Chapter 143: If it’s 3 days, it’s still fine

It has been 3 days since then.

Academy Town is still in chaos.

The turmoil caused by the variants that’s believed to be the deed of the demon race, in the end, from the first day till today, the variants continued their advance with their purpose still unknown.

In the first day I passed a night at one of the evacuation points, the demi-human’s slum.

At night we all reunited to exchange information, but there was no especially important information, if there’s one thing, it would be about the company’s circulation of goods method. Looks like Root is going to do something about it. That’s what I heard from Tomoe.

At the second day, the situation moved into a bad direction.

There were two big points.

The first one is that the communication network of the town has stopped working. The information from the surrounding towns couldn’t be relayed anymore and since there’s no response from the calls in this side, it has turned into a situation where it is unknown if it has actually reached or not.

Even if one tries to do thought transmission inside the town, you have to be in a close range or it won’t reach. If the person doing the transmission is skilled, it will reach for about 1 or 2 kilometers; if both sides are skilled, it will reach about 3 kilometers. That’s how the situation has deteriorated into.

Thinking about the wideness of the town, it is quite the harsh situation. It’s a situation where it will be hard to even consider exchanging information with the neighboring towns.

Well, if there are really skilled thought transmission users in the Academy side, it might be possible.

From what I heard of Tomoe, because of this, the Academy’s movements have grown a lot duller, so the thought transmission jamming is showing clear effects.

From what Shiki told me, the reason is because of the good amount of magic devices that are set up in various places around town.

He showed me one and it was pretty small. It is cylinder shaped with a size close to that of a 500 ml pet bottle.

A large quantity of them are set up in town and outside of it as well. It seems their main purpose is jamming the thought transmissions.

Looks like they were for quite some time in places like: inside pillars, below the floor, buried in the ground; in a lot of places. ‘And before they were activated, they showed no reaction so were unable to detect them’, is what Shiki and Lime apologized for.

If they were able to detect devices before they are activated, that would be pretty impressive.

The moment I heard about this, I was impressed by the demon race who probably took quite a long time to thoroughly set up these devices.

They must have done this through task laboriously. How diligent.

For some reason, I imagined an epic domino line.

I felt like destroying all the dominos, but I restrain myself.

Just like how the demon race can use their thought transmission in this, we are also able to normally use our thought transmission.

Looks like it only blocks the normal thought transmission.

In this place, it is impossible to intercept the contents of our thought transmission, and we also have methods to code the important contents; so, from now on, we are perhaps the only power that can use thought transmission properly.

‘That’s why, if you want to destroy the devices, I want you to do so after we have finished our moves’ is what Tomoe said.

The other point is the increase in variants.

The reason being, there were some people that were involved with the variant incident and transformed in the evacuation points. In other words, danger appears in the places of evacuation. A bad situation.

That means there were quite the amount of people using the demon race’s drug.

Could it be, the demon race was spreading them around randomly?

Whichever it is, instead of calling the chaos as the objective, it is more like the intention of this is to damage Academy Town.

At noon of the first day, I talked with all of my followers and compute all the people that have a similar necklace to that of Ilumgand.

To pinpoint the cause.

One of the reasons may be because they are in a stressful place like a shelter, and because of that, their spirit becomes unstable and several have turned into a variant just like Ilumgand.

Being in a situation where they are unable to use thought transmission might be one of the reasons as well.

To reduce the damage, I notified the employees to confiscate those accessories, and reduced the damage of the evacuation points we were stationed in.

Regarding the Mist Lizards that are following Rembrandt-san, I have received reports from them about the safety of the couple and a rough summary of the situation in the merchant guild.

By the second day, the people that have experience fighting mamonos, bodyguards, and people like mercenaries were gathered and organized as units. Looks like they began moving to remove the danger of the variants.

I have received reports saying that they moved on the offensive instead of defensive mostly thanks to the influence of the Rembrandt couple.

The Guild Representative that went on the offensive, gathered the company representatives, the employees, and the people related to the guild, and proposed the idea of creating units to protect the town.

Maybe he proposed this because of the losses of the stores, products and even the merchants itself. Or maybe that was his true character. I don’t really know.

Sadly, there’s also plundering targeted at the stores that are still okay.

Maybe because my store and the ones in the surroundings were destroyed, when I heard the report, even when knowing it was imprudent, a part of me felt relieved that there were also other stores that were suffering damages from it. I am the worst.

