Chapter 191: The darkness of the demon race, and the shining one

Well, I did think it would turn out this way.

At the day when there’s not much till we leave the demon race capital, I was walking infinitely inside the underground corridor of the castle, and was guided to a big hall.

It is truly wide.

There were seats at the outer circumference, so I can tell that that’s the place where people will be spectating the battle from.

For a friendly match arena, it is truly splendid.

As expected, there’s no way they would make us fight inside the pitch black blizzard outside, but I didn’t expect that they would ready such a well-put stage.

When I look up, I can see a high-ceiling like that of a dome, and at the top there’s a hole where the night sky can be seen.

And, what is happening currently is that…I am alone in this excessively spacious hall.

That’s the situation.

There’s no Mio and Shiki.

Those two that are able to suppress the High Spirits are already well-known.

‘That’s why, there’s no problem if only Raidou-dono shows his strength’, they said.

In summary, that’s what happened, and now my two followers are at the spectator seats.

The things I received were impressive after all~.

I do feel that listening to a bit of their unreasonable requests is okay, and there’s also the fact that using power on the level of a High Spirit would make the arena crumble.

Because you know, I have received a transit permit to pass freely through their whole nation, and I have also received something akin to the royal seal of the Demon Lord.

Even if I open stores in several towns, I won’t have to pay taxes.

The demi-humans are many, and the good distribution is lacking.

Thinking about being tax free in such a place of unknown marketing possibilities…

As long as I don’t fall in any unforeseen circumstances, it is manners to repay this, right?

This time it was unlucky, or more like, the natural price to pay.

That’s what I think, so I am standing here.

“Now then, I wonder who will be my opponent.” (Makoto)

The announcement that resounds through the hall signals the beginning of the friendly match.

There’s not many spectators, and there isn’t that wild enthusiasm like that of the Rotsgard fighting arena.

In exchange, there’s serious gazes as if they were gulping their breaths, being poured at me.

It feels as if every move I make is being observed.

As a lecturer, I have felt this kind of gaze a few times, and in Japan when we had meetings for archery display.

“Geh, the worst possibility from what I have imagined. As I thought, my unluckiness is still going strong.” (Makoto)

There’s four shadows walking to meet me.

From my guess, I thought the ones coming out would be the Demon Generals or the Demon Lord, but I did think that maybe all the Demon Generals would be coming out.

With how things have been going, I even thought that Zef himself would be coming out, but as expected, having the Demon Lord be defeated in front of his subordinates is just bad.

I did feel that he wouldn’t do any messing around in regards to being Lord, so at that point, I am not that surprised.

Even so, all the Demon Generals huh.

Leaving Io and Rona aside, I somewhat know what Reft can do; but the last one, I don’t know much about that one.

Until today, I have not been able to properly speak to that person, and there haven’t been many moments when I have seen that person say something.

It was an unkempt hair man wearing a white robe.

The type that would look good with tobacco.

I thought he was a demi-human, but maybe this person is a hyuman?

They stopped at a distance equal to that of when baseball players pay their respects.

“…Let me tell you this first, I am not a hyuman, Raidou-dono.”

“Ah, sorry.” (Makoto)

He noticed I was looking at him huh.

I thought I was being inconspicuous though.

“It seems like I have 1/16 of demi-human blood. I don’t know the name of the race though.”


No no no, isn’t that practically like being a hyuman?

It is like saying your parents are quarters and your grandfather a half, right?

And if on top of all that, there was only one demi-human there…and since you already look hyuman, isn’t hyuman fine?

“I see, you are just like I have heard. Blood, race, and outward appearance doesn’t matter. How interesting. Just what kind of living did you have to grow in this way?”

“Every living being is equal. It seems you already know, but I am Raidou Misumi. Please be lenient with me today.” (Makoto)

“Mokuren Kazusa. Even if this is a match, it is a serious battle. Something rude like pulling punches isn’t what I will be doing. Even if I look like this, I live as part of one of the demon race after all. The power within this body of mine, I will let you witness a bit of it.” (Kazusa)

“Hahaha…” (Makoto)

He isn’t a warrior right?

He is a mage.

And he is not like Rona who holds two posts. He gives out the smell of a pure magician.

Also…he has an atmosphere similar to someone.

That feeling is…right, an alchemist.

I can feel the scent of a researcher from this person.

…How nostalgic. Was his name Hazaru? He is probably still at Toa-san’s party doing more leveling and living thoughtlessly huh.

“I wish that Raidou-dono and I don’t stand this way on the battlefield. But today, I will do my best.” (Io)

With four arms and wearing gauntlets that one can tell are high grade at a glance, Io rises up and shows a competitive smile filled with motivation.

…The ceiling is open, so at worst, I can just throw him away with a rocket punch again.


Rona is completely silent.

She is not saying a single word.

Is what I thought, but it seems she has already formed several spells and concealing it.

It seems she is already at the brim by trying to control them, but she is playing it cool in her expression.

