[Not a Chapter]: Survival of Me

I…I’m dying.

As you may have already noticed, the chapters are beginning to turn out incredibly long. Accurately speaking, twice as long. Like literally twice the length of a normal chapter. To give an idea of it, a normal chapter would be around 4k count which is around 14 pages long; chapter 191 is 8k, which was 29 pages.

At this rate, my body will not be able to hold out. Seriously, it can’t. To keep up, I actually sacrifice way too much of my time.

So here I am, for a serious talk with you guys. I have thought out a method that might help keep me alive:

– Limit the word count. As previously stated, 4k is the usual word count of a chapter which is close to that of chapter 190 for reference. 8k would be this chapter 191 and chapter 189.
When faced with an 8k chapter or higher, we can separate it in 2 parts, no more than that. As you know, chapters in this web novel are normally divided already, so the cuts shouldn’t feel as unnatural as other novels.
This will only apply for chapters more than double the length. If the chapter is 5k or 6k, I won’t mind it. But since the chapters that have been coming (and next chapter is actually four times the length, no kidding) are way out of normal word count, I can easily tell that my body will drop dead if I continue at this pace.

This will bring consistency which is what I have been looking for when I placed a schedule. I really want to maintain the schedule, so if there’s other suggestions that can help do that, I would like to listen to them.

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0 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter]: Survival of Me

    1. I personally really like read 1 chapter at a time and not on part, but I really know translating need time and effort…
      So from me, personally, prefer u post 1 whole chapter out at a time at ur pace…
      If that chapter need twice or thrice time needed than usual then why not? 5-7 day waiting for 1 super long chapter like before and today is super no problem…

      1. Same with me. I’d rather you take your time and finish the full chapter rather than release it in part. There are lots of stories and media available that anyone who complains that you’re taking too long is nothing more than an asshole.

    1. Just kidding 😛
      Hey, while you were gone, we endured 1 chapter a week, I wouldn’t have a problem with you taking 4 days to do a chapter, or a week for this (x4 length) chapter. The problem with splitting chapters in 2, is linking to both parts, or editing the 2 together, and finding a good stopping point in the chapter. I much rather you just do a length check for the next chapter and put an ETA for the next chapter as a note or 1st comment in the recent release. something like, (next chapter is XXXX long, so I’m going to take 4-5 days to translate this one)

      Anyway, greatful for your dedication, effort and work on this series. It is one of my favorites.

      1. Or he can seek help and divide the work. Then piece them together with some light editing. That is if he can find someone willing to do the really long chapters with him.

      2. An ETA is best. If there isn’t activity for a week, a post saying hi would be nice so we don’t worry about your health (or worse the translation =P).

        I suggest not feeling bad about taking longer with longer chapters. We all appreciate your efforts. ETA + status of the current translations is a great way to let the masses know what is going on.

        Stay well!

  1. I say what’s good for you is good for me. Thank you for translating it at all. A live Regokai translator is much better than a dead on. The pace you have mentioned sounds fine. It’s always a cliff hanger, so some more won’t hurt.

  2. Go for it! We have no reason (or any right for that matter) to complain haha! Please take care of yourself we can wait a while for these chapters instead of having nothing at all. 😂

    Thank you very much for your hard work!

  3. As long as you’re healthy anything’s fine. After all you’re doing it for free (aside from donation not like everybody is donating anyway).

  4. As someone who reads a multitude of these translated chapters I would like to thank you so much for all of the work you have done and really hope you keep yourself healthy and sane. Some people may whine about anything you are doing but know that there are an equal number of people who wholeheartedly appreciate it no matter how long it may take.

    1. I agree with angelicrazen, and she/he is right please take your health as priority, I have start a part time job so I can start donating.. but with the change in dlls, it will not be much, sorry reigakai

  5. I think that cutting them apart when they are too long is a fine idea. But that’s just because I would like to get some them none. Also good job so far you are awesome.

  6. Yeah. you can just divide them. Well, for me I will still read it when the whole chapter is done. hehe
    Anyway, Thank you for your hard work! 😀

  7. Makes sense to me. A couple light novel translations I read for huge chapters, they’ll split it into parts and release it like that. They pick a good point to stop so that it’s not a ridiculous cliffhanger and update with the rest later. I think it’s fine.

  8. If it works for you, go ahead reigo-kun! You can do what you just suggested or, release one of those long chapters after six days? (As you usually release a normal chapter every three days) If it’s for those long chapters, I don’t think anyone will (I really hope so) complaint for waiting twice what we normally wait for a normal chapter. Just go with what you feel more comfortable with.

