Chapter 149: Enquiry with Shiki-sensei

The Academy’s main entrance.

In these several days, it is a place that has no people around when it is late at night.

Normally, it is a gate that would have lights on like a nightless city, and there would also be decent amount of students coming and going.

And yet, right now it is just like an antique lamp with a magic formation, shining dimly into the lonely streets.

Shiki and I; only the two of us were walking there. We didn’t really have any target location in mind, we were just separating from the noisy place.

If something happens we will run there, but I think they won’t call me so soon.

“The Limia King and the Empire’s Princess as well. They were showing quite the agitation” (Shiki)

“If their capital city is being attacked, isn’t that the obvious state? Even in this world, as expected, it is still bad when your capital is attacked huh” (Makoto)

“Right. It depends on the situation, but in this case where they are receiving a surprise attack, I think it would be considered quite the ‘bad’ situation” (Shiki)

“Then they would definitely be agitated. But it seems there’s Rona and one other demon general. Why are those guys attacking themselves when they were encamped in the Stella Fort that is boasted as the impenetrable wall? If they leave, they will lose that defensive power, right?” (Makoto)

“If their objective is to chip off their opponent’s forces, it would be better to not leave. But it’s a war, so they must attack at some point in time, or they won’t be able to defeat their opponent. Moreover, if they give their opponent the impression that they are usually secluded in their fortress, it would be easy to make a surprise attack” (Shiki)

I try asking about the demon race advance that I heard a while ago, with Shiki.

The imperial capital Asuta and Luinas. Honestly speaking, I don’t understand the reason why they made a simultaneous attack.

From what I have learned in history class, having two battles at the same time in war is normally a bad move.

If you want to do something like that, you must have quite the difference in power, or you will be defeated.

I haven’t heard the details about numbers and the strategy, but I kind of understood the words my history teacher was trying to say.

Because I think that even if there are two enemies, it would definitely be easier to defeat them one by one instead of going for both at the same time after all.

Moreover, if the demon race gets attacked by both countries at the same time, they possess the means to defend against it.

Making a conjecture from what Tomoe said, I don’t think the demon race has that much leeway to go into the offensive though.

“Well, the objective of the demon race is to defeat the hyumans, so attacking isn’t something strange” (Makoto)

“Limia and Gritonia who understand the state of the battle of both countries, it seems their agitation differs slightly. Even if they possess a hero, there’s no way they wouldn’t know… No, they are hyumans, so it might be possible?” (Shiki)

Shiki seems to be trying to answer me, and it also looks like he is asking himself.

I think he also needs to arrange his thoughts regarding this matter of the demon race advance.

Well even if I say this, he probably has a clearer image than me.

Mio is still taking care of something and hasn’t returned yet. And Tomoe is in Asora.

Having Shiki tell me is the fastest way.

Root is also an option, but he went somewhere with Sairitz-san, so I can’t just force myself in between them.

“Is there anything strange?” (Makoto)

“When the demon race stopped their advance, they used their time arranging their domestic affairs, making military preparations, and researching techniques. Plainly said, they were increasing the power of their country” (Shiki)

The latter half was really easy to understand.

They stopped their steps in order to increase their power.

“Yeah, if I remember correctly, they increased their territory, so they needed the time to stabilize, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. In other words, they are not the selves that made a big march in the past. This is a matter of course” (Shiki)

“They even have a tool that blocks the interference of the Goddess, so that’s a given” (Makoto)

“They probably have already predicted that they would create a countermeasure for them. The demon race currently possesses magic that surpasses the hyumans. The hyumans obviously should have this in mind already, but…” (Shiki)

“But?” (Makoto)

“Looking at the reaction of both countries, it felt as if they didn’t expect it at all. Even I understand the content of the demon race attack this time. They were taking their time developing magic formations that can hide, so they utilized this and divided the units in subdivisions, slowly mobilizing them by hiding in the forests and valleys. After that, they used a teleportation marker, and had the others teleport to where they are. In the Empire’s case, they did it in several points, but I don’t think the method differed much. The only thing they most likely did was just increase the number of markers” (Shiki)

“… I see” (Makoto)

It’s certainly true that the demon race easily infiltrated this town by disguising as hyumans, and there were also in Lorel.

A spell that fakes the appearance.

Then what Shiki said: “concealing a unit”, might be possible.

When I met with Sairitz-san, I asked her about those two demons disguised as guards, and it seems those two returned by the order of the country.

In other words, in Lorel there’s at least another demon infiltrated who is in a position that can give out orders.

The demons seemed to be trying to recruit me, but thinking about the relationship between the demon race and the hyumans, I am most likely a special case. There’s probably demons infiltrated in the countries.

The teleportation as well, they just need to make a marker in the coast of a lake and have them gather there. It isn’t that difficult of a thing.

If the demon race also has the knowledge of Shiki, it isn’t something they wouldn’t be able to do.

Be it thought transmission, disguising, or teleportation skill; the demon race is quite ahead of the hyumans.

Hyumans are used to receiving from the Goddess and spirits, so they don’t have the conception of developing by themselves like the demon race. Only a few of them possess that way of thinking, and that makes a big difference.

From what I can guess, the difference is comparable to the Industrial Revolution of Europe and that of Asia. But the hyumans have the blessing of the Goddess and her assistance. This is proof that the composition is, so to speak, quite different.

“If the hyumans evaluate the demon race’s magic as low, or they think that they will somehow be able to get through this with only the Goddess’ blessing… they might lose” (Shiki)

“No way” (Makoto)

“No, I also think there’s no way they would do that. There’s no way they would think that they already have victory because of the Goddess’ awakening and the descent of the heroes. And countries in the frontline like Limia and Gritonia should have stolen a few techniques of the demons” (Shiki)

“Well, if the enemy has superior technique, that’s the obvious course of action right?” (Makoto)

“But they weren’t able to handle this level of thought transmission jamming. Don’t you think it is strange that the King and the princess were unable to personally deal with it? They are statesmen; not technicians nor magicians. But if they are unable to send thought transmissions from their own capital, which possesses their specialists, to this town, that means they haven’t even stolen the technique to use thought transmission in the battlefield” (Shiki)



“Also, the Limia King and the Gritonia Princess said that the attack to this town was a decoy. And they said it in a way that seemed as if they didn’t know what would happen next” (Shiki)

“Why? People of important positions gathered at Rotsgard, and the demons create an incident they can’t neglect. It pissed me that they did so without caring that I am here but, this being a decoy shouldn’t be a mistake right?” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama, please excuse me. This town was probably in its essence, buying time, or maybe just a simple set off. The point is, this was only something to avert their eyes even if for an instant. Just by having royalty level people coming to Rotsgard, the plan had already achieved the minimum success. In the worst case, where no troops from any country mobilize, it wouldn’t have been a problem for the demons. At that time, the variants would overflow in all parts of the town and Rotsgard would have fallen. There’s no demerits for the demon race. And in truth, if we weren’t here, the Academy wouldn’t have been able to find the weak point and by this moment, the town would have over a hundred variants” (Shiki)

By the second day, the increment stopped practically completely and didn’t reach the hundreds, but well, I do understand the point.