At the night meeting of the second day, it was made clear that there were around 80 inside the town. And that variants appeared in several evacuation points that were not under the supervision of the Kuzunoha Company and were destroyed.

There probably wasn’t anyone who was able to fight in those places.

The Academy’s support was not directed at the evacuation points, but to the extermination of variants, so in the cases where a new variant appears, if they are unable to defend themselves, the evacuation point will collapse from the inside.

Did Rona calculate all this factors when she caused this uproar?

To estimate so many factors, that’s impressive.

There’s the chance that she seriously thought of destroying the town.

Also, from the Academy side, the Purple Coats and a part of the teachers made up units and are moving by the orders of the Academy Principal. It looks like they have succeeded in defeating several variants already.
Well, the numbers have increased, but since they are slowly rallying back, it can also be considered a good sign.

Because once a way to deal with them has been established, the efficiency in which they defeat the variants will increase.

The assistance of the various countries and the dispatch of troops are planned to be arriving, at its fastest, tomorrow into the surrounding towns, and the day after tomorrow they will enter Rotsgard.

Just that, since they are unable to confirm their arrival through thought transmission, this is only the case if the reinforcements began preparing since day one.

In the middle of it, the big-shots called for Tomoe and suggested her to provide support to the transportation of goods and soldiers.

I see, it is certainly understandable after being shown such convenient teleportation.

If it was me, I would have nodded, but the one who interacted with them was Tomoe and Root was at her side.

Regarding the long-distance teleportation magic, they explained something logical sounding and told them that it would be difficult.

There’s a usage limit to the short katana. When released and used, one is unable to use it for all of that day, and if the usage is forced, there’s the fear of breaking.

There are many things that can be done when placing the effect on an object huh.

They were able to think up such a setting with ad-lib. Long lived Dragons are impressive.

Seeing their wide field of vision when moving, I realize my own insufficiency.

And then, from what Tomoe said, today we are finally beginning to move.

When this uproar is finished, there will be several other problems waiting for me. Like: the Merchant Guild and the Limia Prince Joshua.

Even so, these stagnated days are better than the days where I just waited.

Unlike the people that are taking refuge, we are able to use thought transmission, so we don’t feel any threat, and moreover, moving moderately into Asora is making even me feel slightly stressed in this enclosed situation.

“’…In this enclosed situation’, done. I feel like it is long for a 3 day journal, but since we are right now in an eventful situation, it should probably be something like this. It’s not like we will be showing this to someone anyways” (Makoto)

It’s quite abridged, but if it works as a memo, that’s fine.

I leave the room that the demi-humans prepared for me in the slum.

“Ah, Raidou-san. Today is quiet. There’s no uproar worth mentioning right now”

When I left the room, a cat that has about the same height as a hyuman and stood vertically, talked to me.

He is the person that is in charge of this slum, and because we have a connection through the company’s medicine, we are relatively close.

Most of the time he uses Akua and Eris as intermediaries, and there are times when we both talk in person.

It looks like he comes to our store frequently, so he can be considered a regular customer of our place.

It seems being in the slum doesn’t mean he doesn’t have money. He is poor, but it in terms of a living, he is somehow earning it.

“Good morning. It is great that the friction between hyumans is disappearing” (Makoto)

“The conflict wasn’t as bad as I thought it would to be. Well, it’s still dangerous out there though”

“It looks like that part will soon return to how it was before” (Makoto)

“There are some monsters there that are hard to detect, so we can’t lower our guards. I want this tense days to come to an end quickly”

“With this as the spark, it would be nice if the hyumans change their opinions of you guys” (Makoto)

“That’s impossible. They are a race that’s loved by the Goddess, and we are the ones standing below them. A thought that has been engraved will not change easily. Hyumans will probably come to give us donations for a while, but I think that in time it will return to how it was before”

The cat, whose name is Bor, is still young, but with his mature face he makes a lonely smile.

What a farsighted person.

“’Once it passes through the throat, you will forget the heat of it’ huh” (Makoto)

“Hm?” (Bor)

“No, it’s nothing” (Makoto)

“Lately, I have been thinking if we could try using our strengths to connect it to work. If we were to create a relationship with a part of the hyumans here and were able to make a connection where we both benefit from, this turmoil and its bad memories could be rewritten. For us that is” (Bor)

“Right. Today I will be heading out with Akua and Eris. Just in case, I will be leaving a few here, so if you have anything to tell me, please tell the people that remained here” (Makoto)

“… Outside. Understood. Be careful” (Bor)

The ears and whiskers of the cat twitched and showed surprise at my words.

