Chapter 116: There are times when the night drowns you

Sorry guys, college is the most unpredictable type of schedule. I don’t know when they will push me tons of work. And it seems this time I got the heavy type of schedule.

“To think the sake… that the sake wouldn’t make it in time!!” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-san, you are noisy-desu” (Mio)

“Calm down. It is proceeding smoothly right? There’s no need to hurry” (Makoto)

But I also think that if there’s ponzu, we would be able to aim for higher heights in boiled tofu, however, for that, we would need to make soy sauce. And also, in the end, we would have to recreate the Japanese-style fermentation products. The boiled tofu that everyone is eating is still not in its completed state. Eating this with the aromatic salt that’s normally used in this world, it is actually decently tasty in itself. Now that I think about it, there’s kelp salt too. Maybe I should introduce this as well. Leaving aside if it can actually be made, there’s a seaweed in this world that’s incredibly similar to kelp so it might be possible.

After moving around busily, it is now evening.

Even in this busy time of business, Gotetsu still had a place reserved for us. Having a single room reserved is truly extravagant and a grateful thing. There’s a long line outside the store that’s normally not seen, and when we passed beside them and entered the store, I felt slightly guilty. Tonight is a drinking party with everyone that has been working in the store, along with Tomoe and Mio who came from Asora. I feel like this should have been done yesterday, but with my schedule, it was impossible to do so. The only one susceptible to hangovers is me, so it is nice that I can watch them cause a ruckus with a peace of mind.

Tomoe and Mio requested a nabe that is the closest possible to Japanese, so I selected a few and ordered them first. I also ordered the boiled tofu that’s not so popular in Gotetsu, and the also unpopular salty bird meat nabe. I ordered the bird meat nabe with a little extra added. I had them make it with konbu water as a base. In image, it is the closest to mizutaki <cooking in water>. It is already been quite long since I have eaten it, and there’s doubtful parts too though.

Shiki and the employee team are doing what they please and ordering anything they want as they go ‘wai wai’ and having fun. There are already a few empty nabes that are left to the side. Shiki has a cream nabe in front of him and a mayonnaise bottle in one hand, and seems to be considering something. That, I will never eat it.

“Waka, this is delicious. Truly delicious. Boiled tofu, mizutaki. Both of them may not be the same as the originals, but it does give the proper image. That’s why! I hate myself for not being able to prepare Japanese sake here!” (Tomoe)

While drowning in defeat, Tomoe does a fervent speech. With her sleeves rolled up, she is frequently pouring alcohol in her beer mug. I don’t think the amber colored one is supposed to go in beer mugs you know. Even if in the near future you are able to create the Japanese-type one, I wonder if it will truly satisfy you.

“Is this… nabe-desu ka? It looks like it is a cooking that has quite the variety-desu no ne. Fish, meat, vegetables, diverse flavoring, and above all, the soup that serves as the base. This is… I have now considered this something worth trying!” (Mio)

Mio, while pinching several things, seems to be interested in boiled tofu and mizutaki as expected. The mizutaki has quite the close taste, but in my personal opinion, not having something to substitute for crown daisy is what creates a bottleneck. Does Asora have it? I don’t find an ingredient for nabe that useful, so there’s no need to waste our time trying to search for it, is what I thought as I remembered a plant I didn’t voice out.

“Wait for it men sake of Hyougo’s open sea, women sake of Kyoto. I will show you that I will finish it soon!” <待っておれよ兵庫灘の男酒、京都伏見の女酒。すぐに辿り着いてみせようぞ!>

… Tomoe’s dream. It is at an absurdly high place huh. If that’s her objective, then there’s still a long way to go. Men sake and women sake, if you really want to do those, you would have to first finish the production of things like rice and water. In Edo, the sake was probably pretty popular at the latter half, but there’s no need to go so far you know. And also, no matter how I look at it, Tomoe has a first rate dry taste.

Since I came to this world, I have understood the greatness of internet. I was in a world where it was truly easy to search for information huh.

“Waka, I think cream and mayonnaise might have unexpected compatibility but, do you have memory of a cuisine like that?” (Shiki)

“Shiki, I am sorry but, the only thing I can see in common about those two is the color. Please don’t begin scary experiments before even getting drunk” (Makoto)

Just imagining the taste of those two together, I feel like my appetite wanes. I hope the subject strays into soy milk nabe or something like that…

“Sorry for the wait! I have brought the additional ingredients and nabe!”

The one who entered the room cheerfully is Ruria. Behind her, I can tell the situation of the store.

Big congestion. Truly a total mayhem. Incredible. Nabe isn’t the type that you eat fast and leave quickly, so what about the customers that are waiting?