It feels like a lot of things will be flying at me right from the start.

“I am sorry for leaving early at the other day’s banquet. I am the Demon General, Reft. Someone like me has received the position of Demon General by the kindness of his Majesty. I am happy to have the chance of seeing your power that has been recognized by his Majesty.” (Reft)

“You are a hybrid dragon, right? I have heard that you possess a great power. I am looking forward to it.” (Makoto)

“?!! So you know of hybrid dragons. It seems you are someone of extensive knowledge. Here as well, I am looking forward to it.” (Reft)

Tomoe said it as if it were common knowledge though.

So it was rare information?!

“Then, all that’s left is to wait for the signal to begin.” (Makoto)


For some reason, the Demon Generals make a strange expression.

We did introduce ourselves and the announcement has finished, so next would be the signal of: ‘FIGHT!’, right?

“Eh? It seems like it isn’t beginning.” (Makoto)

“…Raidou-dono, today we will be fighting with you, but…” (Io)

Io speaks to me.

“Yes?” (Makoto)

“Did you not hear the details?” (Io)

“The only thing I was told by his Majesty was to lightly show my strength.” (Makoto)

“Umu. In that case, regarding the fight…” (Io)

“Yes, it is fine to just fight with everyone, right?” (Makoto)


I-Is that not the case?

“Raidou-dono, could it be that you are intending to fight us all at once?” (Io)

“Eh? That’s not how it was?” (Makoto)

Silence once again.

No well, you see, Io seems to be the strongest of the four Demon Generals, so going 1vs1 four times is just pointless, isn’t it?

“Io, the permission has come from his Majesty. It seems it is fine that way.” (Rona)

“But Rona, that’s just…” (Io)


“The person himself has the intention to do so, you know?  Also, if it’s just showing a light amount of power, that’s fine, right? Hey, I don’t want to speak too much, I am concentrating after all.” (Rona)

“…Understood. Fine.” (Io)

The sigh of Io served as a signal. The Demon Generals began to move.

Io and Reft went forward, Rona at the middle, and Mokuren as the rear guard.

Io is slightly further ahead, but the formation is 2-1-1.

The announcement to commence comes out with fluster.

The words announcing the beginning of the battle between four Demon Generals and I resounds through the hall.

“Then, to begin things… [Brid]!” (Makoto)

Kicking the ground, I jump backwards while releasing fire Brids towards the four Demon Generals respectively.

They told me a while ago to not hold back, but I am not my same past self that would take those words seriously.

To restrain it, I reduced the power and speed.

“As expected, arialess as if it were natural! Mokuren, I am counting on you! Even if it’s arialess, think of Raidou’s spells as possessing their complete firepower!” (Rona)

“No problem. In terms of high speed spell deployment, I am also good at it.” (Mokuren)

As I thought, he is really a magician huh.

Mokuren treats his dagger as a staff and does an aria, and an aria that is done with the fingers…and it is arialess at the same time?!

Oh, there’s a prodigy here!

Mokuren does an aria for around 6 spells at the same time.

He creates a barrier that properly blocks all my Brids, moreover, it seems he has placed a number of support spells on his allies.

There’s still magic power revolving around their surroundings, so they probably still have something set up.

A magician similar to Ema huh.

It’s been awhile since I have seen someone like that.

Being able to do parallel arias is already impressive. The demon race is truly passionate.

“I will not leave you space to target Mokuren!” (Io)


Io accelerates with a speed that doesn’t fit his large build, and closes in with his fists ready.

It is not a timing where evasion will make it in time.

Obviously they will not tell me they are that fast huh.

I use the Magic Armor, which was forcefully named Materia Prima by a random pervert, and stop his attack.

While at it, I grab Io and restrain him. I point him towards the dark night and throw him.

Depending on the people watching, it might have looked like a master at Aikido had thrown a giant away.

…It was simple raw power though.


“The next is…Reft-san, was it? It has been a while since I have seen a spear user.” (Makoto)

This person seems to be a warrior type as well, so let’s try punching him.

“Sorry but, I will have to resist!” (Reft)


I can’t grab him.

From the place I tried to grab, the arm was thrown aside.

I see. So this is the counter expert huh.

Reft uses splendid spearmanship to parry the Magic Armor that approaches.


It is understandable why Mio tried to learn this technique.

It is on the level of art.

How interesting.


I was unconsciously fascinated by the technique of Reft, and a shock comes from my back.

It is Rona.

Ah, it seems she set up a few spells.

The first shot didn’t seem like it could do something to the Magic Armor, but the explosions continue.

As if swallowing up one spot, Rona releases a line up of her own high firepower spells one after the other.

Even so, at my very front there’s Reft swinging his spear while including the spells in the attacks. His offensive didn’t falter.

I am in a pincer situation.

Dealing with the two at the same time will be difficult.

Then I will begin with Reft.

If Rona finishes shooting her spells, she will step back after all.