Umu, a cat, nice.

“Yeah, you too” (Makoto)

Being slightly refreshed, I leave the half crumbled building.

(Akua, Eris, we are heading to the Academy) (Makoto)

I use thought transmission.

It wasn’t a conversation but an instruction.

With a speed that resembles that of an Oniwaban, two shadows appear in front of me.

“Good morning, Waka-sama. Today we are shifting to offensive, right?” (Akua)

“Good morning. There’s no presence of variants in the surroundings. It’s safe” (Eris)

The words of Eris that were practically screaming ‘I have been working’ are kind of doubtful.

She is not the type of girl that would lie in this kind of things, so I am not suspecting the contents though.

“I see. Good job. We are meeting with the Academy Principal and joining the suppression” (Makoto)

“Shiki-sama and Mio-sama too, right?” (Akua)

“What extravagant members” (Eris)

“It’s fine for you guys to just hide and be on alert of the surroundings. If there’s anything, tell me with thought transmission” (Makoto)


Before the other countries intervene, we will show our presence to a certain extent. That’s the most important point it seems.

Well, for me, safety is what’s most important.

Avoid the battles that can be avoided.

Treasure your life.

If I end up dying, I might even drag the residents that live in Asora along with me. Even if the danger of dying is a one in a million, I will still fight with defense as the priority. That’s how I decided it to be.

When I clearly understand how deep my connection is with Asora, I can probably change my way of acting, but for now that’s not the case.

The Forest Oni combi disappear once again.

Well then, let’s go.

“Kuzunoha’s master!”

Who is it?

A voice stops me when I was walking to the exit.

This is a name that many people in this place use to call me.

When I turn back, there is a woman I got to know not that long ago.

[Ah, good morning Ester-san. You look healthy]

“Good morning. Even if it’s written, that’s pretty stiff you know. You don’t need to be formal with someone like me. It would make me formal too” (Ester)

[Sorry. It’s in my nature]

Or more like, I am mostly like this with hyumans.

Saying it in a good way, polite.

In a bad way, indifferent.

Anyways, I am used to talking with others in a business-like manner.

I was thinking about joining the hyuman society, but I am beginning to lose my drive to do so.

What is it, this feeling?

“Hmph~. Ah, the reason why I stopped you. The accessory you told us to collect yesterday, is it better to collect them if we see them today as well?” (Ester)

[Right. Those might be one of the reasons of this turmoil. It’s not assured until the Academy investigates into it in detail though]

“Understood. We will do so. And, today you are going outside?” (Ester)

[This place has calmed down, so I am heading to the Academy to confirm the current situation of the town and the state of the students]

“It’s impressive that you are able to say something like that so easily. There may be no need to tell you but, there’s only one life. Pride and conceitedness will only lead to reducing your lifespan. Be careful” (Ester)

[Thank you for your worry. Well then, I will leave things here to you]

“Also, when this finishes safely, I will talk with my boss about you. It will probably be advantageous for you” (Ester)

[It is embarrassing since we are a small company, but please do tell that person]

The boss of the brothels. The only thing that comes to mind is a yakuza or the mafia.

Is it really okay to introduce me to such an underground person?

Well, if I have Tomoe or Shiki with me, there won’t be any mess up.

Lowering my head, I end my conversation with Ester.

When I head to the exit of the slums, I tell the demi-humans that are wearing simple armor about my reason for going outside, and enter the street.

It has only been a few days and it has been quite stormy.

When I perk up my ears, I can hear the sounds of fighting and screams.

Maybe because it has been like a daily thing, at the third day I am already used to it.

The anxiety that’s spreading through the residents is mostly caused by the fact that they don’t understand the situation and that there’s no way to know when they could get attacked.

I can normally use thought transmission to understand the situation, and with the help of Akua and Eris telling me, I am able to avoid the variants and the Academy’s corps.

That’s why I don’t really feel much anxiety in this situation.

It is the improvement of the thought transmission that didn’t work when I was summoned by the Goddess. I’m glad we made this improvements.