If the issue was left untouched, there would have probably been several hundreds appearing.

In the current state, the hyumans can push back the variants with pure numbers.

“Yeah, this town would have probably been done for. With no chance for reinforcements to come. The reinforcements that would have come might have entered the stage where they have to stop the variants from spreading” (Makoto)

“No matter how much the variants rampage, there’s no demerits for the demon race. It is actually a grateful thing. Because that would only mean that hyumans will not see the danger approaching from their backs after all” (Shiki)

“Then the town is in a better state than what Rona was planning it to be” (Makoto)

“Yeah. In that woman’s plans, it may be a success, but this might be one of the bad scenarios. She was able to somehow draw a part of the Kingdom and Empire’s army, and the reinforcements from Aion that were planned to be used for the attack at Stella Fort are being held back in the neighboring towns. I think, at most, she is grieving at the fact that the time she put onto this plan is not giving the appropriate results” (Shiki)

“What about Lorel?” (Makoto)

“You did say that they have demons infiltrated in their escorts, but she probably estimated that Lorel would only send supplies at most. Rona probably thought about pillaging and obstructing, but since the demons here were withdrawn, I don’t know the particulars” (Shiki)

Sounds scary.

So they were even planning to cut off supplies.

Truly what I call a worthy decoy!

“Isn’t that a splendid decoy?” (Makoto)

“… If that were really the case, they would have probably made the scale a bit wider. Rona’s true decoy is… the Empire, Waka-sama” (Shiki)



I was surprised by the sudden words of Shiki that sounded as if he were sure of it.

There shouldn’t be that much difference in the amount of information he and I have, and yet, how was he able to reach to that conclusion?!

So the small silence before his words were because he was amazed?

I am actually trying my best here you know.

… Please give me a bit more time.

“From the Kingdom, all troops march from the same direction; at the Empire, they are divided in several places, ones at the direction of Stella and others from Ruinas; and then, there’s also the nature of both countries’ main forces. On top of that, there’s the demon race’s current state, period and season. As long as the truth that they are attacking stands, their aim is the Kingdom” (Shiki)

His eyes flashed.

Ah, he kind of reminded me of the past Shiki, no, of Lich.

He has those unpleasant eyes he has when he is scheming something.

“So they are going to bring down the Kingdom” (Makoto)

That’s quite the predicament.

It will corner the hyumans by one step more.

“No. Their aim is the most valuable asset of the Kingdom” (Shiki)

“Most valuable asset?” (Makoto)

“Must be the hero. They intend to bring down the hero” (Shiki)


Shocking words.

It has only been around 1 year since we arrived to this world.

And the demon race is already at the step in war where they intend to kill the hero?

“I have heard about the natures of the heroes, but instead of the Empire’s puppet hero, the Kingdom hero that creates fanaticism is more dangerous” (Shiki)

A puppet and a fanatic huh.

Ah, if I remember correctly, Tomoe and Mio said something about this in the past.

The power to attract people and the power to charm people.

Mio thought of both things as the same, but Tomoe said that those two are different.

Charm them and turn them into prisoners. What’s ahead of that path is a puppet that can’t move without its master’s orders.

Attract people and pull them. What’s ahead of that path is a madman that does desperate efforts for the sake of those people.

That’s how it goes if you delve deeper into both paths.

At one point, charm does work the same as charisma, but the end result is different, or so she said.

The influence on the people that receive this effect to the limit, I have never seen it, so I can’t say much about it.

“Well, the people that are completely charmed won’t be able to move without their master’s words. The very meaning of pitiful. ‘If I take other actions aside from the ones that person has said, that person will hate me, I will be thrown away’; that kind of fear will bind the target. And if they end up unable to do anything, it will be like putting the cart before the horse. Having people that can only move when given detailed orders is no different from Golems” (Tomoe)

“Waka-sama is my everything, but well… I don’t intend to lose to anyone in terms of being charmed” (Mio)

I suddenly remember the talk of Tomoe and Mio.

Our side is so peaceful.

“That’s the difference of a charm brought upon by a skill, and a charm that’s not brought by it. But if I remember correctly, several tens of adventurers from Tsige went to Limia right? Something about them being led by the hero. Isn’t the Kingdom a more difficult opponent in terms of fighting force?” (Makoto)

Adventurers that can fight decently in the wasteland.

They possess the know-how of fighting.

Even if the demons want to crush them, I think it would be pretty difficult.

“Waka-sama. Just like how you said, the ones that possess the most power in the Kingdom are those adventurers and the hero party. But those adventurers also have a big weakness” (Shiki)

“Weakness?” (Makoto)

“They are a power that has learned to fight in the wasteland. After going to the Kingdom, they probably learned a few ways to fight in groups. To a level where they can have an active role in the battlefield” (Shiki)

“Well, that’s a given” (Makoto)

“However, they have a trait that has been ingrained in them from the very beginning. They are adventurers. Even if they are good at attacking, they are not used to defending towns, bases, and specially places of wide scale. Mercenaries and knights might be a different story, but adventurers are essentially carefree. If we take 100 as one’s power, it would be like being able to only bring out 50 of that inside a forest” (Shiki)

“Tsige has also been attacked by mamonos, so they should be able to protect right? It shouldn’t be that extreme” (Makoto)

“It would be good if that were the case. ‘A base that has held on for 1 year in the wasteland will prosper’, is what a saying goes. If I were to fight an adventurer, I would force the fight in a forest. There will be the chance that it will affect victory, and if it is a place that shows clear effects, even more. A defensive battle where they have to fight while minding the residents, even a knight would have a difficult time in that situation. If you put a surprise attack in that equation, I wonder how the morale will turn out” (Shiki)

“… Is the Kingdom going to fall?” (Makoto)

Should I go save them?