  9. Aaa, though I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, I personally wouldn’t mind your splitting chapters into any number of parts or taking however long is appropriate either to you or lengthwise.

    Ultimately, the measure is best as yours to take and yours to see fit to, but not only in the sense that it is strictly true. Your translations will only remain yours insofar as you stay by what you desire. Unduly forcing yourself to make it otherwise can only be unpleasant for both you and us in the end.

  10. Take care of yourself. I have never made a comment on an ln translation site before but I wanted to say thank you for your work, and that I appreciate all that you have done. I would personally be just as satisfied with partial chapters as long as that gives you enough leeway to rest.

  11. Just do whatever you like!

    Your health is the most important thing, after all.

    We’re just happy that there are someone translating this, so really, I prefer if you can keep your sanity. Then again, I’ve heard that sanity is overrated ……

  12. Die honorably working yourself to death, like a japanese would!!!

    Jk, I would vote for what you suggested. I don’t really like to wait, so dividing in parts sounds great to me.
    But really, do what suits you the best. I didn’t even notice about the length of the chapter being twice as much, I was just happy about the new releases… gomennasai. Thank you very much for your hard work!

  13. That solution you proposed would work fine for me! I’ve actually been following a web translation that had pretty much the exact same problem and came up with the same solution (Xian Ni/Renegade Immortal) so it’s really not a problem. Often chapters have surprisingly good stopping points right in the middle, and if I hadn’t been told that what I was reading was a half chapter, I wouldn’t have noticed a difference. Hopefully you can find some more time to rest!

  14. If taking a vote, I’d prefer the whole thing at once, since I enjoy seeing how the chapter title is representative of the chapter. That being said, in return, I would have no problems waiting a proportionate amount of time (x days) needed to translate the chapter without sacrificing your health. A corpse cannot translate very well after all (unless you’re a Lich like Shiki, lol). But in all seriousness, take care of yourself whether it is in parts, or whether it is more days until a release (the speed you normally release is already a cut above many, so even a week is ok in my book).

  15. I am fine with parts as well. I would rather have consistency than translator-san burning out. And the series usually has multiple good breaking in most chapters.

  16. Well, if reig senpai want to keep on schedule. I proposed doing it part by part at your usual pace like saying chapt xx part 1. Many TL’s most do this to prevent eye cancer(i think) or over fatigues(resulting to rage quit), which is quite a horror to us ~_~. Sky’s method do this too to some novel he’s TL’s Overlord is an example.

    But if you want the package to release. It’s better to do and say “head’s up!! one chapt might take two weeks!” X_x. Well i dont mind at least, we’re not machines that do TL’s day and night and that dont just translate word by word without feelings(google translator is such a heartless bastard that gave me an eye cancer).

    So thats my suggestion. So hope it helps reig senpai

    Thanks for the chapt release!! Lol!

  17. Sir reigo…
    Firstly, thank you for all the effort u put in translation and maintainf consistency.
    As some may hav suggested, i would prefer a full chapter than it being by parts. So, you may just do a quick check on the length on next chapter an provide the ETA.

  18. I’m part of the ‘Release full chapters so do it at your own pace’ camp. Most of us are just reading this for free anyways, so it would be better for us all for you to stay healthy so that you can keep translating it. We’ll accept any decision that you make afterwards.

    Thanks for constantly translating this novel, Reigokai-sama!


  19. Apoyo esta moción con toda violencia!, no te preocupes, agradezco que traigas los capitulos, pero los excesos no son buenos, si crees que ese método te permitirá traer los capítulos y cumplir con la vida diaria me parece muy bien.

  20. Personaly I prefer to read a chapter as a whole. But, whatever option you will take it should be okay if you just give information when the next chapter will be uploaded. Please tell us when and what to expect.

    Thanks for your hard work Reigokai Sama.

  21. Aiming for a certain word count makes way more sense IMHO, at least when the chapter length varies a lot. We get to enjoy the story thanks to your hard work so just go at whatever pace you feel is comfortable and don’t burn yourself out! 🙂

  22. You are the one doing us a favour here, which means you are the one holding the stirngs here.
    Choose your own way of doing things which benefits you the most, and make realistic choices.
    Thanks for your work

  23. Sounds Ok to me. If a normal chapter is 4k characters and following chapters go on to be double or quadruple that then it makes sense to split it if it gets too long. I’ve seen other translators do that and it worked out fine

  24. I prefer to read whole chapters and not in parts.
    I’d rather you take a few more days to do big chapters but if you really want to release regularly then yes, you can release it in parts.
    Thank you anyway, you do a great job.

