Chapter 158: The revelation of the Dragon Slayer

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“At this kind of times, I am jealous that you have a toughness that can shrug anything off by regenerating”

In the audience room that had turned silent.

In that place where it has completely turned into a stargazing garden, I release my defensive stance.

“So you can turn into a state where you can fight against the current me at practically the same speed huh. That you don’t even need regeneration power, I can only laugh!” (Io)

Io who recovered at a relatively fast speed, releases a combination with his four arms.

His aim is my chest.

The four attacks were with the stiletto version. After being blown away and destroying several pillars along the way, I felt my breathing clog up.

That hurts.

I was thinking about taking off my disguise and erasing the effect of that self-sacrificing item of his, but when I checked the abilities of this transformation suit that Mio humbly made, I found something.

Inside the helmet, there’s a futuristic three-dimensional image of its manual projected at the retina.

How uselessly high spec.

The ones with the spider mark are the special techniques list huh.

I didn’t use anything aside from the kick, and there was a whatchamacallit before the kick itself, but I felt like I would get exhausted by doing it, so I decided to omit it though.

When I omitted it, there was a polite voice telling me about the input miss and that there would be a penalty of 40% reduction of damage.

Just how far is this a toy and just how far is this serious, I don’t know.


Forced transformation release.


From what Mio commented, it seems like it is okay to use it when a similar hero appears as an enemy.

‘If you use it, you will also be a dark hero-desu’, is the part I ignored.

When I look at the ability in detail, it was a dispel magic with heavy restrictions.

The magic spell is several times easier to use than this, but when thinking about the connection between Io and Rona, this one is better.

My face won’t get exposed after all.

Also, the condition about being obligatory to make contact with the target is actually pretty easy to clear in Io’s case.

Even if I just wait, he will be coming himself anyways.

And it seems like he won’t be breaking with the attack after all.

“That toughness is not only coming from your armor. Even if you were using an enhancing magic, I can’t think of you as a hyuman” (Io)

“I will take it as a compliment. Even when you have such an indiscriminate attack like that, your target is still me. What about the hero?” (Makoto)

“… The reactions of my subordinates are mostly gone. Instead of looking for the hero in all this rubble, I will first deal with you. Fortunately, I still have several hours left” (Io)

“The person that made this attack, from what I remember, should be a companion of yours though. What’s that about?” (Makoto)

“So you know. You really are even more of an unknown being. But if you know about them, you should also know that they are not people that one can place collars around, right? Their fangs were coincidentally not directed at our side, so we are using them, that’s all the relationship we have” (Io)

“… I see” (Makoto)

“And, what is with your stance? What are you going to show me next?” (Io)

“Who knows. Just wait and see” (Makoto)

I stand up at half-length and raise my right hand high.

The knife hand is facing Io.

Io is exchanging his soul for power. I find the core of the magic formation that is cladding his body in light particles.

In Mio’s comment, it said: ‘Use the eye of your heart to find the weak point of your opponent’ or something like that. It seriously didn’t help at all.

I expand [Sakai] to a range that covers me and Io, and grasp the flow of power.

Because I reflexively changed into defense when the light swords rained down after all.

That I was able to instantly change it back must be because of the fruits of my hard work.

I see.

At his right shoulder, close to the joint huh.

“Then, show it to me!” (Io)


Io who had taken a muscle bane and obtained scary acceleration speed, charges at me in a straight line.

By nature, just by doing this, a giant is a threat.

Their body weight is a weapon.

And if that body weight is coming from his muscles, that danger increases by several times more.

If a giant learns martial arts, a hyuman who is by nature losing in body weight overwhelmingly, has no chance of winning, is how I think.

Big, fast, and tough.

It is truly great that I didn’t encounter this kind at Japan.


I calmed down and steadied my aim.

But Io suddenly kicked the ground and jumped through the air.

This is agitating!

It is agitating, but it is a cold sensation I have felt when I was fighting him.

Without turning too much attention to it, I place my awareness in several areas of the place.

It is fine for it to be a mutual strike.

Right now, his strongest advantage, that weapon, I will be stealing it.

I drop the kick that was approaching me.

If I received that one attack, leaving aside the damage, my posture would break.

But with my half-length stance, I am able to easily avoid it.


I couldn’t find the opening that should come after a landing.

2 arms are coming to grab my head.

It is here.

