Chapter 144: 5.45x39mm bullet

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Extermination match.

In our way to the Guild, that’s exactly how it was.

I didn’t really give out orders of incapacitating them, so while I was listening to Tomoe; Mio and Shiki were literally crushing the variants that tried to attack us.

“It’s like a 5.45x39mm bullet mowing them down” (Makoto)

Without thinking, I blurted out those words.

“The so called revenge goddess Kalashnikov, right?” (Shiki)

It was a monologue, and yet for some reason, Shiki reacted.

Why does Shiki know something like that?

And he is wrong to top it off.

“Goddess?” (Mio)

Even Mio reacted.

Looks like this one reacted to the word Goddess.

“Shiki that is not the name of a Goddess. It denotes a type of weapon called gun. A Kalashnikov rifle, I just don’t understand what you are saying” (Makoto)

“Hoh, I see. I totally thought it was a name” (Shiki)

In the books that were recreated there were quite a lot of manga.

But I didn’t expect Shiki to read those.

“Mio, when he said Goddess he didn’t mean that Goddess, so don’t mind it. I don’t know what she is busy with, but Root said she is busy” (Makoto)

I look at Tomoe.

“I don’t know the reason, but it seems she doesn’t have the time to be concerned about us” (Tomoe)

I think this is quite the event though.

As I thought, her way of thinking is less understandable than that of Rona.

Soon we will reach the guild.

Until now we have defeated 15 variants.

From what Shiki has detected, the corps from the Merchant Guild are fighting several variants right now. It seems the Guild itself hasn’t received any attack worth mentioning.

As long as we are going with the suppression pretext, there’s no real need to avoid the variants. We kill the ones that come, so there should be few variants remaining in this area.

“Shiki, how many variants remaining?” (Makoto)

“Excluding the ones currently in battle, there’s only 6 left” (Shiki)

“Waka-sama, if you so wish, I can go there and clean it out” (Mio)

“Thanks Mio, but its fine. We are only doing this in context, so there’s no need to mind it” (Makoto)

I calm down the itching Mio and we head to the Guild.

A question suddenly sprung in my head.

That Goddess, I wonder what is her name?

It seems she is an acquaintance of Tsukuyomi-sama, so maybe she is a Goddess I know the name of?

No way, what if she is a Goddess that’s viewed in a good light?

“Waka, the Lizards are coming to receive us. Looks like Rembrandt is together with them” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe, right now is fine, but you can’t call him with no honorifics okay? Also Mio, even if you meet the representative, you can’t do anything. Okay?” (Makoto)

“Hehe, don’t worry” (Tomoe)

“… Of course-desu wa. Even if he gets attacked, I won’t do anything” (Mio)

“Mio, if he gets attacked, save him” (Makoto)

“… Yes” (Mio)

Don’t avert your gaze.

How scary, jeez.

Next to Rembrandt-san who is waving his hand, there’s the Guild representative Zara-san.

Ah, I feel light dizziness and nausea.

No doubt he is the next person I can’t deal with well after the Goddess.

Even so, I can’t just not go.

Today is an important day for Kuzunoha Company.

I prepare myself and meet up with them.

[It has been a while. Representative, Rembrandt-san. I’m glad to see that you all are okay. Because of the thought transmission jamming I was late, but by the orders of the Academy Principal, I have come to this northeast section to join the suppression]

“It’s been long, Raidou-dono” (Rembrandt)

The first one to talk was Rembrandt-san.

Calling my name, he closed the distance and hugged me tightly.

“… Are my daughters okay? They are not being send out to fight right?!” (Rembrandt)

It was a whisper, but his desperate tone reached my ears.

His breath is tickling!

[Don’t worry. Your daughters have not gone to the battlefield. And just like you asked, I have hidden reliable people around them, so it’s okay]

With his hug released, I was able to create some space in between him.

It’s probably a secret talk between him and me, so I also write small words that only he can see.

In a situation where he can’t properly get in contact with his daughters, Rembrandt-san must have been suffering internally.

Sif and Yuno are really loved.

Being hugged by a man doesn’t make me happy though.

