[Not a Chapter]: Survival of Me

I…I’m dying.

As you may have already noticed, the chapters are beginning to turn out incredibly long. Accurately speaking, twice as long. Like literally twice the length of a normal chapter. To give an idea of it, a normal chapter would be around 4k count which is around 14 pages long; chapter 191 is 8k, which was 29 pages.

At this rate, my body will not be able to hold out. Seriously, it can’t. To keep up, I actually sacrifice way too much of my time.

So here I am, for a serious talk with you guys. I have thought out a method that might help keep me alive:

– Limit the word count. As previously stated, 4k is the usual word count of a chapter which is close to that of chapter 190 for reference. 8k would be this chapter 191 and chapter 189.
When faced with an 8k chapter or higher, we can separate it in 2 parts, no more than that. As you know, chapters in this web novel are normally divided already, so the cuts shouldn’t feel as unnatural as other novels.
This will only apply for chapters more than double the length. If the chapter is 5k or 6k, I won’t mind it. But since the chapters that have been coming (and next chapter is actually four times the length, no kidding) are way out of normal word count, I can easily tell that my body will drop dead if I continue at this pace.

This will bring consistency which is what I have been looking for when I placed a schedule. I really want to maintain the schedule, so if there’s other suggestions that can help do that, I would like to listen to them.

151 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter]: Survival of Me

  1. Hey men podemos esperar o sea no te sobreesfuerzes se que siempre quiero el proximo capitulo rapido pero no es razon para que realmente lo hagas mas rapido de echo eres el mas rapido en serio y te agradezco, pero asegurate de tomar descansos y disfrutar algo de tu tiempo te recomiendo jugar Total War o Mount And Blade si te gusta jugar pero descansa men!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey men we can wait or be you do not get overwhelmed. I know that I always want the next chapter fast but it is not a reason for you to really do it faster than, you are the fastest and I thank you, but make sure you take breaks and enjoy something of your time. I recommend playing Total War or Mount And Blade if you like to play videogames but rest men!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. personally, i don’t want it cut and instead put it all out in one chapter after 6 days TT^TT(considering 3 days per chapter). But seriously though thank you for your translations, and don’t force yourself :3

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    1. Tell the true even if he cut we will not fell the difference, most of the chapter have fragmented parts
      Most of the times when this “◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆” show up they change the perspective it’s like a new chapter
      I also vote for Reigokai divide if he fell like the need, just that i don’t know how will be post the second part, if will be full chapter (rewrite) or will be a new (part 2) or will be deleted (part 1) and remade full and new, its not really important but it may affect the comments or the chapters list


  3. I appreciate your hard work and am rather impressed by the schedule. Most translators would do 1 chapter a week at the most, but you are doing more than that. If you need breaks, take them. I definitely won’t mind, and I’m sure others won’t either. The consistency is much appreciated though!!!
    I’ve got a lot of respect for you man, keep it up (at a reasonable pace that is haha).


  4. ___________________________________________________________________________________
    Thanks for your hard work kai-senpai !!.
    Do not forget to go down and have fun, it is normal to split the chapters very large, not as if the world will end, on the contrary, leaves us more curious and looking forward to our next, always when senpai have fun to Translate we feel the same so do With your time, divide the chapters as much as necessary and do not die kai-senpai !!!!!!
    It’s not time for the truck-sama to pick you up yet srsrsr
    Obrigado pelo seu trabalho duro kai-senpai!!.
    Não esqueça de descaçar e se divertir um pouco, é normal dividir os capítulos muito grandes, não como se o mundo vai acabar, pelo contrario nos deixa mais curioso e ansiosos pelo próximo, sempre quando senpai traduza se divertindo nos sentimos os mesmo, então faça com o seu tempo, divida os capítulos tanto quanto forem necessário e não morra kai-senpai!!!!!!
    não esta na hora do camião-sama vir te buscar ainda srsrsr


  5. Don’t die seriously.
    You should take a break at the nearest non-cliffhanger available. You deserve at least that much for the already over the top schedule you maintain diligently.