“[Spell Break]” (Makoto)


As if dropping directly from below, I cut Io’s right shoulder with my right arm.

Just as aimed, I made a straight line at the place where the Rose Sign’s power concentrated the most, and my right hand reached the floor.

My head was grabbed and I was thrown.

The fist combo didn’t even reach ten hits before stopping.

If it’s only this, there’s no problem.

The suit creaks, but it doesn’t result in destruction.

A kick approaches my face.

I curl up my body and do a kick myself, I meet him with the same attack.

Even if I receive some attacks, as long as I destroy my opponent’s strongest weapon, it will become more easy.

The return for this is higher than the amount of punches I have received.

“Fuh~” (Makoto)

I exhale.

I make my respiration as big as possible.

I return my heart to a point where I don’t enter to the cold side anymore.

And I look at Io.

He was standing in place just like that.

The place I cut has already been healed.

As expected of his regenerative powers.


There’s no light coming from his body anymore.

“… What did you do?” (Io)

“I destroyed the Rose Sign” (Makoto)

“Destroyed you say?!” (Io)

“That’s right, destroy. The gone portion will not return, but that power has already disappeared” (Makoto)

“Impossible. Such a crazy thing is just…” (Io)

“You shouldn’t have any spares of an item of that type. Do you still… intend to fight?” (Makoto)

Io, Sofia, and also Lancer.

I don’t want to fight them all at the same time.

If asked if this castle can still be resided in or used, my answer would be no though.

If I go against those kind of people here, this place will, without doubt, turn into less than an empty plot of land.

With those light swords and the explosion, the capital is already done.

They would have to use another town as their capital, or create a new one all over again.

I think that the demon race has gained at least 2 or 3 years against Limia Kingdom with this move.

I don’t know how much damage Gritonia has received, but even if Stella is forfeited, the demon race still has sufficient plusses out of this.

As long as the hero is in good health, I don’t think Io and the few demon race troops remaining have any intentions of withdrawing though.

“King of dragons that live for eternity…”


“Sofia… this is, an enhancing aria? That woman, why did she suddenly appear in the capital? What happened with the Empire?” (Io)

An enhancing aria.

With Io’s words, I notice a voice that resounds in my whole body.

This is certainly Sofia’s voice.

She isn’t just shouting loudly, she is doing an aria.

She is at the sky.

I have already grasped her location.

… I know that it is pointless with someone like her though.

What she is doing right now is purposely continuing her aria in a wide space and have her voice echo to declare her spell in a grand way. A special type of aria.

I can see quite the elevation of power.

Just, the composition of the spell is easy to read, and it is easy for your opponent to make a countermeasure for it.

In other words…

If it’s a spell that is seen for the first time, it is quite effective.

Even so, in towns and castles there’s a nullifying barrier for large scale magic, so even if you fortify your magic that acts like artillery and shoot it to the town, there’s not much point.

For them to have a barrier that nullifies magic of a certain level is quite well thought.

If it is a lower leveled spell, it will be discovered when doing a fortifying aria, so the town is most likely taking precautions in that point. It is also normal for the power itself to be insufficient.

“Blade Dragon, Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, Shadow Dragon…” (Sofia)

Quite the long aria.

On top of that, the flow is directed to the inside.

Is it a buff skill for herself?

From what I remember, support magic that uses aria and is targeted to yourself has quite the brutal efficacy.

Io is probably measuring the true intention of Sofia as well. He is looking at her grain-like figure that is floating in the sky.

If even the ally in outline doesn’t know, there’s no way I would understand.

But I will prepare myself for it.

It seems like Sofia’s aria will be continuing for quite a while and Lancer seems to have descended to town, but hasn’t shown much movement.

Shiki is also in that state. Leaving aside if he is able to defeat Lancer or not, he will most likely be able to hold him back.

After that, I can only pray that senpai doesn’t do anything reckless.

This is the first time I see such a busy-body senpai.

From what I remember, she was a person that always finished things with a composed face though…

When one lives at a parallel world, many things are just different huh.

While being vigilant of Io, inside of the suit, I confirm my body enhancement and the magic power construction.

A rematch with the Dragon Slayer huh.

“Everything else, omitted!” (Sofia)

“Hah?!” (Makoto)

I unintentionally let out a voice of surprise.

Power converges at Sofia in high speed.

How irrational!


