Chapter 115: I wake up late and various things start.

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Someone is making noise. No, that’s not it.

What’s going on? In the end, I wasn’t able to sleep much because of the school festival that began yesterday. My important sleeping time before the store opening is…


Damn! What time is it?!

I hurriedly raise my upper half and look at the window. From the edge of the curtain, I could see a strong light leaking in. No matter how I see it, there’s no way that’s the light of early morning.

Oversleeping is quite mysterious! The strong drowsiness that I felt a while ago has completely disappeared, and in exchange, an intense agitation runs around my whole body. Seriously, it feels exactly like in my times at Japan. The worst kind of feeling!

I hurriedly finish changing and arrange myself in the full-length mirror. This is a new habit. If this was my past self, the most I would do is wash myself up and while at it, fix my bed hair.

I probably began this custom after the Rembrandt sisters coordinated my clothes and all of my self. My appearance is remarkably lower than the people around me, so I thought that whatever I do it would be useless, and without caring about the season, I wore the coat that the eldwas made. In winter it is warm and in summer it is not hot, a pretty outstanding product, so that may be one of the reasons why. ‘This is a way of repaying you, so please’ is what they said, and I was dragged around by the sisters for half a day. In that day, my hair, clothes, and even perfume were selected. Since then, the eyes around me changed quite a bit. My face and height can be considered an established fact, but the things I wear and the scent I put on, I can change it as many times as I want. And the impression my face gives, changes a lot just by switching hairstyles.

It may be obvious when one thinks about it, but it is due to my own negligence and the fact that I haven’t minded it in all the years I have lived. And after that, I was lectured by the sisters, saying that I should at least try to put at least a minimum effort in my personal appearance. This is a customer business, so it is good to have good health in body and mind.

After confirming once, I head downstairs.

I don’t want to suddenly show my face inside the store, so I first check the situation. In there, it was already filled with a large quantity of customers. Ah as expected, I did mess up… One normally oversleeps in the times when it is already a bit too late.

Shiki notices I have already woken up and comes to where I am by passing through the mass of customers.

“Good morning Raidou-sama” (Shiki)

“Shiki, good morning. I’m sorry! I totally overslept” (Makoto)

“Yesterday you were preparing things till dawn, so it can’t be helped. Also, as long as the preparations are done, it isn’t as different as the usual business” (Shiki)

Shiki’s kindness hurts. Changing the shelves, increasing the number of central merchandize, putting on and taking off posters for advertisement, and changing the contents of the black board at the outside of the store. Shiki and I did that till dawn. Since he is already up, it can’t be said that it can’t be helped.

And to say it isn’t that different from usual? The congestion inside the store is incredible. If there’s only one eldwa here, then maybe Lime and the remaining one is outside? In that case, there’s an outside line?! So that’s what woke me up. That makes me feel even worse.

“Lime and the eldwa are outside?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. They are regulating the customers. The Kuzunoha Company doesn’t have a stand outside, but counting the people that work close by, for the sake of not being in the way of the other stores, I ordered them to regulate the line” (Shiki)

“That’s a great help. Right now it is around noon right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. It is going to be noon very soon” (Shiki)

“How’s the sales?” (Makoto)

If it is already noon, even if we sell several times as much as normal, the inventory should still have enough to spare. This place is an ‘anything store’ so as the word says, we handle a variety of products. Well, medicine is the main though. Just that, even if people increase because of the festival, I don’t think this type of industry directly connects with drastically increasing sales in this kind of events. That’s why we just prepared in case there’s a need for personnel and then increase the inventory to tackle the sales. In base, that’s how I decided to go. The number one most dramatic increases are probably the inns and restaurants. At night, probably the entertainment stores too?