“… It has been a while, Raidou. If you are appearing here that must mean your store is fine right? If I remember correctly, it was in the middle of the main street” (Zara)

With a pronounced exhaustion in his face, representative Zara talks to me.

Ugh, I can’t even deal with his voice.

How pathetic.

[No, it was already destroyed. All of my employees somehow came out fine, but we were securing safety in the evacuation points, so I still don’t know the current state of my store]

“… I see. There have been variants that slipped into the evacuation points and have been wiped out. It is great to see that your place was okay” (Zara)

‘I-It’s great to see’?

Unexpected words came out.

I thought he would come shouting at me like the Academy Principal.

No matter how exhausted he is, isn’t this too much of a change?

The representative gave me an impression of being a brash person.

Would he change this much just because the town is being attacked?

Or is he acting to make it look that way?

Did Rembrandt-san do something?

No, in this situation it is probably not necessary.

To exhaust the person that is taking control along with you would be like strangling yourself.

It might be the preparation to get as much reparation as possible from somewhere.

The insurance-like thing of companies is being managed by the Guild, so maybe a place that is higher than this Merchant Guild’s branch, or maybe Rotsgard? Cheat it out of someone in this town?

“Hahaha, is the impression too different from last time? This guy hasn’t experienced attacks from outside, so he is tired. On top of that, in this current situation where he is being protected by Hyun-dono and Fia-dono <The Mist Lizards>, he can’t make a strong face towards Raidou-dono. Right?” (Rembrandt)

“S-Shut up! But if it’s you guys who have such strong mamonos under you, shouldn’t those rampaging guys be annihilated a long time ago? Why didn’t you guys move until now?” (Zara)

Ah, the expected question came.

It isn’t comparable to last time, but his eyes were shining a sharp enquiring light.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you but, I have revealed to this guy that the Mist Lizards are something you lent to me, since he is the top. I thought that way would make the conversation proceed in a smoother manner. Sorry for doing something of my own” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt-san soon supplemented more information.

Thanks to that, the representative didn’t cause much trouble since he knew that I am the master of the Mist Lizards.

Well, as long as he didn’t spread it to anyone else, I don’t really mind.

Being able to summon Mist Lizards is something that the students taking my class already know anyways.

[The Academy corps were concentrating solely on subjugation. I was in the competition grounds and after a lot happened, I was taking care of one of the evacuation points, but even that evacuation point was in a dangerous situation, so I couldn’t expect much from the Academy’s elimination of the danger. It was my own decision, but I somehow got in contact with my company’s employees and concentrated in guiding the residents to the evacuation points and proceeded to secure those places. It has calmed down one way or another, so today I headed to the academy and after receiving the orders of the Academy Principal, I headed to this place to participate in the subjugation]

“… I see” (Zara)

[On our way we saw signs of pillaging. How much of the damage has the Merchant Guild grasped?]

“Following this guy’s suggestion, we have been confirming the extent of the damage, suppressing the monsters and securing the residents that are okay. I don’t know the particulars of the damage, but I understand that it is better to just give up on the merchandize of the stores. Anyways, the military force is overwhelmingly insufficient. We have the gold, but there’s already no adventurers or mercenaries that can be hired. Every time a death appears, it chips off our strength. As long as we are unable to make contact with the outside, honestly speaking, there’s nothing we can do” (Zara)

Saying ‘This guy’ and pointing at Rembrandt-san, the representative answers me.

Looks like they are quite cornered.

With that face that even has an unshaved beard, he looks several times older than the time I met him.

I send a glance to Tomoe.

When I do so, she makes a complacent smile, laughs, and then nods, which luckily no one noticed because they weren’t paying her attention.

The situation is just as planned huh.

Certainly, even if there’s money, if there’s no adventurers nor mercenaries to hire, there’s no point.

Dying while hugging your money.

It is a situation where not a few merchants have thought this way and ended up like that.

In that case, it would be hard for the current representative Zara to make composed decisions.

Then Rembrandt-san supporting here was a good decision.

“Seriously, what a troublesome man. Raidou-dono is here so there’s no problem. I am telling you that this kind of thing can’t even be considered a predicament, but you don’t even listen. Even yesterday-“ (Rembrandt)

“Pat! You, shut up” (Zara)



Ah, he is talking to Rembrandt-san.

