Chapter 142: The two small miracles


I crumble down in front of it.

‘There’s no problem, we just need to rebuild it later. That’s why I took the store’s sign and disposed of the store’

When I went to hear about the situation, Tomoe told me this without hesitation.

By the time I noticed, I was already here.

My mental state was as if someone told me: ‘hey your house is burning’.

There’s no traces of it being burned though.

Without thinking, I was on my hands and feet, and looking at the place that has turned into rubble.

Kuzunoha Company.

The first store I had.

I didn’t even have previous part-time job experience, left a lot of the work to others, and can only remember lots of bad experiences though.

There were lots of painful memories but… but!

When I see it destroyed like this, I feel sad.

There wasn’t anything important left and it isn’t like my rights for the lot will be gone.

And the things Tomoe said were plausible.

The inventory has all been stowed away in the storage of Asora.

Also, if the stores around are all destroyed and only my store remains safe, it would only bring about unnecessary misunderstandings.

Well the store itself was only furniture and goods, and the renovation was done in a single day.

If I wanted to make it again from 0, I just have to ask the eldwas and it wouldn’t even take 3 days.

Even so…

I understand all the reasons, but since it was heavy, a sigh leaks out from my mouth.

It still doesn’t change my sadness.

The buildings at both sides are also destroyed completely and the one opposite to us has smoke coming out from the rubbles.


Destroying the store was an appropriate move.

I can tell that a variant unluckily appeared around this area.

I don’t know their conduct principle, but if their target is the teleport formations, there was a part of me that thought the damage in town wouldn’t be that bad.

That’s why I had small hopes in seeing my store safe.


Things like Asora and military power… Let’s try putting them to practical use.

Is what I resolved to do not that long ago.

Or is she telling me to set sail anew from an empty lot?

… Let’s take it in a positive manner.

Change of attitude.

“If the guy who made all this place a mass of rubble was around here, I would still be able to take it down but…” (Makoto)

The remains of what seem to be the results of a fireball crashing. No, it is as if something of high-temperature charged through the place.

Was this done by a variant resembling a fire element wild boar, or something like that?

When I try to picture the offender, the only common point I can find is the gray color skin of the two I have already seen.

The chances that it has a shape I can’t even imagine are pretty high. Even so, with small hope, I look around.

But to my disappointment, the area around here is already quiet.

Looks like the residents have already evacuated, and even when I can hear commotion from afar, there’s nothing like that in these areas.

My store is gone, so they probably finished evacuating the people in the early stages of the uproar.

Well, physical things will one day break.

I do have lingering affection towards my store, but for now let’s just go to where the students have evacuated.

It wouldn’t be strange for a temporary teacher to be there and it is safe.


I think I heard something.

I perk up my ears.

Yeah, I really do hear something.

A scream.

And it is pretty close.

Several people are screaming intermittently.

That direction is… directly straight from the back of my store.


Isn’t that the brothel avenue?

There’s a variant in such a place too?

The current mission of the Kuzunoha Company is evacuation.

As the representative, I’m no exception.

Or more like, the chances it is the same one that laid waste to this place is pretty high.

It might be the opportunity for retribution.

The equipment the eldwas made for me, the open version jacket. I activate the speed mode.

In the spacious street that has turned slightly athletic-like because of the rubble, I run directly towards the direction of the scream.

Even so, the brothels, a place that would normally not be an objective in a battlefield.

I wonder what reason Rona had to place a variant in such a place.

And in this timing nonetheless.

If the variants rampage following their instincts, their uses would be quite limited, but if their objective is the teleport formations, maybe there’s one in that area and she chose to place a variant there?

No, that’s not it.

Ilumgand was a student.

He transformed in the tournament grounds.

In the first place, the chances of ending only as a disturbance if they are driven by instinct is pretty high.

Thinking that she did this even when she withdrew her subordinates, means this plan should not be assured to succeed.

No. What if the demon race is still unable to control the timing of the activation in this tactic?

There’s the possibility that they spread the medicine and accessories to the people that get close to their target locations frequently.

If they don’t care about the numbers they produce and the amount of casualties, they would probably put the plan in motion.

As usual, I can’t imagine what Rona is thinking, but while I was thinking about this and that, I arrived at the source of the scream.

As I thought, it really was the brothel avenue.

In this place the damage to the buildings is not that high. But in the corners of that place, the sounds of screams and destruction resounded.

Over there huh.

Without losing my way I head there, and from the window of a store, a cluster of something comes flying at me.

Oh, a boulder.

A cluster made up of a stove or something of the sort.

It flew at me with quite the speed, but without even touching my jacket, it stopped about 1 meter away from me with magic power and changed directions before falling.

A heavy noise sounds in a place a bit far from me.

Several clusters continued flying towards me, but they all ended up with the same result. Without minding it, I step into the brothel store where the screams come from.

To think that my first step into the sex industry would be in this manner.

Pardon my intrusion~

“Looks like this is not the one. An octopus?” <Oh god NO> (Makoto)

It didn’t have the shape I was expecting and I clicked my tongue.

The variant there is an octopus.

No, the details are slightly different.

It has 8 legs, but 2 of those are strangely developed and long. At the tip it looks like the hands of a person.

But the impression it gives is that of a white octopus.

For such a creature to be attacking the prostitute *Onee-sans*, how maniac. <Big sisters>

One woman is holding an edged tool that doesn’t look battle oriented and confronting it.

What a brave woman.

And also, there are several Onee-sans at the back showing a fighting stance.

Some were crying, some weak on their knees; there were many varieties.

Since I entered the fray, the situation changed and the body of the octopus faced towards me and had its legs wind.

Was this the one that was throwing stuff at me? Did it do it while against this Onee-san? That’s pretty handy. Moreover, it used some sort of method to detect me before I even arrived and began attacking me.

This one also has a special power?

I think that just moving all your legs as an individual being is a pretty impressive power in itself though.

Well, from what I see, it doesn’t look like it is that strong.

An opponent that I don’t need to mind about what power it has.

Thanks to the fact that it noticed me quick, there’s definitely Onee-sans that were saved, so it was actually a good thing.

There’s the scent of blood in here as well, so there’s no doubt casualties have already happened though.

Even if I begin to think about how many stores that octopus has already attacked, nothing will change.

If that woman with the edged tool that looks like a fruit knife weren’t here doing her best, there would definitely be more casualties.

“H-Help us!!”

The words of one of the prostitutes served as the cue. Several high-pitched voices seeking for help came out from their mouths.

No need to tell me, I came with that purpose in mind.

Hm, but the one I defeated with Brid a while ago, exploded.

I don’t want to get splashed indoors.

The store’s interior has a strong scent drifting about and right now the smell of blood and fat are not that strong, but if the meat of the variant scatters, it would be difficult to clean up in the close future.

[I will take care of this, so take this chance to leave the store. I will guide you to the evacuation point]

“?!! Boy, this guy is pretty strong. I am grateful that you came to help us, but… I will try to somehow hold it back, so please save the girls at the back”

First bring everyone out.

I don’t know if she understood what I said, but I tried to tell her that I would be guiding them later to the evacuation point so wait.

But it seems the woman that is fighting didn’t accept it.

