Chapter 127: Raidou breaks

Without using the waiting room, I continue on to the room that has written ‘representative room’.

I have been called by the Merchant Guild’s branch representative.

When a company is established, the people doing the application probably use the representatives here.

Or maybe it is the opposite?

I don’t care about denominations though, especially right now.

The reception boy that guided me didn’t enter the room. He just does a bow and leaves.

What’s inside is an extravagant desk and one man that looks like the representative placing an elbow on it, and what seems to be two of his guards.

Maybe he is the vice-representative.
Because of his atmosphere which resembles that of a bodyguard, I subconsciously thought this way.

It has been a while since I came to this town, but until now, I have never met anyone in the upper stratum of the Merchant Guild.

Even when I have business here, it is normally completed just by going to the reception.

In the cases when there’s the need for a detailed interview, it is done by someone in the management and it is normally the same people.

This is the first time I have entered the deep parts of the guild.

Thinking that the problem has turned to the point where I am send here, my mood turns heavy.

“It’s nice to see you here, Raidou-dono. Please sit”

The representative that was sitting, stands from his sit and urges me to take my own.

We enter a space for reception and I wait for him to take his sit first before sitting myself.

There are two sofas facing each other and a desk in between. No matter which one you look at, it was obviously expensive.

The general glass used in this world is manufactured from a rare metal that looks like crystal. If I were to use the manufacture process of my world, it might turn into a trade.
In the wasteland there was quite a lot of glass, so I haven’t thought about it much until now though.

At any rate.

It may also be because I don’t have much connection to this kind of things, but this room is, as expected, extremely different from my own work room.

In my reception room, there’s a simple desk and minimum space. I haven’t done anything like putting out expensive articles and spreading a rug.

Thinking about the visitors, I might have to consider this point a bit. But doing so now would not be appropriate.

My thoughts strayed into a peaceful direction for a bit.

[It seems I have been called here but, what business do you have with me?]

“… Ah, you can’t speak, right. Nice to meet you, I am the representative of the Merchant Guild in the Rotsgard branch”

[My name’s Raidou. I am honored to meet you]

“Normally, it is customary to first increase your services in the guild a bit more before meeting face to face like this, but this time, I have met with a certain bad matter. Truly regrettable”

The representative knits his brows and looks at me.

There may be slight disgust towards my outward appearance, but I can tell that there’s more displeasure towards the problem which is me.

Growing the company in a smooth manner and reach a standing where I meet the representative; even I would have preferred that development.

Instead of urging for his business again, it would be better to just wait for his words.

“The guild has received several doubts towards you”


“That’s right. Normally, this kind of enquiries decrease in the period of the school festival, but the number of enquiries about contact information increase”

[Meaning there are less complains]

“… Yeah. But in Kuzunoha Company’s case, from the 4 major powers, Limia and Lorel; aside from those two, the other countries have brought out several cases. All of them have been from the representatives of the companies that are connected to countries requesting investigation regarding your goods and its circulation. There are even dangerous opinions in some”

[Dangerous opinions?]

That’s not peaceful.

The face of the representative that was already severe had his brow wrinkle even more.

Interrupting his words might not have been good, but I had to ask.

“That the Kuzunoha Company is… having the cooperation of the demon race to obtain your goods and for the circulation of it. In other words, it implies that you are from the demon race camp, and while betraying all the hyumans, you are wringing profits. Those are the opinions”

That’s stupid.

In what kind of way did they think in order to reach that conclusion?

When I heard the words of Rembrandt-san regarding the demon race matter, I didn’t think the distrust would be that deep.

They are infiltrated in Academy Town as well, but there’s no hyuman that has noticed. At least, for all I know. Counting Rona-san, I have made contact with 3 demons already. But I made sure of my surroundings and there was no change. In other words, that talk about my relationship with the demon race is complete fabrication.

For harassment, the degree is way too high.

[Unthinkable. We are using respectable methods to do business, and I promise that I am not receiving assistance of the demon race in my company activities]

“That’s probably how it really is”


I react to the words the representative whispers lowly. What does that mean?

“Regarding the goods, we received confirmation of the Church that the material quality and its manufacturing process are safe. When we told the companies that brought their views on this, they retracted their comments”

Ignoring my questioning words, he continued.


What happened a while ago huh.

In that case, the bishop with a sexy voice properly maintained her promise.

I don’t trust the hyumans that are connected to the Goddess, but I am slightly relieved knowing that the promise was abided.

“The problem is the circulation. We investigated this part as well, but the wagons that are thought to be from the Kuzunoha Company or anything resembling a carriage, we were unable to confirm any of those”

[We mostly get our supply of raw materials from the Guild’s market]

“That’s clearly a lie. With the raw materials that have been sold and what has been sold in Kuzunoha Company for around two months, even by making a rough calculation, the numbers clearly don’t match. It is obvious that there’s some other method aside from buying”

Two months?

They were investigating since so long ago?

I didn’t receive any reports regarding that.

[This is my first time hearing of such an investigation though]

“As long as there are opinions we can’t ignore, the Guild must move. And if it’s about a company that’s connected to the Guild, it is a matter of course. The complains towards your company increased just recently, but there have been complains of people that have even brought detailed documents since a while ago”

[If you said something, I would have cooperated]

“Cooperation? You? If you are telling me to believe that, that’s a pretty naïve way of thinking. Like this, it seems you are minding the investigation, but there are many ways of investigating that won’t alert the target. Moving people around secretly is not the only way of investigation”

[Is it naïve to proof your innocence if there’s suspicions?]

“… I see, buying antipathy huh. Your way of thinking is childish. You don’t know how to conduct. I am surprised that you are able to be in a position of ordering others. Truly surprised. The end result of thoughtlessly managing a company is not good”

Why does he have to say so much?

Did I say something wrong?

It makes me angry that he is clearly looking down on me.

[What is it you want me to do?]

“Did I touch a sensitive point? Well, fine. Let’s enter the main issue. I want to hear your circulation method. And I want you to promise us that if it’s any sort of magic or technique, you will share the knowledge of it”

Don’t screw around.

If you are talking about childish, isn’t your side more childish?

You want to hear my circulation method, and give it to you?

[Is there no way to solve this with money?]

I will at least try asking.