Thinking about it, an emergency situation where cellphones can’t be used would also create panic in the modern world.

Or more like, instead of anxiety, I am actually feeling cheerful.

The students have heard the words of praise by the Limia King from Shiki, so I want to hear in person how happy they were.

With the information that I receive from Akua and Eris, I circumvent the variants and the hyumans while continuing my steps towards the Academy.


“Temporary teacher Raidou! You bastard, why weren’t you in the Academy in this emergency situation?!”

[My apologies. I heard from a follower of mine that the Academy Principal was moving to suppress the variants, so I gathered my employees that were safe and was evacuating the residents]

“Idiot! If the variants are taken down, there should be no need to care for the residents! Where’s the need for you, a teacher – even if temporary – to help in the evacuation?! You are in a position where you have to obey my orders aren’t you?!”

[Yes. It was my own arbitrary decision. We are in a situation where we can’t properly use thought transmission, so even if late, I personally came to the Academy]

The place where the Academy Principal is.

The basement of the Academy’s courtyard. It is a secure shelter.

It doesn’t have much space to fit many people, but in exchange, there’s various equipment set up to grasp the situation outside.

It’s like the command room in emergency situations.

Looks like the guests that were evacuated are all here.

There are also several rooms to reside in, so it seems they are living in those.

In the room there’s other teachers and a number of staffs necessary for the management of this place.

As expected, there are some thought transmission users here that are skilled to communicate with the corps. The communication is passing without pause.

And in there, I am currently being shouted at.

With such force that I was wondering if the Academy Principal would burst a blood vessel. He wasn’t showing any signs of returning to normal and was looking down on me like the Merchant guild representative.

But I didn’t get flustered like that time and was just letting his anger slip by.

Main reason is because I understand what I should do, and that getting impatient will not bring forth anything.

I even had the leeway to think: ‘if you are going to shout at me, do it after we go to another room. Wouldn’t this bother the other people?’

“Two of the surrounding towns have gone completely silent. Is it because the people that can use thought transmission have died, or because they have been wiped out? We still don’t know. Listen, this is the worst situation Academy Town has faced since its foundation! And yet, you… you bastard just!!”

Just how much is this old geezer expecting from a temporary teacher?

It is obvious that I would be counted as part of their strength since I am a temporary teacher, but to get so angry over it.

Could it be, he is thinking that since my students were able to fight that well against a variant, I should be strong enough to wipe out the variants? I don’t think his thoughts go that far though.

If he really does expect me to have strength surpassing that of my students and he is so angered by me not being at his disposition, that’s maybe because his purple corps are showing much more casualties than the military gains?

I haven’t heard much details regarding that, so I will ask later.

There should be teachers that weren’t even able to arrive at the Academy and died on the way, and there should be teachers that have run away long ago. If the latter get fired, they wouldn’t be able to complain about it, but the ones that died, I feel like he is the type that would kick their corpses.

I’m glad I only left Tomoe at this place.

If I left Mio, I would have to soothe her later and that’s very difficult to do.

I wanted to meet the students too so I had Mio and Shiki tell them that I would go there later and had them in standby at one of the student dormitories.

It seems that they were faced with several outbreaks of variants, but I received reports that they were able to dispose of them secretly without any problems.

Also that there were some send to Asora as samples.

5 of them have been send, so that should be enough.

“Academy Principal, he evacuated us and on top of that he passed through the dangerous middle school garden to get here. Please leave the reprimands at that”

“?!! Oh, Princess Lily and even Sairitz-dono. That’s unusual”

The angry words of the Academy Principal stop.

When I look, there were two people I knew standing side by side.

“I encountered the princess by chance. Academy Principal, I also ask of you. Right now, instead of reprimanding his actions, it is of more importance to have him cooperate in resolving this situation” (Sairitz)

“Of course, I understand that. But as the one managing the Academy, I couldn’t overlook his thoughtless actions”

When you were evacuating, you weren’t even thinking about me.

Weren’t you more concerned about escaping?

Right now she is not here, but you even had your secretary lend you her shoulder.

Is it because the progress of the battle isn’t going favorably? The Academy Principal is being quite short tempered.

If he was like this from the very beginning, I can’t see him as a person capable of managing the elite academy. If he only has power and authority, and is in an unfitting position, then I would feel more familiarity with him… well, not really.

