Chapter 151: The Goddess’ circumstances, Makoto’s obstinacy

“Waka-sama, it’s Bug!!” (Shiki)

Shiki’s agitated voice.

Those words were a signal.

This is one of the countermeasures we made since the time I was kidnapped by ‘that person’.

The signal that denotes the interference of the Goddess.

Soon after Shiki’s words…

A golden light stretched out from the night sky we were looking at.

A lingering curtain of light, a thin vertical light as if it were forcibly cutting the night.

It can be seen as beautiful and majestic, but for me it was a light that only brings disgust inside of me.

There’s no mistake, it is her.

The moment I heard the signal, I reflexively began composing the aria.

Kidnapping countermeasure.

I wasn’t expecting to use it in this moment though.

The image of the spell, the structure, was pretty simple.

Against the storm-like forced teleport, I drop down an anchor and endure it.

That’s all it is.

Shiki who instantly came to my side, and I, were basked by that light.

When I looked up at it, I felt width in it and its range is quite vast.

It is enveloping the main gate of the Academy and even a part of its garden that’s located pretty deep.

Maybe it identified us, the spot of the light was growing narrower, and at the same time, I felt a power as if trying to drag me up.

I felt pulling power.

In other words, I am resisting her power.

I feel slightly happy that I am able to go against the power of the Goddess.

Because I am able to feel that I have progressed since last time.

“What tremendous power. Waka-sama, are you okay?!” (Shiki)

“No problems yet. Tch, she should just give up quickly and disappear. Kugh, so long!” (Makoto)

The interference time is long.

I am able to resist it for now.

It is still possible to go against it, but just like Shiki said, it is still not over yet.

The longer it continues, the more the anchor I have created is being scraped off. In time, it will definitely disappear completely.

This is what’s called a battle of attrition.

At the same time, I thought about attacking, but I didn’t know ‘where’ she was, so I was unable to.

“… Waka-sama, a problem” (Shiki)

“What?!” (Makoto)

“This might gather the attention of the hyumans. They will most likely notice that this light originates from the Goddess. And the people that see us going against it would…” (Shiki)



This is the Academy’s main gate.

Even if there isn’t many people around, it doesn’t mean there’s none.

This is… bad.


The power placed in the teleport gets stronger.

That Bug!

Her timing is god-like.

Is she a genius in harassment?!

“Waka-sama, this could nullify all of our efforts in these few days. There’s way too many inconveniences in having the Church label us as enemies of God. For now I have covered the surroundings in darkness, but I don’t know when it will be blown away by the power of a God” (Shiki)

Shiki is quite composed.

Here I am, totally against being played around by that Bug again though!

… Damn it.

Everyone did their best as members of the company.

I also did my best.

I think the situation was going well until now.

… Damn iiit!!

I didn’t lose this battle because of our powers okay?

Just take me, you bastard.

Power leaves my body.

In terms of time, it was around 10 seconds.

My battle with the Goddess ended with me losing.

Fortunately, the ones who saw the light of the Goddess and came here the fastest, most likely have not recognized Shiki and I yet.

I was grateful of Shiki’s advice from the bottom of my heart.

We were dragged up along with quite the amount of stone paving and ground at our surroundings, and were engulfed by the light.

“Thanks Shiki. If I was alone there, I would have definitely competed with her out of obstinacy. I am sorry for having you accompany me” (Makoto)

“I never expected a day would come where I would meet the Goddess. D-Don’t mind it, this will be good experience” (Shiki)

Even if you tell me that with a pale face, it is totally unconvincing Shiki.

In the first place, I don’t know if she will show her face.

I was even doubting that.

Soon after that exchange, Shiki and I were brought to that platinum space that I first saw when I came to this world.

I am grateful that earth and stone didn’t fall on top of us.


The place where I heard that person’s, that Goddess’ voice.

At that the time when I thought I would punch her once when I came back here, I thought I would be the one that would be stepping into her territory.

