Chapter 136: Sending off 4 and 5

To put advantages and disadvantages as priority when thinking is somewhat displeasing.

Honestly speaking, it doesn’t fit me.

The times when I was in the wasteland without knowing anything were actually more peaceful.

Right now, even if I try to return to those times, I won’t be able to.

If I were skillful enough to act within the things I know and don’t, I wouldn’t be in this situation where I am troubled.

“Raidou-dono, I have been looking for you! It’s great to see that you are safe”

[You two as well. It is not like something has happened here yet, so it isn’t that strange though]

“… That’s clearly an abnormal state. It seems to still be in the middle of transformation. Raidou-dono is truly calm. It seems there’s something occurring in the town as well. Everyone heard about the situation outside, saw that thing and fell into panic” (Rembrandt)

[No, if it’s a fighting scenario, I am already used to it that’s all. Well, I do have a lot of worries about so many things my store is lacking, so I am not as calm as you think]

“We still don’t understand the situation, but does Raidou-dono know something? Since the time my daughters left, they haven’t shown themselves again. It makes it hard to move. And that’s why I am here but…” (Rembrandt)

It seems Rembrandt-san roughly understands the reason of this panic.

He and his wife don’t seem to be that flustered.

Maybe they feel safe because Tomoe and Mio are here?

Or are the skilled merchants able to understand this kind of situations and rationally put it together?

Whichever it is, his calmness is different from mine which is simple composure stemmed from my defense method called violence.

[The most information we have is that, in the town, there’s monsters like that appearing and rampaging. Sif-ojosan and Yuno-ojosan seemed to have grouped up with their comrades and are planning on doing something about that former Ilumgand. Shiki heard about this with thought transmission]

“In Raidou-dono’s place, all employees know how to use thought transmission right? To be able to have communication in this moments of crisis, how enviable. I see, so my daughters are planning on doing something about that. ?!!! R-Raidou-dono, what do you mean by ‘something’?!” (Rembrandt)

Nodding several times, Rembrandt-san slowly digested the contents of my written communication, but in the middle of it, he was taken aback and was clearly beginning to get agitated.

I was surprised that he was so calm in learning his daughters would be fighting, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

[They are at that age after all. They probably want to test out their skills]

“T-That’s not good… Raidou-dono, that’s not good. I am sorry, but can you guys please do something about this? Like… can you skillfully deal with this situation? In the first place, there’s no need to test their skills in this kind of situation. Right, I did hear there is a troop-like force that’s formed by the Academy for the sake of public order. That’s right. From the beginning, it is strange for students to fight” (Rembrandt)

H-He suddenly began to fluster.

While all flustered, he is mumbling on and on.

… His wife also has a face as if thinking of something, but it doesn’t look like she is that agitated.

In this kind of moments, the parents normally get pretty protective, but she looks quite calm.

“… Raidou-sama, you are their sensei and you are not panicking about it, so my husband and I are not that worried about our daughters”

Maybe she noticed something from my gaze, she talked to me.

No wait, your husband is totally worried.

Even now he is not showing signs of calming down.

“Also, Raidou-sama’s group is here after all. I am certain that the worst case scenario won’t occur. Those girls too, they will one day learn that no matter how much power they gain on themselves, there’s a reality they can’t do anything against. If that day happens to be today, it can’t be helped. Actually, I feel happy that you are standing at their side in that moment. Even if this man looks flustered, he is not really”

… Scary.

Or more like, it isn’t that she blindly believes in her daughters’ possibilities.

‘They will one day understand their limits, so it is better to have them feel that frustration’ is what she is trying to say?

This wife, she is saying something really Spartan.

At a glance, her body seems to be calm, but when seen closely, her gripped hand was trembling, so she is probably pushing herself.

In the case of this couple, the father is the one specialized in pampering.

The two of them are girls, so, as a father, being strict to them is difficult, or something like that?

Seeing his wife placing her left hand over her right and putting strength in them, I thought this way.

[I am happy that you are have faith in us. It’s not like I can always be by their side, so this time, I will take responsibility and properly protect them. And the married couple, what will you be doing from here on? This place is not that dangerous, so if you don’t have any particular business, I suggest that you stay here]

“… I see. Dear, dear!”

“No, worst comes to worst, we can gather the mercenaries of the merchant guild and…” (Rembrandt)


“Uo!! W-What is it, Lisa? Right now I am thinking about how to resolve this situation you see” (Rembrandt)

“Raidou-sama will be looking after this place, so it is safe. And then, this place is safe, but he asked us what we will be doing now” (Lisa)

“W-What? I see. Raidou-dono is going to. Fuh~” (Rembrandt)

What’s with that ‘fuh~’?