But it is a hero I have never met before, and a place that has been influenced by the Goddess.

If I go and help Limia, the chances that my connection with them will deepen is really high.

The best would be to have it go well without me going.

I asked Shiki if there’s such a chance.

“I wonder. I don’t think it will reach the point of destruction. If there’s enough damage to consider it fallen, the hero would have run somewhere else already. However, if the damage is only in the capital, the hero is dead. It isn’t like the demon race has much leeway. This battle also holds the coercion that this is the beginning of a big march. In other words, a bluff. If they are able to at least kill the hero, I don’t think they will go to the point of trampling down the Kingdom. Of course, that’s only if my conjecture is correct. I am not a 100% sure. There’s a portion that’s still opaque, and it would be difficult to predict all the thoughts of the Demon Lord and Rona” (Shiki)

A bluff huh.

But they are fully intent to kill the hero.

I remember the words of Tsukuyomi-sama.

‘Please take care of them’, huh.

But even if I think about going to save them, we are also in quite the stalemate.

We have no ‘means’ to go all the way to Limia.

“‘There’s not enough power, so don’t delve too deep into it yet’ huh” (Makoto)

“The north is entering winter. In that case, no matter if it’s defending or attacking, the snow and ice will get in the way. Marching in the middle of intense cold is suicidal. It is a good season to win and escape” (Shiki)

“… But even if we want to go help them, teleporting there is…” (Makoto)

“Ah, right. Tomoe-dono is…” (Shiki)


I remember the conversation Tomoe had with the important people a few moments ago.

The circumstances about how using teleportation would be bad.

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      -he decided to switch side only when he thought his commerce reached a dead end, and he wouldn’t be able to fully expand in hyuman world because of the prejudices against his ugly face and his demi-human employed. but still wanted only to inderectly help the demon, meaning he wouldn’t take an active role in the war.

      -he was freed of his duty of hero by tsukuyomi, prologue3:
      >“This kind of situation. Originally, the role of the hero that was supposed to be yours was taken away by the goddess itself so, you don’t have to hold back. By the name of Tsukuyomi I permit it. You, Misumi Makoto. I give you freedom in this new world. Do what you want!” (Tsuki)
      he have no responsability for hyumans

      He become a sort of cosmopolitan but for races(?) (if someone no a better word than non-racist)
      I don’t see him as incredibly stupid, I see him as average and yes he is naive. But thoses flaws are part of his character, perfect character (or marie sue) are uterly boring.
      Seing that he is strong enough to crush anybody, seeing him out-smart anybody would be too perfect and boring.
      on the other hand, if he just use violence to resolve everything, it will just turn into a boring circle-jerk like arifureta.

      for short, yes he has flaws, but that’s what make the story interesting.

      1. @Trần Long Quân

        yeah I like his kind of character too.
        I find it interesting when a smart character have to overcome his weakness by outsmarting his ennemies.
        I find it interesting when a strong character is be mentally and moraly challenged, making him grow little by little with experience.
        But want a character is strong and smart, he become boring. it basically just a “badass time” and have no room for development.

      2. Exactly! Those flaws are exactly what allows other characters to shine, Makoto will get smarter given enough time but for now he is a brat but at least he is trying, given how the other heroes stopped thinking that in itself is a great sign of maturity.

      3. Can someone give me the official(or overall consensus) definition of Mary Sue?
        The way I understood things, Sues are characters that are painfully perfect-and therefore, without depth as characters.
        Being the strongest and most clever doesn’t make a Sue so much as being able to onehandedly solve any obstacle as if they never existed.

        The easiest example is Satou, who is utterly cheating as an existance. Despite being a “complete” character, there are indeed trials for him that he has to humanly formulate a solution for. Though joked about as a god, he behaves human enough to avoid the label compared to, say, a bad Chinese novel protagonist.

      4. I think the best example of a Gary Stu would be Superman. His character is completely op, with his own weaknesses being nothing more than examples of plot convenience (how many random chunks of kryptonite is Lex Luthor going to find on Earth anyways?), and he has the perfect do-gooder attitude. I’m not too clear on a definite definition of a Sue, but I feel in my gut that that’s it.

      5. @Psychronia
        like you said a mary sue is a perfect character on every area, and often reveal the author’s dream of self-fulfillment.
        I used it here because, in the context of the novel war and fight in a fantasy world, if the author start by giving the MC both the strenght to crush anybody, and the mind to outsmart anybody, I don’t see how after that he will decide to make him a “normal” character, and had already took the road of the “perfect”.

    2. I’m sorry, but I just had to laugh at this. If you seriously believe that humans always do what’s best for other humans, then you’re just as naive as Makoto. You don’t think that humans wouldn’t betray their own species? For what? Why do you think that he has no sense of responsibility? The Goddess herself said that he had no obligation to fight for her. The only responsibility he has is that of a ruler for his people. The fact is, the hyumans ruling that world means eventual extinction for the other races that refuse to kneel to them. That includes the demons, orcs, and any other mamono race that was forced into the wastelands or the far north. Considering the people that swore themselves to him are mamonos, that would be bad for his people. So if we were talking about “sense of responsibility”, then that would be for him to make an alliance with the demons for Asora’s benefit.

    3. Why should Makoto help hyumans?
      Because he is one?
      This war is not a simple struggle between good and evil, at best it is two evils/neutrals fighting each other.
      And from some perspectives, it’s the hyumans who are the evil ones.

      Sure, at person to person level, hyumans can be great, but i’m sure same is true for demons.
      But if he get’s involved in the war, it is no longer helping nice and good (or even just polite) people, but you have to side with the whole faction.
      At that point, might as well side with demons.

      Better to stay neutral, and maybe squash some more over the top fires on the pretext of “they were interfering with my plans”.

  19. Oh, so they made an excuse in order to stay put? Well, for a neutral party that’s understandable… on the other hand, Makoto can’t simply shake off Tsukuyomi’s request (his only real benefector in all this). And above all, this is a WN! No way Makoto is just going to sit around and do nothing! XDDDD

    1. Unlike Satou, Makoto doesn’t have a Skill for every event and occasion. Basically, Makoto has “Nuke you. Nuke you harder. Nuke you hardest.”