He is probably in the side that repudiates races. At the very least, he doesn’t give me the feeling of wanting to help him.

“Please, can’t you do it for us?”


“… If the two of you go that far, understood. Temporary teacher Raidou”


“I will put you and your employees in charge of the northeast section of Rotsgard. Okay? Show me that you can restore your honor”

[I will definitely meet your expectations]

“Those students that have been sleeping and have been of no use since that fight as well. If they are awake, I permit you to use them too”

[… Understood]

He is a person that says more than necessary.

I was slightly pissed by that.

It’s not like Jin and the others are in bad shape or anything.

Even Amelia was completely healed by Shiki at that day.

With one day of rest, they should have plenty enough energy to move.

I wasn’t expecting the Academy Principal to tell me that directly, but I had Shiki and Mio read the atmosphere of the place and put Jin and the others to sleep whenever a part of the students went on rampages or the teachers went on rampage, so that they don’t end up fighting them.

By the way, I gave them permission to do that.

Just in case, when those kids or the others felt like they were going to slip out and join the battle.

After this, I was planning on going there and waking them up.

I lower my head at the Academy Principal that leaves.


Merchant Guild all of a sudden huh.

I think it is a zone with pretty high importance.

If he wants us to handle that area, instead of calling it harassment by sending us to a dangerous place, it is more like he is running out of options.

The academy related facilities that the Academy is putting their priority in liberating are already filling their hands huh.

It looks like it is really a bad situation.

Tomoe also waited quite a while.

When I look at her, Tomoe noticed my gaze and silently lowers her head.

Just that.

With her personality, I thought she would come do some frivolous talk. Ah, that’s because there’s these two here.

[Princess Lily, and also Sairitz-sama. Thank you very much]

“No need for thanks. You have also helped us after all. If possible, I would want to tell the empire’s hero about this, but there’s no signs of the signal reaching. I feel very guilty about not being able to do anything for this town’s residents. At that time the thought transmission was still working, but right now I don’t know about the situation” (Lily)

“Raidou-dono has helped us after all, don’t worry about it. On our side as well, if only the thought transmission was able to connect… The dragon unit reinforcements and the supplies should be arriving by tomorrow but…” (Sairitz)

… I see.

The reason for the waiting is coming to fruition soon huh.

Tomoe suddenly told us to move today most likely because of Sairitz-san’s dragon unit that’s supposed to be coming tomorrow.

[I will do my best so that both of you will not be wounded in Rotsgard. No need to worry]

“Your words make me happy, Raidou. I would like to talk with you once, before going back to the Empire. When things get calmer, can you?” (Lily)

The princess-sama of the country where the hero is huh.

The Limia King’s way of talking felt as if he had been quite influenced by the hero.

Is this person the same?

I feel like her way of talking to me politely is Japanese-like but… meeting her alone, I don’t think I would be able to stand it.

Ah, that’s right.

[Of course. I will be bringing along my close aide Tomoe to meet you, Princess-sama]

“… Yeah… I will be looking forward to it” (Lily)


If I bring someone she already knows like Tomoe, there’s no worries for awkward silences.

“Raidou-dono, the things called variants are scary opponents that even the Academy’s elites are having a hard time with. Please be careful” (Sairitz)

[There’s Tomoe too, so it’s okay. She is really strong after all. Thanks for worrying, Sairitz-sama]

“You are going to bring her too?” (Sairitz)

[The Academy Principal told me to use my employees as well. Tomoe is a reliable subordinate]

“That’s true. In these few days, we were able to live without worries. It’s not good to retain her for so long. I will be praying for your well return, Raidou-dono” (Sairitz)

[Well then, let’s go Tomoe]

“Yes” (Tomoe)

When I leave the basement, the brightness dazzles me for a second.

There’s light down there, but as expected, it is completely different from the light of the outside.

While my eyes were getting accustomed, I head in quick pace to the student dormitory that’s being used as a refuge.

“It’s a good start. Well then, let’s call for Mio and Shiki and have them put everything in order” (Tomoe)


“Also, you were calm when talking with the Academy Principal. There was an unexpected lifeboat, but it was superb. I also think that it was a good move having me accompany you when meeting the Empire’s princess” (Tomoe)

[For some reason I was able to calmly deal with it. I am fine if you tell me after the northeast sweeping begins, I want to you to tell me about the explanation you gave them of the teleportation again. I want to match our ideas]

“Understood” (Tomoe)

If there’s a mess up, I am pretty sure it would be from my part after all.