You even brought out the words ‘Merchant Guild’ that I don’t want to hear at this moment.

Also, mercenaries.

I have indeed heard that you can hire mercenaries for cheap in the Guild.

It’s cheaper than going around asking every adventurer to help in the goods’ transportation, so I have heard many merchants use this method.

It’s something that doesn’t concern me, so I don’t know its details though.

After Rembrandt-san’s wife talked to him, it seems he calmed down.

“What should we do? There’s the matter of the girls as well, so I think it is a good idea to stay here, what do you think?” (Lisa)

“… No, let’s try going to the Guild once” (Rembrandt)

“To the Guild? Didn’t we go a few days ago? Also, even if we go now with the current situation, I don’t think we can expect a decent reception” (Lisa)

Exactly as she says.

Also, taking into account that I will be on the outlook and I don’t mind a few sparks flying to that place, for him to be in the Merchant Guild is not something I would like that much.

“I don’t think the Merchant Guild here is that used to this kind of situations. Also, I have experienced several battles in Tsige and have taken command in them. I should be able to help out in reducing the amount of damage” (Rembrandt)

W-What did he say?

Just a few moments ago his mind was completely filled with his daughters, and yet, he suddenly says this.

While I was thinking this, Rembrandt-san turned from his wife to me.

“If this place will be protected by Raidou-dono, I don’t need to worry about my daughters at all. Also, it isn’t like I don’t know the Guild Representative here” (Rembrandt)

“This place’s representative… ah, Zara-san. Dear, you went to meet him before right?” (Lisa)


That representative, if I remember correctly, he did have that name.

Not only Rembrandt-san, his wife is also an acquaintance of him huh.

Hah~ I still sigh just remembering his face.

“U-Umu. Anyways, if my family is safe, I have to do what I can. There’s no loss in helping out the Merchant Guild, and this is the town my daughters are in. So, Raidou-dono, I will be heading to the Merchant Guild to help settle this panic” (Rembrandt)

“… Can’t be helped. In that case, I will be accompanying you” (Lisa)

“L-Lisa, I don’t mind you staying-” (Rembrandt)

“I will be going. I am more accustomed to rough situations than the people in the Guild here. Also, I would like to give my greetings to Zara-san. It’s been a long while” (Lisa)

For some reason, Rembrandt-san wants to go alone.

Is there some sort of inconvenience if his wife were there?

This is the town his daughters attend to, so in the case of this person, he wouldn’t have any affairs or anything like that.

In the first place, he is head over heels for his wife.

But, those two intent to leave the tournament ground?

What should I do? The choice where I have merits…


Ah, geez!

Like hell I will go doing the advantages and disadvantages as priority!

I am already at my limit!

I have a debt of gratitude with them.

I want to protect them.

I want them to be safe.

Then, that’s enough for me.

I check my surroundings.

It seems there’s still people in the guest seats.

Also, there are still a few people remaining.

In that case, it would be bad to do it ‘here’.

“Raidou-dono, sorry but, I am leaving my daughters in your care. If I leave it to you, I have no need to hesitate. I will try to do what I can. Is what I am saying, but I am just going to create favor though, hahaha” (Rembrandt)

“Then, see you later. We will be going now” (Lisa)

[Wait. I will go along with you midway]

There’s no assurance that nothing will happen to them if I let just the two of them go.

Let’s place an escort.

I don’t want the few people I can trust to face danger.

… If I were to enter the demon’s side, I will have to help Rembrandt-san from the back, or they might face danger as well.

Well, I will leave that for when I actually have to think about it.

They seemed to be slightly puzzled for a moment, but the married couple accepted to have me accompany them.

I ordered Tomoe to teleport Eva-san and Ruria to the store in thought transmission.

After confirming that Tomoe nods, I leave everyone and follow Rembrandt-san.

Leaving the audience seats, we continue on into a dim passage.

[You two are in good terms with that representative-dono?]

“Good terms… it is a complicated relationship. What I can say for sure is that we have an inseparable relationship” (Rembrandt)

“There was a time when they both looked after their own stores. They were neighbors” (Lisa)

“Lisa!” (Rembrandt)

“Isn’t that fine? It’s not something to hide. Also, you two are like a mass of successfulness, and were similar” (Lisa)

Rembrandt-san was huh.

I can’t imagine it.

And it seems the connection of the representative and Rembrandt-san is deeper than I thought.

At one hand, allies and companions they can rely on.

On the other hand, they are forceful and despise each other.

What a mysterious thing.