But remembering the sensation from just now, it seems my countermeasures were not enough.

… Really, it just doesn’t go as I expect.

I am still far from the God realm huh.

Even if she is rotten, she is still a Goddess after all.

For some reason, memories of the time when I was dropped into the wasteland were popping up in my mind.


Why… Why do I have to come here again by the convenience of that Bug?!

“Wa-Waka-sama?” (Shiki)


Shiki probably noticed my state, he timidly calls me.

But I silently take out the *uchine* from my pocket. <Weapon that can be used as a throwing weapon and as a dagger. Chapter 76>

It is originally bigger and something that can’t be carried in one’s pocket, but I asked them to be made one size smaller, so it can be used as a hidden weapon.

I unsheathe the scabbard that covers the blade, and hold the long string coming from the hilt in my hand.

I swing the uchine in the air.

Bending my body to half its size, I think of the uchine as a part of my body… and in one breath, I release it forward to one point.


Shiki looks at the point where the uchine crashes into.

In the room partition we don’t know till how long and to where it reaches to, the uchine pierced a glittering wall that was several meters away from us and several cracks appeared.

Sadly, it seems there wasn’t enough power. In time, without making a noise, it fell.

The cracks stayed there for a while, but in the end, they disappeared.

Even if the Goddess is rotten, she is still a God huh.

I let my anger drive me for a moment and vented it onto the walls, but after witnessing one attack, I was able to calm down a bit.

It may be dangerous to deal with her right now.

I have a lot of thoughts about her, and I do think that I should be as calm as possible.

But… honestly, I have no self-confidence in maintaining my calm in front of the Bug.

“This is probably the domain of the Goddess. I have been here before” (Makoto)

Retrieving my uchine, I gave a late reply to Shiki.

“So it really is huh” (Shiki)

Shiki probably felt tense, he hangs his head down slightly.

Right, this time Shiki is here with me.

I feel a bit relieved.

Also, no matter where I am blown away in this world, I can still use thought transmission.

Even at the time when I was kidnapped to a battlefield, I didn’t pass through this place, but in the end I was able to escape to Asora.

That’s right.

There’s no need to be as scared as last time.

I can’t say that I will be able to surely defeat her, but I am getting closer to her.

“To be unable to react to it until it was so close, it was impossible to offset it with a counter. If I were on alert I might have been able to notice slightly faster. I am really sorry” (Shiki)

“No, it is fine to just properly do the countermeasure next time for sure. Shiki has also experienced the kidnapping experience, and the anchor was quite shaven off. I think that in the end it wouldn’t have worked anyways, so don’t mind it” (Makoto)

I respond to the words of Shiki that I can feel slight fear from.

Right after that, I received a thought transmission from Tomoe and Mio.

I told them to stay standby, action-ready, and cut the thought transmission.

While having them in standby at Asora, I leave substitutes at the Academy.

This is also one of the countermeasures.

I don’t know how much of our actions the Goddess is aware of, so just in case, move with caution.

With this, my card called Shiki has been discovered by the Goddess for sure.

I faintly think that Tomoe and Mio are still safe.

Hah~ but still, this is a shock.

It is true that I thought my first countermeasure would work against the Goddess.

But I still don’t know the details of the ring the demon race used, and the other party is still a God.

But but, the demon race was able to go against the Goddess, so I thought we would also be able to, you know?

Well, it is only one failure.

Let’s just leave it as: we will manage next time.

I don’t think the Goddess intents to instantly come kill us anyways.

“Y-Yes. But is it okay to be talking about this? If it’s the domain of the Goddess, won’t everything conversed here be transmitted to her?” (Shiki)

“Isn’t that fine? Because you know, even if she hears about it, we will be opposing her in the end, and even this time she should understand that we were trying to do something” (Makoto)

In the first place, is she really that almighty?

I don’t think she is as significant as Shiki thinks.

