Chapter 157: The Devil’s change, the awakening of the hero, an intruder appears

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“… Oh, they are flying~. If it’s that level of enemy, he should be able to easily defeat them though” (Makoto)

“To look somewhere else! Is that supposed to be leeway?!” (Io)

After saying so, an attack with no showiness came at me.

I cross my arms and stop Io’s fist.

“Nah, I am fighting hand-to-hand against an enemy that surpasses me in skill. I have no leeway at all” (Makoto)

“So you say. An enemy that my attacks are not connecting properly is saying that he has no leeway” (Io)

“You as well. There’s been 6 in total counting the ambush troops. Your subordinates are dying one after the other. Don’t you care?” (Makoto)

While stepping back, I evade several attacks coming my way.

The Minotaurus and the Centaurus have both turned into dust.

It seems Shiki activated the rings aware that it was overkill.

From what I see, it is the four basic ones.

“… Everyone that came here attacking the Kingdom were all prepared. To feel for their deaths would be an insult to them” (Io)

“Death soldiers huh. Even though this isn’t a period novel” (Makoto)

I remember the word ‘prepare for red’.

A kick huh.

Even though he is a giant, he is truly skillful.

A technical giant doesn’t match the image I have, but this demon general Io, even in my eyes, I can tell that he possesses excellent martial arts skill.

He may even be an expert.

This is the first ‘properly big guy’ I have met in this world, so it leaves quite the impression.

I even feel like killing him would be a loss for the world.

“Suffer for the death of your soldiers huh. As expected, an opponent hard to deal with. But!” (Io)

Magic power from the gauntlets?

The fist of Io which I was unable to stop in time, had fire spouting out of it.


“An equipment with element endowed in it huh. Impressive” (Makoto)

An equipment that even a warrior would be able to use with a strong endowed element is valuable.

It’s even said that a hyuman blacksmith wouldn’t be able to make one.

Not only is it a wasted treasure for a person who has a relative amount of knowledge in magic, it is also, obviously, high priced.

It is a lot more economic to endow an element depending on the situation by using magic, it requires lower level of magic, and it is requested more often.

So this giant can use magic to a higher than average level.

“Even if you say that, not only did you say it as if it was nothing, you weren’t even send flying!” (Io)

Even when entering at point blank range, his techniques still show.

In all this twisting and spinning at close range, he still manages to add up strikes.

To be able to see this incredible technique so close, I am deeply moved.

“Hmph, I won’t receive that one!” (Io)

Io kicks away my pushed out fist.

Even though I did that with my small body and in point blank range.

I basically have better physical strength and speed than him, but it is still like this.

Can’t be helped.

Let’s repeat the steps and take distance from him.

“A warning and a confirmation. Do you have no intentions… to withdraw?” (Makoto)

“Of course. I also have no intentions to continue prolonging this fight” (Io)

I am an enemy after all.

Even if it’s a person I have respect for, if I am fighting him in a battlefield…

I don’t have any choice but to kill him huh.

It it were the usual me, I would have thought of a different way.

Why can I take a decision like this so easily?

Is it because of some evil addition from the Goddess when she was giving me the common language? Or is it something else?

My head is serene.

Thoughts fit for battle are being created by my head.

… It is really, comfortable.

“I see” (Makoto)

“Come at me seriously. I am not so simple as to be dealt with without showing your real power” (Io)

Right, if it’s this person…


It’s not necessary to show my real power.

I can kill him even in this form.

To both fight at full power… why did I think about such a ‘useless’ thing?

How stupid.

In the future I may have to fight senpai, no, the heroes.

There’s no need to show it.

This is plenty enough.

“Looks like you are not at your full power either. Then I will keep you company” (Makoto)

Should I randomly use the powers that Mio attached to this?

Just by going like this and prolonging it, it would be checkmate for the demon race.

In that case, it would be better to not show my real power and just half-heartedly do this.

It’s the most efficient way and I won’t be showing my cards to the hero.

It will also match my objective of protecting the hero, and if I just have Rona get wind of the warning I made towards Stella Fortress, there won’t be any problems.


I should also have Shiki move and reduce the amount of damage to the town.

It might be a bit boring for Shiki to do a job like buying time, but right now he has the most suitable power for it.

“Larva, half-release the seventh step” (Makoto)

Shiki’s power has an incredible power in dealing with varying situations.

There’s points like not being able to release it unless he has until the fourth step activated, and that he can’t activate more than one or two others. And if he changes them in the moment, he is able to advantageously fight against most opponents.

If he trains those weak points, he will be able to conquer them in given time, so a day might come where he is able to turn all that power to his own and release them all at the same time.

Shiki bows, giving me the sign of his positive response.

Then me as well.

Let’s fight in a deserving manner.

To fight seriously in this form means that after all.

I will probably… be able to kill him.

◇◆◇◆ Io Pov ◇◆◇◆

A sinister power is gathering at the fingers of the Lich.

He continues an incantation that hurts my ears.

If possible, I would like to interfere with it, but sadly, the thing in front of me won’t let me do so.

I know the basics of how to move my body, but I don’t have experience in martial arts.

This is my diagnosis.

Although, from what I heard of the name, this martial art technique is most likely only known by a part of the demon race and the demi-humans.

The hyumans normally prefer to use weapons instead of learning techniques to move their body after all.

I have also heard that it is hard to bestow the blessing of the Goddess to people who train in bare-handed combat.

It is not like the people who don’t like the Goddess will develop in this path.

… Seriously.

Being intruded by these unknown people and having to fight them. A soldier really doesn’t have it easy.

I miss a little those times when I fought as a common soldier in the way I desired.

“When you say full power, do you mean being supported by that Lich there?” (Io)

“By no means. I have mostly understood the state of the battlefield already, so I am just having him buy time” (Makoto)

“!! You have that much power, and you still don’t intend to fight properly huh. I thought your ideology was close to ours, but it seems it was my misunderstanding” (Io)

That’s right.

In the beginning, from this white guy’s way of speaking and thinking, I thought he was similar to us.

But after the fight began, I felt like he had some sort of… gap.

As if he were changing into something else while we were clashing. A strange sensation.

At first, I felt honesty and drive in those fists, but now I feel coldness. I even felt like it was devoid of emotion.

It is rare to encounter an opponent that changes this much in the middle of battle.

