Chapter 150: Root’s miscalculation

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Tomoe, Shiki and I were approached by the top class guests: the Limia King, Princess Lily, and Sairitz-san; they requested us for the teleport of both countries, Limia and Gritonia.

After that, won’t that leave the church people here? It seems the Aion people have already left the neighboring towns and headed towards Stella Fort after all.

‘We also used the teleport when assisting the Merchant Guild so it is already close to its limit’, is the total lie Tomoe said with an apologetic expression. The Limia King and Princess Lily lowered their heads, lined up words that can only be taken as threats, and requested for the teleport no matter the method needed.

Sairitz-san soothed the situation every now and then, but Tomoe evasively apologized. When those two changed their target to me, I seriously got scared.

As expected, when there’s their country at stake, their intensity is different.

It’s like, their grit.

Princess Lily looks slightly older than me, and yet, her aura was completely different from mine.

I don’t know if it’s their linage or their education, but they are incredible people.

Strangely, it was scary, but I didn’t feel that weakness I felt when I was dealing with Zara-san.

In a corner of my self, I still held composure and was able to ignore it.

(Waka, it is already enough. Please nod. You did well) (Tomoe)

Tomoe’s thought transmission.

At the moment I was thinking about throwing it back to Tomoe, she came and told me.

That’s a great help.

[Understood. This is an emergency situation, so it can’t be helped. Tomoe, can you do it?]

After a lot of pushing and pulling, I finally nodded.

It is something that I can do to begin with, and being unable to do it is Tomoe’s total lie.

Things will probably line up later.

“… Waka, it isn’t something impossible, and if you tell me to do it, this Tomoe will do so as you wish, but if one teleport is done, the sword won’t be able to handle another one” (Tomoe)

[What do you mean by that?]

“It will most likely break. And it will probably be impossible to repair. Is it really okay? To sacrifice this sword that has been supporting Kuzunoha Company until now?” (Tomoe)

I see…

Changing the teleport basis to a tool.

In other words, when the tool is broken, it will make the person believe that you will be unable to use it anymore.

I finally understood the true reason as to why they made such a pretext like placing the teleport power to a short katana.

So we will not be using teleport from now on? Or she already has another pretext to use teleport later on?

At any rate, I will follow the play of Tomoe.

[I don’t mind. This is a request from the people holding back the demon race in the war. If we are able to be of help, I want to cooperate. I don’t know if there’s a substitute for that sword, but if destiny so wishes, we will meet again]

“… Understood” (Tomoe)

With a face as if facing mental agony, Tomoe acts as if she is troubled, and she separates a bit from Limia King, Princess Lily, Sairitz-san, and Root who at some point in time was already beside those three.

Things like: ‘The distance to the capital is way too much’ and ‘If it’s the Empire, it will only reach until the town Robin which is close to the highway’ are the details she was creating.

After a while, Tomoe unsheathes the short katana, and while placing major emphasis, she opened a mist gate.

Limia’s King and the knight entered that gate and disappear. For some reason, the prince stayed.

After that, Princess Lily and several people that seem to be her close aides disappear inside a gate that was created separately. At this side, a number of people that looked like chamberlain stayed.

And then, the sword broke.

With a grim face, Tomoe falls on her knees.

What a nice act. That’s a fake sword right there.

Of course, I won’t be saying it.

The eyes of Sairitz-san, the prince, and the chamberlains showed slight signs of relief as they look at Tomoe.

Maybe it is relief that we won’t be able to use teleport anymore.

Well, we have the teleport ability and the power to fight against variants, so thinking about both of those points, it is probably a pretty scary thing.

I wanted to ask the bitter-faced Tomoe what’s with those feelings of hers as a bit of opposition, but I decided to just go to where she is and place a hand on her shoulder.

[Are you okay, Tomoe? I am sorry]

(Kukuku, those guys are getting relieved. Seriously, it is because they are so naive that the demon race is playing them like a fiddle. How stupid) (Tomoe)

It was a waste to even try to act worried.

In the end, she asked me to leave her alone for a while and I gave her the permission to. After that, we reached the courtyard where Tomoe separated from us.

When she said ‘alone’, she secretly told me in thought transmission that she will be in Asora, so Tomoe is in Asora right now.

And that’s why, if we teleport now, it would be bad.

“The battle’s outcome will hinge on how much power the heroes possess. Well, the demon race has already taken that into account, and that’s why they are aiming for a short decisive battle. As long as there’s no special situation occurring, the events will advance as the demon race planned” (Shiki)

“Is there a good hand we can play while we are in Rotsgard?” (Makoto)

“Yes. It may be bad for us to head there ourselves, but if it’s, for example, the winged-kin and the Gorgon who no one knows their connection with us; and there’s also the choice on sending the Arkes to provide support” (Shiki)

“That’s not a viable option. To send someone from Asora to a battlefield where none of us is in, that’s an absolute no. Also, the winged-kin fly in the sky you know? Won’t they turn into good targets?” (Makoto)

“… Waka-sama, the winged-kin is quite the strong race. Maybe they can even bring down a country by themselves. Try watching a fight of them against the other races. It is just that their ability to fight against Waka-sama is despairingly low. Also, the Gorgons, if they were sent out to the battlefield, they possess a terrifying ability that can end the battle. At worst, we can arbitrarily dispel the petrification of the ones we want to. No problems there. It is not a petrification that brings instant-death. They are very special ability-users after all” (Shiki)

When I reject the idea of using only the people residing in Asora as fighting force, Shiki comes at me in a slightly serious manner.

Are the winged-kin actually strong?

Not only can’t they take my arrows, they even fly all the way into the sky and hide over the clouds. Those kind of weak beings.