“With gold huh, of course, it is possible. There’s nothing that can’t be solved with gold between merchants. But even if the sharing of the circulation method is sealed, you will still need to at least tell me. And, I don’t think you have enough gold to pay for it”

[Sadly, it is not a method I can share, so I want to pay]

“… You said your name was Raidou, right? You really are not fit to be a merchant”


Hearing the amazed tone of the representative, I reflexively gulp.

His usage of words gave a complete turn and I could tell that he is scoffing at me.

“Just now, you easily told me the existence of another circulation method which you were trying to hide at first. In other words, the trust in the first method you gave out has been damaged. No benefit in it, just loss. You asked if this could be solved with gold right? That was also an incredibly bad move. Listen well, you don’t know the extent of the companies that have come to bring complains about you right? I did say this: ‘they were from people connected to countries’. Meaning, they have considerable scale. Compared to the Kuzunoha Company, the magnitude is different. And against those people, you will resolve it with money? A company that has not been operating for even 1 year? It is like announcing that you have money that’s doesn’t fit the scale of your company. Your ability to decide and understand are also lacking. You, are you the representation of incompetence? You are just a brat that’s lucky”

I was speechless.

Being told all that, I was simply surprised.

The atmosphere has also made a complete turn. The representative that has turned violent and offensive had an unpleasing smile in his face.

“What are you spacing out for? Even I can at least act to that extent. Do you think I would be able to survive in the business world if I were unable to? Seriously, I was wondering what kind of person it was because Rembrandt himself came to protect him, but here it is. How boorish. There’s a limit to letdowns. About the circulation, it is okay to just tell me here, so explain it quickly. After that, it is okay to just go”

Explain… and leave?

This man, just how irritating can he become?

I can tell that my anger is leaking out.

“You can’t even contain your anger and bloodthirst? You are more childish than your appearance tells huh. Regarding faces, I can’t say much about others. Even so, I know how to act before others and I do so. You look incredibly unsightly so I will warn you. You have a face worse than me, so it is better for you to put more into your inside”

Even the exotic-looking representative talks about my outward appearance.

Just what part of you looks bad? You look plenty cool.

That slightly darkish skin looks appealing.

Now that I think about it, I feel like I have seen a similar person before.

Where was it?

No, right now that’s not the point.

Explain and leave. Moreover, I can just say it here?

His trust in me is low, so that’s just strange.

[What do you mean by leave?]

“Exactly as it means. You and the Kuzunoha Company are already done. So there’s no need to address you anymore”


“Its fine already, so just explain. With that, this ends”

[Can I hear the reason?]

“… Because you know, you are going to pay money right? Then I will just withdraw the comments of the other parties, that’s what I mean”

[Excuse me but, how much should I be paying?]

“There’s no need to prepare it right now”

[No need]

“Yeah. If you pay 90% of your sales, no one will complain. Kuzunoha Company will not become a threat in the future. The more it gains, the more they will benefit, so there’s no need to care about the circulation method. Even if it involves the demon race. If the people that had questions of your circulation method get money every month, they won’t criticize you much. The only one that would fall would be you. See? There’s nothing to lose”

[90% of our sales?!]

Moreover, every month?!

For how long would that continue anyways?

“You will pay right? Gold to the people that want to know about your circulation method. To multiple companies that gain several ten times more than you, maybe even the hundreds. There’s no way those guys would say they want a specific amount of gold. As long as they don’t know how much you have”

[How long would that last?]

“Until the Kuzunoha Company disappears”

[This is clearly an unreasonable demand. Is the Guild just going to consent that?]

“Unreasonable you say. You were the one that proposed to pay in gold right? Let me tell you this first, what I am saying right now is just a guess from me and it may not turn exactly as I say. Well, I don’t think it will be too far from what will happen though. Also, about the Guild consenting? That’s right. In the first place, not only consent, this is just a negotiation between merchants. When the weak ones get in the eyes of the strong ones, they get crushed. The Guild is not babysitting. We will help in the business, but the way to act is something you should learn”

[In that case, the people that want to make a new business would not succeed]

“Thoroughly naïve. Ah right, your place is hiring a bunch of demi-humans right? In that case, how about just making your customers only them and stop doing your business in hyuman towns? Looking at your arguments, I feel like you are fit for that”

The representative admonishes me with eyes of pity.

It wasn’t sarcasm, he was really telling me to do that.

[You are not answering my question]

“As I said, the people that aim to be merchants should butter up to existing companies, learn the basics, create connections, be approved by the representative there, and then get a store eventually. I have money. I will do business. But if that’s how it worked, even the adventurers that earn small money can become merchants if they study a little. Those kind of people, they normally get crushed instantly. The power of adventurers can only be used in brawls. Just like you said, the guild punishes unjust deeds. Because I entered into a quarrel with another merchant, I used power to eliminate him and leave him half-dead. Killing would be, without a doubt, injustice. In the world of merchants, that is”


“I have heard from Rembrandt, but it seems you have strong followers, and you yourself are reasonably strong right? You understand why you should not use that power in your business right? If you were to use that in this situation… it would make the Kuzunoha Company into allies of the demon race”

[This is stupid]

“No, you are just naïve. Return to Tsige, Raidou. It is too fast for you to be in this town. Redo your studies at your boss’ place. About the gold, I will stealthily put a part of Rotsgard as well, so be relieved”

[For someone that has been ridiculing me, you are being pretty cooperative]

“… Ri—diculing? The guy that’s taken a liking to you, for me, he is a tough enemy I have trouble dealing with. It would be advantageous for me if he were to misunderstand, and I get him to owe me one”


“I heard that he had become docile, but to think that he has even made such a weakness. What a joke. But for you, it may be a lucky happening. Now then, it is most likely teleportation or something of the sort, so just talk about your circulation method”


Is he saying that by making Rembrandt-san disadvantaged, I earn safety?

I tell the representative that I have been using teleportation to come and go with goods. I hide the part about Asora and explain that I have a follower that has enough magic power to use long-distance teleportation.

And after that, I was released.

I have grown even more dejected after hearing the comments of the other companies from the representative of the guild.

Troubling Rembrandt-san.

I have made another lie in order to hide Asora.


Just what is it that I should do?

I… have to consult with everyone.

While being self-aware that I am cornered, I slowly walk my way back.

Right now, I have no leeway to think about the team battles of my students.