“This is a big success huh, Ruria. You seem to be moving with quite the vigor but, will you be able to keep that up for one week? Forcing yourself is poison to the body. I will bring an energy drink tomorrow” (Shiki)

Shiki lifts his head up and talks to Ruria. How natural. I should learn from that.

“I am fine Shiki-san! I am already prepared for the congestions in this times after all! Onee-chan is also helping out” (Ruria)

E? The librarian Eva-san is? Helping out Ruria in this situation? Isn’t that impossible?

[Eva-san is able to serve customers too? How talented]

“Eh?! Ah… uhm… Onee-chan is helping in the kitchen by washing the dishes and cutting the vegetables” (Ruria)

… She must have been send to the kitchen. ‘Go there do the dishes and cut the vegetables’ is probably how it went. What an expected conclusion. Glad I didn’t ask her straight.

“It’s the place that I am working in, so she always comes every year to help, but as expected, she is not suited for this kind of things. In the house, Onee-chan is always the one who does the washing, so she is helping out in that aspect” (Ruria)

“With just that much, I can tell that she is a truly good sister” (Shiki)

“Shiki-san, it is not that you can tell you know. She is actually a good sister after all. Ah, sorry. I will be returning now. If you want to order anything more, don’t hesitate to call!” (Ruria)

Ruria is probably able to do what Akua and Eris do. Look like they are in several places at once when serving the customers. Serving customers is deep. Could it be… this is one of the strongest combat jobs?!

Also, she was able to predict the contents of what Shiki was about to say. Can’t underestimate her.

… Maybe I’m a little drunk now.

“Well well, today I had Root guide us and went looking around. It is a fun festival huh. For just a single festivity, several people of high positions in the major powers come here and check things out, nobles and big merchants bring along their attendants and can be seen coming and going” (Tomoe)

“Yeah. In Tsige there’s always food carts, but here there’s more variety. There were also many cuisines with different cooking methods, so I am looking forward to tomorrow. Ah right, Waka-sama, it seems in the country called Lorel, there’s a custom where they eat a part of the fish raw-desu yo” (Mio)

In the content of what both Tomoe and Mio talk, I can tell that they are enjoying the festival, but their directions are totally different. They travelled together and yet their impressions are so different.

“Also, in the academy area where normal visitors are unable to enter, the students were pleasantly training. It seems at the latter half there will be martial art and magic tournaments. I wonder how well the students of Waka will fare. I would like to watch the tournament along with Waka” (Tomoe)

“With this chance, I will increase my information and widen my cooking skills! When with Root, there’s no need to line up that much, so it is convenient” (Mio)

I already promised Jin that I would be watching his match, so there shouldn’t be any problems in bringing Tomoe and Mio along. Root said he wanted to come too, but with his position he would be treated as a guest, so going together is totally impossible.

Nevertheless, it seems Root has done well in this one day. I don’t think they haven’t caused a single problem. In this kind of festivals, quarrels are something that always happen, so I don’t want to be so fussy about it. As long as they don’t cause trouble with any of the high position people Tomoe mentioned a while ago, that’s fine.

“Yeah, it is a festival that occurs once a year after all. It will make me happy if you two have as much fun as you can. About watching the match, let’s all go” (Makoto)

My followers nod matching my words. With how today went, there should be no problems with me and Shiki checking out the festival in shifts. It is okay to consider the merchandize mostly sold out by noon. Basically, when there’s nothing to sell anymore, it is fine to just hear out the people that came to ask something. We have means for contact after all.

If I remember correctly, tomorrow at noon I have plans with Rembrandt-shi to go together to the publication that the sisters are participating in. I cannot oversleep no matter what. I should stop the alcohol and just continue with the nabe.

The surroundings are already pretty completed too. Tomoe and Lime merrily drink and make noise. Mio looks like she is having a serious match with the nabe and her cheeks are slightly flushed. The two Forest Onis and Shiki are mass producing empty bowls of nabe. The eldwas are eating the yakiniku-like nabe with small amounts of soup and bringing the meat to their stomachs with beer.

Everyone looks like they are making noise and having fun. It’s necessary to have times where you just don’t care about anything and just liberate yourself.

Now then, how about challenging the limited menu!