Saying something that can only be taken as self-sacrifice, she asked me to help the others escape.

When I check, I see that the Onee-sans are beginning their mobilization for escape, but the people that are weak on their knees just… can’t move the way they want to.

In a situation where it wouldn’t be strange to just run away without caring, everyone still lent their shoulders to the Onee-sans that can’t move properly to escape together.

Their sense of camaraderie is strong.

But you know…

Between joining the Onee-sans and guiding them to escape, or defeating the variant; the “easiest” one for me would be, without doubt, the latter.

Actually, I should be the one defeating this thing, and that woman should put away that knife and guide the Onee-sans.

The octopus tried to move, but it restraint itself and stopped its movements.

Looks like it at least has enough intelligence to be wary.

“Boy, stop! This is a really dangerous monster! It has already killed several people. Even if I look like this, I was a former adventurer. From the people here, I am the one that knows about battle the most, that why…”

Heh~, a former adventurer.

There are few adventurers in Rotsgard.

The main reason is that there’s no existing guild here that gives out requests, but it is also because there’s few profitable hunting grounds.

Lately, they have been selling a medicinal plant that can be gathered in a part of the area and is high priced, so the situation has improved a bit though.

By the way, I think the reason might be because of the medicine recipe I exhibited in the church.

It is also the medicinal plant that my students brought to me as a souvenir in summer vacation.

The recipe that we taught the church was created by Shiki and the Arkes with that medicinal plant as the base.

I was surprised when Shiki and the Arkes said they would be able to make it, but thanks to that, my students were able to gain pocket money from it.

It is a bit sad that this is the main way for adventurers to gain money in this place though.

And for a former adventurer who’s a prostitute (probably) to be in this town.

… Now that I think about it, what do adventurers do when they retire?

I think being a prostitute should be in the rare side though. Don’t really know.

If it’s men, I think something with a tough atmosphere like a bar, or the master of a cafe.

[In that case, I am a temporary teacher working in the academy. If you stay by those girls’ side, they will definitely feel safer. I will be fine. I will rejoin you later outside, so please go with them]

“A teacher… from the academy? I see. Then you would be a lot better than a *rotor* like me. Is it really okay to leave it to you?” <Rotor=Vibrator>

I know a few prostitutes here that have come to my shop before, but I haven’t seen this one.

If she knew me beforehand, I wouldn’t need to do unnecessary explanation.

While I was feeling a bit troubled, the octopus, without learning its lesson, throws something at me.

Of course, that didn’t hit me and was repelled by my magic power.


Even if the woman who was talking to me didn’t know what I used to defend myself with, it seems she does know that I did something to defend against it.

The way she looked at me changed again.

Looks like she revised her thoughts.

What was thrown was… Geh, the head of someone.

Even if she was beautiful, if it is only a head, there’s no way to be charmed by it.

[Don’t worry. Please wait outside. If possible, it would be great if you were to guide everyone in the other buildings as well. I will guide everyone to the evacuation point later]

“Not being able to gauge the strength of someone so close to me, I have really grown old. That thing’s regeneration ability is quite strong, beware of it. I have wounded it several times, but it regenerated it all”

[I appreciate the information]

“… I owe you one. Don’t go dying”

Seems like she consented. She joined the prostitutes that were watching and with clear instructions, they began moving.

That’s great.

And so, the only ones left inside the building are the octopus and me.

Ah~, I was nervous there.

Maybe I am not used to battle situations where so many girls are looking at me, I felt a strange pressure.

It was a different nervousness to that of being in a party.

The woman just now was in a wine red short dress that had quite the high exposure rate, and on top of that, she tore a part of it to make it easier to move, so I was troubled settling my eyes.

To be in the brothels and feel calmer around an octopus instead of being surrounded by girls makes me sad though.

‘Your appearance is poison to my eyes, I will be looking forward to the reward. Now, escape quickly’ is something I don’t think I will be able to say.

“Sorry but, the Onee-sans around this place are regulars that come often to buy my energy drinks. Having you kill them is troublesome” (Makoto)

Luckily, this thing only says ‘Shukoshuko’ and I can’t understand what it is saying.

Ilumgand’s case might have been a rare one.

Let’s finish this.

I gather magic power to my right hand.

She said something about regeneration, so I do an aria of a single word for rapid-fire Brid.

On the palm of my right hand, a white ball of light is born.

The size is close to that of a baseball.

I turn my palm towards the octopus.

Several short bullet-sized arrow Brids were created from the light ball and they all pierce the octopus one after the other.

It is trying to block with its tentacles, but without caring, I continue shooting several tens of arrows.

It gradually backs off, and in the end, the octopus is sewed in the wall.

The firing continues.

In time, there was a change.

The head of the octopus gets bigger than its original size and then, it began to swell irregularly.

That doesn’t look like regeneration.

It is done huh.

I make an earth element aria, and from the floor, a wall is created as if hiding that thing’s body.

I don’t want it splattering on me after all.

If I were to hit the weak point properly, it might not scatter and turn into a lump of meat like Ilumgand though.

It would be troublesome to search for it all the time, and with things like: effective element, resistances, and absorption, it makes it even more troublesome.

In that case, it is easier to just damage it till its regeneration limit and finish it.

Things like having several amounts of hyuman magic power increasing its defensive power don’t affect me much anyways.


A big and unpleasant noise sounded.

I release the wall I created and, looking at the white gel-like substance, I confirm that the octopus was defeated.

I can’t feel life signs from it.

It is the same as the beaked variant.

It is finished now.

After confirming it, I go outside.

[Sorry for the wait]

When I go outside, I was welcomed by a large amount of gazes.


There are quite a lot.

Moreover, it looks like they are still increasing in numbers.

There are some that are hugging each other from the happiness of being saved.

With these numbers, the slum where the demi-humans are, is an appropriate evacuation point.

Luckily, the demi-human leader there is an acquaintance of us and we already have permission to use the place.

I heard that the Forest Oni Akua is guarding the surroundings of that area.

There’s a good amount of space and there’s no variants appearing there.

They will get surprised, but they are able to accept this numbers, and I don’t think they will reject it.

When this group is done gathering, I will guide them to the slums while protecting them.

Looks like I can kill a good amount of time.

As Tomoe said, it might take one day or, depending on the situation, several days.

Until then, we will steadily evacuate the residents, and when we ‘end up encountering’ a variant, we exterminate it.

It looks like my employees are scattered here and there and playing an active role in the evacuation places, so every one of us will probably gather when everything is over.

“You! You are alright. Did you defeat it?”

With her unchanged poisonous appearance, the Onee-san from before approaches me, and after confirming my safety, she asked me the situation.

[Yeah. I’m not sure if any more of those will appear, but I did defeat that… monster. It looks like your side is still increasing in numbers]

“An academy teacher, as expected, quite the impressive one. Well, I don’t want to think that more of those things will appear though. And yeah, this was an unexpected situation for the people here after all. In that avenue, there were several customers. You probably already know, but in the brothels there’s no day or night. Is the evacuation point far?”

The brothels are active even at daytime huh.

I didn’t know that one.

I thought it was a business that operates only at nights.