      Also, lest we forget, Satou is like 30-some years old. Makoto’s still a good-natured kid, just trying his best to live a normal-ish life. (Unlike Satou’s Easy-mode power trip through life.)

      Come to think of it, I’m not sure Satou would have anything to teach Makoto, except in spell-making.

      Satou: “Having problems with the merchant guild? Just pump points into your Negotiation and Intimidation Skills.”

      Makoto: “This world doesn’t have Skills.”

      Satou: “Huh.”

      1. For some reason I imagine Satou’s world as more dangerous than Makoto’s, but Satou has it easier at the same time.

        If they switched places at the start, I wonder what would have happened?

      2. True. Satou is like 30 years old mentally. Because of that, he tends to be cautious, think things through, and occasionally experiment on things before putting them in effect. Also, he has a lot of life experiences from the previous world. His cheats tremendously just help him greatly. Makoto is a teen, so of course he’s not going to be experienced in matters like politics.

        I kind of find it funny that people are bringing Satou into this when they’re basically ridiculing/insulting him because of the very same mentality (when it involves a particular topic involving females).

    2. Oh no please spare him from Satou i dont want Makoto to remote stun here and there i like no-mercy bloodbath here. What is satou, just remove his cheats he will nothing he solely depend on his cheat, for every single thing he use cheat while makoto got his powers by hard life-death struggling. Makoto is just teenager i want to see how he grow up i dont want to see big event fight over only in single chapter.

  20. One thought has been bothering me, so I thought I’d dump it here so it will stop percolating in me wee head.

    I know the hyumans are prejudiced against the ugly, but are they really that bad? (Braces for the knee-jerk reaction) I would posit that they are no worse than regular humans (and in some ways, actually better. But we’ll get to that later.)

    I know that they’re obsessed with beauty, but I think we can agree that’s the result of the Goddess’ doctrines, and that she grants power to whoever appeases her the most. With that in mind, when the hyumans are pursuing beauty, it’s not (just) because of an appreciation of beauty, but an actual survival tactic in a world where strength matters most.

    When a hyuman sees an ugly person, there’s the natural disgust (Though it sounds bad, humans can’t claim to be free of that impulse at least). But more than the appearance, it’s also an indication of unreliability. The ugly person will lose any fight or conflict because the Goddess will at least bless the other party, and possibly handicap him. To their eyes, this is a person who cannot be counted upon. And even then, hyumans make an effort to at least not treat them poorly (as Hopelace’s chapters show.)

    While we’ve often talked about Makoto being discriminated against, aside from choosing to ignore him or the mean words from the Tsun-tsun-Merchant Guild Head, has anyone actually treated Makoto poorly? At the very least, people who get a glimpse of Makoto’s capabilities seem to discard their initial prejudices VERY quickly.

    Throughout the story, we’ve actually seen a fair number of hyumans treat Makoto fairly (even if they don’t like his looks)

    1. Rembrandt, obviously
    2. Merchant guild people – on seeing him pass exams
    3. School exam proctors and other teachers – they are amazed at his accomplishments, provide materials to help him as a new temp teacher, go shop at his store
    4. Eva and Ruria
    5. Gotetsu’s owner – who goes so far as to leave a menu item just for Makoto
    6. The students
    7. Lily
    8. The king of Limia
    9. The people of the night-district.
    10. Every customer of Kuzunoha
    11. The adventurers of Tsilge.

    Seeing how all these people very quickly got over their initial shock at Makoto’s appearance, I believe it is because they were going by the (usually accurate) rule of thumb regarding hyumans: ugly = unreliable. The moment they see him perform well, they realize that Makoto is different, and they treat him accordingly, with a speed that you don’t see in humans. To discard a long-standing prejudice so quickly tells me that it’s not the appearance which matters so much to the hyumans, but what the appearance suggests about the person’s abilities. The hyumans aren’t behaving out of vanity, but hyper-practicality. (That they are behind in technical and magical development is, of course, the fault of the goddess. But once they went through a period where the goddess did not help them, they quickly started revising their thoughts. It’s just that it’s like a baby trying to catch up with a sprinter.)

    1. Wow. You know what? You have good points. I can’t say much for humans compared to hyumans, but let me point out a few counterarguments as an apparent hyuman discriminator.

      Sure, it might be pragmatism that drives their superficial judgements, but it’s often also their pragmatism that drives them when Makoto proves them wrong. The students that proposed to Makoto had insulting reactions to his joking counterproposals that made their clear intent to use him for his money and power clear. A lot of the people on your list like the Lima King, Lily, and Eva are after him only for his power. In other words, they’re conditioned as selfish opportunists.

      And your referral to their ability to a knowledge power only applies to *other hyumans*. Towards other races, they are heavily bigoted, as shown by the racial makeup of the slums, history with demonkind, and especially the adventurer that Makoto killed who ungratefully stole and killed her saviors for her own ends.

      I’m not saying a human *wouldn’t* do that, but it’s been shown that hyumans, in general, with exceptions, are despicable like that.

      1. Rather than counter-arguments, I think what you’re saying further illustrates my points about Hyumans letting praticality dictate their actions.

        1. Regarding the students’ and their proposals, it was very clear that it those were proposals made in the name of rationality. Makoto had demonstrated he was both capable and a successful entrepreneur. We refer to these ladies as “gold-diggers.” It’s a derogatory term, but you can’t argue against the rationality of it. They are looking for someone who is capable of providing for them. We see this all time time with rich men and their successive wives. It’s just that in the case of Makoto and Bug’s world, with its’ higher standards for beauty, that it’s a bit like if Quasimodo proposed to a girl. (There’s only so much ugly you can take.)

        2. Likewise, with Limia’s King, Lily, and Eva. Rather than letting his looks discourage them, they saw how well Jin and the others performed and said: “I want Raidou as a teacher.” There were at least 8 more attractive options (counting Shiki) for them to hope to recruit that would be familiar with Raidou’s teaching methods, but rather than let looks dictate their choice, they decided on the person who had proven to be a capable instructor. Though you call them selfish opportunists, is that not another way of saying “pragmatist?” They are making choices that they hope would benefit them.

        3. While demi-humans are discriminated against, it’s not to an extent that we can say that humans do it any less. In the US and many European countries, we can find that slums are often heavily populated by immigrants or minorities. That’s not to say this is good, but rather to say that discrimination is not a solely “hyuman” characteristic. (It’s just that Earth doesn’t have any demi-humans to do it to) Also, the staff of Kuzunoha being made mostly of demi-humans didn’t keep people from being frequent and loyal customers. As such, once again, practicality trumps all.