  25. I’m fine with separating the chapters into parts. By the way, maybe you can create a poll for us to vote on so its easier and faster, instead of reading a few hundred indivudual comments and counting them.

  26. Thanks for the hard work, don’t expect the chapters to get shorter till you finish arc 4. In fact in a chapter or two you will come across a massive chapters thats 3-4 times normal length. Good luck though hang in there!

  27. I think doing a vote for it would be better, as to know how many people want chapters at a fixed time or date, or people that want a whole chapter taking more time. I myself would like at whichever time you finish a chapter, without sacrificing your health! Thanks for your hard work btw, been reading for almost 2 months and your work is by leaps one of the best I have had the opportunity to read.

    Sorry for the bad written english, but I hope the idea pass trough.

  28. I think it’s a good idea to broke it into parts.
    As the chapter is usually very long, if broken down to 2 parts, it doesn’t really feels like 2 parts.

    Don’t sacrifice too much time for translating. Have fun more.

  29. I read quite a few other light novel translations and some of them also break it down into Part 1 released on one day and part 2 another day.

    Theres nothing wrong with that, you need to look after yourself after all.

    I don’t think theres anyone here who would blame you for doing that

  30. just go ahead, reigo-san. i don’t mind whether the up-coming chapter will be in a half or a bit late. just let us know ahead.
    n thank u for your hard working. i like this novel a lot.

  31. I don’t mind the split chapter as.long as I can read it.

    Will you be merging them back into one whole.piece.after you’ve finished?

  32. EIther is fine. The one that suits you best is in the end better. If maintaining the 3 day cycle is your discipline then splitting it is best. Else if, posting a whole chapter matters more then a leeway for the longer chapters is the way.
    But really, I mind neither. I am more than happy and appreciate that you are translating it.

  33. Whichever is best for you reigo san.
    There’s already many suggestions, you just pick whichever method works best for you.

    No complaints from me which method you choose

  34. I’ll prefer you release them in one chapter though.
    If it’s really twice as long (or more) then just take twice as much time. We can wait for it knowing that it’s a longer chapter than usual. We had to wait every week for a chapter of the same length when you left so it’s okay.
    A little note will be good though. Like when you know the next chapter is twice as long and will take twice the time, just write something to say it in the previous chapter. (in the beginning, just before the chapter)

    Also if you post half a chapter it’s going to be hell on NU. It’ll be a pain if you were to post like this:
    – Chapter XX part 1
    – Chapter XX part 2
    – Full Chapter XX

  35. Of all the translators I’ve seen working on misc. WN/LNs, you’ve had just about the most consistent schedule of all, and even before these longer chapters, it seems you had way more throughput than the rest as well.

    That split chapters idea sounds great. Anything to keep you from coughing up blood.

  36. Please… Jur don’t die already

    Hmmmm just split the part and post it as part.
    when the chapter is completed post it again as full chapter.

  37. I don’t have anything productive to add, but I think it’s funny that the word count jumps up just after you set and announce a schedule. It’s as if the author knew you were going to commit, and said, “Confident, are ya? We’ll just see about that.”

    Like I said, nothing productive to add. You just do you, and as long as that involves investing some amount of time translating, we’ll be here.

  38. First comes your health, then comes the chapters. We can wait. It’s not like we’re doing anything else productive eitherway. Or losing sanity waiting for next chapter. Hehehe… Who needs sanity either way, right? RIGHT? HAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  39. My friend, i know that you have a life as any of us, take the all of this easy, if you feel to take a long time to make a chapter do it, if you feel to split in 2 or more part do it; we appreciate all your efforts for this novel, for your consist and dedication… really personally i can even wait a month… well… the path to follow is yours and only yours… and we have to admit our fate… 😛

  40. Tch. How typical of an author not to think of the translators and just keep increasing the length of the chapters.

    Seriously though. Why did the author increase the length of chapters, even though they’re still split into parts with a separator? Was it because of a writing spree? I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t have been released as separate chapters, so I don’t mind you splitting them yourself.

    1. I think it might just be that the author is getting further into the swing of their writing, so it just got easier to pump it out over time.