“… Waka-sama is pretty calm” (Shiki)

“I wonder why. Maybe I am just bored of this. I really am self-centered, probably can’t say much to Jin. Also, if that woman appears in front of me, I might be able to punch her once you know. To the king of self-centeredness” (Makoto)

In her case it would be queen? Oh well, who cares.

That’s how tired of this situation I am.

It is a surprisingly silent mental state.

“You really are making light of me now, Misumi”

“Oh, Goddess-sama, long time no see” (Makoto)

A presence appears.

A giant presence as if it existed in every part of this place.

I could tell that Shiki’s body was trembling.

Pinpointing her location is… not working.

“I ordered you to stay there for the rest of your life, and yet, you readily broke it. And on top of that, when I called you to let you help in the battlefield, you end up doing something absurd. You also acted violently in here a few moments ago, right? Do you understand your own standing?” (Bug)

Quite the big words for someone that kidnapped me.

Also, Tsukuyomi-sama approved my freedom.

Not a bug with the title of Goddess, but a God.


You suddenly made me fight with a Dragon Slayer, so I don’t think you have the right to say that.

Even if it wasn’t me, anyone would have escaped.

“Without any explanation of the situation, you suddenly had me fight with a scary person like the Dragon Slayer. Even if you are a God, isn’t that way too selfish?” (Makoto)

“… There’s no selfishness in the actions a God takes for the people. The ones being used should be trembling in happiness to receive that honor. ‘I have been given a trial’ is what they would say” (Bug)

“Surely you jest. It is sad that our way of thinking is completely different. And so, are we going to be blessed by your appearance this time?” (Makoto)

I receive her courteously.

Her every word is anger inducing.

Prejudice, no, in this case it would be first impressions.

It is quite the powerful thing.

That her presence can’t be pinpointed like a diffused reflection is also pissing me off.

I am pissed at myself for being unable to pinpoint her.

“How dare you say that after that manner of speech. I don’t have a shape to show the likes of you. Magic power and presence isolation; thanks to you learning something troublesome like that, I had trouble finding your location lately. A moment ago it looked like it got stronger for a second, but right now it is so dim that I can’t tell if it’s there or not. I ended up using the priests. To think that you were actually in Academy Town, you really entered pretty deep huh. Hm? The one with you is… a hyuman? No, that’s not it. But his magic power is certainly that of a hyuman… but it is similar to Misumi, quite the diluted presence” (Bug)


An indication as if sounding out.

It seems she is interested in Shiki.

He was previously a hyuman, but in terms of magic power, he is a lich. Isn’t his magic power that of an undead?

This woman really knows how to push my buttons.

It is mortifying that I don’t know where she is. I can’t grasp her presence.

Because I used [Sakai] to search for her location, my magic power leaked out, and it seems she firmly noticed that.

It looks like Shiki also can’t grasp the location of the Goddess. How troublesome.

Now that I think about it, the reason I came to this world, and all the trouble as well; there would be no problems if she didn’t do all of those and just obediently made me a hero instead of doing stupid things.

Leaving aside that I ended up fighting the demon race like she wanted.

I wouldn’t have been attacked by a supreme dragon in the wasteland, and I wouldn’t have been called an unsightly man by the hyumans.

Even the business, I might not have done it.

“Well, that’s fine. No matter if you are a demi-human or a Golem, it seems you don’t hold a significant amount of power anyways. Now then, Misumi. I will be sending you to Limia, save the hero. Because of the surprise attack of the demon race, the situation isn’t that good. Seriously, what impertinent fellows” (Bug)

“Goddess-sama should go then. No need to rely on an ugly person like me” (Makoto)

I respond to her filled with sarcasm.

Shiki has not said a single word since that woman arrived.

Maybe he lost his words because of his first meeting with a God.

A conversation with only the voice can be called a meeting?

And so, the surprise attack of the demon race.

To save the hero.