“The attack to Stella Fort is coming, and yet, to leave the country is just… there’s a limit to stupidity”

“If the empire didn’t have that princess attend, there would have been no need for us to attend but… there’s a need to confirm their true motives”

“I know that already! The problem is all because of that empire hero and princess Lily. There are traces of them entering my Limia country without permission as well. To be stirred from the inside in times of war, I just can’t handle it. Having internal troubles with the same hyumans as us is just…”

“Hibiki-dono is a hero as well, but it seems that her way of thinking differs a lot from the Iwahashi Tomoki of the empire. Instead of calling it her accepting them, it is best to call it a relationship where both parties are using each other. If we are not careful, they might become our next enemies”

“I also know that already! That’s why you came here, to investigate their movements and find a way to keep them in check right? Damn empire, what are they scheming?”

Rotsgard, situated at the center of Academy Town and serving as the tower where the most exemplar students gather. And inside that place, there’s one area inside the academy where they receive the guests. Among that area, there’s a room that has especially tight security, a male in his prime of life and a young man of about 20 are conversing there.

Limia’s king and the second prince. Even if he is the second prince, he is a bit older than the first prince Bredda. It can be said that this is proof that there are complicated circumstances regarding political power inside Limia. From the contents of the conversation as well, one can tell that he is working as the counselor of the king.

The words of the king leaked out his anger. Even so, he hasn’t shown this shameful sight in public. Because he is a king. In preparation for the next attack to Stella Fort which is a key place the hyumans have been unable to reclaim from the demon race for a long time, normally, the king should be in his kingdom in wait for that moment. Even if the Rotsgard school festival is an important event where they can find talent to support the future of Limia, it isn’t an event that the king should be attending in this war situation. Then, why is he in this town?

Empire princess, Lily. She is the reason why.

The princess that Hibiki told them to be careful of after she returned from the Stella Fort battle. Even if she is called a princess, she has resigned her rights for the imperial throne and has taken her hands off the enterprises she has been administering. A girl that is trying to disappear from the spotlight. Even without the warning of the hero, Limia has been marking her movements, but after she resigned her rights for the imperial throne, her priority has lowered.

But with the empire’s hero and Princess Lily who supports him, there’s an aura of turbulence and the attention has once again gathered to her. As a result, several strange movements with unknown objectives have been confirmed. Recently there was also a report saying that there were sightings of them in the lake that was said to be created by the mysterious power, the Devil. This isn’t an action that should be done by the princess of a major power to its ally Limia. And that girl, in the current situation where the fight is close, she took separate action from the hero and has come to Academy Town to attend the school festival. Her objective is a courtesy visit to Academy Town and find talent. Of course, Limia knew this announcement was all just a front. That’s why, they can’t leave it be.

And so, another problem surfaces. The suspicious empire princess that wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call fox, who will be the one in Limia that will be handling her?

Large part of Limia’s cabinet ministers are nobles who inherited the position. Bluntly speaking, the amount of incompetent people is not small. The status of the household and its power influences the official positions. As the king, it is one of the big problems he wants to fix, however, this isn’t something he can undertake with half-assed resolve. This is way too big of a reform to do in the middle of a war with the demon race.

In short, the Limia king, for the sake of checking a difficult individual, has few people that can search for her real intent and that he can truly trust. The people that fit in that category are naturally assigned with several important jobs, so their hands are already filled. Moreover, they now have a big pillar in war by the name of Hibiki. The king who has the trait of not caring about moving himself, headed to Academy Town that is said to take one week from Limia kingdom, and with the secret teleport formation it only took one day and a half. And so, the Limia king visited Rotsgard in the period of the school festival. Even if he is resolved to return when the battle begins, this is quite the despairing decision.

That’s why, because the Limia king, who reigns at one of the top class hyuman countries, is attending the school festival, several places were affected by it. As a result, this year’s Rotsgard school festival is a lot more extravagant in its cast compared to last year. When the festival heats up at the latter half, the attendance to the events will increase, but aside from that, it will mostly turn into diplomatic places for the nations.

“I still haven’t talked with Princess Lily, so I still don’t know the intentions of the empire. King, it is soon time for our next schedule”

“Lorel Union right? If possible, I would want them to excavate in Limia the hot springs that are considered the specialty of their country. I would like that kind of diplomatic discussions”

“Fufu, those are quite nice, but I don’t think it is the type of thing that can be exported. Now that you mention it, it seems hero-dono also knows about hot springs. Brother was thinking if they could somehow go to Lorel”

“That idiot. Sorry. Because of his self-centeredness, he is bringing more work to you”

“No. Actually, his way of thinking and ability to act are things I don’t have and it makes me jealous. Brother will definitely be a fit vessel as a king. I can assure it”

The second prince that had maintained a complicated expression, showed a slightly gentle face. He looks like a person that gets in many head aching situations and has a stiff face, but when talking about his family, it seems it made him feel calm.