      That said, this newest chapter clearly had a very clean point to split into two, so I dunno…

  41. Gracias por tus grandiosas traducciones, me alegro que sigas traduciendo la novela sin duda esto se esta poniendo cada vez mas interesante 😀

  42. Dont part it out, just tell us its an 8k chapter, and release it as an entire chapter when its done as for sponsored chapters, instead of entire chapters make it sponsored word counts

    1$ = 150-200 words with a 4000 word limit per week of sponsored shit. this way lets say you have 2 weeks of 4k 8k 8k and 4k

    this would mean 1 chapter that has no sponsored text, and one chapter that has half sponsored text then the next week you have 1 chapter release with nothing that’s 8k and one chapter that completely sponsored.

    I’m not sure if you are able to, I don’t know word press enough, but if you can put a widget to the right under or above the donation area that just has chapter numbers and estimated size that would be perfect, especially if you decide to not split and just make one releases so everyone knows what to kind of expect.

    and just a last note, fucking dick move putting “[Not a Chapter]: Survival of Me
    I…I’m dying.” as your title and first line
    this is what it looked like in my inbox

    Reigokai: Isekai Transla. [New post] [Not a Chapter]: Survival of Me – Reigokai posted: “I…I’m dying. As you may have already noticed, 6:09 pm

    making me literally think you are dying of something and not just overworked.

  43. you are only translator i know who do something like this. Most of the translator will not even bother to give the reader notice like this when they late for the translation .
    As for me i think you should post the whole chapter it’s ok for me to wait for a bit longer as long as you continue this

    That’s for me
    Thanks you Very Much

  44. Don’t split, just take longer to release. We’re already spoiled at the current pace so if you made it every 5 to 7 days we’d be fine. Don’t burn out.

  45. Thanks for all the chapters you have translated reigokai. I personally side with take your time and release a whole chapter rather than in parts as some have said its sometimes hard to pick a point where its good to stop. Also i hope you dont overwork yourself to the point where you dont have a life outside translating this wonderful chapters because a happy person will be more productive than a slave trying to keep up with the schedule.

  46. Hello, This is my first time ever commenting so I may not all right to say this but I read about 10 different one a month so with that said you have no idea that your rate of speed in releasing chapters in about 2-3 time as fast as most are released, that said you should just due whatever is best for you and your health. Some of the ones I read may only have a single chapter a month, so like that you are a god to us that put up this those novels. Please Take Care Of Your Health And Tanks For Everything!


  47. Don’t overwork yourself. Yeah, it’s probably smarter to translate by word count instead or something. In the newest chapter, you could easily divide it into two parts at the conclusion point of the competition.

    That said, I think the only concern I would have about this is the impact on the comments section. So if a chapter is divided into two parts every so often, will they just be separate posts that are treated as different chapters? I personally prefer my chapters whole for organization’s sake, but that would be impossible under this system without either losing some comments or scattering them between posts.

    …Hmm. I’m not entirely sure how I even want it now that I think about it, but I think the long and short of it is that you should do whatever you need to to avoid over-exhausting yourself. ^^

  48. I gotta say dude, you’re my nigga. You work 3 times as hard as any other translator out here and you have so much passion for what you do. I can understand that you want to get this content to us as fast as possible and that you don’t want to disappoint us but if it’s taking a toll on your health and irl life, I’d rather you stop and take care of yourself. But all of us here love your work and you obviously don’t want to stop so I suggest you take more time off or even lenghthen the time between releases, after all we had to wait weekly for a chapter while you were gone. You’ve been so good to us reigokai and I would hate to see you burn out so just do what’s best for you. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication man.

  49. Well, your options would be scheduling the estimated release time or update the chapters by parts. Whichever you choose though, please be aware that you’re very much appreciated for your efforts. 🙂

  50. Yeah they’ve been getting longer and longer indeed.
    Do it the way you need to.
    or could outsource a bit and ask for help to translate portions or something. more than a few who would help I imagine.

  51. There’s no need to be so harsh on yourself. Do what is easier and best for you. We don’t mind waiting for a week. Thanks for the chaps! XD

  52. I’m siding with the people who say release the chapter as you finish, rather than parts, maybe put a poll up to see what the other people think, but having a large chapter instead of multiple cliffhangers sounds better. Despite the site name lunatic, you surely aren’t one when it comes to your own health, I think. Thanks for the update as usual.