If I remember correctly, the last time was a fight close to the Limia capital, right?

The capital and Stella Fort are close so can’t they just regroup?

The demon race’s real objective is the Limia hero, from what Shiki judged.

The Goddess went as far as to try using me, so it seems there’s no doubt the situation is quite the precarious one.

… The Empire’s hero has not headed there to provide support right?

In other words, the chances that Shiki’s reading was correct is pretty high.

“No need to tell me. If I could do it, I would have. Gods have their own God circumstances. Circumstances that someone like you doesn’t have the qualifications to know. If it were limited interference it would be one thing, but do you think a God can just nonchalantly descend?” (Bug)

She asks me with a tone as if considering me an idiot from the bottom of her heart.

Like hell I would know!

You ask someone that has been raised in a world where one wouldn’t even know if there’s actually a God out there?!

“But last time even the demon race was able to block that interference of yours, you know?” (Makoto)

“I won’t let that kind of thing happen twice. Hm, I don’t have the time to talk with you. The only answer is justice. Go” (Bug)

Did the situation deteriorate?

The Goddess’ voice faintly stopped, and her tone changed to a slightly faster one.

But to be teleported no questions asked, I decline.

Because in the end I would end up doing as she told, that’s no fun.

Especially if I am following the words of this Goddess.

“Even if you do it, at the worst, I might turn to the demon race side, you know?” (Makoto)

Feeling her magic power in effect, I tell her my will with a loud voice.

I create an anchor again.

If it’s true that the Goddess can’t freely provide support for the heroes and interfere at her will in the battlefield, doesn’t that mean I can strike a deal here?

This is what I thought with my mind that was unexpectedly clear.

I don’t know if it will go as I expect, but the power of the Goddess begins to lessen.

“… Are you seriously saying that? You are, in outline, a person connected to hyumans. And the heroes are humans born in the same world as you, you know? To go to the demon race without saving them, there shouldn’t be a single reason for that. I am not so free as to accompany such stupid defiance” (Bug)


Don’t mess around!!

“Ahahaha!! Isn’t there a reason?! It’s because I hate you! It’s because I don’t want to obey your will! How is that? Don’t you think I would totally get along with the demon race?!” (Makoto)

I remember the time when the Merchant Guild’s representative made a sudden change in attitude.

There’s a part of me that wants to see what kind of reaction the Goddess would make, but I unconsciously took an attitude like the representative and shouted with a loud voice. Maybe I should have gone all the way and used ‘ore’ to make it sound more violent? For some reason, saying ‘ore’ is strangely difficult. <Informal way of saying ‘I’>

I have been using ‘boku’ for a long time, so I feel like it won’t change in my lifetime.

Oh right, leaving that aside…

I don’t really mind if a deal is not made.

It isn’t like I don’t want to go to Limia to save the hero.

I do think that this was an act out of my quick temper. That thing about the deal was also just something that came to my mind and I haven’t decided what to do yet. There haven’t been many things that have gone well in this world when I run by myself and do something on my own.

I know that painfully well!


The Goddess’ remarks haven’t changed at all since then, and that really pissed me.

Anger welled inside of me with no way to contain it.

Even my throat felt as if something was gathering, and I felt like I was acting according to my emotions.

“What a stupid childish temper. Denying the only God in this world, just what do you intend to do? You and the demon race, no, the residents in this whole world won’t be able to live without my divine protection” (Bug)

“Don’t make me laugh. I have been living for several years in that kind of world. Actually, the hyumans that are living clinging to God and mindlessly relying on it is what I can’t understand!” (Makoto)

Things like blessings or divine protection; the hyumans are just strange.

At least try to develop magic and techniques by yourselfs.

If you are boasting big words like being the only God, I think your duty is to properly lead them to strive for other things aside from beauty. Only teaching them to pointlessly look down on the demi-humans.