That voice was sensed by my [Sakai] and reverberated in my ears when I was turning.

It reached the moment a flash flew straight at the crown of my head.


I am confronting Sofia.

While feeling the gaze of Io from my back.

Damn it, the suit is…

“You won’t die from that huh. Not only that, I only destroyed the suit and you were left unscathed. As always, you are way too interesting” (Sofia)

A ferocious smile I am familiar with.

A sword with the same color and is smaller in size compared to the one in my memories.

Even if I knew it with [Sakai], the feeling of confronting it in front of me is as expected, different.

“Sofia Blue” (Makoto)

“Yeah, that’s right. I am honored that you remember me. After that time, a lot has happened you see. I was sure you wouldn’t die from something of that extent” (Sofia)

“I was slightly hoping you were killed by that so called ‘Devil’ though. But as expected, you are still alive huh” (Makoto)

I barely didn’t encounter it though.

Seriously, what a lucky person.

“? What are you even saying? But I am happy. You were able to endure that after all. You are a lot stronger than that Empire hero-kun” (Sofia)

“… You killed the hero?” (Makoto)

Hey hey.

If she killed the hero, the Goddess would definitely get angry.

Maybe the Goddess will even bring it on.

Is Sofia gonna take that on too?

“No. Still not. He showed me something interesting, so I let him go” (Sofia)

“It seems like I also entertained you, so how about you leave for today?” (Makoto)

“Impossible. Lancer and I have recognized you as an obstacle. You will probably, no, definitely become an hindrance for us” (Sofia)

“… Intuition?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. This time, I will certainly slice into pieces that defense of yours” (Sofia)

I can feel that the blood thirst residing in Sofia’s eyes were rising close to its critical point.

If I fight with the current her, I must concentrate even deeper into the fight compared to when I was fighting Io, or I will end up hurt.

But Sofia is an enemy.

She has already declared her will to kill me. There’s no enemy as hostile as her.

Then what’s so bad about concentrating?

It’s fine as long as I return alive.

That’s right.

As long as I don’t forget myself, I will be fine.

“Now then…”

“Both of you, stop!”



“Rona? Why are you here?”


Right now when my face is revealed because of Sofia’s attack, she has come here?!

Just how unlucky am I?!

The Goddess, having to transform, Hibiki-senpai, Sofia, and now even Rona?!

It is like playing poker with joker being valid and having a five card thrown at me!

I was doing my best in Rotsgard, and was being happy about my straight and flush! And yet!

Everything is going down the drain.


This time is, as expected, no good.

Not only me, the company; I have even dragged everyone of Asora in this.

Tomoe, Mio, and Shiki as well.

I definitely cannot give up.

Even if it’s by force, even if it’s against their will…

Even if the form and shape has slightly changed, I have to accomplish this no matter what.

Like hell I will give up.

“Sofia, and also the white… eh, you…” (Rona)


It has been exposed.

Damn it. When the time comes, it just happens so easily.

“Rai… dou?” (Rona)

“What?! This guy is Raidou?!” (Io)

It seems like Io also knows the name Raidou.

If Rona told him the features of my face, even without Rona coming, it would have been finished the moment I turned my face huh.

“Ara, you know Rona as well, Raidou?” (Sofia)

Sofia says so as if just remembering.

How dare you say it as if it’s nothing.

“Raidou, what is the meaning of this? You should be at Rotsgard at this moment, right? Why are you at the capital? Why are you being glared by Io and Sofia?” (Rona)

“… That is…” (Makoto)

“It seems like he exchanged an agreement with the Goddess. And he wants to save the Kingdom’s hero and bring down Stella” (Io)

“Wow, Raidou. For you to lie to me, well done. As I thought, you were really the pawn of the Goddess huh. Even so, Limia is misfortunate. If you hadn’t come, the castle and the town wouldn’t have turned out like this. If you went to the imperial capital, Mitsurugi and I wouldn’t have come here you know. How regrettable” (Sofia)

“… Agreement. I only made an agreement with the Goddess. We only made a promise to each other. It is not like I am her pawn” (Makoto)

Sofia uses an excessive gesture of surprise from the words of Io.

It is crumbling.

I felt a lot of things crumbling.

“Raidou, you promised that you would meet Demon Lord-sama, right? Then, you fighting the demon race, isn’t that an action that goes against your words?” (Rona)


Even though you didn’t try to understand the hidden meaning of my own words.