If it’s now, I would be able to agree if they told me he was a golem, but well…

“Our objective is the safety of the hero and Stella Fort’s capitulation. That’s it. I don’t have any real problems in prolonging the battle. To pointlessly show my cards in a situation where I don’t know who will be hostile against me, that’s only plain foolishness” (Makoto)

The hero will overcome this situation. At least that’s what’s going to happen if he reaches his objective.

Then, what he means by not knowing who will be hostile against him… does that mean he is also thinking about confronting the hero?

Just who in the world is this guy?

“I have understood this in the fight we have had until now. You are not a golem. That attire is an equipment that has quite the high performance. You… have an inside” (Io)

I try throwing a lure.

“Of course. I am not a golem. This is equipment. When I put it on, I am unable to use magic though. Even if it’s inelegant, the reason is just awful” (Makoto)

Not even trying to deceive huh.

I have never seen nor heard of a full-body armor that has this much strength. But at the very least, this is indeed an equipment.

That leeway of easily telling me this…

I will have you regret it.

“It is actually not that compatible with me. If I forcefully use a spell, it seems it will self-destruct, so it is quite problematic” (Makoto)

“Even when you have obtained an equipment of that degree, you say such extravagant things” (Io)

There’s a restriction huh.

It’s inadvisable to use magic.

So that means it practically doesn’t have restrictions towards warriors.

There’s no real merit in having a magician use it, so it is not an article that has an actual restriction.

“Here I come. The Heisei series is a standard, so it is a demonstration” (Makoto)

The white guy politely gives me a sign and I take my stance.

But he suddenly squatted.

Right in front  of me, he bend his knees.


What is he intending to do?

“Claymore” (Makoto)

Along with those words, right next to his bend legs, a box-looking thing appeared.

Just where did that come from?!


Hibiki is shouting something.

As if shaking off her shout, around 4 things were fired from that box!

A projectile weapon huh!

It isn’t that fast.

Even if I receive some of them, there’s no need to take them all.

More like, there’s nothing to lose in evading things I don’t know the power of!


I evade the cylinder-like things coming at me.

Umu, I was somehow able to evade th– what?!

It looks like they changed their directions and came flying at me from angles I can’t dodge from.

Can’t be helped!

I use all of my arms to defend against it.

An ear-numbing explosive sound reverberates.

Heat and shock.


A weapon that has explosion magic endowed?!

This kind of thing, even we don’t have it.

“Scissor hands Knuckle”

While my normal senses still hadn’t returned, I heard his voice.

I received a shock, different from the explosion, on my chest.

“You, what did you…” (Io)

“Eh, this is not where the heart is?” (Makoto)


Leaving myself to the impulse welling up from inside me, I give him a strike to the sides.

His evasion won’t make it in time.

The guy was blown away in a horizontal direction.

“Hah… hah…” (Io)

I look at my chest.

There, two blades were pierced into it.

How annoying!

I pull them out and throw them away.

I glare at the guy that was send flying.

There, a white person stands up like nothing.

The scissor-like thing that is extending from the back of his hand, was broken around the middle.

“The scissor isn’t useful for practical use it seems. This is… an anchor. That Mio, she is being driven by her hobbies way too much” (Makoto)

It’s coming!

The white guy is casually running towards me.

This black skin is insufficient against him huh.

He is a preposterous monster!

In a place slightly farther from the range of my kick, he makes a sudden brake.

What’s coming this time?!

His gesture of abruptly lifting his left hand only makes me agitated.

He is going to shoot something.

Is he going to use another projectile weapon to attack?!

Wait, then why did he get this close?

No matter which it is, at this distance and with that speed, I have no choice but to defend.

I can tell that my irritation towards losing the initiative is increasing.

Slipping through my gauntlets, I feel something piercing the top of my shoulders.

But it doesn’t seem to have much power in it.

Just what in the world—-


Suddenly, my body was drawn towards that guy in an instant.

I can’t oppose it!

Against someone that has practically the same stature as a hyuman, I can’t oppose it?!


While I was floating midair, I receive a right punch from him and was send flying.

This kind of thing… this kind of thing, just how in the world does it happen?!

The attacks of the white guy doesn’t stop.

The effect of the projectile weapon must have stopped already, he came at me himself.

But he doesn’t know about my high speed healing and regeneration yet.

I received quite a lot of damage, but I concentrate and return my condition to normal.

I made it in time!

He still has quite a lot of distance to cover, and yet, he kicked the ground and jumped to the air.

So this time it is from above huh.

… This is, a chance!

If he is in the air, he will obviously have to come down.

It is possible to add power with the descend, but on the other hand, it leaves lots of openings.

Then he is prey for a counter!

Matching the timing, I will do a turning kick with all my might and—

“Wh-at?” (Io)

My kick hit the air.

That guy, without showing any signs of using magic power, was standing still in mid-air.

To possess flying abilities even when he has that size and doesn’t have wings… just who would be able to imagine that?

“If I remember correctly, it was this, right? Kick” (Makoto)

That guy mutters something and in the moment he says ‘kick’…

In a speed I don’t know from how high one would have to fall to be able to reach that velocity, he pushes out his legs and plunges at me.

I twist my body.

But I did a turning kick just a few moments ago.

I can’t do a satisfactory evasion in time.

His kick connected at my flank and was atrociously gouged out.

I felt like screaming at the intense pain.

But my eyes reflected the figure of that guy that is landing at my back.

Heal, heal, heal!

If it’s in that stance filled with openings, I can use the combo attack that crushed Hibiki!

He has more weight than Hibiki, so I will definitely be able to strike the whole attack on him!

I confirm every part of my body.

No problem.

My decision speed and legs were faster.

One of my left arms grabbed his neck.

You damn monster.

Even so, I can’t lose!


The white guy poured on Io an attack that looked like the ones special effect heroes do in commercials.

Unbelievably, it seems to be doing damage to Io.

A signature move of doing a jumping kick.

It seemed to have attack power surpassing mine. It gouged out a great part of Io’s abdomen.

And yet, Io regenerated in a few seconds and grabbed the white guy.

Even though he regenerated that much when he was fighting me, are you telling me his regeneration is bottomless?

There’s mamonos who specialize in regeneration, but they mostly have a limit to it.

When I think that Io still had a lot of leeway left, I felt my emotions growing darker.

As I thought, maybe to truly defeat Io, there’s the need of a big attack.

That is something I ‘still’ don’t have.