[From here, the closest place would be the slum. Thinking about the space, it is the most appropriate place. Bringing everyone, I think it will take around 20 minutes]

“Slum?! In the slum where those demi-humans are?! Is it okay to go to such a place to take refuge?”

Just as the name slum implies, it is a place that is recognized by hyumans as a place with bad public order, so it can’t be helped that she is surprised.

The people in the slums are actually simplistic and good natured though.

Because of the prejudices, people just go and hate it, so it must be hard to enter that territory because of fear.

[Fortunately, an acquaintance of mine is doing the role of putting the place in order. I work in a company, and that person is part of my connections]

“Ah! You, could it be, you are the Kuzunoha Company’s… uhm, Raidou-san?”

I try telling her just in case so she feels more at peace, but for some reason, she reacted in a different point.

I don’t know which store in specific are the customers that come to my place, but prostitutes do come to buy in my store frequently.

Maybe she immediately felt familiarity towards me, with a broad smile, she guessed my identity.

[Yes. I’m the representative Raidou]

“Hmph~, you are huh. That place sells a drink that works well for fatigue. I haven’t gone to the store myself, but that drink has been helping me a lot”

[Thank you for your patronage. And thank you for your continued work]

To think that she was one of the people that drank it.

I lower my head and express my gratitude.

In present, the energy drink is selling decently. And a percent of it is because of the purchase of people in the night business.

No, it seems they also work at day, so maybe the wording night business is not correct?

Not only is it a rigorous manual labor, it also has irregular times. It really is a rough job.

Thinking that way, I lower my head deeply with those emotions in mind.

“… You, are pretty unique. Well, you are the representative of a unique company so that’s a given huh. In this situation, no matter if it’s the slum or any other place, as long as they accept us, I am grateful. Can you please wait for a bit? I will convince everyone first so it doesn’t become troublesome later”

But it must have been strange for me to lower my head, she was surprised and after that she made a bitter smile.

I was treated as a ‘unique’ person.


She is a regular customer that buys a lot of my merchandize, and even if she hasn’t taken care of me in that aspect, she does her best working day and night.

Well, I don’t get it but I am glad for her proposal.

Telling the people beforehand to avoid problems when they arrive there.

That place is originally the place where demi-humans live, is what Tomoe said and with that in consideration she is not sending people there though.

If the people evacuating have this in mind, the worries will lessen.

[That will help a lot. The academy is already on the move, so I think the situation will be resolved promptly. Please persevere for a bit]

“Of course. I’m sorry for troubling you. It may be late but, I am Ester. Nice to meet you” (Ester)


We belatedly finish our introductions.

Several minutes passed before Ester-san returned from the crowd.

We began moving to our evacuation point, the slum.


“Shiki, take those kids and the remaining audience and go ahead first” (Mio)

“Wa? What is Mio-dono going to do?” (Shiki)

“Hm? I remembered some business. If it’s just guiding the people to the evacuation point where the students are, even if it’s only Shiki it will be enough right?” (Mio)

“That’s true but… understood. Then I will be going first” (Shiki)

“I will catch up soon-desu wa” (Mio)

When Jin’s group and the followers of Makoto were going to leave the competition grounds, Mio suddenly told Shiki to go ahead.

Shiki was troubled in asking the reason, but in the end, he agreed.

The distance to the evacuation point he has to guide the students and spectators isn’t that far, moreover, he is going along as a guard.

With just that, the defense power was already at an excessive level.

“Well then…” (Mio)

Mio turns back on her heels and returns to the stage of the competition grounds.

In there, there is – no – there was a meaningful meat lump of a variant.

“My regeneration is on the special side, but maybe because of that, I can feel it. The smell or maybe the breathing of it; the signs of regeneration” (Mio)

After those words directed to no one, Mio makes one big sigh.

When she does so, the lump of meat that was before her eyes began to move as if it concurred.

“Even though the part that served as the nucleus was completely destroyed, how pitiful. As a person that is specialized in regeneration, I don’t want to compare to you but, I will at least praise your vitality-desu wa” (Mio)

The moving lump of meat copies the outline of a hyuman shape.

But the appearance was not that of a hyuman but meat in the shape of a hyuman, and there was no strength detectable like before when it was a variant.

“… It may only be fragments, but I remember. You are a woman of Kuzunoha? Am I still alive?”

“Ara, you can speak? I didn’t expect you to have a personality” (Mio)

“I am Ilumgand Hopelace”

“You were” (Mio)

Mio cuts into the words of the hyuman shaped meat lump.

The lower part of its face swelled and it made words as if coming out from its mouth.

And subsequently, when the upper part vibrated slightly, a horizontal cut is made, and when it opens it up and down, there were eyes there.

“… Was I… played around by those guys? How pathetic. Showing such a shameful behavior and even dirtying my family name!!”


“I used drugs, turned into a monster, and even with that, I still lost. Kukuku, how unsightly”

“Yeah” (Mio)

“The destruction impulse I was feeling a while ago and the emotions that were welling up and couldn’t control, are so silent right now, as if it was all a lie”

“… The nucleus was destroyed, so it is obvious” (Mio)

Mio already reached to a conclusion as to why he returned to his senses, but without voicing out any details, she narrows her eyes as if examining at the situation.

After that, while recognizing the hyuman shaped thing as Ilumgand Hopelace, she muttered several times. He continued talking to Mio but she just gave short responses or ignored him.

“But with this body of a monster, I should end my life already right? If I didn’t die, my responsibility of carrying the Hopelace household would get heavier. That would increase the burden of the residents in our territory” (Ilumgand)

“… Fuh” (Mio)

The second son noble is already dead.

That’s why, released from his firm convictions, he muttered in a calm tone.

Looking at Ilumgand, whose circumstances Mio practically didn’t know at all, talking about responsibility and standpoint, she saw it as humorous.

“It is alright. I don’t know how long I will be able to live in this body. In that case, at the very least, I will relay my feelings before dying” (Ilumgand)

Ilumgand didn’t show signs of minding the sneer of Mio.

With heavy dragged steps, he walks to where Mio is.

That face was steadily molding into that of when he was a hyuman, but he wasn’t able to recreate that appearance perfectly.

The parts of the face were subtly apart from their respective locations, and if anyone saw it, they would feel disgust. Moreover, he had a terrible looking part resembling a keloid.

Even calling him a demi-human would be hard to do. That’s how unbalanced and unsightly he was right now.

“That body, it isn’t unstable to the point that you have to prepare for death. But do you intent to live as Ilumgand whatever-desu no?” (Mio)

Hearing the information from Mio, the hyuman shape glances at her.

“Hoh, I see. I can live. I have heard something good. I was talking about relaying my feelings, but don’t worry. I won’t lay a hand to Gotetsu or Ruria anymore. Why I wonder? Even though I was so stuck into it. I am choosing my ideals over my deep affection to her”

“Hm? Gotetsu, Ruria?” (Mio)

“I will fight. If I clad my whole body in armor, I can hide this unsightly body. Even if I am unable to realize my ideals basking in the sunlight, I will at least be able to serve as a shield for Hibiki-sama. I can still do that. When thinking that way, I even feel happy about having this giant unsightly body” (Ilumgand)

“N, Hibiki? Did you say Hibiki just now?” (Mio)

Hearing a familiar name being said, Mio asks again.