“[Brid]!” (Makoto)

Arialess, around 5 Brids are shot from the body of the Magic Armor to Reft.

The spear that was swung around stopped, and the attacks from the front stop.

Well, it is a surprise attack, so he shouldn’t be able to deal with it properly.

Then, next is Rona.

“I can’t let you catch me!” (Rona)

“I was one step slower huh. Well done.” (Makoto)

Rona quickly takes her distance by kicking a part of the Magic Armor and returning to her previous spot.

She used me as a foothold! Is what I would have liked to try saying.

“Being engrossed in me is dangerous, you know?” (Rona)

“Eh? Uo?!” (Makoto)

A strong shock five times.

They were practically Shiki-class spells…wait, those were my Brids.

I see, so they were all reflected back huh.

Receiving my own spells feels fresh.

I wasn’t the guinea pig of Mio’s technique experiment after all.

“A scarily accurate attack. But on top of that…”

“No, more than that, how to say it…”

What incredible pressure!


“Too slow!” (Io)


“You returned?!” (Makoto)

“I won’t let you treat me like an idiot twice!!” (Io)

Perfectly utilizing the falling momentum into his fist, he makes contact with the Magic Armor.

A ripple spreads through the whole Magic Armor, but Io’s eyes didn’t show any signs of this being the end.

Just like that, he uses another arm to do an attack, and at the end, he adds a kick just like Rona and creates distance from the Magic Armor.

The wind and shock wave it created travelled all the way to the spectator seats.

Even though they shouldn’t be able to see it.

Are the two of them the type that can feel things instinctively?

Like this, it would be better to change it from concealment to enhancement?

“I thought that Io-dono’s type wouldn’t be able to easily fly through the sky though…” (Makoto)

“It wasn’t easy! But I was defeated in such a pathetic way after all!” (Io)

He is using ‘ore’.

He is already in total battle mode.

So you are the type of prodigy that can do anything when you try to.

“And, it is about time, right Rona?” (Io)

“Yeah, just in time. He is not that good at dealing with schemes after all, that Raidou ‘rear guard’.” (Rona)

Rona points at her own waist and smiles at me.



Something black is clinging onto the Magic Armor?!

That thing continues to expand, and as if announcing that it was time, its surface began to show dark red cracks.

It feels like a countdown.

Feeling the activation of a spell that I can’t even feel the F of friendly, I reflexively change [Sakai] from concealment to enhancement.

A strong shock and the sound of an explosion. A black and red light envelop my field of vision.

Is it a time bomb spell?

What terrifying firepower.

Big part of the Magic Armor that was shifted to enhancement was blown away.

Is this possibly the trump card of Rona?

I did think at Limia that she had some sort of ace hidden.

It seemed like more than its firepower, its ability to scrape away on magic power is stronger.

I can only try and tell from her expression huh.

I am not good at that though.

I wait for the light and smoke to disperse.

But…that was a bad move.

I feel the activation of magic power from my feet.

!! Right, there’s also the guy Mokuren.

When all four Demon Generals are together, they have a dangerous disposition.

Even though it should be an ironclad rule that the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Lord never get along!

“Taste a ritual spell. Second model, ‘Hail’ Revision.” (Mokuren)

I hear the voice of Mokuren.

The Magic Armor is scrapped off again by what looks like raging needles flying in the surroundings.

He said it is a ritual spell, right?

If I remember correctly, it is a spell that hides itself and is used in wide scale battles.

Not only is he able to do parallel arias, but he is also able to do something like that by himself.

Or more like, I am not a castle or an army you know!

I am an individual!

While I was complaining, the needles scrape off the Magic Armor, and they adhere to it and change into ice.

It can harden the movements huh.

It is harsher than the ice magic that Rona used when she was Karen.

I unconsciously remembered that.

“Now then everyone, get away. Fuh~.” (Mokuren)

He still intends to do more?

“Third Model, ‘Starfall Revision’” (Mokuren)

It is troublesome that my field of vision has still not gotten better.

Right now the Magic Armor is just partly frozen, but with enhancing [Sakai], unless something really big happens, it will be okay.

I want to see the spell, so maybe I should clear out the frozen parts of the Magic Armor and sweep the surroundings?

If that also clears away the ritual magic, it would be two birds with one stone.

I trace the places that are frozen in the Magic Armor, and add fire element to it.

An explosion that is probably on the same level as Rona’s spell, is created with me at the center.

I quickly reform the Magic Armor and confirm the situation.

The Demon Generals have shifted to defense.

At most, the heat wave that headed to Reft is being returned to me.

Well, no problem.

And now, the ritual spell of just now…

I sound out my surroundings.

Above again huh.

It was Starfall, right?

I don’t think something worst than Io will be falling down, but…


Muddled magma that has bright red stones sticking onto it is pouring down at me from the sky?!

As expected of ritual magic.

The scale is on another level.