Io grabs the white guy and just like that, as if drawing an arc, he threw him onto the ground.

That’s it.

I had a hunch.

The combo attack I received where I felt like I was going to die and was unable to maintain my clad state with Horn.

I was able to instinctively clad it again, so I was saved, but it was an attack that wouldn’t be strange for me to die.

“Hey there, Larva rear guard. Your master is in a pinch, you know?” (Hibiki)

Within the barrier, I call Larva who has stopped his aria.

The Lich is overflowing with incredible magic power.

Since the moment he put on those strange rings, his power clearly sprung up.

Right now, his magic power surpasses mine by more than 2 times.

The amount of spells he can utilize are plenty and I can tell he is on a completely different plane compared to the Liches I have battled with before.

Even in the moment when he first took out his scythe I thought: ‘He is a strong Lich’, after all.

“My answer is the same as before. He is not the type of person that would need support for something of this extent. Don’t think he is the same as you who thinks that everything can be resolved by joining powers” (Shiki)

“… I said it as an advice out of good will though” (Hibiki)

“Unnecessary. Rather, you should make sure not to make master feel at a lost with that severe exposure. Prepare something to wear” (Shiki)

“?!! You said that we shouldn’t leave the barrier you made, so isn’t that cruel?” (Hibiki)

“Fumu. Then I will randomly search something for you. Wait for a bit. Seventh step, ‘Hell’ half-release. Equipping and activating” (Shiki)


A disgusting presence as if blocking my breath was spreading.

It seems the inside of the barrier had no changes, but in every space of the audience room, there’s some sort of mist coming out.

… No, it isn’t only this place.

The whole castle?

Are you telling me that he activated such a wide ranged spell?

“… It should be fine until the outer walls of the town. Just by using mist, that person’s mood will be harmed, but right now he can stay relieved. Go, ‘Mist Temple, Nivlheim’. Bring about weakness” (Shiki)

Outer walls?

The town’s?!

Larva looks at the pinky finger that had nothing on it but now has a black ring in it, and nods in satisfaction.

“Outer walls you say. Just what did you do?” (Hibiki)

“I have covered this place in weakening mist. It was master’s order to only use it as weakening. You should be grateful” (Shiki)

Half-release huh.

As it looks, it is a spell that affects in a wide range.

If holding back is weakening, then I feel like if it is all-out it would be quite bad.

In this world, individual power can easily surpass the bounds of strategy.

The concept of numbers and way of fighting is totally different from the modern world.

Larva is without doubt a tactical level power.

Mio-san as well, there are way too many outside powers that are way too strong.

“Well then, I will go search for something to hide your skin” (Shiki)

At the side of Larva who was talking carefreely, a heavy sound was made.


The white guy.

When I look at the source of the sound, it was as I thought, the white guy.

A boisterous dance of fists and kicks.

Moreover, synergy with the gauntlet’s elements.

It is slightly different from Wu Xing, but he went from wind to fire; fire to earth; earth to water; is how it flowed in order to increase the power of the elements.

That it is not in a rotation is probably because there’s still a hidden element, but I don’t know what it is.

I don’t even know if there’s actually one, and it isn’t something I need to investigate immediately.

In other words, Io is using that function to increase the power of every subsequent attack even when it is supposed to be a combo attack.

I unfortunately couldn’t see it, but when I think about the lapse of time it took, he most likely increased the number of attacks compared to when he did it against me.

That white guy… is he still alive?

While I was looking, the white guy that was lying down at the bored out ground, stood up and cracked his neck as if it was nothing.

He is seriously a crazy existence in every meaning.

Ah, he staggered a bit.

Maybe it did actually have some sort of effect.

“Master, is it okay to look for something for the hero to wear?” (Shiki)

… Just what kind of master and servant relationship is this?

Those are words that make me doubt their relationship itself and the word ‘master’.

“Ah, yeah. Do so. Ah~ it hurt. You even used some sort  of stiletto in the middle of it. It felt like a thud” (Makoto)

A stiletto he says?

If I remember correctly, it is like hidden daggers?

The one where they equip them in their fists and shoot it out to do damage to the inside of armors.

It exists even in this world.

In Japan I haven’t seen it, but I feel like it was a technique that I have been told to be careful of. But to actually hear it from someone is quite fresh.

“Master, I don’t think this brings too much harm but…” (Shiki)

“What?” (Makoto)

“I think that it isn’t good to get absorbed in the fight that much. I advise that you place everyone in a part of your head” (Shiki)

“… Understood. I will be careful” (Makoto)

“Then, be careful. Excuse me” (Shiki)

It is obvious, but his attitude is clearly different from when he is talking to me.

To have this Larva obey him, just who and what in the world is he?

My interest was piqued again.

He is… most likely not from Gritonia.

If it were Lorel, Chiya-chan should have known.

Then, Aion?

At that place, I have been to Tsige and I don’t know much about the atmosphere of that country.

At the very least, if they had something like this, I think they would have send him to the frontlines a long time ago.

I heard  from his Majesty that the country is quite worried about their decline in authority.

“Certainly, it would be better to have something to wear. Get too absorbed in it, huh” (Makoto)

“Hey, could you at least tell me your name?” (Hibiki)

I make up my mind and try asking.

I understand what he is saying and it seems like he understands my words too.



I thought the white guy was intently looking at me, but he turned his heels and returned to fight with Io.

A ghastly existence that we have an abnormally low amount of information about.

To entrust my life to someone like him, I even felt disgust towards it.


In the audience room that has turned into a battlefield, a strange silence was born.

The person that is wearing a white suit and fighting against the Demon General Io, Makoto.

At the back of Makoto, the hero party is covered by a barrier from Shiki.

And just at its side, there’s Shiki himself.

With his Lich form, he is standing still with 5 rings worn in all the fingers of his left hand.

Hibiki has a big mantle covering her body that Shiki obtained who knows where.

The healing has already been done, and they are unable to move away from this place because of Shiki’s glare and words.

They were surprised by the out-of-norm fight, and for Hibiki, she really wanted to go repel the demon race forces that are rampaging in the castle and the town.

The current situation is that it is gradually turning worse.

“… You came out unscathed from that huh. Seriously, you aren’t a superior dragon or a spirit inside that suit right? I even feel like there’s more than one inside. A guy I can’t tell the nature of” (Io)

As if the fight had returned to its initial stage, Io, who felt the meek atmosphere of Makoto, said this as if amazed.