I have to review as much as I can.

[I am looking forward to the picture you and Root created]

There will definitely be scary parts in it, that I believe won’t become a plus for me.

If I am going to use power, I also have to accept things like this.

“Leave it to me. For now, think about how you will act towards the merchant guild. I will be looking forward to an interaction like the one from just now” (Tomoe)

[I will do my best]

I am headed to the northeast, so I won’t be able to avoid it.

I will be encountering the representative again, no, I will be meeting with Rembrandt-san. Let’s think about it in a positive way.

I thought of seeing the state of the students and meeting with the Rembrandt couple when I was leaving the slum. Both of those will be achieved, so it is a good omen.

The counter-attack begins not at the fourth day when the reinforcements arrive, but in the third day. In other words, a turning point.

Let’s engrave in the minds of the people of this town the memory of Kuzunoha Company.


The atmosphere of the student dormitory wasn’t that different from the other evacuation points.

Many students are in the spacious lobby.

A part are outside working around the vicinity, but a sense of fatigue was drifting about in the whole area.

Counting Jin and the others that are sleeping, there’s Shiki and Mio in the place that’s used to nurse and treat the injured.

I stop them when they tried to come to where I am, and along with Tomoe, I go to where they are.

[Good work, Shiki, Mio. Looks like the students are quite tired]

“Waka-sama. Yesterday several became variants, so the people were unable to return to their own rooms. Today everyone seems to be feeling stressed” (Shiki)

“I was bored-desu wa. Crying ‘Are we going to be okay?’ ‘Are we going to be okay?’ over and over like broken toys” (Mio)

[Mio, try to choose your words a little. This kind of incident is a first, so it can’t be helped that they are uneasy]

“S-Sorry” (Mio)

I warn her a bit for her bitter words.

It looks like not many people here have the energy to complain, but I want to avoid pointless animosity.

“Well, that will end today-ja. You two, are you ready?” (Tomoe)

The two nod at Tomoe’s words.

[Then can you wake up Jin and the others? I want to talk with them for a bit]

“They have already woken up some time ago. Their body is a bit dull right now, but having them half-asleep when talking to Waka-sama would be troublesome” (Shiki)

Shiki, you work fast.

Now that I think about it, instead of waking them up when I arrive, it is more efficient if they are already awake.

Even so, I came here to where these two are, but I don’t see the faces of my students.

[Then, where are they right now?]

“Over there. Their condition is being checked. I think they will be returning soon” (Shiki)

[I see. Then, everyone please stay here. Prepare so that we can leave as soon as possible. I will go talk to them for a bit]

Saying so, I confirm the consent of all my followers.

Talking with people wearing white robe, I move to a place where there are familiar faces.

[It’s been a while, Jin, everyone]


Oooh, they synched perfectly.

Their timing was exact.

[I heard you were sleeping for three days. How’s everyone’s condition?]

“We are already fine. To think that we would be sleeping for 3 days, I can’t believe it”

“How’s the situation? It looks like it is not the same as ever though”

“I can’t get in touch with my family. Do you know anything about that Sensei?”

From each mouth, I was poured by questions from my students.

Instead of telling them about the situation, I first have to clearly place what must be done.

Or more like, Daena has a wife and child.

Are they okay?

I forgot about that.

[Calm down. You have woken up, but you have been sleeping for 3 days. To suddenly move today is akin to suicide. There are still variants appearing outside. The situation is still in a deadlock]


[The subjugation corps of the Academy are currently advancing. In other words, the current situation is that students are still restricted from going outside. You were able to get out alive, so obediently stay here]


Daena and the Rembrandt sisters are in quite the bad state.

Their faces show that they totally want to move out.

[You can’t, the three over there]


[Sif, Yuno, your family is okay. Don’t worry and just stay here healing the dullness in your body. Daena, I will investigate about your family. Don’t go moving on your own convenience. You have received words of praise from the Limia King. Try to calm down a bit]

‘Were you happy?’ Is something I can’t ask in this atmosphere.

I want them to calm down a bit by remembering the words of praise from the King.

“But… the town is still being destroyed by those guys right?!” (Jin)


Seriously. When I admonish one, another stands up.

This is troublesome.