    P.s even if you are going to split it… Isn’t the next chap still 8k or are you going to spit it more?


  6. Yup, your decision to cut it would be the best.
    It betters to read something on a fixed pace rather than having some at random time.
    Beside, you already kindly choose to do parts for the chapter with double length, as long it doesn’t burden you too much I agree with you.

    Good luck, and thanks.


  7. I will follow your decision reigokai sama! Personally I prefer waiting longer, like what the rest of these guys are saying, leeches must not complain! We must support with all our heart…that’s just my thoughts..


  8. Holy crap…. So what i said in chapter 190 or 189 is true!?

    That the word count is getting longer? Thats suposed to be a joke…

    But reigo-sensei… Do as you fit…
    Personaly as a writer i do feels that i want to straight on schedule but somehow things happen and wont let me do that…

    And my friend said ‘do as you fit… If you keep forcing it, the result wont be nice’

    If you want to divide it in parts, personaly i dont mind…. Or perhaps other translator can collaborate with you and divide the chapter Fifty-Fifty…

    Or you can even reduce update time… But considering your words, you wont do that…

    Buy honestly whatever your choice, we’re grateful to you for translating this…


  9. Thanks for the Hard Work. Stay safe and mind your Health. Having chapters divided into parts is way better than having a sickly you. I repeat: Having chapters divided into parts is way better than you dying..oh wait that was different…Just stay Healthy and do not stress yourself too much.


  10. Pushing yourself is never a good thing. take your time with it. We all really appreciate your hard work, and we would hate to see you burn yourself out, physically or mentally. Change your schedule or your approach, as you see fit.

    Your suggestion is pretty close to as consistent as you will get, so if consistency is what you’re looking for, by all means go for it.


  11. Muchas gracias por traducir tan rapido, en serio eres el papu de papus, pero no es necesario que traduscas todo de chingazo, tomate tu tiempo y hazlo con calma, esa idea de dividir capitulos largos es buena 🙂 . Saludos desde monterrey, mexico!


  12. Reigo senpai, you should take a break, but the lenght of chapter still not solved even you take a break, so split the Chapter is already a good idea, and don’t rushing so much, it’s not like that we don’t want release faster, but we understand that you are still a human with your own life and have something to do….. don’t push ypurself too hard, as long there is an update TGM fans will be happy >:D


  13. I vote for the whole chapter no matter how long it takes. Well because something like dividing it will just make it a little bit confusing so just take your time. This is really just like a book it is better to wait for time so that you can really read the whole chapter than squeezing time to read a chapter part by part( my opinion). Better to be relaxed so that the quality of the translation and the health of the translator will not be compromised. We are human beings so wanting for it to be released faster is a given but we also know how hard it is to juggle things to the point of sensing lingering death. So in my opinion, just take your time we can wait just don’t die on us. And also thank you for your translations


  14. OK……even if don’t cut, take even up to 6-9 days to finish chapter 192 since it’s 4 times the usual. That should balance out right?
    We would have to wait but it will be worth the wait…….well whatever, let us know.


  15. Do what’s best for you, we will still be here to read it. Love your work so even if it is in parts or takes longer to release I will stick around.


  16. it’s up to you in the end, most of us here don’t mind if you take longer to roll out a chapter just don’t kill yourself in the process you have to think about your health as well. good luck like always


  17. I’d prefer a delay & get the whole chapter at once, but that just me selfishly wanting a big meal all at once. It’s still tasty as 2 snacks.
    So do whatever’s best for you & don’t strain urself. We really appreciate ur hard work
    Thank you kindly for the translations 👍

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  18. Buena Noches!! . Soy un lector en español. Agradezco tu esfuerzo por traducir esta novela. Ten descansos habituales. Seria bueno que dividas los capítulos largos dado que a los lectores, con una pequeña actualización nos conformamos!! . Saludos >o< Fuerza!!


  19. i’m fine with splitting the chapters if they’re properly titled as such to avoid confusion.
    I prefer having a regular schedule rather than wait longer for a whole chapter.

    Thank Regio-sama. Take care of yourself!


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