“No matter the circumstances, to use something like these twice in a friendly match is questionable!!” (Makoto)

“Looking at you who’s practically unhurt, I can only call it appropriate!” (Mokuren)

“For you to be unwounded even when I used that, just how tough are you? At least receive a slight scald for formality!” (Rona)

Don’t say unreasonable things!

Damn it!!

“There’s no way this will end with a simple scaaaald!!” (Makoto)

I use the two arms of the Magic Armor that are most likely visible to everyone now, and grab the lava into a ball.

“No way. Without mitigating it, using a barrier, or even avoiding it; he grabbed it? A big molten mass?” (Mokuren)


It would be okay to just avoid it.

Hearing the dumbfounded mutter of Mokuren, I slightly regretted my decision.

“One, two… counter!!” (Makoto)

“That’s not a counter!” (Reft)

The moment I throw the lava ball to the Demon Generals, Reft makes a rude shout.

I grabbed it before I received the attack and am now throwing it back, so it is a proper counter…probably.

“Kuh…don’t let it work!” (Rona)

“Leave it to me!” (Io)

With those words just now, one of the four gauntlets shone brightly, and the body of Io turned bright red.

He is totally like a super robot.

Not only is he able to fly, he even has equipment that lets him do type changes huh.

Io who now looks like he is strong against fire, uses all his four arms to receive the ball of lava that has a size of around 5 meters.

Even if he has gauntlets, it is still like grabbing it with his bare hands.

It is the incarnation of a super robot.

I would like to have one of those…

No wait, the other two at the rear have already evacuated from the crashing point.

Mokuren and Rona; not only did they both step back, they also activated support magic and have buffed Io and Reft.

They are nimble.

Reft who is remaining, makes a terribly concentrated expression at the lava ball that Io actually stopped, and literally pierces it with the spear in his hand.

“Is this dodge ball?!” (Makoto)

Once again, the lava ball flies at me at high speed.

Hey hey, this won’t become endless, right?

Just like Mokuren said, avoiding it would be better.

“No no, you should fight it fair and square there, Raidou-dono.”

“Mokuren?! Just when did you…” (Makoto)

“Magicians have methods of mobilizing called teleportation. Even if I am the weakest, I am still a Demon General you see. I do a lot of things on a level where Rona doesn’t get angry at me.” (Mokuren)

“And, what’s that note that’s in your hand?” (Makoto)

I look at the space where I was going to run to, and there, Mokuren was already there. I try asking about the note that I can tell is a spell that’s about to be activated.

This is bad.

I have been confined.

“It is a spell that has its aria stored beforehand. I call it catalyst magic, but you can call it whatever you want. Now then, it is the development that we had anticipated. I will have you show us how you will be escaping from this one. ‘Starfall’ Revision, duplication.” (Mokuren)

From Mokuren, another lava ball comes.

Another pincer attack.

You demons really like flanking huh!

Can’t be helped. Let’s receive them.

The second lava comes at me with a slight difference in time.

The first one; I repel it with a backhand to a direction where no Demon General is in.

It would be troublesome if they were to throw it back again after all.

The next one is…fast.

If possible, I wanted to repel it up, but I receive it with one hand.

In terms of intensity, the Materia Prima is higher, so I ward off the sensation of being pushed back, and later, I was able to stop it.

Okay, I probably can do it.

Just like that, I make one arm bigger, and cover the ball like a baseball glove.

I feel like if I carelessly crush it, it would make a big explosion, so I wrap it all and while controlling the power, I forcibly…

“Your Majesty!!”



I was slightly surprised by the words of Io and look at the direction that the voice was directed at.

Ah, it is at the direction where I threw away one of the balls.

There, there was the shadow of one person.

It is certainly the Demon Lord.

Just where…ah, the guest seats huh.

If it crashes to the outer circumference just like that, it might create casualties in the spectators.

Now that I look carefully, he doesn’t have his mantle on.

It looks like he is intending to face it.

It might be far, but I can see Zef’s body build.


Even though he has a tough job like being a Lord, he has an abnormally toned body.

He did seem like he has been training, but his body is like that of someone whose main job is warrior.

The scary slim macho, Zef.

He draws out the sword at his waist.

I am also stopping a lava ball similar to the one that’s heading to Zef, but I unconsciously forgot about it and was fascinated.

It was a beautiful movement.

Also, he is drawing his sword and doing an aria at the same time.

The aria is continuing even when he has already finished drawing his sword, but both actions were incredibly smooth.

Those are movements that show he is able to do it multiple times.

I who has been doing that all the time, am sure of it.

That’s why I was able to nod at the confidence that Zef was showing.

Confidence that he is able to deal with it.

Since I have the chance, let’s watch the technique of the Demon Lord.

Against the lava that was approaching, Zef brandishes his sword backwards.

The length of that long sword is not normal.

The sword Zef holds is also of a high quality that’s able to handle his technique. And it also serves as a catalyst to safely activate his spell.

And then, the lava ball disappears from in front of him.