“… Yeah. It’s the hero-sama that descended to Limia. If it is that person, she will definitely be able to overthrow the demon race. And then, the people will be able to do their own roles, and be able to follow their own dreams. She will realize that kind of peaceful world” (Ilumgand)

“Ah, so you were talking about the hero-desu no. Then it is a different person from the Hibiki I know-desu wa ne. To think that the hero has the same name as her, how pitiful. The hero in Limia is named Hibiki?” (Mio)

“That’s right. You have an acquaintance named Hibiki? In Lorel that kind of name isn’t unusual, so it isn’t impossible. Well then, see you. We probably won’t meet again” (Ilumgand)

The hyuman shape with the memories of Ilumgand passes by the side of Mio. Without looking back at her, he tries to leave the stage.

“Right. I only intended to exterminate you, but since the memories of the original person are acting as the base, this is a pleasant surprise-desu wa ne. It will serve as punishment” (Mio)

The hyuman shape tried to turn when he heard the voice of Mio at his back, but he was unable to.

Because he couldn’t to put strength into the legs that supported his body and fell down.

Prostrating on the ground, he bended his neck towards her. The hyuman shape with the memories of Ilumgand learned about what was done to him.

“My legs are… You, what are you doing?” (Ilumgand)

What did she do?

He didn’t know how it was done, but looking at the result, he could tell.

Both legs were severed.

From knees down, it was cut off.

Because he doesn’t feel pain, he didn’t scream. The expression of the hyuman shape had no pain reflected in it either.

“What, you say? Punishment-desu wa” (Mio)

Mio didn’t show much change. Slowly shrinking the distance she has between the hyuman shape.

“Kugh?! I already don’t have any intentions in harming your company or Raidou as Ilumgand”

“So?” (Mio)

“So, you say?”

“Yeah. You troubled Waka-sama so much and said abusive words to him-desu wa ne? I understand what you want to do, but your atonement comes first-desu wa” (Mio)


“Yes, atonement. It is simply the order of things. You were hostile to Waka-sama, antagonized him, interfered, and rampaged against the students of Waka-sama. Then after being defeated, you are not even a hyuman anymore” (Mio)


“See? You haven’t atoned for your actions towards Waka-sama. You were only defeated. But right now – maybe a miracle happened – you have retained your memories, personality, and recovering the ownership of your body; you are still alive. Your soul and core that you were composed of were clearly destroyed, and yet, you are still able to act as a hyuman” (Mio)

“… But I am already…”

The hatred he had towards Raidou, the hostility he directed at Jin’s group; those things were already gone.

Why did he do something so stupid that resembled the nobles he hated so much?

‘Even if I wasn’t sane, there was nothing but shame’ is what the hyuman shape was thinking.

“Your defeat and your current appearance isn’t retribution. It is just the result of your own weakness. Ah, maybe you should think about it this way? You were given a miracle ‘for the sake of atonement’” (Mio)

“What… are you saying? Also, my current self has nothing that can be given as atonement. Nothing… But if it’s an apology, I will put my hands down and apologize to Raidou and the students”

“I am fine with your life-desu wa” (Mio)


“An amendment death. It won’t suffice by a lot, but since it was a miracle, I will forgive you with just that. If you have a wish, disappear with the regret of being unable to fulfill it” (Mio)

The hyuman shape trembles heavily.

Because Mio smiled.

An innocent smile, with a glaze that one would be charmed with.

Despite that.

In the memories of the hyuman shape, it was a smile that brought forth an extreme intensity he has never seen in his whole life.


A dull shock resounded in its body, and the hyuman shape looks at its own stomach.

There’s a big hole there.

Mio’s index finger and middle finger were pointed at the hyuman shape.

“Impossible. The resistance to magic in my body…”

“It has gotten stronger-desu wa ne. I intended to get rid of every trace of you with that one attack though. I am a bit surprised that you even have resistance to the darkness element. Maybe you obtained it with that miracle of yours. For the sake of thoroughly tasting this atonement” (Mio)

“… Raidou, does he hate me that much?! Is it because I hated him that he hates me too?!”

A shock resounds once again.

This time a hole opened in its chest.

“Waka-sama, at you? Ufufu, when one surpasses stupidity, there’s also a cute side to it-desu no ne. Waka-sama doesn’t even think of you as a pebble. That death of yours, and obviously that so called interest in you, he has none of those” (Mio)

“?!! T-Then why are you…?”

If it’s not Raidou’s orders, why is Mio doing something like this?

The hyuman shape didn’t understand.

“Isn’t that obvious? Because I can’t forgive you. If it’s Waka-sama’s order, I would even save you, but I didn’t receive any such order. I do think that Shiki received an order of incapacitating you, but that was something that happened before you died” (Mio)

“But he did order it right?! Then”

The hyuman shape already understood.

The outcome.

No, this wasn’t even a match to begin with.

It understood that there would be no way to escape from this on its own.

The regeneration didn’t show signs of beginning.

Those two holes in its body were telling the hyuman shape the difference in power like never before.

“But… Waka-sama didn’t say anything special even when you died. That was because ‘there’s no helping it if he died’, that’s the extent of what he thought, right? In that case, it is fine to just make it as if the miracle regeneration never happened. There’s no problem-desu wa” (Mio)

“I… can’t die. In this kind of place, even if it’s a life given by chance-!!”

Stomach, chest; and then, after the two fingers of Mio were pointed at the head of the hyuman shape, a dull shock resounds in the stage.

In that place that’s already desolate, no one would see it.

All the remaining people and the students already went along with Shiki towards the evacuation point. And she knew that very well.

“Limia, Hibiki… how pitiable. To only have that level of power and hold the same name as the hero, that girl is misfortunate-desu wa ne. When I meet her again, I will recommend her to change her job to chef” (Mio)

Finishing the disposal of the thing that was once Ilumgand, Mio left the competition grounds and was about to head towards the place Shiki is, but she suddenly stops.

Because she recalled the conversation with the hyuman shape.

The name that remains in her memories, Hibiki.

Mio recalled the black haired girl that said came from Limia.

But that was only for a moment.

She had to return to where her master ordered her to be. She rejoined Shiki.

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    “?!! T-Then why are you…?”

    “Isn’t that obvious? Because I can’t forgive you. If it’s Waka-sama’s order, I would even save you, but I didn’t receive any such order. I do think that Shiki received an order of incapacitating you, but that was something that happened before you died” (Mio)

    “But he did order it right?! Then”

    “But… Waka-sama didn’t say anything special even when you died. That was because ‘there’s no helping it if he died’, that’s the extent of what he thought, right? In that case, it is fine to just make it as if the miracle regeneration never happened. There’s no problem-desu wa” (Mio)


    Her goal seems to be to take vengeance upon Makoto’s enemies even if it isn’t his will. I like this development to be honest, she’s not your typical ditsy overpowered harem member.