I originally intended to put the students as guards here as an excuse, but I feel like that would increase the work of Akua and Eris.

I was planning on leaving only one, but maybe I should leave both of them.

[Do you want to go?]

“… Yes. Even we can be a bit of use. We were able to fight with Ilumgand” (Jin)

[Then if in that time this place is attacked or a new variant appears, everyone here will be slaughtered. A student turned into a variant yesterday you know?]


[I have to head to the northeast section by the Academy Principal’s orders. Jin, even with that, you still want to go?]

“… I will stay” (Jin)


“I will stay! If we all cooperate we will somehow, no, definitely do something about it!” (Jin)

[How reliable. I will leave it to you. If you guys do well, I will tell Limia King about your great efforts. Well then, later]

(Akua, Eris, I am sorry, but please protect this dormitory. If Jin and the others leave, I don’t mind which, please have one of you accompany them) (Makoto)



I will leave the perception to Shiki.

I return to where Tomoe, Mio and Shiki are.

[Sorry for the wait. Let’s go. Shiki, sorry but, I will be counting on you to watch out the surroundings]

(Also, can you please investigate the state of Daena’s wife and child? I totally forgot) (Makoto)

I tell them the outline and the latter half I say it in thought transmission.

“Understood” (Shiki)

(I have already confirmed that. In the competition grounds that is being secretly protected by the Arkes, they are taking refuge together with Eva and Ruria) (Shiki)

… Incredible.

He still has the mindset of recognizing strength, so I don’t think it is that far yet, but he is showing changes in his way of thinking towards weak people.

No matter how strong people are, they are all equals and hold rights.

That was the way I thought until now.

Of course, I don’t intend to blame them for being powerless to violence. Just that when the people that spend their time polishing other technical skills aside from power are trampled down by violence, I began to think that it just can’t be helped.

It’s stupid.

A power that I received from a God and a strong body I obtained from enduring a harsh environment.

I was also a kid that had no other good point aside from archery, and yet, here I am thinking this way.

This power of mine was given by someone else.

But I can’t stop thinking this way.

At times I am confused by my own thoughts.

That’s why I am honestly grateful and surprised at Shiki who humanely made a follow-up for me who didn’t remember the family of my student.

Truly grateful.

[Well then, let’s go. First is the merchant guild]

It seems Rembrandt-san hasn’t used the Mist Lizards to attack.

In those 3 days the Rembrandt couple are in good health. The Mist Lizards are doing a good job protecting them.

Looking at the destruction of the variants, I head to the place that has suffered a bitter experience.

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        If Makoto had not been around to evacuate some of the citizens and had his people collect the pendants at the evacuation places that his people were in control of, its likely that most of the people in the city could have been wiped out. Also remember that the guests only survived because he teleported the group out, I don’t think Root would have gone too far out of his way to protect all of them. If not for Tomoe, Shiki and Mio being in the dorm area there would have been variants rampaging there as well with the likely loss of many of the students, over a 3 day period they put down 3-4 variants? The high level troops of the Academy were mostly useless in combat, it would likely have been a week or more before it was brought under control without Makotos people, if they could have survived that long with the constant new variants popping up randomly. It seems likely that some of the satelite cities that were teaching other subjects might have already been erased.

        Losing a generation of elites to one incident that was just an experiment seems fairly effective. They also got to test their other measures like the protable jammers as well and see how they respond to a crisis like this. Getting info on how the other side responds when prodded also has future uses.

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      Also the key target may not be in city, but in the surrounding ones that were all also attack. The plan may just be to cut off academy city while the VIPs are in attendance in order to distract from their actual goal, which can either be somewhere else entirely, or maybe even the city itself after it’s been weakened significantly.

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        1. Wait, petty? Is she petty? I don’t remember anything relating to that.
          Also, were Trashmoki’s companions her friends?

          My overall impression of Princess Lily was that she had to deal with so much of the hyumans and Bug’s world’s bullshit that she kinda broke. In short, she’s somewhat insane with just enough sanity to still operate efficiently.

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      4. @Psychronia
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        Tomoki is as he is because Lily herself alters him via drugs. This has been stated in previous chapters, so at best he’s just another Ilumgand, dancing to the whims of women who don’t care for them.

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      1. No not the demon territory, Kaleneon, the land of Ruria and Eva, as well as the land that can grant Asora all four seasons.