  53. Honest opinion, readers from this site has been spoiled too much with your fast update, if you think the chapter is too long to be finish split it up reigo~senpai.. Infinitenoveltranslation does the same thing for Hachinan tte… making a 1 chapter to 3-4 parts at most… similar thing happens to The New Gate thats being translated on shintranslation… i think its a fair method that wouldn’t tire you out..

  54. given your reader-base seems to love you, I doubt anyone would mind terribly if you took more time on longer chapters. if nothing else you can just say “INC extra long chapter, see you in 6 days” at the end of chapters

    of course if you want to keep a schedule, then yes divide the extra long ones into 2 parts
    A dead Translater averages 0 Chapters a week after all

  55. cutting it into 2 isnt that much of a big deal i like that you have a schedule and a routine is better as most people would know when your gonna post a chapter, in other words i prefer a routine were i know when a chapter would come out than irregular updates and thanks for your hardwork :3

  56. My honest opinion is to go your own pace on translating. While having several chapters each week I personally wouldn’t mind waiting extra time so you do t break down. Seriously Reigokai go at your own pace and don’t worry so much about keeping the schedual, we leachers can wait a few more days

  57. Your heath is far more important than everything for me stay healthy even it take a week or more to finish an entire very big chapter or divide it I can wait for it Rei in good health means more chapter in the future so its much better… What ever you decide I will support and Thank you for the chapter always..

  58. As many above have said, plz take the route that’s easyer for you. I quiet like the frequence but it would be way terrible if you got sick because of this. If my vote counts for anything it would be to realyse parts of long chapters

  59. Thanks for the hard work, if it’s a long chapter, why don’t just give us an info and take your time to translate it, i actually prefer to wait a bit to read the full chapter than read in part.

  60. well i wanted to say that you are charging too less for the sponsored chapters at least increase it to 60$ at the very least 80$ will do too . And go ahead with your plan .

  61. Thank you for your hard work Reigokai-sama.
    If you want to stay consistent, splitting it into parts or finding a partner to help you translate, should help with that.

    Again, thank you for your hard.

  62. Dude. Just saying what everybody has said already. Take you time. I’ve been with you since around ch 34. Been a long long time. What’s an extra week or two going to change? Go at your pace and enjoy the story just like we are. No point in translating something that you hate. And as always thank you for taking your time to translate this awesome story.

  63. Ibdont give a shit about what you say. JUST DO YOUR WORK YOU LAZY SLAVE!!

    JK. Do it at your own pace man. We can wait. Maybe.

  64. Do whatever you want. Waiting extra time between chapters, or having two or so parts is fine. I personally prefer 2 parts with the segmented way the chapters are already divided up.
    Do what you need to stay alive. Any releases of this make us readers unbelievably happy. It’s like a nice little perk up. Pacing yourself is waaaay better than burning yourself out on this. Translate as you want and thank you for translating so much as you have and for sharing this great series with us.

  65. Bro that’s ruff, cut them in half. If anyone complains, they can try doing what you do and see how long they last, also thanks for the chapters!!!! 🙂

  66. Personally I would prefer to read a complete chapter. So I don’t mind waiting longer. But it’s up to you. If you’re more comfortable with splitting chapters, go for it!

  67. As one of your editors (formerly?), I’m with Dark Jackel. You should post things at your own pace, you shouldn’t stress yourself out because the chapters are double the word count. Divide them, make it less of a pain. Not to mention… you might catch up with the actual web novel at your current pace. You don’t want that… unless you want to focus more on DEH. Still, I say pace yourself. Yeah, there’s probably millions out there who could translate the novel. But there’s only one Reigokai, and we don’t wanna lose him.

  68. Reigo-San, just do what feels best for you. We endured 1 chapter a week, so no need to force yourself to translate it on time.

    I prefer your usual eloquency over a rush job or worse, you burning out halfway.

    If it takes longer than usual, I’m in no position to complain, all power to you~

  69. Hey men podemos esperar o sea no te sobreesfuerzes se que siempre quiero el proximo capitulo rapido pero no es razon para que realmente lo hagas mas rapido de echo eres el mas rapido en serio y te agradezco, pero asegurate de tomar descansos y disfrutar algo de tu tiempo te recomiendo jugar Total War o Mount And Blade si te gusta jugar pero descansa men!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey men we can wait or be you do not get overwhelmed. I know that I always want the next chapter fast but it is not a reason for you to really do it faster than, you are the fastest and I thank you, but make sure you take breaks and enjoy something of your time. I recommend playing Total War or Mount And Blade if you like to play videogames but rest men!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. personally, i don’t want it cut and instead put it all out in one chapter after 6 days TT^TT(considering 3 days per chapter). But seriously though thank you for your translations, and don’t force yourself :3