Within the things that I have seen in this world, it is the most perfected combination of magic and weapon.

What was used along with the sword was a barrier spell.

But it is a terrifying special type of barrier that vanishes anything that touches.  

So the Demon Lord Zef is a swordsman that has mastered barriers or that type of spells huh.

By the time I noticed, I had already compressed the lava I was holding and had extinguished it.

It feels mysterious.

That sword might be the same as my bow.

A power that was born from breaking my heart.

A truly mysterious feeling of respect and empathy.

“That all! Raidou-dono, it was splendid. You were able to fight against all the Demon Generals and was able to fight them this well. This is certainly something that everyone here has witnessed. It was a splendid match. After this, I will present you a reward. Now then—” (Zef)

The words of Zef signal the end of the match.

But that didn’t actually tie it to an end.

“Bring divine punishment to the slave of power!!”

The voice that was heard after, had erased the words of Zef.

At that moment, the presence of something raining down at high amounts was felt. A thunderous sound and the light of an explosion envelop the hall.

The Demon Generals had begun moving towards Zef, but I didn’t understand what was happening and for now, just prioritize defense.

Soon after, I had felt the approach of Mio and Shiki.


“That’s quite the flashy entrance.”

In the arena that has completely turned into outskirts, I look around and mutter.

But I am impressed.

In an instant, the Demon Generals protected Zef and Zef had protected the spectator seats.

Of course, it wasn’t as if he was able to protect everything. It was a destruction scale that would be natural to have several victims.

There’s already no presence of spectators in the surroundings. When I confirm with [Sakai], I could tell that they have already arrived at the castle and have taken refuge.

How dependable.

In exchange, several tens of totally equipped people have appeared, and were looking at me.

It is the people that said: ‘Divine retribution to the slave of power’.

So this destruction is also their doing huh.

It is dusty, the place is filled with rubble, and it was a splendid underground arena, and yet, there’s no trace of it now.

Is this the darkness of the demon race?

The Spirit rampage was also something planned, so it may have been done by them as well.

“Waka-sama, you are okay.” (Shiki)

“With the matter of the Spirits, and this as well; the security of the demon race is actually not that impressive huh. It lets me have more job to do-desu kedo.” (Mio)

“Thanks, you two. It is certainly true that there’s more accidents in the demon race capital than that of the Empire.” (Makoto)

I thank Shiki and Mio who came for me, and I look at Zef.

Near him, there’s several that have fallen victim and one of them is injured, but Zef is not treating her.

He is fighting against the terrorists and he is prioritizing that.

In compensation, there’s Mokuren who has blood flowing from his side and carrying Rona who seems to be barely holding her consciousness.

So it was an attack that was enough to injure even the Demon Generals huh. Or maybe there was another attack afterwards against Zef and the others?

I haven’t grasped that much of the situation.

“You guys really don’t choose the place and time huh.” (Zef)

“Zef, in order to finish your tyrannical rule, we don’t intend to choose the methods.”       

The representative of the armed group is talking with Zef.

This can be considered a verbal clash.

There’s not going to be a peaceful resolution now, so I think that in terms of power, Zef and the others have an overwhelming advantage.

It depends on how they will act and if they have something prepared though.

I do feel a strange flow of power after all.

I still don’t know what it is.

“This one’s tyrannical rule, huh. This one doesn’t understand. In the first place, is there a tyranny bigger than that of the Goddess for us? This one is actually ruling for the advance of the demon race’s survival and liberation though. Without any selfish motive.” (Zef)

“Don’t think that everything can be forgiven just because you do it without any selfish motive. Even though you bastard are not as tyrannical as the Goddess, the will of a God is not government. Putting it on the same level as the ruling of a person is just plain arrogance.”

“Are you saying that killing this one and accepting the Goddess will help in the survival of the demon race?” (Zef)

“Of course.”

“…What’s your basis?” (Zef)

“We are a race that was created by the Goddess. As a proof of her affection, we have lived until this day. That’s the best proof.”


Even within the demons, there’s people that even after being oppressed by the Goddess this much, forced to war, and even brought heroes to repel them; they still have faith in her.

The Earth and Fire Spirits that are more moderate, or more like the type that help out when needed, are more reasonable than these guys.

I can only call them fanatics. I can’t understand them at all.

“It is certainly true. Maybe she will give a slight speck of pity towards us. As a result, a handful of demons will be able to survive by falling into slavery to hyumans. Compared to resisting and be exterminated, it is certainly true that this way we can achieve survival. But are you guys going to guide us to such a future? Have your children and grandchildren forgive the irrationality and favoritism of the Goddess? Is that what you will order them to do?” (Zef)

Zef’s words were calm.

But anger can be felt.

I don’t know if that Bug will forgive the demon race that has killed that many hyumans she loves.

She looks stupid, so maybe if they flatter her and throw their whole faith to her, it might lead to the situation Zef has stated though.