“Putting your previous world in the same plane as other worlds is proof of your ignorance. In this world I am the rule. If you don’t intend to follow it, I am fine with erasing you here and now you know?” (Bug)

“Poorly made threat. If you were able to do that, you would have done that after that previous teleport incident. Because it seems I didn’t move like you wanted me to after all. You are not an absolute rule, you are lying. What God. You can’t even change this crooked world as you wish, a defective product!” (Makoto)

I have been thinking a lot about things regarding the Goddess.

That is, the fact that she used a method like human summonings to resolve her problems.

The current state of the world is also telling me that.

Even now, she is being bound by what she calls the rules of Gods and using me to go save the heroes.

Even I can tell that she is taking desperate measures.

“… I see. It seems bringing you here to this domain was too much of a service for someone like you. Without being able to see my figure, you will now…” (Bug)


I felt a chill run down my spine.

“Goddess-sama, the people from the meeting are saying that if you are going to make them wait any longer, they will enter by force!”

“!! Time and time! Just understand it already, I am saying that I don’t want to go to that meeting!” (Bug)

A different voice reverberates in the space. It seems to be in a hurry.

I could feel the presence I felt from my back growing further away. I could tell that my emotions were calming down.

As if what was welling up was silently returning to my stomach.

Maybe I said too much?

Honestly, my anger was ignoring my reason and I was blurting out thoughtless words.

To stay composed with her, is still difficult for the current me.

That’s how much I have been accumulating inside of me.

To only tell me the things to do and use me left and right, I really can’t tolerate that.

I did think there was a reason why the Goddess didn’t erase me but, maybe there’s some sort of obstacle from the shadows?

Honestly, I don’t know till how far I can fight against her right now.

I do want to try it. No, I wanted to try it.

Because she is the very cause for everything that’s happening.

But when I returned to my senses, I saw the whole body of Shiki trembling.

He isn’t trembling out of excitement. He is trembling because of fear.

I have exposed Shiki to quite the danger.

I still don’t clearly know my winning percentage against the Goddess.

Shiki probably has some sort of indicator and that’s why he is trembling.

In that case, that most likely means it is still not time yet.

Certainly, I still haven’t thought of a way to bring out her real form yet.

It might be possible if I use all the output of [Sakai] for perception though.

“But this is from the original world’s-”

“I understand! I will go right away! You return and calm them down–” (Bug)

“Kyaaa, KYAAAA!”

“Kugh, don’t tell me, they are forcing their way?! That no-brain!” (Bug)

I felt slight gratefulness towards the subordinate of the Goddess that interrupted.

I was able to create a blank time for me.

Thinking time.

But sadly, that time was stopped by a scream that was totally not normal.

“Misumi! I now understand that you bear dissatisfaction towards me. Then let’s make this the last time. From now on, as long as you don’t show straightforward antagonism towards the hyumans, I won’t interfere with you. How about that?” (Bug)

That… sounds kinda nice.

But this is a proposition of hers.

Even if I obediently accept it, my heart won’t settle.

Even if I was probably about to be erased just a few moments ago, it doesn’t mean my anger towards the Goddess has withered.

It may be too soon to fight her, but I still want to oppose her in some way.

“That won’t be enough. By your demand, I am going to directly go save a hero I have no relations to, right?” (Makoto)

“… I see. So you were grumbling because you wanted a reward. Hmph, I don’t like that greed of you humans. Even my hyumans, I was unable to take out that part of them from the base of humans they were made of. Being a hyuman but living as a human, that’s quite the fitting avarice. Well, you are lucky. Your narrow escape from death just now was also lucky, but right now I don’t have the time to spare for negotiations. Say what you want, but say it right this instant” (Bug)

This instant?!

What should I ask for?

It is not like I was expecting it would happen.

Honestly speaking, I was just aiming to pester her.

If I am going to get something, what I currently need is…

The dwarfs make equipment already.