    1. Tell the true even if he cut we will not fell the difference, most of the chapter have fragmented parts
      Most of the times when this “◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆” show up they change the perspective it’s like a new chapter
      I also vote for Reigokai divide if he fell like the need, just that i don’t know how will be post the second part, if will be full chapter (rewrite) or will be a new (part 2) or will be deleted (part 1) and remade full and new, its not really important but it may affect the comments or the chapters list

  71. I appreciate your hard work and am rather impressed by the schedule. Most translators would do 1 chapter a week at the most, but you are doing more than that. If you need breaks, take them. I definitely won’t mind, and I’m sure others won’t either. The consistency is much appreciated though!!!
    I’ve got a lot of respect for you man, keep it up (at a reasonable pace that is haha).

  72. ___________________________________________________________________________________
    Thanks for your hard work kai-senpai !!.
    Do not forget to go down and have fun, it is normal to split the chapters very large, not as if the world will end, on the contrary, leaves us more curious and looking forward to our next, always when senpai have fun to Translate we feel the same so do With your time, divide the chapters as much as necessary and do not die kai-senpai !!!!!!
    It’s not time for the truck-sama to pick you up yet srsrsr
    Obrigado pelo seu trabalho duro kai-senpai!!.
    Não esqueça de descaçar e se divertir um pouco, é normal dividir os capítulos muito grandes, não como se o mundo vai acabar, pelo contrario nos deixa mais curioso e ansiosos pelo próximo, sempre quando senpai traduza se divertindo nos sentimos os mesmo, então faça com o seu tempo, divida os capítulos tanto quanto forem necessário e não morra kai-senpai!!!!!!
    não esta na hora do camião-sama vir te buscar ainda srsrsr

  73. Don’t die seriously.
    You should take a break at the nearest non-cliffhanger available. You deserve at least that much for the already over the top schedule you maintain diligently.

    P.s even if you are going to split it… Isn’t the next chap still 8k or are you going to spit it more?

  74. Yup, your decision to cut it would be the best.
    It betters to read something on a fixed pace rather than having some at random time.
    Beside, you already kindly choose to do parts for the chapter with double length, as long it doesn’t burden you too much I agree with you.

    Good luck, and thanks.

  75. I will follow your decision reigokai sama! Personally I prefer waiting longer, like what the rest of these guys are saying, leeches must not complain! We must support with all our heart…that’s just my thoughts..

  76. Holy crap…. So what i said in chapter 190 or 189 is true!?

    That the word count is getting longer? Thats suposed to be a joke…

    But reigo-sensei… Do as you fit…
    Personaly as a writer i do feels that i want to straight on schedule but somehow things happen and wont let me do that…

    And my friend said ‘do as you fit… If you keep forcing it, the result wont be nice’

    If you want to divide it in parts, personaly i dont mind…. Or perhaps other translator can collaborate with you and divide the chapter Fifty-Fifty…

    Or you can even reduce update time… But considering your words, you wont do that…

    Buy honestly whatever your choice, we’re grateful to you for translating this…

  77. Thanks for the Hard Work. Stay safe and mind your Health. Having chapters divided into parts is way better than having a sickly you. I repeat: Having chapters divided into parts is way better than you dying..oh wait that was different…Just stay Healthy and do not stress yourself too much.

  78. Pushing yourself is never a good thing. take your time with it. We all really appreciate your hard work, and we would hate to see you burn yourself out, physically or mentally. Change your schedule or your approach, as you see fit.

    Your suggestion is pretty close to as consistent as you will get, so if consistency is what you’re looking for, by all means go for it.

  79. Muchas gracias por traducir tan rapido, en serio eres el papu de papus, pero no es necesario que traduscas todo de chingazo, tomate tu tiempo y hazlo con calma, esa idea de dividir capitulos largos es buena 🙂 . Saludos desde monterrey, mexico!

  80. Reigo senpai, you should take a break, but the lenght of chapter still not solved even you take a break, so split the Chapter is already a good idea, and don’t rushing so much, it’s not like that we don’t want release faster, but we understand that you are still a human with your own life and have something to do….. don’t push ypurself too hard, as long there is an update TGM fans will be happy >:D

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    You don’t own something to us so you can slow your speed of translation it’s not a problem 😉

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