[I see. That guy is relentless depending on the person, to an extraordinary level. He gave the image of a merchant-like person, so it is a bit surprising hearing that he is similar to Rembrandt-san]

“… It was yesterday huh. The day you met with him. You did say you were troubled with the business. It seems he said something to you” (Rembrandt)

[I was unaware of my lack of knowledge and the friction in my surroundings]

“I talked to him a bit about you and your followers beforehand though. It seems it didn’t get through him properly. Sorry” (Rembrandt)

[Don’t worry. It isn’t something you have to apologize for. It was my coping that was lacking after all]

“It is about you Dear, so didn’t you say vague things to Zara-san?” (Lisa)

“It is personal information of Raidou-dono after all. I can’t just readily give out details, Lisa. Fumu, if it didn’t get through him, he must have acted in a very rustic manner” (Rembrandt)

[Sadly, it seems he didn’t even treat me as a merchant. It was truly shameful]

“Even when he is like that, he does have a kind part as well, but he is the type that just lacks in vocabulary. There are times when he is misunderstood” (Rembrandt)


It wasn’t on that level. He went full-blown abuse though?

Well, there’s no doubt he didn’t expect anything from me, so it is definitely not a misunderstanding.

Rembrandt-san does seem to know him very well.

“He was doing a more likeable business than Dear. You were the type that just came silently from the back and attacked. It’s true that his mouth was a big disadvantage for him though” (Lisa)

“Lisa, I feel malice there? Didn’t I just skilfully handle the matters?” (Rembrandt)


As expected, the world of merchants isn’t simple.

I was way too lenient.

[You were old acquaintances huh]

“Yeah. Since a long time ago. Morris also knows about Zara well, and they have also competed with each other. I have noticed that in the end, my family is the most important, so I have drawn a line already, but he is still unmarried and has only been living in the world of business. Maybe because of that his sense of smell has grown duller, or it might be because he doesn’t like my shadow, it seems he showed a bad attitude to Raidou-dono” (Rembrandt)

[So that’s how it was. He told me that it was too fast for me to work here, so go back to Tsige and retrain as a merchant]

“Fuh~, he won’t say it that kindly right? ‘Run back and have your colleague look after you’ is more like what he would say. Well, if that’s how you took it that would be great for him” (Rembrandt)

He really does know that guy well.

Honestly, I told Rembrandt-san that he said it in this way, but actually, what I got from that guy’s words were mostly ‘Disappear you boosted rascal’.

“That’s a Zara-like way of saying it. Ara, we are already outside. Raidou-sama, this much is fine, the rest we can go by ourselves. Please do take care of our daughters” (Lisa)

“Umu. Even if I look like this, I do know self-defense. Don’t worry. I will also talk properly with representative Zara” (Rembrandt)

No, it wasn’t like I was complaining or anything.

But well, it must have sounded like a complain to them.

Hah~, I am truly being pampered by Rembrandt-san.

Gotta reflect.

Well then, let’s go to the main task. Summoning a guard.

[Please wait. I thought it would stand out at the previous location, so I accompanied you all this way. But since we are here, I would like to bring out a guard for you two]


“Are you referring to one of your followers? But they are all at the previous location”

Without answering the married couple, I create a mist gate.

At a simple glance, it only looked like a body sized haziness, but it appeared at my side.

In there, a shadow appears, and a shape slowly gets clearer.

When two Lizardmen with beautiful scales appear from the mist, the couple gulp.

Surprised that two mamonos suddenly appeared.

It seems they were overwhelmed by their presence and their bearing that one can feel intelligence from.

[As you can see, these are mamonos I have summoned. They possess reliable power, so please bring them along. If by any chance you are attacked, these two will prove to be extraordinarily useful. In public, just say that Rembrandt-san or your wife used some magic tool to summon them]

“N-Now that you mention it, Raidou-dono was able to use summoning magic. I didn’t expect them to appear instantly, so I was really surprised” (Rembrandt)

[They can understand common language, so if you want to give them orders, just saying it normally will work. By the way, the one holding a spear is Blu- I mean, Fia; and the one with a bow is Hyun]

Matching my introduction, both Mist Lizards kneel facing the couple.

It seems that since it is my order, they will follow it.

I’m grateful.

It looks like the couple also grew calmer after seeing how they acted.

“They can understand words huh. That’s reliable. Raidou-sama, thank you very much” (Lisa)

“Yeah. Let me express my gratitude. Thanks” (Rembrandt)

[Please stay safe. Let’s meet later]

I have the Mist Lizard 4 and 5 as bodyguards for the couple.

I plan on having the number 3 work along with the students, so maybe I should place the name like just now.

The two names I gave just now were impromptu, but it is more like code-names so there should be no problem.

Seeing off the couple, I head back to the tournament grounds where the students are probably already fighting in.

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