If my memory serves right, I have seen a sign about it.

Patrick Rembrandt.

He is Patrick so Pat.

I normally call him Rembrandt-san, so for a moment I was wondering who he was talking about.

When Rembrandt-san was about to reveal a shameful event, the representative shuts him up.

“And well, the merchant guild has accumulated a relative amount of exhaustion Raidou-dono. This guy can still be considered in the decent compared to the merchants inside. The amount of people confused is not low. It’s not something nice to see. And there’s no people there that can serve as an example for Raidou-dono” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt talks indifferently. There’s no signs of sympathy in his words.

Simple bitter words.

Compared to the many people inside, I am a newbie that just made a store though.

I don’t see this kind of Rembrandt-san that often.

[I am happy to see that I somehow made it in time]

“For a second I thought about having these guys you left with me cooperate with the offensive, but no matter how I asked them, they didn’t accept anything besides protecting. I tried going outside myself and see, but they quickly made me go back. It was clear that it would be pointless to try, so I gave up promptly” (Rembrandt)

Ah, I see.

I only told them to protect after all.

It was probably like telling them: ‘Don’t cooperate unnecessarily’.

They may not be flexible, but they are reliable warriors.

[Then, following your advice, I will be entering the suppression without going inside the Guild. If you are able to get in contact, it is okay to have the mercenaries return]

“… As expected, this really doesn’t enter the category of predicament huh” (Rembrandt)

For the first time, Rembrandt-san’s expression changed into one of surprise.

[We have already defeated about 15 of them on our way here. And in this section…]


I ignore their surprise.

Stopping my writing, I look at Shiki.

“There’s 9 left. Right now there’s no other variants appearing” (Shiki)

Understanding my gaze, Shiki answered. Grateful by it, I look back at Rembrandt-san.

With how things went, I feel like Rembrandt-san would be more reliable than the representative right now.

[That’s how it is. There’s also an article which has been specified by the Academy as being the reason of the variants appearing. I will be leaving one of my followers to collect those, right Tomoe?]

“?!!!! M-Me?!” (Tomoe)

[She knows the particulars about it, so can Rembrandt-san cooperate as well? And representative Zara too]

“Of course I will cooperate. Is that okay, Zara?” (Rembrandt)

“… Yeah. If this will make those monsters stop appearing from inside, I will happily cooperate” (Zara)

How honest.

When representative Zara is this tired, I feel like I can talk with him.

Well, just like the demi-human Bor said: ‘After the crisis passes, people might forget about it after a while’, so this is probably a rare state of him.

[Then, we will be excusing ourselves now. We are done here, so we will be going. Let’s meet later]

“Raidou-dono, the communication with the units is still cut off. Sorry but, if you find them and they haven’t received the order to return, I want you to please tell them directly” (Zara)


A really amazing change.

‘Sorry but’ he said.

Tomoe, looking back once as if saying she is displeased by this, is guided by Rembrandt-san. Sorry.

I was puzzled choosing between Shiki or you, but there’s the chance that talk about teleportation will be brought, so I thought that Tomoe was a better option.

… If I left Mio, that would be a bit scary.

I silently give my apology to Tomoe.

Let’s finish this quickly and meet her afterwards. Right, in the afternoon I should get in contact with the Academy once.

… I thought of something nice.

“Mio, Shiki” (Makoto)

I beckon the two.

The two that were walking slightly ahead of me returned to where I am.

“Counting the ones still fighting, there’s 9 variants remaining, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes, no doubt about it” (Shiki)

Shiki nods immediately.

“Then, avoiding the ones that are in the middle of fighting, how about you two do a competition with the remaining 6?” (Makoto)


“If you end up in a draw… today’s dinner will be Mio’s choice lineup, and tomorrow will be Shiki’s choice lineup. And, if one of you wins, I will listen to one of your wishes. How about it?” (Makoto)

“… Really? Something like that…” (Shiki)

“W-Waka-sama, you can’t take back what you said later okay?!” (Mio)

Eh? Both of them bit harder than I thought they would.

But I gotta tell them that this is only limited to things I can actually do.