“You were the bastard that changed the impression of us demons as an existence that brings harm to this world! The world is below the grace of God. At the very least, if we didn’t rebel, we could have had peace! You raided the hyumans, stole their land, and still continuing war! And even within the demons, you have given tacit consent to an ancient evil practice, and have crudely treated the life of many! That sin of yours has to be paid by you and your subordinates! That way, we demons will be able to apologize for our barbarity to the hyumans and demi-humans for the first time!”

“Can’t even talk to you. The will of the demon race is together with me. As a result, the path of war has been chosen. That’s all there is to it. In the first place, you say that before the war we were fine, and yet, you say we had evil practices. Aren’t your words already contradictory?” (Zef)

“Then can you call it happiness to bind people by their aptitude and abilities, and not giving them freedom in choosing their jobs?! Is it happiness to thin out the children of a certain age in this harsh environment?! Is it happiness for the strong to not even be able to choose their own partner in marriage and have them be managed by the country?! Just because they have the talent, the children are unable to live with their parents for the short amount of time they are born into this world. Such a country, can it be called happiness?! This is something you have given consent to, Zef!! Answer!!”

The darkness of the demon race huh.

I see.

“It is not consent.” (Zef)

“So you are going to deceive through words huh. As a Demon Lord!”

“You talk about consent, but from what this one knows, this is something that this one proposed and accepted.” (Zef)


“What’s wrong with putting the people in posts that are more fitting for them and be more useful for society? The children that can’t endure this environment will only reduce our food; if that means the working ones will end up starving as well, this one will take the responsibility and deal with them. This custom is not enforced in wealthy towns and the demi-humans, but the towns and villages that want to survive, this one won’t open its mouth against any. The strong leaving their strength to the next era is the obvious contribution they have to do for the country. The strong have to pay that price and carry the burden in order for the country to survive. And about the matter of children and parents, it is the nature of demons to appoint the most excelling person as the Lord that will guide the people. If you resent that, then don’t point that resentment towards this one or the demon race society; lament the misfortune that you have been born as a demon.” (Zef)

“…A peasant’s child has grown to be quite prideful huh.”

“It would have been possible for this one to continue as a peasant. You who are the child of a demon noble family and should have led us, not only have you crushed your own household, you even rebel to the country. You have really fallen low.” (Zef)

“…If at the very least, you were to hold doubts towards the evil customs, we could have taken hands together. But it is already impossible to join our wills huh.”

“Same thoughts. Being an omnipresent savior for the weak, is not this one’s ruling. It is evident that our cooperation would have ended as temporary.” (Zef)

“Just how long do you think that government of choosing the strong and leaving the weak will continue?”

“People that are intoxicated by kind words and comply to slavery, will never understand it. More importantly, you have done this much. You must be prepared for the consequences, right?” (Zef)

“Even though you knew the Spirit rampaging wasn’t our only plan… Was the source of your composure, that monster over there? But let me show you, a way of showing will that you bastards don’t know of.”

“If that’s how the Kuzunoha Company looked to you, this one apologizes. Even you guys wouldn’t want to do a foolish move that would end up destroying our whole country, right?” (Zef)

I have been called ‘monster’ a lot, so I don’t mind it that much.

Well, even if they invite me to tea, I would have definitely refused it though. You terrorists.

“That makes it even more convenient. This current demon race should be completely destroyed after all.”

“…Then that rudeness, this one will take your place and apologize. By lining up your idiotic heads, that is. Io, Reft.” (Zef)

Not only did Zef, Io, and Reft prepare their stances with those words, they suddenly charged.

They really send their heads flying, and it ended in less than ten seconds.

Io even did a stunt like using his hand as a sword.

He is truly a troublesome giant.

Skillful and diligent, moreover, has a natural constitution.

“If they can’t use what they set up, there’s no point, right your Majesty?”

“No, it seems like they were buying time with their lives on the line.” (Zef)


Something has activated.

The faint strange power that was drifting about, is now showing its contours clearly.

When I look for the location, it was hidden by the rubble, an ornamented staff that was stabbed on the ground.

It must be that.

“A staff? It seems like the activation has already begun though.” (Makoto)

“That is… the Governor Scepter? Could it be! Mio-dono, can you interrupt the activation?!” (Shiki)

“Something like that is easy…Hm? It is awfully old and strong. This…I can’t negate it?” (Mio)

“I…see. No, it can’t be helped. If that’s what I think it is, it might turn troublesome. Well, it is just a ‘might’, so I think it will be okay.” (Shiki)

Shiki seems to know something.

“Shiki, what’s that?” (Makoto)

“…It is probably a sacred treasure of Elysion. It should have been lost though. I think it is the scepter that led an army of dragons, the Governor Scepter.” (Shiki)

“Dragon Governor Scepter?” (Makoto)

“A scepter that has been heridated by Kings of Elysion, a scepter that summons dragons. It is an article that has many stories of. It was unable to protect the related country from destruction, but it possesses enormous power.” (Shiki)

Summon dragons huh.

