Chapter 145: Lime and Mondo

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(Okay, we safely finished one lap of patrolling. There might still be one hidden somewhere, but it seems the Merchant Guild will be taking the investigation regarding that. Our master Raidou should be able to continue his operation, but is there any new order from your side?)

(P-Please wait for a moment… Sorry for the wait. Then, continue by going to the northwest section and enter suppression. Please begin the investigation of the reason for the thought transmission jamming. By the time the sun goes down, return to base and report the situation and the results of your investigation)

(Received clearly. Well then)

(Yeah, the need for a regular report is unnecessary since the job doesn’t require it. Wish you well)

The thought transmission finishes.

I can’t talk, so I let Shiki handle the report of the situation and the instructions for the next action.

I also tapped into the conversation, so I know the contents of it. No need for Shiki to explain me.

“Next place is northwest huh. We just have to walk straight to the west. It is one of the few places where merchants sell products targeted to residents with low income and social status, right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. The Academy most likely wants to liberate the establishments related to the Academy itself and the places where rich people are gathered in. They probably want to get as much support from the rich as possible. In the current state, it is assured that the Academy Principal’s standing is plummeting. Looking at his impatient state, I even thought that instead of having one of the people aiming at the Principal’s seat, it would be fine to have Waka-sama take over. He looks only at numbers, and using the treasured corps he created, they easily got partially destroyed; making him fall into a completely shaken state. Even in the clique strifes that seem to be his specialty, he was unable to control it concurrently, so it is easy to see his limits” (Shiki)

“He doesn’t want to give us any big job huh” (Makoto)

“When we finish the northwest, the next thing he will probably make us do is a joint operation with the purple coats” (Shiki)

“Even when I am temporary, I am still a teacher of the Academy, so he will use me as if he owns me. I will bring out the name of the Kuzunoha Company every now and then, but I don’t have any intentions of badmouthing the Academy. In reality, the achievement of pinpointing the variant’s reason of appearing will most likely be taken by the Academy Principal. Looking at how things are going” (Makoto)

“Yeah, since the demerits of having us as the ones pinpointing it would be big after all. If he were able to break the deadlock with his own abilities it would be one thing, but that’s clearly the wrong way of doing things. It would be fine if he would just have a random guest of any power to see that he is asking the assistance of Waka-sama. I have heard from Tomoe-dono, it seems you were shouted at” (Shiki)

Shiki and I were smiling bitterly at the orders of the Academy Principal.

We are bringing out the name of the company occasionally, but in every place we go, I properly tell them that I am a teacher of the Academy, and I also announce that I am there under the orders of the Academy Principal.

I don’t think the name of the Academy will fall just because we are the ones acting.

Because I only want them to have a good impression of the Kuzunoha Company, and I don’t intent to badmouth other places while I’m at it.

The most I am doing is making it so that the other big companies don’t stand out.

We are aware that our actions exemplify the Academy’s existence and we also accept it.

“Waka, we have finished collecting the ornaments that are thought to be the key” (Tomoe)

“Good work, Tomoe. Was there any problem on your side?”(Makoto)

“… No, nothing. I did act slightly to make sure the companies don’t do any unnecessary things, but it was all finished in a good note” (Tomoe)

“Act slightly?” (Makoto)

“I gave water, food and blankets to the Merchant Guild representative, the one called Zara. I told him to use them well” (Tomoe)

“Will that serve as a diversion of some sort? Or more like, that food, did it come from Asora?” (Makoto)

“Instead of having a company from who-knows-where, it would be better for the Merchant Guild to bring those articles out using their own name, since that will cause less troubles. It will be beneficial for them as well and I “requested” him to mention our name a bit. The food, water, and blankets, were all things that I randomly bought from slightly faraway towns in the few days I travelled. Even if we have a lot of food, I won’t be giving out the food of Asora. I did mix some fruits though. The fruits are proof enough that we are the ones providing things” (Tomoe)

“You even bought things. Sorry” (Makoto)

“Don’t worry. I just had the scattered Forest Onis buy those. It would be troublesome if this were detected as the self-advertisement of a company after all. This is to make it so that our company is the one that stands out the most” (Tomoe)

“Tell me how much it cost later okay? But, I am surprised that that representative accepted that kind of condition” (Makoto)

“‘Don’t inquire, bring out the name of a company’ Just with that, he was able to obtain great quantities of food, water, and covers they were lacking for their beddings. Even if the person is not a merchant, the decision would be clear. He may be the Merchant Guild representative, but he is no doubt a hyuman” (Tomoe)

With her characteristic smile, Tomoe laughed with a ‘Fufu’.

I wonder if it’s really such a simple thing.

Representative Zara gave me the impression that he is the type that will put a condition of his own in any proposal that he is given.

No matter how weakened he is. No, maybe Rembrandt-san helped out.

In that case, maybe after receiving the words of his old friend, he accepted the conditions of Tomoe.