“Of course, things I can do. Limit it to something that I can do at that time okay? Like for example… if you want to hear about my previous world, I would like you to limit it to one day. Cooking together as well” (Makoto)

I illustrated Shiki and Mio with things both might want, to make it clearer for them.

“I won’t be asking mean things in my wish. Don’t worry” (Shiki)

“Exactly what Shiki said. Waka-sama, prepare yourself” (Mio)

I wonder why, even though it was short, the words Mio said first and the words she said later felt as if they were contradicting themselves.

Different from Tomoe, the two of them had a rough job of protecting, so I thought of this proposal as a breather of sorts but… maybe I was rash?

While following Shiki to the place where the fight is going on, I felt kinda uneasy.


“You were pretty docile there, Zara” (Rembrandt)

“… I thought you had turned tame, but let me take it back. What is that about being the strongest in town? That thing, no matter how I look at him, it isn’t merely at that level!!” (Zara)

“I didn’t lie though. In truth, they are the strongest in town after all. In here and in Tsige” (Rembrandt)

In front of Makoto, Rembrandt uses ‘watashi’; but when he talks to representative Zara he uses ‘ore’. On top of that, his way of talking gets slightly rustic and frank. <Watashi = ‘I’ in a polite way – Ore = ‘I’ in an informal way>

From this, one can tell that their personal relationship is deep.

Looking at Tomoe who is being guided by Rembrandt’s wife inside the Guild, the representative of the Merchant Guild, Zara, glares at his old friend while sweating bullets.

But Rembrandt eludes that gaze.

That look would normally make weak-minded people feel fear, but Rembrandt took it with a cool face.

This kind of face is obviously what one would get if the originally scary face of Zara seriously glares at someone.

But maybe because Rembrandt takes it as a frolic of an old friend, or maybe because he has abnormal nerves; he responded to Zara by saying an irony of lining up two towns, Rotsgard and Tsige, who have completely different natures.

“… The information of Kuzunoha Company is opaque in all senses. I can gather a reasonable amount of info about them, but I can’t see the core at all. I don’t even know the reason why it is gathering the attention of many countries. Its ability in battle as an organization is completely unknown. When I put a logical reason like: ‘they probably don’t have much to show in battle’, they come with this!” (Zara)

“What do you mean by ‘with this’? Hey hey, that’s some terrible sweating there” (Rembrandt)

“They come walking from the Academy with only 4 people and while having a friendly chat as if there’s no crisis going on, they arrived here with no injuries. The units grouped with mercenaries are turning out with deaths and injured every time they go out there you know?! Not a single one of them was showing any sort of nervousness! They came here as if they were going out shopping in a sunny afternoon!” (Zara)

“Kukuku” (Rembrandt)

Hearing the words of Zara that sounded as if a dam had broken inside him, Rembrandt laughs with heartfelt fun.

“What number 1 strongest in town would be able to do something as crazy as that?! There are strong monsters spread around everywhere where one step can mean your death you know?! We were only able to defeat 4 after 3 days; with a group of more than 50 mercenaries! And then he comes and nonchalantly says ‘15’ as if he was walking down a festival before coming here!! I was somehow able to get in contact with my employees? If this were a situation where we can ‘somehow’ get in contact, by now we would be getting supplies from outside!!” (Zara)

“Yeah, you are right” (Rembrandt)

“Why is the kid that got scared after being shouted by me able to walk all the way here with a smile in his face? Those guys, just what in the world are they?” (Zara)

“So that’s why you are sweating that much. Yareyare, aren’t you the one that’s lacking fervor? Where did the man that seized the gambling den from the thief guild go to?” (Rembrandt)

“Don’t lump this together with business. There’s a limit to what merchants can do against people that you can’t communicate with. What the Kuzunoha Company is doing is plain impossible for a company. From my point of view, Raidou and those monsters out there aren’t that different. Why is an obscure group like that in this Academy Town? Just what are those guys, Pat?” (Zara)

“Just as you know, he is a medicine merchant. Registering as a merchant in the Guild of Tsige and making a store here, a chick-in-training, the merchant Raidou-dono” (Rembrandt)