Was the change in the middle his real nature, or was it not?

As expected, even Io can’t sound out such a thing in this short amount of time.

“I am not unscathed. It hurt quite a lot. To be able to move this much and on top of that, you have regenerative powers. How unbelievable” (Makoto)

“Hmph. If it weren’t in this situation, it wouldn’t be bad to enjoy this kind of fight but…” (Io)



Io inhaled greatly and suddenly shouted.

A big voice that would make one wonder if it resonated in the whole region.

Was it anger, or encouragement?

In the shout that continued on for a while, Hibiki and the others cover their ears.

Makoto and Shiki stayed the way they were.

Shiki’s robe fluttered, but the two of them didn’t show any signs of covering their ears.

“What? Is the real show starting now?” (Makoto)

“No. I was just announcing that I am an incompetent general, that’s all. Right now, the people who didn’t hear my voice must be receiving a thought transmission and passing it around” (Io)


“In the people that are participating in this attack, I was given some competent soldiers you see. They are people that my demon general companions went through troubles gathering” (Io)


That just now was a signal to use them. Maybe they have already used several of them though. What you said before… right, death soldiers. I told my soldiers to literally become that” (Io)

“Become, you say? They should be going through desperate effort already though” (Makoto)

“No. The latent power of living beings is quite profound and big. I learned this from the white woman that was the companion of that hero there” (Io)

“Your atmosphere… changed. So you were the type of person that used ‘ore’, huh” (Makoto)

“I will probably have no more chances to act as a general. There’s no need to keep up appearances either. It won’t be affecting the army itself anyways” (Io)

“That is?” (Makoto)

Makoto looks at the blue plant that Io takes out and asks him.

An item that looks like a rose.

It even looks like a work of art.

When Hibiki confirms that item from afar, she gulped her breath.

Not only her.

Everyone that was inside the barrier of Shiki showed an uncommon state.

Io only laughs lightly at Makoto’s question.

“Master! That is a fragment of the ‘Rose Sign’, an enhancing item. Its pseudonym is ‘the evil drug of power’, it is said to consume your soul, and in exchange of devouring your whole soul, it provides power to the user! It is normally light brown, so please think of it as being remodelled in some way” (Shiki)

“Fuh, as expected of a Lich. They are knowledgeable about this type of tools. That’s exactly right” (Io)

Even when its identity was revealed, Io didn’t show any agitation at all.

On the other side, Makoto narrowed his brows.

Well, in his current state where his face is hidden, no one would be able to tell his expression though.

“… Did you make your subordinates carry it as well?” (Makoto)

“It is a battle which many soldiers would be lost after all. It was dangerous to let hyumans hold it, but at first the objective was mainly to collect it. Fortunately, it seems like it takes time to purificate this, so I was relieved when we were able to gather quite the amount. However… I didn’t expect that I would be giving the order for forced usage. Well then, just what’s the extent of the improved version of Rona; I will be testing it with my very own body. Rona told me to return no matter what, but having around a hundred subordinates use Rose Sign, and only having me survive is just no. Rejoice. I recognize you as a threat that has enough worth for me to use this” (Io)


“Gugh!! I see, this is dreadful. This swelling of power. What’s wrong? I will have you accompany me, white guy!” (Io)

“Io, your subordinates are already dea– weakened through the power of Larva. They can’t move properly” (Makoto)

“… The hyumans as well, right? Even if I look like this, I am able to do something like understanding the state of the battlefield. If I can’t use thought transmission just because I am in the middle of battle, I wouldn’t be fit to be a general after all. For the whole capital to be the target… that’s amazing. If we had that power on our side, we would have been able to kill Hibiki before you arrived” (Io)

“Thought transmission huh. My ears hurt. Io, do you understand the meaning of having your subordinates use that item?” (Makoto)

“Of course. My brethrens that are welling up with power will stand up once again, and will slaughter all the hyumans that can’t move. We won’t steal and won’t violate. But, we will kill our enemies. As long as it is alive, it doesn’t matter if it’s men or women of any age. If you want to stop it, I don’t mind you leaving here. I still have my mission of killing the hero after all. I won’t chase you” (Io)

“The war must end in a win, or it will be pointless huh. If all the soldiers that are attacking here have this kind of mentality as well… they are a threat” (Makoto)

“To think that you would think that way, I am happy. Demon General Io, forward!” (Io)

Makoto grasped that the capital which was gradually turning silent, became enveloped in chaos again.

While slightly holding back his own battle immersion that was accelerating inside of him, he casted his body towards his fight with Io.

On the other hand.

There was someone who reacted heavily to the words of Io.


Her comrades, the people that love her dearly…

She heard that they are being targeted for slaughter.

And by using Rose Sign to top it off.

Her past companion, Naval, used this tool to sacrifice her own body when fighting against Io.

They are using that very tool to cause a slaughter.

This isn’t something forgivable.

She is someone that can look at the death of people in a wider point of view.

She is also able to properly understand the worth other people place on her and their hopes.

That’s why, that proposition about leaving the capital temporarily and the sacrifices that this will create, Hibiki was able to accept it.

The intrusion of Io made it difficult to escape so she was unable to implement it though.

But the sacrifices that will be created right now, they are sacrifices that can be stopped.

If the white guy is going to stop the demon general, it is plenty possible to stop the demon army that has turned into death soldiers, is what she thinks.

Even if they are enhanced with the Rose Sign, Hibiki and the others are currently quite recovered already.

There’s no point in staying still.

“Don’t joke around. I won’t overlook such a slaughter. If he is going to stop Io, we will gain control of the town! Everyone, prepare!” (Hibiki)

She stands up.

The mantle leaves her body and her skin is exposed.

As if concording to Hibiki’s voice, the party stands up.

They began moving towards leaving the audience room, but then, they notice something.

The barrier has not dissolved and they can’t leave outside.