        4. The female adventurer. Yeah, she was bad. But the US has David Duke, and the UK has Nigel Farage. There are always going to be idiots.

        When you say that hyumans are in general, despicable, I have to ask “how many examples can you point to?” There are some, but it just seems like that Makoto’s overall experience with them has mostly ranged from neutral to positive, with a few notable exceptions.

    2. not quite right. hyuman policy is basically to act somewhat appropriate when they want something, but almost all of them believe that the lesser races are supposed to be their slaves and give them anything they want.

      the proctors just wanted the strongest teachers. the professor that was helping Makoto had ill intentions and was conducting secret hyuman experimentation. a different professor wanted free medicine for the tournament despite how cheap it was that even people from the slums can afford it. every female student, except the Rembrandts, only wanted his money and not the sex that comes with marriage. even Makoto’s own students only respect his strength and think more positively of Shiki.

      Eva wants to use his power for her benefit and Ruria took over a month to get past the trust issue even after she was saved by him. Lily is manipulating a scumbag of a hero so i am sure she can easily handle Makoto if she had the chance and her main intentions are not even good (you can write an essay on her schemes). all of the leaders of the different countries just wants to use his power for their own benefit and are plotting to rope him in. even Sairitz called his interest in helping demi-humans as ‘cute.’

      the night district women were in a situation where their lives were on the line so i doubt they cared too much (have to wait to see their boss for a real opinion). the kuzunoha customers are basically getting high quality medicine for a dirt cheap price that is only 1/100 of it’s actual price. Tsige adventurers were trained by Mio and Tomoe, given free equipment from Asora, and had an Eldwas personally manage a store to make or repair weapons.

      1. Really? I don’t see any examples of demi-human slaves though. Demi-humans are allowed to work and live freely in their cities. That there is racial discrimination, well….it’s a human problem too.

        Everything else you mentioned just goes to my point that hyumans make a lot of their choices based on practicality. (Practicality does not always equal = niceness.)

        As for Makoto’s students, you have to consider that Makoto positioned himself as the “bad cop” in the class, with Shiki being the “good cop.” Even then, the only one who blatantly favors Shiki over Makoto is Amelia, who if we’re honest, is a maiden in love.

      2. Also, regarding the teacher asking for medicine, you might be right in that he could be asking for free medication. But my impression was that he was asking for help in getting 10 bottles because the medicine was so popular that the store actually implemented rationing the amount of medicine a customer could buy.

        As such, my take-away is that Makoto will set aside 10 bottles for the teacher to purchase. But you might be right.

      3. they haven’t really shown slavery in this web novel, but his student’s 1st thought after noticing Makoto’s strength is that he should have been turned into a ‘pet’ of the nobility by now. from my own inferences, i think they keep the slavery thing well hidden or the author just doesn’t want to talk about it. i think the only part with slavery was when that town was putting adventurers into debt in order to test drugs on them.

        Amelia is the most obvious, but the others do show a lack of care for Makoto’s wellbeing and not just because they think he is strong. i get the good/bad cop routine, but that was mainly done because nobody would trust Makoto and for good reason. Jin didn’t even see him as an actual person at the start which is sad. if more people think like that, but are not saying it then you have to wonder just how many hyumans consider Makoto to be an actual person at the current chapter.

        not disagreeing with hyumans favoring practicality, but the discrimination is there.

      4. I agree that there is discrimination, I’m just saying that it has its roots in a practical sense (see my earlier comments about uglier people being more useless).

        To say that the students don’t care about Makoto’s well-being:

        I should point out that Jin took the time to actually warn Makoto about the Rembrant daughters. (It turned out to be unneeded, but the sentiment is there)

        Also, Amelia, being the girl in love, considers Raidou as one of the two most reliable people in her life. That’s not a minor evaluation.

        Finally, Makoto and Shiki are so powerful, it probably feels ridiculous to even worry about their well-being (again, the exception being Amelia and Shiki). To use a DC comics example, it would be a bit like going “Gosh, I hope Superman doesn’t catch a cold.”

        Also, do recall that all the students seemed very motivated to want to show off to Raidou and his followers. They’re hoping to impress them with their growth, and they want to meet their expectations. THAT’S respect.

      5. Well, the students mostly respected Makoto after he had the mist lizards beat some respect into them, but…well yeah. He had to beat it into them.

        Jin respected Shiki more than Makoto and was more warning Makoto to look out for Shiki than Makoto himself.

        In general, I think Makoto’s students were, firstly, chosen out of the other students for their ability and character to begin with. Secondly, Makoto’s class was essentially teaching them to think like humans, so it’s only natural that they eventually build up respect for him.

      6. Also, where was that comment about “being a pet of the nobility”? If you can point that one out to me, I would appreciate it.

        As for what happened to Toa and her sister, I agree it’s bad. But that seems more like an example of a criminal enterprise, not something that is representative of hyumans as a whole. Heck, we have similar problems on Earth. Do we condemn the human race as a whole due to the actions of a minority?

      7. “That’s why, a person who can’t use his mouth and can’t even tell apart if he is a demi-human by his childish face, there’s no sense of expectation at all. Moreover, if there were such a genius of the same generation, the country would have already taken possession of him already.”

        in the chapter “Looks like he is my first student.” there are more instances of this, but they are widely spread out and the author filters stuff like this to a very mild level. most recent mention was when one of those nobles at the tournament considered Makoto to be Rembrandt’s slave.

      8. Thanks for finding that quote.

        That being said, I’m inclined to disagree with your interpretation, in part because they said a “country” would take possession of him.

        I believe they’re referring to the way that countries would recruit any capable people to their sides. (The countries don’t like each other after all. And would probably be warring if not for the common enemy of the Demon race.)

        In the same way, we could say that Limia has possession of Hibiki, and Gritonia has possession of Tomoki. As I think Sairitz illustrated it last chapter, all the countries are trying to gather up as many talented people as they can, because the alternative is another country and potential enemy would. It’s like how a football team takes possession of Tom Brady during a draft.

        I don’t think (in this case) slavery had anything to do with that comment.