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      Man… Me and overwhelming power don’t mix well together at all… I’d end up fulfilling Weed’s dream of being a tyrant if I ended up with overwhelming power.

      That being said, overwhelming power and tyranical rule does go quite well in theory since you would never fear revolts, rebellions, assassinations, betrayl, or schemes of any sort…

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      1. I don’t think kidnapping and theft isn’t the best or most appropriate way to respond to a man telling you to get your shit together…

      2. who said anything about kidnapping? Im just talking about screwing with the other merchants heads. OR better idea, he “moves” their house to the exact same spot, but rotated 180 degrees!! 😀

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    1. He’s being what’s called a disruptor, somebody who enters a market with a completely different (and superior) product or way of doing things. Why should he kiss up to inferior businesses? This is how the free market is supposed to work. What he’s doing reminds me of what CMOS did. At the time, they developed a new, much more cost effective way of making microprocessors, leaving all the competitors thinking that were BSing the price because they were only thinking in terms of conventional methods.

    2. Naivete, yes. Novice business, yes. Price disruptor, yes. However, nothing else you are saying is valid in the least. If you have no need to fear the power of wealth that nobility and companies can bring to the table (as Raidou has proven multiple times and is actively demonstrating now against Hopelace) then there’s really no need to bow down before the pre-existing market and business practices. It would certainly be the WISEST course of action and the one that would result in the least amount of friction with others, but you make it sound as though doing so is an absolute requirement when that’s total BS.

      Makoto has enough power at his disposal this moment to conquer the world (especially so when excluding the Goddess & her angels and taking into account the unreasonable teleportation ability afforded by Asora). His choice to try to blend in without creating a ruckus is partially due to his misconceptions about existing powers, but it’s mostly due to his own reserved nature.
      So given all this, why exactly should he be beholden to the malice & unreasonable targeting of a few merchants and the mid to large-sized companies they control? It’s like trying to say that the Ouroboros is weak and incompetent for allowing others to step atop its body whilst conversing with them… when in reality the only thing grounding them, their rules, & their common sense can be accidentally overturned/crushed by the Ouroboros shifting atop it’s bed (planet).
      That exact sentiment and realization of the depth of Kuzunoha’s possible impact on the world is precisely why Rembrandt is willing to do anything in his power to stay on their side. And Zara seeing all this and somehow not coming to the same conclusion seems contrived by the author. The fact that you can’t seem to recognize all this is worrying…

      1. And Zara seeing all this and somehow not coming to the same conclusion seems contrived by the author.

        Zara doesn’t have the same information as Rembrandt. Rembrandt knows that Makoto isn’t motivated by greed and that his company can make right through might. All Zara sees is that Makoto is torpedoing the established status quo, has little respect for merchant customs & courtesies, is incredibly naive about his enemies and has poor negotiation skills.

        Zara learns the truth soon after this and changes his behavior accordingly.

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    1. It’ll be too difficult. Do you know how many merchants there are to buy off? They also might try to bargain a lot from him. Overthrowing the current heads are too much. Too much money.

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    1. When that representative said that about the demons, he was basically making a very thinly veiled threat to tell everyone who’ll listen that Makoto is supporting the demons.

    2. The merchant does not believe that Makoto is sided with demon. He just warned that resolving this with force will only make it seems like he sides with demon. (Because he cannot clear the accusation without resorting to force.)

      And they trying to crush him is obvious. His business is damn big threat to other businesses. His resources are more than enough to monopolize the whole market. Even if the representative did not want to crush Makoto personally, it is obvious that the only way to please those who complains about Makoto is to crush him.

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    3. Yeah, honestly? A lot of people are making good points about Makoto having poor skills as a merchant and they’re all correct. Makoto only aurvoved for so long because of his cheat support.

      But that’s a moot point because of those same skills. Whether the other companies play dirty or not, and whether the Merchant’s Guild succeeds in snuffing out his business or not, there will be consequences to antagonizing him, enforced or natural. Many very powerful factions desperately want his allegiance and his products have been vastly popular to the public. Even if he’s the most incompetent business head I’ve ever seen, if I were a leader of any of the interested factions, I would be furious at any organization that openly tries to drive away someone so valuable.

      1. However, the four major empires don’t want him to work for a foreign faction because that’ll give them more power.

        Just because his business is gone, doesn’t mean that they’ll cry their eyes out. They don’t know the significance of having him on their side. To them, it’s just a normal business with decent products.

        As much as he was a potential benefit, he was also a potential danger to other factions by joining another faction.

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    1. So what if he is young and doesn’t have much experience? Merchant world is a ruthless one, and if you’re unprepared, then that’s your own fault for diving into such a world. If you don’t have much experience, then like the representative said, he should’ve learned under someone like Rembrandt before opening his own store. In fact, being “greedy” and making profits, using all methods at their disposal as necessary, is what being a merchant is about… It isn’t a freaking charity organization. It’s, by definition, a gathering of bunch of people who have an eye set out for making money… It isn’t “immature” to crush your competition, especially when they’re not working for you, is a juicy target, and as we’ve just seen, is relatively vulnerable. Raidou chose to be a merchant, and if he wants to stand in that world, he should learn to be one instead of being babysat or spoonfed by others. He hasn’t exactly gotten to where he is right now by being a brilliant merchant, anyhow…

      Honestly, I agree with the representative, and I think he even took some pity on Raidou and gave good advice. He really needs to study up on how to be a merchant, or go do something else. He clearly has talents in other fields… and if he ever relies on using brute strength, then he REALLY isn’t suited for being a merchant. And if he ever does that then, in my personal opinion, it would just make him an over-glorified thug, using force to take whatever he wants… Really don’t want to see him do anything like that…

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      2. Remember that the Rep is only a middle man. And pressing competitor with legal charge is legimate. Remember Apple?

        There are too many disparencies in Makoto’s business, inexplainable source of supply, ridiculously cheap price which defy the market. And he pretty much has no transaction with any other business.

        That is damn too fishy. Not to mention possible tax evasion.

        Of course the merchants would complain. I would. Explain your business or close the damn place. Preferably close the damn place because your business is crushing everyone else.