“We can’t leave… Larva-dono, release this barrier! We will suppress the chaos in the capital—” (Hibiki)

“I refuse. Yareyare, it was the correct choice to make it so you can’t leave. Didn’t I say this from the very beginning? My objective is to safeguard the hero. There’s nothing that states about the freedom of the hero in this safeguard” (Shiki)

“Io is being held back by your master, isn’t it?! It is vexing, but that person is way stronger than my current self. I have understood this after watching. But you see, in that case, there’s no reason for us to be here! I am a hero. I understand what needs to be done!” (Hibiki)

“That’s reckless” (Shiki)

“… Larva-dono, please listen. We have plenty chance to win. Io won’t chase after me. That white guy will most likely hold back Io for a while. If you support him, that will be certain. And I know this town completely. I won’t die no matter what. Even if I have to use guerrilla tactics, I will wipe out the demon race” (Hibiki)

“I am not asking you for the contents of your plan. What I mean by reckless, is the fact that you guys are trying to oppose me. Right, at least show me that you can break this barrier by your own efforts. This is the Kokyu-whatever it is called, no matter the name, this is something that uses as reference a barrier that is pretty strong. It is weaker than the real thing though. If you are unable to do at least this much, you won’t be able to save anyone” (Shiki)

“… ‘If you oppose me, I will use all my power’, you won’t say that huh. Is it okay with that condition? If we are able to destroy this barrier, you won’t stop us from heading to town, right?” (Hibiki)

“Master said half-release, after all. I can’t do anything by my own convenience. If you are able to break this barrier, I won’t go as far as saying I won’t stop you, but I will think about it” (Shiki)

“It is irritating that I have to do so anyways. Can’t be helped huh. Let me say this, my attack power is quite up there, you know?” (Hibiki)

“… Do as you wish” (Shiki)

Shiki was looking at the fight of Makoto and Io.

Even if Hibiki were able to destroy the barrier, he just needs to make a new barrier.

He had no intentions of letting Hibiki free.

More importantly, Io.

The tool called Rose Sign that Shiki knows, doesn’t have that much potency.

Moreover, the speed in which it devours the soul is quite slower.

It is in the very word, ‘improved’.

Makoto has now turned into a defensive fight.

He has done counterattacks, but in appearance, he is being pushed back.

(Well, it’s not like he is actually receiving damage, so there’s practically no need to worry though) (Shiki)

Is what Shiki thinks.

His master Makoto has high defensive power.

Right now he is using that armor to hide his appearance, so attacks do reach his body, but in normal circumstances, Io wouldn’t even be able to touch Makoto at all, is how Shiki thinks.

That’s why, he is looking at one of the few battles of Makoto with peace of mind.

He is following his master’s order loyally.

Shiki is still preserving his own power.

At worst, if anything were to happen, as long as he, who is specialized in healing magic, is standing at the back, there’s no fear of Makoto dying.

(Normally, people who rely on their armor for their defensive power, are brittle when receiving attacks directly. But this doesn’t apply to Waka-sama. He possesses quite the amount of endurance against pain. If it’s against an opponent so fast that the eye can’t catch, it is fine to just finish it off with a spell by increasing its scope, but for that person who is able to bear it normally no matter what is thrown at him, even I don’t know how to fight him. That demon general said he was going to show master hell before dying. That’s quite pitiful) (Shiki)

Shiki silently overwatches the fight of Io and Makoto.

Just in case Io charges to where they are, Shiki had several spells stocked up.

He is sufficiently prepared.

Shiki felt power activating several times from behind him, but he didn’t even turn his head.

He has a grasp of the approximate range, and he understands that they are attacks that can’t break the barrier after all.

A remarkably strong power rises.

Shiki showed a slight reaction.

Along with Hibiki’s battle shout, an attack from her flashes at the barrier.

But the barrier wasn’t destroyed.

“More… power. I can still do it. I will show even more power!!” (Hibiki)

The muttering Hibiki falls down.

If she has lost consciousness, it is good to have silence.

Shiki once again lost interest in her.


“Where… is this?”

Hibiki looks at her surroundings.

She is suspended in the starry sky.

She doesn’t fall nor rise.

Without getting unsightly confused and without losing her vigilance, she was trying to understand her surroundings.

“It resembles the time when I was called by the Goddess, but… I feel like this is different” (Hibiki)

Her closest experience to this kind of thing has been in Japan, in the one act where she was called by the Goddess.

But she felt like something was different this time.

It was just her instinct telling her, but Hibiki is putting importance in this sensation.

Thanks to it, she was able to put a good fight against Io, and she was able to bring out the powers of the silver band and evolve the sword that she received from the Elder Dwarf Beren.

“Nice to see you have come, person who has transferred worlds”

“… Who are you?” (Hibiki)

A voice directly resounds in her head.

As expected, this really does resemble the time with the Goddess, is how Hibiki felt.

“Being asked who I am will only trouble me. I don’t have a name. In the end, this is the only time we will meet, so no need to mind it”

“I am grateful that you have brought me out of the barrier. But if you have business with me, can you leave it for later? Right now I have something I must do no matter what. Return me to the capital” (Hibiki)

“Don’t rush. Your body is still inside that barrier. What’s here is only your soul. Also, the time passage in this place doesn’t even reach an instant on the other side. You can rest assured”

“Instant? Is it okay to think of it as a second?” (Hibiki)

“That’s how it is. Well then, I will continue the talk. Person who has transferred worlds, Otonashi Hibiki”

Hearing the voice that knows of her own circumstances, Hibiki increases her vigilance by a bit.

“… You know that I am a hero, right?” (Hibiki)

“Of course. You and another person, Iwahashi Tomoki. You who has been chosen by the Goddess and holds the mission of being a hero”

“You also know about him?” (Hibiki)

“Yeah. He has already come here after all. Oh, there’s no need to talk about him. What you need to know is about what will happen from now on”

The voice shows slight agitation at the fact that it let out the name of Iwahashi Tomoki.

So it was a verbal slip, is what Hibiki imagines.

In a situation where she practically knows nothing, she didn’t even understand if this was an advantage or a disadvantage though.