Elysion, dragon.

Eh? Something bothers me.

“Even if powerful, the demon race was able to deal with it once and Elysion was destroyed, right? Shiki, is this really something to be agitated for?” (Makoto)

“…That sacred treasure uses immense amount of magic power or blood and lives that matches it to activate, but the result is random.” (Shiki)

“…Random?” (Makoto)

The terrorists staked their lives on this last trump card which is a sacred treasure from another country, moreover, the activation result is random, you say.

It is like coming just to receive an honorable death.

What they said was also disgusting, but I really don’t understand them.

“…You really know well. Shiki-dono really has extensive knowledge. That’s certainly the trump card of the resistance and the sacred treasure of Elysion, the dragon army’s Governor Scepter.” (Zef)

“Your Majesty.” (Makoto)

Zef talks to us as he approaches.

Io, Reft and Zef; all three of them held several heads in their hands.

“There’s no way to apologize for involving you in our internal troubles.” (Zef)

“No. More importantly, is it okay to not deal with that Governor Scepter?” (Makoto)

When I ask, Zef shakes his head to the sides.

It seems Zef knows of the dragon army’s Governor Scepter.

Not its existence, but of its whereabouts.

“It is already up to fate to decide what will be summoned. There’s no choice but to pray for the luck of the people here.” (Zef)

“By the way, what’s the worst case?” (Makoto)

It is my nature to worry about the misfortune when talking about luck.

“Excluding the Superior Dragons; it will summon a variety of dragons in this place, and in madness, they will rampage.” (Zef)

That’s a picture of hell.

No, it is better because there’s no Superior Dragon huh.

“A variety huh.” (Makoto)

“Umu. It seems like it will bring all the dragons in the world at once. Well, just like Shiki-dono says, it is a possibility only.” (Zef)

“And that’s why it is dragon army.” (Makoto)

If the chance is of one in a hundred, then… a 0.01 chance?              

Nai wa~

I wouldn’t be able to bet my life for it~.

Is it a bet they would be willing to take in order to take down what seems to be an imposing Zef?

“…From what this one knows, the dragon army is the best result. This one doesn’t know of any higher than that though. As a result of our investigation, even if there’s a chance, it would truly be lower than that of a one in a hundred. It is at a chance that is close to impossible.” (Zef)

It feels like a lot of zeros would line up.

Then it is in the safe zone huh.

I’m glad.

Then if we just knock down the dragon that comes out, it will be over huh.

“This is not good.” (Shiki)

“It smells-desu ne.” (Mio)



“What is?” (Makoto)

“It is a possibility that Waka-sama might be able to draw.” (Shiki)

“Yeah. A being that a person would take his whole lifetime to search and never be able to meet, Waka-sama is the type of person that would be able to meet that being twice in a week.” (Mio)

You are part of those beings though.

…That’s true. In less than a week I met Tomoe and Mio after all.

Those chances are quite low.

They are probably joking, but when they say those things at this moment with those straight faces, it kinda gets to me.

“You two, aren’t you being a bit cruel there?” (Makoto)

“See.” (Mio)


At Mio’s words, I look at the location that her hand was pointing at.

A golden light does a straight line unto the dark sky and it cuts through that darkness.


It is been awhile since I have been bask by a strong light like that of the morning.

I open my eyes that I closed for an instant, and look at Zef who was at my side… and for the first time, he showed serious agitation.

The area between his brows had thick creases, and he is looking at the light with a grim expression.

While cladding his body with a magic power stronger than that from before, Zef looked like he was thinking of a way to deal with the situation.

Or more like, this feeling, the presence I feel from the golden light…it is that person.

It has been connected.

Elysion, the Governor Scepter, dragons; there’s no one but that person.

We hit the jackpot, no, we picked out a big miss huh.

“No way. It was a percentage that shouldn’t be possible to achieve you know? In the first place, we just assumed that there was a step higher than that of an army of dragons just for the safety of the investigation.” (Zef)

The words of Zef made my ears hurt.

From the center of the light, a shadow of a big dragon appears.

A western-style dragon.

Its body surpasses in size to that of Grount. And the wings made its body look even bigger.

Also, there’s not only a pair of wings.

The trait of that dragon was that there were three pairs of wings with different sizes.


That damn pervert.

Just what is he thinking by turning hostile?

“Root, you say? It existed? The Harmony Dragon that owns all elements. The peak of the Superior Dragons that is also called the Ancient Dragon or the Heavenly Dragon. Why is an existence that is treated in equal footing to that Goddess accepting the summoning of something like a sacred treasure?” (Zef)

Zef mutters in pain.

It can’t be helped.

I don’t know how much of the situation he understands, but a Lord has to deal with things in a realistic manner.

And to create a countermeasure for something that his trusty subordinates said would be impossible to occur, is just not realistic.

…It would have been more understandable if he were to actually utilize it to do something.