She is probably saying this because she considers me easy.

For her, I must have been quite an easy to utilize hyuman in Rotsgard.

If Shiki weren’t there, I would have most likely been used even more.

“It is certainly true that I made a promise to meet the demon lord. But, I don’t remember promising to not hinder the demon race in any way. Rona, you must understand what I am trying to say here, right? I was asked to protect the hero and capitulate Stella. This is something that can be done even without killing the demon race. If you don’t want to lose brethrens, give up this time” (Makoto)

“Just a few days ago you called me Rona-san though. I see. The variant strife at Rotsgard angered Raidou this much huh. You didn’t seem like you had any special attachment to hyumans, so that should have had an effect in your strenuous life as a merchant there though?” (Rona)

“… By killing all the merchants that antagonized me?” (Makoto)

“The variants that the demon race released did whatever they wanted. So they won’t make you take responsibility, nor will they suspect you. It just happened to occur, after all. Raidou and the others were just taking refuge, and after that, the reinforcement units of the different countries would appear and subjugate the variants. If you just returned to your business, you might have had a better environment for your work. That incident shouldn’t have that many demerits for you” (Rona)

“That’s unneeded help” (Makoto)

“… Right. Larva, no, Shiki huh. It is a company that has that kind of person close after all. Because of ethics, I didn’t get involved much in it. But for you guys to have a part that schemed from the dark, it was quite the miscalculation. To think that in the act of being a naive and kind merchant, you were able to obtain the cooperation of that Larva” (Rona)

“I have done some cleaning at Rotsgard” (Makoto)

“I have gotten the report of it” (Rona)

“… The demon race should have been away from the town though?” (Makoto)

Isn’t the report way too fast?

“Yeah, the demon race, that is” (Rona)

A demi-human then?

Looking at the army that Io leads, I have understood that the blue-skinned demons are not the only enemies of the hyumans.

I see. So there was a collaborator within the demi-humans huh.

Even if they have numbers, the ones who have enemies on all sides are the hyumans.

“That’s crooked” (Makoto)

“I did protect my promise with you, you know? How about it. Want to make a deal with me again? I will support your business in the demon race territory with all I have. Of course, I won’t stop you from doing business in the hyuman countries. I won’t interfere with it either. In exchange, withdraw from here” (Rona)

“… I did tell you that I have a promise with the Goddess. Rona, you should be the one taking Io and returning to the demon base fast. And after that, have the personnel of Stella Fortress evacuate. If you leave them there, it will only increase the pointless sacrifices” (Makoto)

“Sofia there has already obtained power surpassing that of a hyuman, you know? Also, adding Io as well, do you think you will end up fine after that?” (Rona)

“… I have also been told many times that I breach common sense. No need to worry. It is fine. Rona, if you want to, how about joining as well? Because it seems like you are underestimating me a bit here after all” (Makoto)

“Wa?” (Rona)

Rona is left speechless.

These are words that don’t fit me much.

But in this occasion, no matter if it’s two or three, it would be the same.

It wouldn’t be too much for Shiki, but I wouldn’t mind even if Lancer were to come as well.

Concentrate, concentrate.

My magic has already been unbanned.

I should debut the results of my training.

Just how far can I go?

It wouldn’t be bad to confirm it with my enemies.

“Rona, those words are not haughtiness. Just a few moments ago, I used Rose Sign and was unable to finish him” (Io)

“ROSE—?! Io, I told you to return no matter what, right?! Why did you use something like that?! I had Reft hold it, so why do you have it?!” (Rona)

“Like hell I can let only my subordinates hold something like that. Also, Reft was an adjutant of mine in the past. He agreed to my point. Also, if I am able to bring down the hero here, I don’t mind leaving the path to the future generations. She had become stronger than expected after all” (Io)

“Listen here! You who climbed up till the ranks of demon general, don’t go easily saying that you will die and leave the path to others! It is certainly true that the Lord we serve is the same, but the direction of that loyalty is different. I am not so narrow-minded as to not approve of a rare type of military man like you, Io. If you want to leave the path to others by all means, why didn’t you become an instructor and properly pass on that technique of yours?” (Rona)

“Ah, no well, sorry” (Io)

“And? The time you have left is?” (Rona)

“Well, that is…” (Io)

“There’s already no light coming out at all… You can’t return to the metropolis anymore?” (Rona)

Rona makes a voice that one can feel bitterness.