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    People are mostly fixated on Mio’s execution, but for me, it was mostly a one-off joke. I might’ve preferred Illumgand surviving since this whole incident is more tragic than anything else(though I don’t exactly feel much sadness either). His core character was originally the sort person that would have done well in Raidou’s class and benefited hyumanity as a whole in the future, so it’s a shame.
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    1. You know try as I might, I can’t think of a good reason for Ester to be both a former adventurer and a prostitute. Remember how Tomoe and Mio found and rescued Toa in Tsige, full of drugs and forced to serve a similar role due to her debts? I don’t think Rotsgard is as lawless as the frontier but I suspect Ester may have a bit of baggage in tow.

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        A better analogy would be for your neighbor to go wild in a public place where you are also, be taken down, and then get back up with some semblance of normalcy. Do you hear him out, or do you shoot him anyway? In this world at least the latter is still murder, unless you could argue self defense given the threatening nature of his inhyuman monster form (which, honestly, you probably could).

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      4. Depending on the country you live in, there is a decent chance the person would be jailed for life, not killed. Only a few countries still support the death penalty.

        Also, courts do take into account whether the person committed the crimes while crazy. And if someone else made them crazy, which can result in significant reductions in penalties to outright “Not guilty by reason of insanity.”

        Now, if you’re judging from a purely personal point of view, and the damages inflicted by the person on YOU. then what Illumgand did was basically egg your house. And you shot him in the head. And when he miraculously survived, you shot him again. (Yes, Illumgand did kill people. But if we’re honest, us readers don’t care about the ones he killed. And Mio sure as heck doesn’t care about them either.)

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        1. Yep. Also, it was only when Mio sliced his legs off and started drilling holes into him did he offer to go apologize to Raidou, Jin and the other students.

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      1. All of that was done well after he was doped on the demon drug. We can safely say he wasn’t in control of his reasoning. It’s already been stated by the King and Prince(ss) that his character was unlike what they remembered of him.

        1. Doesn’t change the fact that he tried to have them killed.

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          Just as long as he gets stronger.

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          1. First off, you don’t know what I’m saying. So let me enlighten you a bit.

            The reason I commented on your post was the fact that you were using ‘partial truths’ to justify your irrational hate for a fictional character.

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            2. So obviously he never ‘basically said I don’t effing care..’

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            Fact is he was used and manipulated. By the time he started acting irrationally he was no longer able to make a choice of his own.

          2. 1.)I was talking about the second medicine:

            “(Understood. Ilum-sama’s regret, I have understood it well. I thought about waiting for your body to get used to it a bit more, but I will prescript you the next medicine)

            (?! The next medicine?! If there’s such a thing, bring it out from the beginning!)

            (Sorry. It is because that medicine has a light side effect. For people that can’t control their emotions, it will bring danger, and more importantly, the body will also…)

            (I don’t care! I can control my emotions! Are you making a fool of me, you bastard?!)”

            The one Ilumgand talked to said to him there is a slight side effect, and as you saw, he said “I don’t care.”

            Irrational hate? Sure, since he’s the one that started all the problems the MC have, why shouldn’t I hate him? And if you say he’s like that because of Rona, I hate her too for her part in it as well.

            Still doesn’t change the fact it was on his orders that he wants them killed.

          3. That was the 2nd stage of the medicine. Re read the prior chapter to that. The kid was already deep in manure from where you’re quoting.

          4. Yes, he was deep in it. Although he didn’t question it or even inquired about it in the academy if it was true. He completely believed the words of another ‘student’ that the medicine he was being offered was safe. (Which is problematic because that’s how scams are)

            Then he got beaten by someone else even though he took medicine to make him strong. Someone who was taking Raidou’s lessons, which angered him even more, making him susceptible to taking another type of medicine and ignoring it’s side effects, due to the fact that he can ‘control his emotions’ while shouting angrily at the person.

            Also, note that the woman said ‘I will prescript you the next medicine’, meaning that this is version 2.0. Another type, meaning 2nd, meaning number 2, meaning after number 1, meaning 2nd stage, meaning before 3rd type. And it has a slight side effect.

            For all we know he downed the whole thing in a day.

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      3. If you think about it, any of Makoto’s subordinates are capable enough to be assassins, and probably more than 85% of them have killed before. So any time he sends a subordinate to make nice, it would be “sending assassins with teatime invitations”.

      4. It’s a little late to be responding to this but:

        Points 1 and 2 – I believe Makoto described the effects of the poison as “causing diarrhea.”

        Point 3 – This one is a bit vague. Makoto describes them as assassins, but we don’t know to what extent they were actually going to hurt them. My personal guess is just injure, ala Tonya Harding, based on the level of the other stuff Illumgand does. I’ve noticed that in literature, “assassins” has been used as a term for people who sneak in the middle of the night to assault someone, not just kill.

        Point 4 and 5 – the tournament system specifically works to protect against injuries and killing, by having the dummy system. (Otherwise, Jin and the others would already be responsible for a number of deaths). While it is possible that he could have bribed the judges to look the other way, the battles automatically end after the destruction of 2 dummies (independent of the judge’s judgement), and I just don’t think that Illumngand and his party were strong enough (pre-transformation) to kill someone 4 times over in a single blow. (Now, a truly killing move would have been to somehow tamper with Jin and the other’s dummies.)

        At the end of the day, part of how I judge Illumgand’s actions is reflected by Makoto. Makoto wasn’t even angry at all that he did, so I don’t think any of the actions were truly lethal in nature. If someone is seriously trying to kill you or your friends, my personal reaction would be a lot more violent than “I view him as a minor irritant” or “He’s been cursed, can we save him?”

    2. He didn’t care about what he had done. He was acting like nothing happened and didn’t apologize for his actions, not until Mio started slowly killing him. He bullied Ruria and accepted drugs from a stranger which was his fault and made him go ballistic eventually. Once he returns to sanity he doesn’t go apologize which he initially wanted to Ruria and didn’t plan on atoning for anything he had done. He just wanted to serve Hibiki. He showed no sympathy for what he had done, therefore none of us have a good impression on him.

      People who don’t care about other strangers dying is normal. It’s what our minds do so we don’t grow depressed every single time someone dies. We only care when it’s someone we care about or it’s when it’s our fault (depending on whether you’re sane or not).

  35. This part clarifies Mio’s thought processes. What i can make out is

    Chance she listens to:
    Makoto = times infinity
    Hibiki = times 0.2 (gratitude, usefulness in recipes? At least she remembers her name)
    Tomoe = times 2 (because she seems more in tune with Makoto’s desires)
    Shiki = times 0.25 (ignores him mostly but can absorb a small part of what he says)
    Asora people = 0.1 (worth something because Makoto says so)
    Everyone else = 0 (background noise)

    When someone insults Makoto, punishment is equal to
    Makoto = times negative infinity (needs consolation)
    Hibiki = probably times 100 (rude awakening if she does something against Makoto)
    Tomoe = times 1 (get into a fight)
    Shiki = times 10 (get whacked)
    Asora people = times 50 (get trained)
    Everyone else = times million (He gets hurt feelings, she returns it by killing them)

    Hopelace = everyone else = ignores whatever he says = punishment of death.

    On the plus side, she’s getting more connected to people such as Hibiki. This is her initial state so if the story continues, she might get less extreme.