        Likewise, are you talking about the Shogun of the Aion kingdom, when he says in Chapter 119:

        “… Fuh, I was going to advice you about that matter though. I see. You have tamed him well. I have heard that he is the type of guy that made this place his base and didn’t want anything to do with my country after all”

        Given Rembrandt’s reaction

        ‘Are you holding the reins of Kuzunoha Company?’ Rembrandt, who thought that was the reason why he came so suddenly, seems like he was right.

        And his wife’s reaction:

        “(Tamed him well, huh. A stupid one who doesn’t even know who’s the one being tamed. He even acted as if he didn’t notice me. He probably doesn’t even notice that he was dragged away so that he doesn’t point that lecherous gaze to our daughters) (Lisa)”

        I’m inclined to interpret the meaning of taming as more of “controlling him without the person in question being aware of it” which is very different than slavery. (Slaves know they’re slaves.)

        I’m not saying slavery couldn’t exist in that world. I just haven’t seen any signs of institutionalized slavery yet.

      9. that’s fine as it is hard to tell if the author is intentionally avoiding actually mentioning slavery or if it’s just what you would normally think upon reading those sentences. i just think it’s slavery because the entire story feels like it is being filtered when portrayed to the readers.

    3. These are good points, and the others have already more or less spoken the words I would have used. So I think the only thing I could contribute to this discussion is this. The hyumans are pseudo-humans. They were modeled after us. That basically means that individually, they’d be generally good people, but as a whole, they are as rotten as it gets. Root himself believes that if he doesn’t run interference, all of the demihumans and mamonos that refuse to become slaves will be driven to extinction by the hyumans. If an ancient, immortal dragon thinks that, then there’s probably something wrong with how they’re running things. And remember, that doesn’t impact Root at all. He can flawlessly blend into hyuman society, and even if he dies, he’ll just be reincarnated into an almost exact body, so he really has no need to care.

      1. I agree in that they’re generally good individuals, just rotten as a whole.

        Again though, that goes to my point that hyumans are not as bad as people in this forum seem to keep saying. Yes, they make stupid decisions, but that’s more the result of having a bad Goddess to look up to. (Crusades. Need I say more?)

        Beyond that, their actions are dictated by rational thinking, given the rules of the world they live in (as dictated by the Goddess they follow).

        1. Well yeah. I think 85% of all the terrible things hyumanity does can be blamed on the goddess doing a universe equivalent of raising bratty children.

          But blame aside, I think we can consider hyumans objectively a highly destructive race.
          …. *cough* humanstoo *cough* ._.

        2. Nice one with the crusades. Always a good point when explaining that the Vatican hasn’t always been so good.
          Hyumans might be able to be summed up with this, they are good people, but bad rulers.
          We generally agree that hyumans being bad or good comes down to individuals against the whole. So that begs the question, does the decent few redeem the evil masses? (Some thing that I ask myself when considering what humanity is.) I personally believe that the hyumans believe themselves to be too superior to the other races, and circumstances have cemented that into a pedestal that peaceful methods would never be able to tear down. To borrow a phrase from my own story, they must be brought to their knees before they can see that there is no difference between themselves and the other races. Now, will the demons be any better at ruling the world? Who knows. But I don’t think that world has any other options.

      2. I am inclined to disagree with the statement that hyumans view themselves as superior. And that is because the hyumans acknowledge the Demon race as being terrifyingly capable.

        Rather than a question of superiority/inferiority, I think it’s more an issue of irreconcilable differences. (e.g., “we cannot exist together”) And that this was brought about because of the Goddess. Look at what humans do at the behest of a few words from priests. Imagine what humans would do if we knew with 100% certainty that our Lord and Creator wanted to do something.

        1. The vibe I got was that the majority of hyumans view themselves as superior or otherwise look down on the other races, based on conversation from adventurers, students, and merchants. The ones that take demons seriously are the leaders that intentionally keep the masses in the dark.

          (Side note: To be fair, the ones that look down on other races are some of the strawman-fools like the female adventurer and orientation class students.)

      3. Oh, yes. Often times, divine intervention causes more problems than they solve. The Greek philosophers themselves said that the only gods that didn’t cause everything to go to hell when they got involved was the gods of the harvest, Dionisis and Demetor. Of course, they caused their own share of problems themselves (nobody needs to be reminded how Demetor reacted when her daughter was kidnapped, right?). But did the Goddess outright tell the hyumans to treat every other race like that? Or was it something that happened over time due to her obvious favoritism? If she told them how she wanted them to treat the other races the way they have been, then yes, pile all the blame on her, but if she never told the hyumans to treat demihumans and demons the way they have (even if it was out of pragmatism, it’s still discrimination) they forced the mamonos and demons to the infertile lands of the north and the wastelands on their own volition. If that is the case, then nobody can be blamed but themselves. Sure, the Goddess was obviously supporting them, but that isn’t the same as driving them on. It’s like a rich parent, when their brat causes a scene, they don’t really care what it’s about, they just throw whatever they can to make it disappear. Money, lawyers, and in extreme circumstances, making the people who refused to shut up disappear. The parent might not like the mess their kid started, but they’ll clean it up either way.

      4. Do we know for a fact if the Goddess did or did not tell the hyumans to do this?

        I’m leaning on the side that she did, or at least told them to drive the Demons into the wasteland. I base this off her attitude of dumping Makoto in the wasteland and telling him not to contaminate her hyumans with his ugliness. She may not want to exterminate the other races, but she definitely wants to build a land of nothing but pretty. And to enable this, she has that whole system of “buff the pretty, debuff the ugly.”

        Even if the Goddess didn’t start it, she’s clearly in support of it. Unlike a rich parent who pays to make problems go away, this parent is paying for mass-murderers (the heroes). A rich parent will still yell at their kid when they do something wrong, and then bail them out. She’s acting more along the lines of “Good job! Looks like you’re having some difficulty, so let me bring in reinforcements!”

        And again, when you have divine confirmation that you are in the right…..

        1. I don’t have any evidence to support this, but I don’t think the goddess made any explicit order Old Testament style.

          That said, I still say she’s heavily responsible because she created an environment that encouraged such a thing with a system far more substantial than anything humans have ever known.

          She’s basically saying hyumans are superior when her policy of “better eye-candy gets my flavor and worse appearance gets a curse” just turns into “hyumans win” when non-hyumans are involved.

          Any race would take their superiority as a given when a very present goddess takes sides and makes sure they always win. They’re like schoolyard bullies who’ve never been hit back before because the adults actually help them beat up their victims.

