Makoto)
“At the reception, no, in the conversations a few moments ago, there were a lot of people wishing for Kuzunoha Company to open a store, right? There were people that didn’t say anything, but there were few who were opposed.” (Joshua)
“Ah, now that you mention it, yeah.” (Makoto)
“Even if there are people that wish for you to increase the scope of your business, there’s most likely none who would actively ostracizes you. Just in case, can you tell me the settlements that you know of have been in those business of yours?” (Joshua)
Saying that, prince Joshua stands up from his seat and takes out a map of Limia kingdom from the shelf.
Just that it was quite a rough map.
I can tell the territories, but I can’t tell the insides that well. It was close to being a blank map.
Only a few major points were drawn, and the paths were sparse.
Are the normal maps like this?
It is quite different from the one we normally use.
For now I just say ok, and point out the position of the settlements I have received reports of.
There’s around 20 places.
If we include the villages they have gone to only once or have only seen, the numbers would increase by a lot, so I have only mentioned the villages that we have done trades with and the name of Kuzunoha Company has resonated.
Depending on the medicine selling of the Kuzunoha Company, I mean, the peddling, some people have begun calling the Forest Onis with a sad nickname like ‘Kuzu-san’. <Kuzu means trash>
They are probably being called ‘Kuzu-san’ by the innocent kids and the elders that are enjoying their retired life. Honestly, that’s quite the psychological attack.
And in truth, when they learned of it, they were quite down.
I have heard a few times that the village heads wants to meet me, but I didn’t want to be called the boss of Kuzu-san, or the representative of Kuzu, so I haven’t gone to any of those places.
“That’s quite the number. But it looks like the number is higher in the west side.” (Joshua)
Prince Joshua writes down the places that I point out.
As a result, from the west side of Limia’s national border to the south of it had been marked here and there.
“It seems like at the west side there’s a lot of poor villages, so our people bring them goods often.” (Makoto)
“…Why? In poor villages, they won’t be able to provide you the money, right?” (Joshua)
Prince Joshua tilts her head.
Did I say something strange?
It is not like our place is selling high-class items though.
“But in poor villages, the people will need goods, right?” (Makoto)
We are only selling everyday goods and household medicine in places that are in need of those.
I don’t think that’s strange.
“What is it?” (Makoto)
It seems like prince Joshua frequently shows this kind of expression and stiffens up in silence.
It feels like she is bewildered because of meeting a mysterious being, or like she is surprised by it.
As I am not a rare animal, I am a bit sad about it.
“…No, it is true that if you are going through this kind of villages as your focus, it is understandable that the reports of the feudal lords are coming late. This is still something that hasn’t been confirmed, but I will think of a method so that Kuzunoha Company can move more freely in the Limia territory. It is something that can be done since it is only on the scale of peddling after all.” (Joshua)
“Easier to move…Like giving us a transition pass, or something like that?” (Makoto)
Like the time in the demon race territory.
“A transition pass huh. A passage permission for the highway, permission for peddling inside the country; I still don’t know what kind of form it will take. Just that, I will lend you my strength as thanks for protecting my secret.” (Joshua)
“Thanks.” (Makoto)
“By the way, what other plans do you have here, Raidou-dono?” (Joshua)
“Ah, an acquaintance of mine requested me of something, so I was thinking about going out for around half a day.” (Makoto)
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there’s a lot of blank time.
To the point that if I were to move the plans of tomorrow to the day after, I would have one whole free day.
“To where?” (Joshua)
“The lake.” (Makoto)
“Ah, Seiko? At that place there’s a lot of people going for sightseeing, and it is close to the capital.” (Joshua)
Yeah, I did hear about that.
A big lake at the vicinities of Limia that was created by the Devil, or so to say, me.
It is receiving a relatively good amount of sightseers, and in terms of practical use, they have been receiving resources from the lake or something like that.
If I were asked if I wanted to go there, as expected, I would have to shake my head sideways.
No way I would want to go there.
“No, it is the Meiris lake. I heard that it is a famous place in the Limia kingdom.” (Makoto)
The place that Root told me is that.
I am grateful that it isn’t that far away.
Moreover, it seems like it isn’t as heavily managed like the desert of Gritonia.
“Meiris… It is certainly true that it is famous, but didn’t your acquaintance make a mistake in the place or something?” (Joshua)
“No, I am sure that person said Meiris. He said that the entrance isn’t prohibited though. Is that not the case?” (Makoto)
“That’s true. This lake is famous, and as long as we confirm the need to enter, there’s no prohibition in entering.” (Joshua)
“That’s great.” (Makoto)
A part of me was internally nervous that maybe Root was trying to create more trouble again.