Zef is that kind of Lord.

He advances through the things he chooses, and he understands the things he will lose and the risks that come with it.

I can’t empathize with all his methods, but I can understand.

(…Ah, it has been a while, Makoto-kun. This situation, I would be grateful if you were to explain it to me.) (Root)

I can hear a spaced out voice.

It sounds as if he doesn’t have any sort of tension.

It is thought transmission.

There’s only one possible person.

(Root, did you want to fight me so much that you even came to the demon race territory?) (Makoto)

(Fight with Makoto-kun?! No no no… wait, don’t tell me…the target of the Governor Scepter is…) (Root)

(Zef and everyone below. It seems like it also includes me though?) (Makoto)

(Achaa. I have been played. To think that the summoning I placed on the Governor Scepter as a joke would activate at this moment. Hey, did you possibly make a pact with an evil spirit of chances?) (Root)

(Like hell I would do a pact that will bring me misfortune. Since the time I came to this world, I have been on a high rave of unluckiness.) (Makoto)

(…Since it is already like this, I will endure the pain, so be gentle, okay?) (Root)

Contrary to his words, Root begins to create a fiendish rainbow colored ball.

The light ball that can be seen within his big open mouth has power gathering steadily.

You, if it was against your will, go back home!

(I won’t hurt you, so go back home.) (Makoto)

(Ahaha, I can’t. This summoning is absolute. It is forcing me to do an attack with no holds barred. I was caught in my own trap you see. Your specialty.) (Root)

(Stop the sarcasm. Then at least tell me what you will do. I will do what I can after.) (Makoto)

(Ah, I might fall all over again. How reliable! It is like a buckshot blaze with a mixture of six elements. It would easily destroy the castle and the land in the vicinity.) (Root)

I want to tell him not to nonchalantly say such atrocious things.

(…You, are you going leave after throwing that one attack?) (Makoto)

(Yes. Because you know, summoned beasts are that kind of way it seems. In the game that my husband played.) (Root) <FINAL FANTASY!>

(I now understand that I shouldn’t underestimate the playful heart of a dragon.) (Makoto)

As if affirming the words of Root, the power shows abnormal rises as if there’s no ceiling to stop.

At this rate, the topography will change.

I don’t know if this situation was brought by my unluckiness, but I feel like it would be bad for the demon race capital to be destroyed by this.

Sorry, I am unlucky you see.

Is not something I can say.

I don’t intend to cooperate in war, but they have treated me well.

Even if that treatment was brought by their evaluation of my power, the truth is the truth.

“To think that such a disgrace would occur…” (Zef)

While expanding a barrier, Zef laughs.

Too bad but, even he can’t block everything.

Even if we just think of the after-effect, it would destroy at least half of the capital.

In terms of people, half might not be enough.


It is not on a level like the lava ball.

My Materia Prima can’t do the same thing.

I can take it and can repel it, but it won’t kill all the power, so it will definitely bring heavy damage to the surroundings.

Also, being a buckshot is problematic.

If I make the Magic Armor bigger, the density will decrease.

H-How troublesome.

If possible, I want to just use Azusa to pierce through that mouth of his.

If I do that, it would definitely create a giant crater with this place at the centre.

I can’t do that.

I take my distance from the Demon Lord’s group and begin consulting with the two.

“Mio, what do you think we should do?” (Makoto)

“Isn’t it fine to just take refuge?” (Mio)

In Asora, is what her eyes are saying.

It is the best place for refuge.

It would end with us unscathed after all.

“…Shiki?” (Makoto)

“…Magic is also a product of someone’s image. Waka-sama’s Magic Armor is also the same. If we go by that logic, it is not like there’s no way like Waka-sama thinks. But I also recommend taking refuge. It may be unfortunate for the demon race, but it can also be called karma. It seems like they did understand that such a factor could happen, so being prepared for it can also be called the principle of the strong.” (Shiki)

So there’s a way huh.

Then, let’s try it.

I won’t be dying from that much anyways, so even if I fail, I won’t be losing anything.

“Shiki, explain in detail. Mio, you help as well, okay?” (Makoto)

“You will do it? Then, first I will be taking permission from his Majesty. Root-dono seems to be increasing the power more after all.” (Shiki)

“If Waka-sama decided to, I will happily help out-desu wa.” (Mio)

Shiki goes to where Zef is.

If I mess up, the ones who will be facing the worst will be the demon race after all.

It is necessary to confirm if it’s okay to do it.

If we are told to not do anything, then we can just take refuge in Asora anyways.

Rona is being treated as usual, and Mokuren is carrying her all this time.

But I won’t lend them Shiki.

I will have him cooperate with me from now on after all.

“A buckshot with a mixture of six elements huh. Well, we will just do Shiki’s plan with all we have.” (Makoto)

“It will be a collaboration work-desu wa ne, Waka-sama.” (Mio)

I look at the shining Root.

The good mood of Mio slightly calmed down my heart.

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