“… Waka, it wasn’t such a complicated thing you know?” (Tomoe)

“… You, are you an esper?” (Makoto)

“Your expression was showing several words. Fufu, at his back there are people he has to shelter no matter what, and without enough food, and in this situation where it is not clear when it will be resolved; even if the situation has improved, if we were to offer to pull him, what would happen? Unable to use thought transmission, he can’t even decide things properly. Now then, in front of him there’s starving people, big amounts of food, and blankets for the people that are only wearing the same clothes they happened to be wearing since the events began. No matter if we give it, or we don’t, the ‘negotiation’ is just an easy deal” (Tomoe)

“I see. Is that how it is. Wait, you, did you just say the food in front of him? Don’t tell me, you used teleportation in front of representative Zara?!” (Makoto)

Isn’t that bad?

Because you know, we already said random things like usage limits and burdens.

“In the first place, you already told him that we use teleportation right?” (Tomoe)

“But that was before we created a lot of settings for it, you know?!” (Makoto)

“No problem. Because those things are provided by the Kuzunoha Company and given by the Merchant Guild. We asked him and he had no choice but to cooperate for the sake of the residents. Even if he wails about the origins of the objects that were teleported, the Merchant Guild will still take part in it. The ones that were piling up the food in this place were the Lizardmen. He knows the Mist Lizards are still here, so the representative-dono heartily accepted to cooperate. In the end it was only a verbal promise, but if he is able to shake his head and go against us in the future… I can only say that he would have quite the guts” (Tomoe)

“B-But you know…” (Makoto)

I can’t help but feel if it’s really okay to do something so reckless.

“Also, Waka, hiding secrets is truly a hard thing to do for the people that hold the secret and for the people that have to hide it” (Tomoe)

“Y-Yeah…” (Makoto)

Isn’t it obvious for the people that hold secrets to hide them?

“Actually, it is a lot easier to have someone hide it for you” (Tomoe)


I don’t understand.

“Root probably does something similar when playing diplomacy. But what’s essential is to make the other person believe that he can’t let others know of that secret” (Tomoe)

“… And?” (Makoto)

“Saying it in an extreme way, have someone with a certain position know something other people don’t know, but if he acts in a way so that other people don’t learn about it, it is the same as if no one knows” (Tomoe)

Hmm, even if you tell me that knowing is the same as not knowing, I just can’t grasp it.

“Are you saying that, instead of us hiding it, it would be better to make it a public secret?” (Makoto)

“It is slightly different, but in a broader sense, that’s how it is. Root made some good groundwork for our teleportation and he would make the continuation” (Tomoe)

Then aren’t I right?

I will do my best in understanding a percent of the story they might come up with.

“… Understood. Then, for now let’s continue the subjugation. If I remember correctly, at that side there’s Lime and Mondo, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. There might not be any left for me. I wanted to unsheathe my katana since it has been a while, but it seems like it would be better to just wait for another opportunity. I am jealous of Mio and Shiki… N? For some reason Mio is looking strangely happy. Did something happen?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe shows sadness at the fact that she can’t unsheathe her sword.

At the place she was gazing at, she saw that Mio who’s in a jolly mood. Tomoe makes a wondering expression and voices out her question.

“Ah, that. I had Shiki and Mio do a competition of sorts. About which of them would be able to clean up more variants” (Makoto)

“Hoh? Looking at her state, it must have been Mio’s win” (Tomoe)

“Yeah. 4-2, Mio’s win. I made it so they can’t interfere with each other, but it was a pretty good competition” (Makoto)

“I see… Even so, she is so happy I feel like she would fly at any moment. I can’t comprehend why” (Tomoe)

“Hm? Maybe because I told them I would grant one wish to the winner” (Makoto)


Instantly, the face of Tomoe turns dreadful.

Ah, I feel like it would have been better to just wash away that question.

“W-What’s wrong Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“Waka, what’s up with that luxurious reward?! I didn’t hear anything about this!!” (Tomoe)

“No well, you were at the Guild after all. Well then…” (Makoto)

Work work.

We have to depart soon.

“Wait, Waka! The talk is not over yet! No, it has actually begun just now! Where are you heading to?!” (Tomoe)

“The northwest section. That talk, I will tell it to you while we are moving. Don’t lift your voice so much!” (Makoto)

“I request an acceptable explanation. Even if I accept it, I might not accept it though! In other words, I also get a wish okay?! Waka?!” (Tomoe)

It has turned quite crazy.

Oh well, it is better than being all tense.

Lime and Mondo are at the northwest section, so it shouldn’t be that bad there.

I should just go with a pace where I can return to the Academy by the time the sun goes down.


“Hey, there it goes, Mondo”


At both sides of the street that has no stone pavings, showing the whole naked ground, there’s a thin man that’s blowing away a gray monster while raising a shout, and at the direction it is headed to, there’s a darkish skinned male approaching.

The big one-eyed monster with a large ball-shaped body was bigger than both men, but the man called Mondo grabbed it with one hand and killed its momentum.