“From now on?” (Hibiki)

“That’s right. You have obtained the qualifications. The qualification for a special privilege given to people that transfer worlds, that is”

“Qualification?” (Hibiki)

“Yeah. It is not such a complicated thing actually. The amount of dying transferred are not low. Saying it in a rough manner, the main point is to strongly think of your own purpose. What you have to do and what you crave for. Well, even if those varieties are good are bad, it doesn’t matter”

“Good or bad, you say. I don’t understand the meaning” (Hibiki)

“Even if it’s love or friendship, even hatred or jealousy…. Hm, for some reason, I end up saying more than necessary when talking to you”


“Doesn’t matter the circumstances. Let’s continue. I will have you answer several questions”

“A quiz?” (Hibiki)

“No. Questions that have no correct answer. There are quite a lot of those right? Questions that have correct and questions that don’t. It’s those kind. Depending on that, your privilege will change”

“Privilege… Is it possible to increase my power as well?” (Hibiki)

“The details will come after inquiring your nature. Well then, let’s begin. Just what color will be the result~ I am looking forward to it”



“Okay, good work. Fufufu, Hibiki, your results have appeared”

“Make it quick. Even if you tell me time won’t pass, my feelings get agitated. You said something about color, right? Tell me quick” (Hibiki)

“Yes yes, Otonashi Hibiki, you are ‘black’”

“Black?” (Hibiki)

Hearing an unexpected color, Hibiki repeats it.

She hasn’t been compared to black that much.

There’s a lot of good opinions about black, but there’s also a lot of bad ones as well.

There’s the impression of a shadow, and it isn’t a color Hibiki likes that much.

The amount of black clothes she wears are low.

“That’s right. Black. A section of one of the most superior colors”

“Most superior… it is a good result then?” (Hibiki)

Even if she is told the ‘most superior’, she has never heard of a classification in colors.

Hibiki was unable to make a conclusion.

“Yeah, of course. Tomoki was also the same. The transferred people that have come are truly exceptional”

The same as Iwahashi Tomoki.

When Hibiki hears this, her expression darkens.

It isn’t truly the case, but the moment she heard that they were the same, she didn’t feel that good.

“… And so, what does black do anyways?” (Hibiki)

“You see, black is… a color that Gods will never be able to obtain. Just a few rare cases happen where humans are able to obtain this color. Its alias… ‘omnipotent color’. Attack, defense, support, healing, summoning, etc. The amount of things it can’t do are fewer”

“An omnipotent color…” (Hibiki)


“Now then, Hibiki. Let’s make a power. First of all, make suggestions one after the other. I will tell you the price of it. It is okay to decide by taking that into consideration. That is the privilege of the transferred. Oh right, there’s one point I have to warn you about. You can’t choose the same type of system that another person of the same axis of time has chosen. I ended up saying it before, but the other hero has obtained an attack power, so you can’t choose an attack type of power. But well, something like summoning a star is possible though”

“Then a power than can control the world, is also possible?” (Hibiki)

“Of course. The price of that power would be your whole magic power and around 80% of the living beings in that world. You can’t choose who remains, but you will definitely survive”

“… Rejected” (Hibiki)

“I see. The war would definitely finish, you know? I don’t know what that Goddess would say, but she wouldn’t be able to punish you. Ah, I said something unnecessary again”

“Shut up” (Hibiki)

Hibiki ponders.

It seems like the attack system is already in the possession of Tomoki.

In other words, it would be safe to assume that he has an incredibly powerful attack magic.

There’s also the method of attacking by summoning a star and hitting with it.

(Then, should I obtain a defensive magic that can go against Tomoki? No, can’t do that. If that happens, I wouldn’t be able to destroy even a single one of Larva’s barriers. Then, healing? I do think this is useful, but if I am unable to save the capital, there’s no point. A power that can become an attack in essence. It is possible but…) (Hibiki)

The suggestion was so grand and vague that Hibiki is troubled.

Then… after enumerating the things she can’t do, she felt some sort of aim in mind.

“You won’t tell me the things I can’t do aside from the attack system?” (Hibiki)

“Fufufu. I can’t do that. You have to choose the power you want yourself. That is also one of the rules. It isn’t something that’s normally asked, but you have quite the good head there”

Maybe the voice found her question interesting, he answered in an amused manner.

His answer was rejection though.

“Hey… is it possible to return to the past?” (Hibiki)

After a while of thinking, Hibiki opened her mouth.

It isn’t something that will save the current capital, but it is one method to do everything again.

“Sailing against the currents of time? If it’s that, it is possible. If you repeat the times on a same world several times, the price gets higher, so it is more practical to narrow your cases though”

“Repeating several times… in other words, if I return to the same past, the price will get higher, right? Is it not okay to just place a restriction on the amount of times? There’s no point in going to the pasts of other worlds anyways” (Hibiki)

“It is not like there’s no point. The parallel worlds are also worlds as well after all. Because two humans have influxed into that world, right now an enormous parallel world has been born, so the world you think about is your own world. Isn’t it interesting to test out the probabilities in different worlds? You might be able to create a world where the capital has not turned that way, after all”

The voice states an opinion as if it is suggesting time travel.

“By the way, what is the price?” (Hibiki)

“If you are going to sail through the times of the same world, it will only be once. You will die at 30 years old. If you are going to move through parallel worlds, your lifespan will be scraped off one year each time”

“… That’s messed up” (Hibiki)

“Ahaha. There’s a hidden technique about this as well. You have to give up being a human, but if you change into a race that doesn’t grow old and has no lifespan, the demerit would disappear. If you weren’t black, you wouldn’t be able to use a power that interferes with time, but after leaving this place, there won’t be problems if you just forsake your humanity”

“Thanks for your kindness. A retry is, in essence, practically impossible huh” (Hibiki)

“Yeah. Time travel is a return, not a retry. If something like a loop is okay and if it’s a parallel world, it can be given to you at a low risk though”

“… You, do you want me to have a power that can manipulate time?” (Hibiki)

“I only honestly answered your question, that’s all. No other meaning”

(If possible, I want something that can be used several times and the price is small. Something that can break-down the current situation) (Hibiki)

Being troubled, Hibiki sinks into silence.

The voice doesn’t seem to be giving any suggestions itself. It doesn’t propose anything.

“… Something that can disperse any magic. A dispel magic is possible?” (Hibiki)

“Uwa, what a boring power. Well, it is possible. The price would be magic power only. Right, if it’s the current you, you would be able to use it 5-6 times without any problems”

“I see. Meaning, there’s no permanent price, right?” (Hibiki)

“Yeah. But something like dispel, isn’t that kid there able to use it as well?”

The voice nonchalantly says something surprising.


“The kid fighting that giant. He said that he is able to use dispel. Another person is already able to use it. In other words, it is a power that can be obtained through effort. Isn’t that boring?”