“Pat, stop messing around” (Zara)

“… Just that, the close aides around Raidou-dono: one is a brave woman Tomoe-dono who’s over level 1,500; the black haired girl you just met, Mio-dono, surpasses level 1,500 by a lot; and the other follower under Raidou-dono, Shiki-dono, is most likely a high level that I don’t know of. Just think of Raidou-dono as possessing the same amount of power as them. Those kind of people are selling medicine” (Rembrandt)

“O-One thousand five hundred? What are you…” (Zara)

“Oops, my tongue slipped. It is confidential information from the adventurer guild you see. It is a well-known secret in Tsige, but in other towns it doesn’t even turn into a conversation and it just turns into their levels being unknown. Falz-dono, was it? Looks like they are close with the Adventurer Guild master. You as well, don’t go leaking it outside, got it? I don’t know what will happen to you if you do” (Rembrandt)

“Y-You just arbitrarily told me!!” (Zara)

Zara’s whole body trembled heavily.

When he was talking with Raidou – Makoto -, he was still able to interact with him with a firm mentality even when exhausted.

That’s because of his pride as the Guild’s head.

But in reality, he was internally in shock, awe and fear.

He is the person that has been entrusted with the managing of the Merchant Guild.

He is able to calmly take the situation to a certain extent and analyze it.

The fact that this town is being attacked by monsters, and that those monsters are a threat that they are barely able to fight against after gathering skilled mercenaries and bodyguards that were former adventurers.

Every day confirming the survival of the people that are being protected, and realizing that each day they decrease in numbers. And those guys that are doing their best out there are also reducing in numbers.

The two strong mamonos his old friend brought along with his wife, right now one is at the entrance of the Guild and the other one is following the wife as a guard. Their strength was quite reliable.

Even though they are mamonos, when seeing them diligently do their job as guards, there are people that are even worshipping them out of gratitude.

But they don’t join the offensive no matter what, and the couple were not allowed to go outside.

They were a power that was only limited to guarding.

Thanks to that they were able to send more people to attack and investigate, but even when they are being protected by strong mamonos, the refugees are accumulating a lot of stress.

Because the thought transmission is being limited, they are unable to grasp the situation and that increases the sensation of being enclosed.

No doubts this is the worst situation Rotsgard has faced since its foundation.

That’s why he can tell.

The acts of Raidou and the Kuzunoha Company, if it’s only by word, they ‘sound’ like good-willed people that are risking their lives for the town’s sake, for the sake of resolving this situation.

Just by concentrating your eyes a little, those actions will look completely abnormal.

The strongest military power of the Academy was easily killed. Zara has also received information that they didn’t even provide a proper fight.

And in truth, the people that were hired were even saying that the monsters are strong and the remuneration doesn’t match. Just looking at the number of deaths and the town’s state, Zara intended to negotiate in that aspect.

And they defeated 15 of those.

A number that can be laughed as a lie.

And yet, he couldn’t laugh at it.

Half of Zara’s heart couldn’t believe it, but the other half felt that it was the truth.

They walked from the Academy to the Merchant Guild.

It sounds easy, but it was enough to make Zara unable to understand Kuzunoha Company.

A small company that had no value of attention, had turned into a ghastly existence inside of him.

“Fuh, that’s what happens when you don’t even have much information and just judge Raidou-dono by the surface. If you changed your way of view a little, there’s no personage as easy to get along with as him. I was expecting you to see through something as simple as that, but that’s a shame” (Rembrandt)

“I-If such a person with no understanding in the way of commerce comes saying naïve words, anyone would get angry!! It’s your fault for not properly teaching him the basics at Tsige! In the first place, why is a person with such crazy power-” (Zara)

“’Not using it’?” (Rembrandt)

“Y-Yeah” (Zara)

“I don’t know. You should ask him personally. Well, his atmosphere looked different. This might have been influenced by you” (Rembrandt)

“Why did he enter the trade business?” (Zara)

“I told you, if have something to ask him, ask him personally. Also, you talked about basics and whatever, but you, are you seriously saying that?” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt looks at Zara with eyes of elation.

Zara thought that even though he is an old friend, that’s a face he doesn’t see a lot in Rembrandt.