      3. You do realize all that your commentary boils down to is endorsing the motto of “The Ends Justify The Means… NO MATTER WHAT!” You don’t really get how business works do you? Yes, business is not charity nor should they be bound to altruistic behavior. But attempting to crush everyone who comes along through simpleminded & underhanded methods isn’t business acumen~ it’s tyranny. And tyrants that are solely obsessed with immediate gains don’t live long. It’s not the way to run a business or an organization; it’s just one of the available tools of the trade. If you solely live by it you’re going to die by it as well. The fact that many businesses in this Otherworld seem to ONLY USE that corrupted tool screams of incompetence, not intelligence like you seem to believe.

        Adaptibility, foresight, solid support, good connections, trust, luck, and an insatiable apetite for growth/advancement are some of the key things that make businesses not only thrive, but create dynastic runs. But the most important trait for success is having a keen eye for danger and risks. The fact that Zara & others know how odd an entity the Kuzunoha Company is and how dedicated Rembrandt is as a backer should have set off some serious warning signals to overtly antagonize them without extenuous circumstances. The fact that it didn’t smells of the author forcing this set of events.

      4. EDIT to the end of my previous comment…:

        The fact that Zara & others know how odd an entity the Kuzunoha Company is and how dedicated Rembrandt is as a backer should have set off some serious warning signals to *NOT* overtly antagonize them without extenuous circumstances. The fact that it didn’t smells of the author forcing this set of events.

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    Asora is a damn cheat.

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    And then he blatantly proposed to resolve the problem with money? I’m astonished. He don’t even try to cover it.

    Then he got pissed when he was warned that using strength to resolve the matter would only make him seems like an ally of demon. Of course it would look like that if you cannot resolve the accusation peacefully.

    Does he even understand how his business is so damn dangerous to all other competitors? Of course others would want to crush him. He pretty much cheated the whole market.

    1. That’s true. He should just say something like: “we use teleportation. About the exact method, sadly I am unable to reveal”.

      And the way he wants to “coexist” with others is nothing short of naive… “before being human or believers of the church, we’re merchants”. This line from Maoyuu Yuusha truly applies here as well… even regarding the priests LOL

      Anyway, I hope Makoto can learn and improve from this. Maybe he can start to become a real Merchant from now on… and crush that conceited bastard LOOOOOOL

      1. The conceited bastard is right though. Honestly, if I’m in his position, I would also give Makoto a verbal smack-down. Seriously. OK, I would ignore that naive comment on the investigation. It’s naive, but it is not my obligation to point that out. (Though I might hint why that is bad)

        But I will crush him when he proposed to pay the money. Like seriously?!? That blatantly? As if it can simply ended by just paying. Hell, I would even chase him out of my office.

        That conceited bastard might be harsh, but he did gave some advice: you suck, get gud or get out.

      2. Don’t even think he’s conceited. His actions are reasonable as a merchant, and he clearly has the experience and the skills to back up his criticisms. If anything, Raidou was acting conceited here, thinking he could handle people with decades more experience by just throwing money at them…

    2. To be fair, it was Rembrandt in the previous chapter who suggested he should just pay them off as a possible course of action.

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      A really risky bet on his part, but can’t say I hate it.

      1. I just hope that he get his ass together and solve his problem HIMSELF. Not Shiki, not Tomoe or not some superpower country saving his ass. He won’t become mature if all his problem is solved by another person.

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    This is when the old adage comes into play “Play to your strengths”. Unless you don’t mind losing, or pissing off others in the game who then destroy you with their relative strength in the game.

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    Or he would have to close down.

    In hindsight later on the merchant guild would have done something very bad for the entire hyuman race, because they burned most if not all his ties to the hyuman race with this move. As one of the superpowered humans (only known in hindsight, if ever), his departure would mean a lost of severe amounts of possible assistance he could have provided.

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    1. I think the reason he wanted to be a merchant was for the relatively peaceful lifestyle (which the representative here gave him a reality check on) and to help people by distributing life-saving goods for cheap(which isn’t really what merchants as a profession do).

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    1. Being in the merchant guild gives an air of trustworthiness? when you’re new. If you peddle merchandise illegally no doubt nobody’s going to buy from a shady store. He needed to be in the merchant’s guild to access his customers, at least at first.

      Now, he might have a faithful customer base who would buy his stuff no matter what happened. But no doubt his entire customer base will take a severe hit if he leaves the guild.

      1. Merchant guild isn’t the only place he can get that sense of trustworthiness, being a merchant for the royal family for example is far more attractive than being a member of the merchants guild. As long as his production can keep up, I doubt Raidou will ever loose an economic warfare. There are so many goods you can only get from Raidou after all and many are too valuable to give up, what does guild have in response? Heavy censorship? Sure Raidou may not be welcomed to sell by the merchant guild, but there are plenty people wanting his product, if he is banned in one country the country didn’t get banned will have superior goods. Any business man with a brain would want to cooperate with Raidou instead of playing dirty trick if they already knew the products Raidou is able to offer(especially the empire and the kingdom military department).

        Maybe this may not be a good example, but merchants guild can be viewed as Walmart in real life and Kuzunoha Company can be viewed as Apple, who has bigger negotiation power? You bet its Apple, walmart wanted to sell iPhone for a cheaper price and had a lengthy talk with Apple about buying more for cheaper. Results? Apple still sells its iPhone for $199 and Walmart was able to sell cheaper, @ $198, yes Walmart never got a deal and had to eat that $1 by itself.

        1. Apple only has the bigger negotiation power because they have been around for sometime. Imagine if Apple was the new kid on the block. Would anybody buy from Apple if people said “Oh their phones are built on the tears of slaves, their computers are built on the bribes to dictators.” Oh and “Their stuff is all overpriced and shady, we don’t know for sure if they actually work!”.

          Now, if you were such a businessman, would you enter into any deals with such a company? Rembrandt only associates with Makoto because he is privileged with access beyond the facade Makoto puts up. But anybody worth their salt would not enter into deals with a newcomer who seems shady if they had no other information.

          This is why Makoto needed the Merchant’s Guild [AT FIRST]. He needs somebody to lend him some credibility, he can go tell them to fuck off once he has some credibility.

          Alternatively, imagine this. This random new store has appeared, but is not sanctioned by the Merchant’s Guild. Why? Do they have something to hide? So what if their products seem interesting? Would you risk trying it out? Maybe they failed some quality check, you wouldn’t be sure. But the fact they are not part of the Merchant’s Guild suggests they had some extraordinary circumstances, which usually are ill omens especially if they are not explained. If people sing false tales about your products with no believers, you will have no customers. And your business will fold before it even starts.