Even the Gorgons, if you create a barrier against petrification, their only weapon left would be their moving hair.

I really can’t agree to sending only them to fight, and on top of that, it is a battlefield.

“Hmph… If Shiki says so, I will check it out some other time. But this time is a pretty serious attack from the demon race right? Also, there’s the chance that the hero will see them as mamonos and attack them. I don’t want that to happen” (Makoto)

“Hm… If you say so, it can’t be helped. Thinking about the success rate and the demerits on our side, I thought it would be a good plan though” (Shiki)

“I don’t want to simply abandon the hero, but we can’t just straightforwardly go there. How troublesome. Uhm, hey Shiki, we were talking about the Kingdom all this time but, what about the Empire? If that’s the true decoy, then there’s not much need to worry about that side?” (Makoto)

I notice that we have only been talking about the Kingdom.

Right, there’s two heroes.

“That’s the point I can’t see clearly yet. Honestly speaking, I don’t know. I do have something in mind, but I wonder if that’s actually correct” (Shiki)

“Can you tell me please?” (Makoto)

“For the demon race to do a two-sided attack, they still have too few fighting force. Moreover, the forces at the Empire are dispersed. I don’t feel like they are aiming for the capital at that side. But if the Empire discovers that the battle there is a decoy, the Empire’s hero has a dragon that is boasted for their high mobility, so he will most likely go there to provide support. The demons that haven’t brought down the Limia capital will be caught in a pincer attack by the Limia hero and the Empire hero. It seems the Empire’s hero is good against many enemies, so his power isn’t something they can ignore. The longer the fight prolongs, the chances the people stationed at Stella Fort for the attack will regroup with the capital, and not only will the demons have inferior numbers, they might even be wiped out. If that were to happen, everything will turn out as pointless” (Shiki)

“Yeah” (Makoto)

“So there should be a reason why they dispersed their forces at the Empire, but I don’t know the reason clearly yet. I am thinking that maybe the Dragon Slayer Waka-sama talked about before is slipped in one of the units heading to the Empire. If they were to use her to completely hold the hero back, I don’t know the reason for dispersing the forces, but I would understand how it would work to reinforce the plan to attack Limia. But the Dragon Slayer siding with the demon race is something that is not well known yet. If she were to fight in this kind of battle, the truth that she is a traitor will spread through the whole world. I wonder if that person would actually do something like that, is what I am mulling over right now” (Shiki)

“Sofia huh~ I don’t know about her at all. I have only met her once, so there’s no way I would know what she is thinking” (Makoto)

What we both have in common is that we have a superior dragon accompanying us.

But her way of thinking is something I can’t read.

“Depends on where Rona will be appearing huh. If it’s in the Empire, the Empire will really be a decoy, and the dispersal of their forces is to draw out the Empire. Is one way of thinking, but…” (Shiki)

It seems like both the Kingdom and the Empire are in a pretty precarious situation.

Limia’s side seems worse, so I think that something should be done.

They are fellow Japanese after all.

To think that something like this was happening in the world while we were moving in Rotsgard.

I feel like this matter will become big.


“The miraculous move Makoto-kun did unawarely, the restoration of the thought transmission at that timing; I thought the hero killing plan of the demon race would progress perfectly, but it seems like it will be slightly stormy” (Root)

On a tower at the corner of the Academy, Root looks at Makoto and Shiki who are close to the gate.

Quite the eyesight.

Normally, it would be impossible to see them from that distance.

The most that someone with good eyes would be able to do is see those two as a speck.

At night, it would be even more difficult.

“With that one move, it would be like denying his connection with the demon race. On top of that, showing the power of the Kuzunoha Company to the various countries, they are now seen as a threat. Well, they did obtain a big advantage which is to have everyone in Rotsgard like Kuzunoha Company” (Root)

If the timing were faster, or a bit slower, it would have been possible that it would turn harder for Kuzunoha Company to deny their connection with the demon race.

The actions of Tomoe also influenced, but the setting she created from the very beginning was a bit slow, is how Root saw it in his point of view.

Makoto’s timing was good and it was at pinpoint. Not only that, it wasn’t his own proposition but something an authority forcefully pushed onto him.

It was a timing that many people thought as something that wasn’t his aim and intention.

A chance that even the person himself can’t determine, a moment that he didn’t even know would be coming.

It isn’t something that can be aimed for.

It is something that can’t be done unless you have been born in ‘that kind’ of star.

Root can’t do anything but laugh.

But well, there was also another emotion mixed in aside from his irresistible urge to laugh.

“It is Makoto-kun after all. Even if he is below a star where he draws a jackpot from time to time, he perpetrates all those things. Even at this time, it even made me think that he drew a joker along with that ace” (Root)

That’s right.

He had no basis, but Makoto is not lucky.

Root knows that well.

That’s why Root doesn’t think that Makoto just earned that unexpected achievement.

Ending in a fight with a superior dragon without aiming for it, encountering a calamity spider, unable to understand the words of the people he met, having a normal appearance and still be looked down for it; no matter where you see it, he was always involved in something.

Root thinks: he has ‘that kind’ of fate.

“Furthermore, he has changed all of those into pluses and has reached up to this point. This time, just what will you do next~!!” (Root)

Suddenly opening wide those eyes of enjoyment, he turns towards the empty sky.

“Impossible! You shouldn’t be able to move yet! Woman, you also push yourself way too hard!!” (Root)

The expression of agitation and astonishment that Root was showing right now would surprise Makoto if he were to see it.

A rift appears in the clouds that have been covering the sky the whole day and a sunlight shines through it.

A golden light falls from the night sky.

A section of Rotsgard town was basked by a divine light that would make anyone that sees it unconsciously feel solemnity.

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