      5. If the Goddess were truly telling them that, then I’d be willing to bet that the church would’ve tried to straight out force Makoto to do as they say, believing that the Goddess would have knocked him down to a manageable level, instead of treating him like they did and being more or less polite, as if he were a political equal instead of someone with an ugly face. We’ve both agreed on how religious types take their god’s words, and it doesn’t get any more religious than that.

      6. Well, for all the help she gives the hyumans, it’s still limited.

        I don’t think she debuffs the uglier party in a conflict between hyumans, so instead of the factor of 4 difference, it’s a factor of 2. (She only does the debuff in conflicts with the Demon race. Maybe the demi-human races too. I dunno)

        If not for that, there would be no point at all for the hyumans to train to fight.

        So from the hyuman’s perspective, really strong people can still beat someone with the Goddess’ blessing, either through tactics or power. And as far as the church knows, Raidou is just an ugly hyuman, so the debuff effect won’t be present. (Plus, Raidou is backed by Shiki, who is a VERY bishie powerhouse. I doubt they like those odds.)

    4. Yeah, hyumans are largely acting on pragmatism when we see them. I think it’s the implication that they’ll turn on you the moment it suits them that’s the problem. If Makoto wasn’t strong, they would’ve long stabbed him in the back or done other suitably terrible things to him(in their defense, his followers were kinda the same up until they became his followers).

      Actually, are we discussing the impression of hyumanity from the perspective of Makoto or from the perspective of ourselves?
      In Makoto’s case, I think he’s missing a lot of the ugly in hyumans(pun not intended) due to his power, followers, and other circumstances that cut down on exposure to the bad elements. An example would the the Rembrant sisters fending off his suitors behind his back. Not to mention he’s pretty bad at judging character sometimes.

      Another thing is…are we regarding that one idiot adventurer as an exception, or a standard setter? Up until now, I considered good-natured people like Rinon and…umm….Ruria? Actually, what hyumans can be considered explicitly good? Rembrant was originally an overbearing businessman too, and the students looked down on Makoto despite his rumored ability too(something about “don’t be a teacher if you’re a demihuman” or something?).

      Anyway, I consider them to be exceptions while, at the very best, the stupid survivors of the last town(who have the gall to complain about not damaging monster parts to their benefactors) are the standard.

      As a side, I consider Rona an exception too, so I’m curious to see what Makoto’s first real demon race friend will be like. Or at least the first everyman demon character.

      1. Certainly, pragmatic people might backstab you. But I don’t think that’s ever been part of the conversation in this forum, just how “stupid and evil and corrupt hyumans are.” That being said, has there been any indication that hyumans as a whole are backstabbers in this novel? I can’t think of any examples outside of that one female Adventurer.

        I agree that his followers try to protect Makoto, but I also remember that first time he approached the town of Zetsuya. He approached a demi-human, I think, and she ran away screaming and brought back the guards. Makoto later asked “is it because of my looks?” and Tomoe started laughing, saying they wouldn’t do that. It was because his magical aura was like staring down a stampede of Demon Lords.

        I’m inclined to think that the people Makoto meet are more representative and less exception. Otherwise, he’s INCREDIBLY lucky to have only met inherently good-natured people.

        For all of Rembrandt’s overbearingness, I attribute that more to being a businessman than being a hyuman. Also, like he and Morris said, the town of Tsilge didn’t discriminate as much against demi-humans. We can take that as another sign of practicality. The closer they are to dangerous areas, the more hyumans value capability over something superficial like race.

        1. Was Makoto’s first encounter a demihuman? I don’t actually think so, but I’m not sure. But yeah, either way your point is valid. Makoto was scaring people off because he looked like a demon god miles above anything mortal could comprehend.

          I don’t think Makoto ran into good-natured people only through sheer luck so much as his power ended up making things like that along with some of his own intent.
          His first contact was, rather unfortunately for the hyuman race now that I think of it, the corrupt groups of the outskirts town. The guild receptionist looked at him like garbage until his followers got pissed, the innkeeper tried to con him with triple pricing, and he actually felt sick when he overheard the incredibly corrupt dealings at that one restaurant with Mio. It’s a poor first contact for something as strong as him, you have to admit (but we can write this off as exceptions due to an extremely corrupt town far from the law.)

          My point is that Makoto interacted with good people because he seeked them out(like rescuing Toa), they seeked him out due to his money or power(Rinon to his money or the adventurers to his power). He actively avoided that one female adventurer to a degree(with his followers keeping her away the rest of the time).

      2. I forgot about those, but like you said, I don’t think it would be fair to use the people of Zetsuya as a representative of hyumans as a whole. It’s basically a frontier town, which is usually stereotyped as a place where lawlessness runs amuck.

        That being said, the guild receptionist looked at him like he was garbage because she thought he was cursed (and probably the funny mask). And the hotel receptionist was more of a “here’s a rube, time to scam him.”

        However, past that, I can’t say Makoto actively looked for good people. The Merchant’s guild in Tsilge, Rembrandt, his students, the store owner of Gotetsu, etc… Unless Tomoe and Mio have been doing a lot of background digging behind the scenes and guiding him to people without his knowing, he’s just going about meeting people like regular. And by and large, they’ve been good people (with some prejudices that they overcame quickly)

      3. The entire town of Zetsuya was run and operated by people that are good examples of scum. It wasn’t the one place that Toa ended up drugged at, the town was FULL of places that acted in the same manner. When Makoto was eating with Mio in the high class place in Zetsuya he was listening in to the conversations of the people around him and they made him sick. When he was looking at the way the town was set up he commented about the fact that the prices were all off, it was pretty much guaranteed that adventurerers that come to the town would fall into debt and end up being used for drug and body experiments. Although weapons were cheap the day to day expenses were so high that you could not live without going on dangerous missions that required a lot of money to finance, which would in turn require you to take out a loan. Just to get to the town required a lot of money to pay for the transport circle as the path was not secure. BTW, the first person that saw Makoto and ran screeming was a female Hyuman, the adventurers that responded to the warning were a mix of Hyuman, Beast-man, and Demon.