This person does have affection towards her companions huh.

No, Io also has an expression of surprise, so maybe the face she is showing is quite rare?

Sofia is pointing her sword at me, but she isn’t moving.

While surprised, I stealthily put [Sakai] in concealment and finish expanding my power.

Compared to all the misfortune combo I have received, this is a small blessing.

“The effect of Rose Sign is gone” (Io)

“… I see. Do you have any words you want to leave? No matter who, I will take responsibility and make sure those words reach that person” (Rona)

“No well, that man Raidou, cut it off” (Io)


“While the Rose Sign was activated, Raidou forcefully negated the Rose Sign. I don’t know what he did though” (Io)

“… Eh? Then, could that mean…” (Rona)

“… It is still not certain that I will die” (Io)

“!!! Then say so from the beginning! How misleading!!!” (Rona)

“More like, you should calm down. You were the one who didn’t let me talk properly” (Io)


Rona glares at me.

No no, I am not at fault here, you know?

Or more like, from what Rona has said, she should actually be thanking me.

“Fufufu… fufufu, ahahahahaaha!!” (Sofia)

The big laugh of Sofia rang in the audience room.

Even if the night sky is visible, an invisible barrier is placed here.

It is the support barrier that temporarily lost its effect because of the light swords.

As expected of the capital.

I expected no less from the castle of a major power.

Even if it’s destroyed, it is made so it can reactivate.

After she finished laughing for a moment, she looked at everyone here.

I thought that this would thin down her motivation.

But if it’s her, that’s just a fleeting dream though.

“I see! Even when Io placed his life on the line, he couldn’t deal any proper damage! Fufu, fufufu! It is great that I ‘released’ first. If I am not in full-power, I might not be able to win” (Sofia)

“Full-power, of the Dragon Slayer huh” (Io)

Io mutters as if sighing.

“I feel like taking refuge” (Rona)

“Same here” (Makoto)

“Don’t say that. You have that much worth, Raidou” (Sofia)

Sofia makes an evil smile like the one children make when they think up something bad.

“Ah right, Rona. About the matter of Seiko” (Sofia)

“What is it so suddenly?” (Rona)

“The name of the Devil, I remembered just now” (Sofia)

“Hah?” (Rona)

The name of the Devil?

As I thought, Sofia did fight against the Devil that was able to create a lake?

And she is still alive.

What impressive life power.

I was strangely moved by the battle junky.

“Let’s go for a rematch, Devil Raidou!” (Sofia)




Placing the one-handed sword that has some sort of red light clad on it and has extended its reach to the front, Sofia charges at me.

… Eh?




Why do my fights with her always end up like this?!

My thoughts were temporarily stopped and I was able to somehow bring it back. While still stirred up, I clash with the Dragon Slayer.

The figure of Sofia disappears.

I know.

This is her conventional method.

I don’t know where her attack will come from.

That’s why, I aimed for this kind of power.

Different from the time against Io, I open my legs around shoulder width and stand in place.

I don’t think about evading. This is a stance for an exchange of blows.




An ear-piercing sound.

It was from the left huh.

“This is!!” (Sofia)

“I faced quite the painful time with your surprise attacks after all. It just means that I have also gotten stronger” (Makoto)

Sofia’s sword stopped in a place a bit further away from me.

No, I ‘stopped it’.

“Ah, I thought I felt something. Raidou, when did you learn to speak? Does that have to do with you getting stronger?” (Sofia)

Changing her expression slightly, Sofia grabs a black darkness mass with her free left hand and pushes it towards me.

That also makes a dull sound and stops in the same place as the sword.

This woman, the elements she can use have increased from last time?

“Common language huh. I learned that just a few moments ago. What’s wrong Sofia? Your attacks are not reaching at all. How about using that red ki from before?” (Makoto)

I change [Sakai] from concealment to strengthening.

Dense bluish magic power spreads out from my body and takes form.

“Blade Dragon’s sword, Fire Dragon’s flame. Do you intend to block it?” (Sofia)

“It is a prided attack of yours that you tried using to kill me in one hit, right? I am telling you that it is okay to try it again” (Makoto)

I can tell that Io and Rona were gulping their breath from behind me.

Io is not moving yet huh.