“It seems that today’s share will be over soon. There are many customers who are here just to check it out, and there are many who buy goods that normally don’t show much sales together with other stuff. And the ones selling can’t catch up” (Shiki)

“?! We just reduced the price a little bit, and yet, it has sold that much?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. When I saw the massive line outside at the time of opening the store, I was wondering what in the world was going on” (Shiki)

A massive line before opening?! Uwa, I really wanted to see that…

“What is attracting them so much?” (Makoto)

“It seems that the people who used our products have advertised about them being highly effective. And so, people that have come to Academy Town to see the festival, while at it, they check out the place. Also, it seems there are people that have been requested to do so as well. Adventurers don’t show at Academy town unless there’s pressing business, so we rarely see them here, but today I can see quite a few” (Shiki)

Word-of-mouth huh. In an area where people normally don’t come, there are some who have tested our medicines huh. It makes me a little happy. Making Tsige my starting point, I have been having the Forest Onis sell medicines as well, but that’s a place that is being constructed as it is being explored around, so there’s not much we can expect from word-of-mouth there. There aren’t many customers there that have come from distant places after all. In that case, the other merchants, and the people who have visited from other towns and are coming to the store by chance, have bought medicine and advertised about it huh. Thanks thanks.

“Should we… rearrange the inventory?” (Makoto)

“No. It is originally things made along with the Arkes, but now the Gorgons are helping out in the production as well. It seems they are fit in medicine production. And so, the production amount has increased quite a lot. That’s why there’s no problem in the inventory as long as we return to Asora” (Shiki)

“I see. Then…” (Makoto)

“However, if we sell too much, there’s the chance it will create doubts. I think that doubling the amount decided last night should be about fine” (Shiki)

Before I could say let’s sell as much as we can, he nailed me down.

It’s certainly true that there’s a lot of inventory, and it isn’t recommendable to have people doubt us. If we stand out too much, there may come a time when it affects the business. Learn prudence.

“Understood. Let’s do that. But with that amount, there will be people who won’t be able to buy” (Makoto)

I do want to sell to the customers that have gone through the trouble of coming all the way here though. Too bad.

“There’s definitely going to be. Just in case, I have made several methods to keep down the displeasure” (Shiki)

“What are you going to do?” (Makoto)

I didn’t think it would reach a situation where the stock isn’t enough, so of course I haven’t thought about what to do when that happens. We have checked the annual situation of stores with the same type of products as us in the merchant guild, so we should learn from how they work.

“I had Lime go to the rear of the line and make it so that there’s no more increase in people. And then, the people that are definitely not going to manage in the amount of merchandize for today, we will have an eldwa head to the people that won’t make it and have him tell them that we will be giving them a coupon valid for the next day. For the customers that are unable to come the next day, we will give them a tradable coupon from the merchant guild which allows them to eat in a restaurant around the areas, and apologize to them” (Shiki)

Tradable coupon. Now that he mentions it, I do remember receiving one of those once. It is fine for the owner to use it, or you can let your customers use it. But, I feel like there weren’t that many though.

“Tradable coupon huh” (Makoto)

“Yes. On top of that, from tomorrow on, we will be confirming the most demanded merchandize and along with the inventory, I plan on telling the customers that can’t purchase, to not line up and explain this to them. I moved by my own accord, but was it okay?” (Shiki)

“No, don’t worry, thanks. Did we receive that many tradable coupons?” (Makoto)

“Regarding that, this may be a report after the fact though. Since I thought it would be bad to give cash directly, I remembered the guild distributing this tradable coupons. If we use those, I thought it wouldn’t look strange. And so, I headed to the guild and bought the necessary amount” (Shiki)

“I see. If I remember correctly, they did say that if necessary, we could buy them anytime we want. It’s fine. I do think it was a necessary expense. At the very least, I who was stupidly sleeping in, can’t say much. Well, I don’t know if I would be able to make a decision of that level even if I were awake though” (Makoto)

“I am sorry. Several incident-like things happened, so I thought about waking you up, but when I went to your room, Mio-dono was looking at your sleeping face so…” (Shiki)


Mio is already here?