The instant Mondo seized the monster, he smashed it to the ground, and after a pale light, its shape changed…

Into a single tree.

Mondo is a Forest Oni, considered as one of the ancestors of the Elfs.

He activated his special ability [Tree Punishment].

A technique that turns the target into a tree.

A dreadful skill that had scared even the master of Asora, Makoto, in the past.

The variant that turned into a bright green tree can’t oppose at all. It decided the battle in an instant.

“The reforestation work is moving along well” (Lime)

“With this, it makes 8 huh. There’s still quite a few left. It feels like… our pace is not increasing” (Mondo)

“We are doing it in a careful way in order to avoid attention, so it can’t be helped. I had a call from Tomoe-neesan just now. Seems the Boss and everyone else are heading here” (Lime)

“I see… it seems my incompetent disciples are causing him problems, so it will pain me to meet them” (Mondo)

“The Akua-Eris Combi huh. Then, if they are taken into account as a combi, the responsibility would be divided, and that wouldn’t be good for Akua. Boss says all kinds of things, but he is not actually that worried. As proof, he let all the Forest Onis migrate to Asora, right? He doesn’t mind it much. He is actually enjoying himself” (Lime)

“Lime, having you tell me that, it really relieves me. I at least want to show him results that can satisfy him. Please accompany for a bit more” (Mondo)

“Of course. I can do great bouts with you. You are the perfect rival to climb the rankings of Asora. I will cooperate with you in whatever you want” (Lime)

“Yeah, for a brief period of time, we had a superior battle formation and great order, but with the participation of the Gorgons and Winged-kin, it instantly spiked down. We have to train once again” (Mondo)

“It seems there’s limitations in the stone-turning ability and the flying ability. Those are close to cheating. Even if those abilities don’t have use limitations like your [Tree Punishment], there’s still certain rules to them. If the rules change, it will probably return to a position close to before. Well, that’s just an estimation though” (Lime)

“Really” (Mondo)

Lime and Mondo had finished evacuating the residents in the area a long time ago and have also finished the evacuation of the merchants.

At the second day, they stopped a part of the variants that appeared in the evacuation points and finished gathering the necklaces in a fast pace.

The motivation of Mondo who has returned from Asora, and the skillfulness of Lime blended perfectly together.

And then, at the third day.

Receiving a transmission to change into offensive, they didn’t make any flashy actions, but have begun their movements to suppress the variants and establish stability in the evacuation points.

In this section there’s no other power.

There´s 3 evacuation points, and with Lime’s personal connections and the sure-kill technique [Tree Punishment] of Mondo, they were able to splendidly protect the points.

Their communication is done in secrecy and the goods are being supplied with the use of teleportation. It can be said that they are doing a good job.

The locations of the evacuation points are somewhat close to each other, so it is more convenient when protecting a big amount of people.

Moreover, compared to the evacuation points of other sections, the ones there were spacious and the density of residents is low.

Quickly selecting the evacuation points that were easy to protect was a good move from those two.

Taking into account the saved people and the people that were able to safely escape, the northwest section is comfortable and it created low amounts of stress.

At the opposite site there’s the northeast section where the Merchant Guild is located in, and because of the residents seeking refuge there, the density at that place is high and the stress must be quite high too. It is also the reason why representative Zara is being driven into a corner.

Because the two have saved them, the merchants and the residents that have moderate earnings are relying quite a lot in the two. Depending on the point-of-view, one can even call it dependence.

The name of Kuzunoha Company is resonating in their hearts a lot more than Makoto thinks.

“But what is the objective of the one that released these things here? That person knew Waka-sama was here in this town, and still did this. It would only be enough to cause an uproar. The thought transmission jamming and the appearance of variants; the person that can think of this kind of things should be able to understand a simple fact like that” (Mondo)

“Who knows. I don’t understand the thinking of the demon race. Well, I will just move as the arms and legs of Boss and the others, that’s all I need to think about. They will tell us if necessary. Also, those personages definitely won’t do anything that might endanger us or Asora. Rather, they have even stopped us from doing dangerous things when trying to be of help. Even in this occasion, when the Lizards were added as members, they trembled in joy” (Lime)

“… Yeah, I understand that. Because I felt the same way as those Mist Lizards. Lime, it would be nice if the time you can tell your wish to Waka-sama comes near” (Mondo)

“That depends on Tomoe-neesan. It’s that kind of promise after all. Well, I will just wait patiently. I have received the time to do so. No need to hurry” (Lime)

Lime looks at the distance.

“Then, how about we clean up one or two more, partner? Let’s make our brethren at Asora envious of us” (Mondo)

“Yeah!” (Lime)

The two enlarge their perception range, looking for variants and choosing the ones they can safely hunt without catching the attention of the evacuation points.

And then, by the time Makoto and the others arrived, the two had turned several variants more into trees, and went to welcome their arrival.

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