In terms of magic, I already have the comprehension this woman gave me, and in terms of amount, I probably have more magic power than the Goddess.

In that case, change this outward appearance?

Not even as a joke.

I have been living with this appearance since I have been born.

I don’t have a single intent to go so far as to ask this woman to become a beauty.

What to do?

What should I do?

“Time’s up. Without even deciding what you want and saying you want something, that’s literally the greed of a child” (Bug)

“… In that case, I want this person to receive the blessing of common language. We have been on alert of you, so we haven’t gone to a temple to ask”

A voice resounds from my side.


I see, language.

Being able to use common language would be convenient.

I have been so used to written communication that I didn’t think about it.

It even feels like a moderate wish and not an excessive one.

“I don’t remember allowing your speech, weakling. But… hmph, common language? You can’t speak?” (Bug)

“Yeah, because of your curse” (Makoto)

“I only excluded hyuman words from your ‘comprehension’. For you to be unable to speak even when studying it, your incompetence is lower than demi-humans, Misumi” (Bug)

“… Do you have the time to pick a fight, Goddess?” (Makoto)

Ah, amazing.

Even if I don’t consciously do it, harsh words just come out naturally.

I wonder how much I hate this woman.

Or maybe this is the backlash for trying to speak courteously with her in the beginning?

“You are missing the -sama. Just how far are you going to anger me. As expected of the child of the people that casted aside my world. It’s okay. Something like that, I can pay it to you in advance. Ara, it doesn’t enter? How strange. Something like this, shouldn’t be unable to enter” (Bug)

My body. Accurately speaking, my head.

I felt a strange sensation as if my brain was being grabbed by two hands and it’s being fondled.

Is obtaining common language something this disgusting?!


“It hurts? How strange. But it should be fine right? You were the one that wished for it, so if something happens because of it, it isn’t my fault. Even if you die, properly understand that it is not my responsibility okay? This is something you wished for after all” (Bug)

The sensation gets stronger.

An eerie sensation as if my brain is being crumpled. A pain resembling migraine intermittently reverberates.

Ugh… what a terrible sensation.

I don’t want to groan in front of this woman even if it kills me, so I just distort my expression and endure the pain.

I was stumped by a strong vomiting sensation.

“Hmph, done. Well then, you promised. An agreement between a human and a God, if you don’t fulfill it, when that happens, prepare yourself. Push aside the danger approaching the hero, and let’s see, while at it, bring down that Fort. If you can’t, die. No, you will do it even if it kills you” (Bug)

“The contents are… the heroes’ protection, and to bring down Stella Fort. These two points, no mistake right?” (Makoto)

I confirm the Goddess’ deal.

Damn it, if with this I am still unable to speak common language, I will never forgive this woman.

“… Yeah, disappear at once! Ugh, they are already here. I will head there now…” (Bug)

A sudden floating sensation.

This is… the same as last time.

The presence of the Goddess radically grows further away along with her words.

Her way of saying anything she wants and not waiting for the other side’s response is basically still the same huh.

I even think it was close to a miracle that this negotiation was possible.

Maybe the guests of the original world, or whatever it is they were talking about, turned into a tailwind for me?

Please let the Bug have a bad time with those possible guests.

“Waka-sama, a nosebleed… and also, there’s blood coming out from your eyes” (Shiki)

I wipe below my nose and the corner of my eye.

Blood was thickly sticking to it.

“Eh, you are right. Damn it. She didn’t do anything excessive to my body right?” (Makoto)

It should be fine, right?

I have experienced nosebleeds before, but having blood coming out from my eyes, doesn’t that sound bad?

“Waka-sama, that is… as expected, a God. I didn’t feel like I could provide any fighting force there. But in a near future, I will definitely—!!” (Shiki)

It seems Shiki realized his own powerlessness towards the Goddess.

I wonder how Tomoe and Mio will feel after hearing the story from Shiki later.

I was slightly interested.

But Shiki’s regret didn’t continue till the end.