        The main reason that you don’t see slavery in that world seems to be because the Hyumans don’t consider slaves to be worth the time and effort it takes to keep them alive. If someone falls into debt they are sold off as a “thing” and used harshly until an early death. They don’t enslave the beast-races, they just don’t let them make a decent living anywhere and kill them if they are causing problems. They are treated the same way as Hyuman in debt, as a “thing” not a living creature and are killed and experimented on freely. Slaves require you to feed and keep them alive as well as look at them or have them around you, better to just kill them and be free of that annoyance.

        It’s been stated that Rhembrant was much similar until the despair that came with his wife and daughter being cursed and then the cure coming from someone with poor looks that didn’t try and use it to gain an advantage and went out of his way to help him in other ways. The average Hyuman with the Ruby Eyes would have just sold them to him and left him to find his own alchemist or would have charged him, in gold or favors, for the info about such. Makoto supplied what Rhembrant needed for the cost offered, helped him get in contact with an alchemist, and restrained the cursed ones (at risk to his life) to allow for the giving of the cure. All without trying to take advantage of the situation to get as much as he could. It was enough to put him eternally in Makotos debt, even though Makoto doesn’t really bother to take advantage of it.

        We haven’t seen many people of the darker side but it has been mentioned that the actions of the one teacher in the kidnapping and experimental lab incident was not that uncommon, it was just uncommon for it to be someone with a position such as he had.

      4. @IamMe

        Thanks for clarifying about Makoto’s first encounter.

        I see your points about Zetsuya, but again, this goes more to the point of my question “are hyumans as a whole bad/stupid.” Zetsuya, as a frontier town, basically is also a case of self-selection. Who are the kind of people who would live out so far away from a centralized authority? Thus, do we take the people of Zetsuya as a representative sample of hyumans, or just a place that attracts criminals by its very nature?

        As for Rembrandt, I don’t recall there being any indication that he sold people into human experimentation, or that he just killed people off. Just that he crushed his competitors (read: successful businessman). I do agree that he was in Makoto’s debt, but there are people who will happily ignore that debt (usually successful businessmen). That Rembrandt acknowledges it willingly and happily speaks well of his core character (possibly one that was buried under years of being a merchant)

        Come to think of it, I don’t think Toa was “sold off.” It’s that she borrowed money from loan sharks, and the loan sharks used her for human experimentation instead of breaking her knees. (My guess is that the gang was in cahoots with the Demons)

        I fully agree that the hyumans have criminal elements. The question is do we judge the species as a whole based off just the criminal elements?

      5. If I remember correctly, hyumans are like humans but with lower specs and without that “something” special humanity has “something” feared even by the Gods as Tsukoyomi explained in his chapter.
        So hyumans can be as pure or twisted as humans but without that “something” ,add the Bug´s overbearing protection to that and you have a group of overprotected inferior beings with an extreme reliance on a Goddess who only judges people by their beauty therefore halting all evolution except on that field.

      6. I would actually question the idea of hyumans being inferior to humans. It’s just that the species in their entirety has been coddled by Bug.

        To clarify, I believe it’s been confirmed that humans who come to Bug’s world start off being over-powered, because of the lower gravity. Conversely, hyumans who end up on Earth are very weak.

        In the case of Makoto’s family, I think Tsukuyomi confirmed that all of them were blessed by the Goddess, so they could have average-level strength on Earth. Only Makoto did not have that blessing, so he started off frail and fragile. He had to exercise, but with just exercise, he reached a level of strength equal to a fit human. So that suggests to me that hyumans have just as much potential as humans, it’s just that they’re kept from achieving it due to massive coddling.

        1. Actually, I remember asking about that a while ago and was told that Makoto’s family adapted.
          Mom and Dad had the blessing so they could function in the other world. Big Sis was born when the parents still had the blessing’s effect and was more hyuman with a bleasing of her own. Lil’ Sis was born after Mom and Dad mostly adapted and didn’t need a blessing to survive.
          Makoto was the one in the middle that got the shaft with neither blessing nor adaptation to Earth.

    5. I think mostly hymans dont discriminate about beuty but more for abnormality, for them the norm is what we consider a beutifull person, for example a plainfaced individual for then would be considered a model for us, so a plain individual for us will be someone with an abnormal face to then compared to demihumans that have a mixture of both human and beast mixed in.

      1. It has been mentioned constantly that beauty is the driving factor behind hyuman society, in the tournament arc one of Makoto’s pupils mentioned that the Bug gives more blessing to women and if you remember his first meeting with Makoto the Bug wanted his cute sisters, she is a horny Bug.
        Hyumans are not different from humans in mentality and they’ve been spoiled by the Bug who gave them overwhelming power for cultivating their beauty so they have not suffered and therefore have not evolved while the Demons went through pain similar to that of humans thus their tactics and magic development.

  21. Politics politics politics……
    To me, it seems like the story is moving too slow, it goes forward and backward so many times
    The story is getting pretty boring, I guess this is it huh…
    Well goodbye… thank you for all of your hardwork

    1. So you can’t get through the motives for what will happen in the next arc? You just want them to go do something without any kind of set up for why they are doing it and what they are trying to achieve?

      It’s been mentioned before, don’t bother to say that you are done with a series. Just leave. If you don’t understand why this chapter is needed then you obviously need simplier fare to read.

      1. If Makoto was more like Leocuch for Code Geass. He use this opportunity to take advantage of this salutation and have more people to away from the Goddess. But in a way there are few people are doing that in this series.

  22. Hey guys, you know how beauty is very important to both the goddess and the hyumans in this world. Well, I was wondering if the concept of “plastic surgery” exists in this world in some shape or form? If so, do you guys think that the goddess would approve of it as long as the people turn out beautiful or would she prefer her people to be naturally beautiful.

    Now I realize that most of the hyuman population end up being born as models, but that does not mean that they would not want to improve themselves further. Of course, the wealthy people would be the only ones doing this; even so, everybody have their own insecurities about themselves. Not to mention that rich, beautiful people going against each may do such a thing in order to the Bug’s blessing.

    Also, thanks for the translation.

    1. they don’t have the required equipment to do so and only the demon race which have a magic tool to create an illusion to copy the features of an existing person that is the only thing similar to changing one’s face

  23. It seems weird that the Chapter 148 ends with Raidou listening then Chapter 149 with Raidou talking with Shiki after the conversation? Author must have skipped for a reason or another POV perhaps

  24. Thanks, again! You work fast!

    BTW, does anyone know if that LN about an reborn “Myriad Colors” dragon is still being translated by anyone. I read until that part where he destroyed a bunch of demongates. “Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei” ?

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