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  40. Is Illumgand really dead? While I am okay with his death, the way he died is pretty bad. Make him return and just kill him after that, what’s the point? The only thing that Mio learn is Hibiki, and she will learn at some point anyways. At least, make him clear the misunderstanding with Ruria. I think it’s because of that that we don’t like his death. Mio killing him is understandable, but reviving him just to kill him is a pretty bad move. Somebody could point me if he’s really dead?

    1. Yep, he’s dead.

      “Stomach, chest; and then, after the two fingers of Mio were pointed at the head of the hyuman shape, a dull shock resounds in the stage.”


      “Finishing the disposal of the thing that was once Ilumgand…”

      Can’t get more concrete than that.

      1. First rule of every story: If the head doesn’t explode, it ain’t dead.
        Second rule of every story: If it can regenerate/revive/ressurect/absorb/clone/teleport/…, it ain’t dead.

    1. I thubk itll be like Kuro no Maou, where he doesnt see the extent of the darkness of his companions… But seems like he knows. He honestly doesnt really care for anyone other than his companions. The lives the the townsfolk mean nothing to him. unless it gets him closer to his goals… which he hasnt fully decided on yet really..

    2. Welp, this took a turn in a way I do not approve of. You gave more character and humanity to a “lulz douchcanoe” and then Mio kills him off rather than give him a chance to redeem himself, which he deserved.

      That kind of “Even good guys don’t get their endings because the protaganist or his associates murder him like a psycho” belongs in Game of Thrones or Overlord.

      I hope Makoto bitchslaps Mio and sends her into a weeklong exile out of his sight, just to hammer in how much, “DO NOT MURDER PEOPLE WHEN THEY ARE APOLOGIZING, YOU PSYCHOTIC C-NT!”

      I’m just very angry at that, and my respect for Mio and my enjoyment of the story’s theme whete Tomoe and Mio do things without Makoto’s knowledge or permission has taken a massive hit.

      1. Well, most of the things they do without his input I’d really done for his own good, though this was just because Mio is a true blue yandere.

        *Spoiler, maybe*

        Worry not though, if I recall correctly, this isn’t the last time we’ll see him.

    3. She is just totally detached from her surroundings. She only cares about Makoto, in a warped way, and everything else could disappear and she wouldn’t give a fuck about it.

  41. Thanks for the translation!

    I loved this chapter, if only because the author throws the classic cliche of “returning to live to redeem himself” on it’s head, Moron boy even had the “armored enigmatic guy” routine ready but then has Mio kill that plot line XD

    I love not knowing what’s going to happen next when reading a LN!

    1. Really? I hated it. Who cares if it differs from a typical cliche when it had such a shitty outcome? One that honestly didn’t surprise me at all knowing how much of a yandere Mio is. To me, this was a 100% predictable outcome.

      And he wasn’t a moron, he was just a boy who with a strong sense of duty/justice (which ended up causing him to say things he would later regret) and dreams of making the world into a at least slightly better place by doing something about those noble cunts.

      Unfortunately, his intentions of smoothing things over with Ruria get obstructed at every single turn, which turns into vexation/frustration/anger that built up over time (something that could potentially happen to literally anyone), and whenever negative emotions like that accumulate, even the best of people can make stupid decisions because they’re unable to think with a level head.

      He never really wanted to be antagonistic towards Makoto or his people, and he wanted to do some good in the world.
      His story is really just a tragedy that resulted from a misunderstanding and a lack of communication.

      1. You really thought that much of the spoiled-little-rich-kid-sama? Wow… so the only reasons you’re feeling any measure of sympathy or association for him is because the author gave a tiny bit of insight into his circumstances and (much more importantly) into past incidents that have shaped him. Everyone no matter how good or how bad has a story, a family, a past, and reasons behind their actions. That doesn’t justify them or validate them and their actions in any way.

        As Makoto alluded to previously, if Ilumgand really had felt that bad about his treatment of Ruria would he have insisted on staying atop his high horse (by trying to apologize indirectly) and not simply visited in person and asked for forgiveness? Do you really think that Lime or any of the other Kuzunoha employees would have obstructed him if he honestly requested to beg for Ruria’s forgiveness in person? Do you think if he was truly forthright in his attempts to nag Ruria that his actions would have been blocked constantly?

        Ilumgand had the potential to be slightly better than a trashy noble… but that’s all. His ideals are empty and shapeless just like the agenda of Hibiki. She’s not suited as a hero, she’s much more of a scheming politician. And he would have grown up to be a mirror image; a perfect pawn. It’s not like that’s the worst thing in the world, but he wasn’t some kind of misunderstood saint like you’re pegging him as.

        If he was really so noble-hearted and idealistic do you think that even in a rage he would have sent assassins after his classmates for petty reasons? Do you think he would have known of (and executed) the twisted methodologies of those with wealth & authority to subvert any & all kinds of rules, restrictions, and common decency? He didn’t truly want to do any good in the world. He wanted to be a special existence in a world that makes sense to him. That means the typical hyuman/Bug agenda with all other species and sentient life under the thumb of the Goddess, then her favorite dolls (kings and various nobility), followed lastly by the hyuman race as a whole.

        It may surprise you, but I actually agree with you that Mio’s actions were distasteful… However do you really think that he was anything more than another highborn disappointment?

      1. The circumstances of that were very different though. Honestly, I’m disappointed by the fact that Mio killed him. His story is a rather tragic one, and he was never truly an enemy or a bad person.

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    3. You’re vastly incorrect. You need to go back and read the chapters pertaining to the Rotsgard Arc… clearly quite a few details slipped from your memory.

      First, Ilumgard chose to drug himself into oblivion for strength. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense could have seen that Rona and the demon’s offer of ‘magic medicine’ and their explanation of it was extremely shady. Yet he thought it was fine because he needs ill-gotten strength as a noble-sama in order to uphold his empty ideals.
      Second, he didn’t feel badly enough about bullying Ruria and gouging out her trauma to get his ass off of his high horse and beg for forgiveness in person (it was stated and also implied that he chose the least direct methods possible to nag Ruria to meet with him once more).
      Thirdly, you’re completely wrong about the measures he went with to attack his own classmates and prevent their tournament participation. It said that only the first wave of malicious attempts was on the level of drugging/poisoning them. Afterwards, Makoto clearly said it was a full course of clandestine attempts including full-on assassinations.
      Fourthly, we don’t know what measures the Hopelace household implemented or had in mind regarding the Raidou and the company itself. For all we know he could have instigated several of the merchants to join together with the Merchant’s Guild to shut down his entire business. Or they could have hired people to attack the store (even though it would be impossible for them to succeed).

      You’re completely minimizing Ilumgand and the Hopelace household’s misdeeds and evaluating him by the glimpses of his past~ in his youth when his shapeless ideals were being ‘formed’. Everyone (no matter how good or how bad) has a story, a family, a past, and reasons behind their actions. That doesn’t justify them or validate them and their actions in any way.
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    1. That is worse, but is assassins the right term, or is it just a catch-all for people they send to, say, attack (but not kill)?

      That being said, once again I have to point out these are actions taken AFTER Illumgand lost control.

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    1. Antagonist, yes. But unfortunately, also a pretty innocent person. Yes he did bad things, but it all really started AFTER he got drugged. (Think Harry Potter and the Imperius spell). This is why someone posted somewhere that Illumgand’s story is actually more of a Tragedy.