“Isn’t that obvious? This is the duty of someone in the same trade. Before beginning something, you have to lay the groundwork, look at the town’s market price and have the ability to place the price. If your stock has some sort of specialty, consult with us beforehand. There are a lot of things to do. And yet, he probably doesn’t understand a half of it. Raidou really only thinks about selling good things at a low price. His eyes are basically only looking at the customers. Just how is such a merchant going to go by in this world?” (Zara)

“Good things at the lowest price. Isn’t that a basic in business? He is putting that in practice. Truly nice” (Rembrandt)

“And I’m saying that doesn’t work in practical business!” (Zara)

“It does” (Rembrandt)

“… You, did you go by in this way at that town and got your head crazy?” (Zara)

“Didn’t we think in this way when we began our business?” (Rembrandt)

“Yeah, but after actually doing it, you realize that that naivety doesn’t work!” (Zara)

“Why?” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt asked Zara like a child.

“… To be able to wedge into the people that have authority. Because ‘wisely’ doing things is more important than ideals, no, it is necessary. Capitalize people with gold, kill people with gold. If you are unable to do that… you won’t be able to become bigger” (Zara)

“Right. But, that only applies to people like us” (Rembrandt)

“What are you trying to say?” (Zara)

The eyes of Zara grow clouded.

“Before the power of Tomoe-dono and Mio-dono, just how many merchants are able to properly negotiate? For example: if the current you stands in the same space as those four, just how many of their demands will you be able to change into a favorable one? With that special method of yours” (Rembrandt)

“Such a thing, I will somehow manage to” (Zara)

“Even with the risk of having your important things and this whole town scattered away? Even with the risk of not knowing what kind of retribution will come if your actions are taken as traitorous?” (Rembrandt)


“Of course, if he wants to, I would teach him as much as he wants about stores. I will support him. But right now I don’t think there’s a need to for him. He doesn’t think much about the adventurers that die in the wasteland, but he is a merchant that wants to help the people that have fallen ill or have curse illness. He holds the ideal of selling good medicine at a low price. I think he is actually a plenty beneficial person. He doesn’t fit in a relationship where he holds the head of someone, and a pointlessly high-pressured personality doesn’t fit him either” (Rembrandt)

Zara was probably self-aware that the latter half was pointing out at himself, Zara’s expression turns into a bitter one.

“Are you saying business can be twisted by violence? Can such a crooked act continue? The church, the country, won’t forgive such an act” (Zara)

“Really? If they think that giving them freedom is more beneficial than binding them, it isn’t that impossible right? Supreme dragons sometimes come out from their nest and destroy villages; spirits rampage and block the sea and highways. These are things that happen every now and then. But do they go suppress them every time it happens? The only thing you would be able to do is pray, to wait for that threat to pass by. Because they understand that this way has less victims” (Rembrandt)

“It’s foolish to put those natural disasters at the same level as the Kuzunoha Company” (Zara)

“A suppression unit led by a level 920 was needed to defeat one supreme dragon. They have two people that surpass 1,500 and can be considered of possessing that same power. Don’t you think that’s not much different? Also, do you know? Just by being strong, when that strength is on a whole different dimension, it even brings growth to towns you know? That’s truly nice. Even when taking into account that my town is one that is easily influenced by that kind of effect” (Rembrandt)

Zara gulps at the words of Rembrandt.

Because the words that were coming out from his old friend that used gold and several tricks to climb higher, felt nothing but scary.

It is certainly true that if the Dragon Slayer Sofia is level 920, and the words of Rembrandt are true, Kuzunoha Company possesses power stronger than that of the strongest adventurer.

Even so, Zara is still clinging to his crumbling common sense.