        And I’m not saying going “Hulk” is the answer of Makoto’s woes, far from it. In this world where hyumans say they are united and fight the demons, they are at this time already probing each other’s weaknesses for invasion or strong arming weaker nations into submission for “the cause of unity”. In this, comes along a “Strong eats the weak” or “Many devour the strong” mindsets in both culture and business. Makoto has been trying to insert himself into this system and playing along to be near hyumans but unfortunately, the values of the goddess he hates reflects in her people, and try as he might, the vast majority projecting prejudice and hostility on just his appearance has been heart breaking. Like a shotgun to his self-esteem.

        The demons on the other hand are new but have slowly become a nuisance to Makoto’s efforts to fit in among society. Whether it’s Rona’s attempts to infiltrate Kuzunoha and find his secrets or plans like now that create trouble spots and chance of attention on himself, it would’ve been a very trying and very tiring thing to handle, were it not for his capable subordinates.

        He IS growing in maturity but its been slow due to his own complacency and naivete, now however, thanks to the constant stream of troubles, he is waking up to see how much he’s flubbed everything. He understands now that trying to interact and play along with hyumans further, is starting to appear moot, training his students has made him realize that despite the vastness of forces on the hyuman side should he come at odds, they’re worthless against him and his people. The demons are now not a people he shouldn’t take lightly, to plan so far and intricately that they’re more than happy to leave and trigger such chaos around him, shows that they too have treated him like the hyumans.

        He is an “Apex” because in terms of military, agricultural, medical, magical and technological power. His Asora is a pocket nation that can rival Gritonia and Limia. Understandably until can can jam the goddess from summoning him, he cannot announce to the world his power and properly defend and attack with impunity. And yes, though Rona’s agents have technically been present before Makoto’s arrival, it’s still pretty much as annoying as a dog shitting in your house, then finding it later.

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      2. So, it’s a bit late of a response (on my part).

        I do appreciate your more nuanced view. That being said, it’s a bit contradictory to your previous statement.

        Because Rona angered him, you thought he should slaughter every demon in Kaleneon. For what you have conceded is an annoyance. And your analogy of the dog pooping in your house is a bit off, because Rotsgard is not his house. A more accurate description might be the annoyance that comes from stepping on a turd while in a public park. And given the amount of inconvenience to Raidou, he didn’t step on the turd. But he got to see everyone else do so. And it just so happens that Raidou sells special turd-cleaning wash.

        And for what is actually a golden opportunity for him, your suggestion is that he declare war on the Demons (who you acknowledge as being both hard-working and crafty) by wiping out a small town and go “Dis here is my turf, live long and suck it.” If that’s not a “Hulk Smash” solution…

  35. The principle isn’t wrong you know. Afterall, Makoto COULD have helped and the most effective strategy is ACTUALLY to kill all the monsters instead of trying to protect everybody. Makoto is completely aware of it and decided not to do it. Well, even if that wasn’t the case there is no benefit to starting a fight.t

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    1. That’s actually incorrect, in any emergency situation wherein the life of people is threatened the first immediate reaction people with authority/ power should have is to safely evacuate the populace to locations which they will not come under assault from foreign entities and then prioritise the elimination of threats. The principle is just an idiot with the mindset of an immature teenager who thinks they are top shit even though his own forces proved to be highly inept at being able to subdue an unknown enemy meanwhile the students Makoto had barely trained for a few months were able to “kill” it without a single death among them. This also being accompanied by the fact Makoto, Tomoe, Mio, and Shiki were able to completely repress what should have been an originally hopeless situation without much of an issue.

      Regardless of the situation the principle is nothing more than an egotistical bigot who was after something to verbally lash out to. They all would have died there and then if it hadn’t of been for “Kuzunoha’s” forces but that pig cannot even comprehend it showing pure ineptitude in his own position and the world would be better off without idiots like this being in power but considering how haughty and up herself the goddess was I guess you can’t expect much from a mental point of view for the majority of the world’s population.

      If the guy had more than a single brain cell he should be instead thanking “Raidou” for saving his own arse politically as the Limian King and Prince(ss) including Gritonia’s Princess, Lily, and the guild leader “Falz” (Root) would have been killed otherwise. Which would have spelled the end of his entire academy and with a highly likely chance of him being sent to the guillotine for their deaths.

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