          Now, note that once he has a customer base, this all changes. The Merchant’s Guild is still a great asset, but it is no longer an essential. Your own customers serve as a form of advertisement and assurance to others. Furthermore, you can now play the ‘small guy vs big bullies’ narrative since you hold the goodwill of some people, compared to having no customers where the narrative is ‘foreign invader vs society’ as you are an unknown. One gives an air of legitimacy which reduces damages, the other gives an air of shadiness which amplifies any damage done.

      2. Hmm…that’s actually a good point.

        But correct me if I’m wrong. Operating as a business without being part of the Merchant’s Guild….is that allowed? I was under the impression that it would make yolur business entirely illegal. If he could, I do think that Raidou’s best move would be to cut all ties with the guild though. Rumors are nasty, but somehow working with those people is probably worse overall.

      3. First of all Apple’s negotiation power was not due to its presence for a long time, but rather public’s huge demand for its iPhone. Either Walmart loose the opportunity make money or do it Apple’s way. There will always be buyers for a great product.

        You were spot on why he needs to go to merchant’s guild at first, but just as you said “Now, note that once he has a customer base, this all changes.” I believe Raidou is at this stage, or at least the entrance of it. At this period of time with 3 biggest countries’ official interested in him, he can easily part away with the guild as he no longer receive any benefit associating with it. Raidou as newcomer lacked credibility, being a supplier for any royal family solves that.

        Pyschronia raised a point about legal issue, but Raidou can easily go around it if he has the backing of three countries. After all who is there to stop Raidou from selling when the King gives permission?

    2. since I already had a similar response to this, i’ll respond on a different matter.

      “Why play other’s rule when he can play his own game?” was it?

      if Makoto had the balls to do this, he would have been a badass. But we all know, he doesn’t have the guts to begin with. And this is not because he is Japanese. Gritonia and Limia hero are too, but they grew a pair. Albeit, they are polar opposites.

      1. All I can say is that Makoto is one of those typical protagonist who always heavily underestimate themselves and sometimes these protagonists can really frustrate me. Only use their true firepower when they felt their live is in danger and turned out to be way stronger than their opponent.

  21. Thanks for the chapter (•ω•). Goddamit makoto is too nive, he isnt fit to be a merchant. And its about time he madure a bit, please dont tell me that he doesnt grow and stay so naive. He need to madure(╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\

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    all in all, a person who has enough power to destroy a country alone, should not be fucked with

    1. Although might makes right we’re not really sure he’s untouchable and invincible, there are still ‘unknown unknowns’ out there that might be able to kill him. I would say ‘no fucks given’ mode is a bit premature.

      For now.

      1. but still, mio can’t seem to take any damage, even from raidou, so what is there to say that the human forces has something stronger than raidou if they were even forced to summon heroes, heroes which are arguably weaker than tomoe and mio respectively

        1. Mio can’t take damage, doesn’t mean Makoto can’t take damage. He could still die by the hand of an assassin and that could be bad. It wouldn’t matter if Mio, Tomoe and his other allies destroyed the world after that, he would die and they would all be filled with sorrow.

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    God damn it, there is sooo damn much that frustrates me with this story right now… I’m only a few straws short of dropping it for a few months.

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      1. Sadly the dude is too much of a pacifist for that to happen right now. Unless there are alot more things that will cause him to seethe with pure rage. But then again, if he doesn’t do anything with the anger he has right now, then he will probably never do it… unless someone else initates the violence.

      2. How is raging all around just because he got what he’s “lacking” pointed out by an “adult” be any different than how people see Trashmoki? Heck, in my opinion, what you want him, and everyone who reveres Makoto one-sidedly(that wants him to run amok because he got a tiny graze), to do is way worse than what that hero from Gritonia is capable of, consciously, doing.

        I’m amazed at these kind of comments.

      3. I am constantly amazerd at how some people like the above think they are “smart” and oh so “moral” when if fact they fail to see a case of protectionism from a established cartel.

      4. Uhh… You guys know that this is merchant conflict not ‘demon’ vs ‘human’ right?

        This is simply response to Raidou’s threat to other merchants’ business.

        And what they did is hardly unfair, they simply called for investigation and accuseed him of having demon support. The Kuzunoha company did this to themselves by having unexplainable source of product at unexplainably low price which human cannot possibly achieve. At least not with known human market.

        Kuzunoha company is fishy to say the least. A call for investigation is justified. And if he is really clean, then declare his source and explain it. The end. They didn’t go around the street spreading rumors. They just ‘reported’ him.

        The problem is Raidou sucks at cover up. And they didn’t even have a cover up story prepared. Hell, you got Shiki, you can just say ‘teleportation duh’ and show the investigators the teleportation circle. After that, at worst Kuzunoha company would be charged with tax evasion (avoiding the gate) and perhaps violation of teleportation control laws or something (if there is such laws.) but free from the accusation of involvement with demons.

        Compare this with real life, I would probably call for an investigation if suddenly a competitor shows up selling better product at far lesser price than mine despite me struggling to control the damn price. Like seriously, how would you get price far lower than me? Tax evasion?

      5. How can someone sell a a lower cost has plenty, and i mean plenty, of examples in the real world.

        Lower margins, reduced or zero tariffs, streamlined manufacturing processes, just in time stocking, manufacturing in low wage countries, cradle to grave processes, word of mouth advertising, consolidated transportation of goods, etc.

        This is not an investigation by an unrelated third party. It is asking Jack to investigate why you sold things cheaper than the company owned by Jack’s wife. Jack will be totally fair.

      6. You know Kuzunoha level of price is not achievable by just ‘good management’ right?

        Even a huge established organization like the church has to yield to Kuzunoha production capability.

        And that company don’t have any trade deal with othe company, it’s supplier is unknown, its transportation method is unknown, of course there would be question.

        And merchant guild is technically a third party, and at least were fair enough to arranged this meeting for Raidou to explain his business. Raidou just horribly failed to do so.

        Hell, the representative even told that the church defended Kuzunoha. Just explain the transportation method. Raidou has plenty of chance to accept to explain but refuse to share the method.