“The white guy. That guy, he is able to do something like that?!” (Hibiki)

“Why don’t you try asking him? If it’s your request, he might hear it out”

“… Wait a moment. ‘Him’? Do you know that white guy?! Could it be, he received that special effect hero set from here?!” (Hibiki)

“Buh– Hahahahaaha!! There isn’t a single person that has wished for something as unsightly as that. Well, if asked if I know him, I do though. He is a hyuman after all. I wonder… I don’t think he will ever come here”

“If you know him, you should be able to talk with him right?! Hm? If it’s my request he might hear it out? Does that mean—?!” (Hibiki)

“Sadly to say but, he is not an acquaintance. I just one-sidedly know him. Also, I can’t be that supportive. Okay, this talk is over. Hibiki, decide your power”

“Kugh… you were the one who brought the topic!” (Hibiki)

The voice stays silent.

Hibiki once again ponders.

“… In that case…”


Too bad. That girl didn’t choose the time power. But even so, for her to imagine a power that is practically the ground of being a hero. Hmph hmph, that kind of power is a first”

The voice muttered in a space where no one is anymore.

Even when Hibiki is not there anymore, its appearance was nowhere to be found.

“A power that is passively activated. To change the concept that people place on her into power, huh. She is a charismatic girl so, I wonder, just how much will this enlarge her? The price was only to decrease her amount of magic power, so it is something she would soon get back anyways”

Hibiki’s guess was right.

It seems like the voice was trying to make her choose the time travelling power.

It wasn’t thinking about it that strongly though.

“If she were to explosively create more parallel worlds, I thought I wouldn’t get bored though”

A slightly disappointed voice echoes in the empty space.



“I have destroyed it, Larva-dono! I will be leaving okay?!” (Hibiki)

With a level of power completely different from before, she destroyed the barrier from the inside.

At the unknown power-up of the hero, Shiki reflexively turns around.

“You are practically a different person. Is that also the power of a hero?” (Shiki)

“That’s a secret. Do you intend to stop us?” (Hibiki)

“It’s master’s order after all. Hm?” (Shiki)

Shiki turns his gaze away from the spirited eyes of Hibiki, and looks at a certain place.

There’s nothing. Hibiki thought that he was looking at a corner of the ceiling.

“That helps! I will be going now!” (Hibiki)

“No, wait! Something is coming! Master!” (Shiki)

Hibiki and the others use the opening he created to leave the audience room.

While clicking his tongue, Shiki calls them out and Makoto as well. <Lol, what tongue>

Makoto who was fighting the shining Io, takes distance from Io the moment he hears Shiki’s words.

But Io didn’t let him escape.

Within the multicolored storm of fists, Makoto was swallowed again.

“Larva! It’s okay! Go together with the hero! I am leaving them in your hands. Are you serious? In this situation, even you are coming, Sofia?!” (Makoto)

Maybe Makoto had a bit of leeway, he answers the voice of Shiki.

He understood that the situation was deteriorating.

“What are you saying? Your opponent is me right?! Or are you saying it is fine to chase after Hibiki?!” (Io)

“I can’t let you chase after the hero! It should be fine to just do a rematch after the winter passes! Withdraw!” (Makoto)

“A youngster like you that doesn’t even know about war, shouldn’t be prattling like you know! It is necessary to defeat the threats no matter what!” (Io)

Makoto knew about the being that was drawing near.

Inside of him, that person is the strongest opponent he has fought with.

An opponent he has clashed against with hostility, ill will, and bloodthirst.

“They are planning on doing something! Be careful!” (Makoto)

“Understood. I won’t let them see here. Depending on the situation, please go ahead and take it off” (Shiki)

“Understood. It will probably turn out that way” (Makoto)

Shiki turns his back towards Makoto and chases after the hero with teleportation.

Makoto saw off his follower as he felt his suit creak at the fists that have increased its power to a stupidly high level.

Changing his [Sakai] from perception to strengthening, he makes a recovery.

While at it, he clashed his fist against the fist that was approaching him with all he had, and a recoil occurred.

Distance was created between them once again.

Without magic, he also had no winning move, is something he has thought as well.

As long as the time is up, Makoto thought that his win would be decided. And there was no chance he would lose.

For Makoto who was trying not to immerse too much into the fight, he was even thinking about having Io live if it was possible.

If it’s an enemy, he will kill.

Right now he was fighting in a way that he doesn’t have to enter that step.

But if the enemies increase, the story changes.

Shiki’s words were a grateful thing for Makoto.

Because if he is able to use magic, his safety levels will increase after all.

Increasing his physical attacks is not an advantage in any way for his current self.

The suit has no merit aside from hiding his appearance.

That’s why he let Hibiki go.

If Shiki accompanies her, he judged that she would be safe.

Because he knows that Sofia will definitely aim for him.

Makoto had a strange confidence in this.


Makoto looks above in an annoyed manner.


—At that moment.


A countless number of swords rained down on the capital.

A light and an explosion.

It looked like the metropolis of Limia Kingdom was approaching destruction.

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      Secondly, this entity knows way too much about the forces that govern the universe, particularly the interaction between worlds. Root knows about cross world-travel, but there’s no way s/he could know that much; remember s/he said leaving the New World was impossible, a contradiction of what this guy just said.

      “but noone is noticing that Raido and Shiki are missing in Rogstar??? They were all Raido do this and Raido do that…I can’t belive their missing is unnoticed…” Maybe the author forgot.


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      2. Sure, why not?
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    2. Depending on the details, it could be awesome or utterly worthless. How much power does each believer contribute? How much does it scale, does it have a hard cap? How large is the transmission range? Is there any attenuation over distance?

      Remember, a god-tier power needs to consider other god-tier opponents. That opponent could strip Hibiki of her power by simply killing everyone around her with a magical nuke. Shiki could do it, so it’s entirely within the power of another Hero in their True Form.

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      1. thats just cruel and i like it!!! if hibikis follower were all killed im sure she’ll despair there and cant use or move anymore when that happens ^^


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        like its not for betrayal, but their heart may lose believe in Hibiki and believe more in Tomoki even if they still fight for Hibiki against Tomoki.

        + there are many Limia nobles and inners who have negative view in Hibiki. since her power is “the concept people place in her” wont that means she make the positive feelings people have for her become her strength… and the negative feelings people have for her become her downside?….