Shiki and I were covered in an external power.

An unpleasant sensation as if forcefully pushing something unto me.

And then, as experience dictates, we were falling probably from a high altitude, tasting a sensation as if being wrenched from our lower body.

“Oooh?!” (Shiki)

“Shiki, I am happy for that decision of yours. Let’s both do our best” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama?! T-This is, just what in the world is?!” (Shiki)

“You know, this is my third time. I have already gotten used. I feel like I would be able to challenge all the scream-inducing attractions of any themepark. We are probably being sent straight to the Limia capital” (Makoto)

While the screaming Shiki clung to me, we pierce through the clouds while our vision spins. We were probably falling to the battlefield. I was pretty composed.

I think there’s quite a bit of time before we drop.

The dropping control is definitely self-service, so there’s probably the need to act in advance.

We are talking about that woman, so I probably can’t expect she will do something similar to what Tsukuyomi-sama did last time.

Right, the Goddess should be busy right now, so maybe I should call Tomoe and Mio.

… Wait.

Tomoe… and Mio.

If it’s these two…

No, Shiki said it too.

That I should evaluate the residents of Asora higher.

In that case… yeah.

… Let’s mobilize.

The world seems to be in chaos anyways.

(Tomoe, Mio) (Makoto)

I connect the thought transmission with those two.

It seems Shiki is still breathing deeply and in quite the chaotic state.

I should leave the orders to him for later.

(… You were safe, Waka. Was there any serious matter?) (Tomoe)

(That Goddess! What did that Goddess do to you, Waka-sama?! Are you hurt anywhere?!) (Mio)

(I am okay, both of you. Shiki felt her in a sense, so you can ask him for reference later. And so, I have something I want to ask both of you) (Makoto)

(Of course. No matter the place, we will be there. Where are you right now?) (Tomoe)

(Leave it to me!! I will immediately be by your side~) (Mio)

(I am probably in the sky of the Limia capital. But you both don’t need to come) (Makoto)



Tomoe and Mio are surprised by my words.

Hm, what should I do?

The winged-kin and the Gorgons still leave me uneasy.

In that case…

(Tomoe, Mio, at this side Shiki and I will be fine. That’s why, you guys, and also the Highland Orcs and Mist Lizards, if there are people that want to, let those people in as well) (Makoto)

I stop my words for a moment.

Tomoe probably understood what I am trying to say. Emotions that can’t be turned into words were mixed, and I could even tell the atmosphere over at that side.

(Seize Kaleneon) (Makoto)

I can’t give detailed instructions.

Because I don’t know much about the place itself.

That’s why, after saying that, I added a few rough instructions, and leave Tomoe and Mio in Shiki’s hands.

I cut the thought transmission and breath in deeply.

Well then, now…

Strangely, as the battlefield gets ever closer, I could tell that my head grew clearer and colder.

In the end it is just me, but these kind of things excite me.

It feels as if I have broken from a shell and have changed.

“Shiki, I will control the dropping, so can you please envelop us in darkness to hide our figures?” (Makoto)

“U-Understood. I will try” (Shiki)

“After that…” (Makoto)

I was able to confirm a big town blazing up.

We barely made it in time.

It is a distance where I can tell that it isn’t the moonlight that is lighting up the night, but the light of a town burning up.

The figures of Shiki and I followed the trail of golden light, and we were enveloped by a ball of darkness, plunging directly into the Limia capital.


“… Hey, Mio” (Tomoe)


“Makes you boil, right?” (Tomoe)

“… Yeah, to the point of trembling” (Mio)

Without looking at each other, Tomoe and Mio who were in Asora, face their front with their eyes closed.

The Goddess’ interference. Their master’s second kidnapping.

The two of them had several things they wanted to tell Shiki who was with Makoto, but receiving a shock from the words of Makoto, they forgot about such a trivial thing.

It was an order that made them feel a change in Makoto’s mentality.