“I-I see… And?” (Makoto)

“I was asked the reason why I was trying to wake up Waka, so I answered her, but while at it, she also asked me why Waka was still sleeping” (Shiki)

He really can’t get to the point huh. Well, Shiki is kind after all, so he is probably carefully choosing his words. When talking about Mio, he doesn’t call me Raidou but Waka after all. How honest.

“Continue” (Makoto)

“I told her that you were probably tired because you were doing work till dawn. And when I told her, she asked me why I am not letting you rest. ‘Do you think it’s okay to wake up Waka just for this? Nope, it’s not’ is what she said and denied me” (Shiki)

Mio. It is okay, it was the right choice for Shiki to come wake me up. It’s okay to slap me awake you know…

What a highly efficient anti-alarm clock.

“… Sorry, Shiki. It must have tired you more than necessary right?” (Makoto)

“No. It is certainly true that this was something even I am able to resolve by myself, so after re-thinking, I went to handle it. No problem” (Shiki)

“… And so, where is Mio?” (Makoto)

Shiki says even he is able to do it, but probably, instead of using my half-awake head to decide, he resolved it in a much better way than I would have been able to. Lately, when I am looking at him, the words steward and manager float in my head.

“I think she is out for a stroll. Tomoe-dono is also with her” (Shiki)

“Is it okay?” (Makoto)

To set free those two alone in this town.

“Root-dono was also there at that time, so it seems the three of them went to walk around and eat. I am looking forward to eating in Gotetsu at dinner, so I asked them to definitely return at that time” (Shiki)

It makes me feel relieved and at the same time, it makes me even more uneasy. There’s no other choice but to leave my hopes to Root who has been living in hyuman society for a long time huh.

“Well, even if we tell those two to help out in the store, we won’t be able ask them so suddenly in this congested situation” (Makoto)

“Right” (Shiki)

Shiki’s wry smile explained the matter. I can see Akua and Eris serving customers to their utmost best. Also, the eldwa is following up with flattery. Eh? Isn’t he supposed to be selling weapons?

“Ehm, didn’t the eldwa say he wanted to try selling weapons? I do remember giving him permission to do so though” (Makoto)

“Ah. It has already been sold out” (Shiki)

“That’s fast. I did tell him it was fine to sell 10 daily…” (Makoto)

“Yes. The 10 have already been sold out” (Shiki)

That’s impressive. Should I let him sell from now on? Those weapons don’t have much performance, but I feel like it might be able to cause strife.

“Well, for the people that use weapons, it has an ability endowed in it that helps them quite a lot after all. Above all, it must have affected a lot that the first customer was a demi-human with the appraisal skill. He was lucky” (Shiki)

So he got an approval of its ability huh. Certainly, he was pretty lucky. I did let him explain the abilities of the weapon, but I stopped him from guarantying its particulars. For people coming to a festival, this is high priced, so people who don’t have skilled eyes won’t buy it. I thought it would be better for the weapon to be bought by people who understand its usefulness.

“A sword that after the fight is over, you just need to wipe it and it will never rust huh. A weapon with a high attribute endowed” (Makoto)

“Yeah. There isn’t much to mention about the weapon’s endurance itself, but it’s decent. As long as they don’t do anything unreasonable, it is an article that will support its owner for a long time” (Shiki)

“For the elder and the skilled craftsmen, this was extremely unpopular though” (Makoto)

When the young eldwa displayed it, they all made bitter faces. This is what I think: if I were not there at that time, he probably would have been scold.

“The elder sighed while saying ‘the younglings of today…’. Even though they made several types of Waka’s armor depending on the season. I do think that in a sense, that request is pointless for an armor’s true purpose though” (Shiki)

Always having a long coat on would look bad. I am grateful to the eldwas who answered my selfishness. It is certainly true that him saying ‘the younglings of today’ might be something justifiable.

I want to believe that they just lamented the fact that the young eldwa endowed an ability that lets one slacken in maintenance and not because of the type of request I made. There’s no mistake that the appearance doesn’t have anything to do with the true essence of an armor.