Or is he measuring the possibility of doing a joint front that doesn’t entangle Sofia in it?

The thin sword of Sofia gets clad in a strong red light again and gets longer.

Here it comes.

“Then let’s test it. I will also be exposing that trick you did just now!” (Sofia)

A flash.

Without taking a stance against the sword that is coming right from the front, I just watch over it.

Sofia went at it straight. It collided with the bluish magic power enveloping my surroundings.

And then…

That swung attack left some sort of colored trail, and as if her jumping back was some sort of signal, it exploded.

Just like those light swords. Was Sofia specialized in fire element?

Within the time my field of vision was clearing, that question popped up.

“Hyuman shaped… Is that constructed with magic power? No, but that is… no way” (Sofia)

“… That is his… true armor huh” (Io)

As expected of a demon general.

Since it is not concealed, it can be seen and analyzed as well.

The gears in my brain are not fast, that’s why, instead of something that is scary strong depending on the way it is used, I wanted something simple that, even when discovered, it would still be the same.

And this is it.

From my body, the silhouette of the upper half of a human is constructed in a size slightly bigger than Io.

Something that is created by my magic power.


It doesn’t matter if it is discovered and it is able to deal with surprise attacks. Even I who can’t use a giant amount of magic power at once, this method allows me to utilize a large amount of magic power.

“… It isn’t a barrier against physical attacks, right? Raidou, are you sane? Having that much defensive power, and you are telling me that you have obtained another defensive skill?!” (Sofia)

“I can easily endure the charged attack of a Dragon Slayer. I have gained confidence now, Sofia” (Makoto)

“There was no magic activation either. There was no rebound characteristic of barriers. Just what does this mean? That thing clearly blocked my attack physically, right?” (Sofia)

Sofia is making a face she never made once in the past.

So she had that much confidence in that one attack huh.

Or maybe this ability I have obtained was completely out of her expectations.

Ah, I thought this felt familiar.

That’s the same face Tomoe, Mio, and Shiki made.

“Yeah. I can materialize magic power. I can also return it to its natural state as well. The minus is that I can’t take out its visibility, but I had another method to hide it anyways. That defensive power, is just like how I showed you just now” (Makoto)

The attack of Sofia and the explosion as well, didn’t put any sort of damage to the magic power body (temporary name).

Well, of course, it doesn’t only defend.

Even in attack, it is quite the foul play.

… I had a lot of hardships.

The materializing in itself and that domain and form as well.

As a result, I took as reference a certain fighting game that has a character with a spirit.

“Materialization of magic power huh. I have never heard of that before” (Sofia)

Sofia’s words.

Well, yeah.

Until the time Eva-san showed me that thesis, I also had no idea about it. And there were no other thesis that were similar to that one.

In this world, it is a technique that was completely given up on after all.

“Rona, what is the materialization of magic power? Making things with magic power?” (Io)

“It is probably different. What Raidou is doing is… giving the physical attribute to magic power. Is how I think” (Rona)

“In other words, that mass of magic power shaped as the upper half of a hyuman, if it wanted to, it would be able to exchange fists as well? Isn’t that awesome?! If it is possible to deploy it in that way, magicians would also be able to add to their defense” (Io)

“Yeah, probably. But… even the demon race has given up on that technique. The cost and performance is just way too bad after all” (Rona)

The tone of Rona was as if she was having a nightmare. She looks at the hyuman shape and me with eyes of disbelief.

“Io, if it is you, would you think that using one gold as material to make a copper coin is impressive?” (Rona)

“… No? I would actually think that’s stupid” (Io)

“Right? That’s exactly it. The materialization of magic power is just way too disbalanced. Honestly speaking, it is abnormally inefficient. There’s place to research in the change of specific substances in magic power though” (Rona)

“Is it different from physical barriers?” (Io)

“Sofia said it as well right? A physical barrier is a spell that activates by reacting to attacks of weapons and fists. What Raidou is doing is… not even magic. I don’t understand. Why did Raidou obtain that kind of skill?” (Rona)

Rona is grumbling as she enquires.

“Sofia, this time it’s my turn” (Makoto)

For me who couldn’t put a proper use to the magic power no matter how much I had, this power opened a large amount of possibilities. A revolutionizing thing.

First of all, the Dragon Slayer in front of me.

I will defeat this one first and conquer one of my traumas.

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