In the small space of silence, the entrance door is knocked. Hearing that, the two inside the room change their gears and turn to their business face.

Being informed of the visitor’s name, a voice asking to enter the room is heard.

“Come in”

With a voice filled with majesty, the king gives his permission.

After a vocal message and greetings, and added statements of flattery and courtesy, the king urged them to take seat in the sofa that is set in the reception space to the number of men and women that came.

“We are in this type of place, so no need to be so stiff. Now then, first of all, state what you want of our Limia”

If we count them in the four major powers, Limia Kingdom and Lorel Union are in the same rank, however, the truth is Limia has quite the high national power. The originally strong Gritonia and Limia obtained heroes and now their power increased even more, so the current state is that the major powers are divided in the two high and the two lower.
As a result, Lorel is seen as lower and is treated as so.

“… Well then, I will be straight and say it. Please return priestess-sama”

Maybe the attitude of the king had something to do as well, the man in the center that seems to be the representative opens his mouth big.

“Hoh~, the priestess-dono? She is accompanying the hero that descended to Limia, Hibiki-dono. She is travelling together and fighting along with her on her own will. If I remember correctly, isn’t there a rule in your country that states that no one is able to go against the will of the priestess-dono and no one is to hinder her?”

In contrast to that, the Limia king answers indifferent. Inside, he is thinking: “Do you only know how to say that?” while completely fed up. This is not the first time they have brought up the talk of the priestess.

“We are grateful that you have helped priestess-sama when she arrived to your country. We are also thinking about giving a fitting thanks for the hero Hibiki-dono. We will also teach you about the techniques of our Lorel as much as you want”

(Yeah right. He says that, but he doesn’t intend to explain anything in detail)

The king thinks that, and without changing his expression, he swallows those words.

“Fumu, I have also brought this talk to Hibiki-dono, but just as how I said before, Hibiki-dono wishes for the strength of your country’s priestess, Chiya-dono. And the priestess-dono consented. There’s no need to think about it, we already consider that your country has given their gratitude. No need to worry” (King)

“… For the major power that’s called the matchless by hyumans to abduct an important personage of another country, moreover, having her fight in a battlefield that is filled with danger. This might become a big problem you know?”

“This is vexing. Bringing out falsehoods and bending the truth of the priestess-dono’s current state, I can’t let that pass. We didn’t abduct your priestess-dono, she willingly decided to become hero-dono’s strength. Limia is in the foremost line of the war against the demon race along with Gritonia, and of course, this comes with danger, however, priestess-dono understands that and still decided to do so. No, it can be said that the priestess-dono is providing rear aid to your country and taking the initiative to support the hero-dono in the frontlines. Isn’t this something your country should be proud of? Isn’t the demon race a common enemy of us hyumans?” (King)

Frontline and rear aid, telling them about the difference in positions, the Limia king corners the other party.

“But you should know just how important the priestess-sama is for us! Do you think we can just shut our eyes knowing that her life is in danger?!”

The woman that was silent at the side, stood up and used a tone that can be easily said to be rude towards a king. The prince turns his face in order to tell her to remonstrate, but the king used his eyes to take over the next action.

“If you become emotional, we won’t be able to discuss. Think about it thoroughly. Right now, the hero-dono’s movements are gathering the attention of the whole world. If in that situation, you were to take your priestess-dono, one-sidedly ignoring her own will and pulling her apart from the hero-dono, just see what happens. How will the people in the world react to that? You can imagine it right? If your country wants to do so no matter what, send an envoy. We will definitely return your priestess-dono. However, about this matter, we will not provide any support. If you are insecure, just bring your most elite. I promise we will definitely arrange for priestess-dono. As long as priestess-dono wishes to be with hero-dono, I think that what your country should be doing is supporting her though” (King)

“Limia… takes hostages?”

“Stop that”

Words of anger were muttered. There was no need for the Limia side to say anything, the man sitting in the middle stopped her.

“I will forget those words just now” (King)

“… I’m grateful. What you say is plausible. Just, for us, the priestess-sama is an irreplaceable personage. At this rate, it will bring bad effects to the relationship between both of our countries. If possible, we ask for some sort of progress while in your stay at Academy Town”

“I will keep it in mind. We also wish for this matter to head in a favorable direction” (King)

Silent and cold, those eyes of the man in the middle that make one feel a strong will. He stands up, and his other companions also stand up. In their eyes, instead of calm, you could feel something close to hatred in that strong light. You can tell just how important is the existence called priestess for the Lorel country.

Without turning around, they leave the room. After confirming that their presences grew further away, the prince opens his mouth.