“With this, the four seasons will arrive in Asora-desu wa ne? You must be happy, Tomoe-san” (Mio)

“Fufu, you are stating the obvious, Mio. ‘Something like that’ doesn’t matter right now” (Tomoe)

Tomoe was trembling with a joy that controlled her body, and while her morale increased without any signs of stopping, her mouth slants.

The four seasons she wished for.

And yet, she called that wish of hers ‘something like that’.

“This is the first time-ja. The first time Waka himself has ordered us to fight for his sake, to head to the battlefield. I see, so this is how it feels-ja na… Waka wishes for Kaleneon, and has ordered us to obtain it. Kukukuku!!!” (Tomoe)

“Seriously… I am of course happy to move for that person’s sake, but to be relied upon in this way and have him leave things to us, I didn’t know it would feel so good” (Mio)

What’s important for these girls is the reality that Makoto has given them a spontaneous order.

Until now, Makoto has asked them for many things, and has also ordered them as well.

But at those times, instead of calling them something Makoto purely wanted, they were all things that had some other intention in mind.

Even Kaleneon was information he received from the librarian Eva who worked at Rotsgard Academy.

But this region was related to Makoto’s parents, so he held strong interest in it.

He thought a lot about it himself, and he reached the conclusion that he ‘wished’ for it.

Tomoe and Mio’s master, Misumi Makoto, said that he wanted it. They would obtain it by his orders and present it to him.

They will grant their master’s self-interest.

That made them unbearably happy.

“He said that: ‘For starters, it is fine with just the place I pointed out’, but… you understand right, Mio?” (Tomoe)

“Of course. The whole region, the demon race, and also all implicated party will disappear-desu wa” (Mio)

“Umu, I would want to go right this instant and rampage-ja ga. But it seems Waka has also acknowledged the races that reside in Asora-ja. We have to share this joy with them as well. As the servants of Waka living in the same Asora” (Tomoe)

“… Yeah. The lizards and the orcs, was it?” (Mio)

Makoto has given them the minimum instructions.

‘The place Tomoe pointed out in a map last time, the area where the territory of Kaleneon once was, obtain that area’ is what he ordered.

And regarding that, he didn’t just assign Tomoe and Mio, but that he wouldn’t mind letting in the Highland Orcs and Mist Lizards that want to participate.

For Makoto who only saw the demi-humans and mamonos living in Asora as targets of protection and friends, those were words that one would not expect from him.

But he really did say it.

He said ‘the ones who wanted to participate’, but Tomoe and Mio were sure that as soon as they tell them the story, not only the unit that was staying in standby in case they were called to Rotsgard, even the other ones will arm themselves and will want to participate.

Actually, Tomoe felt that the lizards, who were called to Rotsgard, were the ones that pulled the least appealing task.

The two already passed through the whole residence of Makoto and were leaving with the troops that were inside the mansion. They were telling the circumstances to every race.

Tomoe headed to the residential lands of the Lizards; Mio headed to the residential lands of the Orcs. After a slight difference in time, a roar occurs.

A war cry of happiness.

Tomoe and Mio nod in satisfaction, and tell the warriors about Makoto’s words and objective with a meek countenance.

“Waka is also fighting in another place. Listen here, we will present Waka with a perfect victory” (Tomoe)

“The days you have passed training in Asora, Waka-sama has acknowledged it. It is unforgivable to betray any of those two. Face the challenge with your all” (Mio)

The words of the chiefs, Tomoe and Mio, resonated silently.

And at the same time, a giant mist gate that’s rarely seen in Asora appeared.

There were no words for this moment.

Following the two that were walking, the mixed units of Lizards and Orcs silently cross the gate and disappear.

Maybe they didn’t want the fire inside of them leaking out even if for one bit, they kept their mouth shut and were deliberately accumulating it for that instant when it explodes.

At this day, Asora approaches their first campaign.

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