        The boy just failed badly and got scolded.

      7. To put it in perspective, Kuzunoha is selling white potion(market price 1000z) at the cost of a red potion (40z) and somehow seems to manage to profit from it.

      8. Stuff like using a cradle to grave process is hardly ‘good management’. As for using a high level mage to create potions, it is the same as a car factory using equipment from the sixties and a car factory using equipment from this millenium.

        Both church and Shiki can do the job. Which one does it faster and cheaper?

        You asked how someone can sell something cheaper, see above.

        As for the merchant guild being an unbaised third party, people who believe this, please do not point out the MC is naive. Thanks

      9. @zakufan
        Protectionism? I’ll assume it’s directed to me.

        Sorry if I missed the part where it was written all over “we must protect the interest of established, definitely non-corrupt, mercthants against an upstart merchant Kuzunoha.” Also, although it’s not the case, sorry for being “moral”?

        honestly, i don’t understand what your point is.

        So Raidou should nuke them to oblivion instead? what happened to the usual “he’s japanese thus, loves peace!” stereotype response im often getting?

        Ofc, i don’t think the rep is in cohoots with those ccomplainants for various reasons.

      10. Ah yes, so “adult” means that they are wrong eh? Oh wait, by claiming something is “adult” implies that they are “right”, so what does that mean? Who is they?

        Always love to see preachers to like to act “amazed” and hence imply they hold a higher moral ground and yet their own world support something they deny such as: “Sorry if I missed the part where it was written all over “we must protect the interest of established, definitely non-corrupt, mercthants against an upstart merchant Kuzunoha.””

        Saying something and then slapping yourself while being blind to it and requiring an explaination is rather hilarious.

      11. isn’t your comprehension just way off mark? I’d rather not waste time on someone who interprets to his own convenience. What being adult is “right”. Psh.

        my response was solely about them wanting Raidou to rampage. And you seem to avoid my question.

        If there’s nothing, i guess im done here?

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    Do all that in just a single night by using the gates and attacking every place simultaneously.

    There is of course no need for anyone to get killed or suffer permanent physical injury (and it would make it all the more terrifying afterwards), and Makoto’s followers are strong enough they can take the time to make sure they don’t make any mistakes.

    Makoto should then keep following up with small (and more covert) attacks at those merchants until they all go bankrupt. He could, for instance, keep attacking their caravans, or destroying their merchandise, if they manage to stock some. He could also go after the customers, scaring them away.

    Once the merchants are gone (figuratively), so will the complaints against Raidou. And while there might be some heavy suspicions towards Raidou, there would be no conclusive proof, and since the affected parties would no longer have the power to motivate others to act on their behalf, it would simply end with the other powers only keeping a closer eye on Raidou.

    I doubt there would be anyone willing to expend their own resources to pick a fight with someone who can crush that many merchants so quickly. Especially since they have better things to do, and Raidou would not appear to be a threat to them directly.

    1. Maktoto should pretty much be capable of what you described. It’s actually convenient as a warning if suspicion falls on him.

      But what other people here are saying is more about the principal of the profession. Of Makoto relies on brute strength, then he’s hardly acting as a merchant, who relies on negotiation and diplomacy (and maybe some coercion). And if you think about it, Makoto’s reason for becoming a merchant directly contradicts this approach anyone-that is, if he was willing to do this, was there any meaning in being a merchant to begin with?

      1. I think his reason for being a merchant is that first and foremost, getting a job where he can travel through the world as he’d like. The reason changed throughout the story and now I think he’s more focusing on trying to spread the medicine so that people who fell into curse or any other illness like Rembrandts family will be reduced.

        Anyway I don’t think being a merchant is what he REALLY wants in the end and thus why he never really be a proficient merchant even until this chapter. Although in the end if the merchant fully understand what the company is made of and their full capability then there’s no way he’s going to try to crush Kuzunoha company; it’s an sucide act. So in the end I’m not too worried that it’ll end up badly for the company and this in the end, can probably manage to wake up Raidou to be more firm in his act.

      2. You’re actually right. I haven’t considered that aspect of it.

        Then he should become a very ruthless merchant.

        Thanks to the people of Asora he has the means to manufacture just about anything, and to do so at almost no cost to himself. He could deliberately approach those merchants’ clients, and offer them a much better deal on just about anything they need, than what those merchants can offer.

        Then just keep stealing customers from the merchants until they’ve lost their wealth.

        In order to get the Merchant Guild off his back for a while, he could temporarily close the store. He doesn’t need it to conduct business with those clients, since he’d be the one approaching them, and could just deliver the merchandise directly.

        If he has no place of business, there shouldn’t be much the guild can do to him, especially since he doesn’t even need to reside in any hyuman city thanks to the Asora gates.

        And I doubt they would be able to go after his teacher position at the academy. Especially after this tournament.

        Not to mention all those people who depend on his products. If he tells them that he has to close the store because the Merchant Guild doesn’t want him to conduct business anymore, he could redirect a lot of that anger at them. Not that it would do much to such a big organization, but it would be a distraction.

        But who knows. Raidou may have gained a lot of good will among the ordinary citizens by selling good medicine for very low prices, and if they’re dissatisfied enough, they could put the pressure on the guild through the many smaller merchants that operate in the academy city.

      3. Speaking of Rembrandt, anyone remember Makoto’s departure from Tsige and how Rembrandt was resolved to support him?

        If I remember right, he had a pretty good evaluation of Makoto, saying something about not seeing limits. More interestingly, he mentioned that he would have liked Makoto to retain his “naivete”.

  41. Wow, for someone who is working with at least 2 months’ snooping with an extensive network, the merc guild rep failed so badly.

    Stuff they know:
    Sells super high quality stuff.
    Sells them dirt cheap.
    Can’t trace transportation.
    Has powerful people employed.
    Somehow NOT bankrupt yet, and seems to be profiting instead.
    No visible backers.

    And, during the interview’s first few sentences:
    Inexperienced as hell.
    Not profit seeking.
    No visible charisma.
    Unable to bluff.

    So you have someone here that basically should not even be able to run a business past a month, yet is running something powerful enough to crush an entire city’s economy at least, does not even realise he’s doing it,

    He has power he’s not supposed to have! More than yours!
    You don’t even know who’s backing the guy up!
    You don’t even know how he gets his power!
    If he wasn’t intentionally hostile, he sure is now.