I remember the face of that guy that said: ‘My joints still hurt’, as he gave me the egg.
It was an aloof smile that as always, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.
“Just that it is dangerous. It is a lake where a superior dragon and the kingdom had an agreement. It would be one thing if it’s people that are going there to test their strength or take the trials, but Raidou-dono is someone that our country has invited, and our side would prefer if you didn’t go to such a dangerous place.” (Joshua)
“…I see.” (Makoto)
Now that I think about it, the Gritonia desert was supposed to be a dangerous place as well.
It was a beautiful place, and since I was easily able to pass, I forgot about it.
Is this place also considered relatively dangerous as well?
‘It is opened to the public and there’s a beautiful lake shore, so go and have a walk around the lake when you return’, is what Root told me though.
In that case, I will have to think of a way to stealthily leave this place again huh.
“I will tell his Majesty, but please don’t expect much. If it can’t be granted, I still have a few places I want to guide you to.” (Joshua)
“I am counting on you.” (Makoto)
It is an answer that feels like it won’t work.
If I say I will be bringing Mio, will it work?
It is fine if it is Lime.
Senpai knows of his skills, so maybe I can have her give her word as well.
After that, we did casual talk and talked about the state of the business, and with nothing special happening, the talk ended.
I could tell her about the Forest Onis selling medicine, and have heard a positive answer for this.
For me, it was a beneficial meeting.
Joshua thought that he was a troublesome person.
It was a truly frank evaluation.
This was practically the first time Joshua had talked with Raidou properly, but she felt like he was completely different from what she imagined him to be.
(Even though it was a verbal promise, he acted as if he had formed some sort of contract. That’s something for me to be happy about, but turning it around, it would also mean that for him, verbal promises are as strong as official contracts.) (Joshua)
A deceptive promise might become an unexpected restrain.
For Raidou, there’s the need of a different standard in negotiations. Thinking this, a sigh unconsciously came out from Joshua.
(Also, his way of thinking when doing business. Even when compared to Hibiki, he is way too incomprehensible. His speech, tone, and expressions, it made me feel as if he was doing charity work or something. I do think that there’s something wrong in me for thinking that way, but it throws me off.) (Joshua)
Raidou didn’t use her secret to threaten her.
He didn’t ask for advantages in his business either.
The only thing he asked for was to give consent for the small scale peddling he did.
Even that, Joshua was doubting if he actually thought of it in advance before asking her.
(…No good. The information is way too limited, it would be better to just leave it like that. He is from the same world as Hibiki, moreover, someone that was studying at the same learning facility. I don’t think he is just an ordinary person. It is also a mystery as to why he wants to go to Meiris instead of Seiko. If possible, I would want to observe him with a subordinate of my own, but I wonder…) (Joshua)
He is not someone that can be left alone.
At that point, Hibiki, the Limia king, and prince Joshua are of the same opinion.
There was confusion after actually meeting him and talking with him, but Joshua’s root way of thinking had not changed.
The highly efficient personnel of Raidou, and the rare ability of his Company.
And also the ability of the students he taught that can overturn common sense.
All of those points are things that they are unwilling to ‘give to other countries’.
Especially Gritonia, if it were to go there, the balance in countries would crumble.
That’s why, for Joshua, no matter where she looked, Raidou was….
“What a troublesome person Raidou-dono is.” (Joshua)
Being in the middle of its reconstruction and still calling him in a hurry, does mean that Limia has ulterior motives.
From the royal family, Joshua and the King.
The hero Hibiki.
A number of quick witted nobles.
Right now they are still being docile, but Joshua expects that the merchants will be moving as well.
Tomorrow she will be dealing with those people, and moreover, she is thinking about showing him the current capital.
She filled her free time with things that had somewhat of an objective.
But if Raidou has a different request from that, even if the chances are low, she has no choice but to take it into consideration.
That request of his was also something that troubled her, and made her want to groan.
At the welcoming banquet, I was made to drink quite a lot, but my waking was pretty pleasant.
I conversed a bit with Senpai and her group, and the nobles asked me to try doing business in their areas no matter the scale.
His Majesty told me that he was anxious about the reconstruction of the city.
Once the support unit that went to Rotsgard returns, the reconstruction speed should increase, and there’s good materials as well, but as expected, since it is winter, there’s probably going to be more damage coming which made his Majesty feel depressed.
It won’t be like Asora that has summer tomorrow.
In this one point, the demon race got them good huh.
And in truth, if you just do one step to the big street, you can see that the situation is like that of ruins, and at the outside of the reconstructed outer walls, there’s still a lot of camps.