“… Impossible. That’s impossible, Pat. If a single company practices such tyranny and egoism, the Goddess-sama would definitely bring divine judgment to it. Right?” (Zara)

“I wonder if even that divine judgment will be able to reach them, Zara. I… betted in the side that won’t reach. That’s why, no matter what anyone says, the Rembrandt Company will not stop supporting Kuzunoha Company. I don’t think the Goddess-sama would come out for a company, but even if that happens, I don’t have any intentions of changing my bet” (Rembrandt)

“Such arrogance is…” (Zara)

“If an ideal is able to stay practical even without changing its shape, arrogance is just fine. Lately, I have begun thinking this way. That blowing away all the people that only look at benefits and moving on is okay. At the end I was unable to do it, but if it’s Raidou, he will be able to. But well, I think his arrogance is brought by his ignorance though. That’s why I don’t meddle unnecessarily and simply watch as he does things the way he wants to” (Rembrandt)

“… That might not even be business anymore you know? No, it wouldn’t even be realistic” (Zara)

“Isn’t that fine? If an organization surpassing the border of business appears and cleanses this world of illness and curse diseases, it wouldn’t be bad to be part of such an unprecedented exploit. If he so wishes to, I will walk alongside. Zara, let me tell you this. He is not a man that would make people in his side suffer losses. In our words, he is a source of revenue that we would want to get no matter what we have to betray” (Rembrandt)

“Even if that means hyumans, no, even the Goddess herself?” (Zara)

“Yeah. What’s wrong? If gold is supremacy and profit is justice, no matter what you betray it is still ‘business’, right?” (Rembrandt)

“But Pat, that is…” (Zara)

“… Fukkuku. I know. I already know. If that were truly the case, it would be a lie to say that we haven’t profited from the war that way in these 20 years. That’s because people like us with capital and connections are able to profit like crazy from it. I am in a remote town in the wasteland where fighting for your life is usual. Not in Limia nor Gritonia. Well, the current Tsige has gained enough revenue to the point that it would be able to join the war and not fall down. That is our limit. Even if I talk all high-and-mighty, I don’t want to join hands and earn profits from war” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt laughs.

Those vigorous words of his that one could catch a glimpse of slight madness, were laughed away by the person himself.

“That war… taught me that naivety won’t save anything. I am grateful for that” (Zara)

“That huh. You slipped there. ‘This’ war has not finished yet you know? Also, even if you say you are grateful with that face, the only thing I can get through it is hatred. Well, I am the same though. My older brother and his wife died in the war after all” (Rembrandt)

“I lost all of my relatives” (Zara)

“Right. We have desperately lived with the mindset that only gold and ourselves were the only reliable things” (Rembrandt)

“Yeah. That’s why, when I see someone like Raidou, I feel my own pettiness. Also, he gives a… I still can’t say for sure, but I feel like something is out of place. Not about his power or anything like that. A feeling as if he is a different race from us” (Zara)

“Out of place huh. I see. You also have your own way of thinking. Then I don’t mind. But if you are going to join, it’s better to make it fast. This is honest advice from a friend that has faced the same pain and walked the same path” (Rembrandt)

“You… I, still can’t approve of him that much” (Zara)

“Try coming to Tsige once. When you look at the state of affairs, your way of thinking will also change. Right, let’s have my daughters guide you. A big service there you know?” (Rembrandt)

The remote town that is dramatically changing. Remembering his own den, Rembrandt was unable to contain himself again and leaked out a laugh.

“Sif-chan huh. She became beautiful right” (Zara)

“Hoh~, I haven’t said a single word about Sif though? I see, I see. When you heard about big service, you remembered Sif who resembles the Lisa you fell in love with a long time ago, right? Yeah yeah, how stubborn you are Zara” (Rembrandt)

“Wa?! I-I wasn’t really…” (Zara)

“Nah, I won’t be holding strange suspicions on a close friend like you… is what you thought I would say?! You old lecher! The eyes you use to follow Lisa are already indecent you bastard!” (Rembrandt)

“Guo, Pat, what are you saying in such a critical situation?!” (Zara)

Rembrandt strangles Zara with words that one can’t tell if he was joking or being serious.

The people that were looking at it from afar showed slight signs of fun, so they probably thought those two were playing around.

No one aside from Rembrandt himself would know if he did so purposely or not.

After about 5 minutes.

Seeing the mercenaries return one after the other to the Guild and the unchanged state of Raidou, Zara leaked out a low “Impossible”.

Rembrandt, hearing that small and feeble voice of his, opened his mouth wide and laughed.

Raidou looked at this in surprise.

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