“A rude behavior and contempt. We should issue an official protest to the Union about this”

“No need. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand their point after all. It’s to say, the same feeling as having Hibiki-dono not returning to the empire” (King)

“That is…”

“Also, right now creating stormy situations with other countries is a bad idea. To check the empire, we need to have our country in their best condition or we won’t be able to move how we want to. The will of the priestess Chiya-dono holds no lie and she is standing alongside Hibiki-dono. Even if it takes a long time, we have no choice but to wish for their understanding” (King)

The Limia King breathes out a deep sigh.

Moving as they wish, if that were to truly happen, the world wouldn’t be in this much of a chaos right? Even when feeling that that’s too immature, the king thinks so in that way. It’s a feeling he had forgotten a long time ago, but the kingdom’s hero is the kind of existence that makes you remember those immature feelings. Maybe she will be able to realize that kind of wishful thinking, is what he faintly feels. Will it become a sweet poison that will bring the destruction of the kingdom, or will it become the explosive that will reform the thoroughly rotten Limia monarchy?

Just like the war with the demon race, the Limia kingdom’s fate is also beginning to move largely, is the hunch of the king in his prime.


“Isn’t it fine, isn’t it fine~! I like it, you so called Ruria. You want to become my bride?! Good, then come!”

“T-T-T-Tomoe-sa~n?! Stop. Ah… please don’t fondle~!”

“Yo!! Tomoe-nesan, how manly!”

“Ahn? Baniana mayounneise tte huh?”

“Eris, milk milk”

“Oil, there’s not enough oil!! Ruria-chan, one more of the one that makes my throat burn!”

“… Oil, that’s right, oil! With oil of strong flavor, this nabe might be perfected!”

“Yeah, finely cut the fat meat and then put the noodles… zzz”

That hellish and uncontrollable scenery, my sober self was looking at it from the entrance of the private room.

Maybe the fun atmosphere turned it this way, or there might a different cause for it. In summary, including my retainers, everyone in the room except me was drunk in alcohol.

The drinks of Tomoe, Mio, and also Shiki were especially strong in alcohol, and their way of drinking is fitting to call it savage. Why does it have to happen today of all days?

It didn’t look like the alcohol had anything out of the ordinary. What a mystery.

It is already late in the night and the ingredients of Gotetsu are running out. The remaining customers are mostly the ones who enjoy alcohol, but they already began dispersing and people who try to make a pass with the waitress began appearing.

The Kuzunoha Company’s drunk army that jumped out from the private room, at that time, promptly subjugated the bad atmosphere that was beginning to appear.

Sniffing out the disturbance, Tomoe scattered the hoodlums from every direction. If that was all it was to it, it would have looked cool, but this time the attention began to gather around her. And that’s how the hellish picture was created.

Fortunately, the furnishing is still safe and sound, but if I leave it be, it’s just a matter of time. Man, so troublesome.

And then, what I feared occurred.

“Raidou-san, even for me, this is troublesome”

The shop manager. Right~? I also have a bit of alcohol in my system, but compared to the bunch making a fuss, I am still normal.

[I am sorry. They normally don’t get this chaotic though]

“It is because it’s Raidou-san that I am not going as far as saying you are prohibited to enter, but can you please take them with you already? With this, I can’t even close the store and the remaining customers won’t be able to leave”

[Got it. Thanks for the meal]

No matter how much I calculate, the math just won’t catch up, so I give him quite the amount of money.

“It helps a lot that Raidou-san always pays in cash. Then, I will be bringing the change fast, so please wait here for a bit”

[No need. We have caused you trouble so please take it. If you don’t, it would be hard on me the next time I come here]

It may not have been us, but I could see several desks and chairs damaged. Anyways, this spectacle, just by looking at it I can tell its chaos.

“… N? Even if you say that, you are also taking care of us quite a lot. Ah right! The next time you come, I will give you service fitting the extra”

[Thank you very much. Well then, for today, thanks for everything]

“Ahahaha! That’s my line. The festival is still continuing, so buy, sell, drink and eat! Come here again. We will always be waiting for you!”

The words of the shop owner uncle healed me, and after calling out the guys with lighter symptoms, we began our leave.

I carry the clearly bigger Mio and Shiki, and leave the store. When we left, the cold night wind permeated my body. I’m glad that Tomoe is narrowly able to walk. Lime is lending his shoulder and she is somehow able to walk. No, they are probably supporting each other there. Like a pair of drunkards.

Will we manage to wake up properly tomorrow?

Hope it doesn’t come to the scenario where only I get to wake up normally.

With a tinge of uneasiness, the first day of the school festival finished.

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