For me, it looked like the reconstruction of the capital was only beginning.
I am not unsensitive enough to say something like that to the people that are happy that it has advanced quite a lot, so I zipped my mouth though.
“Then I will guide Raidou-dono. Even if it costs me my life, I will assure you a safe journey. Please don’t worry.”
The journey to Meiris that I requested of prince Joshua yesterday has been granted in a strange form.
With the minimum amount of luggage, I was carrying the bag with the dragon egg, and in my front, there’s Senpai who is completely armed.
Those words just now were something that she directed to the Limia people, Mio, and Lime.
It seems like my going to the Meiris Lake has been approved, if I have the hero Hibiki go with me.
The talk was made confidentially within a limited few and approved, so there are people that have puzzled faces seeing us two going to the lake.
Or more like, I am also bewildered.
Not even in Japan I had a chance to be alone with Senpai, but this is the second time already, counting the time when we were at the room of the company.
I was incredibly bothered by Mio, but she had shockingly accepted it and stepped back easily.
She is definitely plotting something.
She even made a Root-like laugh.
Root laugh.
Actually, the one protesting was someone from the hero’s party.
It is a warrior-looking person.
If I remember correctly, it is Prince-sama.
If I am going to be resented(well, I can just separate from them in the middle), I don’t have any problems in having him accompany us though. But in the end, because of the shout of the King-sama, he gave up.
Even so, the priestess is not here.
She hasn’t opened her eyes yet?
Or could it be that she is feeling unwell and can’t come?
It is worrying since Mio is going to be staying.
When I return, I will ask about her state again.
Mio is persistent in saying that she didn’t do anything, and it didn’t feel like she was lying.
But if Mio really didn’t do anything, I don’t think the priestess would turn that way after looking at her and I.
It is true that I am ugly by this world’s standards, but even the first villager that I met in the wasteland only screamed and did a rocket dash.
…Only, huh.
No, let’s not think about that.
That’s why, even if the concealment of Sakai didn’t work and she was able to see the Magic Armor, I don’t think the priestess of the hero party that has experienced many things would faint because of it.
Just remembering it hurts.
At first, the Priestess-san looked dumbfounded, with an expression different from all the other expressions that were shown towards me.
When I looked back at her thinking it was a unique reaction, after a bit, she looked as if she had noticed something and opened her eyes really wide, her whole body trembling, and then, she went ‘kyaaa’ and falls.
Ah, it was shocking.
Even if it’s as Mio says and the Priestess-san actually did something, I want to know the circumstances.
“Have a safe trip, Waka-sama. If the Hero-sama is with you, I don’t have anything to worry about-desu wa.” (Mio)
“Be careful. Uhm, please leave the matters here to us.” (Lime)
Lime seems like he wants to say something.
Even if he says to leave the matters to them, I know that it will be hard for him to hold back Mio.
Well, they will be guided by Joshua-sama and a number of retainers to the areas close to the castle.
If they just take care in that aspect, it will probably be okay.
“I will be going. Make sure not to trouble Joshua-sama and the people of Limia, okay? If anything happens, I will leave the decision to you two, just that, try not to obstruct the reconstruction work.” (Makoto)
“Understood.” (Mio)
“Even if it costs me my life.” (Lime)
Lime is imitating Hibiki-senpai. Even if you do that now, it isn’t funny.
He even has a strangely serious expression too.
When I finish today’s delivery, even if I pass the time being washed around by the other party, there won’t be any problems in Limia.
I was unexpectedly able to speak with Senpai today so, how to say it, Limia is working well.
It feels like it will be more comfortable than the other tours in the foreign countries.
On our journey and at our arrival, there still hasn’t been any unreasonable happening since coming here.
Gritonia is a major power as well, and since I had a preconceived notion that the nobles were oppressive, I probably misunderstood Limia.
“Well then, let’s go Raidou-dono.” (Hibiki)
“I am counting on you today, Hibiki-sama.” (Makoto)
I thought that it would be bad to call Hibiki with -senpai, so I tried using -sama instead.
Senpai didn’t seem to mind me changing my way of addressing her, she just nodded lightly and rode her horse first and began moving towards the Meiris Lake.
I turn around once to Mio who was waving at me, and then, I quickly follow after Senpai.
If it’s Senpai, she will probably let me go alone if I just tell her the circumstances.
Now that I think about it, things like: ‘Give me that person’ and ‘Show me your power’, happened at Gritonia, and reminds me that I had gone to a problematic country.
It is one of the few tasks I have to do in Limia, so let’s quickly deliver this egg.

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