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    3) His nickname is “myriade colors”(the talk about the black)
    4) He/she Know Makoto
    5) His strong interest for parallel words
    6) His mysterious plot
    7) is the strongest dragon so can give powers to other because there is a risk on the contrary of the power of goddess(probabily connected to Adventure guild)


      1. i wonder how come root knows that hibiki was an acquaintance of makoto in the past when root just suddenly know makoto is an otherwordly because od his two followers and makoto never mentioned anything to root that one of them is an acquaintance. Also can he bestows power? i thought dragons need to form a contract to get their powers if they are either weaker than them or the same level of power


      2. From the dialogue, it sounds like the Entity “shapes” the power of the outworlders, not enhance it with a contract. I don’t like it, as it smacks of Deus Ex Machina, but whatevs. This is usually what the Hero’s Journey is for; self-realization and a manifestation of power that reflects this enlightenment. Instead, it’s done by a third party. Meh.


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    Io comes across as a bit of an incompetent; how does a “seasoned warrior” not recognize “hot” and “cold” battle fury? And why would he go for a kick if Makoto is outside of his threat range? Not only that, martial arts moves are adaptable; if the target moves, the martial artist can change the technique midway and connect. I’ve personally experienced this while sparring.

    “Moreover, synergy with the gauntlet’s elements. …he went from wind to fire; fire to earth; earth to water; is how it flowed in order to increase the power of the elements.” HOW THE HELL DOES THIS EVEN WORK?! It’s not from the Taoist Xingyi; it uses 5 elements. Anyone know?

    When Io realizes that his mission has failed, he sends a signal that drives his troops into a suicidal frenzy. WAT. The author tells us that the daemons are all tactical and shit, but they act like morons. So what if the daemons manage to kill all the enemy soldiers in the capital? THEY’RE HERE TO KILL THE HERO. If they can’t do that, then they should retreat, regroup and look for another opportunity, not throw away elite troops in a pointless “fuck you” to Limia. Sacrificing his life to buy enough time to allow his troops to evacuate are more in line with what the author tells us about Io’s character, but instead we get… this.

    Too much about “what” is said in dialogue, and how enough about “how” it is said. This is especially glaring when Hibiki pleads with Shiki/Larva to let her go.

    Hibiki’s attempt to break the Shiki’s barrier was plain stupid. Had she succeeded, she would have been helpless to prevent Shiki from killing her companions afterwards. She also knew he wasn’t mercifully inclined towards her party; he could have simply killed her companions for annoying him even after she failed.

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      1. Maybe. The author treats it as something that should be obvious, but I have no clue. I don’t think it’s a Japanese cultural, religious or gaming trope. This entirely central to Io’s fighting moves that it’s really, really hard to ignore. If his punches are so powerful with this technique, why bother kicking at all? Or are his feet surrounded by elemental magic?


      2. maybe it gives the impression of mortal kombat style LOLx XD

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      3. Now that I think about it, a move best suited for “Mr. Martial Artist” Io is the “Ground and Pound” often seen in many MMA matches. Consider:

        Io already smashed Makoto into the ground.

        Io outweighs Makoto by orders of magnitude, as he is a giant.

        Io has 4 fists, which are his strongest weapons.


    1. -isn’t the steps just a name for shiki’s rings? the 7th step would be the ‘Hell’ power, but to use it he need to active the 4 others rings that have enhancing power (magic empowerment, body enhancement, magic power enhancement, equipment enhancement). that’s how I understood it.

      -don’t know about martial art, but you sound convincing.

      -don’t know, is the 5th element a true element or was it the hidden dagger?

      -yeah, it didn’t made sense. I though his roar sound the retreat, it don’t make sense to make a suicide attack now… I agree Io staying behing to gain time for his retreat make more sense. I think the whole thing for to show makoto using a “mass dispel” afterward. I can be wrong tho

      -hibiki could have easily obtain to shiki to release her teammate since she was the only one he had to protect, and try later to escape alone with no more hostage used shiki, and knowing that even if she didn’t manage to escape, her teamate are still acting and protecting the city.


    2. I will try to explain how Io’s combo works as I understand it.

      Magic Element, in this WN, does not immediately dissipate or disappear immediately. Like for example when Makoto used water element magic, it creates ice or a blue colored miasma representing the attribute of water, and that stayed for quite a while for the survivors to be able to witness it and call it “beautiful”. Some demons even turn to ice(hence they gain the attribute of water :P).

      And according to Hibiki, wind element magic increases the fire, so we can conclude that magic attributes work the same way as in Naruto.

      So it goes like this, Io uses wind, then adds fire into the mix, then earth, then water. This supposedly increases the elemental damage exponentially.

      As for Io ordering his men to do commit into a suicidal attack, the reason is quite simple:

      7th step: Mist Temple, Nivlheim….

      That spell practically made every single living thing, both demon and hyuman( with the exemption of those inside the audience hall) in the entire city invalids. Makoto himself mentioned it, they are so weak that they cannot move. Io knows this fact through thought transmission, he mentioned this himself

      The demons can neither attack nor retreat, they are basically at the mercy of Makoto and Shiki/Larva.

      Io also recognized the fact that he cannot defeat Makoto with his current strength nor can he retreat, and probably knows that no reinforcements can be sent to him since the demon army was dispersed into attacking both the empire and the kingdom.

      Now, the only other option is surrender, something that Io will never do judging by his temperament.

      So final option, use that enhancing item( it seems to invalidate Shiki’s weakening spell) and take as many of the enemy as possible before inevitably expiring.

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    1. That’s a good point actually. Makoto has shown hints of extreme coldness throughout this story. As Io said, it was almost like Makoto has a second personality.
      I don’t think the bug goddess has anything to do with it, but any thoughts?

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      1. I wonder if it might be a minor form of PTSD. (I don’t know much about psychiatric conditions, so I could be talking out my rear)

        He never had a situation where he was forced to kill and felt badly about it, but I think it really started when he killed the Adventurer back in that frontier town. He learned that just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean they’re good people, and if he doesn’t get rid of a problem, it might come back to hurt those he cares about. I think the heartless part was his coping mechanism for doing something that violates the social norms he was raised with.

        That being said, even though it doesn’t bother him to kill, it’s not like it’s his first option either. He’s clearly reluctant to kill Io, even as he is shifting to his heartless mode.


      2. Actually, his first heartless moment was probably when he first saw Rinon’s drawing of Toa. It was pretty early on. The adventurer was just his first hyuman murder.

        …Or, now that I think about it, he might’ve been like it when he was breaking out of Shen’s unpleasant mirage until she gave him the puppydog eyes..


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