“That’s true. I am being pampered a lot. Then, the weapons are already sold out huh. Ah, what was that about a previous incident? Were you talking about the massive line?” (Makoto)

“No. Actually…” (Shiki)

What is it? Shiki seems to have a hard time saying it. The conversation until now has been proceeding smoothly excepting the part of Mio though. This does worry me.

“Was it… resolved?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Actually, this happened soon after opening. A problem because there were demi-humans except me and Lime. ‘This store has an inferior race employed, do they really sell decent stuff?’ is what they said. In our normal business we don’t get such types of slander, but as expected, for customers that come here for the first time, there would be some level of rejection” (Shiki)

“… Discrimination huh” (Makoto)

“Yes. Lime and I managed to subdue the problem but we made everyone feel bad. I don’t mind if it’s later, but please do give him a word of thanks. Right now it is calmed down, but even outside where Lime is in charge of, there’s still some sort of friction” (Shiki)

“Can’t we call back the eldwa outside?” (Makoto)

“That will be hard. A situation where Lime and I both are not in the store is not good. I think that having Lime talk to them first and then leaving the actual work to the dwarf is safer. Having Akua and Eris serving the customers is most suitable after all” (Shiki)

“I see. It isn’t like they are anything outstanding, and yet, why is it that hyumans can show contempt to the demi-humans without any repercussions? Don’t they feel pathetic for that?” (Makoto)

Is having the favor of the Goddess that amazing? It’s the Goddess that didn’t do anything for several decades and was just sleeping you know? I can’t understand.

Shiki just continues making a wry smile.

There’s no change inside the store and it continues without any need for me to intervene. I am so late that there’s no place for me. From tomorrow on, I will definitely not oversleep.

“Oh, it seems that some of the supplies and commodities are beginning to run out of stock. I will also return to customer service and explain it to them. Today, I ask of Waka to please adjust the inventory after closing time. I will also be helping” (Shiki)

As expected, it would be reckless to go serving customers without knowing the situation that occurred. After greeting Lime and the Eldwa who are outside and confirming the massive line, I will begin checking the inventory one step earlier. At night, I will take Tomoe and Mio to Gotetsu. I already have plans after all.

When I finish arranging the inventory… right, I have to take Shiki and go to the academy.

I forgot there are several places I have to greet no matter what. We have been here for quite a while, so there’s definitely going to be hyuman relationships formed. In the research exhibitions of today there are many subjects I don’t really have much interest in, but it can’t be helped.

Finally, the school festival has begun.

“Let’s go!” (Makoto)

With a memo note in my left hand, I confirm the schedule of today. I leave from the backdoor of the store with feelings of recovering from that sudden mistake.

Eh? There’s people here too. <As in, the line reaches all the way there>

Hm, why is it? It kind of feels nostalgic…

From the rear entrance, one store away in the main street, the people there piqued my attention. It isn’t like there’s some weird atmosphere there. A slightly darkish skin and black hair. Yeah, an arab-like face would give this kind of impression. The abundant beard below his nose gave the exact image of a person from the oil country. Maybe it is because there’s mostly people modeled from white westerns in this area, that’s why, when I compare my face that is similar to that guy (if I told him that, he would definitely get angry though) in the group, I feel a slight sense of nostalgia and closeness. <He is talking about his racial features>

Well, it has nothing to do with me. He isn’t an acquaintance or anything. He seems to not be minding me and looking at a list. He is looking at the list and then returning here, and repeating that process. Is he not a customer?


It’s Kuzunoha. You are missing the No.

To meet Lime and the others, I must pass beside him. I don’t know if this will work for a person I have met for the first time, but I lower my head while passing beside him.

Great, it seems he understood it. He moved aside in this road that is not that spacious.

“No doubt, it’s Kuzuha. Why is the writing of my Lorel in this kind of place?”

N, Lorel?

The name of the major power that I was able to slightly hear, piqued my interest. But I have a lot of things I have to do, so I have don’t have time to ask him about it. While surprised by the line that surpassed my expectations, I give my thanks and apologies to Lime and Eldwa who are moving busily, and began what I had to do for today.

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