      I’m not surprised Mio did it. I just don’t think it’s worth praising. “Hellz yeah! She killed an (annoying) innocent person!”

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        As you said Ilumgand wasn’t an antagonist but he wasn’t a victim either, remember how he treated Ruria at his first meeting and how he accepted the drug to beat Raidou.
        A wild guess of why Ilumgand treated Ruria that way might be Hibiki’s aura, it was mentioned that after she regained her aura in Tsige the adventurers stopped treating her coldly, and being away from that aura for too long might revert anyone to their original mentality.

      2. If you go back and re-read Illumgand’s chapters, you may be surprised at how much Illum struggles when he meets Ruria. He wants very much to be happy for her, but his dumb friends start criticizing her and when she argues back, it kinda drags him into it.

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        Illum starts lashing out (verbally).
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        Illum spends some time trying to apologize and being interfered with.

        Illum really is just an idealistic teenager suffering from peer pressure.And when he chose to take the drug, consider that it’d the result of a hurt, angry teenager and his hormones making him look for a quick answer. (Read: get strong enough to push aside Kuzunoha employees).

        Seriously, Illumgand was a genuinely nice, idealistic teenager. With dumb friends, and teenage hormones and undeveloped brain. (Teens still be growing)

      3. Strictly, what’s required to be a heroine? Are heroics really necessary? Wouldn’t she be considered a heroine by virtue of being a female main character beside the MC?

        If heroism is required, then Tomoe probably doesn’t qualify either, does she? She’s pretty selfish and manipulative.

      4. I think being a hero or heroine requires being heroic, which includes factoring in character motivations. Mio has done actions that were heroic in scale, but petty in nature. (For instance, if someone was paid a billion dollars to save a person, he is not called a hero but a mercenary.)

        Even if you are the main character, I don’t believe it automatically confers the status of “hero.” For instance, no one would ever say Jack is the hero of “Titanic.” He’s a main character and the protagonist, but not a hero. In fact, I’m sure very many stories contain neither heroes or villains.

      5. Nah, Hopelace could have apologised easily. Nothing could stop him if he was shouting his apology from the street or as Makoto notes, he could simply write a letter.

        HOWEVER, his actions implicitly point to his need for Ruria to ACCEPT his apology. Now consider this

        i) Hopelace shouts his apology -> Ruria ignores
        ii) Hopelace shouts his apology -> Ruria refuses
        iii) Hopelace shouts his apology -> Ruria accepts

        In all permutations, he HAS APOLOGISED, hence his desired action has been completed. However the variable factor becomes how Ruria takes it. Why does he need to apologise face to face despite super powered, high levels blocking his path? Because if i) or ii) happens, he can continue to advance (or force depending on your view point) his apology.

      6. @zakufan if he is a normal person maybe, but he is a noble, a noble shouting in the middle of the street will taint their family name. That is why he thinks it is needed for him to apologize face to face.

      7. Now lets say Hiruma87 is correct. NOTE: This is even ignoring the entire idea of writing letters that the author himself mentioned which already puts a massive spanner into the entire idea that he is blocked by his pride.

        Then it becomes a question of pride vs desire to apologise. Which then makes him look worse.

        Pride > shout out apology
        Take drugs > shout out apology

        See where it goes?

        This sort of person requires readers to feel great compassion? Some compassion sure, but up to a point you’re looking at a lemming and should simply wave as they leap off a cliff.

      8. As easy as it would be to say that Illumgand could “shout” his apology, or write a letter, consider a few things:

        1. The Letter – how would it get delivered? Illumgand’s chapters specifically mention that Kuzunoha kept him AND people associated with him from approaching Ruria. In all likelihood, that includes her home, her workplace,, her co-workers. So it would be difficult to even get a letter to Ruria in the first place. Second, the problem with the letter is there is no guarantee the person will read it. Especially after their spat. Ruria was already denying knowing Illumgand (and the author even says that Ruria blocked most of her old memories).

        2. Shouting an apology – again, considering that Kuzunoha was forcing him to keep his distance, how far away would Illumgand have to be before they could stop him? 100 yards? (Remember that Kuzunoha are very powerful by their world’s standards) Imagine shouting an apology over that distance. That’s the sort of move that comes at the END of a romantic comedy, not the first move. (In other words, it’s hard for EVERYONE, not just nobles)

        The thing about apologies is that there is often a selfish component to them: the person wants to be forgiven. All the long distance methods people have been suggesting are lacking in that aspect. But who knows, Illumgand might have eventually gotten to that point. Illumgand used to be a genuinely nice, hardworking person. He had pride, but he used that pride to try and be a better person.

        I think the problem is that Illumgand got such a lousy rep in the beginning, that when Illum’s chapters came out, people skimmed over it FAST. (I know I did, the first time.) Not just because it’s about someone you already hated, but because it’s not about Makoto. And so most people are criticizing Illumgand on things that either do not take his circumstances into account, OR are just wrong (post Illumgand’s chapter reveals) We don’t know how long Illumgand was trying to apologize before he got hooked on drugs. Also, once again, he’s still a dumb teenager with dumb teenage friends. If we killed people for being stupid as teenagers, we would have died out as a race long ago.

        If we were to judge by the results of his actions, he accomplished jack diddly. Most of his moves were sophmoric at worst. If we judge by intended moves (assassins, poisons), I question the seriousness of those. (One poison was described as laxatives. It leads me to wonder how much worse the rest could be.And an assassin could be like Tonya Harding. Not actually killing, but injuring.)

        There’s also the double standard: people look at Mio’s actions and say “life is cheap in the other world.” In other words, Mio’s actions weren’t that bad. But then by extension, Illumgand’s actions are like TPing someone’s house.

      9. Seriously? It takes a few seconds to actually think up a solution

        i) Letter:
        Have someone deliver it. Makoto’s people are NOT omniscient. They do not know every single person that Hopelace knows. As a noble, he could very easily pull strings in getting anyone that could
        a) want to suck up
        b) willing to exchange future favors
        c) willing to work for pay
        to get the letter delivered.

        “But she could throw it away!” you say? Simple, write “I AM SORRY” in caps right at the front of the envelope or the letter. Apology done. She throws it away is her choice.

        ii) Blocking Hopelace from being in audible range:
        This would be really really stupid because
        i) Ruria works at a restuarant
        ii) Posting enough guards to crerate a picket line would wind up alerting the city guards
        iii) Accosting everyone who is cloaked, wearing a helmet or veil/hood/etc, would immediately cause a public disturbance, again alerting the authorities.

        “But they alert the authorities, so what?” you say? Authorties are called authorities because they do not allow tom, dick and harry to do as they please. If Makoto was some big shot with big backers, then sure. But as of that time, he was new to the city.

        iii) He wants her to accept the apology:
        This is what i already mentioned. You apologise, does not mean EVERYONE involved accepts. So what if she refuses to accept the apology? Beat her until she accepts or dies? Continue blaming someone else for her refusal to accept the apology instead of himself (since he created the entire situation when he did not defended her at all from his “friends”)?

        iv) But he’s a teenager!
        So what? People, not just teenagers, who do not use their brains and self control die all the time. Teenage deaths from alcohol, teenage deaths from drugs, etc. You don’t need to kill them, they kill themselves aka lemmings. Wave to the lemming and feel bad for the surviving relations instead.