    This guy might be a good at profiting, but he sure sucks like hell at diplomacy.

    It’s like a merchant picking a fight with the black market openly; even if he wins economically he’ll end up assassinated later. Mercs profit much more by legalizing and siphoning black market stuff instead of trying to exclude them outright.
    How the hell did this guy end up as merc rep? He sucks at being a merc too!

    1. Makoto’s capabilities (this includes the abilities of his followers) are simply beyond the common sense of the world. That guy is probably very good at dealing with merchants, and is simply doing what he always does.

      He’s not able to properly process the information they gathered because they’re nonsense, at least according to their common sense.

      There couldn’t possibly be someone like Makoto (as they see him based on what they’ve learned), so he’s drawing the wrong conclusions.

      He totally doesn’t believe that Makoto actually has any more strength than an average adventurer, and his followers are probably only slight above average (any rumors of their super strength are just an exaggeration, after all they’re mostly just trashy demi-humans, and Root suppressed the info about Mio and Tomoe’s levels), and just got lucky to get a teleportation magic.

  42. for someone with calamity monster and dragon plus blue scale kun why not just destory the goods of the other merchants it will be the act of the goddess lol

  43. All of these people commenting that Raidou should just use all his power to kill/plunder/destroy the representative and people sending in complaints because they made complaints and inquiries towards a legitimately suspicious business (who responded by acting incompetent/more suspicious)… Hell, even the 90% thing isn’t a threat telling Raidou to get out of business, as much as telling him how much he underestimated the gold he would need to bribe all these people. If he wanted him to get out of business, he wouldn’t have advised Raidou to go back, study under Rembrandt, and then maybe restart then.

    There should be a limit to protagonist centered morality… Sure he COULD do all of that and become a thug who would be, in all honesty, no better than Tomoki… essentially throwing a temper tantrum…

    1. Well, that’s one part. But a large other portion of the comments is talking about how the representative has a point though.

      I think one reason people, including myself, want Makoto to snap is because everyone has been waiting for him to demonstrate his power for a while now and this is the first excuse that’s actually drawn a reaction out of him.

      Other people, also including myself, don’t want him to throw a tantrum in hopes of him maturing a little more from this experience and showing off some character development.

    2. You’re forgetting that they’re going after Makoto because he has the means to run a much more efficient business than they do (even if he himself isn’t much of a merchant), and despite the fact that he doesn’t seem interested in expanding any further in the academy city.

      And they’re not fighting “fair”. Instead of fighting him on the market, they instead ran crying to their “big bro” Merchant Guild to beat the mean Makoto for them.

      If they were seriously concerned that he might be a danger or even outright in league with the demons, they would turn to the Church, and whoever is the highest authority of the land. They’re merchants after all. They wouldn’t want to waste their resources if others, who have the authority, could do the work for them. And it would earn them some points for discovering a threat.

      The representative even said they’d be willing to look the other way from such a thing if there was a benefit for them, so no high moral ground for them.

      In other words, some upstart has claimed a small piece of the pie, and has been content to just maintain his position.Yet they’re obviously some very big shots, likely with operations spanning well beyond the academy city, if they can make the guild act that way. So there is really no reason for them to attack such a small scale operation (other than them being petty).

      Calling in favors with the guild isn’t exactly cheap (they’ll want you to do favors for them in return).

      But instead of just ignoring him, or better yet, trying to find some way to cooperate so they can benefit through his success, they instead decided to just get rid of him.

      They might not have attacked him in the traditional sense, but it was an attack nonetheless. Makoto is obviously not equipped for fighting them using the same means, and frankly there is no need for him to do so. He has much more efficient means at his disposal.

  44. He should’ve ‘write’ him the truth, with a smile on his face.
    [We use doors, you see. We open it, bring the stuff through then we close it. Unfortunately I can’t give you the keys, since there is just few of them and my bodyguards are really attached to them.]
    If you can not kill something off, why not fed it rubbish and make a mess of it’s head ^^
    He could add with troubled face a thing like:
    [Since it’s like a hobby of mine, you won’t mind if I open a shop in that country that invited me instead of here? It’s not like Academy or Church will mind losing our products here, right? Please advise me more. I would not want to do anything that brings harm to you after all.. right?]
    Makoto-kun, such dissapointment 😮 you need more shrewdness in your life.

  45. I was pretty mad when reading this chapter but some people here are suggesting some pretty EXTREME things.

    The merchant guild guy threatened him and insulted him, so, Makoto should secretly attack any related merchants? Or drive them out of business?

    Makoto is acting as a merchant for a few different reasons. One of those reasons is to build relationships and goodwill. Violence is not the way to do that.

    Makoto is not being a merchant to make money so he doesn’t need to “defeat” any other merchants. He needs to get into cooperation relationships with other merchants. To do that, he needs to prove himself as a competent businessman. And it’s not easy. Which is a good thing! It’s better than having a story where everything always goes his away.

  46. Honesty, if Makoto wants to continue as a merchant, he should do one of 3 things:
    1) Utilizing his “ninja” followers, plant evidence of the opposing merchants cooperation with demons. Then, inform the church of his suspicions. However, this method is not very desirable, since it goes against his character. It also would alienate him with other merchants.
    2) Again, utilize his information network to dig up dirt on the opposing merchants. This would give him some bargaining power and might even cause him to gain some respect in the merchants guild. However, he still won’t make many friends this way.
    3) Keep his store open, but post signs stating that he cannot sell to hyumans, by order of the merchant guild. Then, have some of his employees explain that they can’t go against the guild and, if the customer wants to purchase anything, then they should complain to the merchants guild or purchase their medicine from the church. Outside of the church, he should have Lime start rumors that the merchants guild is trying to monopolize the medicine for the wealthy (since the church can only sell at a greatly increased price, compared to Makoto). This has the potential to cause a public backlash that would threaten to destroy several merchants, if not the guild itself. This method also fits Makoto’s character and would show the guild that he shouldn’t be underestimated. Also, he would develop goodwill with the common folk, which would lead him to gaining favorable relations with various other merchants (since they would want to be seen as his ally, hence the people’s ally).

    But, I’m probably full of it anyway. So, let’s just sit back and enjoy what the author has in store for us.