      10. Just as a thought, only Makoto suggested writing a letter, but Makoto operates with the common sense of our world. Where has anyone in this world written a letter that we’ve seen? Messengers are the default, and all contacts to him have been through such or his guild card. What leads anyone to believe that letters are considered socially acceptable for this purpose by Hyuman cultural standards? For all we know, or Makoto knows for that matter, they could be the equivalent of breaking up via text message. Also there’s no postal service and magic and monsters makes animal or Hyuman courier far more dangerous, and with thought transmission being a thing that exists letters in general seem a bit less ideal.

        This world constantly reaffirms that hyumans as a whole are ridiculous, with nothing more evident than their slothful fighting styles, so I really wouldn’t be surprise if letter writing just never crossed his mind.

      11. i) Letter:
        I see your points about finding someone else to deliver it. HOWEVER, Illum chapters already indicated that Kuzunoha chased away people associated with him. Since that is a very difficult task by just sitting around, it then seems more likely that Kuzunoha just kept an eye on Illumgand instead and the people he talks to. And then they know who to stop. (The author has already given Lime/the Forest Onis MAD spying skills.)

        And as you said about her being able to throw away the letter, as I said: that’s the problem. People often apologize because they want to be forgiven. The letter is basically screaming into an empty wind tunnel.

        ii) Blocking Hopelace from being in audible range:
        Kuzunoha don’t have to create a picket line or call guards. They just follow Illumgand. They DO know what he looks like.

        iii) He wants her to accept the apology:
        Why did you jump to violence as the first reaction? Not even Illumgand did that (as far as we know), at least until the tournament. Simply put, my point is that he wants her to accept his apology.

        To say that Illumgand is blaming Kuzunoha(or others) for her refusal to accept an apology is wrong. Because he never even got that far. He blames them for not letting him apologize in the first place. And by extension, Ruria never had the chance/opportunity to refuse.

        iv) But he’s a teenager!
        I agree that as a teenager, he can do something that gets himself killed. But it feels like people are outright celebrating his death, as though he torched a village of puppies.

        Granted, once he was on drugs, he did some potentially hurtful things (failed fantastically though). But if we’re trying to determine how BAD of a person he is, we should also be taking into account how much of his actions were really under his control.

      12. Here’s how it could end well

        Noble dude go to kuzunoha, or meet MC at his school and ask advice/help to apologizing to ruria. (Maybe need some explanation)
        MC might could have someone from Kuzunoha to deliver his letter.

        It didn’t happen.
        No Apologize to Raido/MC
        No Apologize to Ruria
        Noble dude got his mind clouded by emotion, negative emotion … It shift his priority from apologizing to hatred out of jealousy … Then everything went downhill.

        Not gonna lie, IRL Apologizing from bottom of the heart requires BALLS OF STELL … Make it Titanium Balls for the nobles.

  55. Ilumgand never thinks he’s wrong or take responsibility anything.
    He just do whatever he want and change mind when he lose.
    when mio ask for atonement he never begging for life or negotiate with her.
    if he say something will satisfy to waka mio maybe call waka for consider but he do nothing
    so he seem to agree with mio.

  56. As for hurting Makoto, keep in mind that the emotional turmoil he went through in the last few chapters was a direct result of Illums attempted interference. Yes, Waka didn’t view Illum as anything more than an annoyance, but the merchant guild gave him an emotional gut punch that he’s still reeling from.
    I won’t be at all surprised if one of the trio find away to fix that in the chaos as well.

    1. ….You just corrected yourself.

      Illumgand had nothing to do with the Merchant Guild.

      The Merchant Guild hurt Makoto, NOT Illumgand.

      1. No, Hopelace’s attempt to turn political pressure against ‘Raido’ caused it. The merchant guild was involved, and I’m sure they’ll get there’s soon enough, but Hopelace was the origin of the problem.

      2. Also, that’s some strange logic.

        Assuming you are correct about Hopelace putting political pressure on the guild (if you could point me to a quote, that would be much appreciated), the “origin” of Raidou’s trouble with the merchant guild is Raidou’s low low prices and super effective medicines, driving other merchants into trouble.

        Hopelace would have been, at most, the person who made it happen sooner rather than later.

        It’s a bit like: Say you go around torching other people’s homes. Someone gives the police a tip that it’s you. Now you’re blaming the guy who gave the tip, instead of your predilection for setting fires. And your defense is “I didn’t know setting fires was bad.”

    2. It remains to be seen if the Limia merchants alone were responsible, as most of it was the guild vice leader’s prickly personality judging Makoto in his own harsh way, but even before Ilum other merchants had been levying against him, as seen with the church that later decided to pull back

    3. Can you show me where it says that?

      Because if memory serves, Kuzunoha was attracting the attention of the church and the very angry competing merchants all by itself.

    4. You guys too focus on Ilum. Hopeless is not him alone. In previous chapter the king already comment on the father’s action.
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  57. So, I’d like to open with it don’t have any realproblems with hopeless himself. In fact, I found him pleasantly human. He wants to be better than the other assinine nobles, but when things got hard he found himself sliding into that persona accidentally. I also cant fault him for falling into Rona’s sceme. It was very tragic, but in a good way.

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    1. Dyneamaeus, thank you for the reply.

      I see where you’re coming from, in that because it falls in that chapter, “A Noble’s Way of Fighting,” they start to hint at the problem with the Merchants by mentioning Rembrandt going off to a meeting.

      We will just have to agree to disagree, then, because I believe the chapter is referring specifically to the dirty tricks Hopelace did with the tournament. Very often, the author has chapter titles, and up to half the chapter has nothing to do with it. (The chapter “Amelia,” half of it has nothing to do with her. The chapter “If it’s Raidou, the chances of that development are low” is 99% not about the possibility of sexing up Raidou.)

      As you said, the Merchants are sorta spies for kingdoms. If they are spies, then they would have already had their eyes on Kuzunoha from the beginning, if they were any good at their jobs.

      Honestly, I think going to the Merchant’s Guild is a move that would have been too smart for druggie Illumgand. Look at the other stuff he did, basically ham-fisted attempts at bullying, very obvious and no sophistication at all. (I have the rules changed, in front of a crowd so everyone can see it. I have a judge acting biased in public. I wear family-heirloom weapons in a tournament with wooden sticks. I try to give his students diarrhea) Getting to Raidou through his company through the Guild is just too good.

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      2. I hadn’t considered the timing of Rembrandt’s arrival, which feels obvious now that you point it out. It’s not like they could have just called him in from The Wastes. After a meeting with the apparently much kinder Rembrandt, the vice leader might very well have just smelled weakness and took the opportunity to bite Kuzunoha.

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        On the flip side however, that’s just the impression I get, and the two groups working separately is equally reasonable.

        Personally, I think the best part of this story, and this arc in particular, is that the world definitely turns while we aren’t watching it. The characters are nicely fleshed out, and aren’t just sitting around. They’re doing stuff, whether we see it or not. I like trying to piece together what might have happened behind the scenes, or what moves the people offstage are making.

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