    1. Finding a way to pass the buck would definitely be the best counterattack available, but only if Makoto can deal with the demon rumors and every other nasty trick the guild might pull on him.

    2. Number 3 is brilliant IMO.

      As long as there’s a someone who wants it, they will find a way to obtain it, whatever the obstacle is.

      Especially if those who want it hold high power.

      I’m not going to be suprised if Kuzunoha’s Medicines ends up as a Strategic Supplies for ongoing War Effort.

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    In the negotiation he should have asked to see the evidence and see his accusers. Not tried to bride the official. Stayed calm and collective at all times. He should have talked more with Rembrandt. As will as asked the official about the accusations.

    Do I would go and try to mess up all the other merchants in the town. Or cause som ekind of big even that got the guild destroyed. All out of pity.

    However I like the fact that his is facing a challenge that he can not simple over power using brute forces. Even knowing that he is a merchant as a cover. Still their other merchants are attacking his using the guild because his kind of messing up the balance of trade. Which is a valid argument and his not responding to it properly.

    And ultimately Makoto like the official says, his kind of lucky. He kind of stumbled on to greatness.

    I really hope Makoto grows from this experience.

    1. technically, Makoto doesn’t even give enough supply to handle the demand. he is always sold out in a couple hours after opening and the lines to his store would likely devour days, if not weeks, of supply if they could.

      those merchants should still be getting plenty of business since everyone cant go to kuzunoha

      1. Which is why the pressure was just at this level. Others are mostly just wonder how the fuck did Kuzunoha did all these things and fear its growth. But Kuzunoha has not done too much damage yet.

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    Well some big shots are annoyed.? When he limits so much his sales? And They put pressure in the guild in order to crush him? Yeah, makoto let your dogs loose…. We will see if power cannot solve that situation, What a tard is the guild guy….
    Why he cannot solve that with pure force? He is being attacked, They want to crush him, even when he limit his sales in order to let a way of to the rest of merchant…
    Think for a little, makoto wants gold and sold fully the cheap medecine and dwarf weapons and armors… How long until rest of them are crushed? What can They do? Go to war with him? So Why he cannot do the same? And in business if you got a hold of something new, something allow you cut the cost to the limit, you would be a good boy and share that something with all your competitors right? Who is being naive i wonder? Makoto is new, he can sold a cheaper healing potion who neither Others merchant can and the church cannot too,… So we going to try steal that method or crush him for good, yeah, that is soo merchant like…. Like They cannot do the same, They rant and want him out of the way… And some here thinks makoto cannot destroy those pest.?

  49. 1. Without proof saying that you work with demons is rather unimportant, it looked like the guy from the Merchant guild was somewhat aware but let’s just let that slide. And yes if he wanted to make that even remotely important he would have needed to at least put some proof on the table at this time.
    2. He did complain about the acquisition of the materials, just tell him you got people who can easily beat the wasteland. If they even did a remotely decent investigation then his ability at the academy as a teacher should have been known… the students do well so having people who are well trained, especially with all the demi-humans he has is far from odd.
    3. While he has the right to ask for the transportation method, demanding to get his hands on said method is unreasonable. If he worked to obtain something he has the right to utilize it in his business. After all the claims about the demons have no substance to it and the material gathering can be easily explained.

    The guy representing the guild did handle it well and clearly dominated the conversation, but asking to get the advantage (of transportation) someone has most likely worked for on a silver tablet because of claims that have not been proven at this point is just stupid.
    With that said, Makoto did worse then previously, he often had certain things planned out at least to some point but it was just horrible, sure he is not the smartest person and not fit as of now… but this was just a bit too much.

    Also how can be himself show such a smile that it was clearly a visible feeling of superiority and then reprimand him that he is showing too much hostility, sure he is not wrong but the double moral is just unexpected… but then i have been to a job interview years ago were i was pretty much told i was not that young anymore (for said job) and a few sentences later to try again next year. I expect he tested my answer with the first one but that just made the second one to become mocking.

    1. if he wants to be cruel, Makoto could just erase the guy from existence. with some effort, he could drag the vice president? and his family to asora and torture them there and forcibly ask the vice president to sign a document that favor Makoto like saying “i consider this business healthy without any demon interaction” or something and then kill him with his family and probably some servant included. and get rid of any informations that may prove a threat to his asora secrecy

      people will definitely suspect him first, but he could appeal to the church and rembrant will definitely protect him too. as long as there is no proof he could just play innocent plus with the document he could make it his alibi that he is innocent. with how many people in asora, and the existence of asora itself, i think they could somehow wipe any proof that indicate he is the culprit. and if people being being “violent”, he just need to fight back and said its “protecting myself”. trade secrecy is everywhere, it is unethical to demand information of a company’s internal structures.

      or he could just go to lorel or the demon camp. this will greatly disadvantage the other hyuman army, even in marketing viewpoint its shortsighted to eradicate a rising business instead of making them work under your wing and took away some of their profit.

      not to mention if he cooperate with makoto, merchant guild may get free products from makoto as “compensation” which they may change a bit and sell it themselves which again… profit…

      tbh though, if i were him i’d just say it out loud that i do have connection with demon army

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    That representative is an asshole but at least he explained the dire situation and did have a point about Makoto being not that fit to run a company (but that is not really Makoto’s fault).

    Seeing the title i thought that Makoto will go berserk and wreck them but sadly nothing fun like that happened :/

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    In truth Power could solve everything, but he’s not smart enough to utilize it.

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    I’m rooting the MC to become ‘a new proper deity’
    … But …
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    I’m looking forward to Makoto’s Grow, Occasional reminder like this is necessary for him.

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  61. The hyumans cried out for a god.

    Thus I answered.

    What do the hyumans want?

    Kindness, generosity, a savior?

    And thus I was.

    The hyumans have need for my blessings.

    And so I provided.

    But nay, the hyumans scorn generosity, murders kindness, and enslaves saviors.

    Why, I ask.

    Profit. Benefits. Greed. Those are the ideals they hold above all others.

    To be a god, is to embody ideals.

    And they asked for a god.

    Thus so I am.

    Now, hyuman, when you stretch out your hands, crying for salvation,

    I answer: “Why should I?”

    When you ask for my blessings,

    I recall: “What’s in it for me?”

    I send forth my saviors, to claim everything in my name.

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